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*— ♦ 



6ALLA — ENeUSB — 6£AJL1A'. 

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t • 


In pobHRbin/Bf the Galla Didiofifliry I am performing a holy 
datjr to the Author of it, my dear, everJamented brother Charles. 
It owes its origin to a three years* unremitted activity* which was 
unfortunately, interrupted by the too early death of my brother, at a 
time when a long wished-for sphere of action was opened to him. 
and a future prepared , which , on account of his great talents 
and intellectual energy, promised to become one of great scien- 
tific activity. But although the time granted by Heaven to his 
endeavours was so short, and but a very small part of what he 
commenced was completed; yet the r/esults of his studies in the 
field of African languages , geography , and ethnography, must 
still be considered a weighty contribution td a nearer acquain- 
tance with that part of the world, still covered* with so much 
obscurity, and one Worthy of ranking- with the discoveries, made 
by travels in those countries. 

As the present Dictionary is the first of the posthumous 
vrorks of my brother which has appeared in print, and it may 
k interesting to. those who may h^ve to eipploy [t, as well as 
to philologji^s in general, to become, acquainted with the manner 
in which he , far from Africa and . in the middle of Germany, 
proceeded so sucoeasfully in the stiady of the eonditiettand lan- 
guages of Africa, I will give a short- description of the progress 

— vm — 

of my brother, and will endeavour at the same time to make 
it answer the purpose of a biographical sketch. *) 

My brother Charles Tutschek was bom at Bayreuth on the 
13. January 1815, and after having passed the Gymnasium he 
resolved on devoting himself to philology. Certain circumstances 
compelled him to renounce his favourite study for that of juris- 
prudence, during the pursuit of which he still, however, occupied 
himself zealously, as if with a presentiment of his future desti- 
nation, not only with the living languages, but also with the 
Sanscrit, Hebrew, and Arabian. 

On his arriving in Munich in 1837 to finish his academical 
studies as a Jurist, he was appointed teacher to Prince Louis 
of Bavaria, and after the return of His Highness, Duke Maxi- 
miiian of Bavaria, from his travels in the East, he was entmsted 
with the education of the four blacks whom the Duke hud re- 
deemed from slavery, and brought to Munich. He undertook 
the unusual duty^ — filled with care, on account of the new: inter* 


^) According to the contents of the book, and as far as I remem- 
ber, according to the original purpose of the Author, a detailed 
treatise on the Gallas, historical, geographical, and ethnogra- 
phical, was to be added to the work; but this wai<i uiifbrta* 
nately but begun, and what 1 can give in regard to this, are 
mere hints; fd^ not origljial choice, but sad oecessily, has 
conducted me into the path trodden hy my brother, . aipd imposed 
pn me the duty of making what has been fiirt|iered by him, 
tributary to science as much as possible. I think, however, 
1 may express the hope that, if fortunate circumstances concur, 
1 shall be able to tread in the footsteps of my brother, in a 
more decisive and exclusive manner than has hitherto been the 
case, and that when I have made some preliminary studies, 
and can perhaps confer with a young Galla, still living in Ger- 
many, In the same manner as my 'brother, I shall be able to 
'Oom|»l6te much that is aow incomplete, and to «ave Vor seienee 
what now lies nsolesiS: and wnenltivaled before me. . 

— IX — 

roption in his studies oa the one side^ and the possible failure^ 
from many causes, ot the enterprise on the other. Yet the 
novelty of the thing attracted him, and a scientific desire of 
learning something interesting, in regard to the home and former 
eircmnstances of these strangers , and of thus , perhaps , contri- 
buting something to a nearer knowledge of Africa, induced him 
to commence liis work with courage, on the 18. Nov. 1888. 

It is easy to be understood how great the difficulttes were, 
at the beginning of a course of instruction in which the teacher 
was deprived of what is so necessary to produce an effect on 
tlie scholar , a means of reciprocal communication , and so much 
the more when we consider that he had to contend in 
ius first endeavours, with almost insurmountable difficulties in 
the well-known mistrust in the Africans of all whites , partly 
inborn and partly produced by circumstances: besides this the 
boys did not understand what they intended to do with thenu 
and thus many troublesome months passed 9 during which my 
brother had to teach daily many hours, laughed at and derided, 
literally with hands and feet. 

At length at the end of January 1839, he gained by a cir- 
cumstance fortunately taken advantage of, — by kind attention to 
one of his pupils in a trifiing illness, the first great victory, the 
confidence of the latter; and he soon saw in him as well as in 
the others, the most obstinate suspicion changed into attachment 
and heart-felt filial affection. From this moment dates the first 
fragmentary intelligence of the life of each single one , which 
above all showed, that whilst the Duke thought he had entrusted 
to him the education of three Nubians and one Abyssinian, he 
had given him the representatives of four different tribes, a 
^aUoy a Umaie^ a Darfurian and a Denka. They had been stolen 
from their homes and had been sold on the Nile as slaves. 
Necessity had forced them to make themselves mutually under- 
stood, to learn the vulgar dialect of the Arabhui, though bit very 
u&perfectly; as they spoke four languages very diffenent from 
each other, and even from the known African languages, paiw 

— X — 

obtained theoi, three of them had not been longer thmk a year 
from their homes, and, therefore, being* safficiently old jmd en-* 
dowed with excellent capacities^ they were not only able 
to give information regarding their languages, bat also to form 
opinions of the circumstances of their countries, which merit a 
place beside the reports of former travellers in :thoae regions, 
and can even give explanations, more to be ^ depended on from 
many causes* 

The first results, still gained with great difficulty, of the 
investigations now commenced, were confined to a confinnalion 
of the travels of Ludolf, Brown, Salt, Seetzen, Burkhardt, 
Ruppell and Bruce, and of the statements contained in theiuf 
to an enrichment of the vocabularies noted down in them ; and 
to a settlement of the relative circumstances of each single in- 
dividual referred to. The first plans of maps and communication 
of interesting prayers, were made at this time, as far as their 
memory and good will could give them: the latter however 
was often interrupted by a relapse of their former mistrust, and 
by a taciturnity which lasted whole days together. It required 
great prudence to go safely to work , as the least inducement 
often caused them to maintain „that k\l they had confessed was 
a fable, and that they knew nothing of their own country, 
having been taken away when very little children.^^ Such re- 
lapses, however, became less frequent, nor could they be of 
long duration, as the conviction that nothing but good was meant 
them, became firmer and firmer. This was a natural consequence 
of a nearer acquaintance with our circumstances , and of their 
progress in their studies, which daily attracted their attention 
more and more; besides their former accounts were tested care- 
fully by comparisons and repetitions. 

The way till now adopted in the mere cdllection of words- was 
s<f on given op, and particularly in consequence of the afieonragefflent 
and advice which my brother received from Professor €barles 
Ritter of Berlin. My brother had written' to' this 'respected 

— XI — 

schalar, justly consideced the first aathority in African affairs, 
regarding his studies, and had the pleasure of receiving , as a 
mark of the mterest he had efxeited in him , > a report of that 
scanty information, which Professor Bitter 'had made in the 
monthly sitting of* the geographical society, ui May 1839. From 
this time forwm'd, my brother .directed all his attention to con* 
tinaal a>aversatioBS with his pupils on all the circumstances of 
their country, although within a very limited horizon ; and while 
bis daily increasing enthusiasm succeeded in this, he sought so 
to nourish and ennoble their desire for home, which still existed, 
as to make them comprehend , that the communications made to 
iim, united with what they received at his hands, were the 
safest means of stilling that longing after their fatherland , and 
also of attaining that nobler aim — of contributing to the wel*- 
fare of their native country on a foreign soil, whither a hard fate 
had driven them, and of thus fulfilling a duty imposed on them 
by a higher hand. 

To the method followed from this time forward in this sense, 
that of allawing them to .dictate to him connected and maturely 
considei^ed representations of subjects, desired by him or origi- 
nating in themselves, • my brother was indebted for those nume*-- 
rQUs and highly interesting treatises, which afterwards served 
hiffl, together with the conversation of the persons referred to, 
as the sources and mines of: his ghilological , geographical, and 
ethnographical studies. As they are partly written with great 
solidity and elegance both in regard to style, contents, and 
arrangement, they may be considered as claiming to represent 
a sort of literature of the corresponding countries. In order 
to account for thiS(, notwithstanding the youth pf the authorities, 
it must be remembered, that the art of relating is a talent peculiar 
to all oriental people, and that those children of nature are, from 
earliest childhood, intimately acquainted with all the circumstances 
of their parents, villagers, and tribes, and are, therefore, enabled, 
>^itkthe diai^nesst of.observatiMi pecuHar to uncivilized nations, 
ticolarly ^those reteted to the Semitie ones. When (the Duke 

— XII — 

to attain , at a very early period , to a clear view and opinion 
of tiiein. 

As the treasure gained, increased daily in tiiis manner, the 
necessity of devoting exclasive attention to the one or the other 
subject, became more and more apparent. The home and lan- 
guage of the Galla, Akafed'e Dalle (of the tribe of the Ho- 
raitnn Galla,) from Botchiin HambOy province of lAbany ^lilo, alas J 
was not to see his country again, but since 17. Mai 1841 has 
slept in German ground first attracted my brother's attention. 
That people which, divided into many tribes, has, sinee the 
middle of the 16? centmry, made itself so historically remarkable, 
and so dreaded by the Abyssinianiv^ on account of its continnal 
inroads and progress towards the North, was excellently repre- 
sented by the talented Akafad'e. My brother, too, without taking 
into consideration the political circomstances , (which, however, 
threw a considerable weight into the scale,) was partidnlarly 
attracted by the simplicity, euphony, and grammatical formation 
of the Galla language which became evident after bat a very 
short stady. He directed, therefore, without neglecting the 
othars, his chief attention to that , and in the short period of a 
year and a half, he succeeded so far as to speak with tolerable 
fluency , and to be able to accept the first invitation from the 
Royal Academy of Munich , to communicate to them the results 
of his studies. In the sitting, of the philosophical class on the 
2. January 1841, he read a report of the commencement and 
progress of his investigations , and the sketeh of a grammar of 
the Galla language; at the same time he laid before the class 
a tolerably complete Dictionary of the Galla Language, and 
many dictations, prayers, and songs, with commentaries regard* 
ing tbe language and circumstances. A treatise he had received 
a short time before on the Galla Language in JUinu (Extrffit 
du bulletin de la societe de geographic Aout 1839), read by Mr. 
Jomard, Librarian, in the Academy in Paris, was the first 
written proof of the correctness of his own results^ for he found 
in it but well known facts in the geographical parte, as also in 

— -1 

— xra — 

the few B^eeimeM of laafuf e. The iirayers are the same 
written down by his Akafad'e, excepting a difference in the 
orthography, which naturally produces a corresponding difference 
in the translation. What is there said of manners and customs^ 
agrees, with few exceptions, with his observations. But what 
was of more consequence than this , was the speaking proof 
which good fortune brought hjm, in the person of a second 
Galla. Otshu Aga from Urgeza in Sihu was placed , for two 
months, at the disposition of my brother by his deliverer from 
slavery , Mr. Pell, on his passing through Munich. By him 
n^tonly all he had gained and learned, was confirmed; but 
oiterials were also given for dialectical investigations; and the 
flumber of dictations, prayers, and songs, with geographical 
data etc. were increased by many interesting additions. Bet* 
ween Aga and Akafede, who, sadly revelling in the remem- 
brance of their lost country, soon concluded a bond of friendship, 
my brother caused a Galla correspondence. It consisted of 14 
letters , which , besides their philological worth , fbrm a good 
scale of the dispositions of mind and soul of the correspondents. 
Through A g a my brother also got acquainted with the suppo- 
sed Abyssinian girl of Prince Packler Muscau, Bilile (who 
died S7. Oct. 1840). She was from the Galla - country Guma^ 
Uid had tought Aga many of her songs which are also among 
the number of those noted down by my brother. Lastly a third 
Galla, A man Gonda from Uibi in Oimay brought to Europe by 
his Highness Duke Paul of Wi^temberg, closed the num« 
her of his authorithies. The latter he visited twice at the invi-^ 
tation of this scientific prince, and staid a considerable time with 
him. My brother laid great value on the communications of 
A man, although he is the youngest of all three, because he, 
being the son of an Aba Funo CUt. master of the cord , a sort 
of magistrate in the service of the Zarexa or prince) , had en- 
Joyed a better education than the other two, and was, therefore, 
(setter acquainted with the circumstances of his country, and 
^poke his language more correctly. 

— 3UV — 

As these three individuals passed in a certain order before 
my brother's enquiring eye, the comparisons and additions natu- 
rally produced considerable variations and enrichments of his 
former labours. Thus the Dictionary , which , when laid before 
the Academy, was very weak in regard to <Miho^raphy and 
etymology, has been put into the present improved form, built 
on a solid foundation, and brought in unison with the principles 
exhibited in the Grammar. ^ 

■ ■ 

Besides this more exclusive occupation with his Galla, the 
investigation of the circumstances of the home and language of 
a second of his pupils continued, who raised his interest in an 
equal, if not a still higher degree. It was Djalo Djondan 
Are of the people of the Yumaiesy who live below Kerdbfan 
under the 12' and 13' N. L. and the 46' and 47' E. L. under 
the sovereignty of the King of Tdkle (TakelCy Tokole). He was 
born at Deiingln in Tumale'Tpkolfen, and is the nepheAV of the 
hereditary prince (king) Wofter Mat^ who was still reigning 
there at his departure. His language represents in regard to 

*} The second part of the Diotiotiary, English - Galla, and if it 
should be considered advantageous, the third part also: Oer- 
man-6alla, I shall publish as soon Mter the first as possible. 
The above named grammar has, unfortunately, not received 
the same elaboration in all its parts, as in the verbs, numbers, 
and pronouns; and the samples of language which my bro- 
ther intended to add as an appendix to his grammar, are not 
properly arranged for this purpose. This is very much to be 
regretted, particularly in regard to the syntax of the Galla 
language, as my brother had collected so many materials for 
it, and always described the philological charms of it, as so 
great and enticing. 1 shall, however, give the grammar in its 
imperfect form to the public, as my brother has left it, bat 
shall add some samples of language, as I think, to advantage, 
together with the plans of maps. 

— XV — 

soand, dknneter^ and internal fonnation , the ioontrary of the 
Galla language ; for, while the latter sounds soft and melodious^ 
not unlike the Italian language, and has like this, ^vith a great 
preponderance of vowels a proportional simplicity of form and ex« 
pression, the language of the Umale rounds hard and even rugged^ 
and offers, on account of the great number of its consonants, great 
difficulties of pronunciation, even to our German organs, accustomed 
to hard sounds. The forms are also so very various and peculiar, and 
the number of words and ideas in this language, is so superior to 
that in the Oalla, that if my brother had lived, he would have re- 
quired a much longer time and much more labour to penetrate 
into it, than he had required for th*e Galla language, which he 
had learnt in so comparatively short a time. But exactly this 
richness of the language, and still more the high degree of civili* 
^sation of the Yumahy (if I may use this expression of a people 
of central Africa,) upon which the communications of the highly 
gifted Djalo lead us to conclude, encouraged my brother to do 
the same with this as the Galla ; for however great the difS» 
CQlties may be, which the learning and comprehension of this 
language offer; yet the lexicographical and grammatical elabo- 
ration of it, would be so advantageous to the philologer in ge- 
neral , and the treasures which the knowledge of it would dis- 
cover, are so great, that any one would be sufficiently rewarded 
fer his trouble. Djalo 's dictations^) particularly, deserve the 
praises tliat have been bestowed above on their sterling wortli, 
as to form and contents ; and to the above must be added that they 
all bear the impression of matyre judgment and critical truth, 

^ I have three volumes of them iu my poasesaion, in which every 
possible relation of that interesting people is treated on, partly 
in i^gments and partly at large. The communications are di- 
vided into such as are the reproduction of the excellent me- 
mory of Djalo, and such as are his own productions as Aree 

a union of advantages which will onee make th^n appear as 
an essential enrichment of science, when they have been made 
kiiown t9 the public, after having been sifted and commented 
upon. From this description 9 certainly not aa exaggerated one, 
it will be perceived, that I have inherited the enthusiasm of 
my brother for these interjesting studies, and I seize here the 
opportunity of mentioning, that I #m firmly resolved, as far as it 
lies in my weak power, to follow the path entered by my brother, 
also in this, and to pay, partly at least, what he has remained 
indebted to science. The beginning is made, for Djalo is living 
at Munich, and assisted by his lively endeavours to co - operate 
in the good work, I have already been introduced by daily 
conferences with him, into the porch of the great building 
to be examined, and whether I shall arrive at a satisfactory 
goal will be very soon discovered. 

The third pupil of my brother is Mussalam Motekntn 
from Methem in Darfinr^ about 7 days' journey to the sotlth of 
Eobbcy the capital of the country. His information is also not of 
inconsiderable value, and his dictations, too, well merit elabo- 
ration.; for although they bear a more childish stamp upon them 
both in style and contents , and the reminiacenoences of M n s- 
salam do not seem to be so comprehensive as those of the before 
Darned authorities of my brother 5 yet the recommencement of in- 
quiries regarding his home and language, now that he is grown 
more mature, wiU not only afford us various ethnographioal no-* 
tices , but will also render it possible to complete a very rich 
vocabulary together with the draught of a grammar of his lan«* 
gaage. Mussalam still speaks it fluently, and as far as my 
trifling insight into its construction and character allow me to 
form a judgment, it does not ofl'er such difficulties, by far, to 
learning it, as that of the XJmcUe does. 

Lastly, of the fourth pupil Awan^ I will let, my brother 
speak himself. In the above mentioned lecture at the Academy, 
he said among other things: „In this boy, the youngest of all- 
Che may be about IS years old ,) I have observed something 

— Mtiir — 

psycoldjl^calty astMisliiA^^ wkich desenr^ff to be mhdi the sdb- 
ject of more partieiilur coasideration. ' During the whole' year 
namely, that I M^ai^ progressing so gaily with Ae others, he 
always answered very sadly that he' did not know any thing 
of his home^ having been too yoong when he left it fii the 
beginning I thought it; was the old mistmst that expressed itself 
in him; but having found him candid in every thing else, I took 
his assertion fbr truth, and left him unobserved for a considerable 
time', partielilarly as the other spnrces flowed so richly. This 
involuntary neglect on my part, united with the wantonness to- 
wards the weaker , so often to be observed among boys , was 
near producing bad consequences. The boy became still, morose^ 
- and at last I found him crying many days together, "ivlthout 
being able to discover the cause. When alone with me, however,' 
he told me that he was home-i^ick and that he longed to see his 
relations ; he said too that he remembered the name of his father, 
mother, and brother, bM that I would not believe him. Repenting 
of my former conduct 1 assured the weeping boy of my perfect 
confidence, and wrote the names down ; then I pressed him farther, 
and asked him if he did not remember any word of his language, 
and, after long consideration, he actually called to mind two : kuPy 
mooBtain, and Wr, river. To my great joy I found them both in 
RiippePs Vocabulary under the title of DarDenka. After having, 
on the following days, by continual persuasion on my part, and me* 
dilation on his, succeeded in remembering 6 or 8 words which a- 
greed with those ifi Rfippels Vocabulary, I mentioned Denkawi, the 
name of the people, which he recognised immediately as the 
name of his people. * It ' was delightful to go through the above 
mentioned Vocabulary with him and to observe the effect of the 
^vell known sounds upon the boy ; and it was also moving to 
see ihe joy of thiisr three black friends, whom I fbund, a quarter 
^^n hour after they had learnt the news, weeping round hia 
oedi, fdl of joy at his becoming, as it were, of equal birth to 
*em, by tnding Us native country. Pl-om that moment there 
^0 began for him quite k dfiTerent life. By continnal meditation 

.— KVm — 

upoo tine pfist, be focc^eded ui writing:avi»eil]l)ulary of about 
$00. wprd&9 ^d ^ b^^^ ^Pt given up th^. dope of Jbis recalling 
sdnnetbing comijected.'^ Tbe latter bope wastuot fuelled; Awan'^a 
contribution . was limited to an. increased voqabulary. 

It will be. seen by the foregoing that the task which my 
brother had imposed upon himself, was a great and manifold one, 
and that the acknowledgments which the partial sohition of it, 
wd his endeavours in general, (tailed forth from the Munich 
learned world, and from foreign literati, and which acted so en- 
couragingly upon him^ were not undeserved. But what acted most 
beneiicially on the furtherance 2ind success Of his work , par- 
ticularly at the time when his relation to.his pupils was dissolved, 
was the active participation testified by the Geographical So-* 
ciety and the African Civilisation . Society, in London in repeated 
letters, a^d material assistance rendered him, through the helping 
Imnd of Sir Thoma^^ Dyke Acland, ,the Yicepresident of the 
latter Society. Sir Thomas Acland not <^iily sept al) fte books 
referring to l^is labours, which had appeared in lat^r times, but 
also a voluntary pecuniary support, tfius alonq enabling my 
brother to pursue his studies, which otherwise might have met 
\vkh a highly, disadvantageous interruption. I consider it n^y 
duty to make thi^;^ public acknowledgement so .mud^ the more, 
as Sir Thomas Acland made this sacrifice purely out of interest 
in the cause of science* This participation and the prospect 
united with it, of beiiig employed in. a scientific mission or ex** 
ptedition proceeding from England to Africa, and finally the in- 
terest which a German prince took in his studies, supported his 
wavering . constitution for a considerable time. When the preaent 
Dictianary was finished,. it was laid before His Royal Highness 
the Crown Prince of Bavaria, and ipy brother then ex- 
pressed a wish of pursuing his studies in Kgypt in a sittiilar 
inanner, by the redemption ai|d scientifi^^ investigation of black 
men. The Crown Prince, who is ever delighl^d to give assistwcet 
to every truly scientific endeavour^ being jtruek with tiie Mterlintr 
merit qfth^ wprji^ |wmediiately Agreed, to the proposal of my. 

Ivother; $mi after hating had to eatfaiate drawn oat, of the ex- 
pcneea of aoeh a journey to Egypt, he prfmiised, three wedLs, 
afterwarda, the 9«in necessary for « residence of two years in 
Cairo. Hot unfortunately this appointment was, as it wene, bnt 
a view of the promised land, for notwithstanding the endeavours 
of the first physicians jn Munich , and the use . of the baths at 
Ems, purchased with great sacrifices , his corporeal, powers di- 
minished more and more, and after his return to his native town, 
he fell a victim to the malady which had been undermining his 
eonstitation for the last yeitr, in the hoase of his parents on the 
6. of Sieptember 1843. Thus ended, much too l^rly, a life which 
had set itself the great aim of actively co-operating in the civi- 
lization of Africa ^ tins endeavour worthy of our century , and 
thus of adding his mite to the realization of the idea of Euro- 
pean cultivation and civilization, becoming the common property 
of all people. Although death prevented him from relating to 
the world, with his own mouth, what he had heard and seen in 
his mental wanderiBgSjt and from proving to them that it is w«ll 
worth the trouble to feel some interest for those people ; yet by 
the written words he has }eft hehind him, it is evident that the 
harsh judgment which has been pronounced by so many, on the 
moral and mental state of all the central African nations, and 
which keeps so many from directing their benevolence , and, at 
the same time, their activity to them, deserves a mitigation, to 
produce which was a second holy aim of my brother. The means 
for this were sufficiently laid down in the unconstrained narra- 
tives of his pupils , who were justly considered by him as a 
saf&cient aathority to be placed beside the African travellers, 
erafirmiiig Mid correcting them. May his wish and desire be 
ftililled, that the way so seldom trodden till now, ahd pursued 
almost occlusively by the English, najnely, that of acting 
upon Africans by means of Africans, may no longer remain so 
onfrequeiited ; may his example find imitators among the Ger- 
mans; and may the beginning which he has made, no longer 
remain a beginning , but be the point of departure^ the first link 


ef a eUain ' #f simihr emlearoars , by the • joint eperatiohs ^f 
which we may> share the renown which the wond^fid aoMvity 
of England in AArica, is so busied in gaiaiBg, to so great an 

The following: remarks are intended to facilitate ' the employment 
of the present DictioTiary, and the oomsrehenslon bf the geogrrapbleal 
and eihnographical circamstances of the people, whose langaage is 
partly represented here. 

The C^allas who, as has been already observed, dwell in nnmeroQS 
tribe9^} Eoi^nd the sooth af AbysBinia^ . haye^ according, to my brother's 
Inv^sti^afioBs,. most probably recejiveci their name ftpm their own lan- 
guage, and not from the Abyssiniaos as most authors (Tellez, Lu- 
dolf, and all later writers with the exception of Bruce) suppose. 
He derives it, according to his view, from the verb gaioy to go home, 
to seek one's home, and U to be brought in connecftion with the hi- 
storical fact, that the Gallas, driven by some cause or other from their 
homes in 1785, rushed in torrents towards Abysoinia, and made this 
country their home, -^ a view, in favour of whieh, besides other 
reasons, .tlile circumstance speaks, of their ^liiig theoMelves by this 
asme. This grent assemblage, of tribes wl^e extent towards central 
Aftica is not yet known, may have tbrmerly led an erriitic pastoral life, 
hut this is no longer the case. The Gallas live In the districts which 
my brother became more nearly acquainted with, in. villages , which 
as they consist of single farms, surrounded by a great extent of land, 
are probably very straggling in part. 

The chief occupations of the Gallas are agriculture and cattle 
breeding. The former is carried on so extensively in' the envirdns 
of the villages, that, from a scarcity of fodder for their numerous herds, 
very distant pastures must often be sought for, which csases .eontiniml 
didpates with, the neighbouring, tribes. In the villages artisans evesy 
particuliMrly. weavers, tanners, potters^ leather^P^uttei'S) metal-worker/i 
etc. etc., provide them with the necessaries of life .and warlike stores* 

- 4r) Krspf (Journals of the Rev. Mess, fsenb^iy and Krapf - eto» 
Lend. 1843 and, An imperfect outline of t^e elements of ths 
Galla-*Language by the Bev. I. L. Krapf. Lend. 18403 mention^ 

' more than 60 by name. 

Vbe Ibm of f ovemment is In the free tribes, i. e^ those • thftt are 
not sabject or tribntary to aay nelgbhouring power (Abysssiniiis etc.) 
monarohMal-40Bpotieal, and the dignity of king (moti) devoWies by i»* 
beritaoce to the male. deseottdaiits, (is some few of the tribes also to 
the female,) er the moli is changed by eleolion, whioh Is. renewed 
after a eertain nwnber of years. Uader the moH stand the «ore«M 
(prrnces) from among whom ^^til0 heads of piaees (aba ^anda) ace 
chosen , while the other mighty^ men ^ of 4be tribe are only a6« ktfd\ 
a condiition whioh answers that of oar noble lords of manors or landed 
. Their religion is a monotheism obsonredi by many superstiiions. 
The Qailas adore a snpreme being, Wael (js^XnMy heaven), who ii| 
aljBighty, omniscient, all-good^ all-vwise. In short, possessing all the 
qoslities which we Christians attrihnte to onr God. The worship eon* 
sists in prayers • and. saerlfices, (the adoration of a treo is most deciT 
dedly impugned by my brother,) and penetrates deep into all the 
oironmstances of lifb. If thls.natpral religion has not been broaght 
itito some system, whioh is very probable, it is evident from these 
communications, that the moral views ooaneoted with It, exereise a 
very beaeflcial and proband eifect on the manner of thinking and 
acting of its confessors , — a circumstance which might lead vs to 
•appose, that we shonld #nd here a soil, well fitted Ibr the reception 
and propagation of christian dootrinOs. 

Of the manners and customs I will -but mention a fbw Polj^amy 
is permitted, and very flrequent. The nuinber of wives is according 
t0 the property of the man. In: this respeet the Miig enjoys the pri-i 
Yilege of taking, besides his lawftal wives C^^^ia), girls out df any 
floDilies, and without asking permission, making them his eonenbines 
{zadjeda)^ which they have no objection to, it bciing considered a 
great honoar. If a c(Hnnion man .wish to marry, (which every youth 
does as soon as he is arrived at the age of puberty '^>, he goes to 
the Aither of the girl be has chosen, and demands her, at the saraie 
time informing him how much property he has (in oisen, horses^ sheep 


^) Akafed'e was much surprised at seeing so many grown op 
men in fiarope, who would not marry; he would have .taken 
a wife, he said, had he remained at home, fbr it is so pleasant 
to have a son to inherit the love^ and after their death the 
property of the parents. 

ete. If there are many wooers, that one t$ktB her bonne , to whom 
the girl gives a gold ring. On a certain day in presence of the 
relations and Mends of both parties the marriage is tlMn eoncluded 
according to law, with prayers and religleiis oeremonies. The woman 
reoeires her portion alter her ^rst son is born; if she benrs a daagh- 
ter she receives nothing or little, and this oiremnstanee generally 
canses separation. As the female sex holds a very Inferior nmk, this 
has no difficulty, and if the husband pleases, he can drive her out 
of his honse, for other causes 'than that above-mentioned. In such 
eases, or if even the woman herself desires the separation, or mns 
away, the proposition; Fartns seqoitnr ventrem, is not valid ^ bat the 
husband keeps the children^ for it would be eonsidered a <orime for 
him to desert them. -^ Hospitality and respect for age are virtues 
generally practised. •*— Smoking is very common among the OallaS) 
particularly among the soldiers (which they are all actnally)i It seems 
that they mix intoxicating herbs -with their tobacco, for Aknfed^e re-' 
lates of very strong smokers having sometimes died in a tew days 
with violent coughing. — The beard is shorn of the common people, 
but by the princes and priests it is worn long. -^ Inviolability of oaths. 
^ Auspices and Sooth-^aying. ^«— Games, Dances, accompanied by 
metrical and rhymed songs etc. etc. 

Trade is confined to barter, in. which the usual conventional coins 
used are pieces of rock-salt Cameie) and its particles. 

. What will be of great advantage in our intercourse with this 
people, is the Galla tribes all having the same luaguage, excepting a 
few dialectical variations and a greater or less intermixture of foreign words. 

Whether the Gallas have a method of writing and What method 
It Is has not been decided to a certainty; for. the letter supposed to 
be written in Galla-eharaeters, which Mr. d' Abba die sent to Pliris, 
Is not deciphered ; yet this document causes us to presume the ex* 
istence of a mode of writing. If one is extant it must be composed 
of entirely peculiar letters or syllables, as no alphabet or syllabariom 
can express, with exiactness, all the sounds met with In. the Galla«- 
Language.^) My brother was, therefore, frequently obliged to have 

*") What Mr. Krapf says on this subject in his Imperfect outline, 
namely, „that no sound is found in the 6aIl*«>Language that 
cannot be expressed with English letters, even bcftter than with 
Ethiopian^^, is very doubtful. 

— xxm — 

recoame, In ilxlng *the orthography, to certain aigna, which added to 

our lettera, endeavour to point oot the peculiar character of the diiferent 

Galla sounds. Tlie number of letteta adoptid by him at the last reviaal 

of his Dictionary amounts to; 80; but, in the later investigations of this 

language, it will not stop here, for many sounds became evident 

to the sharpened ear of the otaaerver, irhioh .escaped lite ^ at first, 

and wUch miist be addied tO) (be Alphabet adopted .by him, in case thjui 

should be retained. T9 these belong, fbr^eautmpla an entirely unaspira- 

ted r-soand, lying between the t and d; probably also h pj if the 

cases here referred to, do not indicate a gemination of the bj farther, 

a peculiar / almost entirely the dead t^blish /; then a nasal sound, 

perbapa only belonging to th0' idiom of t^oma which In the mouth of 

hdtb the other authorltiesans^n^rs an n befbre a 9y for inetance qikT^et^ 

ioitesd of yiien%a; moT^ga instead of manyaga etc. 

The single letters have not been arranged In the usual miaivef, 
bflt in families, which order is ob^ierved throughout and wHl be ex^ 
owed on account of the inadequacy of the existing alphabets, although H 
nay cause at first some iticonvenienoe In Idoking out for theaa. The 
t»Ue of them Is as fbllowst 

*• . '. • , 

Table of the letters. *3 

1* U, dy iy d 

2. e, ^ 
5. tt 

■ J 

'• e reip. f 

9. teh 

10. tsh 

• • I 

11: S) 

12. dff 

13. t 

14. tr 

15. d 

16. <r 

17. f 

18. b 

19. y 

20. w 



21! r 

22. / 


23. m 

■ f 

24. M 

25. n 

26. « 

27. f 

28. z 

29. h 

30. * 

m it i^iii 

^) This table and'tbe following Remarka are taken Out of the 

ReniMrlu on the Alphabet* 

I. Vowels. 

a'ammdB everywhere like the elearEogliih » in ^^flitiier.'^ II can 
he.lem]^ or short. Leiig either by BatQre or from the eontractioii of 

aoy for example: bd'y I go oat, contracted from bdkif 

aivoy e. £. iaka^ I count, contr. from lakawd; 

aya^ e. g, tAy I sit, contracted from taya. 

At the end of words ills very > often almost quite, mute or ajirten 
so short that k seems to be only a brealb and aimittg at, pB it were, 
the sound which it denotes, as in the Tumale language. I have mwrked this 
vowelhy writing it over the line in ! this manner: W0ft^ heaven; atogiCj 
salt. When the word takos an addition from deoLeasion, coiOogation 
or contraelion, th^ full sound ayipears again, whieh proves ^katxit be» 
comes mule only Jrom haste in speaking. The same is the case with 
all other vowels, wherefore I would have it remarked here direetly. 
Examples are: Akafed'l, a name; tordanl^ seven, tokl^ one, Sib^y the 
name a Galla-country. . - * • 

e has two different sounds; 1. like a in Me; for exMBtpkezheka, 
I know'yjezay thou sittost^ -^^ 9. einiraet, or like the j&erman \ae in: 
,i,8aege, V&ter.'^ I have marked it thus: mehay how much? — refa, 
fi dead. body.' 

i sounds like i An pin; o like no.; u like op. All these vow- 
els are likewise either long or short. 

II; Diphthong* s. 

The Galla is devoid of real diphthongs, that is to say, of such which 
already he in the roots .of the words tbems^elves, the particle ^^^au^^^ 
„no'', must be tlie only exception, but even this word would perhaps 
he spelt better with ^ than with t^. AH the other combinations 
Of vowels are merely formed by declension or conjugation. In the 
examples: hm (Imperative • mood of ba»\ go out}; tau^ to sit;' Mnii" 
boiUy do not weep; himbmn, do not flftll etc. the i and u are always 
characteristic of ji, certain ipopd or tense ^ but,ney§,r an. element. of a 
natural diphthong. . * 

— 3«V — 

III. C n fl n A II t lu 

k is always the hard palatial sornid as In key, kill. 
c (befbre e and ij — q") U a softer sound prodaced by pres- 
smg the tongue against the middle of the palate kn^ pushing or Bmack- 
ing with It, but Without an aspiration, whilst the' afore -said sound 
proceeds with a certain aspiration deeper from the hlndpart of the mouth. 
This sound requires great accufaey, because by its being confounded 
wift k or ffy mistakes are uniivoldable; thus caca is soot; paffa wax; 
kaka the root of kakad^a^ I swear, take an oath. 

g hat every -where the hard sound of the English g in go, gain, 
nor is it ever melted with n to that nasal sound ng^ so firequent in 
the European languages. The latter sound is entirely wanting in 
(villa and wherever ng occours the two consonants must be spoken 
separately, for example: dan^gay not danga^ nourishment. Before m 
9 appears assimilated to it in (he dialect of Sibu ; viz. Aga said in- 
stead of dogma -r- dammoy honey. 

ch is. employed only ia a few cases as a euphonical softening of 
k before n and t in the flexion of verbs, for example: ani beka^ I 
know; dti bechta^ thou knowest; nu bechna^ we know; its pronun- 
ciation, is then the same, with that of the German ch in „dich, mich^^ 

The tbr^e sounda tehy dj^ dy which from their nature lie between 
their- and T-sounds, have been adapted to the English pronunciation ; 
kh being tl^e h^rah ieiind tph in „fetph"; 4/ as if it were dsh, but 
softer; and dy still softer than this. But besides these three letters I 
have availed myself also of d^' and di'z^ in order to preserve^ the root 
in verbal fornifit, because by changing them into tch or dj it, would 
often become impossiUe to distinguish the latter, for example : the III. 
form ot.d^^d'a^ eat, (said of cattle), I have written d^Hd^»iaia{l feed), not 
ietchi%a or d^^djisiaj on purpose to show, ,4hat the final consonant of 
the root is d\ not ty d nor r^ which la of importance to be known 
in the coiUpgation* . 

t, Vj dp tt.^A Bight and accurale prenuneiation and writing of 
the T-sounds, offer greater difficulties than all the other letters |n Galla 
and the utmost precaution ought to be obf«effve4 not to C4)nfound them 
with each other, because almost always the disttngnishing of the words 
depends on it. I never in any other language found soah an exact 
and sharp distinction in this clasa of . coasanants , evea when spoken 
as swiftly as possible , as in the mouth of the. Gallas. And that is 

— XJLVi — 

the reason, why in Ihe InflectioD ef vefbs^ when another i Is joined 
to a root ending • with a T-sound, and an aasimilatipn of both seems 
to be natural or even reqaisite^ both are exhibited,, in order to. make 
the root discernible, in this maihier: ^ 

fidtUj thoa bringest, fVem am fida; had^Ujt^ thoa eat^pt, Arom am 
na^a; fUTtay thoa endest from am fWa, 
The single T-sonnds are as follows : 
13 tf our hard and the German aspirated t and th as in ,^T^ne, 

9) fy a T-soand peculiar to this language and a very bard one, 
in pronouncing which the tongue presses itself closely against 
the upper fore-teeth, so that after the r almost a soft s 
becomes audible, and the z that is wanting seems to be supplied. 
Examples: fufa, I smoke; fife^ blue. Perhaps (T has its ana- 
logy in the Amharic classe of fetters represented by the ifmt, 
Tsh'ail and Ts'adai. 

Befbre n the three T-sounds d^ t and tt are aasimilated 
without causing a doubling of the n, the T howewer rests 
unchanged; for example: /Wa, I take, plur. funay we take, 
but fifO) I finish, plur. fiiTnay we finish. 

* • « 

9) d is our soft d in day, load, maid; for exairipli^, difia, enemy; 

ed^y because. ^ 

4} df, a singular sound, scarcely to be expressed with our organs. 
It is very soft and formed by a mild push of the tongue firom 
the hindpart of the palate , so that between the if^ and the 
following vowel another consonant seems . to be intercalated, 
similar to the Semitic Ayin. It forms thus to a certain degree 
the bridge ft*om the (T-sounds to the gtiitturals and before the 
ear is well accustomed to this particular idiom, it Is usually 
confounded with ^, Examples are: d^ii/b, I come ; mittany grain. 

Of how great importance the precise distinction between the 
beA)re mentioned l^oonds is, may be seen in the following 

d^uta, 9. pers. pros, of dua^ I die, 

duda* adj. deaf, 

d'udCa, V. 1 devour, 

tuta, subst. crowd, multitude, 

ritra. V. I smoke, ' 

— XXVIl — 

these Utt wor^ beteg ol the iaeie slgnUteation , if net distln* 
flTtt^lied by e right iireeunoietio* ef tbe reafieotive. T-eeands. 
f has elwayn the sharp sound of f in fat, fall) a softer sound for 
this oonsonaat heing wanting. 

6 in the hegkwing' ef words like oor b in bind, bow^ in |he 
ttiddie, partieolariy before Ybwels almost like y, for examples d^abe^ 
he did mot find, spells d^aee^ Beibre n it sounds, almoal like si; Ex^ 
tchabmani (partic. pret. of tehabOy I break) spell Uha0miani. Bat here 
also a real assimilatioa of A with the related liquid 'i» might be 

y sounds as in EngUsh In the begianiag as well as in the middle 
of words, but beinga- obnseaant it never forms a diphthong^ whieb 
nay seen parfiouAarly in. the primitive form ol the verbs, which 1 le^ 
irard aa representing' the 9*^ oenjugatlon, and sUU more In their II* 
form of roots I as My eooiracted. ftom toya^ II. U kajfa^a; where 
the y. must be regarded not as formiag the diphtong ay with the vowel 
a, bat begliinkng the next syllable, in thia manner: koryay — kih^'d^m^ 
^w must be pronounced in the beginning and .In the middle of 
words like the eoglish w, so -that almost a diphthoag seesM to be 
heard; for rmwmtay I flniah^ sounds almost UkermMMii^a. 
r like our r. 

/ has its usual sound $ when it stands befye n, the n is assimi- 
lated with it and the / appears doubled, f. e. f'/als, I see; 1. pers. 
plor. presw UaUay instead of iMndy we see; 
01 is the same as in other languages. 

n likewise. Before l, m, n/ r It is aQsimilated and fbrhis //, mmy 
nn, rr. Before b it is changed into m and •before w It disappears 
qalte. Respecting n, marked thus: it, the negative n, as I call it, 
see this letter in the Dictionary pag. 176. 

n is a sound whieh occupies tongue, nose and palate at once 
and so singularly that i could by no means hit the right pronunciation; 
it is similar to the Italian gn inlegno or to the l^panish nf, but without 
any admixture of i, which is more or less the case in those sounds. 
Whether it has any aeulHi analogous in the Amharic Onahas or not, 
I do net know; 1 doubt it however, because — as it is by Ludolf 
simply expressed with the Italian gn ~ the pronunciation of Onahas 
ooght (0 be much easier than this sound, so apposed to our organ. 
% marfcs the soft 
f the shatfp a. 

— xxrni — 

% f^t % ^ I have remarked above expreisea the English ah. 

h is foooil only in the heginniag of worda and iti the simple as* 
l^rafion as in our languages* 

-^ the same consonant as the Semitic Ayin, whereftire I ^ave 
ehosett its character. It occurs in the middle and at ^e end of 
words and causes in th|9 first case a singular disjunotion of the word 
by a certain kind df. pause as in har^a^ to-day; In the other m breath- 
less shortness of the last vowel as in.^iS^, deepv ree^, goat. 

The indisputable propensity of the Galla«*laBgnage to vowels, 
which is so great that not one word ends with a consonant — then, 
that no word begins with two consonants and that, wherever by in- 
llec^oa in declension or conjugation, three consonants would meet to- 
gether, the existing hardness is avoided by intercalating a towcI or 
^s^cing'the consonants themselves; finally that the harder consonants 
tj ^j ky teh etc. are proportionally rare, while the softer ones dy tPj 
djy dy g etc. preponderate, make^e language, parttcularly in'Ihe mootb 
of a native Galla, very soft, and especially qualifies it for TsrsUlcatioo. 
This property also appears to be the reason why, although the Galla 
poetry be otherwise so poor, rhyme is nevertheless so cultivated that 
rhymes in the middle as well as at the ends of lines freqnently occur. 

Cormal remarks* 

All verbs are mentioned in the VI Pers. 8ing» Pros... and the signi- 
fication is added in the Infinitive for. the sake of brevity* 

The numbers 1, 9, 3 standing after the Qalla verb, denote the 
cKmjugation according to which it is to be inflected, which is deter- 
mined hy the i^ Pers. Siing. Pres. ; thus, for ea^mpie, 1!^ Coiu* adfima, 
i go-, adenUay thou goest. — Vt Conj. tsMzUy I hey t$€hifia, thoa 
liest — 3'^ Conj. ^a, J stand; teza thou standest, (The first signifi- 
cation of every word has been left; without tkMD mark f^lJ* to avoid 
any mistakes in regard to the conjugationO 

The. enclosed syllables (-dta, ^awa^ -^^<l) have been^added to the 
contracted ones in a, a and a, toshqw their original form, . 

The Roman numbers 1. IL ill. to VIII. which:>4ii:e ranged under 
the rpots point out the newly arisen verbs called by my brother ,^formfi^' 
They are produced by addUional syllables which mod^iy Ihe signifi- 
cation of the root according to certain fixed rules, andaqaw^r to the 
different conjugations in. the Semitic languages* As an ejuuaple to 


reader thlci IntblllflMe the yerb bd tyitli the. 8 fonls ia «fe eomplele^ 
wUl be Aland below a 

Bdj Ccon^* ft^tt bod) tbe root, to go ont of eopething, lo 
go out 
II* baitmy to go out ibr piie*s self, to go oat to oae« own M-* 
vantage or disadvantage, thence: %. to lose. dfee*s self, to 
be lost. 
HI. baza^ to caase one to go out, to make one go out; to drive 

away 5 to pay. 
IV. ba/bitay to make one go out ibr one*s self; to drive oat Ibr 

eae's self; to pay Ibr one*s' self. 
V. baziza, to cause that one makes one go out^ or sendili oat$ 

drives out, pays, pardons.^ 
IV. bxizifadfuy to have one driven out for one*s ^self , for one*if 
advantage^ to have one paid, to have one pardoned for one's 
self, fbr one*s own advantage. 
VD. baziziza , to cause that one has one sent out, piM, pnr«» 

doned etc. 
VIII. bazizifatfay the same, but with the medial shade. 
All the substantives are given in the accusative and the letters 
or syllables annexed : ' h. t. fU. fni. fti etc. indicate tlie form of the 
nominative. Namely, one peculiarity of the Galla-Language is, Aat 
the accusative Is always the simplest Ibrm, alflioagh not alwfiys tlie 
pure root, and mjr- brother's authofities always annwbred, when anab-* 
staative was required, with an* aeeusirfive. 

As the aceent ia of great consequence it. has been added to 
every wor^, and is eiipre^sed by the letters ox* px. and ppx. (oxyton^ 
paroxyton, proparoxyton). The only exceptions jtre the contracted verb% 
which are not provided with the aiccent in any part of the manuscript 
of my brother, probably because it is a general rule, that they are 
all pronounced' as oxytons in the contracted ibrm: as, bobaa, px. con- 
tracted: bobd. ox. — But I cannot answer ibr the infalHbHity of thin 
hypothesis, because I have not beiNi able to find any remark upon thb 
subject anywhere, but can only rely in this respect upon agr memfory 
which has retained the above mentioned bobd as an oxyton, having 
heard it pronounced as such by the mouth of my brother. 

The numerous references to the Grammar shortly to be published 
were raised to 'actual value during the printing of the Dictionary, 
the arrangement according to numbers, not having bden made by my 

I^flier*# but my bani; mmy of (he refereaeefi irtr# therefore Migti 
to be struck out of the manuscript, partly because 1 could sot isd 
the oorrespooding rules and statemeots In the Grammar, partly beeause 
many are in fact not there, many parts of the Grammar i mi has beea 
obserred above, being Incomplete, and some (the syntax for iaatance) 
failing entirely. 

Abb re vi ati o ns. 


Ag. Aga. — Ak. or Akaf. Akafe4'e. — Am. Aman. (thedGallaao- 
thorilies of my brother, see aboTC Page XII. and XIUO — Aeth. Aethio- 
pian. — Amh. Amharic. — Ar. Arabic. — Bot Botany. — JH. P. Duke 
Paul William of Wirtemberg, who during the residence of my brother 
at 'Mergentheim had the kindness to explain many plants to my 
brother botanlcally. — esp. especially. — f. Form. — id. idem. — 
>ur. Juridical -:— lav. invariable, of sub^aotives , whose form of the 
nominative is equal to that of ihe accusative case. — Magm. Mag* 
flMya. Proverb. — Med. Medium, middle sjigoific^tion. — nat souod, 
a word formed after the natural sound. — recipr. reciprocaL — refl. 
reflective. — WetUy Song. 

In here taking leave of the reader, I again express my most 
heart- fielt gratitude to Sir Thomas Dyke A eland and other 
noble patrons in London, for the interest they have manifested 
in the labours of ray brother, and for their endeavoufs to render 
the publication of this Dictionary possible by snhsmptliffl ; as 
also to my Munich friends and patrons for their assistance in 
word and deed, in the performance of this tiask. To the public 
I repeat the devout wish, that the, endeavours of my dear bro- 
ther, of which this Dictionary will bear tesiimony to greater 
circles, may find manifold iniitations j and that this work even in 
its imperfect form^ may serve the great purpose, to which he 
devoted his nse^l life, too soon cut short for me, his friends, 
and science. ' 

Munich Sept. 1844, 

• I 

The mUtor. 


A X IJH I m S a SV 








Indem ich das Galla^Lexicon hieimt der Oeffentlichkeit uher* 
gebe, trage ich eine heilige Schuld an dem Yerfasser desselben^ 
meinen theuren, onvergesslichen Brader Karl ab. Es verdankt 
sein Entstehen einer dreijahrigen angestrengten Thatigkeit, 
welche aber leider durch deq viel zu fruhen Tod meines Bruders 
gerade zu einer Zeit gebrochen wurde, wo sich ihm neuer, lang 
ersehnter Wirkungskreis eroffnet und eine Zokunft vorbereitet 
hatte^ die bei sein^n vortrefflichen Aniagen and seiner geistigen 
Energie mit Recht als eine wissenschaftlich tbatenreiche voraus- 
gesetzt w^erden durfte. So kur;^ jedoch aach die Zeit war, die 
der Himmel seinem Streben gegonnt, imd obwohl das von ihm 
Begoonene nur zum kleinaten Theile zor Vollendung gedieh, 
so werden immelrhin' die ResuHate seiner 8tudien anf deni Felde 
•fricanischer Lingaistik, Oeographie and Ethnographie als with- 
tige Beitrage zur naheren Kenntniss jenes noch mit so vielsei- 
tigem Dankel bedeckten Welttheils betrachtet werden miissen 
und sich wiirdig an das durch Reisen in die entsprechenden 
Lander Gewonnene anreihen. 

Da gegenwartiges Lexicon das erste Werk ist, welchee^ 
^ dem Nachlasse meinea Bmders im Druck erscheint and es 
sowobJ denetiy die m den Falikonuneii) dasselbe zu benutzen 
^ aach iiberhaupt alien Freunden der Spradiforsdiung in- 


— xxxnr — 

teressant sein mag, den Weg kennen zu lernen, aaf welchem 
feme von Africa, inmitten Deutschlands das Studium africanischer 
Zustande und Sprachen mit so schoneoiErfoIge gepflegt wurde, 
so werde ich in Folgendem kurz den Bildungsg^ang meines 
Brnders darzustellen nnd damit zugleich den Zweck, eine bio- 
graphische Skizze zu geben, zii erreichen sachen.^) 

Sfein Bruder, Karl Tutsehek, war geboren za Bayreutii 
am 13. Janaar 1815 und hatte sich, nachdem er das dortige Gym- 
nasium absolvirt, dem «Studium der Philologie bestimmt. . Gewisse 
Rncksichten nothigten ibn spater, diesem Lieblingsfaeh zu ent- 
sagen und sich der Jurispriidenz zuzuwenden, wahreqd deren 
Betreibung er jedoeh scbon damals, wie im Yorgefuhl seiner 
kiinftigen Bestimmung, nicht nur dielebenden fremden Sprachen, 
sonderh auch SiKnscrit, Hebriiisch und Arabisch mit vieler Liebe 

^) Dem Inhalte des Buches und, wie ich mich rqcht zu eriDoern 
glaube, auch der urspriingUehen Absicht seines Verfassers ge- 
mass soUte demselben eine ausffihriiche Abhandlung tiber die 
Galla, historiscb, geographisch und ethnographisch beigegebeo 
werden; allein diese wurde leider nur begonnen, und was 
ich in dieser Beziehung geben kann sind nur Andeutungen; 
denn nicht urspriingliche Wahl sondem traurige Nothwendig- 
keit hat jnich auf die von meinem Brudw h<etretene Bahn g&- 
f&hrt und mir die Pflicht anferlegt, das von ihm GefSrderte so 
viel mfiglich der Wissenschaft zinsbar zu machen. I«h glaube 
jedoeh die Hoffnung aussprechen zu diirfen, dass ich, wens 
sich giinstige Umst&nde vereinigen, in entschiedenerer nod au$- 
schliesslicherer Weise in die Fussstapfen meines Brnders ein^ 
treten werde, als diess bis jetzt der Fall sein konnte, und dass 
besonders dann, wenn ich nach geh({rigen Vorstudien mit einezn 
noch lebenden Gaila-^Referenten meines Bruders in VernefameD 
treten kann, manches Unvolkndete VoUendet und so fOr die 
Wissenschaft gerettet wird, was fOr Jetzt als unbearbeiteter 
Stoff nntzlos und brach vor mir liegt 

— XXXV — 

Ate er im Jahre 1887 nach Miiochen g^ekommen war, um 
seine akademische Laufbahn als Jurist za beendigen, wurde er zum 
Lehrer dea Prinzen Louis in Bayern berafen and nach der 
Ruckkehr 8r. Hoheit des Herzogs Maximilian in Bayern von 
seiner Reise in den Orient mit der Erziehung der von demselben 
aas der 8elaverei losgekauften nnd mit nach Mi^nchen gebrachten 
vier Schwarzen betraut. Er ubemahm das selt^ne Amt vol! 
Besergniss fur die neue Stdning seiner Studien auf der einen, 
md wegen eines aus vielen Grunden moglichen Misslingens des 
Unternehmens auf der andereri Seite. Doch zog ihn die Neu- 
heitder Sache an, nnd die wissensehaftliche Neugierde, ob er 
flielit Interessantes iiber die Heimath und fruheren Verhaltnisse 
'er Fremden erfahren und so vielleicht etwas zur n&heren Kennt- 
niss von Afrika b^itragen kdnne, Hess ihn muthig das Werk 
am 18. Nov. 1838 beginnen. 

Es ist leicht begreiflich, welche Schwierigkeiten der erste 
Anfang eines Unterrichtes gehabt habe, wo das dem Lehrer 
sonst zur Einwirkung auf die Schuler vor allem nothige Mittel 
des gegenseitigen Yerstiindnisses abging, urn so mehr, wenn 
man bedeiikt, dass den ersten dessfallsigen Bemiihungen fast 
uniibersteigliche Hindernisse in dem bekannten alien Africanem 
theils angebornen theila durch die Yerhaltnisse aufgedrungenen 
Misstrauen gegenWeisse entgegentraten ; dazu kam noch, dass 
die Knaben nicht begreifen konnten, was man mit ihnen yorhabe, 
und so gingen denn mehrere miihselige Monate hin, wahrend 
welcher mein Bruder tiiglich viele Stunden verhohnt und ver- 
Iftcht, bttcbst£blich mit Handen und Fussen docirte. 

Endlieh gegen Ende Januar 1839 gewann er durch einen 
glficklich benutzten Umstand — durch liebevolle Pflege eines 
seiner ZSglinge in einer unbedeutenden Krankheit — den ersten 
^ wichtigsten Sieg, das Vertrauen desselken nnd wie bei ihm, 
^ sah er bald auch bei den ubrigen den hartnfickigen Argwohn 
in Zutranlichkeit und innige kindliche Neigung iibergehen. Ton 
diesem Augenblicke datiren sich die ersten fragmentarischen 
^Achrichten aus dem Leben eines jeden Einzelnen und es zeigte 


8ich vor Allem, dass, wahrend der Herzog ihm drei Nabier 
und einen Abyssinier znr Erziehong nbergeben zo haben 
meinte , er statt dessen die Reprasentanten Ton vier verschie- 
denen Yolkern, einen Oalloy einen Umalej einen Darfiirianer and 
einen Denka vor sich hatte, die aos ilirer Heimath gentohlen und 
durch den Sclavenhandel an den Nil verkaaft, nur dnrch das 
Bediirfniss g^egenseitiger Verst&ndigang gezwungen waren, sehr 
nothdurftig den arabischen Yulgardialact radebreehen zu lernen, 
selbst aber vier von einander ganz venschiedene , weder unter 
sich noch mit den bekannten afrioanischen , namentUeh mit den 
semitischen verwandte 8prachen als Muttersprachen reden; fer- 
ner, d&ss d^ei von ihnen bei der Erwerbung durch den Herzog 
nicht I&nger als ein Jahr von ihrer Heimath entfemt waren and 
bei eiiiem hinreichenden Alter und vortrefflicli^n Aniagen nicU 
nur linguistische Mittheilungen , sondem auch Urdieile iiber die 
Verhaltnfsse ihrer Heimath in Aussicht steliten, die den Berichten 
un^ierer bisherigen Reisenden in diesen Landern an die Seite 
treten, ja aus mehreren Griinden sogar sioherere Aufschlusse 
geben konnten. 

Die ersten immerhin noch mit sehr grossen Schwierigkeiten 
erlaogten Resultate der nun begonnenen Forschungen beschrank- 
ten sich auf Bestatigung der in den Reisebeschreibungen von 
Ludolf, Brown, Salt, Seetzen, Burckhart, Riippell 
und Bruce enthaltenen Angaben, Bereichening der dort ver- 
zeichneten Vocabularien und in der Fixirung verwandtschaftlicher 
Yerhaltnisse der einzelnen Referenten ; auch fallen schon in jene 
Zeit die ersten Kartenentwtirfe und Mittheilungen interessanter 
Gebete und Lieder, wie sie das Gedachtniss und der Jedoch 
nicht ohne Ruckfalle in das alte Misstrauen und in tagelange 
Yerschlossenheit gebUebene gate Wille wiedergeben mochten. 
Es'gehorte grosse ¥o9sicht dazu, hier sicher zu gehen, denn 
die geringste Yeranlassnng brachte bisweilen die Yersichemng 
zu Wege, ,,dass Alles bisher Zugestandetfe nur erdichtet sei ^^ 
,^das»«sie eigentlieh aus ihrem Lande gar nichts wiissten,' weil 
,,sie als ganz kleine Kinder weggekommen sei^n^^. Solche Ruck* 

— xxxvu — 

fille worden Jedoeh iamier seltQoer und konnten, nachdem Yer*- 
gleichon^en und Wiederholungeii die friiheren Angaben vor<> 
sichtig als richtig gepruft hatten, nicht mehr von langer Dauer 
sein, da zadem die LFeberseugung , . dass man es nur gut mit 
ihnen nieine» als natitarliche Folge der genaueren Bekanntschaft 
mit oAs^ren Lebensverbfiltnlssen und ihrer Fortechritte in den 
iiire Wissbegierden fesselnden Unterrichtsgegenst&nden taglicb 
mehr Fass faasen nusste. 

Der btsfaer elngeschlagene Weg von Yocabularien - Saiojn* 
long wurde jedoeh bald verlassen^ und zwar be8oiiders in Folge 
Aer Aufmunterung und der Rathschlage, die mein fifuder von 
Prof. Karl Ritter in Berlin erhielt Meinfiruder halte nemlich 
diesem in Africanischen Dingen mit Recht al.< erste Authorit^t 
verehrten Oelehiien ^er den Gang seiner Studien geschrieben 
nnd hatte die Freude^ als Beweis der Theilnabme, welche m* 
bd ihm erregt, einen Vortrag zugeschickt zu erhalten, welBhen 
Herr Prof. Ritter in der Monatssitzung der geographtschen 
Gesellsehaft vom Mai 1839 uber jene magere Mittheilung ge- 
halten hatte. Yon dieser Zeit an riehtete mein Broder alle seine 
Kraft darauf, mit seinen Zogltngen, wenn auchnoch innerhalb 
^es beschriinkten Horizonts, immerwidirende UnterhaltunK uber 
alle Yerhaltnisse ihrer Linder zu pflegen; und wahrend dieses 
seiner von Tag zu Tag gesteigerten . Begeisterung gelang, 
Budite er das ohaehin vorhandene Heimweh so zu nahren und 
zu veredeln, dass die Ueberzeugung in ihnen reeht lebhaft wurde, 
treue Mittheilungen an ihn, verbunden mit dem^ was sie'ans 
^iner Hand ampfingen, seien die sicherste Oewahr, nicht nur 
ihre 8ehnsa<At nach dem Yaterlande einst stiilen zu konnen, 
sondern a«dh fflr die Erreichung des weit edleren Zieles — aus 
der Fremde, in die si£ ein hartos Geschick gestossen, zum Hell 
^d Segen ihres Yatedandes zu wirksli>und so den Beraf zu 
crfttUen, den ihnen eine hdhere Hand auferlegt. 

Oer in diesem Sinne von nun an befolgten Methode ; sich 
zasammenhfingende vorher . reiflieh durchdachte Darstailungen 
ttber verlangte Oder angebotene Themata dictiren ziriascfen, ver*- 

— xxxvin — 

dankte mein Binder jeoe zahlreichen, kdehst mteressaQten Auf- 
satze, welche ihin sp&ter neben der perednlichen Unterfaaltasg 
mit den Referenten selbst als Qaellen und Fandgruben seiner 
lingnistischen , geographischen nnd ethnographischen Studien 
dienten, und, da sie theilweise mit wahrer Gediegeoheit ond 
Rundnng sowohl in Bezug auf Styl als anf Inhalt and Anord* 
nong desselben abgefasst sind, eine Art Literatur der entspre- 
chenden Yolker zu reprasentiren Anspruch madien durfen. Wie 
diess bei der Jugend der Referenten moglieh aei, erweisst sicb 
aus der Betrachtung, dass die Erzahlungsgabe nberhaupt ein 
Pratlicat aller orientalischen Volker ist, und dass besonders jene 
Kinder der Natur von den friihesten Leben^^jahren an mit alien 
Verhaltnissen ihrer Eltern, Darfbewohner and Volksstamme bis 
aafs kleinste vertraut werden und desshalb bej» andvilisirten 
Volkern durchweg eigenthtimliehen Scharfe der Beobachtung 
schon sehr frtihzeitig zu einer klaren Anschauungsweise and 
Beurtheilung derselben gelangen. 

Wie sich nun die auf splche Weise begonnene Ausbente 
von Tag zu Tag mehrie, trat das Bedtirfniss auf, der Bew-bei^ 
tung des Einen oder Anderen eine ansschUessIiebere Thatigkeit 
zuzuwenden. Die Heimath nnd Spraehe des OaUa^ Akafed'e 
Dalle aus Botchi in HambOy einer Previnz von Lidauy QStamm 
der Boranna Galla) der leider sein Yaterland nicht wiedersefaen 
soIUe, sondern seit dem 17. Mai 1841 in deutscher Erde sdilaft, 
lenkte zuerst meines Bruders Aufmerksamkeit auf siefa. Jenes 
Volk, das in zablreiche StJlnune getheilt, sett der Mitte des 16« 
Jahrhunderts. durch seine unauf horlichen EinfUle und sein DrSngen 
gcgen Nof den sich den Abyssiniern so furehtbar and geschicht- 
iieh merkwurdig gemacht hat, war durch den talentvollen Aka- 
fed'e auf das Trefflichste reprasentirt, and mein Brnder war, 
abgesehen von den frtAltischen Riicksichten, die hier ein be«- 
deutendes Gewicht in die Wagschale legten, vorzdglich aach 
durch die Einfaehheit, den Wohlklang and. die nach kurzen 
Studien schon klar erkannte grammatische Dnrchbildung der 
Galla-Sprache aufs Entschiedenste angezogen. Er wandte daher, 

— XX3LIX — 

ohne dabti «lie anderen 2u vernaehUissii^en, sein Haaptangenmerk 
Mf 8ie iiiid gelan^e in der korzen, Zeit von anderthalb Jabren 
soweit , diass er sie suemiieh geiaafig spraeh und freudig eui^ 
ersten Einladong der kdnigL Akademie der Wisaenschaften in 
Hunchen zu Mittheilungen uber die Resultate aeiner Studien fol* 
gen koimte. In der Sitaung der philosophiacben Klasae yarn 
t Janaar 1841 las er eine DarsteUnag iibei? Beginn und • Fort- 
gang seiner Forsehongen nnd einen Abris9 der Grammatik der 
Oalla-Spradie; zugleich legte er der Klasse ein ziendioii voli^ 
skiiDdifres JLexicon derselben und mekrere spraclilich und sachlich 
counentirte Dictate, Gebete, Lieder eta vor. Eine ihm kurz 
vorher zugekommene Abbandlong iibar die ChUa von UmiK (Ex- 
trait da buHetin de la soeiete geographique, Aout 1839), welcke 
Herr Bibliothekar Jomard in der Akademie zn Paris gelesen 
liatte, war der erste acbriftliche Beweis Air die Richtigkeit sei- 
ner eigenen Besultate, denn er fand darin nur bekannte Sacken^ 
sowobl im geographischen Theile als auch in dea weaigen dort 
mitgetheilten Sprachprobes, wo namentllGh die Gebete dieselben 
^d, wie er sie von seinem Akafed'e niedergeschrieben, nur 
mit einer andem Ortbographie und einer durch sie bedingten 
versehiedenen UebersetsHing. Was dort uber Sitten und Ge- 
briiuebe gesagi ist, stimmt mit wenigen Ausnahmen nit seinen 
Wahmebmungen uberein. Viel wicbtiger als diess, war aber 
der spreebende Beweiss, den ibm um dieselbe Zdt das Gliick 
in der Person eines zweiten Galla zofuhrte. Ostbu Aga aus 
Vrgeza in Sihu wurde auf seiner Dnrebrekie durcb Miincben von 
seinem Befreier aus der Selaverei, Mr. Pell meinemBruder zwei 
Udnate Jang znr Yerfiigung gestelli Durcb ihn wurde nicht 
nnr Alles bisber Gewonnene und Erla'nte als autbentiscb bestA- 
tigt, sondem auch StoiT zu dialectischen Untersucfaungen gegeben 
^nd die Zahl der Dictate , Gebete und Lieder , der geographic 
schen Data etc, um manches Jnteressante vermehrt Zwisefaen 
A^ga und Akafed'e, welche schon bald schmerzlicb schwelgend 
in der Erinnerung an^ibr verlorenesYaterland in inaiger ground- 
^haft sicb ataeinander gescbnaegt batten, veraaiasste mebi Bru- 

— XL — 

der eine Galla-Correspondenz, weldie in 14 Briefen bestehend 
nebfo ihrem lingaistischen "VVerthe einen schonen Milsftstab fir 
den Grad geistiger und gemHthlieher Anlagen beider Briefsteller 
abgeben. Dareh Ags, lernte mein Briider ao^h die vermeintKche 
Abyssinierin des Fursten Piiekler Muscau, BW^ Cgrest am 
£7; Oct. 1840) kennen, welehe aus dem Galla^Lande Guma war 
find AgH mehrere ihrer Lieder gelcbrt halte; auch sie mud der 
Kafal der von meinem Bmder verzeicbneten ' beigefilgt worden. 
Ein dritter Oalla endltek, Aman Goiida aus Hidi in €Unna^ von 
Sr. Hoheit dem Herzog Paul in Wtirttetiibel*g nach finropa 
gebracht, welchen mein Brader anf die freundliehe Einladsng 
dieses wissenscbaftlichen Fursten zweimal anf Ungere Zeit be- 
sochte, schloss die Reibe der Referenten. Mein Bruder legte 
aaf die Mittheilangen Amans, obwohl er der jungste von alien 
dreien ist, sehr grossen Werth, weil er als der 8ohn eines o^ 
fkiio (wdrtl. Strickmeister, Gerichtsperson im Dienste der zcre^a^ 
Fursten) eine bessere Erziehung genossen, ubf»* die Y erhilltnisse 
seines Vaterlandes desshalb genauere Kenntnisse mitjgebracht 
hatte^ und auch seine Sprache orthographischer spdebt als die 
beiden anderen. 

Da diese 3 Referenten in einer gewissen Reibenfolge vor 
dem Fonim der Porschungen meines Brtiders auftraten, so musste 
die Yergleichung sowohl als das jederzeit Neubin2ugekommefi6 
bedeutende Veranderungen und Bereicherang des FrlOieren be- 
dingen* wodorch sicfa denn nach und nach aus dem der Akademie 
vorgelegten Lexicon, 'wo z. B. die Orthograpbie, aueh die Ety- 
mologie noeh auf schwachen Fnssen stand, gegenwiiitiges nach 
Inhalt und Form anf fasten Grundsitzen gebantes und iiiit>«ten 
in der Grammatik aufgestellten Prineipien in Einklang gebracbtei 
Worterbuch hen^'orbildete. ^) • 

■ • • • 

*) Den zweiten Theil desselben: Englisch-Galla, und falls e^ fOr er- 
Spriesslicfa eracfatet werden soHte, auch deto dritten Theil : Deutsche 
Giillii, werde ich,' sohald es mirin^glieh ist, diesem en^teh folgeo 
laaseo. Bie genaniite Grammatil? hat leider nloht In ^lileir TbelUn 

— IM — 

Ndben dieser mehr ausschliesslichen BeBeh&ttignng ndt sei* 

nen Oalia •• Referentea ging die Brforschung der Sprache nod 

beimathltclien- Yerhiiltntose eines ^weiten seliaer ZHglinge einlier, 

der sein Interesse in gleirhem wo nieht hoherem Grade in Aa^* 

sprach 'za nehmen bastimmt' war. Esist diess Djalo Dji>i]da]i 

Are ana dem Yolke der Yutnttie^ welehe unteriialb Kardofan onter 

dem IS'' and 18® N. & oftd dem M'' und 47'' 0. L. unter der 

Oberherrlichkeit des Kdnigs von Takle (Takeie , Tokole) leben. 

Er ist zn Deiinfftn in Tunuile'^Tokoken geboren und der Neffe dea 

noeh bei aeinem Weggang weaigatens dort regierenden erblichen 

Fiinten (Konigs) Wofter Mai. Seine Sprache stellt in Bezug 

m Lant, Charakter und innern Ban fast das,,direete Gegenjtheil 

lier Galla-Mprache dar, dean wihrend jene weieh uiid melodisch 

klingt, nicht unahnlich der Italienischen and gleich 'dieser bd 

einem entscbiedenen Vorwiegen der Voeale verhUltnissmassig 

eine grosse Einfacbheit in den Formen und in der Ausdracks** 

weise aeigt^dklingt Me Sprache des Utnale bart, so zu sagea 

holperieht and bietet durch eine wahrhafte Ueberfdllong an Con* 

sonanten salbst an^erem deatochen an Harten gewdhnten Organe 

Anfangs aehr grosae Sehwierigkeiten im Nachsprechen dar ; auch 

sind die Formen so ausserordentlich mannichfaltig and eigen- 

thiinlieh and die Zahl der Worte and BegrilTe in dieser Sprache 

jene AuAarbehuag erhatten, wie dioss In den 2f It-, Zahl- and 
FUrwOrtern . der Fall ist^ awpb slnd dto Sprachprobea, welc)ie 
mein finider als Anhang der Grammatlk beigeben wollte, nicht 
vorbereitet ftir diesen Zweck, was aehr au bedauem ist, sumal 
in Bezug anf die Syntax der Galla-Sprache, Uber welehe mein 
firader 80 viele Materlalien gesammelt hatte und deren pbilo- 
logischen Reiz er mlr. inuner als so gross und binreissend schil- 
derte. leh wecde aher gleiebwohl die Grammatik in der un- 
vollstilBdigen Fona> wie sie mein Bruder hinterlassen, der 
Oeffentliehkeit ttbergeben und im Stande sein, ibr ausser den 
Kartenentwttifea weoig«ten4 eiuige Spraebproben mit Notzen 

— xuti — 

iihertstdgt Jene des Galla in einem solchen Grade, ims mein 
Bruder , wenn er langer ^elebt hatte , erst sp&t iind adi wer sa 
tief in sie eingedninjg^en wfire, wie ihm dies in relativ so kurzer 
Zeit mit dem Galla gelungen ist Gerade aber dieter Reichthmii 
der Sprache und mehr noch der hohe Grad von Bildong der 
Yumaiey (wenn ich mich dieses Ansdmcks von einem centrai- 
africanischea Yolke bedienen dart) aaf welchen die MittheiliingeA 
des mit den schonsten Anlagen begabten Djalo schliessen las* 
sen, ernmthigten meinen Bmder, hier Gleiches zu leisten; deim 
so gross immer die Schwierigketten sind^ welche sidi der El^ 
lemang nnd gauzlichen Erfassnng dieser Spraehe entgegenirtellen, 
so lobnend wird dagegen die leiuealisclie nnd grammatikaliscke 
Bearbeitong derselben for die Sprachforscbong im Allgemeinen 
sein und so gross sind anch die Sehitse, welche dnrch die Kennt- 
niss derselben erschlossen werden konnen. Von Djalo's Dio- 
taten nemlich *) gilt besonders, was oben von deren Gedie j^en- 
heit nach Form and Inhalt gesagt wmrde; und eslftuss hier dem 
Obigen nodi beigefiigt werden, dass denselben uberall das Ge- 
pr&ge des gereiften Urtheils nnd der kritisehen Wahrheit auf* 
gedrnckt ist, eine Vereinigungyon Yorzugen, die sie gewiss einst, 
wenn sie gesiditet und commentirt der Oeffentliehkeit ubergeben 
werden konnen, als wesentliche Bereieherung der Wissensdiaft er- 
seheinen lassen wird. Aus dieser gewiss nicht ubertriebenen 8chil- 
derung geht hervor, dass die Begeistemng fur diese interessanten 
Stndien als ein Erbtheil von meinem Bruder auf mich uberge- 
gangen ist, und idi nehme hier Gelegenheit 2u erwiihnen, dass 

*) Ich habe drei Btode davoti in Hauden, in welehea alle nor 
doDklichen VerhUtnisse Jenes interessaiiten Volkes, thells IWig- 
mentarisch, theils In gr^ltiiserer AaslHirltohkeit abgehandelt sind. 
' Die Mittheilungen sclieiden sich in fidlche, die Djalo als Re- 
prodactionen aus seinem eminenten Gedftchtnisse gegebea und 
in solehe, die als freie AuiMUae, als eifene Vroduote des Re* 
ferenten sich darstellen. 

ich fest entocUossen bin, so weit e« meinen schwachen KrUften 
fplingtn ma^, aach hier den von meinem Bruder eingeschlagenen 
We^: za verfolgen, and theilweise wenigstens abzozahlen, was 
er der Wissenachaft scholdig hleiben musste. Der Anfang dazu 
ist gemacht, denn Djalo lebt in Munchen und unterstiitzt von 
seinern eigenen rej:en Streben, mitzawirken an dem schdnen 
Werke, bin ich bereita durch t&gliehe Conferenzen mit ihm in 
den Vorbof dea zu erforschenden ^osaen Geb&udes eingefuhrt; 
oh ich zu einem befriedigenden Ziele l^elange, wkd die n&chste 
Zttkanft lehren. 

Der dritte Zoglinif: meines Bruders ist Mussalam Mo te- 
le otn ana Meihem in Darfur etwa 7 Tagreisen siidlich von Kohbe^ 
kt Haaptstadt des Landes. Auch seine Mittbeilnngen sind von 
nicht anbetrlichttichem Werthe und seine Dictate verdienen eine 
liearbeitanf redit wohl; denn wenn dieselben ianch in Styl und 
Inhalt nehr den Ausdrack der Kindlichkeit an sich tragen, und 
die ErinneruDgen Mussalams iiberhaupt nicht so umfassend 
»i sein scheinen ^ wie Jene der bis jetzt genannten Referenten 
aeines Arad^rs, so wivd doch inunerhin die Wiederaiifnahme 
der Forsehungen fiber seine heimathlichen Verbiltnisse and seine 
Bprache Jetzt, wo er reifer geworden, aasser zahlreichen ethno- 
Si'^phischen and geographischen Notizen aiich die Hecstellung 
eines sehr reicben Wdrterbuehs und ernes Abrisses der Oram- 
Biatik seiner ' Sprache mAglich machen. Mussalam spricht sie 
ietet noch gelKoflg, und es bietet dieselbe, soweit mir meine ge« 
nnge Eiosicht in ihren Bau und Charakter ein Urtheil hierflber 
^lAubt, der Erlernung bei Weitem nicht jene Schwierigkeiten 
^) wie die dea Umale. 

Ueberden vierten Zogling endlich, A wan, will ich meinen 
^der selbst einige Worte reden lassen. In der oben erw&hnten 
^orlesnng in der Akademie aagte er unter Anderm : „bei diesem 
Knaben, dem jiingsten von Allen, er mag etwa 18 Jahre alt 
^1^9 habe ich eine psyehologisch merkwiirdige Erfahrung ge- 
ntfteht, die wohl worth ist, zum Gegenstand besonderen Nacb- 
Menkens erhoben zu werden* Wiilirend des ganzen Jahrea 

— XLIV — 

nemlich , wo ich mit den drei ubrigen so firob Torwibrto trbei- 
tete, antwortete mir dieser immer tranrf^, er wisse nichts mehr 
von seiner Heimatfa, er sei zu klein gewesen, als er fortge-^ 
komraen. Im Anfange glaubte ich, das alte.Misstraaen sprachej 
ans ihm; well er aber in allem Uebrigen anfrichtig war, so 
nahm ich spiiter seine Anssage for wahr nnd liess ibn , da i& i 
anderen Quellen nm so reichlicher flossen, lange Zeit nnbeachtet 
Diese onwillkuhrliche Yernachlassigdng von neiner tSeiie , ver- 
bnnden mit dem nnter Knaben so gewohnlich vorkomnienden 
Muthwillen gegen 8chwachere, hatte aber fast scUimme Folgen 
gehabt. Der Knabe wurde still, mum'sdi — und endlich fand 
ich ihn viele Tage nacheinander weinend , ohne dass ieh im 
8tande gewesen ware, den Gnind avs &m heransznhringen. 
Unter vier Augen aber sagte er mir, dass er. Heimweh habe 
and sich nach seinen Yerwandten sehne; aach seien ihm die 
Namen seines Vaters, seiner Mutter, seines Braders und seio 
eigener eingefallen, aber „ich wiirde ihm J#ht glaaben^^. 
Ich versicherte nun mit innerer Rene uber mein faisAieriges Ver- 
fahren den Weinenden meines voUkommenen 2«tranens ; dami 
drang ich noch weiter in ihn, ob er gar kein Wort aas seiner 
Sprache behalten habe, and wirklieh fielen ihm nach.Iangem 
Nachdenken zwei ein; kur der Berg nnd kir der Flnss. Za' 
meiner grossen Freude fand ich die beiden Worter in Ruppels 
Vocabularien nnter der Anfschrift Dor Benki^ Nachdem ihin 
dmrch nnunterbrochenes Nachd^iken und stetes Zureden von 
meiner Seite in den folgenden Tjtgen sooh 6 bis 8 mit dem 
Rupperschen Vocabular iibereinstimmende Worter eingefalled 
waren, nannte ich ihm den Yolksnamen Denkawiy den er ait 
Frenden sogleich fur den seines Yolkes erkannte. Es war 
hieranf herrlich; das mehrerwahnte Yocabular mit ihm dareh- 
zagehen und die Wirkung der alten bekannten Laute auf den 
Knaben zu beobachten, riihrend auch die Freude seiner drei 
schwarzen Freunde, welche ich eine Yiertelstunde darauf, nach- 
dem ihnen die Neuigkeit bekannt geworden war^ weinend an 
iseinem Halse antraf, voll Freude, dass nua aach er ihnen 

gfleiehsam ebenbfirtig gewordeo durch das Wiederauffiaden 
seines ' Vaterlandes. Von jenem Au^enblick an begann anch 
bei ibm ein ganz anderes Leben. Durch angestren^s Nach- 
denken fiber seine Vergangenheit. kam er in den Stand, ein. 
jetzt bereits gegen 500 W&rter enthaltendes Vocabular zu*^ 
sammenzuschreiben , nod ich babe die Hoibttng noch nich t anfw 
gegeben, dass ibm endlicb auch noch Zusanunenhfingendes za« 
ruckkommen wird*^^ Letztere Hofflnung wurde nicht erfullt, 
denn die Ausbeute bUeb bei A wan auf Yocabulfurienvergros- 
serrnig besebr£nkt 

Man sieht aiis dem Yorhergehenden , dass die Aufgabet, 
weiche sichmein Bruder gestellt, eine grosse and vielgegliederte 
war nnd dass die Anerkennung, weiche der theilweisen LSsnng 
derselben mid seinem Streben iiberhaupt von Seite der Munchener 
gelehrten Welt wie von ausw&rtigen Grelebrten zu Tbeil wnrde^ 
mid stets nenermatbigend aiif ihn wirkte^ eine wohlverdiente 
war. Am w<||^Ithueudsten und forderlicbsten aber fiir das Ge- 
deihen seiner Arheiten, besonderszu derZeit, wo sich dasY^r* 
haltniss zu seinen Schulern gelost hatte ^ war die rege Theil- 
Didune, weiche die geographische Gesellschaft und die African 
civilisation society in London in wiederholten Schreiben aug* 
driickten and die durch die hilfreiche Hand des Yicepr&sidenten 
letzterer Gesellschaft des Sir Thomas Dyke Acland auch 
materiell fordernd auftrat Herr Acland liess nemlicb meinen 
Bruder nicht nur alle in der letzten Zeit «rschienenen auf seine 
Arbeiten bezuglichen Biicher zustellen, sondern sandte auch 
freiwillig Unterstutzungen , denen ailein mein Bruder es damals 
Ku danken hatte, dass seine Studien nicht eine hochst nachthei* 
lige Storung und Unterbrechung betraf. Ich muss diess urn so 
mehr bier offentUch dankend anerkennen, als Herr Acland 
diese Opfer rein aus wissenschaftlichem Interesse. Ytir die Sache 
brachte. Diese Theilnahme und die damit verbundene Aussicht 
<iuf eine einstmalige Yerwondung fur eine von England ans-^ 
gehende wissenschaftliche Mission oder. Expedition nach Africa^, 
^ndlich das Jnteresse, welches ein deutscher Fiirst an djesen 

— AVI -^ 

Stndien nahm, hielt lange Zeit seine wankend ^wordene Gesimd- 
heit anfrecht. Als nclknlich gegenw&rtiges Lexicon beendet war, 
wurde es Sr. Kfinigl. Hoheit demKronprinzen von Bayero 
vorgelegt und dabei von meinem Brader der Wnnsch ausgc- 
sprochen, seine Studien in £hnlicher Weise wie bisher in Egypten 
dorch LoskaoAing und wissenschafUiche Ansbeatnng von Schwar- 
zen fortsetzen zu konnen. Der Kronprinz, weleher jedenr ^¥ahr-> 
haft wissenschaftlichen Streben frendig die Hand bietet, war von 
der Gediiegenheit der Arbeit so nberrascht, dass er segleich anf 
den Vorschlag meines Bruders einging, KostenanschMge fdr eine 
solche Reise nach Egypten anfertigen liess nnd schon nach 3 
Wochen die Summe aussprach, welche einen zweijfthrigen Anf- 
enthalt in Cairo moglich machte. Leider war aber diese An- 
stellung nur gleichsam ein Blick in das gelobte Land, denn trotz 
den Bemiihangen der ersten Aerzte Mdnchens nnd trotz dem 
noch mit schweren Opfem erkanften Gebrancfae des Bades Ems 
sank seine korperliche Kraft immer mehr und er erlf^ endlich, vier 
Wochen nach seiner Heimkehr in die Vaterstadt im elterlichen 
Hanse der Krankheit, die seit einem Jahre ihn nntergraben hatte, 
am 6. September 1843. — So endete viel zn friih ein Leben, 
das sich das grosse Ziei gesteckt hatte, an der Civilisation von 
Africa, diesem schonen Problem nnseres Jahrhunderts, thatig 
mitzuarbeiten und so zur Verwirklickung der Idee , dass euro- 
pdische Bildung und Gesittung Gemeingut aller Yolker der Erde 
werden solle, sein Scherflein beizutragen. Obwohl er dahin- 
sterben njiusste, ehe es ihm gegonnt war, mit eigenem Munde 
der Welt zu erzahlen , was er getemt und gesehen auf seinen 
Wanderungen im Geiste und ihr zu beweisen, dass es wohl der 
Afuhe werth sei, sich fur jene Vdlker zu interessiren , so geht 
doch aus dem hinterlassenen geschriebenen Worte genugsam 
hervor, dass das harte Urtheil , mit welehem noch so vielseitig 
moralische und geistige Zustande aller central-africanischen Volker 
belastet sind, lind das so Viele abhfilt, denselben ihr WohlwoUen 
und mit ihm ihre Thatigkeit zuzuwenden, eine Milderung ver- 
diene, welche herbeizufuhren ein zweiter heiliger Zweck meines 

— xLva — 

Bnidcrs war. Die liittel dfsu warra in den unbefangenen W^ 

theilDDgen seiner Zoglinge hinreichend gegeben, welche gewiss 

mit Recht von ihm f3r glaubwdrdige Autoritiiten gehalten und 

len afrtcanisGhen Reisenden bestitigend oder berichtigend an 

die Seite gestellt wnrden. Mochte sein Wunsch und Ideal, dass 

der bis jetzt noeh so selten betretene, fast ' ausschliesslicb nor 

von den Engl&ndern verfolgte Weg, dureh Africaner auf 

Africa zu wirken, zu allgemeinerer Geltung gelangen solle^ 

inErfuIlunggehen; mochte auch bei unsDeutschen seinjBeispiel 

Nachahmang finden und der Anfang, den er geroacht, nicht 

Anfang bleiben, sondern den Ausgangspunct, das erste Glied 

eioerKette von Jlhnlichen Bestrebnngen bilden, durch deren Zu- 

^nmenwirken wir uns betheiligen an dem Rohm, den Englands 

bewunderungswnrdiges Wirken in Afiica in so grosser Aus- 

deboang sich zu erringen, tMtig ist 

Zum Gebraacho g^getiwHrtlgeii Lexicons und zur Orientirung in 
den geograpliischen pnd etbnogrtphiscben VerhliUnissen des Volkcs, 
lessen Sprache hier theilweise repriisentirt ist, m((gen folgende kurze 
Bemeriningen dieoen. 

Die Galla, welche wie bemerkt in zablreichen St&mmen^) den 
fi&den von Abyssinien umwohnen, haben nacb meines Bruders Untejp- 
suchungen ihren Namen am wahrscbeinlichsten tras ibrer eigenen 
Sprache and nicht wie die meisten Antoren (Tellez, Ludolf und 
^le sp&teren mit Ansnablbe yon Bruce) annebmen, von den ^byssi- 
"icrn erbalten. Derselbe leitet sicb nacb seiner Ansicbt von dem 
Zcitwort gala^ heimgeben, seine Heimatb sucben, ber und ist in Ver- 
Hodong zu sefzen mit der gescbicbtlicb begHindeten Tbatsacbe, dass 
die Galla um 1785 dui-cb was immer fiir Ursacben aus ibrer Driiberen 

^ Krapf (Journals of tbe Rev, Mess. Isenberg and Erapf etc. 
Lond. 1848 und An imperfect outline of tbe elements of tbe 
Galla -Language by tbe Rev. L L. Krapf Lond. 1840) fcvont 
deren mebr als 60 bei Namen. 

Beimath veTtrieben, sicdiy urn eloe neme en saokeii, in saklrekhei 
Strdmen nach Abyssinien ergoaien und dieses Land £a ibcer neuei 
Heimath gemacht , haben — eine AMicht fttr die ausser anderen GriiD- 
den auch der Umstand spricht, dass die Galla sich selbst mit diesem Xameo 
benennen. Dieser . grosse Viilker-Complex, dessen Ausdehnnng gegeo 
Central-Aft-ica bis jetzt unbekannt ist, mag frtther ein nomadiscbe^ 
Hirtenleben gefiihrt haben, was aber jetzt nicht mehr der Fall ist. 
Die Galla leben in den meinem Bnider n&her bekannt gewordeoeo 
Districten in D5rfern, die freilich, weil sie ans einzelnen oft mit sehi 
grossen Grundstiieken nmgebenen Gehttften bestefaen, zaoi Theil seht 
-vreitlliufig sein mOgen, Anf dem Karten-Entwaif sind deren etwa 40 

Die Haoptbeschaftignngen der Galla sind Ackerbau and Viebzacht; 
iind der erstere. wird in der Umgebung der Ddrfer so aas^edehnt be- 
trieben, dass ans Mangel an Futter fUr die bedeutenden Heerden oft 
sehr entfernte Weidepl&tze gesucbt werden miissen, was zu bestiiD- 
digen Streitigkeiten mit den benacbbarten StSmmen Vcranlassnng gibt 
In den DGrfern selbst sorgen Handwerker, besonders Weber , Gerber, 
T5pfer, Rieiner, Metallarbeiter etc. fiir Lebens- nnd Kriegsbedttrfnifise. 

Die Regiemngsform ist bei den freien, d. L nicht irgend einer 
benacbbarten Macht tribntpftichtigen Oder nnterworfenen St&minen mo- 
narchisch-despotisch^ und zwar erbt entweder die Wiirde des K5nig8 
(mott) /tuf die m&nnlichen (in einzelnen St&mjnen anch auf die weib- 
lichen) Descendenten , oder der moti wechselt dnrch Wahl, welche 
nach einer gewissen Zahl von Jabreii erneuert wird. Unter dem moti 
stehen die %ore%a (Fursten), ans denen die Ortsvorsteher, aba ganda 
gewHhlt werden, wabrend die Ubrigen Machtigen des Stammes oor 
aba lafa sind, ein Verhaltniss, das ganz dem unserer adeligen Gats- 
herren oder Grnndbesitzer entspricht. 

Die Religion ist ein dnrch mancherlei Aberglanben getriibter 
Monotheismns. Die Galla verehren ein hdchstes Weseo* Wac* (nr- 
sprtingl. Himmel) welches allmUchtig, allwissend, allgatig, allweise 
ist, karz alle Eigenschaften besitzt, die ans Christen von anserer Oott- 
belt bekannt sind. Der Coitus besteht in Gebet and Opfern (die An- 
betung eines Baames wird von meinem Brader anf das Entschiedenste 
bestritten) ond greLft auch tief in alle Lebensverhliltnisse einf w^dd 
diese Natarreligion anch hOchstwahrscheinlidi niokt in ein System ge- 
bi«oht ist, so ist doch aas den Mittheilungen anwiderleglich dar/^u- 
thun, dass die an sie gekniTpften Ansichten tiber Moral eine schOne 

— IBLIX — 

und tiefgehende W&rlnrrgr snf Desk- awl BandlmigsweUie ihrer Be* 
kenner avsQbt, el« Unstevd, weleher itm Bludrinifen ehrtotllelier 
Lefcren |^ewi88 eifien selir empflhiglleiMii wid fniehtbaren Poden d«r* 

Von. den Sltten hier narBlniges erwtthDaBgSweise. Vleimrelberel 
Ist erlaobt und aelir bttiifl|f; die 9ahl der Welbec riohtet sich Bach 
dem Venndgen des Maanes. DerK((nlg genlastt in dieser Besiefamig 
du Vorrecht, aasaer selnen Ihm daroh die Bhe verlHiiideBeo Fraden 
Ofena) nooh IMlidclieD ohne iveitere Anflrage aus den Familien her- 
attssnoebineB ofid sn. seinea Concubinen (atadjeda) kh machen, was 
d'lese sioh geme g^fliUeo laasen^ well es flir eine grosse Bhre ge- 
halten wird. Wenn der gemelne Mann heiratben will^ (wasjeder 
Jliogfling.tbat, sobald er matinfoar geiTorden, ^) no geht er sstim Vater 
des Mlidehena, das er sich erkoren ond reriangt sie, indem er zagleleh 
Mgibt, wievlel er Verintfgen (in Ochsen, Pferden, l^haflra eio.'X be- 
aitzt. SInd niehrere^ Freier da, so ItHirt sie dar helm, welchom das 
Madchen einen goldenen Aing gibt Dieses Geschenk wird dureh ein 
gleiches void llrftutigam erwiedert. (Verlobung darcli Ringe.) Aa 'ei- 
nem be^timmten. Tage \vlrd sodann in Gegenvrart der Verwandten und 
Frennde von beiden Selten unter Oebeten nnd religtOsen Oeremonien 
das Ebebilodniss- rechtfkriiltig gemacbt. Sie Ansstattnng der Fraa ejw 
ft^lgt erst, Di^enn sie ihren ersten Sobn geboren bat; gebiert sie nnr 
M&dcbea^ ao arfolgt niehts Oder nar wenig und dieser Umstaad sielit 
metetena Sebeidung naeb sieh. Letistere bat, da das weibliche Ge« 
scbleobt bcfi den Gaila eine sebr untergeordnete Stellang einoimmt, 
gar keine Schipierigkeiten and ein Mann kann aach aiM anderan Grtin-. 
den als dem angegebenen aeine Frao aos dem Haase }agen, wana er 
will. In aoleben PiUlen, oder aaeb, wenn die Fraa selbst ^e iSitbei- 
dong verlangt oder eatflieht, gilt tibrlgens nkbt der Batz: Partaa ae^* 
ijaitar ventrem, sendem die Kinder bebiilt der Mann, denn es wdrde 
ibm zom Verl>rechen angereebnet, wenn er seine Kinder verliesse. — 
C^RstTreondscbaft nod Yerehrnng desi Alters sind allgemela gettbte To- 

^^ Akafed'e urnndertfe siebsebr, daas es tnEaropa so viele er- 
wachi^eoe MAnner gibt, die nioht heiratben woilen ; er wiirde 
eine Fraa genommen* haben, weiin er za Haose geblieben wfire, 
denn es sei so sclitfn, einen ^Sohnza haben, aaf den dIeLiebe 
and nacb ihrem Tode das VermOgen der Eltern ttbergehe* 


^enden. — Das Tabakraachen \st bei den Galla aehr gewShnlick, be- 
sooders bei den Soldaten (wafii sie im Grande aber alie sind.) Sie 
acheinen ihrem Tabak bcransdiende Kr&oter beizamisoben, dean Aka* 
fed*e erz&hit, dass sehr starke Raucber bisweilen durcb beftigea 
ilfisten in wenig^en Tagen get($dtet worden. — ^ Ber Bart wird von den 
gemeinen Lenten geschoren, voa dan Ftirsten nnd Prieatern aber lanf 
getragen. — HeUighalten des fiidea. — ^ ' Anspicien und Hafuapieien. — 
Splele, Tinze unter Begleitung von seandirten and gereimten Lie- 
deru etc. etCi > 

Der Handel beschr&iikt sich anf Taascb, wobei ala gewObnliobste 
Scbeidemtinze cnbiacb zngebaueae Stilcke Steinsalz. (ameie nnd seine 
Theile) dienen. 

Die Spraclie ist, was anserer fiinwirkung auf Jene Vdlker ansser- 
ordentUehen Vortheil bringen moss, bei alien 6alla.8tiimmen die glelcbe, 
4ind nnr mebr oder mindere fiinmiscbung firemder Worte Oder kleine 
dialeeliscbe Abweichongen mfigen bier einigen Unterschied begrlinden. 
Ob die Galla eineficbrift baben nnd welcberArt sie ist, ist iioch 
nicfat sicher ausgemacht, denn der angeblicb inOalla^Charakteren ge- 
achriebene Brief, den Herr d*Abbadie nach Paris gesandt hat, ist 
noch nicbt entziflbrt; doch llisst dteises Document die Existena^ eincr 
8chrilt vermuthen. Erweisst sich ioine solche ala vorbanden, so muss 
aie ans ganz eigenthtlihlichen Buchstaben oder Sylbenbocbstaben za- 
aamnengesetzt sein , da kein Alphabet oder S^rllabatium irgend elner 
Idprache alle in der Galla-Sprache vorkommenden Laute ntit Genauig- 
keit ausdrfiieken kann. ^) Mein Brader musste dafaer bei Festatellnng 
«einaF Orthographie hftufig znr Wabl von Zeichen greiAin, die nnseten 
Buehetaben angeh&ngt, den eigenthfimlicben Character der einzclnen 
Galla-Lante za bezeichnen suchten. Die von ihm bei der letzten Urn* 
arbeitnng des Lexicons angenonnnene Zahl dei^ BochatabeD betrSgt 90; 
jedocli wird es bei den sp&teren Forschnngen in dieser Sprache nicht 
hiebei sein Bewenden haben k6nnen, da sich dem dnrch die Uebang 
geach&rften Ohre des Beobachters noch manche Lante bemerfcbar ge- 
macht haben, die ihm friiher entgangen waren, und jedenfalls dem von 

^ Was iiber dleaen Punet Herr Krapf in aeWier Imperfeot antline 
sagt: „daas niimlich in der Galla-Spracbe kein Laut vorkomme, 
der ni^*bt dnrch englische Let^ern ansgedriickt • werdeo. kOnne, 
ja besser noch als durch die Aethiopischen^' bedarf aebr des 
Beweises. ' - - . .j 

— LI — 

ihin ftdopfirten Alphabet (Mln es 1l¥erhanpt belbehnlten werden soil) 
nooh angefQft werden mOsseiK Bleker ifehOrt b. B. ein swlaehen 
dem t und d liefcender gfans hamrfiloser T-Laut; wahraeheMleli anoh 
eln py wenn die hieraof «« deatenden FUle aloht eine Oemlnatlon 
des b Indtohen^ feraer ekn eigenthttmilches /, ft^t gansi das dampfle 
IMlnksche 1; daan «in vlelle&obt imrdem Idiom von 0<ma MgtMrXger 
Naaal, der eltieni n vor % Im MNuide der belden ^nderen Refereatea 
entaprloht, s. 1. qiie^Kay ataCt giienza; moTgaga fOr mangaga ete. 

Die Anordnanjir der Jhielistaben geaeliah nach Famlliea, was im 
Anfluig wohl das Naehschlagea ersohwerea wird, aber seine Bnfschal<> 

4\faBg in 4er Unbraachbarkeit nnserer gfeirOhalicli^n Ordnnng linden 

ma;. Folg^ndes ist die Tabelle derselben: 

Bachstalieii-Tabelle. *) 

1* a, d, df A 

9* fw 

17. f 

25* n N 

2. e, i 


10. t$h 

18. ft 

2a s 1 

3. J 

11. rf; 

19. y 

27. p 


12. <^ 

20. tp 

28. «' 

5. u 

13. t 

21. r 

29. h 

6. k 

14. r 

22. I 

80. * 

7. c resp. g 

15. d 


23. m 

8. y 

16. <r 

24. II 

BemerlLiuveit llli«r 4ie Bm^Mstoben. 

1. V 0. c ale. 

a laatet tiberall virie das helle deutsche a inr „habe, Gabe^S Es 
kann lang oder knrz sein; lang entwedef von Natnr oder darch Con- 
trtctlon ans 

^ Diese Tabelle and die Bemerknngeh (iber die Bucbstaben sind 
ana der Grammallk genemitten. 


— MI — 

aoy wobei ?iell«icht eia Aleph ssd 4?niBde Ueflt, z* B. M, icb 

^ehe binaus, aus baa {ba^a); 
mooy SQ» B. /^/ra, icb ss&ble, aus iakawa; 
aya, z, B. tA icb sitxe, contr. aus toj^a. 
AiD£ode von Worten ist a :biiiifig gansi stimm oder no kurz ge- 
siirocben, dass es nor ein Haac^ za seio sehoint^ imaierbiB «l>er so^ 
isk»a der Vocal noeb kemibar i»t Die Bezeiehnung dieses Vocals ist 
so gewahlt woi'den: Wac*. aiogidl. Wean das Woft duicb.De^iiQatioa 
Oder Conjugation hiaten eiiieii Zasnts erbalt, $o trUt der voile Laat 
wieder ein, was beweisst, dass er n«r Im sebneUea Sprecben oder aus 
BeqaemlicbkeU veckummerl war. Dasselbe gilt aoeh von den vier iib~ 
rigen Vocalen, vreshalb es sogleieb bier erw&hat wird, ».JB. Akafeet% 
torban\y tokl^ Sib^l. * 

e hat zwei verscbiedene Laote; i. wie e In Rede, Beet, x. B. 
^to^ icb waiss^ ieSMy da sitsiest. — 9. wie der deotsiHie Umlaut a 
in SS,ge, ViNer; seine Bezelchnung 1st Cy z. B. m^ay wie vielS refay 

Die Vocale iy o and u faaben densellben Laat wie im Deutscben 
and sind wie a and e bald lang, bald karz, aber immer nar von Natar. 

II. D i p h t h n g e n. 

Eigentliche Diphtbongen, d. i. solche, die schon in den Wortst&o)- 
4ten l&g^n, gibt es nicht, >-^ die Interj. toauy nein and Bavdtty ein 
Gespenst, milssten die einzigen Aosnahmen sein; aber aacb bier ist 
das u wabfscheinlich ein missverstandenes w. Alle anderen Vocal- 
Conjancturen sind erst dnrch Declination oder Conjagationr entstanden; 
(A) z. B. bei baiy geb binaas; himbuinly falle. nicht -^ ist das i oder 
tl immer Characteristic!^ eines bestimmtea Modas aber kein Element 
eines natilrlicben Diphtbongen. 

iiU C o n s o n a n t e n. • - 

k ist immer der harte Gaumealaot wie In Kopf , kalt. 

c (vor e and i — q geschrieben) ist ein gelindes dl^^^r Spraefae 
eigeqthiimlicbes h; es wird durcb einen Draek der Zaqge gegpn die 
Mitte des Gaamens mit einer Art von Scbnalzen bervorgestossen, aber 
obne Aspiration , w&brend der vorhergebende Laat aspirirt tiefer aus 
de^i Hintertbeile des Mandes kommt». , Die Ai|sspracbQ de« c (^) er- 
fordert grosse Genaaigkeit, da seii]# Ver^ivfe^dislmig mit k odea. $r leicbf 

— wu — 

|li8s?er«lkndnto0# veriuilftiiit; so \§U k€tka. d«0 Warsselwort von ktdfad'aj 
Bchwdrev -^- gaea heisat Riips iiii4 §1990 Waclui. 

g hat illieraU den Lnnt des weleb«n Pnlmtals wie g im Anfange 
der Wdrter (gaiien, glesMn; auish ver«ebmil0t e§ nirgenda in den an« 
deren •praefaen so gelttaflgen Nesnl ng wIe In sing^n, prangen, son- 
dera Mrird Immer vom n getrennt geeprochen; i|lso dan-^ga^ niclit 
danga, Xahrung. Vor m hat Aga diesen Consonanten assimilirt und 
sagte damma anstatt dagma, Honig. 

eh komiBt nur in der Flexion als.euphonistische Erwe^phnng des k 
vor n und t vor, and selbst hier nnr im Dialecte von Hani^ly nf&hrend 
AiBtn and Aga das k unvertndert liessen, z.,B. bekay icb w^iss; 
Mky du Wielsst^ bechnaj wir wlssen. Seine Ausspraobe ist in die- 
sen FftUen Moht die des semitischen Guttaralen Kha^ sondefn wei- 
ckr, wie Ln dich, mlch. 

Die Lante Ich^ tahj dj und dg^ welohe ihrer Natnr^niKsb zwischen 
den K" und T-Lanten liegen, sind sehr sehwer zu nnterscheiden und 
selbst das^ gettbteste Ohr wird nicbt vor jedem Verstoss sicber stellen. 
tch ist noch scb&rfe.r als das engliscbe tch in fetch; — tsh etwa wie 
dieses, aber ein wenig weicber, vielleiebt wie cb in church; — dj 
fast wie das engliscbe J in jng, jar — und dy noch weicber. Dieser 
letztere Laut wird wobl am richtigsten getroffen, wenn man d und 
H nach ihrer gew5hnlichen Aussprache kurz aufeinander, verbnnden 

Neben diesen vier Consonlltnten babe ich mloh nooh der Bezeicb- 
nvngen tz\ V%^ d^^ und ^%* bedient, nm in Verbal-Fotmalionen die 
H^nrzeln si^htbar zu lassen , da bei der Verwandlung in einen der 
obigen Laute die Vnterscbeidung derselben unmOgllch wttrde, so z« B. 
^rde die HI. f. von ied^a^ fresseii nicht d^^ttM%a oder dfi^djiza etc., 
sondero ^iivii%a geschrieben, um zu zeigen, dass der.Mzte Radical 
des Verb! if list, nichf % IT oder d^ was ffkr die Conjugation von Wioh- 
tlgkelt 1st. ' ' 

Noch mehr Schwierigkeiten macht die Unterscheidung und rich- 
tijlfe AuBspraehe der 2'**Laute uni es ist^ da von Ibr in sehr vielen 
^Wen die Unterscheidung von W(fr«ern nnd das Verstl&ttdniss abbttngt, 
<li« grSsste fiorgfelt ndtbig. Ber Ungsng mit Eingebomen ist bier 
^ elnzige, aber aveh der bessto Lehrer, denn es unterscibeidet viel- 
leickt kein Volk die Oonsonluiten dieser Familie so ncbaif and genau, 
selbst im sohnellen Spreoben als die Galla -^ und diese Beobachtung 
ist an jnngen Leuten zwischen 16 und Id Jahren gemaoiiti 

— LIV — 

Dieser Schwierigkeiten wegen ist hi der Gonjngvitioii, W0 an dea 
mit einem T-Laat schliessenden Stanin eiae mit t be^nnende flexions^ 
sylbe tritt — wodurch Assimilation beider eiitstehen solke — diese 
vermieden nnd sind die beiden Lante neben einander gelassen worden, 
s. B. mufay ich esse, %, Pers. nad^ia; dida, ich vera^ne, •. Pers. 
didta; knta, ich schneide, 8. Pers. kntta; fifay ich beendige, 2. Pen 

Die einzelnen T-Lante sind Mifende: 
1) ty nnser hartes t, etwas aspirirt wie in Than -** das haachlose 

konnte noch nicht aafgenominen werden. 
t) Vy der Galia-Spracfae eigenthtimlich; es ist sehr hart und wird 
darch enges Anpressen der Zange an die ZKhne xnni pl^tselicbes 
Ansstossen des Athems bervorg^ebracht, so dass aaM dem f fast 
ein s hOrbar wird und so gewissermassen der fehlende Con- 
sonant z (ts) ersetzt erscheint, z. B. fu^ay leh raoche; fr/b, 

Anm. Vor n ^firerden die drei T-Lante ty d and ^ assU 
miiirtohne Gemination des n zu bewirken; T hingegen bleibt 
nnverftndert, z. B. fu^Oy ich nehme, Plaf. fiinay wir nehmen^ 
dagegen: fUTay ich beendige, Plur. p^na. 

3) dy nnser weicbes d in da^.dein, z. fi. dinay Feind; edUy well 

4) d^y ein dem Enropiiischen Organ fast nnmOglicher Laut. Er ist 
sehr weich und gebildet durch einen sanlten Stoss der Zunge 
tief aos dem Mnnde, so dass zwiscben dem ^ and dem iV)I- 
genden Vocal ein dem Semitischen Ayin vergleichbarer zweitef 
Consonant oder eine Pause hemerkbar wird. ^ bildet gewisser- 
massed die Briicke von den T-Lanten za den J^-Lanten and 
ehe das Ohr an diesen . eigenthtimlichen Consonanten gewOhnt 
ist, wird er leicht mit g verwechselt H^r Krapf thut dies 
noch fast regelmiissig, so wie er aach das Ayin immer mit d 

Wie wichtig die genime Unterschddong der geaannten vier 
Lante sei/ m6ge die Vergleichnng folgender Wtfrter beweiseo, 
welche mit> ganz gleichen Vooalan nnr darch die richUge Aae- 
spfache der Consonanten ala in ihrer Bedeatang gftnzlieh ver-* 
schledeae Winter erkaant werden kHonent . . 

Itfte, snbst. Menge, teafe. 

IFutFay verb, ich ranobe. 

— ItV — 

4uia^ %. P«rs, ^Stoiff. Pmu. vw dua, ich sUrfce* 

d'ud^a^ verb. Ich verschllnge. 

f hat Immer den scharfen Lant dea daotiohea f In teiiy flMt; eUi 
reicherer Laat fehlt 

^ lautet am Anfhnge der WOrter wi« das deutache b ia biodea, 
lieben; la der MUte, besondera vor Vocalen Dist wie w Qdts eng- 
Usche y) ; vor m fast wie m, z. B. fcAatoan^ spr. tehamnanij — dooh 
kfinnte hier eine wirkilche VerwaadlUDg des b vor n in die ver- 
wttndte Liquids m stattgefunden haben. 

V ist sowohl im Anfang als in der Mitte von Wtfrtern flir nnser 
j Sfebraacht, dessen Laut es aach bat. Als Consonant kann es nie 
eioen Dipbthongen bUden, weshalb ss. B. die IL Form von k& — ku' 
p^Qy nicht aber: kay^ad^a zu lesQn ist^ woza man versucht sein 

w ist sowohl am Anfang als in der Mitte vollkommen das eng- 
liache w mlt dem bekannten Vorschlage von a. 

r wie unser n 

/hat denv gewijhnlichen Laot; wenn es vor n zu stehen kommt, 
n wird dieses asslmiiirt nnd das 1 alsdaqn verdo|^)elt, z* B« von iMa^ 
ich sehe, heisst die 1. Pers. Plur. iktila aisiatt ikUna. Das dompfe 
polnische 1, welches in dies^r Sprache auch yorkommt, ist noch nicht 

m, wie in anderen Sprachen. 

n ehensa. Vor; /, m, r wird es asslmUIrt^ nnd macht U^ mm^ rrj 
vDr 6 wird ea in m verwandeit, ebenso vor f; vor w versehwiadet es 
ganz. Wegen der Bezeichnang n vgl. im Lexicon diesen Bttchstabeot 

n ist ein Laut, welcher Znnge, Nase and Ganmen zngleich in 
Anspruch nimmt and den, ieh keinem meiner Referenten richtig genng 
nachsprechen konnte. Es itft dem Italienischen gn in legno oder dem 
^panischen n Hhnlich, aber nioht gleich — denn der Iralla spiicht es 
ohoe BeimisehiiAg von i. Ob es in dem Amhari<ichen Gaahas ebie 
Aoilogie hat, weiss Ich nichty doch zweifle.ich^ da Jenesi well 
Lqdolf ainihoh auf das Italienische gn verwelst, bei Weitem nioht so 
tthirer zu sprechen sein muss^ als dieser so contrftre Laut 

% bezeicbnet das weiche, sowla 

f d|is gesehHrfte s, nnd zwar sowohl im Aqfting^ als In der JUitte 
der Wftfter. 

— LVI — 

% ist liberall unser deiitselies self, md iat gewfhlt tv^rdeB, mn 
Iflr dlesen Laat ein einfaches Zeicben zu haben. 

h findet sicb nur am Anfbnge von WOrfern und ist die einfacbe 
Aspiration wiekn Dentseben. 

^^ das SemUische Ay\n kommt in der Mitfe nnd am Ende vod 
WSrtern vor and bewirkt im ersten Falle eiiie cigcntbtimliche Tren- 
nnng des Wortes dnrcb eine Art Pause, if(rie in har^Oy beute, im 
SBweiten eine bauclilose Kttrze des SchlassroealSj wie In ree^^ Ziege^ 
gile^, tief.' 

Nacb diesen speciellen Bemerkdngen liber die ^acbstaben m(ige 
nocb folgende allgemeine ibre Stelle flnden. In der OalIa*Spracbe 
zeigt sicb mebf als .in irgend einer aAderen ein entsobiedener Hang 
zu Vocalen and ein Streben, jede Qftrte, die darcb Consonanten-Han- 
fdng entsteben wlirde, zu vermeiden. Dies gebt so weit, dass nicht 
ein einziges Wort mit einem Consonanten scbliesst, — denn wo dies 
der Fali zu sein scbeint, ist der Tocal nar aos Beqaemlicbkeit weg- 
gelassen ; ferner dass nie ein Wort mit zwei Consonanten beginnt, and 
dass, wo immer darcb die Flexion drei Consonanten zasammen kommen 
mlissten, entweder ein Vocal eingescboben oder eine Versetzang der 
Consonanten vorgenommen wird, z. B. statt kotfta (H: Pers. Sing, von 
holfd) — kolftta oder tfffdita. — Dieses nnd 'das verbftltnissm&ssig 
seltene Vorkommen der barten L^ate ty (r,y tehy k etc., w&brend d^ i^ 
d^ etc. vorberrscben, gibt der Spracbe grosse Weicbbeit and Bieg- 
samkeit and macbt sle besonders geeignet Pax den Vers. Letzt^e Flibig- 
Iceit scbeint aacb der Grand zu sein, wanim bel der sonstigen Annatb 
der GaHaalscben Poesie der Reim-ae amsgebildet iat^ dass Beimspie* 
lereien nicht zu den Seltenbeitra jgebSren. 

FormeOe BeMerfciiiiseit. 

Alle Yeffba sind In der eraten Peis. Sing. Pinaea. genaant nad 
die ' Bedevtungen der Kttrze wegen im Inilnitiv beigeaetst 

Die nacb dem Galla^Verb stehende Zabl 1. t. oder 8. beiselehaet 
die CoidngAtion, nacb welefaer dasselbe za flectiren ist ttnd die naeb 
der verscbiedenen 9. Pers. Sing. Praes. sicb bestimmt, also z. B. I. 
ConJQg* Mema^ ich gebe*, adenOay du gebst. -^ t. Contfog. t8ki9S»j 
Icb liege; tsMjfiay da liegst/^-- 8. CoAjag. ta, icb stebe; tez^y du 
atebst Cl^ie erste Bedeatang eines jeden Wortes worde obne die 

— liVIl — 

BeMi0iiaii9S ^,1^ C«lMami^ nm Venf^cksiwgen nU in BoMmmang 
dor Goi|iQ(iitloii an. vwAalcleiu) 

Die elnsffsohloMenett Sylkea C*^«>ii> ("-^iiva) C'^Sw) ^^i ^ cUomp 
Form den . Contrantifi In 4, a «nd & kelgmetzt wordea, nm ihro uM 
iprlUigliDlie P0im sa fi0l|?eii« 

Die eiiigerlicktett rOnlflolm ZMfern I. H. UI. bUi VIU., welehe 

den W«rdB«twmem ankordiiitart rtnd, bexetehQen dte, van ibeteem Bru^* 

der ^priDen^^ gepMnteo iien eptsUuideneii Verk*; ale (Bind doffcli an^ 

gehilogte Airormatiopsfl^lbeB.gebUdety welche letztere die Bedeutung 

des Warselwortes nach Jbesflmmten, Oesetzen modiflciren und entopre-* 

cheo dep verschiedenen Coqjagationen in den Semitlschen Spracben. 

AlBBeisplel fUr daa Verstilndniss derselben diene das^Zeitwort ffd ml^ 

seiien vpUstttndlg in Gebraiich beflndllcben 8 Formen: 

64^. Coontr. hUBdaa) derl^taminy aa? etwas heraii8ge)ien, aa8- 

11. baifa^ i\ir aicb bejcansgeben, sen seinem Nntzen oder Schaden 

heraiuigeb^i, daber t. aich verlieren, verloren geben. 
nL ba%ay veranlassen beranazngeben , ansgeben lassen oder nuM; 

Chen; beranatreiben, vertreiben; bezablen. 
IV. bafa^a^ flir aicb beraas- oder ansgeben lassen; fOrsieb ber- 

M&streiben ; fttr sIcK beaafalea. 

V* bosAMy veranlassen^ dasa elner beraos^eben Usst, beraa8«> 

. tr^i^ besablty . verzelbt >: 

VL ba^iji/ia^ f^x %\f\ s^ aelnem Nqtzen beraostreibea, bezahlen^ 

. verzeiben lasseiu , .. » 

VII. b(pi^i%ay veradassen^ dass elner tferauftgebe^, bezabl^q^ ver^- 

.s^qn ^tc* Ulast. * . . 

yV\, bMi%ifi»iaj idem^ nnr mit der i^edialen Fbtrang. . 
AUer S lilies tji^iitiva sind im^A^^wsf^Hv angegeben pad die di^e)»^ 
Btebeaden Bafshstaben eder SyJUl)en: n. i ni. /hi. /tt' etc. beziiiotin^fi, 
die Form des. Non4n»0ya> , Bs ist memlich eine Eig^tbttmliclikeit d^i 
CWla-Sprfo^e^. .daas .in dei]fi)i|lben der Accosatlv die einflichst^ Forfi| 
darstellty wenn.,aufb niehi immer den reinen Stamm, nnd^die Ri^fpren- 
t«a meiites Brnders antworteten aoch anf Jede Frage nacb einem Sab- 
ttsDtty mit dem Acenfiatifir* . . 

Da der Accent von sebr gjrosser Wicbtigkeit ist, so wnrde dem* 
>oIbe Jedetin elnzelnen Worte beigesetzt nnd ist dnrch die fiucbstaben 
^ px. nntf ppl/ (ofzytoAoto, ^roxytonon, proparoxytomon) ansgedrttckt. 
M« ela^ga AiIMMiim biMm die VerlMi eentMeia, welote In den 

wahrscheinlich well hier das Gesetz dtircUgolK') diURs'tiie lir d«r M^ i 

B^-b0Ha.' pk. '^oiMPtMTi'i ' h0b4^ bx. -^ Doch Btebe ibli fttrii^ CTnftlil-^ 
barkeit dieser H)rpothese nieht ein, well ioh aifg^ltdd Mftiile Sblti4irkiita|f 
hlMttlier aalfiildeii kcmnte, Hoidem'ttiMii M ^^kesM ^tAtMtrg nur anf 

¥tin ddin SMhiiNle meiae^ Bmden atti^aaproohea^ faatgoliii]teti''h«i.' 

Die Kafcrfeiliieii Verweisttngen . aaf die' "itmnfSichst zQ V6r0ffdkit- i 

Tii6hend^ Gr^mmatik wuirden erst wUhrend aei^ ' ttVueks lies Lexicons 

9ia elgetitliebef iGeltang erhoben, iodem die !^iiordaung tiacb NalnmerQ 

fiicbt von meines Bruders, ^onderh Von mei^er^and getnacht wnrde; 

es mussten desi^halb aach Aiancbe dieset Verw^isdng^n aus dettk VIA' 

nn'^cript gestricbeti warden, tbeils Weil Icli die ents^reehetaden RegelD 

and Angaben in der Grammatik nicht finden konnte, tbells iveil solche 

Vielf!acb factlscb nicbt da sind, indem wle dtien beihetkt elnjselnfe' Theile 

der Grammatib ubTOllsitahclig sind^ '^iDZ^Ibe (wVe Ai6 ^AtAX ite.') ganz 
fihied. '■■■■■'• ■■■.■.•.. :•■•• ..;•.,. 

- , '• 'I i' 'i' I , r .. ->. i • ,. • • J « ; -. ■•».'; - »•) ,^\ • . /^ 

A b k ii T, >Zr!U ft g'^ l^r ; M » .. ^ : 

jA:g. Aojtt. '^ Afc'dder Akir Afe(iffecfe/— ; Am; Aman) ^ (die 
3 Galla-Referenten meines Briiders, vgl!' oben Seltb "SLX^Vlllf bis XL) 
-^ Aetb. Aetbibpisch/— A m h: Aitthartscfcfi -^ Ah'Atabisch;-^' Bot. 
Botanik. — H. P. Herzog Paul Wilbelm v(Tii Wttrttembetg*/ welcber 
w'S^reHd der AaVesieifibeit ibeitie^ finlfieirs InMergentbeii^ vfe^e'l^flan- 
zen botanisch zu bestimmen die G<ite batte. -^ eiip.^^s^edfaSfyy banpt- 
sftchlicb, vorzfl^lieb'. ^ fJ t^M.' -^ lAVid^tii:''^-^^ 
fh V. ' IttVairikblK*, 'ttnvferaiidBrlltftl'^Velf' Sfabshibtiv**^ •tfl^^*«itf'■^^<ilAnativ 
iBttf-aWto A'ccdsAtiV glfeiyjb habeA. ^ iTw^wi ilfo^r^^ 
Itfii A' Mfedititti,' Wedfat'-Bfedfettbiig. '^ ifat:' 6 6iitid;''N'attlrfiirfc7 i\ti 
Wttrt, 'dad' dem NkWrlinte liacbgebildfdt' iisfc '^^'Otlii^k 'ttmllli0*g1e. 
^ f eeipt. rfecfprok. ~ refi: v^exW^ #^«*,'-llled:- ^ ^ 

f ) 

Indem ich hier vpm JLeser Abschieff'^felitee^ Spfechfe Icli 
flerrn,1^hipmiis\dyke AcVsii^i md ien uJ^rifeo edien Qonnern 

]}«id«rs miliar, .ikm Bmnkntgmk im^ SMmtiflion-^^JRw:'. 

ausgabe ^genwirtigen Lexicons mSgliob gemaeht zu haben, 

noehmals meinen tiefgefOhlten Dank aus, eben so meinen Mfinche- 

ner Freanden und GOnnern, die mir diirch Rath und That bei 

LSsung dieser Aiifgabe hilfreich zxfr Seite gestanden sind. Fur 

das Allgettieine aber wiederhole ich den firommen Wansch, dass 

die Beatrebnngen meines sel. Bruders, fur die dieses Lexicon 

in grdsseren Kreisen ais bisher Zeugniss ablegt, recht vielfache 

Nachahmung finden und dass die Resultate derselben auch in ih- 

rer nnvollkqinmenen Form dem grossen Zwecke dienen mogen, 

dem er sein mir ewig theures, seinen Freunden und der Wissen- 

schaft viel sn friih entrissenes Leben gewidmet. 

MOnchen, im August 1844. 

Der Herausgeher. 

A . 

..:'.• I . 

» /, ' 9 % S 

J » • • 

I ■. 


, . " . . • "' 

1 ' ■ * 

. ; • .' * • . ft. . ' 

• X 

. J .». : • 

< / » > . ■ » 

■ ' I 

4 !■ 

»• I.**. '.1/1^ <»• Ji. « 

a » 

' < 1 '■ 

iw>r ;:j . . . j. * 

. i' < 

• , 


. >\.' •.*. . *. \ 


d. Ccontr. firom aa) 1. to throw, cast, fling; werfen. ibida manak€%a ae, 
he oast fli*e In the house; er warf Feuer in das Hans. — H. to 
push, thrust; to gofb (of oattle); stossen, sich stosi»en (vom 
Vieh). 6. g, 

KoronUn wai ate 
Latshugugurod^a; — 
Nadeti wal orate 
Latshu muzuro^a. 

lit Bulls gore, both (are) black; — Women altercate, both 
recently married. Stiere stossen sich, beide schmrarz ; — Wei- 
ber zanken sich, beide (erst) kurz verheirathet. 

<ie^u. n. 0. ox. milk; Milch. 

ao. n. 8. ox« cheek - tooth, grinder; Stockzahii. (Am. gums; Zahn-* 
fleisch). moge ao, the four grinders near the eye -» teeth ; die 
ersten Stockztthne neben denAugen- und Eckz&hnen. see moca. 

^a, px. 1, compar. part, as, like; wie, glcichwie; almost always 
constructed with the postp. -C< . ini aka dyamati adenutj 
he goes like a blind man; eft geht wie blind. It is never con- 
fl(tructed with the personal j but always with the possessive 
pronoun, and also in this case the postp.-t< is usual. akakOy 
(akakoiOf ahake' Qakaketi)^ aka»a O^kazaiQy akask' O^aiitOy 
akakeiia (akakenat()y akake$sani Qakidcessmitf) y akdzani Qaka^ 


— f — 

xanHt)y like myself^ like tliee, like him, like her, like as, like 
yon, like them ; wie ich, wie da, wie er, wie sie, wie wir etu. 

Compoands: akana (akanatiy akanataUy of. Gramm.) thas, in 
this manner; so, anf diese Weise, lit. aka kana^ like this; wie 
dieses. (Am. dr. Ag. said.* aka%. see a%t) akana — dkana 
er akana — akanafy so and so ; ^o nnd so. 

9. compar. conj. like as if; wie wenn, gleich alsob; eonstr. 
with the indicatiye mood, ini na duka adema aka egezadif 
egeko waiiti Md^aniy he walks behind me, like as if they had 
bound his tail upon mine; er geht hinter mir wie wenn man 
seinen Schweif an den meinigen gebnnden h&tte (vom Vieh 
hergenommen zur Bezeichnung von grosser Zudringlichkeit.) 

3. conj. that, in order to; dass, damit, consfr. with the mood 
-(f. aka ati na duba adenUuti jst god^ay lit. that thou behind me 
walkest, I shall make; dass dn hinter mir gehst, w^erde ich 
bewirken. — Followed by the negation : lest ; dass nicht, damit 
nicht aka hatun izati hin nam^uti. Jest thieves break in io 
him; damit kein Dieb bei ihm einbr&che. 

4. whether, if; ob. Wacago^ 6ek0 aka ini gafUy God knows 
whether he come back again; Gott weiss, ob er heimkehrt. 

Phr. akanuman (either compounded from aka Sc hama „nothing'^, 
or aka and the diminutive syllable -iim!; entweder zusam- 
mengesetzt aus aka and hama „nichts^^, oder aus aka and der 
Diminutivsylbe -tiiTi!, wahrscheinlicher ist das Erstere wegen 
der Endung an'l] vgl. darUber Gram.) lit. only so, invain, to 
no purpose ; nur so, umsonst, vergebens. — aka garitiy as good 
as possible; so gut, seliSn als m5glich. — aka ivaiti, lit. lil^e 
something, 1. e. very, particularly; sehr, ungemein. — oka 
tokotiy at once, suddenly; auf einmal, plStzlich. '— akd nazUj 
for fear; aus Furcht — akao. px. (Am. instead of akigo which 

akakagu. n. s. px. grand-father; Grossvater von vfiterlicher and mitttef' 

licher Seite. 
akaktL n. s. ox. consanguineous, kinaman , kinsMToman ; der Blutsver- 

wandte masc. ^fem, — 2. nom. collect, consanguinity, k\ndted] 


aka* (— aiD(i) 2. to stir, to twirl, beat op ; herofiriihren) quiden. ^ 
S. to roast, toast, fry; rfisten. 

— • — 

akamL n. n. ox, roMted oorn ; gerMetM Oetrelde, (ekne aehr ge- 
vOhnlLche Spelie.) — 9. pap; Brei, Mass, muka akmoiy lit 
tree or wood for twirling, twirlinff*fltiok, poUliidle; RtthrholfB, 
Onirl, JKocUflilel. 

akeka. 1* px. (the root is perhapi the compar. part, aka) to measure; 
messeiii (Am* to sign, mark; boKeiohneii, mit einern Zelchen 
roraeheti , was bei Akaf. zafarm ist.) »-« 9. to take a measare ; 
anmessen. waffa na akekiy take my measare for a dress; misa 
mlr ein Kleld an. •-« 8. to oompare, parallel; vergleichen. 
UfailU akeknay we compare each other; wlr vergleichea mit- 

^ad!a. 1. ppx. net* sovqd, to covgh in order to spit; sieh rinspem 
nm ansxnapnoken, besonders dvroh die Mase ,,sehDndem^^. (Am. 
akekfadtu. 1. ppx.) 
aki. n. s. ox. slime, spittle, spawl; Sehletm, Answnrf, Speiehel. 

akryo. Inv. s. px. gnuid.«otlier; Qrossmntter, vIlterL and mtltt. 8eitSL 
(Am. qkao.) 

tiexirti. i. s. ppx. Bot.? 

syato. adj. ox. Jejone, empty, sober; nttchtern. Mapik ofism agabudan 
kada^Uj pray with in empty month; bete mit nttshternem 
Mnnde. ani agabun buie, I have pa s aed the night without 
nonrishment; ieh habe die Naeht nttehtem Jingebracht» —-* 8. 
llg. Jndlcions, solid; v^rstHndlg, gesetst. 

uga^a. 1. ppx. to threaten, meaaee) drohen. probably flrem agudu 
which see. 

aganuu 1. ppx. to stoop, bow to the side; sfoh seitwirts bttcken. 

sftfso. 1. px. te sooll^ deride^ mook; venpotten, verhtfhnen. (Ak« akeza.) 

agudu. n. s. ox. thnmb^ derDanmen. ^-* 9. the great toe; die grosse 
Zehe am Fuss. (Am. habudu,") Perhaps the verb agadta^ to 
threaten, menace, Is fbrmedfirom this word on acoonnt of the 
custom of the menace with the thumb; vielleloht ist 
agadlu^ drohen, von agudn gebildet, wegen dor Sitte dor Galla 
nlit dem Danmen su drohen. 

ntcM. adv. loc. px. there; dort **^ eiteMU^ thither; dortUn. — - atehigi^ 
thence ; von dort, dorther. — %iatehk or feiaichiUy lit thee there ; 
dir hier, t e. dlreoHy, Immediately; sogleich^ augenblicklich. 

— ziaUM fianay we shall dine directly; wlr werden aogleich 
essen. — atekumahy atckumatay directly there; sogleloh dort. 

— barra aielUmUy (lit the year whkh hanga there I. e. the 


— 4 — 

passed ^ealr) tro years ago ; ver sKweUahren^ wllrtl. das Jahr, 
weldies dort, d. L am verflosseneD htogt " 
adjefsa. f. .px.. to fcUlf tddten* tu^ok. Ill f. of ada whiahsee. 
mfyo'. ( — awa) 2. to stink $ stinken, bes. von Abm eder andern fiia- 
lenden KOrpern* ' 
adyo. n. s. ox. .Bot. ? pvopably related <to the tbregokBg verb. 
'didffera. 1. pz. to nuQ^e a roof vpon a .boiuie; ein Baish auf ^des Oaus 
maohen^ decken. (Afn. idfera Irhich proves tbaC idfarmd^a, to 
build ^baiien^- and these bo^ tlrords hmve Ifae same reot.) 
itdyertu, n, s. ox. thatciier;' DaoUeokereder Dacfade^^keriD^ denn 
bei den Galla ist diess ein Gesch&ft der Frauen. : . 
*atamiy ittAmitiy 4damitany' ataminiy miy.ox. px. hour; wke^ aaf i^relcfae 
Weise^ qoomedo* -^! 2. hOiW muohy how maDx; wie viel, wie 
sehr. atamitan etuga^ how shall I dridk I wife wiir Mi' trinkeo ! 
adami. n. s* ex. Bbt. Eophorbiii qaadrangidaris, or Cereus ectogonas. 
4i%et^. n. ». exi (Am. €t4ti\ a certain festivjd^ ein gewisser Festtag. 
atu pers. pron. 2. pers. px. thou; du. Intensive form r 5Si€t eoastr. with 
the 3f person of the relating verb, see .%it^\ coDf tmirt mit der 
' 9. pers. dea betreffenden Verbi. 

ttto. iiv 8. ox. (perhaps luto and related to \mdaj |o be white); pea; 

-'Eiliispe, -Ztiekei«rbseu " "•••^^ • ^ ■•- ■ • 

(dure, fir s. ox. eat; Katze. (Am; adUre which. see.) 
ada. 1. px. to groan, sigh, ec^».of women; to hav!e thtoes, to be in 
labonr^ liechEen, wiiiselny bes» von. F^an^ , krelssen. — r '2* to 
be in agony; im Todeskampfe, in den letzteoZAgen/ liegen. 
' VhiBveib i consider :as the I coot of 
«M0;Vj»sk2.px;tekili; tttdten^umbringien, littomake^thatap^rsdneomes 
tntio agony; wtirUl mlichen,. dass ^Her in den letzten Zugeuviiegt 
a^a. f. px. anttsed root of * = , • .: 

' "^adti^a. 1; px. to be white; vi^eiss Soli. .-*-^.2« to .beam,- to shine, 

glitter; glftneen, gleissen. Thenoe: -^ 3. to ' be ifSalsei; falscb, 

•unwihr seln.:'<iti^ink^ addt^Miy lit thy word is white,' glitters, 

i. e. is not true; wOrtl. delvWoi^ ist weiss, gltezt, b«t einen 

^Schein/'mlt'dem^BcOilimitreft Nebenbbgriff,!'es..ift aildeca.als es 

soheint^ Mittl^Gh'. 

'Odi. ad}: ox.'whiie; weiss. -^ 8. .false; falach. fiuMik0 adi^a, 

'the same as'the fbregbing exiAmple.1 ; v,> • 

t < ^^aiU* H. s. ox. -^ Muleus being, "^bich Jim tMesfneiilty of ebanging 

itself ib to levery fbi'm and tesrliies; partioulbriy as -a ghost or a 

— » — 

Aiotom. Ite oolonr ts wiiite^ • eoiewr wMoh b by the ffalln^ 
as by all black fieople regafdad. aa Hiial MdJoMlelotia*, ein 
tebelhaftaa Wesen, Oeapeaat^ dasi aleh. in Jede.Gtstalt varwan- 
delt and. die MeoaoheB beaondeia. ala Doppalgteg^r achreckt. 
. Seine Farbe 1st die dem Galla. wto den. melstea scbwitrzen 

Vdlkern als nnhellbrlngend verhaaate irelaae.. 
adu. n. a. ox. aun, not to be oheqged wjith ^ftu (whleb see), 
wMeh la th^ eallireQlng wUlat a4u la the deatcaylng principle.) 
die fienne, ala im dnroh die Bltiie. felndlloli wlrkeade Prlnzip, 
geg^en das. man slob sohtitMn mnsa, im Oegenaataie ma biftuj 
dem belebenden and erbaltenden Prlnnlpe« 

Phr* adun baey (lit the ann went out; die Sonne, let herans- 

gegangen,) ann aUnes; die Sonne aoheint* t- ^^ Ueza^ in 

the open air; Im Frelen, anb dive. *- odMnguha kes^Oj noo^, 

meridian ; Mlttag 19 Uhr, see gub^. ,- 

adtu L %. -j^ (Ak.tfil'a) ftont, iorehead« Stlme* •^-ada admy Ut. 

front on front, Isolated; Stlrne an Stime, d^ i« elnzeln., 
odare. n. a. ox. administrator, manager; Verwalte^ (t) 
adoffa. I*. 8. px. dat; Katee. 
adama. 1. ppx. annsed root of . ' , t * . 

admno. n* a. ex. chase,, hunting; Jagd. aibiaiP d^aWj .to. go a 

tantlng;. a«f die Jagd gehem 
111^ adtmma, .1. fx* to hnnt, cbaae; Jagen. 
adamditeha. i. s. px. hnnteir, huntsman; JKger. , 

9dewkt. i. px« to.go, walk; gehm. — S.ti^go.away^ weg-.ferlfehen. 
garakfi%0: na mdenWy I am troubled In my beUy$ W.I0 bel una, 
es geht mlr Im Lelb hemm, es blllht mlch. ati ,oHA adenUu 
gadi ademtoy lit., thon goeat nj>t. up- bat downwards^ I; .#• ^h^^ 
hast no success; wtfrtl. da kemmat nlcht vor-^ aondei^n rttck- 
wilrts, es gellngt dlr nlchts* • \ 
III. Memzixu^ 9. ppx, to. make or oanaetogOy to drlvie of;, .gehen 
laaaen; fortaohleken, .vertrelben* 
odiir^. fi. a. ox. (Am.) c^ wild eat; Katze, wUdeKatsse. i^^fldure, lit. 
cat*s-eyea; Katzenauge, a kind of pearls; eine Art vf\p Glas- 
/ perlen.' 
od^a^a. It ppx. to,edeeate, bring up; Ziehen, erzl^hen,. — 9. to chas- 
tize, correct; zttchtlgen bel Kindern. The root la perhaps d^aba 
w;hlQh see, In tiplte of (he pref. or^; d^r Stamm Ut vielleicht 
.. i.teQiz dem prae<lx../j-. if4xfy^^fii^ Grap..: , ,. 

— « — 

tf/b. 1. px to spread, extent^ partlo. to make a bed; aoflbreiteo, hin- 
breiteo, zabereUeD, bes. ein Bett. tbenee 
afa. fit. 8. px« coocb, bed; Lager, Rahestitte von Mensebeo and 
Thieren. afa na afi^ make me a bed; berelte mir ein NaohUager. 
m. aftiiza. t. ppx. to cause to prepare a bed; ansbreiten, ein 
Bett zabereiten lassen. 
afitre. n. 8. ox. poison, venom; Gift allg. 

ifan. (afani). inv. s. ox. month; Mnnd. -^ 9. langaage, tongne; Sprache. 
— 3. the opening, aperHire of vessels; Oeffnnng anGef&ssen, each 
sonst jede Oeffnong; see afan d^amu* -^ 4. that part of the 
pipe^ which is put into the month; Pfeifenspltze. 

Phr. afanin caba^ afanin eab%i%ay to taste, to canse to taste; 
verkosten, verkosten lassen; see eaba, 
afSk^. 1. px. to seeth, boil, cook, trans.; sleden, koehen. 

II. afelaia. 1. ppx. to cook for one's self; fdr sich kochen. 
af^iama. 1. ppx. to become or to be boiled, cooked ; gekocht wer- 

den. — H. to fBel very hot; sehr heiss sein, scbwitzen. 
JII. afii%i%a. 9. ppx. to cause to boil; i^ieden lassen. 
IV. afSlzifaia, 1. ppx. to cause to cook or bpil fbr one's self; 
fUr sich sieden Oder kochen lassen. 
afafa^ 1. pit. to blow; blasen. — H. to blow away; wegblasen. — - 3. 
to blow a musical instrument; blasen im musical. 8iane. aU 
tihiie afiifa bechta^ knowst thou to play the flute; verstehst 
du die FlOte zu blasen? 
tfvfama. 1. ppx. which is properly the passive form of afufa^ 
Is used actively. 6ii6«fi tnt afufamti^ the wind blows; der Wind 
^fur. (afiirt) inv. num. ox. four; vier. — arfimu. ox. four together; 

zu Vieren. see Gram. 
afiirtam^. num. px. forty; vierzig. 

abih n. s. ox. flither; Vater. dim. affect, abayoy dear father; lieber 
Vater. plur. o^oito or aboni. — H.lerd, proprietor; Herr, Besitzer. 
Compounds: aba la fa, the proprietor of a field; Herr, Besitzer 
des Ackers. 

aba gandtty the governor of a town or village, who is 
always a zwreza, prince; der Ortsvorsteher, Gouverneur einer 
Stadt Oder eines Dorf&s, der immer ein %in'e%ay FQrst sein muss. 
aba fiifiOy lit. father or lord i master) of the cord, i. e. exe- 
cutioner of the law, subordinated toihe aba ganda; wHtH. Herr 

— 7 — 

des StiiRkas, eiae OerMittpenon, ito dem ab0 grnida unter- 

geordnet ist. 
«to trina. n. (lit litHa Mker; kleiaer Vater.) viicle; Onkel 

von der titttterL Seite. 
ahOy abe = abakOy abdke^ my, thy father^ mein, deln Vater. 

e%a abdke dfaqi^ a cnne, lit. go viiitiior thy Mhor has gono; 

goh hin, wohin dein Vater gegangea iat, 1. e. thovrmayst die; 

magoat da aterben, eiae sehr gewdhalioho Verwtlnaehiiiig. 
cbi, abofiid. B. ox* atreaniy river; FIqsb, Strom. Ba wird gaUana von 

aba untersehleden. gaUani abcfni kuhi gudad^a, thia river runs 

Btroag; die Strtfmang dlOBes FiasaoB iat stark. 
MttUta. 1. pz. to tattle, prattle f selHritsea, viel sprechen. (Am. to 

beg, gather alma; betteln.) 
tbadga. n. s. ox. weed^ perhaps a oertaia s^ies of it; Uokrant, viel- 

leieht eine besondere Pflanae. (Am. rechnete dahin: ff^frfo, 

iindedOy gaateho etc.) 
Qbara. 1. px. to corse, exeerate. Imprecate; flnchen, verwdasehen. 
abaU. n, s. ox. peasant, coantryman; Foldarbeiteir, Bauer. (Am. mado,) 
tfec. Dorm: abaSteha^ also, used aa aa abusive word; aach 

als Schimpfivort gebraocht» 
obaiu. n. ox. indeflo. pi^noan, some one, anybody; Irgend einer, 

obodtL 1. px. to beat or strilte with the list; mit der Faast achlagen. 
abode, n. a. ox. flat; Faust. — H. (a measure) haad-ftill; (ein 

Mass) Hand voll. 
i6oro. n. a. ox. early morning; der fttlheMorgen* abaratiy very early; 

aahr IHihe, oesunonly connected with gamma : ganama aborOy 

very early in the morning; sehr firtthe son Morgan. It seems 

to be formed firom boru, wliich see; scheint von baru gebildat 

an sein, vgl. 
aburdalia* i. s. px. partridge; Bebhiriin. 
M^oia. 1. px. to dream; tr&amen (Am. abdyuad^a.!. ppx.) 

abdgu. n. s. ox. dream; Tranm. abdyu abdyad'a^ like in English, 

to dream a dream; einen Tranm trftumen. 
oMaia. 1. px. to hope; hoffen. — 2. to expect; erwarten, always 

conatmcted with -41 or the dative case, ani hidjolekoti abdad^Oy 

I rely or hope npon my children ; ich hoffe aaf meine Kinder. 

%i abdad^etan adema^ lit. hoping upon thee I go, i. e. I thrust 

upon thee; w6rti. anf die h hoffe nd gehe ich, d. I. ich babe 

~ 8 — 

meine Hoffimng: Mf dioh genetzt^ mf dich veitnuie loh Qadema 
is redundant; adema steht mttssig.) 

abdi, n. s. ox. hope; Bof^nng; abdinkenaiufey lit onrliopes rested, 
i. e. were not ftccomplished ; ansere HoffiHuig blieb^ d. i. ivnrde 
nicht erfiiUt. 
ay^ma. 1. px. to be solemn, religlMia, holy; feierlich, relig^, heili^ 

ayana* adj. solemn, holy; feieilich^ heillf* fafnUsuM gafa ayanati^ 
this day was a holy-day ;\die8er Tag war ein Feieitag* 

mynna* t. px. sonl; Seele (?) — 9. goardian-angel; Sehatzgeist. 
ayanike zm dyalad^Uy thy angel loves thee not;.deiii Schatz- 
geist liebt dich nicht, said of somebody who lives in dustress; 
von einem, der im Ungtlttck ist. yo txyam akeke zUi toiefOy if 
thy gaardian*angel (lit. the soul of thy fkther) is propitious to 
thee: wenn dein Schutzgeist (wtfrtl. die Seeie deines Yaters) 
dir gn&dig Ist. 

ayanditcha* (• s. px. a kind of priest, particl. oneirocritic^ eine 
Art Priester, bes. Traumdeuter. 

ayantn. n. s. px. fern, a priestess of the same kind; Traom- 
. ayanfadta. i. ppx# to sanctify^ celebrate; heiligen, feierikh begehen. 
-'Oyo. px. properly only a diminutive syllable or an epithet affix of 
affection, which is frequently used to fondle and caress the 
person, whom it is applied ta; thence it assumes the sig- 
nification of mother* It is the same diminutive whieh is affixed 
to abayOy WaeayOy Vinayo etc. ; substantivisch gebrauchte Di- 
minutivsylbe der Sfiuneigung mit der Bedevtung : Mutter; es ist 
dieselbe Sylbe^ di^ an Vmayo^ Wacayo^ abayo etc. hftngt 
mcata. 1. px. to be dusty; staubig seio. (Am* owara,') 

awara. i. s. px. dust; Staub. 
awaia. 1. px. to bury, inter; begraben, beerdigen. (Am. otoaia.) 

awakL u s. px. grave; Grab. 

awaldigeza. i. s. px. an animal which makes his des in the eartb 
like a fox, and is a spoiler of the graves like the >hyaena; 
ein wahrscb. in das Hundsgeschlecbt gehOriges DThier, das 
seinen Bau in die Erde macht nnd wie die Byline den Gr&bero 
gefahrlich ist. (lit. gravespoiler; Grabverwiister) perhaps it is 
the Mokllu of the Ynmale; vielleicht dass es der Mckllu der 

. Yumate ist, einem Yolke im 8iiden von Kordofan. 

— • — 

MMMfSo. fM* 9. px. • spedes of large looaRts, eine Art groMer Ben^ 
iehreokmi, LMdpUge der WiXn. (Am. awani%a.') 

ara. i. px. to stMMD, tamoy intr.; raooheD.. ^ S. to be Ireibl, asgrir^ 
Bomlg^ aofgelNrecht sein. 
ara* i. e. pz. ftame, smoke; Raach. 

II. atatta. t. ps. constn with the aoc. to long efter fome tbiag; 
eich heftlg neeh etwas aehnen. 

III. arzan 1. px. to make a amoke, ineeoae; Baach maeheo, riu- 
chern. — 9. to irritate; reixen, erssttrnen. 

V. ar»i%a. 9. ppx. VI. arzifa^a. 1. ppx.^ 

cTttfexa, t. 8. px. like goro^ raven; Rabe, perhaps a pecoliar species. 
This name occurs espec. in sacrifices, where the arage%a 
Instead of God consumes the sacrifice ; bes. bei Opfern, wo der 
arageza als Bote Gottes das Opfer verKobrt. . . . v 

oT(Aa. n. s, ox. meadow, green ; Wlese, Rain, grttner Platz bei einem 
Brunnen, perhaps the same word with the fellowibg arada. 

araU.n. s. ox, a place abeVe the fire to dry flesh in the smoke f eitie 
Stellage (ftber dem Fe«er sm Fleiscliwaaren bq r&aehehi. 

crada. n. 8« ox» riches, opoleiiey, fortune 9 RelchthMB, Venftlgen. — 
9. power, might, domlnten ; Maoht, Berrschafl; AkalM'e flber- 
setBte „Reioh^^ im Vateruater mit dieaem WortOr 
arada rete^ (lit meadow lor the goats) a :towa In Lihaii, whinh 
proves more the equality oC aral^a and arada. I.woidd.Jiovewer 
not confound the two words as (hey are from two authojcHieii ; 
Arada rete^ Name einer Stadt in Liban, (wffrtl. Geissenwiese) 
woraus die Gleichheit dejr Worte arata und arada hinllinglich 
hervorgeht: doch wollte ich sie nicht zusammen werfen, well 
sle von zwei Autoriti&ten kemmen. 

craba. bnL s. px. tongue; Zunge. araba ibida^ lit tongue of the fire, 
flame, blaze ; Flamme. — araba rinayOj lit. the little tongue, the 
uvula at the opening of the throat; wtfrtL kleine Zunge, das 
Ziipfchen am Eingange des Schlunds. — araban Hi kacy lit he 
rose against him with the tongue, he began to insult him; 
wOrtl. er stand gegen ihn mit der Zunge auf, er begann zu 

Of aba, 1. px. to lick off; ablecken. — Prov. ati mail bechtd harka arabu 
maiey what knowst thou but to lick off (he hand; do weisst 
liichts als die Hand abzulecken. 
III. ixrabza 1. ppx. to abuse, insult; schfmpi^n. 

— to — 

araiva^ %. px. to be brown; brauns^io. Am. (Ak. innyalflk) 1 fbaad 
this word nowhere eontracted (ari) as U U o^erwise usual. 

4iirmra. 1. px. to be good, kind, propitious; gat, gnftdig, gfttig, ge- 
wogen sein. arari arari ya Wadt, be good o God; sol gn&dig 

wrara, n, s. ox. goodness, kindness, grace; GQte, Gewogenheit, Gnade 
arara 5sar€»a kunan koriniy be not proud of the fhvonrs of this 
prince; sei nicht stolz anf die Gnade dieses Fiirsten. 

ni. amrza, 1. px. to make kind, propitious; gn&dig, gewo^en 
machen. — 9. to* reconciliate ; vers5hnen. 

ararama. 1. ppx. pass, of the I. f. refl. to reconcile ; sich vers^huen. 
tro/ araramaniy they were reconciled; sie versOhnten sich. 

4srama. 1. ppx. to weed; grasen, Unkraut ausji&ten. 

aroma, ni, s. px. weeding; das Grasen, Jiiten. aramake rawatttef 
hast thou finished thy weeding; ist dein Jttten beendigt? 

4ireta, t. Sipx.Ghin; kinn. —- 9. beard, barbe; Bart — orcto olomf (lit 
beard hanging above; Bart oben h&ngend) mustaches; Schnurr- 
bart ' — areta gadanu (lit beard hanging. down;, Bart unten hte- 
gend) beard; Knebelbart — ar^a. dyat^ (lit. beard of an 
old man; Bart eines Greises) sponge; Sehwamm. 

4xreda. 1. px; to iy; fliegen. '— 9; to haste; eilen, sehr schnell laufen. 
ixreba, ni. s. pi. tortoise; SehildkrSte. (Am. gadjena. see gadjana.') 
4jarera, f\ s. px. medicine; Arznei, Heilmittel. 

Wetu> Ombo %an baredfa 


Maf baretu d^abe 9 
Dyalalti d'ukuba 
Maf arera (fabe 9 

Ombo %an is handsome, why does he not find a fine (girl)? 
Love is an illness, why does it not find healing? 
OmJbo %an ist schOn, warum 
Muss er firuchtlos freienf 
Krankheit ist die Lieb, warum 
Fehlen ihr Arzneien? 

Off . n. «. ox. rime, hoarfrost ; Reif. — art muka OXt rime of the tree ; 
Beif des Baumes) moss which adheres to the tree; Moos. — 
S. tetter; Flechte. 
arwuu 1. ppx. to bleach-,, bleichen, intr. 

_ tl _ 

oNa. i. ppx. to ebaie ^ irire away \ Jagen^ Teijagen, vertreiben. — 9. 

to ran after anybody In order to catch hinHy topeFseente; elnem 

aaohlaafen, am ihn su Ikngen, verlblgen. 
aifiitta, 1. ppx. to be occupied) to have no time; acfar beschKftlgt 

sein, viel mn thnn haben, keine Zelt haben. 
argtL i. (arffitm ^ agarta. see Gram.) px. to see; sehen. — 9. to look 

oat, to find; aasfindig machen, flnden. idyiko iafan argUy lit 

my eye sees not the earth; mein Aage sieht die Brde nlcfat, 

to design a Tehement desire; aoam Aasdmcke eines heftigen 

n. argoifa 1. ppx. id. Med. 
IIL agarziza, t. px. to let one see, to Aow^ to point at; sehen 

lassen, seigen. 
ardga. 1. px. to be merciftd, compassionate ; barmherEig, mitleidig sein, 

sich bewegen, rtihren lassen. 
ardga. adj. px. merciftal; mitleidig, gfitlg. 
ardginna, 1. px. to become compassionate; mitleidig, gtttig werden. 

m^ ardgomi! o be pitiful! o sei gnftdig! 
srfanu. nam. ox. ibar together; za Vieren, see a/Ur. 
orfaza. n. s. px. aatamn ; Herbst Perhaps also this word has its root 

In afur; vielleicht ist auch hiefUr das Warzelwort o/lfr. 

arfiza, t. (n. f) s. ppx. point, top; Spitze. — 9. spear, lance; Spiess, 
Lanze, Geschoss ttberh. Wacago arfiza zitt ha ergUy God may 
send his spear against thee; Gott soil sein Geschoss aaf dich 
senden! Verwfinschang. (Am. harfiza.) 

crba, t. 8. px. elephant; Elephant, see doltte and tirzu, 
lafe arba, ivory; Elfenbein; also ilkan (teeth) arba* 

orhi. n. s. ox. the name of the last day of the week; Name eines 

Wochentags and zwar des \etzten; it is followed by giftiot 

kamiza^ aafihnfolgt der gifti oder kamizay was die Annahmo, 

das arabische \joJ sei der Stamm, kaum zweifelhaft macht. 

IT ' 

Ola. adv. loc. withpat, abroad; draassen. — 9. from the other side; 

von der anderen Seite. 
(liaga, n. s. ox. Mend ; Freand. (Am. instead of hadaga.) 
(ihga. 1. ppx.. to bray; schreien, vom Esel. 
ML n, s. ox. bird of prey; RaubvogeL 
iOaia. i. s. px. rumination or rather the food which is again given 

apwardu by rnminadog beasH; das Wicderfcaaen oder vielmehr 

— n — 

4m aas dem Mage* wieder benufgestogseBe Fitter bei Wiedev 
Icfoero. Thence 
alala gura. (lit. bear the ulaia\ das akOa trageo). aMa ^a (IK 

to beat the ^UcOa; das akiia schlagen, stampfeo) apd 
alalfad^a. 1. pp3L to nuninate; wlederkaaeii. 
iaakL%a. 8. px. to bray; schreien voffl ISsel; haogt wohl mil aia§A 

oMf^ n* 9. ixj^ a lance, spear; eioe Art Spiess, Lan^e^ (Am. haiaio.') 
aiaitu. n, s» ox. willow; Weide. (Am. hakUtu.) 
aigaieza, i. s. ox. lynx; Lnchs. 
algo^ n. s. ox. dwarf; Zwerg. (Am. guye.) . 

Ma. ( — awa) 8, the trst sigoiflcation is probably: to be red-brown; 
rothbrann sein. — 9. to have diarhoea; Abweicheu^ DurcbMl 
habeil. — d. to sbite; zu Stnhl gehen. 
II. aibadfa, 1. px. id. 

aibati, n. s. ox. excrement; die Excremente, Koth. 
atbaie^m* i- s, px. a banqoetor, glooton; Vielfirassy ScUemner. 
albu. adj. ox. (made from the root) red-brown; rothbrann. 
ama. adv. px. now^ instantly; Jetzt, sogleicb, anf dor SteUe. — ^ S. 
soon ; bald. 
ami0W' adv, px.. directly; soglelcbr schnell. . . -^ • 
ama ama or amama, adv. al^^ays, continually; immer^ immerfort 
amqi^ n. s. ox. order; Qrdnung. 

amtfdyadyu. n. s. oj^ enemy, adversary, calompiator; Feind, Ge^ner, 
Verlftomder. I suppose it mnst be hamadyddyu^ ftfim hama, 
bad and dyadyoy to praise. (Am. amadjadji.) 
amad^a. 1. ppx. to brood, hatch; brtiten von V(jgeln. — 2. to nurse, 
tend; warten, bei kleinen Kiiidern, pflegen, versorgen. — 3. 
caress, cherish; liebkosen, streicheln. 
ama^i. n. s. ox. lap; Schooss. 

amadUnko! as an adress: my dear; mein Llebstef, mAn Bester! 
(Am. hama^a. 1. ppx. and he seems to' use it for enibrace, to lie 
>'wHh; umarmen im Beischlat) . . . ./ 

amadi. n. s. ox. mother in law; Schwiegermutter. (Am.) . 
amala. t. s. px. character, mind, nature, quality ;.€hahikter,.OesiDDnng, 
Denkungsart, Natur,- Beschtfenheit dmahm eadUy l|q has. a bad 
character; er hat einen sohleohten Cbaracter. 
a$Hana*'t. ppx; prob. arable, to believe; glavbett. — 2. to trust in; ver- 
trauen. if^i na amane, he baa trusted. in ime; ar hatmir vertraut 

— i» — 

«. 8. to. « kCMt, perhaps anUbeir $ eln wildea Thler, vielleleht 

flMlp. n. B. ox. a piece of salt, tiro hands long, one hand broad and 
two fingers high, used as small eoln; elnStttck Salas, • B&nde 
lang, 1 Hand hrelt und 9 Finger dick, als ScheidemttnKe ge- 
braacht It Is divided thus; es 1st folgendermassen gethellt: 
tiifiaknana: •)• amole; kurmanai \ am; gimazi: •}• am; gedei^ 
(Am. fotoqe. Ag. gadaie.y. 4^ am. IHro amoie make a mogor; 
% am. maohen eln mogar, see these words, also %anaga. 

mbadja, i. s. px. =: n^ntchOy lion; LOwe. — 9* a name; ein Nom. propr. 

OM. 1. pix. to hang on, upon, to he conneoted with; anhangen, ver- 
bunden. sein mlt $»aHti unmiii adema , lit. they haag^g each 
on the other walk, 1. e. each goes behind the :Othei:s wOrtl. 
file gehen httngend elner an dem. aiide/n^ sie geheii eag- 
geschlossen, elner hlnter dem.andem. 

bwrra atBkami^ lit the year hanging there, i. e. connectM with 
thai year which passed, L^e. I^aro' years ago; das dort anhang- 
ende Jahr, d.' h^ von jetet an das sweUsy' vor. xwelJahnea*- 
This word formes also the ordinal «nd, as I call ithem, the 
<„soclal^^ nnlabeffs, MfoNoAa, drfanu'e^ seeCrratn. and beoaiae 
demonstrative pronoun also to mark near things.;' then it Is an 
aflbL and ansivers to kanay this^ seeChram.^ Dieses Verb bildet 
auch die OrdinaU und Gesellsohallsxahlea tokoiianmy. arfanu 
etc. vgl. Gr. und wurde ausserdsm als Affix, aiim Pronom.. d^* 
monstr. der Nllhe, gleichbedeutend mlt kana z. B. yamun ani 
hiana d^ufe^ als Ich in dieses Land kam. — Uanu (itianu 
lit hanging on him : an Ihm hllngend) the second ; der xweite. 
fem. itantu (itiantu*') 
onm. (anani) Inv. s. ox. milk;'Mllbh. 

anan naga^ Oi^ to pour milk; Milch glessen, Saft In den Stengel 
giessen) v. Oetrelde, to sprout, to thrive halms; in Halme 

n^Mmo. n. •»• ox. Leontodon Taraxacum. Bot. 

wif. pers. pron. 1. pers. I;tloh; — • Dative moAt^ nafy iui;.Accus. ana, 
ha} Plar.' Ndm; ttv (Ag. unu) ; Dat nmii. ;iu§f; Aoc^Vk InOnp. 
anat% aniOy anoy loh.dech, ich ja. unco »in ^^e^ ich habe 
dlr doch gesagt. see o. > • .;•.<>; 

_ 14 — 

tmhuk fiU^ 8. px. (Am. a»i%a. ox.) diplo6, sabstantta apoogioflHi osskiin. 
die Diplog, der porSse Tbeil der Knochenettdeik There hai 
been formed a verb of tbia aubst. 
«nr/ai^a. 1. ppx. to eat diplo^, to gnaw off; abzanaen, abnagen. 

anffo, n. s. ox. streogtb, foree, yioleace ; St&rke, Kraft, Gewajlt angodany 
with force f mit Gewalt 

ana. i. s. px. a bird, probabljr Aboa Hannes, Bmee App. p. ^(9. 

asabudl. u.a. px. Pimpioella Anisum. Bot 

azangira. t. a. px. Datura? Bot 

azena. 1. px. to enter; hineingehen. — 2. to enter by force, to pene- 
trate, pierce; eindringen, mit Gewalt eingeben. oli azenoy to 
step up, to meant; blnanf gebeo, oben hineingehen. ^^ubunkum 
Wafi azentey this sin rose into heaven, cried for revenge; 
unser: diese 8finde schrie sum Dimmel (nm Rache.} 
in. azenziza. 9. px. to make one or something enter, to let in, 
admit; eingehen machen, einlassen. 

4iZf4 adv. loc. here; hier. aziyty Arom here; von hier, von hier weg. 
aziyany the same, oaly that the person, pfpa. md is affixed. 

azgari. n.s. ox. a kind of priest; eine Art Prieaiter. 1. teacher; 

Lehrer. . . 

mftimaniwuf, adv. ex. (Ag. instead of AoaiafiMniafi) then; dann, hieranf, 
> hemach. 

ahk interj. to express wondering and pain; o, aoh, lateij. sum Ans- 
drnek von Verwnnderang nnd BchmeraE* 

a^e. n* s. ox. pelican; Pelican, onocrotalns. 

e. ... 

?. (ee) inteij. affirm, yes; ja; ajso in negative sentences wbjBre we 

say „no^'; . anch in negativen 8&tzen, wo wir „nein^^ sagen. 

e. g. izin nu biran oltanif en oUu, you remain not by qsT 

yes 0- e. no) we remain not; ihr bleibt nicht bei uns? ja 

(d. b. nein) wir bleiben nicht 
2 dje^Oy to say yes, to affirm, assert ; Ja sagen, bejahen, bestHtigen. 

— ^ saoceed, success; gelingen. 
t/kera, n, s. ox. hell; H(flle, ein Ort wobin naeb dem Glaoben der 

Galla die BOsen verbannt werden. (According toAman'a opinion: 

ghost, spectre; Gespenst, Geist.3 

— 16 — 

tsa. i. fx. to wait, expect; werteit, erwarten. — ». to heed, guard, 
have a care; httten, besorgea, pflegen. — 8. to lurk, watch 
(In the evil sense) ; warten, laaern (id bOser Absicht. ) 
If. egaia, 1. ppx. id. 

tge. n. 8. ox. tail ; Schweif, Schwane. ege nurra eaba, he has the tall 
on us, i. e. he is close behind us; this phrase resembles that 
which I quoted under aka y^aka egezadif egeko walHi Mttani 
na duka adema^^ see aka; er hat setnen Schweif an uns, d. h. 
er ist dlcht hinter uns; das Bild ist von der Sitte hergenommen, 
das Vieh mit den Schwttnzen sEUsammeniBubinden, damit es 
nicht fortkann. vgl. unter aka eine Hhnliche Redensart 
egad^a. (perh. egedld) 1. ppx. to wag, flin; wedeln von Hunden. 
— 9. to flatter, wheedle, citfole; schmeicheln, unterwttrflg, httn- 
disch devot sein. 

e^/. adv. and conj. (Aga) because; well. — 9. although; obgleicb. 
Perhaps it is the wrongly pronounced ^egi which see. 

€d^a. 1. px. unused root of 

edga^a. I. ppx. to tread, step upon a thing; auf etwas treten; 
always constr. with the postp. ira. ifU ira edgadfe^ he trod 
upon it; er trat daranf. 

eda, {ed'a) adv. and. cenj. px. but, howewer, with the indicative; dooh^ 
aber, jedoch, mit dem Ind. eda gomu MdgolenKa manait ^tacte 
ini rafey but when his children went home, be ftll asleep; 
aber als seine Kinder heimgingen, schlief er elm Consructed 
with the participle; mit dem Particip construlrt: eda dargagan 
kuni i%a adje%u fed^eti manati d^okadtaniy lit. but - young 
men - these - him - kill - willing -> house - in -> concealed 
themselves, t. e. these young men who would > kill him, con-* 
cealed themselves in the house; aber - Jtingllnge - dlese - 
ihn - tOdten - wolfend - Hause w Im wverstecktenatch', d. I.- 
aber dlese Jttngllnge, welche Ibn'tOdten woUten, v^rsteckten 
slch Im Hause. — % for, namely; denri, nimllch. — 8. because, 
since, but When ; well, da, indem aber, with the Indlcat and the 
mood -j(/. Gadyo eda kanam bekne boia iiVCy lit. Oadgo (a name) 
howewer, because he did not know this, (he) fell Into the hole ; 
Oadyo aber, da er davon nlchts wusste, fiei In die Grube. eda 
ini fagari cabugi hatun oii azente y but because he lay ill, 
thieves broke in above; da er aber krank war, bracheu 
Dlebe oben eln. 

— la — 

edeia^m. b. px. shore; Ufer. — % hl^yaa. precipice; Abgrand. 
4ba. anuscd root of 

^ba. n. 8. px. blesahig ; Sc^ea* — %, congratnlatlon ; GlAckwansch. 

— 8. nuptial present; Hochzeitsgeschenk. eba H ^ to give 

Duptial pi:esents; Hoduseit^geschenke geben. see H> 

. III. 4bi%^ 8.. ppx. to bless, segnen. - — 9. to thank; danken. 

GiUla'sche Bettelregel: yo argite ebixiy yo dfabte abariy whes 

. .1 . thou recei vest, bless, when thou doest not receive, curse! weoo 

,... du etwas bekommst, ^egqe, wo nioht, so fioohel 
efto. ,911. 8. (»x. spear, lance with two hooks; Speer, Laiuse mit zwei 

nach unteii stehenden Widerhakcn. 
ernftdb ,p,u 8. ox. bombailliff; HSscber, Gerkchtsdiener. 
^gt^ i" px. to send; schicken, senden. hafurqke na ergi^ lit. seod 
me thy breath, L e. give me news of thee;, wdrtl. seode mir 
deinen Haoeh, d. L ^ib mir Nachricht von 4ir. dwra na ergcy 
he seat me forward; er bat mich voraus geseadet 
ergo, n. s. px. messenger; Bote. — 8. angel; EngeL 
W...ergiza. H. ppx. tO;. clause to 6end;jschicken lassen. 
I I¥. ergifa^a. l.\ppx< to.cauae to .send for one'a self,^ L e. to 

borrow; fiir sich schicken lassen^.d. i. en^ehnen, bprgen. 
efbe: n* a* oac; mat^ -curpf^t,. plptb, drap; Alatte, Teppich, ^uch; 
eie. li. a. .03^ paa; Tiegel, Pfiinne. 
elS^tol. inv: a. OS, riding-i-eqaipage, hors^-tr^ppings; Beitzeog^ Z&umuDg, 

mit kleiaen Muiicbeln. verziert 
eiauL^r4$a €md "iota 1« px, to milk; melken. d . . . 

Warta Ekua, a certain Galla->nation; ein gewisser Galla-IStanmL 
Ih elemfaifa. 1. ppx^id. J^l^^* - . .. - 

emu or cwmijM' . iaterrog. :pron» px. who; wer? fuiaf, ^uae? Intens. 

«fM, iBlOKr.i.adv* px. , where '^ wo? — % whither j wphinf In this 

., sease ^jsali ^ more ns4^. 

.. ,i;e»i|(V from.^Mjo^e; woher? 

emmnHU' fnni. a. px; mic}e, the brother of the mother; Onkel, Mutter- 

r:: . Prvder.'/ ^ ,..,..■... 

t * 

•I * 

— if — 

U^ara. 1. |)x. to talli; b«Qea. Tbin Is probably Ike root of adffera 
and Amaii's idgera 
11. idyarad^a, 1. ppz. to build .» house or roottago; eln Hans, oine 

Htttte bwoiir 
idyari, n «• px. bailding; dor Boa 

idjhmk fir. b. px. wood to make a fire by mbbloff $ das Holas ssum Feuer 
relben, vlell. der Name eioes besoodoren Baoioes. ityima na 
bH9iy lay me idjima under; lege mir Hois? «um Feuermachea 
UDter; idjima bedentet nemlich die Unterlage. 

M^y^L f. s. px. eye; Auge. idya dyabeza^ lit. to make the eye strong; 
das Auge stark machen, I. e. to resist, oppose; sicb wider- 
setzen, Widerstand leisten. idyaza bafad'oy lit. to make the eye 
go outward for one*s self^ sein Auge flir sich herausgehen 
machen, I. e. to revenge; sich r&chen. tdyi%a djaiiad^a^ lit. his 
eye is wry; sein Auge ist sohief, il e. he squints, looks obli- 
quely; er sohielt — idyacaturey lit. cat's eye; Katzenauge, a 
sort of glass-pearls; eine Art Olasperlen. • 

^'{ratoa) H. to swell, rise, become thick; schweHen,' Ansdiwellea, 
dick werden. This is probably the root of 
Mu. n. s. ox. coagulated milk; gorentteae Mlloh. -* H. cheese; 

Klise. , 

^to. fi. s. ox. sauce; Brtthe, Sauce. 

'^^px. Datire of the pers. pron. 8. pers. ifit which see: 'him, 'to him; 
ihm. ' V • ' » 

^>^». n. 8. ox. coagulated milk; geronuene MUeb^ see .Iter. 

^^-n, 8. ox. bed; Bett, Schlafttfttte. 

''<^' w. 8. ox. sauce; Brfthe, see /fa. 

^h 1. px. to be oltear^ light, bright; hell, llchtsein. • : > 

II. ifid'a. 1. ppx. to be light, to bioam; heli sein iid^r Irerden, 
strahlen. ' ' * ' 

III. iht&a. 1. pt. see Oramv *um.'6'4. ta make dear,' Hgirt^ to illu- 
miniite, to go before sombody with apioroh; hiell^ lioht Infaehen, 
erleuehten, einem tliit' demLiohte vorleuchten. mSvyoM^na ibxiy 
Pf^y light me down; bit-lo leuchte mlt:ftilBab. ^ • 

^b%a. ft. 8. ox. fight, ftambeau; Liebt, -Lenffbte, F^ckeL 
^bida. i. s, ppx. made from tlie III f. of the root, fire; Feuer. 

— !• — 

Y. ib%iza. 9. px. to make or cause to light; hell machen, lenchteo 

VI. ibfsifad^a. 1. ppx. id. Med. ^ 
iftimi. adv. temp. px. after to-morrow; iibermorgen. 
ifte. n. a. ox. a net, so knitted that the light shines through it; 

NetZy so geflochten, dass das Licht dnrchseheinl. 

iya. 1. px. to cry, scream; schreien, rnfen, particularly to shout the 
cry of battle ; das Feldgeschrei er heben. 
fjfa. n. s.'ox. a beast, probably Jerboa of Brace (App. p. 11^1); 
ein Thter, wahrscheinlich die Jerboa. 

iyaa. 1. ppx. to betray; verrathen. 

II. iyafad^a. 1. ppx. „I cause that something is betrayed or in- 
,,dicated to me; ich mache, dass mir etwas verrathen wird, 
to find out; nach etwas forschen, ausfindig machen, herans- 
bringen dnrch Fragen. 
, ip* iyafadchiza. 9. id. medial form. 
iyafad'%ifaia, i. ppx. (?) 

iyuza. %. px. probably firom tya, to roar, bellow (of beasts); brailen, 
heulen (von wUdeii Thiercjn, bes. v. Hyiinen.) 

if a. postp«. aff, px,. OB,, upon; au^ dben — %. f^om, of; von, von-weg. 
If the word to .which' «ra belongs ends with a vowel, the t of 
tra is aetsimilated ^ flp^ following manner: nara (instead of 
na ira) from myself; von mir. iiiteray upon the bed; anf den 
Bette. %iraj from thee; yon dir. ^/jororo^ upon .^e hill; aof dem 
HJigiel.. wtira, ftom us; von uns, and in tjbe pronunciation tho 
r is then sharpened as if it were narra^ itilerra etc^ 

A very interesting pase. occurs in the prayer y^Wacap ^^ 
tana'^ viz. tn^d^an lafa hann^aie %i€l goife, also the grain opoa 
the earth thou hast made ; auch das Getreide auf der Erde hast 
dugeschaffen, /a/bXranar^Eiie being thus compounded: iafoy earth; 

•. ' .Erde^*— t-lMzfiii^ this; diese — iroy uppf^} auf — t fe, also; aDcli. 
ani abakora kana barcy I have learned this firoin my father; 
• :t < dies habe. ich voni.raeinem VaAer gelernt* f<}j^a ^ ko ' ^^0 
'.Hrvfa^a. t. ppx. made firom. ira. Jit. to put away from one's self, 

.. M vjiciL mi of the memory; ftir sioh: (aus dem Ged&chtniss) weg' 
thun, i. e. to fotget; vergessen. . 

ire. n. s. ox. upp^ part of the arm j Oberarniy also the corresponding 
part of animals; aueh b^ Thieren der entsprechende Theil* 

ffigu. ady« loe. ox. nowliiM; DkrgenAi* -- 9. In no pliM^e; nlrgends 
Un. 066 ir9e. (Am* hirigu.} 

irko, D. 0* 6Z. Bopport, tMlstanco, solioo} SdlteOy UntorattttBOiig, Trost, 

tge, ft. 8. ox. pJac6, room, Btoad; Plats, Ort, Stelle. (Am. erge, Ag. 
ide and irga.) 
irge dgizu, lit plaoo to sloop; Plats sum Schlafon, nights-lodg- 
ing ; Naohtherberge. ani irgetokin tit^ lit I rest on my place ; 
icii blelbe anf meinem Pfatze, i.e. I donot sueeeed; Ich komme 
nlcht vom Flecke, kommo nicht vonrirts, mir gellngt nicbts. 
irgeka bt$iy come on my place, supply my part; tritt an melnen 
Fiats, ersetso meine Stelle. — '• f. irge as an adr. a) prepos. 
in, to; in, nacb. irge Bamboti ttaia^ey 1 am born in Hambo; 
ich bin in Eambo geboren. (Ak.) b) adv. loc. whither; wohin. 
irge ini ademe amint bekUy whither he has gone I don*t know; 
wohin er gegangen 1st welss ich nicht. (Diese Bedentong ist 
darch die besondere Aasdmoksweise dor Relutiott in dor Galla- 
Sprache eridttrlich. vg!.Oram.)'C) conJ* when, since, sinoe that 
time; als, da, seit, aeitdem. 

Comp. irgazi {irge a»i) till here , said of places and times ; 
bis hieher, von Ort nnd Zeit. — 9. since that time ; seit Jener 
Zeit, seit dem. irgaztmo ano amale if en agarre^ since that 
time I have never seen ber; seitdem babe ich sie nicht mehr 
gesehen. (Ag.) — irgatdka. ox. [irge toko) at once, with equal 
steps; zuglelch, mit gleichen Ffit<sen, gleichen Schritts. — ihgu. 
ox. adv. loc. nowhere; nirgends. — 9. to no place; nirgends 
hin. When constructed, irigu (Am. hirtgu') needs still the ne- 
gative hin^ like homa which see; obgleich negatives Wort, 
bedarf tr/iTu doch noch der Negation hin wie homa. ana iri-- 
g%m d^acUy I go nowhere; ich gehe nirgends bin. 

Ha. 1. px. to twirl, beat up; qnirlen. 

^ia, 1. px. to see, regard, behold, look on; sehen, aasohauen, be- 
trachten, also fig. to regard, take for; ansehen, betrachten als, 
oka abako %i Uakky I regard thee as my ftther; als meinen 
Vater betrachte ich dich. . — S« to look out Ibr a thing; sich 
am eitwas wnseheii, bomt^hea. --^ 8. to taste ; verkoston, vorher 
versuchen. -^ 4« to .b6..<Qai:ioua; neugierig sein. ami ilakuta 
oka etc. I am curious whether etc* ioh bin neugierig ob n. s. f. 

iktki. n. 8. ox. vleir, prospect; Anssldit 

ilakufa. 1. ppx. to be cautious, tike care; votslelitlg seln, sich 

vorsehen, in Acht nehnen. 
III. ikMchiza. %, ppx. to cause to be seen, to sbov ; sehen lassen^ 
ilkan. in v. s. ox. tooth; Zahn. — 9. bill, beak of birds; Schnsbel bei 

Magm, iikanin namni gitTunUu fira^ with the teeth all men 
are friends, i. e. to smile upon one shows friendliness, but still 
those men may not be true friends in thought; mit den Zahneo 
sind alle Menschen verwandt, d. i. einem frenndlicbea Gesieht 
darf man nicht blindlings trauen^ 
Ukan ijL%iray the fore-teeth; Schaufelz&hne. 
iikan djfoiay incisor; Schneidezahn. 

ilka, n. s. ox. a bracelet of ivory, ornament of women; ein Arm- 
ring von Elfenbein, Scbmuck der Frai^en. 
ilke, n. s. Qx. sting of a bee ; Stachel der Biene. 
Mora, u s. px. armlet of ivory, worn by men after they have killed 
an enemy; Armband von Elfen|l)eln, Zierde eines Kriegers. 
(Am. tri&ora, which proves that it is the Amharic IHBORA: or 
perhaps this is taken from the C^alla and the word is related 
to ire^ which means that limb on which this decoration U 
iimd. i. s. px. son ; Sohn. — 2. child in gener; Kind. — 3. the yoanf 
of beasts; das Junge bei Thieren. fem. Hmq, pi. ilman, pet 
abnsum inmn. 
ilmole. n. s. ox. (contr. fir. ilma and Holay sheep) lamb; Lamm. 
itnada* ni. s. ppx. see himata. 

imala. n, s. ox. perhaps Sassa. Bot. see Bruce App. p. 28. 
imattu. n. s. px. (Am. instead of nagade) merchant; Kaufmann, Handler. 

— 2. caravan; Karavane. 
imima. (-atra) 2. to drip^ drop; trOpfeln, tr&nfehi. 

imimani inv. s: ox. tear; Thr&ne. 
ini, px. persotf. pron. 8^ pers. he ; er. Di^. tM.' Ace. i$u$. fern, i%if^j 
tzitiy i%i. Intens. of the mairc. i%a£t used as Nomin. 
ini katMy the other; der* andere. 
tntmt^a/ adj. px. soft, svreet, pleasing; «attft, freundlieh^ lidMkh (V 
indchidchi. n. s. ox. louse in the' cidthes ; Kleldertaus. 
indckiiakL i. s. ox. Neson. Bot i ; ' 

— ft — 

^iran. inv. s. ox. loose; Laiu allf. 

Malia. U 8. px. 0x\^ maid; Mftdchea, Jiin({firaii. — %. daaghter; 

indaliOy oontr. fkrom iddoBako, my girl, my Jove; mein MlUlcheo, 

Llebchen, Schlitnchen. 
mdiditcha. i» a px. orMh; KraohoD allg. — 9* tbmider; Donner. oee. 

gungvnuiy mandia^ eaeawe and bakakik 
i%a, px. demonatr. pron. he; er, derJeDlge, daa lat l8| properiy the 

Aceas. of ini. As to Its relat. ftinotion see Gram. Intena. izatt. 
iza kanoy this here, maso. Sf neutr; dieser,. dieses hier. 
ikin. ox. person* pron. %, pers. pi. you ; ihr, Dat. i»iniU. lotens. ixinC 
tsi. tt. ox* person, pron. 8 pers. sing. fern, she; sle. (Ag. ize. Am. 

ifi.) izin kanizin kan^ the one or the other (Ibm.); die eine 

Oder die andere. 
fVtt. interj. which is eJaouJated in hounding a deg; das Wort das man 

heim Hetzen eines Handes gebrancht izUy izul set! sstt 

gssi gss! 


0. interj. as an answer upon a call; Interj. als Antwort anf einen Za- 
mf. ya nitiko wamsy p dje^tCy wife called he, o said she; 
Fran rief er, o sagte sie. It is singular, that by this inter- 
jection the Mlowing verb can be formed: 
oa^€u 1. ppx. only by affixing, the syllables 'Hufa. see Gram. inf. 
oa^zuy to answer; antworten. I formerly wrote owad^ay but 
BOW I see no • reason wUoh requires a tr nor an A nor a /: ; 
this is merely the rowel and nothing else and without all 
addition the syllables -^a «re afllxed as it occurs everywhere. 
— oad^a is oonstracted with ifyalo. maf ati^na dyaia oa^zu* 
didftaf why doest tboa not answer to me; waram antwortest 
da mir nicbtV 

-<)* adv. affix, certainly j.ja, dooh. nuo nagm eabnoy we are certainly 
in peace; wir haben ja (doch) Friede. 

oira. n. s. ox. hayj Hen. 

okote. It. s. ox. a pot for cookery; ein Topf xomKochen* okcte zibilay 
an iron pot; ein eiserner Topf. 

okole. It. s. ox. milk-pot; Milchtopf^ MBebgellifls.. — 9. a certain mea- 
sure; ein gewisses Mass. 

ogeza. i. s. px. physician; Arzt, 

ogdi. n. s. ox. floor, trashing-floor; Tenne, mil Vhon belegt and ge- 

otche. n. s. ox. Probably exists also a word oiekay or the word k 
related to otrd. 

oVd. (rowa) ft. to be yellow; gelb, weisslieh gelb sein. 
ei^a, adj. ox* yellow; gelb 
ord. n. s. ox»^ yelk; Eidotter, das Gelbe im CS. 

oto. (Ag. and Am. ittu) px. conj. when, as, daring; als, da, wfthreBd, 
e. indicat. oto adenumi^ arganij when they widked, they saw; 
als, w&hrend sie gingen, sahen sie. In this sense it is also 
constructed with the mood -yt. oto kadtuyi^ as he ran; als er 
lief, w&hrend desLaufies. — 9. conj. temp, when; waan, weno. 
oton ani burgati £vfe aiamitan d^uga^ when I come to a source 
how shall I drink; wann ich zu einer Quelle komme wie 
will ich trinken. — 8. conj. condit. ir; wenn. oto ati kaku 
gugurte ama dubin dytrUy if thou hadst sold it yesterday now 
there would be no rumour of it; wenn du es gestern ver- 
kauft h&ttest, w&re jetzt kein 6erede. — 4. with the ne- 
gation and a certain mood of the concerned verb: without thst; 
mit der Negation und einem davon regierten eigenthumlicheo 
Modus des Verbi: ohne zu, ohne daiss. oto ini homa hinai^ 
oiCy he passed the day without eating anything; er brachte den 
Tag zu, ohne etwas zu geniessen. In the same construction: 
before tha^ ere that; ehe dass, bevor dass. oto ini bo%»na 
hiliitrin iza cabani)' before he reached the forest they cangbt 
him (lit when he the forest not entered); ehe er in den Wal<I 
hitt^in kam packten sie ihn (wOrtl. als er in den Wald niclit 
eingetreten war). — 6. followed by the adverb iet althongb; 
mit darauflblgendem Adverb ie: obgleich, wenn auch. oto Ion' 
zarU fUdtadfanite manaza hhnfu^aniy although they take tbeir 
cattle, their houses they cannot take; wenn sie auch ihr Vieb 
mitnehmen, ihre HSuser kOnnen sie doch nieht mitnehmen. ^ 
6. that; dass. ani fe^a oto nu atchi dyirana^ I would we 
were there; ich wollte dass wir dort wliren. 

oda. n. s. ox. Bot. 

odongorra, i. s. px. Bot Rhynebosia Sennaarensis. Hochet. 

(Nfof. n. a. OK. aooMDt, a«mtto»; Brsfthlvng. 

odexa. 1. px' to report, relsto, reoountj eraHUeii, berlohton. 

ofa. i^ px. to ddve (cattle); lanflpsani vor sioh her treibeiD (Viek.) 
II. ofoifa. 1. ppx. id. ofiute ofa/te foiey driving (tbie oaitle before 
him) he went home; (das VIeh) vol sieh her .tMlhend kebrte 
er heim. 

o/{. of. oflM. see. ufiy ufiaii. 

oba. n. 8, ox. noon; Mittog. oba dffobi. Ut noon of the ealves, the 
time when the eattle are watered; wtfrtl. Ittittag der-KUber, 
die Zeity wenn das Vieh getritokt wird. Van ote wird dann 
init den Cardinalzahlen welter gerechnet, am die genaaere Zelt- 
bestimmnng fiir den Naobmittagzn.haben, also: oba iamuti^ 
oba %aditi^ oba afuritiy oba »ani$i n. s. f. 
obaza. 8«. px. to cause the dinner to be. taken, to feed, Aidder; Mittag 
maohen lessen, flittern. By tU$ verb and yet by the accent 
of oba It Is to be seen, that It Is prlmltiv!ely , a verb the simple 
root of wUcb is never in nse.Coda. px. or oba). 

obokU, n. 8. px. sister; Schwester. Jt is the feminine of the fllllewlng« 

oboiefsa. I. s. px. brother; Bnider.,: Voost abbr. ya ob. Instead of ya 
oboiezakOy o my brother; o mein Brader; Pliir. o^ol^ and obo^ 
lofUj brothers; Brtider. -r-r trfbrothersan^ sisters;. Gesehwister^ 

obza, 1. px. (doubtless the III f. of a ret oba not yet foand) to be 
comforted, . appeased i; getrOstet, beglitigt sein. « — 8. to be con- 
fident, cooiageous, to trust; getrost, mathig, vertranensvoll seln* 
obxisuu t. ppx. to comfort; trfisten. 

(iioara. 1. px. see awara* 

oioalo. 1. px. owaUiyefsa. i. B.Bt^rawah' 

owenfa. u s. px. a twig with the leaves.. on it; ein Zweig mitBilit- 
tern, Lanb. 

oiD^a* 1* pXi to be hot, to burn; heiss seln, brennen. adun ow^Oy 
the son bnriis; die Sonne brennt, es 1st sehr warm. 
ow^a. adj. px. hot; hefass. — 9, flresh, new; frisch^ n^^. 

III. otD^ixa. 9* ppx. to make hot, to warm, t^ make flee; helss 
maohen, hellzen. — 9. fig. to exceed, carry t9^/ar, exaggerate ; 
libertrejibeiiu This last sigolflei^ion has «9p^i41y : 

IV. ow^ifiufa. 1. ppix. ini mada%a ou^^ifa^a^ lit. he makes his 
wound hot; er maobt seine Wnnde heiss, i. e> he exaggerates 
the pain of it; er geberdet Moh als ^ei seine. Wunde sehr 
sehmeralich (wtthrend dtos nicht der Fall ist.) 

— fl — 

oria. 1. ppx. to attack, asaatt; feipiliob anf ainenifiiifaheR) Migreifen. 
*^'i^. io trouble, make uneasy; beanrahigeii/ 
III. orHtUi* ST. ppx. to eaose to be assailed; angvelfea lasaen. 

oru. n. 8. ox«' fruit in gen. then espeo. grain; Fmebt im Allg. dann 
bes. iDeldfrtlehte. roooru ttaete^ the goats wrat into Ike corn; 
die Ziegen gehen in die Frucht, weiden Schaden. 

oromo. n. s. ox. the name by which the Gallas call themselves in 
comparison >ii4th other nations and whieh doubtless relates to 
their faith; der Name^ den sieh alle Oalla anderell -Nationen 
gegendber beilegen und der sieh anf ihlre religii^n Verbilt- 
nisse bezieht. 

orma. t. adj. and. snbst. px« foreign, extraneous, appertaining to an- 
other; firemd, einem Anderen gehdrig, the contrary Of trarro, 
appertMning to the Ikmily; das Gegentheil von uwrrra, der 
Familte, dera Stamme angehOrig. 
erma. i. s px. the other, der Andere. Ion km, oniika ffifumtu 
Gaderoti taUy the cattle of all others is in Gadero^ das Viefa 
•aller Anderen ist in Gadetv. 
iima ofmoy a certain-^Gaila tribe; ein gewisser Galla-4StanuD, if it 
mmtt not be: iima oromo, 

ola^ i. px. the first signification is: to go upwtards after having been 
below; von einem niedrigen Ausgangspunfct gegen oben fort* 
gehen. The idea seems to be taken flrom the apparent motion 
of the sun ; das Bild schdnt von der sehetabaren Bewegung 
der 8onne hergenommen zu sein, daher 'die zweite biennis 
hervorgehende Bedeutung. — 8. to pass the day; den Tag ZQ- 
bringen, im Gegensatz zn bnia^ to pass the night; die Nacht 
zubringen. Hence the forms of greettngt naguman oite^ lit. 
hast thou passed the day in peace? i. e. good evening; hast 
dn den Tag in Frieden 'kugebracht? fOr nnser: gnten Tag, 
guten Abend, nugan oU or nagaiti oHj pass the day in peace: 
bringe in Frieden den Tag zu^ bei der Trennung von zwei 
Personen wfihrend des Ta|^es. '*-^ 2. to pass by, pass over; 
vorbei- vorfibergehen. bokeni oie^ the rain has passed over; 
der Regen ist vorfibergegangen* — 84 to neglect, slight, miss; 
vers&nmen, vemachlftssigen. In this sense it is usually com- 
pounded with €Qba or eabdOy duty; Pflioht, lit. to pass by one's 
duty, to break ^ promise; an seiner Pflicht vorbeigehen, nicht 
Wort halten, sein Versprechen lireehen. maiif tssdn kaba kezani 

oUaniy why did yoo not keep yonr promise ^ waram h»bt Ihr 
eoer Wort gobrochenf ~ 4. verb. aoxU. negat. (see Gram.) 

f oonstmoted with the postp. dyaia. ini na dyalan oiUy he neg- 
lects me not; er flbersieht, vergisst mich nicht| wtfrtl. er geht 
nicht an mir vortlber. 

o//. lit the imperative mood of oto is advervially used : up, up- 
ward; hinanf. oU kod^u^ come ap; komm herauf, lit. go up- 
come; geh aufwHrts - komme. 
It forms the following compounds: 

di djed^Oj lit. to say oUj i. e. to get up, rise; w0rtl. oli sagen, 
d. i. aufstehen, sich aulVichten. 

oH kaoy to lift up; aufheben. — 9. to keep, spare; aufbewahren, 
nehmen, aufheben. 

oH fiid'oy to lift op something upon the head; aufheben, anf- 
nehmen ein Gefttss auf den Kopf.) 

oiba. n. s. ox. QoH-'btt) hill; Anh5he, HtlgeL — t. stair; Stlege, 

Ota. n. s. ox. neighbour; Xachbar, aus der Bedeutung „vorbei- 
gehen^' zu erklftren, denn diess thut ein Nachbar hiiuflg. 

ofyad^a. 1. px. to put on one*s cap; anfsetzen, eine Mtitze. Von 
Frauen, das Kleid fiber den Kopf nehmen. 

oiofa, InterJ. ppx. speaking to animals, wo I etc. Zuruf ans Yieh. 
contrary of gadofa; das Gegentheil von gadofa, 

III. oldcha. 1. px. to cause to pass over, to detain, keep oif, 
defend; vorbeigehen lassen Oder machen, abhalten, beschtttzen, 
vertbeldigen. zab^M na 4Mehi^ keep the danger ttom me; 
schfltze mich vor Gefahr. 

InterJ. ppx. probabl. the misunderstood olo/b. Zumf an das 
Vtoh, see gadiofa. 
olgad^a. 1. ppx. (Am. haguga^a) to oover the head; den Kopf be- 
deoken, sich mit einem Tnche oder Kleide gans verhttllen* — 
%. to dress, said of women; sich aidLleiden, von Fmoen. 
<^on ft. B. 4>x. Bot. Tritlcu«| wfteat; Waizeo. (AmO 
^^^'^ 1. px. to be empty, abandoned; leer, verlassen seini 

ofkk n. fl. ox. an ahandoied house; ein leores, von den Bewoh- 

' nern verlassenes Hans. 
<^'^. a 8. ox. heart; Ben als TheU dee Leibes* . . 

— «6 -t» 


uka. ni. s. px. a bag which is fDrmed by taking a walu (which see) 
about the shoulders and wherein the women carry their chil- 
dren; der diirch das Umnehmen (olffatfa) eines Taches (walu) 
gebildete sinus, worin Frauen ihre Kinder tragen. This word 
is probably the root of the following. 

ukanui. 1. px. to shut, tp close the mouth; den Mund znhalteD, intr. 
UL ukamsM. 1. px. to stop the mouth) to choke, smother, suffocate; 

den Mund verstopfen, ersticken, trans. 
IV. ukamfa^a. 1. ppx. id. — 2. to be concealed; versteckt sein. 
— also fig. to be hardened, obdurated; verstockt sein. 

uguge. n. s. ox. dove, pigeon; Taube. (Am.) see bulaia, 

ugumaf — %i(^ ugum! a form to greet or to thank; Begdissnngs- nod 
Dankformel in dem Sinne: Gott segnet dieh. Aman kennt das 
Wort nicht. 

vtuba. n. s. ox. pillar; StQtzbalken, Pfeiler. 

uf^akt. 1. px. to leap, jump, spring; springen. 

ut^alo, n. s. ox. cough; Husten bei grosser Verschleimung der 
Bronchien. also uVala. n. s. ox* 

udan. inv. s. ox. the human excrements; die menschlichen Excremente. 
ud(m haga. 1. px. to deliver them, to stool; sich derselben 

udeldu i s. px. crupper; der Schwanzriemen bei Fferden. see hudela^ 

ufL px. reflex, pron. one's self, himself, herself, itself, . themselves; 
sich. — 2. self; selbst, so dass es auch bei d«r 1. u. 2. Pars. 
Sing, und Plur. vorkoramen kann (Am. ofL of J) 
uflaU. (pfiaH.) n, s: ox. {ufi and iiaiay to see; sehen) looking- 
glass, mirror; Spiegel. Darch de« Handel der Nagade Bind die 
kleinen rothen XtLmberger Spieftl bis in jene Gegenden ge^ 
liffa^a, 1. ppx. to dress one's idelf $ sich an/iiekes , anUeideo. 

see Gram. 
vwi%a. 2. ppx. to dress; uneiehen, mikleldion, trans. Always constr. 
with the postp. "ti. ani aiti umza^ I dress thee; ich kleide 
dich an. 

— w — 

tf/oSff. interj. to express weakness and pain; Inteij. sum Aiisdrack von 
Mlldlgkeit and Sohmers, ach ! irebe ! 

uwi9a. 9. ppx. to dress; ankleiden. see ti/l. 

ura* 1. pz. to pierce, perforate; darchbohren^ dnrchstechen, mit spl- 
tzin^en Instramenten verwunden. — 9. used of copulation of 
the sexes; vomBelschlaf gebraucht. — 8. to penetrate; durch- 
dringen. •— 4. fig. to perceive, to penetrate hy knowledge; 
mit dpm Verstande dnrcbdringen, einsehen, verstehen. idya 
Wae^ kaba tira, the eye of Ood penetrates the wall; Oottes 
Auge durchdringt die Wilnde. (Ag.) 
III. urziza, %. ppx. to cause to pierce; durebbohren lassen etc. 

wga. fi« s. ox. a disease, probably indigiBstion ; eine Krankhelt, wahr- 
Bcheinlich Unordnung in den Verdauungsorganen. 

wga. Q-awa) ft, to smell, scent; riechen, duften. intr. 

wgoftu. n. s. ox* spice, aromatics, incense; Gewttrz, Spesereien, 
wdji, n. s. ox. star; Stern. 

t«fo. 1. px. to incense, perfume; riiachem. — S. to suffocate; ersticken. 
II. viaia. 1. ppx. id. — 9. to be smothered; ersticken. aara ukute 
duey he was smothered in the smoke; er erstickte im Rauche. 
«!?. n. 0. ox. staff, stick; Stab, Stock. 

ule dinUUy the red staff by which the deceased is measured and 
which is carefiilly preserved; der rotheStab, womit die Todten 
gemessen werden nnd der zum Andenken auf bewahrt wird. 

HitOe. n. B. ox. flute, wUstle or another wind -instrument; FlOte, 
Pfeife, wenigstens ein Blasinstmment M uiuie a/vfii beelUOy 
doest^thou know to play the flute; kannst du dieflOte blasen? 

^(i. (rawa) 2. to be heavy; schwer sein von Gewicht. — 9. to be 
important, considerable, noble; wichtig, angesehen, vornehm 
sein. — 8. to be loud, strong (voice;; laut sein, von der 
Stimme. — 4. to be pregnanl^ big with child ; sofawanger sein. 

iUfit. adj. px. heavy; schiarer von Gewicht. — 9. fig. important, 
considerable, noble; wichtig, vornehm, angesehen. — 8. loud 
(of the voice); laut. — 4. pregnant, big with child; sohwanger. 
Wacayo uifatfay heaven is pregnant , i; e. Ml of clouds; der 
Himmel ist schwanger, d. i. voU Wolken. 

II. uifoita. 1. px. c=: uZ/ST, to be heavy; sefawer seiUi etc. 

— i9 — 

III. utfeza, 9. px. to m^ke heavy; schwer muchen. — 9. to get 

with child; schw&Dgern. — 8. to revere, honour, irorship; 

ehren, Achtaiig besengen. — 4. to enhance, make dearer; 


V. ulfadziza. 2. px. id. excepting the 3f signification; dasselbe 

mit Ausnahme der dritten Bedeutnng. 
zagale uifad'a^ to make the voice strong, to speak aloud; die 

Stimme schwer machen, erheben, laut sprechen. 
ulfiru inv. s ox. a buli ; grosser Ochse, also it may be the name 
of another particular species of beasts. 
ulnwe. n, s. px. Bpt.? 

uma. 1. px. to create, form, only said of God; erschaifen, bilden, nnr 
von Gott gesagt. 
uma, adj. px. created; erschaffen. — 2. cultivated; gebildet. 
— 3. honest, dutifiil; ordentlicb, rechtschaffen. aka noma 
umati zi zee, I considered thee as an honest man; ich babe 
dich fiir einen rechtschaffenen Mann gehalten 
uma. n. s. ox. work; Work. - 8. nature, world; Natnr, Welt 
Oder ein iibnlicher allgemeiner Begriff. uma Wacayoti hinkolfinj 
do thou not laugh at any of God*s works; fiber ein Werk 
Gottes lacfae nichtl Magm. 
una. 1. px. to sip, sup; schliirfen. — 9. to taste; verkosteii. — 3. to 
junket; nasehen. 
III. unztza. %. ppx. to permit to be tasted; verkosten, nasehen 
ungae, n. s. ox. Bot Vicia. 
ungodji. n. s. ox. a pastry-work; ein Backwerk. 
ungudae. n. a. px. mushroom; Pilz, Sehwamm^ 

•^o. inteij. affix, then, the Irench ,^onc^^; dooh.,fl0/tka/ aieh doeh! — 

taika! pray sit down! preuess d^c place, aetz* dich doeh! 
kd. (-on) 1. to rise, get up ; aufttehen. — 8. c<]ostructe4 with the mood 

-^t: to begin, commence; beginnen, antogen. ini ^uli, hodjar 
. d^zuti kae lit. he x^e to the crying, working; er stand s^n 

Schreien, Arbelten anf, I. e. be began to cry, to work ; er fin; 

an zu schreieay zu arbeiten. — 3. likewise with -£i: to M 

upon, attack; wieder mlt -M: angrelfen, anfkllen. Veiy often 
the Terli kd is quite redundant; sehr hAoig steht kd pleonaetisch. 
iafa kaetany katetiy kaeti and 00 throughoat all persona: for 
nothing, Invain, to no parposej mnsonat, vergebllch, ohne Grand, 
lit rising I, rising thoa etc. firom the earth; leh, da, er etc. 
Ton der Brde aafstehend. 

II. kad^a. 1. px. to rise fbr one's self; fQr slch aaflitehen. 

III. kasfa, f. px. to lift npj take ap, raise, to erect, establish; 
aafhcben, in die HOhe heben, aaftichten, erbaaen. 

IV. kafad^a. 1. ppx. the medial form of the III. f. das Medium 
von ka%a. 

V. ka9iza. 9. ppx. to have raised or lifted up, to cause some- 
thing to be raised; aufheben, aufirichten, erbauen lassen. 

VI. kazifad^a. 1. ppx. the mod. f- of. the V. f. das Medium von 

ka»u. n. s. ox. fbrmed (torn the III. f. of the root: so much as 
a man can take or lift up, a portable burden , arm-fhl ; so viei 
als ein Mann aufheben kann, tragbare Last, md k^ran kavuke 
fidi kad'Uy lit. prajr * wood * ka»u - thy - bring - come; 
bitte "• Hols - kMm - dein - liping - komnfe, 1. e. pray bring 
an arm-ftil of wood ; ich bifte bring dnien Arm voU Qols. 

kd, (-dya) 8. see Oram, to put, lay, place; setaen, stellen, legen. — 
9. to keep, reserve; aafheben, aufbewahren ; also i^iikd. 
n. kayad^a. 1. ppx. to put, lay or place one*s self; isich stellen, 
legen. hamarti kuyadfa^ lit. to put on a ring, I. e. to alliance ; 
einen Ring anstecken d. h. verloben. 
ni. k€%a. 1. (f ) 

kdkad^a. 1. px. to swear, take an oath; schtrtfren, einen Bid ablegen. 

hakifsa. 9. ppx. to cry like a hen which has laid an eggj to cackle ; 
schreien wie eine Henne, wenn sle ein El gelegt hat, gackern. 

kadyela. 1. px. to desire, wish; begehren, wtinschen, gierig sein. — 

9. to be eager, libidinous, partic. aald of beasts; begehrlich, 

gell sein (von Thiereti, Hunden etc.) constructed #ith the Accus. 

kadyeku, n. .s. ex.. a loR|fhig persou; Uisterner, begehrlicher 


ka^a. 1. px. to ran; laufsn. oto kad^uyiy whilst he ran; wtthrend er 
lief, (the mood -^ depending on the conjl aid see Gram.) ani 
duM kanara kad'e. lit. I ran over this word ; w6rtl« ich bin 
ttber diess Wort gelanfsn, habe en nicht beachtet^ ttberhdrt* 

kodfu. n, 8. ox. conree, nui; Laof. 

HI. h^ft%i%a, 9. ppz. to cause to hid; laufbo macheiiy lanfen 
, lassen. — 9. to gallop; gallopiren* 

had^zfa^a. 1. ppz. to twUt something out of one*8 hand, to 
snatch away,, rescne; elnem etwas en^inden, was er feat 
hSlt. I have placed this word here, bat still I am not sorey 
whether it is derived from the root ka^a; yet in all prolmbility 
it belongs to those verbs called by me „the natural soiind imi- 
tating verbs. ^^ Ich habe dieses Wort unter den Stanim ka^a 
gestellt, obgleich es vielleicht besser als eignes Wort zn be- 
trachten and als Onomatopoeticon zu behandeln seln mOchte. 
kaiaita. 1. ppx. to pray, beg; beten, bitten, always constr. with the 
postp. -n ir'''^^^ Waeayon a fan a$abudan kaiiaiul pray 
to God with an empty mouth; bete an Gott mit nttchternem 
Mandel — xoir' e^o^. to ask for one in matrimony; jsar Ehe 
begehren, am ein M&dcfaea anhalten. infin. kad^a^»u. 
kaiadlu* it. s. ox. beggar, mendicant; Bottler. 
ka€a, n. s. ox. prayer; Gebet* This substantive proves, that the 
root of this verb must be ^^ka^a'^ although I have never found 
it; dieses Substantiv beweist die einfache Wurzel kadfay ol>- 
gleich sie nia vorkam. 
kaba^ 1. px. to construct a wall; eine Wand, Blaaer aufiichten* 

k<iba, n, s. px. wall; Wand, Mauer. 
kabah. n. s. ox. the inside of the hand, palm; die innere Hi^dfllche, 
palma. m^ kabaiake ike kenniy pray give me a hand^flil (so 
much as thou canst seise with . the hand) ; bitte gib mir eine 
Hand voll. — 9. a blow with the inside of the hand, a flap; 
ein Schlag mit dor inneren Hand, Osbrfeige. 
kabekk 1. px. to have greane on the feet or legs; AnswUehse an doo 
Fflssen haben (von Thieren), — 9. to be stil^ anhaady; steif, 
linkisch sein. 
kArtk fL s. ox. way, road, street; Weg, Straase. karatiy on the road; 
auf dem Wege. — 9. opportunity, way, means, expedient; Weft 
Mitted, Gelegenheit. — 8. foHowed by the postp. -4» : instead 
of; anstatt. 
kara nad^Uy lit. I eat thp way; ich esse den Weg, i. e. I. make 
a way in vain; einen Weg umaonsty vergebUeh machea. 
kara. L (?) px. (ox.) herd, drove; Herde. 
karofe. n. a. oxi whoop, Cl^ird}; Wiedehopf. 

— 8i — 

karu. n. a. pK« (Ak. kar^u) the opening or chink between the two 
uppor fore*teeth which Is iUed larger in order to spit trough; 
der Spalt swUchen den beiden oberen SchanfelsUhnen, der 
Behnfti des Dnrchjtipackens eigens aaagefeilt wird. — 9. the 
female privities ; die weibliohen Schamtheile. 

karkar5ga. 1. pz. to warm; wttrmen. The root has not been found; 
das WnrsEolwort konnte nicht anfgeftinden werden. 

korro. i. a. px. gate; Thor. Aman believes that this word and karaf 
herd^ are the same^ "becanse karra lAgniiies properly the wicket 
of air inclosure for cattle; perhaps also kara. n. participates in 
this relation. Aman hiUt karra and kara. i. fUr dasselbe, well 
es elgentllch Plbrchthor heisse; vielleicht ist anch kara, n. 
In dieae Sippschaft nn stellen. 

kani%a. %. ppx, to be dull, stupid, senseless; dnnnn, thdriefat seln. 
(Am. korrissa.") 

karrfafd. {"mwa) t. te spatter , said espec. of a heavy rain, when II 
falls upon the earth; „von unten regnen^S d. i. von unten in 
die HObe spritzen bd starkem Regen. 
III. ka^rfafeza. %. px. to wet thoroughly 9 to soak; durebnllssen, 

kaUda. n. s. ox. branches with leaves, partle. af ^^meefa^^ which are 
earrled before when the Gallas go to saeriflceif or when the 
warriors return flrom war or chase; Zweige mit Laidi, bos. 
von meefOy die bel Opfiarn and vor siegreich heimkehrenden 
Kriegern oder Jttgem hergetragen werden. Aman called every 
sort of Liana yykaiaki^^; Aman gab diesenNamen Jeder Schling- 
pflansBO, Winde etc. 

kalateha. fk s. ox. staff wroathed with branehes of y^meefa^^ used in 
taking an oath; ein mit SKweigenvon ^ymeefm^^ umwundener 
Stab, der bel AUegung nines Eldes gebranoht Wird. Vielleicht 
bedentet das Wort eine beaondere E^esformel. It was impos- 
sible to get a satisfhctory knowledge of the singular custom 
followed in taking an oath. It oeeured but once in a dictation 
of AkafBd*e : Oadyo ktfto Mkhaiki d^kHU kahtehan kaka^e; 
M kaiateha mut^a^a yyhori ani edbu Wacayo giekoti ha 
yyinnWa^u. ha bai^essul^' djedfeti. lit €ia4ff^ swore under the 
Id/to MiehaHa (a tree coasaorated to worship) with the kak^ 
teha; he licked at the kaMehUy saying: „the fortune I have, 
„may God lick out <»f my dwelling and disperse It, If etc/^ 

— 3« — 

fiMy» sehwur unfer dem iafta MiehtHM (eiacn dem CaUns 
geweihten Baume) mii dem kakdehuy er letkte das kakUeha 
ab und sprach: ^Gott soil da« Vermd^en, dae ioli becritee, aus 
,,meiner Wohnung leckeo und ea xerstreoen, wean etc.'' Es 
ist diess der einzige Fall, dasa in den Dktaten dea Akafed'e 
Yom Schw($ren die Bede war, and icb konate deshaili die 
eigenthiiliilicheii dabei beobaehtetan Gebr&ache der GalJa nicht 
genaner erforschen; indess geht aus der angeltthrtea Stella 
bervoT} dass die vOn Lobo, Th. I. *pag. 80 fL angegebene Art 
asa Bcliw&ren nickt die einzige ist; hat Ja aaeb firaee, IL S14 fL 
eine andere referirt. 

kaleza, adv. temp. px. yesterday; gestern. 

kaiezuma. ppz. exactly yesterday ^ just yesterday; gleich^ gerade 
gestern, erst gestera. ani kaUssuma issa arge ^ 1 saw him bat 
(just) yesterday; ich sab ihn erst gestern. 

Uaio.'n, s. ox. C^lso kaie) a taoned, curried skia,.hide; ein gegerbtes 
Fell, kalo Qcaie) geranxa^ tiger-hide; Tiegerhi^ttt. . « 

kah, n. s. ox. meadow, orchard near the heuse ; Garten, Wiese, Gras- 
platZi, nahe an der Wohnung. 

kami. interrog. pron. who/ which; quisnam, quaenam, qnidnamt wei- 
oher, e, es? vsually eorapanaded with isut, izkkamtu uffWa, 
i¥hich is hearier? welches ist schwererf — %, how much, 
how many? wie vielV koUmiMemtni kamiy how. many sheep 
have you; wtfrtl. cure Schafe, wieWde Csi^d ihrer?).— - 3. how 
often; wie oft? 

kamixa. fnL s. px. shirt, undergaraMflit; Heaid,.Ujiierkleid. arab. — 
9. the name of the first day of the week, aynoaymDos with 
gifti; der erste Wechentag, ' gteiehbedeutend mit giftu. (Aka£ 
kam»i, which seems to prove that it is taken frem theArabians, 
especially because ..the for^poing day is called by the Gallas 
Arhi. : — But in (ha Darltarian language Sunday Is alsd called 

kan, relet conj. and. prep, aee kana. 

kanu, (abbr. kan) Nom« kunu px. demonstr. pronoun^ this; dieeer, e, es, 


kam. 1. relative, Who, which ; wel6her. see Gram: noma gitruaUu 
kan iafara tauj all men who are upon the earth ; alle Men- 
schen, die auf der Erde sind. — 9. prep* i)ram, of; van. bvdeni 
ikuid kan etkai^ this bread Cpom whom does^it come ? dieses 

Brod, van wea M esY — 8. ooi4« tha^ In order to {Invotving 
the relative); daas, damit (die Belatlv-Bedeatwig* tnit eln- 
sohlleaaend). mi^an kan nu dyiranun %itt god^e^ the corn we 
ought to live npon hast thou made, firumentam qno vlverenuii 
tn fecisti; daa Getreide aaf der Brde, von dem wir leben aol- 
len , hast da geschaffen. The ^n annected to dyiranun la the 
character of the ablative case which , Inetead of being placed 
to ^^kan'^ hangs slngnlarly on the verb and anawera to the 
french y,en*^ or the Italian ^^ne^^ see Gram. — 4. why; wamm. 
Iron aJti akana gimifte zitt beka^ why thoa didst make It thus, 
thoa knowst It; wamm da es so geschehen llessQsf, welsst 
do. — 5. followed by the particle "fi therefore, becaase; des- 
halb, well, kanan ami adjefna djed^efiy becaase I salds let as 
kill; well Icb sagte: lass ans tOdten. 

kanaf. (kana fan, eom^uni from kana^f^'Onf)^ for that reason; 

kanumaf. Qcanumafan) only on that acconnt; nor deahalb. 

kanarati. QftmumaraiO, lit kalta^4ra'^iiy thereAire, only there- 
fbre; deshalb, nar deshalb. 

ckana. QOta^kanq) as this r so; wie dieses, so, aaf dleseWels^. 

^omfexa. i. 8. px. an old man; alter Mann; Orels. 
kaniza. fhi. s. px. bee; Blene. 

kani5fuz fagi. lit. jew -bee; Jaden1$lene L e. wasp; Wespe. 
^0. aiy. px. If not a verbal root, tame, mild, said of plants (wlttoat 

thorns) and beasts; fromm, sahm, von Pflanzen (Dornpilanzen 

sind yllde) and Thleren. 
^mla. i. s. px. coal ; Kohle. 

^astf. fi. s. ox. made from the III t of Ira which see: so mach as a 
man can take or lift ap with his arms, an arm -Ail; so viel 
als ein Mann mit den Arme^ ihssQ.n^oder aofheben kaon, ein 
Arm veil. Often the adject gutu^ frill, Is added; ofr steht 
nooh das Ad}.. gutUy veil, dabeL ebo kazu gutUy an arm- fill 
of spears; ein Arm veil Lanzen. 

^(^%^itu. n. s. ox. nat soand, talker, babbler; Schwitser. — S. ca- 
Imanlator, backbiter; Veillhimder, Terplaaderer. 

"^^* possess, pien* II. pets, fittng. afOx, thy; deltt. Respectifig the 

feoa kankeH e^e Gram. nam. %W. 4. 
^^/"o* n. 8^ ox. Bet. Ocymam odoratlsstttiHn. 


— 84 — 

kf^iok n. fi. ox. gAte, door, espec. that whioh is made throiigli the 
rampart (bero wj^ich see), greater than balbala^ I'hor, welches 
dnrch die Schatzhecke {bero) geht, grcMiser als daibaia. 

keio, n. s. ox. avflpwer on the blooming of which the Maezala or 
the sprlDgfeast is celebrated: the new -year of the Gallas in 
the middle of September; it falls at the same time with the 
Mictiael - feast of the Abyssinians and the whole solemnity 
seems to be borrowed firom them, see Maezaia; eiae BJome, 
vielL Stevia orientalis, von deren Aufbliihen der Beginn des 
Friihlings gerechnet , d. h. das Macfsaia - Fest C vgL ) g^ 
feiert w;ird. 

henna. 1. px. to give; geben, . — 9. to give as a present, bestow 
upon; scheoken. . 

^kena* possess, pron. I. pers. plar. oar; unser. Respecttog the foon 
kankena see Gram. nam. 297. 4. 

kenan. inv. s. ox. ceiling; Decke eines Zimmers, Plafond, h&ngt ent- 
weder mit ke%a oder mit ka ^nsammen, wahrseheinlicher 
. idber mit dem ersteren; dwsselbe ist.auch bei dem unteo fol- 
genden kefsuma der Fall. 

kdSM px« postp. in, into; in, aaf die Frage wo? ^and wohin?. - 
9* within; innen. — 3. oat of, Arom, b^; aus, von ionen heram. 
kezai has particularly the latter signification; letztere fiedeu- 
tung hat vorzOglich ke§^i. Probably kezumoy guest; Oast, 
has the same root, if it is not derived from ka, 

"kezan. Q-kezani) possess, pron. il. pers. pi. your; euer. 

kezuma, ni. s. px. guest; Oast, see kenan and keza. - 

kitchu. adj. ox. tender, weak, young; weich, zart, jung, nosQ^ 
kitchu. n, s. ox. Bot balsamine; Balsamine. 

kilole. n. s. ox. the name of the fourth tribe of the Gallas who have 
their claim to the order of the circumcision thereflroin; ^^^ 
vierte Stamm der Galla hinsichtlich der Bangordnung bei der 
Beschneidung. — 9. town in Ooma; eino jStadt in Ooma* 

"ko. possess* pron. I. pers. sing, my; mein. Bespecting the f^^ 
k'ank44i See Gram. num. 997. 4. 

koka. 1. px. to boil, cook; sieden, ko^en. (singoiar ceasonanee with 

.the English ,*,Gook^^ and the German „kochen,^%.— 9. to 4^^^ 

f^om frogs; quakea von Fi:08ehej9. CAqumoT used it. with <be 

signification of: to springy jump,, whi^h seems thct m^aniPg ^^ 

— as — 

the root; Amaii gebrauoht es lo der Bedentong: springen, 
httpfen,. was die Grnndbedeiitang dee nioht salJ^eAiDdeneD 
Worselwortefl sn seyn scbelntO 
hole. n. 8. ox. daw, datch, hoof; KralJe^ Hnf. — t. sting of a bee) 
Stachel der Bieoe. 

kodidza. (kodidcha - coMehUy dlrWed from cofa, to plough; pflttgen) 
D. |kz. dod; Erdscholle, harte Erde. 

kod^u, px. imperative mood of the defective verb kad'a, plnr ko^ay 
come ! Imperativ des dellBetlven Terbl kodfa. plor, kod*ay komm, 
kommt! Intena. kokod*a Qkokoia)* There exists no more than 
these two forms. (Am. koCy koto). 

koba. adj. ox. alone; allein. — t. solitary, lonely , retired; einsam, 
verlassen. It is always compoanded with the possess, pron. 
kobakOy kobakey kobaza^ kobniy kobakena, kobuke%aniy kobOf* 
zaniy I, tbou, he, slie etc. alone; ich, da, er, sie etc* allein. 
Dasselbe ist der Fall, wenn noch ein Nomen dabei stehli 
Nuguz koba%a ademcy Nugu» walked alone ; Nugu% glqg allein. 

koba. 1. px. to scarify, cup; schrtfpdDn. 

koba. n. 0. ox. cup, capping-glasS| bat by the Oallas it is made 
of horn ; fichrOpfkopf von Horn. 

kobe, n. s. ox. shoe; Sohah, Siiindale. 

kobi. fi. s. ox. (Am. and Ag.) moantain; Berg. Akafed'e did not 
know it 

kobodja. i s, px. that which is vomited; das, was einer spelt 

kobodo. n. s. ox. dang, mack, particalarly the dang of horned cattle 
which having been dried serves for baroing materials; Mist, 
bes. von Rindvieh, der getrocknet als Brennmaterial dient 

kwa, n, s. ox. saddle; Sattel. — kora ira hikUy lit the saddle above 
loosen; den Sattel oben Itfsen, L e. unsaddle; absatteln. 

k(^a. 1. px. to be proud, arrogant , haughty, insolent; stolSy tiber- 
miithig, anmassend seyn. 

kwobi%a. fnL s. px. a sort of locusts; eine Art Heuschreoken. 

kwTiza. f. ppx. (see karriMa) to snore during sleep; schnarchen 
im Schlafe. ini korrizeti rafa (lit he sleeps snoring; er schlftft 
schnarchend) he sleeps deeply; er schlftft fest — 9. to hum; 
bnimmen, murmeln. — 8. to grumble, growl, be morose; grol- 
len^ unwirsch, somig, wundertieh sein. 


— 86 — 

Wanin karrissa 
Muka eadatta; 
Diarzi rariza 
Durba kaiaia. 

The Wanin growls and grasps a tree, 

To tear it from the ground; *-- 
ThLs foolish bald -pate fellow means 

To win a maidens heart. 

Sieh der Wanm hSlt mit Gebmmm 

Den starfcen Baom nmklammert; — 
Ein kahler Bnrsche ist so dnmm, 

Qass er imi Mi(dohen jammert 

see wanin (Aga wenin.') 

koron^o: n. s. ox. The claw on the hack part of a cocks leg; der 
Spom am Fnsse des Hahns, des Ochsen etc. 

k^rma t. s. px. plnr. koromi. n. in gener. the male of hedsts, also 
of birds, opposite to d^attuy the female; it answers fully to 
our „he^^ and she^' to mark the two sexes ; allg* das M&nn- 
ehen bei Thieren, anch bei V6geln; Gegensatz von ttaltUj 
Weibchen. — 2. bull, baffalo; Bfiffel. — korma alone (sc. 
handangoy, cock; Hahn. 
^Orma hor^eda^ an ox with an erect hump, 
karma gurra (i. e. ear; Ohr) an ox with a hanging hmnp; ein 
Oehse mit gerade stehendem — mit herabhftngendem Blocker. 

kolfa. 1. kolfita and kofalta, (see Gram. nam. 131.) to langh; lachen. Al- 
ways constr. with the postp^-tf. na^in^ kolfin! do not langh at 
me; laehe mich nicht ans! 

kolba, n. s. ox. haft, handle of knives and larger instruments; Heft, 
Griif an Messem and grOssern Instramenten. 

koHaza. 2. px. to geld, castrate; verschneiden, castriren; in gener. to 
unman, emasculate; iiberh. entmannen, schwfichen. kolla which 
ought to be the root of koUaza has not be^n found; dasWor- 
zelwort koOa kam nicht vor. 

kotte. n. s. ox. particularly muka koUe, a game with a stick; Stock- 
Warfspiel. (Am. gelie. n. ox.) 

leblmomu. n. s. ox. wart; Warze. 

komad^a. 1. be impatient; ungeduldlg sein. — S. to be angrj? 
irritated agalsst; unwilllg, bdse auf einen sein. .Oonstr. with 

— 87 — 

the dative case, nan kama^in, do not soold me; eei nlcht 

bdae auf miob , sohelte mloh nioht 
kome. n. s. ox. heel; Ferse. 

komdo. n, m. ox. bee-hive; BleiieiMtock. — 9. eweetness; Sttsfllgkelt. (f) 
konkoiadta. 1. px. nat. BOUDd, to roll^ trandlOi to wallow, welter; 

rollen, slch wlUsen. The root kankokt or konkoiid eeems not 

to be In iMO. 
III. konkoioitzixa. 9. px. to roll^ welter, trans.; rollen laaaeo, 

w&Izen, trans. 

ko%i. n. s« ox. dung, soil; Mist, allg. — Magm. ini aka kozi ia, he 
is like dang (certainly a singular manner to express goodness 
of heart) ; er ist wie Mist, d. h. so gut und niitzlich als dieser. 
From this subst. is formed the fbllowing verb: 
koziza. 9. ppx. to dung, manure; dtingen. 

kozoro. ii« s. ox* Bot? 

kua. 1. px. unused root the signiiieation of which ought to be: to 
meet from different sides. 
HI. ku»a> 2. to bring together, to cause to assemble, to gather; 
zusammenbringen, versammeln. — yado kuzoy lit. to gather 
thoughts; Gedanken sammeln, i. e. to consider, reflect, muse, 
meditate; sich sammeln, ttberlegen, nachdenken. 
kufama, 1. ppx. the passive of kuza^ lit. to be gathered, i. e. to 
assemble, meet; w(5rtl. versammelt werden, dann recipr. sich 
versammeln. nuingudon wai ktifamanij the Judges assembled; 
die Richter versammelten sich. 

ly. kufa^a. 1. ppx. the same as. kuza^ only with ttie medial 
signification, kanan ani garakotin kufadte git^uma zH hinutj 
lit. what I in my heart gathered, all tell I to you, i. e. what 
I have thought of In my heart, I (now) tell yon all ; was ich 
In meinem flera&en dachte, sage ich dir Alios. 

^^tita. 1. px. to tear, tear in pieces; aserreissen, in Stflcke reissen. — 
9. to cut off, carve; zerschneiden , in Stttcke schneiden. — 8. 
to divide, separate; theilen, trennen. — 4. to interrupt (one s dis-^ 
course); unterbrechen (in der Rede), ani Hon kutcy I broke 
off there; ich unterbrach mich dort, bin dort stehen geblieben. 
kuta. n. s. ox. or kutan. inv. ox. ambush (to cut ofi* one's way); 
Binterhalt (um einem den Weg abzuschneiden). see also teziza 
under t&. 

— 88 — 

kukuta. 1. ppx. lotens. of ktUa, to dilaoerate, dtomemberi eer- 

reissen, zerfleischen. 
II. kutad^a. 1. px. to cut off, tear somefbiDg for OBes self, to 

gnaw off (flesh from tbe bones); fclr sich abseluieides, abzansen, 

abnagen, z. B. Koochen. 

kudan. Inv. num. ox. ten; zehn. If written kvtan one might suppose 

the root to be the foregoing verb kuia, see also kurna. 
kufa. 1. px. to fall, fi^l down; fallen, nmMlen. 
If. kufad*a* 1. ppx. idem. 
kubza, 1. px. to throw down, overthrow; amstfirzen, umwerfen. 

Respecting the form see Gram. nam. 64. 
V. kxibzifad^a. 1. ppx. the medial f. of kub%i%€i, %. to cause 
to overthrow; amstiirzen lassen ond zwar filr sieh. 
kufama. 1. ppx. passive of kvza^ see kua. 

kuba* ni. s. px. a piece of flesh of the cow which Is slaoghtered 
during the Oerara (which see.) It is carried .with the sidn 
to an anfteqaented place and left there fot the blasts; a sym- 
bolic action by which thit* kuba means the killed foe; to eat 
the kuba is prohibited (A/rmtJ. Ein StQck Fleisch, von der 
beim Oerara gescblachteten Kuh, an dem noch die Haat ist, 
das der Held des Festes an einen anbesuchten Ort tr&gt nod 
den wilden Thieren iiberl&sst (gada}; eine symoolische Hand- 
Inng, wobei das kttba den erlegten Feird bedeutet, und wel- 
ches ZQ essen verboten ihimu) ist. 

kurube. n. s. ox. antelope or roe; Reh, Gazelle. 

kurna* t. s. px. formed perhaps from kudaUy a number of ten, parti- 
cularly a space of ten days according to which the time is 
reckoned ; eine Anzahl von zehn, bes. die Zeit von zehn TageD, 
wornach wie nach Wochen gerechnet wird. 

kula. i. 8. px. under-garment for men and women of a white and 
blue colour with sleeves^ Unterkleid fUr Franeii and M&nner, 
weiss und blan mit Aermeln. 

kuma* num. px. thousand; tausend. 

kuntutna. ni. num. ppx. million; Million. (?) 

kuni. the Nom. of the demonstrative pron. kana^ this; dieser, e, es. 

krohod*€L 1. ppx. (frpm an unused root kroka or krokoa)^ to be or 
become curved, crooked; krumm sein oder werden. — JLalso verb 

aoUve i0 ottke eurvM, to iMke m erlpple ; krama, sum Krttppel 
machen. Waeuffo mi ka krolMtut may God make the« a cripple; 
Gelt soli dioli SOB Krttppel maekeal Flaeh. 

e. respu q. 

cake. n. s. ox. cough, particularly of plithisical persoDB; Hasten, bes. 
der an Lungenschwindsucht Leidenden. nat. sound. 

caca. fi. H. ox. soot; Rus& 

caeak^ px. natyral seuod, preix, expressing the noise of dry wood 
when being broken in pieces; analogically to dlrgimj doibok 
etc. oompoooded with djed^a^ to say. Bin Natarlaut^ der das 
Krachen von etwas Kerbreoheodem naohahmen soil, dahea 

cacak'^ed'aj to orack; kraoheo. ' gafafuma baheiU aka io&M 
robera, $nani kuni tacdk^kindliene eda ini dyideray at tliat time 
it rained torrents, therefore the house did not oraok, for it was 
wet, (alludiogto a bnrglary that the thieves were not heard 
to enter); damals regaete es sehr stark, daher kraohte das 
Uausnicht, well esnass war) (ams der ErsUhlung elnesnUoht- 
Ikehen Siabreehes). Also a verb is Ibrmed with this soand via. 

eaeakza. 1. px. to crack; krachen. — 9. trans, to rot, break, crash; 
brechen, aerbrechen. 

caeaba, 1 ppx. to be avaricious; geissig seln. Intens. of caba which 

cacal^i. adj. ox. Intens. of cai^a which see, thin; dUnn. 

moga cacal^i^ thin soup, also a sort of thin cake, „panca^''; 
dOnne Suppe, auch eiu dtlnnes Gfeb&ck, Ptannenkuchen s urspr. 
ist es jedoch nur von Flttssigkeiten gebraucht. 

eatchd. (j^ad) 1. to trample upon a thing; auf etwas treten, herum- 
trampeln. kod^u dugde na catchaiy come trample upon my back; 
komm tritt mir meinen Bticken. It ici a custom of the Gallas 
to trample upon the back after dinner in order to assist the di- 
gestion ; die Gewohnbeit, sich nach Tisch sur Beftirdervng der 
Verdauung treten ^u lessen, ist im Orient bekannC 

catehamiM, 1. px. nat sound, to snap, snatch (said of dogs); sdinappen 
(von Hunden) nach einem vorgehaltenen FrasS. 

_ iO — 

eaiehi. n. s. o& whip, aooarge; Peltsehe^ klelner als Mtm^ 

eatehixa. 9. ppx. ta oraok with the whip; sohnalxen, klatsehen 
mit der PeitBche. — t. to Biaack darinic eating; sehmatzcn 
beim Esseo. 
eaP'dkaVa. 1. pz. nat soand, to stamp^ pound, bray (in the mortar); 

fltossen, stampfen im Mtfrser. 
catTixa. adj. ppx. low, soft, clandestine, secret; leise, heimlich, anbe- 
merkt caViza ademe^ he walked lightly; er ging heimlich. 
Firstly I wrote this word gadi%a and considered it as signiiying | 
„shadow^^, but Aman authorized this orthography. 
tada, adv. temp. px. long ago, long since; lange (von der Zeit). irge 
cadkUin d^ufhe^ it is a long time since he came; er ist lange 
nicht gekommen. 
emdad^a. 1. ppx. to cover, deck; Eudecken, bedecken. 

cadad^a. n. s. ox, cover, lid; Deckel. 
eudame. n. s. ox. (gadame^ — and then perhaps related to gada 9 — ) 
the day before Zambata^ a day of the week; ein Wochentag, 
jener nemlich der dem Zambata vorhergeht Aman does not 
know this word; the names of days quoted by hiih are: 1. 
€Hfti{Kaimi%a). 9. Djimada. 8. Zambata t^imu 4. Zambata guda. 
6. 25uno, 6. Maezaiio (Ta/ho). 7. Arbi. 
eadamiure. n, s. ox. used as an adv. (compound of mura which see) 

across, beyond; hinUber (bei FlUssen.) 
cade. adj. ox. (Am.) judicious, prudent; gescheidt, king. 
cade. n. s. ox. (Am.) itch; Kr&tze. Abusive word: bada eadeiinana! 
cafL n. s. ox. (Ag.) peasant, countryman ; Bauer, Landmann. 
cab^. nat sound, eah'^dfeia^ to crash, clap; klappen, schnappeoj 

eaba. 1. px. (singular assonance to the latin capere, or our: haF6, 
haben) to seize, apprehend; ftissen, ergreifen. — 9. fig. to com- 
prehend, understand; begreifen, verstehen« — 8. to reach^ 
attain, obtain; erreichen, lit and ilg. — 4. to take; Ibngeo, 
nehmen« — 6. to take away, seize, capture; wegnehmen, er- 
obem, Besitz ergreifen von etwas. -^ 6. to hold, keep ; halteo, 
festhalten, behalten. — 7. to have, poiisess, to haVe in one's power} 
haben, inne haben, besitzen, in der Gewalt haben. 
cabfmm^ i. ppx. passive of the root, to meet, assemble ; sich ver- 
sammeln. mangudon cabamtey the judges met; die Blehter sind 

— «t — 

eaba. n. s. ox. so mach an a man can take In tba hand, ahand- 
M. mS kabake na kenniy pray give me a haod^M; soviel 
ein Menscli in die Hand nehmen kann, eine Handvoll; sync* 
nymoiui with kabaia which see. 

eaba* mi. a. px. that which holds or eonstrains, duty, obligation ; das 
was hUt, Pllicht, Verblndlichkeit, Schnldigkelt eaba walUi ea- 
bad^ani^ they agreed upon ; sie verahredeten sich miteinander. — 
9. term, limit, end ; Ziol, Bade, Frist ct^a fM, kenni or Mmif 
give or tell me a time) sag, gib mir oine Frist, ein ZieK 
eabaza oie^ he dlt not attend to his summons, he broke his 
word; er hat seine Frist verstreichen lessen, hat sein Wort 
gebrochen. eaba keiiatu. gau geta , oar end approaches ; anser 
Ende, der Tod ist nahe. eabnl Waeayo i%a edbuf gae^ the term 
of God (i. e. death) approaches to him; Gottes Ziel (d. i. der 
Tod} wird ihn bald erreichen. 

eabe» n, s. ox. promise; Versprechen. — 9. a game with a stiok; 
Slockspiel. (Ag. kotte. Am. q4tte.) — 8. a cap, goblet; Trink- 
gefSfls, Beoher. 

eabi. n* s. ox. a distrainer or a bambailllff; der Anspfttnder, eine 
geriohtliche Person. — 8. rest, repose; Bahe, Rast ami cabin 
eabUy 1 have no rest nor repose; ich habe koine Robe, koine 

eabo. n, s. ox* entrance-place of a house; Vorplats, Havsflar. 

eabdo. n. s, ox. obligation, engagement; Verbindlichkeit, Pfllcht, 
Sohnldlgkeit. — 9. claim, demand, exaction; Fordemng, An- 
spmeh, object* ini eabdo nara eaba^ he has a claim on me; 
er hat eine Bohuldfordemng an mich. 

eabdtk n. s. ox. tongs, pincers; Zange* Perhaps also 

eama. (ga$mOy n. ox. mane; Mtthne, is by contraction fiomcabna 
derived from this root. 

eabexa. adj. px. opolent, rich, wealthy; reich, mttcbtig. 

eabtUL acU. px. pradent, Jadlcions; gescheidt, verstllndig, „begrei- 
Ibad'^ (Am. eamnaJ) 
Intensive of the roots 

eaeaba. i. ppx. to be avaricious; geiaig, habgierig, sohmutzig 

Phrases, cfamin eaba^ lit to seize with the month, I. e. to 
taste; w6rtl. mit dem Mande nehmen, d. i. yerkosten, ver- 
i^oohen. — dgai^abaj lit. to seisce beneath; unten ergreifen. 

— 4« — 

i. 9. to begin, conmeoce; begionen, anlWDgen. — When constracted 
with the postp. dyala^ eaba U synonymoiui with oaia^ to ans- 
wer; mit der Postp* d;gala entsprieht cnba dem oad^ay antwor- 
ten. maf na dyaia cabudid'taf why doest then net answer 
me; warum antworteet da mir nioht? see Gram. nam. 176. — 
itai eabay lit to hold mutoally; gegenseitig haiten, I* e. em- 
brace, hog; sich umarmen. — 8. said of baildings „to be built 
together'^; von Geb&aden gebrancfat ^yZosammen gebaD^ sein/^ 
— mt irge gariti na cabe^ lit* he has held me to the good; 
er hat mich zum Gaten gehalten, i. e. has saved me; hat mich 
gerettet. — damodzi na caba^ lit. cold holds me; KJUte h&it 
miQb, i. Or I feel cold; ichfriere, es Mertmich. — waabalura 
eaboy lit. to have something upon a person; etwas aaf Jemanden 
habeo, L e. to be angry agai >st someone^ anf eiaen erzilrDt 
sein. — %. to have a claim on any person j eine Forderong an 
Jemaod haben. 

II. cabala. 1. ppx. to seize, comprehend, reach, take, keep, have 
etc. for myself, viz. all the above qaoled signilicatiens has also 
the II. i. only with the medial sense; fUr sich nehmen, be- 
greifen, halten, haben a. s. f. kurz alle oben angeffihrten Be- 
deatangeo des Wurzelworts kehren aoch hier wieder nor mit 
reciproker Farbang. — 8. flg. to think, take for, consider, re- 
gard ; fUr elwas halten, nehmen , ansehen. hatu na cadad'ani, 
they took me for a thief; sie hielten mich fUr einen Dleh. — 
d. to fix the eyes upon an object, c. Ace, ins Aoge Aissen, 
mit dem Acq. constr. meHkida cabad'e^ I lixed . upon a mark 
(a gaide-mark) with my eyes; ich fasste ein Sfieiofaen, einen 
Wegweiser ins Auge. — 4. constr. with -^i and --^ (-ft) : to 
hold one*s self on. something, to pretend, excuse witib; sich 
an etwas halten, vorschtitzen, vorgeben, sich mit etwas ans- 
reden, entsohuldigen. hanan cabad'eti ii^oi^e, pretending this 
he went away; sich damit ausredend ging er weg. 

cabad^o. n. s. ox. formed from the U. f. that which a person 
holds; das was odor womit einer h&lt: handle ear; Penkel an 
Geflissen. — 9. helve, haft of instruments ; Stiel, Heft an Ar- 

cabad'u, adj. corpulent, tliick, M\ dick, fett, feist 

Phrases made with eabad'a. wal cabtbia^ to hold .together^ 
to be united ; zusammenhalteo, tibereinstimmen. — 9. (of houses) 

— 48 — 

to be bvtlt together; (vun GebHoden) isiiMmmoii, en eln-* 
ender eegebMit seln. — du^iza itaHii eabad^eray his back 
bee be come stiff, nomoYable; eeln Rttcken Ut eteir, anbe- 
wegUch gewordeD. — mora ttai cabadHa^ \\i to bold the 
grease (of the victim) together; das Pett (des Optbrthlerea) 
mit eloander batten, nai^ ^'|ox- A>rt to make peace, reconcile; 
Friede sebllessen, slch versAhnen — garanko waUti eabadtey 
I haTecollo; loh babe Baochgrlmmen, Kollk. — ini garMati ea^ 
bad^ey lit. be kept with his heart, 1. e. concealed, hid; er 
hlelt mlt Oder In dem Hensen, d. I. verbarg, Terhelrollchte, 
verhehlte. «- d'ua cahaia^ to bold the blood (of the victim), 
to mark ene*s self with blood daring the sacrifice; Blat balten, 
slch mlt dem Blate des Opferthlores bekreosBen; allgemeln fttr 
„opfern^^ -^ eaba wal eahad'aj to agree upon; slch flber et- 
was verabreden. 

III. cab»i%a. %.. pz. to make apprehend or seise; ergrelfen, Ibssea 
lassen* — 9. said of fire : to set on fire, barn ; anisttaden , In 
Brand stecken. huben mana eabzize^ the wind set the hoase 
on fire; der Wind hat das Haas In Brand gesetat. — afanin 
eabzisuif lit, to canse to seize with the month, i. e. to cause 
to taste ; veranlassen mlt dem Monde za nehmen , d. I. ver- 
sneben, verkosten lassen. 

IV. cab»ifad'a. i. ppx. Id. only with the medial sense; wle das 
vorlge, nar mlt der Medlal-Bedeotang. 

eaha^o. n. s. ox. handle; Henfcel, see eaba. 
eabatfu. adj. ox. fat; fett etc. see eaba. 
^obaba, 1. ppx. to be short ; karz seln. 
eababtu. adj. ox short; korz. 
UL eababza. 1. px. to make short, to shorten; kniz machen, 

kttrzen, abschnelden* 
^oband. (awa) %, to eool one's self, to be or become cool, fresh ; slch 

abkttblen; ktthl seln oder werden. — 9. to become evening; 

Abend werden. 
^^» n. s. ox. promise; Verspreoben. see eaba. 
^<* It. 8. ox. distrainer ; AasplUnder, see eaba. 
^0. n. s. ox. entrance-place of a house; Vorplatz, Hausflor. see eaba. 
<^^Mo. n. s. ox. duty; Pfllobt etc. see eaba. 
««iMu. n. s. ox. tongs; Zange. see eaba^ 
^^^na. adj. px* prudent; king, see eaba. 

— 44 — 

eab%i%a. 9. «x. to set on Are; ansliiMleii ete. see eaba. 

CO. (-ofi^a) 2* to have an openingi a hole; eiae Oefhnni^ baben, Idcb- 
erig aein. Vuwen ifum kdy this pot has a hole; dieser Topf 
hat ein Loch. 
ea. oom. co/hi. s. hole; Loeh, Oeffhaag. — ca funanj nostril; 
Naseolocb. — ca guroy (guray to carry ; tragen) basket ; Kerb. 
— %• opportanity; Gelegenheit. — d. expedient, way; Mittel 
VDd Weg, bat in this sense cofni as a separate sabstantive is 
more used; in diesem letzteren Sinne ist jedoch cofiU als selbst- 
stftndiges Wort gebrttnchlhsben 

CiUffe^ ft. s. ox. gon; Gewebr, formed doabtless by the nat. sound: 
caw^y for eaw^djedfa (lit. to say caw; caw sagen) signifies: to 
dap, report; knallen, krachen. Thence 
cawiza. 9. ppx. to crack ; krachen. — 9. to crackle C^e) ; pras- 
seln vom Fener. 

emoexa. adj. fern, cawetu ox. dense, close; dicht. — 9. dark, gloomy; 
finster, dankel. halkan cawexoy a very dark night; finstere 

cara, 1. pz. nnnsed root of 

cara. n. s. px. point, top, edge; Spitze, Schneide. — 2. sommit, top 
of a tree or mountain ; Gipfel eines Baumes oder Berges. — 
3. beam, ray, glance; Strahl (von der Sonne). Wacayo biftun 
Cixra %odomay God thou sun with thirty rays; Gott, da Sonne 
mit dreissig Strahlen. — 4. adverbially: above, on the summit; 
oben, auf der Anhtthe. i%(m cara finani gadi itufaniy after 
they had done above they cune down; nachdem sie obea 
fertig waren, kamen sie herab. — 5. up, upwards; hinaul^ aaf- 
w&rts. — cara baza^ lit to make go out the edge ; die Spitze, 
Schneide heransgehen machen, i. e. to sharpen ; spitzen, sch&rfl&n. 
care. n. s. ox. declivity, brim, brink, border; Abhang, Rand. — 
ti. a tuft of hair worn by unmarried g^rls on the crown of 
the head, which is ornamented with pearls, but which is cat 
off the day they are married; eine eigenthtlmliche TOnsur, die 
unverheirathete Ml&dchen vor Frauen auszeichnet ; es bleibt da- 
bei nur in der Mitte des Kopfes ein Bllschel Haare steheo, 
der mit Muscheln, Perlen und dergL umwunden wird. ^~- dwrba 
carcy an unmarried maiden; ein Junges uaverbeirathetes Mlidcben. 
II. cara^a. 1. ppx. to be pointed, sharp, acute; spitsng, scharf 
sein. — S. trans, to sharpen, wet; seh&rfen, wetzen. 

— 45 — 

earia. i. ppx. to puss or oross a hlM, to step over; fiber etwaa hln* 

Uber kommen, Ober e&nen Htigel gehen. 
raru'^ffurra. s^enr-lap; OhrlXppchen. — earu^dya. 9* eye-ball, pupil; 

AogapM, Pnpllle (?) 
carmi. n. a. ox* atabble; Stoppel, das was belm Sobnelden des Ge- 
treides in der Brde blelbt. ion mld^an carmiti ^e^anlj the 
cattle haTO grased the com till to the stobble; das Vieh hat 
das Oetreide bis aaf die Stoppeln abgeweldet --• 9. remainder, 
residae lo general; Ueberblelbsel, AbflUI Im Allg. 
eala. 1. px. to slaughter, batcher; schlachten. 

II. ealad^a, 1. ppx. to slaughter for one's self; fdr sloh schlachten. 
calu. n. s« ex. and 

eahteha* i. b, (spec, form) px* fbm. eaMi, n. s. ox. a certain sort of 
saoriilcers (men and uremen); eine eigene Gattnng Opferpriester 
and Opff)rpriesterinnen. — ztnibira eaiu^ wagtail; Baohstehse. 
ealcr. n. s. ox. cudgel, club; Stock, Prttgel. 
cale. n. s. ox. kidney; Niere, 

eal^a* 1. px. to be thin, meager, lean, used of fluids, being opposite 
to furdttj thick; dtinn, mager sein, von fltlssigen Substanzen 
im Gegensatfls zu furda dick. 
eacal^t, adj. (Am. eacal^d) In tens, particularly moga eacal^i. 
see above. 
eama. 1. px. to taste; verkosten. — 9. to present (foretasted meat or 
drink) ; ^redenzen. Perhaps contracted from cabna and thus 
related to cahfh 
eamadi. n. s. ox. a species otDaguza; eine Gattung von Daguzay vgl. 

camana, U s. px. milk which is kept from morning until to evening, 
sour milk; Milch, die von frtth bis Abend steht, also wohl 
sauer ist. 

eimk^e. n. s. ox. a violent shower of rain; ein starker Begen, Platz- 

emeamad^a. 1. ppx. to warm one*s self; sleh wllrmen, erwi&rmen. 
(Am. edeamad^a,) The root eaneama has not been found. 
IIL eaneamad(%if6a* 9. px. to cause to be wanned; wKrmen las* 
sen. — 9. to make a fire, to heat; Feuer machen, einheitzen. 
Probably derived from the following. 

emiqe. n. s. ox. spark, sparkle; Funken. -Jlfa^fil. yo eanqen gaya kesik$ 
vVaie namni indiM^ when a spade falls out of the pipe, some- 

— 4« — 

oae most die; wenn eln Fanke mw d«r Pfelfe sprlngt, oiiim 
JemaDd slerben. 

gedo. n. s. ox. watchman, seDtiy-maii; W&ehter, Wachposten , beaoa- 
ders der an dem berOj der Schut^hecke) wegen feindlicber 
UeberflUle aofgestellte. 

qero. n. s. oz. a yoong anmarried man beA>re twenty ive years of 
age. As a collective noon it is used aa a word in the femi- 
nine gender; jnnger nnverheiratheter Mann anter S6 Jabren. 
Als CoUectiv-Begriff femin. 

qerd. (aa) 1* the act of atriking back a ball which is tlirown towards 
one; in der Luft entgegenschlagen, am etwas anf einen her 
fliegendes aufzufangen oder zurQckznsclilagen. 

qena* u s. px. plor. qenoda, miiitressy queen; Herrin, Gebieterin, K5- 
nigin. (Am.) Akaf. does not know this word, he says gifti. 

qen%a. i. s^ px. nail of a finger or a toe; Finger- oder Zehen^-Nagel. 

qen%a. 1. px. the act of receiving anything which fidls firom above 
(rain etc.); etwas nnterbalten, nm von oben herabfidlende Diiige 
(Regentropfen z. B.) anlteaflftngen. 

qigirza. 1. px. to tickle, titillate; kitzeln. 

qiVa. (-atra) 2» to be level; eben, horizontal sein. — S« to be per- 
fect, accomplished, complete; vollst&ndig, voUkommen, voU- 
z&hlig sein. — 3. to be equal, like, the same as; gleichsein. 
4. to resemble; &hnlich sein. 

qWe. adj. ox. level; eben, horizonti^. — 9. accomplished; voll- 
st&ndig. — 3. equal; gleich. — 4. resembling; &hnlich. Usually 
compoanded with waiy mutually; gegenseitig. wai giVe adv. in 
one rank, one file; in Einer Reihe, Einer Linie. 

qiVe, n. s. ox. a man who has given seed to the proprietor of 
a field and then shares with him equally the produce of it; 
- einer der einem Feldbesitzer Samen gegeben hat und mit ihm 
zu gleichen Theilen den Ertrag theilt. 

tqil^yma. nL adi» ppx. all; alle (explicable by the signification of 
the root: to be complete.) 
^. III. qWeza* 8. px. to make equal, to acconiplish, complete.; gleich, 
voUstSndig machen. — 9. to compare; vergleichen. In this 
sense particl. wai qiVeza. 

qUe%a> t. 3. air; Luft (Ak. qUen%a.) : — qiiexfl ow^a^ the air is 
warm ; die Lufit ist ^varm. 


— 47 — 

fUdu. f>. 0. ox. Bot FioM pMndoflyoomoros. H« P. ^ •« the fhiit of 

thill tree; die Fracht dieses Baamet, Feige. 
eocobd. {awa) 9. to be prepared, ready; gerttstet, fertig eein. Inteos. 

of eobd which oee. — 9. to choose oat, select; aasw&hleii, 

auslesen. -^ 9. to prepare, accomodate; zorechtlegen , her- 

111. coeobeza, 9. px, to prepare etc.; rOsten, fertig machen. 

coeor»a. 1. px. to gnaw off; abnagen, abzansen (von Baoden) see 
eara of which It is probably an Inteos.; wahrscheinllch das 
Intens von eora. 

cota, f. px. to make an opening in something; cine Oeffoong in et- 
was machen. — 9. to bore, drill, to dig, carve; graben, boh- 
ren. — 8. fig. to copaiate; sich gescblechtlich vermlschen. — 
4. to break open, break in, said of thieves; einbrechen, von 
Dieben. — 5. to plough; pflOgen. 

cote, n, s. ox. bet, wager; Wette. — eotewal cabad^Uy to wager, 
bet, hold a wager; wetten, eine Wette machen. ho namni cote 
wai eabad*%u feite nwgezani gonizaniti wait eabUy when 
men will hold a wager they hdok the small fingers together 
etc; this „hooking" being done by „boring^^ in the others hand 
thns the derivation from the root eota is intellegible; wenn 
Leate mit einander wetten wolleo, halten sic sich so, dass sie 
mit ihren kleinen Fingern einhenken etc., dieses „Einhenken^^ 
aber geschieht darch „Bobren^' in die Hand des Andern and 
so wird die Ableitang von cota erklftrlich. 

eoto. n. s. ox. spade; Spaten, Grabscheit — * 9. ax, hatchet; Axt, 


eotu. n. s. ox. plougher, tiller, Ackersmann, Baaer. — nua coteza^ 
all instruments appertaining to agricaltare; alle zom Ackerbaa 
geh5rigen Werkzenge. 

eotoma, ni. s. ppx. watch- cottage on the field j Wachhiitte aaf 
dem Felde. 

^ * • 

eodi, n. s. ox, gridiron or an instrament resen^bling it, e. g. shelves 
for plates J Best fiber dem Feoer und ahnliche Vorricbtangeo. 
wie z. B. eine Steliage zam B&oehero des Fleisohes. 

eofwra. 1. ppx. (Am. eomfiira) to dig; grabeOi 

eofora. n. s. ox. a carving-instrament^ gmbUng-as; eia Week* 
zeog zam Graben, Piokel, BeathaoOk 

— 48 — 

eofi9i. n. 0. |iz. properly the Nomin. of edf holOi b«t used as sepanito 
noan signifyiDg opportonity, way, expedient $ Gelegenh^C^ Mittel, 
Weg. — ft. sapport; Hilfe, Uiiten»tlilzaDg. 

eobS. (rouw) 2«> to be attentive, carelU, to attend to; aufmerksam sein, 
Acht haben, mit Sehnsacht aof etwas barren. — 8. to prepare, 
make ready one*B self; sich niaten, bereit halten. ani cobaetan 
%i ega^ lit. I ezpeet tbee prepared, i. e. I long to see thee; 
wOrtl. ich erwarte dich vorbereitet, aofmerkaam eto. d. u icb 
erwarte dich mit Sehnsacht. 
cocoba* 9. Inteos. idem. 
cobe. adj. ox. attentive; anfinerksam. — 9. cantioos, circomapect; 

UL cobeza, 9. px. and 

IV. cobefaicu 1. ppx. to prepare, e. g. a dinner; zabereiten (ein 
Mahl). Intens. cocobe%a and cocobefad'a* 

eobo. n. s. ox. Bot Bicinns megalospermns. 

cora, 1. px. „there or it is a hoar-firost^'; es reift. — 9. to be gray- 
headed, very did; graokSpfig, sehr alt sein* 
cora. u s. px. rime, hoar-jfirost ; Beif. cori i%ati bue^ rime fell 
upon him, i. e. he is very old ; der Beif iat anf ihn gefldlen, 
er ist angereift, d. h. er ist sehr alt (von den weissen Haaren 

eora. 1. px. to cat off qaite short; ganz knrz abschneiden. — H. to 
scratch, grate; kratzen, abschaben. — Thence: 3. to inquire, 
examine, seek oat; antersachen , examiniren, aasforschen. The 
above quoted cocorxa. 1. px. to gnaw off; abnagen, is probably 
an Intens. of the III. f. of cora. 
cora. n. s. rose or a similiar thorny plant which „pricks^^ when 
it is touched; Bose Oder ein anderes Dordgew&chs, das bei 
der Beriihrung sticht Oder kratzt. — mid^an cora, the seed or 
core of it; die Frucht, w5rtl. das Getreide davon. 
cori* n. s. ox. a kind of food which is eaten daring the days on 
which the circumcision is performed; eine Speise, die bei 
Btila gegessen wird, cori naga. 

ewade. n. s. ox. a sabre with a square blade; 8libel mit vome breit 
abgeschnittener> Kiinge. 

corara. t. s. px. shoulder-blade; Schulterbli^ 

coram, inv. s. ox. wood; Holz. 

cori. n. s. ox. a kind of food etc. see cora. 

ONi. m sp muh UMe At^i or lovy; fclelM liiae aoi f oiiMto gmaoH 

wtffRQp der Kiiflo« gAlniokcui trM« . 
corogonda. n. 8. ox. whisk, broom; Kehrwiscb, Beseo. 
caree. t^ PK. toigiair^.^a «o»ir off; ^ngoii) friMMgenlntenBi ^cofeo,^ 

earcorm. ft. ppx. to dMrapt ; misstraoen. t (Am.) . 

gardSM. «• a. px. . glmico, gl«ce, llghUiiag ; BWok* Perhn^s appertaining 

t9 gona. Sa. i9t.:dlfi80-4«» ^Inaige WorV ^bu» den CoMonanten 

z (f«, il«) 2a haben scheint. 
cola. 1. px. to draw, delineato, to paint; zelctviQQ) mi^an, aomalen. — 

%^ to atUchi. einliroWetr; atlcken, daa eirstero bel TOpfergeaoUrr, 

daa findore bol KleMorn, Versierangen mit tanter- Wolle ans- 


comama. 1. px. to die suddenly (from'' apoplexy)^ plOtslloh sterben, 
vom 8olilaga gerttlirt wenden. 

c(nne. n. a. ox« breast, pectus (lat.) of human beings and beasts ; Brust 
bei Menschen Dnd Thieren. — t. poitrel of horses (eamo)^ 
Brustband, Bmstriemen bei Pferden. 

comp. n. s. ox. poitrel of hofses ^ Bmstriemen: — . 9. wish, desire, 
appetency, longing ; Wunsibh, Begierde,' Sehn&ucht. — 3. ' con- 
sanguineous , appertaining to the same tribe; stammverwandt, 
zu demselben Geschlecht gehOrig. see goga and gatche. -— 
Related petbapis is: 

camodjd. (rowa) 4. to ^wisll' vehemently, tolongfbr; heltlgwtin- 
schen, sich sehnee. - * ' 

eoza*^ l.px. to Jeat, Joke, pa^tUoa; spherasen, ppassen. 
eoza. fi. 8* ox. Jest, Joke ; Scb^rsB,- Spass. 

eozoeoza. 1 px. to anUnMte <a toroli by thmsting the lighted end down- 
wards; einen !Penerliraad a»f die jBrde.stassjDn^ am i)in ipekr 
laFlaaiB^il sm aetaeo* ---r Ji to anaff.a Dandle; > oin LioM putzen. 

cna. 1. px. (Am; eu^a) to evt^way, e^o^ off; weghaa^i, ibhauen, 

cuca. 1. px. it akes, bites; ^s schmer^t, sticht 
cuye. n, B. ox. sergeant, tip-staff, in the service of the ada fufio wHich see ; 

Gerichtsperson, Gerichtsdiener, unter dem aba funo stehend. 

txifa. 1. px. to be fall, satiated, satisfied; voll, satt sein. 

n. evfa^a* 1. ppx. idem. 


in. ciiixa. i. pz. to Miflate, fifl, sattsiy, ^we ftlUDdaaee; irttttigea^ 
ffUlen, Ueberfloss ertheilen. — eubxiza. 9. ppx. mtbzifaJa. 
1. ppx. 
eufd. (-na) li to coagh; hasten. — 9, to dear the throat; siehriofl- 
pern. — 9. to rattle In the throat; rScheln. — 4. roctus edere. 
cuda. fit. s. px. finger; Finger. — 9. toe; Zehe. — 8. hoof; Huf. 
Cuba* 1. px. to make a sign, to wink; eki Zeichen gehen, win- 
ken. cubaSan iiumboy he signs with the finger; er winkt niit 
dem Finger. 
cttber(euwe) n, s. ox. rice; Bels. (Am.) fj 

ewifama. 1. ppx. the passive of an unused root curia or so: to 

shrivel, become crumpled; Kusammenschrumpfen. gOj^an kmi 

curifamera, this skin is shrivelled; dieses Fell ist einge- 

schrumpft, runzelig geworden. 

cur cur a. 1. ppx. (perhaps the same as C0ewr%d) to gnaw^ said of mice; 

nagen (von M&asen.) 
culik 1* px. {cula. ?} to he naked, hare ; nackt, hlofii sein. — S. to be 
clean^ neat; rein sein. 
ni. cule%a» 2. px. and 

IV. eulefojia* 1. ppx. to make clean; reiQ maolien. — %, ii^ de- 
fend, excuse; vertheidigen^ entschuldlgen, von Vorwnrf rei- 
cukulu, adj. ox. pure, clean, innocent; rein, unschuldig. — i 
serene, dear; heiter, klar, vom Himmel. 
cuiufa. 1. ppx. to join, tie; ^usammenbinden, kniipfen, verkniipfen. — 

9. to knit; stricken. 
eun^e. n. s. ox. bark of a tree ; Rinde eines Baumes. — 9. cover; 
Schale. — 3. crust, hull, husk; Hfilse. 
cundji%a^ 2. ppx. to peel, bare, shell; absoh&len. 
cunVi. n, s. ox. ficsh which is exposed for sale; das ssom Verkaof 
ausge'stellte Fleisch. — curUTi caUny to slaughter eattle in order 
... to sell the fiesh, to butcher; zum Verkauf schlachten, tfets- 
gerei treiben. 
cunt^itcha. u s. px. butcher; Metzg^r. 
cu%ac. ». 8. Bot? 

^ it ^ 

gd. C-aya) 3 to ap|uroach, to come to a place ; iiabeD, woUn kommen. — 
8. to reach, attain; erreiclieii. — 3. to come in, revenue, rent; 
einkommen, das lat. redire. -r 4* to come toene^s shar^; treffen 
(bei eiqem Gesc^&fte, I^oos.) ini fadfa kan i%a gd, he takes 
what U 0ae to him; er niqamt .so viel als Ihn trifft. .^— S. 
when constructed thronghoat all persons with the. iofiiiltive of 
the relating verh^ gik is used as an auxiliary verb to express 
more accurately the Aiture tense ; mit dem Inflnitiv des \>etref- 
fenden Verbs construirt wird ga Hililszeitwort und drtlekt als 
aolehes genauer dicZukunft au». ini dfufu gaufdgira — d'ti/li 
ga — dtufik gae — ttufii gaeroy he will come. The examples 
given hcure. express tenses gradually approaching from the fu- 
ture time to the present tense. Die hier gegebenen Beispiele 
bedeuten alle: er wird kommen, aber in jedem der einzelnen 
Mt,. wie sie auf einander folgen^ eine immer grOssere N&he 
desKommenden auiigedrilckt. — expresses also our: about, 
nearly ; obngeHihr. ion himietiba toko gau, lit, this cattle approach- 
es to one hundred, L e. there are about one hundred; das Vleh 
naht einem Hundert, d« i. es sind ohngef&hr hundert Stttck Yieh. 
Phrases, ani gara xi ga^ ati gara na ge%a^ lit. I approach 
to thy heart, thou approachest to my heart; ich nahe deinem, 
du nahstmeinem Herzen, i. e. I delight or please thee, thou 
delightest, pleasest me; ich erflreue dich, du erfreust mich. — 
haman ge%a9 lit. how far. approachest thou (respecting the age); 
wie weit nahest du? i. e. what is tby age; wie alt hist dnf 
— na bira gaiy come to me; komm zu mirl 

III. ge«a. 1. px. to bring near; in die Ntthe brlngen. — f. to 

conduct, lead; fiUiren, leitcn* — 9. to bring to a place; kgend 

wohin bringen, scb^ffen* 
gefama, i. .ppx. passive of the jbregoiag. ho Wacayo «i geza 

ingefanUa^ if God leads Ihcfs thou att (well) led} wenn Gott 

dich fUhrt, 4ann hist du (gut) gieleitet 
gegexa. 1. px* Intens. of the III, i^l. to accoivipaQy, attepid; be- 



— lit — 

gaila. n. s. ox. (Am* ga€la. 1) perhaps related to gai the time when 
a person marries; der Zeitpunht wo Einer helrathet. gaiianke 
gaef wiUst thou soon many; wills t da hald heirathen? 

gaga. n. s. ox. wax; Wachs. 

gagabara. 1. ppx. Intens. of gabara which see, to flatter, caress, 
elierish ; schmelcheln , liebkosen. ini gagabarte kadta^e , he 
asked flatteringly; er bat mlt vielen Schmeichelworten. 

gaguia. h. s. ox. a paistry-work, a thick loaf; ffackwerk, hochaufge- 
gangenes Brod. see guba of which it is an Intensive. 

gatche. n. s. and adj. ox. like eamo „of the same tribe*^; von dem- 
selben Stamme, stammverwandt wie camo. 

gadjara. 1. ppx. to flx a day for justice ajfairs; einen Termin be- 
stimmen. — 9. (o decide, arbitrate Our.>; richterlich ent- 

gadjama. ni. s. px. reward, salary; Belohnnng, Trinkgeld fiir eise 

gadjana^ i. s. px. shield; Schild. fAib. gadjemt which he uses also 
for ar^fta, tortoise; SchildkrSte.3 

gady^la. 1. px. to be right, sti'aight, direct; gerade seln. — 9. to go 
directly towards an object; gerade auf etwas losgehen. »m 
manati gadyele, he went home ; er ging nach Haase. — 3. to 
tarn, lead; lenken,* leiten. Wacago milkike ha gadyelu^ may 
God lead thy step; Gott mb'ge deine Schritte leiten! — 4. to 
run away; davon laufen, sic6 'atis' deioa Staube machen. 

III. gadySlzd, 1. px. to make right, to direct; gerade machen, 
rich ten. nu karra zani gddyelzinay let us show them the way; 

' lasst nns sie gerade machen, d. i. ihnen den'Weg zeigen. 

IV. gadyelfdd*a, 1. ppx. id. recipr. fuia manati gadyeifcu^a, to 
turn the face towards home ; das Gesicht heimwendcn, i. e. to 
return; heimkehren. — diibi gadyeifa^a, lit. to direct the 
word or the tranidaction fbr one's self^ die Verhandlang fBr 
sich gerade machen, i. e. to compose, accomodate;' eInen IStreit 

^ ' ausgleichen, ins Reine bringen, schlichten. 

V. gady^M%a. 1. ppx. the causat of the III. f. 
gatedi n; s. ox. the back-part of the neck; Nacken^ (Am. gatetu") 
gati.'n, s. ox. value, jfrice; Wehh, ?reis. 

gada. 1. px. (Am. gatay^idi throw or cast away; wegwerfen. — Ito 

^ ' ' leave, ^ 16 giVe up to one, to cede; einem Aiideren fiberlassen, 

aufgeben, abtreten. — • Thence: 3. to leave a chiid to he adopt- 


•d ;«tMldptl#eii lasseii. mi mm^ia iuma na fndkp pt^y glv« this 
child ap to me ; bltte , trilt mlr dl9Mi JKltti ah I Tb«4i!iidoptloii 
Is doable: ^mmIa (ii. s. ox.) #tfti») g»ftt or coapLete adoiittoa; 
grosse Oder vollstkndlge — and ffnda Vimty Utile or iaoon^eto 
adoption ; kleln* Oder ttovollketiaeiw Adaption. -^ 4L to lose ; 
• Yorilereta. ilg*. tni mata dubi ffodey Ut he lost Una head of the 
ooaTerssHsii; er hat den JCapf dor Bede verloreo, l..e« he lost 
the thread of the story ; or 1st ans . den Ifihsamflieahang ge- 
kommen , Irre geworden , hat den Faden veiloren* -^ 6. intr. 
to go astrajr^ to be losfe; irtcb verlieoen, verioren .werden^ ve^k 
. loren gthen. atio vhm gade 'UieiatM fbt^ h^ye Had^ay CAga) lit. 
I - now - lost - resting - flesh - of swine - •at>'*^i; loh - 
nun - vraloian (i^a melaem IMMande vf rtrleben) - aetend - 
esse - Sohwelnflelseh.) 1.: «• oew: aftei having been hattiahed 
Mm my eomitry elu.; Jat»t< uMDhdem Meh. aos mehiea Vater- 
lande vertrleben bin, esse. loh ^hweloflelsoh. 

The Imperntlve mood padi Is like o/i flrom ola used adver- 
bially; der Iniperat gadi wlrd wle oii adverbialiscb gebraucht 
In der Bedeutung: hlnab, herab, hemnter; down, downward; 
erlciarlloh aus der Gmndbefdentmg. ' gara gadi dyize^ he laid 
himself on his belly; er legte slch auf den Bauoh. 

gadi lahiza^ to let loose, get loose^ set fVee; loslassen, frellassen. 
In Frelheit setzen. 

gaddebta^ {gadi-'debia^ io go down; herabgehen. — 9. to con- 
descend; slch herabla^/iOQ. — 3.«to.ab^e one'^self; sloh herab- 
wiirdlgen^ ernledrlgen. 

gadofal opposite to olofa^ to make cattle turn to tbp leftj Zuruf 
ans Vieh, ILpks zu gehen. ^ 

oli^gadi^ up and down ; auf und ab. 

ga4ama. 1. ppx. the passive ot gada^ Ut. to be put down; hlnab- 
gethan werden, slch hlnab thun, 1. e, to set (of the sun}; unter- 
gehen (von der Sonne), ho adun gadam^y after sunset; wenn 
die Sonne untecgegaagen 1st Thence the substantive: 

gadimwo. ik a» ox. a hale covered cautiously to catch beasts; 
Grnbe, die oben sorgOUtlg gedeofct Innen spittvlge PfUile ver- 
hlrgt and aum Faag gritoerer wilder Thlere bestlmmt 1st — 
S. ambush.; Hlnterhatt bn Krlege 

— M — 

gadandm^a. t% px. to twnMe 1^ aad liro^ tofltegBer, to be iiMtetled ; hln 
und hertftnmolo, betrmikett soin. 

gadiiu^n. 8. ox. siHioiiete; Schatlesbild. see gads» 

^miiku n. 8. ox. table; Tteeh* 

gadissa. fni. 8. px. sbtdow; fidialton* see gada, 

gadoda. 1. px. to bellow, roar; brftllen (yon wilden TUeren). — 2. 
(of men) to cry Ihmi pain; (yon MonaelMii) mm Schmerx 
sebroien, Jamnem. 

gadofa! inteij. ppx. see g^uUu 

gadda. 1. px. to mourn, grieve, to be afflicted; traneni, tranrlg seln. 
tmi gaddan ademe^ I went fldonraing away; iob ging tranrig 
gaddagi. n. s. px. moomlng, sorrow, grief; ^Traaer, Tranrigkeit 

gadra. n. a. ox. (Am. ^oil^a)' cedar; Coder. 

gada. 1. px. to go a robbing at nlgbt; la der Nacbt aof Raiib ans- 
geben. — %, to go on a wariUce adventure at nlgbt; bei Nacbt 
in den Krleg zlebeo, daber die gewtfhnliobe.Bedensart: gadu 
gadu. n. s. ox. robber; Rftaber. — 2. warrior; Krle^ger. 
III. gadiza. 8. ppx. to go secretdly, to slide on in darkness; Im 
Dunklen geben , beimlicb gefaen. — 9. to go lightly ; leise^ 
unbemerkt geben. maiifi gadifte adenUef why didst then go 
lightly; wamm bist da heimlicb gegangen? (Am. cafiza. ?) 
gadiza. fni. s. px. shadow; Schatten. gadiza keza tae^ he was 

seated in the shadow or shade; er sass im Schatten. 
gaditu. n. s. ox. lit. the femin. of the foregoing: the Image fonned 
from an object by the sun, silhonete; das Schattenblld , das 
dnrcb die Sonne von einem Gegenstande gebildet wird, beson- 
ders im Wasser, Ehenbild. 

gafa. ni. s. px. space of time, time; Zeitabschnitt, Zeit. — S. day; 
Tag. gafni zutU gafa agahati, that day was a h<4y day; jener 
Tag war ein Feiertag. — 8. das deatsche: Mnl. gafatokOy gafa 
iama^ adv. once, twice; einmal, zweimal etc. — gafa autnoj 
then, at that time; dazumal, jeiiesMal. — gafb d^aloda^ birth- 
day; Gebnrtstag. — gafa gafatiy ftom day to day; von Tag za 
Tag. wai gafa hodjana instead of dabarre unUwadjin hodjana, 
we work alternately; wlr arbeitoa abweohselnd* — Tbence: 4. 
torn; Reiho. gafmke gau gaeroy (bow) it is thy tarn; (nan) 
kommt die Beihe an dioh. — & as oo^j. when . wann, expli- 

— M - 

«Mi Igr (nMoii.«r Ibt . i^ttre^ 4ir ^f tke owi^ Aa» irafa aU 
^uftu, when thou coweot $ wwm da komiiM^ lit dny -* thoa - 
ennittit; w 4mi T«f0, •!! deqi in komMt 

9a fa. n. 8. OS. horn; Horn. 

§4ifa, i. px. to fiitty be In lhilt>. Ao be gaUty$ fehlM, sttndlgeny 
achnldlg sein. Always constnioted Inpeivonnlly s Mdu gafe^ 
we ere guilty \ wtr eind die -SMiQldifen. . 

safa^M. 1. Pin. te eskf liqnlre;. fhigen. iM^a fikfaiiay Ut to ask 

peace; aaeh dem.Frieden naeb dem WoUe (irgend elnes) fra- 

gen, 1. e. to greet $ grfksaen. moitf Misu^n9§a$Qi9u£%udiMe9 

why didst tho» not greet hln; w«r«fl(i h^st da Ihvnloht gegrfisst. 

m. 9$fgni%i%a. %. px* te let ask; ftagen lasses. 

gafcT%a. f. a. pou bnirio; fiikf^l. 

gafe. nutu gafe. see gafisk 

gafb. ft. s. ox* tl|e saoie as AsMtf, ther]plaak on the plovgh whkh 
forms the. ridges; dasBfiett amPflage^ welches dasAeet macht 

gabaa. n. (prebabL gabaga) s. ox. market; Markt gckaaU ^age^ he Is 
gone to the market | or ist aof den Markt gegaogen. gabaagi 
debiey he retnrned firom the market; er Ist vom Markte helm- 

gabaie. fi. s. ex. (Am.) a little table with one foot; ela klelnes randes 
Tisohdiea aaf Blnem Fuss, woraal gespelst wird. 

gabara. 1* ppx. te caress^ cherish ; Uebkosen) seine Liebe, Zllrtlichkeit 
beweisen. — 9. to flatter; schmeicheln im gutea and sohlimmen 
6ime. — 8. to oomplimenty to make ceremonies; CompUmente, 
Umstlbide maohen. 
gagabaru. 1. ppx. lateas. id. 
gabarm, !»• 0. ox. dewry, portion; Mitgift, Morgeogabe. 

gaga, fh b. ox*^ tabaooo-pipe ; Tabakspfeife. — d^aha gagUf lit stune 
of the liApe, l« e^ tabaoco^pipe-bowl ; Pfelfenkopf. — btuigumo 
gaga J tabacco-plpe-tabe ; Pfeifenrohjr* <«• bado or ba4u gaga, 
the. support of the pipe; Pfeifenantersata. see baia. 

gaga. n. s, ox. steiMnotfeer; Stieftnatter. 

gara. «• s. ox. beHy; Baach. — i. heart in the. sense of mind; Herss, 
Gemttih. ani garakoUn »i kaia^ay I beg thee heartily; ich 
bltte dich von Herxen* — garati duba^ay lit. to speak in the 
heart; imBerxen sprechen^ i. e. to think; beisich denken« — 
gara gadd dyiM, to Ike apon one*s belly; sieh aaf don Baach 
logon 9 wtfrtl. .den Baach bioab logon. — aii garOi na (naf) 

~ «« — 

hirtey lit tbovi ^"tmrni tkf fannrt iir me; ^ta iiMt Mn Here 
^r aieh gethtfilt^ 1 a llmndlillt heM^ mef do Mfft nich er- 
hOrt — garatsM 94kba$k*Uj lit to keep in Hie keart; ImHerzen 
halten i. e. to conceal; verachweigettr 

Pr(^ably gara cdmes from an tiniised rooll gafa. tf pen. -^te. 
1. px. and tbenee: 
gari. adj. ox. fkir^-ttte^ seMlir. -^ t. good; gut *-^ 9. c. datiF. 
and the anxM. verb d^di to lore^^ Ifceben, ^erae habeto. iiit s^' 
garid^a^ belor'ea'diee; eriat dirgat, Uebt dtek« — nlw garitij 
as good aa possible; so gut als mdglleb. 
garama. 1. px. to become ftur, good; sebM, gat werden. — c. 

dativ. to please, to be agreeablevgeftdlen, aagenelua aein. 
gargara. Intens. 1. ppx. to assist^ lielp; belfen, beistehen. — H. 
to defend; schtltzen. , - 

gar a. ii s. px. part, poMon, deal, dlvialen; Thell^ AlHheUiing.- 

gara. adv. -*** 1. prepos* to, at; za, nach. garakOy garakey gara%a 
etc. to me, to' thee, to kim^tc. am dir, za.mlr, isa ihm ete. 
gtwa mirga — gara'Md0ytO)ih9 right *^ to the left hand; zor 
' Bechten, zur Liaken. ^ gartma -^ g^ni^tUy hMker and thither; 
hieher — dorthin. — garara C^aro'-ira) — giara dffaia, up 
and down; avf und ab.' — gara Mta^ anyw-here else; anders- 
wohin. *-^ t. of; an* ani gara gufgwu lUfo/ne^ I did not think 
of being sold; ans Verkaofea (Verkanftwerdeii) feiabe ich nieht 
gedaoht (Ak.) 
garor^araj Intens.^ here and* there; dabln nnd ditftUta. — %. 
on both sides; auf beiden 8eiten. — 8:* in twti divisions; anf 
zwei Theile. — 4. separated ^ diverse; versclfieden , getrennt. 
— 9^ ff^^ (j9^^9^^ ^^'^> ^^ dislHbote; vertheliea^ — gargar 
ararzaj to reconcile) i^eh gegenseitfg-irers($Men. '^ gatt gart 
dyiraj 'to 'be diverse > vefSfeMeden, «iietaig selii* < ' 

getraa. 1. ppx. t6 read^ lei^ea. (Arab.) 

garatsha. u s. px. great-^t; Diekdarm, tateadniim Teotom. ^' 

garaba. n. s. ox. a case of implements used in evcpyfamHy^ oompOBed 
of a kaifo, a needle, and an awle; eia liebr alHsenteises Ar^ 
beitszevg! ein Messer mit eiaer Nadel nnd einciti ffrtemen in 
eiaem Fatteral C^'^'*^} ^en Leder. 

garara. n* s. ox. chameleon ; C^amlileon. ini a»M^ gararkti > htfiisui didi^ 
rad*ay he chaifges his eolonr like n elMuneleen;' er wechselt 
seine Far be wie ein Chamttleon. Spriiohw. '^ 

— m — 

i^arata^m^ fft^^n. \p%. % dlvMoo msde Mtti •;r(MU^-oftl»la^tt| else be- 

garar9. n. «. ox. Botf ., . - 

gari. adj. ox. flilr) fi^Ood^^ sicMn^ g«t. see. ^ttrob. 
9«ro. A. 8«^px. preeiMM aiaetitideiis em SeMdei. 
ff aroma* 1. px* to grofir Mr; scUMi' ifOideo^ see.v^arw. 
gargara. 1. px. to help; helfen. see ^utrii. 

g0itba. I. «• px..mMe. ead ftm. servmiit; JMeeee, Knedit, .Difaerin, 
gmHMa. i. px. ftmu aiidw^iir^rTi ik e» ox., idem. ... 
^lorfa. i». -8. OX. atirnip^ Sleighttgel, oio etoemeiLBuig, la iiR:9lokiHi ;die 

grofiiM Foassehe geae^tat wdfd. . . .< 

garba. i. a. px. de^ parts Hi..aTi?er; TUaqpel^ tiefafileUe Im.Wasser. 
gar&UclluL, t. s. .px. ate pntau :- 
garbiti, n. s. ox. ibid. / 

garbu* fi. s. ox. barley ^ fierste. . 

garmamB, i. .px^ lo nukt a saoOy ta ran; aio Wettreaaen balten (aa 
HI. giirmamZB* 1- px. id. 

garmama, n. s. ox. running, joost, liM, touoMy; >WeltreBneD) 

5(£rto. 1. px. to go home, to return home; heimgehen, helmkebren; -^ 
% also only: to go to ^placfe; sich irgend wohln begeben. 
mana firakoti gaiey I went to the house of my relation; ich 
begab mibh in das Haas ineines Verwandten. 
gala. n. s. ox. provender for travelling; Reisevorrath, Lebens- 

II. gala^a. 1. ppx. the same as the root, only with the medial 
sense. . .< 

III. gaitsha. 1. px. to bring home; heimfiihren, heimbringen. — 
9. to conduct to a place; irgend wohin bringen. — ^ 3. to marry 
(said of the man); heirathen, vom Manne, (eiAe F^au} hc^m^ 
flihren. In tikis sence particularly the following is used: 

IV. galfad^a. ±: ppx. 

gaiasuL %* px. to prepare provender; ReiseVbrMth berettea. 
gakfada. t. ppx. id^ -**- H. ta kill one. Mdther; doh gegeaatttig 

mdlen, tawerfen (von fliumea). -f S^ ia eonsoflief AUea auf- 

sehren. . .. .i . i ,. ' . 

— <8 — 

' It is |fOfliilM« tbut (he wonta jsmMIv^ gtUmtOj gak^iff^^ •PP^- 
taiD to C4il0 aldioogli my «athori(i«8 eontradicted It^ eertaiDly 
it is very difflcult to distiognish between tlieae two words. 

ffoMa, nL fi. px. thanks, aduiowledgmeat; Daafc. gakUa bafad^a^ Ut. 
to make go oat the thanks f den Dahk henmsgeheB machea 
Oder lassen, i. e. to thank; danken, Dank aagen* 

gtUafad^ay 1. ppx. see. gaki, 

gaUunota. ad>^ «x. iN-bred, ill-mamiered^ «foiled; Qngesegen, ver- 
wdhnt (von Kindern.} 

gaiana, t. s. px. river, stream; Flass, BMmmngj related to ywlo. 

gtdgiOin {-^wa} %. io be or become dark, gloon^, to beeome evoidng; 
donkel, ilnster, Abend werden, dimmeco g^aiofnanj when 
it got d.ark'; als es Abend woide. . — f • to be\ or become 
sad, melancholy, morose; traarig,trObstiNiig^ flnster, mUnrisch 
sein Oder werden. 
galgaia. f. s. px. evening; Abend. — fL the evening of life, dd 
' age^ der Abend des Lebens, vergerttoktes Alter, y o^yafaj r em, 
in the old age; im Greisenalter. 

gaigaio. n, s. ox. (Am. jra/;$riilflr^ n.}leathef-bag, aack^ peoket; SdUanch, 

• Sack, BjMtel, Tasche. 

gaifad^a, 1. ppx. see gak»> 

gallfu n. s. px. understanding, intellect, reason, sense; VernnnH, Ver- 
stand. 7- 2. adj. reasonable, prudent; yerstandig, king, ge- 

galma. 1. px. to be dense, dose, compact, solid, frm; dicht,.fest, stark 
. ^ein. — H. of trees: to be leaved | well covered with leaves; 
dichtbelaubt sein, bei Bi&umen. 

>gaauL n. s. ox., shore; Ufer. — 9. side, border; Beite. 

gama. adv. at the other side ; drttben, particularly gamana^gamaxi 
or gamanaf' gamazi (comp. from gama ana and gama azO on 
this and on that side; diesseits und jenseits. 

gama, ni, (?) s. px. (ox.) — (Am. game, n.) mane; MShne. Perhaps 
contracted from eabna and thus related to caba. 

gamadi. n. s. ox. a sort of grain, probably wheat; eine Getreidear^ 
wahrsch^raUch Waif^en* 

gcMmia. 1. ppx. to rejoice^ to be glad ; sich erfrepett; 

III. gamadt%f%a. 9. px. to gladden, cheer^^ deligiht, please; er- 
freuen, erg(»tzen, trans. 

— M — 

'u, n* 8. ox. Joy, glalnefls, plensurej Freude, Ltust^ Ver- 

gamana. px. adv. on this aMo$ dlosseita. seo gama* 

gamaasi, px. adv. on that sldo; Jenieitfi. Ibkd. 

gamodji. n. a. ppx. lands whiob grow warm and healthy firom cultivating, 
opposite to bada (Bada%) \ elne darch Urbarmaohang des Lan- 
dofl warme and gesuade Gegend, im Gegensatze «a bada. 
Mr. Jomard Is wrong if he considers OafOodji and Badas as 
the names of certain countries or tribes. Heix Jomard hlllt irriger- 
weise Oamodsi oad Bada» lUr die Namen gewlsser LHnder 
Oder SUimme. 

gambari. n. s. ox. yoko Ibr cattle f Joch fttr. das Zwiegespann. (Am. 
wan4io wiofa see.) 

gmmiih. n. s« px. a trc^e Ibrm whieh ntensils are madej ein Baum, 
ana dessen. Holz Oiarftthscl^aflen gefertlgt werden. 

ganamd. (-atfa) 9. to be morning, to grow morning^ Morgen sein 
Oder werden, dttmroern. 
ganama. n^ s. px. morning, a period of time aft^r sun-rise till to 
dirama which is another period of time; Morgen and zwar 
die Morgenstunden von Sonnenaofgang bis dtrasouL —r boru 
ganama to-monrow morning; morgen frtth. — ganamo abaro, 
very early in the morning; sehr frtth Morgens. 
ganamfatta. 1. ppx. a verb formed by the subst. ganama: to 
dawn 5 tagen. : — 9. to rise early; frtth aufetehen. — 3. to go 
oat in the morning; frtth am Morgen au^gehen. — 4. to wait tUi 
morning; bis zum Morgen warten, den Morgen abwarten. 

gammia. 1. ppx. to be cockered, Aiddled, ill-bred; verwOhnt, unge- 
2ogen, missgebildet sein. iima gqnani^ a cockered, spoiled, 
child; ein verwdhntes, verzttrteltes Kind. 
II. ganan{%a. t. px. to spoil, aiisedacate; verisiehen, rerwdhnea, 

gmi. n. s. ox. kettle, eaoldron; KesseU gani zibih^ an iron .cauldron; 
eiserner oder ttberh.. metallener Kessel. 

gango* it. s. ox. mole; Maolesel. 

ganguie. n. s. ox. (Am.) a. kind of pearls; eine Gattong Perlen. (Ak. 

gmdeh^. n, a. ex..Bot? 

gan^ara, i. s. ipx. dwarf; ^we^g, im Wachsea zurttckgehlieben, voa 
Menschen ond Thleren. 

— «• -^ 

ganda. t. «. px. Tillage, town; Dwrf, ^Stttftt, M^ifuMipt Wii^MilK von 

ganna. i. 8. px. winter^ Winter, Regenseit 
gana. n. s. px. a bad, resttve horse; ein oohleoliteo, altM, abgetrie- 

benes Pferd, im Segensatss xn djolfe. 
ga^wa. n. s. ox. (ca^a) coifee; Kaffoe. 
gSe. fi. is, ox. home, direlling, house; Wohnung, Hetinal^ BetiansuDg. 

— % property; Eigentham. -^gSetiy used adrOrMaHy, home^ 

helm. *-^ %. at home; daheim. 
gegio. n. s. ox. bug, pnnioe; Wansse, bee. iMunnranse. 
gedjiba. 1. ppx. to be accnstomecT; gewOhnt selnr — 9. to be broken 

'in (of horses); (von Ptetdeny dresMh seln. 
III. gedjibza. 1. ppx. to accostom, break In: gew^hnen, dressireD. 
gedele. n. s. ox. (Am. and Aga gadede wbidi proves the telatien to 

gadct) \ (mole which see, the smiillest salt-^e^; |> amoki 

die kleinste BMnze von Sals. 
gedixo, n. s. ox. Bot Polygonum sp. Fahttmo* 
gerara^ 1. ppx. to sing warlike songs ; KrlegMieder Bingen. 

gerotrd* i, px. warlike song; Kriegs-^Behlacfatlled; 
geranza, i. s. px. tiger; Tieger. 
gM. n; s. ox. an insect, probably a kind of locnsto; ein gewisses 

Insect, wahrsch. elne Henschrecken-Arf. 
gelint^o. n. s. ox. Bot. Ficus platyphylla. H. Pv 
gemo. n. s. ox. hearth, 1. e. three stones upon ^bioh the pet or caul- 
dron is placed; drei Steine ais tfeerd fUr Moehgeachirre, 

genza, 1. px. to move; bewegen. f 

gexio. n. s. ox. the, soft or inner part of a loaf; der innere, weiche 
Theil des Brods im Gegensatz zur Rinde. 

.^idmia. adj. px orisp, curled (of hairs), the same as ghdhra; kraos 
von Haaren, jedoch von Natur. see mara. 

gidi.n. s. ox. — I. snbj. : command, injunotioa, charge; B^eU, Anf- 
fordening, Anftrag. — ^ 9. wish, desire; Wnnsch, VerlaDgen. 
gidihodif kana godCj he did it on my charge, on my wish; er 
' hat es anf meinen Befehl. In metnem Auftrag, . naoh. meinem 
Wnnsch gethan. — II. obj. : obligation, dnty ; Pilichi, V^rpflich- 
tong, Zwang. Waeago tokitshi gidm eaibUy ^God/ alone htf 
no obligation; 6kytt allein hat kelne V^erpftchtung, ihn biadet 
nichts* •....* .;.... 

— 61 — 

gidinuL t. ips. to IMIj^ tMlhte; Utsflii. •— 8. to irritate, provoke) 

Becken, relssen. 
(^/t/. «!..•• ex. (the femlii. olgofta) My^ mlsUrefle, princess, qveeof 

Herein, Meietesin, Wtwkvom Heaee^ FUratUif K(Wgta* (Am. 

(f^ona) — -S. tbe fleet d*y ef the week; dor erstei ,Woehentegy 

aach ifpom^so. vgl. 
9i6e. n. a •OS. Met' a atendlDg weter; etehendes Gawfteser* Tb^ 

oesUery ot gtUana; das Gegentbeil vimi.<0wImhk 

fiMeti na gessttte; — 

lit the river did ae. devour (aid) carry <to the leke ; — I ehall 
oome '— said \ (hot) an ohstacle did prevent me. 
Der Stfem hat inlioh verMobl^ngen 
find flObh las.Meer.gcyoill; *-- . 
Helm hat man tttioftgefiimngent 
Ala ioh sm. Dir geweUt. 
wOrtl. „ich komme^^ geeagt habend, hat eln HinderalM mieh 
abgehalten. . . 

^bho or gffjpo. n. a. eat. catidle, taper; Licht, Kerse. — gipo mora^ 
ttdOow^candle; Uaeehl&tf- Kerse. -^ flpo gaga^ wfo^^^-eandle $ 
Waeh0-«J£ei|Beb fieidei fiorten* komaieA vwv weat|p9lene in Oimay 
vnd zwar aowohl geftrbt als weise. 
Siratehi. n.e. ex. sh«rd or a pieoe of. a brrisen veasel^ ISeh^bei|| 

Stflck von etwas Zerbroohenem. . . 
Siridi^n. e* ox. «hleel or somethiDg of that khid; fitimmeiaen Oder 

ein Mnlioliea Instrament* 
girktftk n. a ox. m tin braeeSlety warn on tbe upper part of the arm ; 

ein zlnnemer Armriog am il^inuiWia getragen* . 
9imak9. 1 81 px. esMiel; KameeL plor. gknakK (Am. akwrnle. n. ^ ox.) 
gimazi. n. s* ox. )• of an amole which see. 
gmi^a. 1. px. to plncb^ <o nip; ^wfaDken^'knelpea. 
gimira. 1. ppx. to lie eriaped natvally (of hair); fcransy. lecklg aein. 

aee martu, 
gingb^ Q'^awa) t> le eMtterj fhlter; aftettero^ mil der Znnge anatoaaea. 
gingo. n. a. ox. stutterer; Stotterer. Whethen gingoy g^and, is 
related or not, I mnnot decide. Ob 4aa miteii iblgende gingOy 
. lEraMSt blelier geMhrt, vi^eles ich nicht. > 

— «» — 

gin^iUeha. (-^mmi) %. to sift, rIddU ; ^eboii, djynhaitbeD. 

gingiUchct* n. s. ox. sieve, riddle*, Sieb. 
ffingo. n» 8. ox. garland, wreath; Kranz. — t. a pad «p«i which 

women carrx their water-pail or other hardens on ^eir heads; 

der IVnlst, den man aof den Kopf legt, mm Lasten leiehter zn 

ffindjirti. n. s. ox collar-sticks bjr which oiten draw the ploagh; dUe 

Hdlzer, welefae darch das Joch iffombart) gesteckt an der Brast 

des Viehes anliegen nnd an denen dieses schiebt. 
fftnlTL n. s. ox. Cp^^baps better qinVi) plough; Pflng. (Am. gindo.) 
gindu n. s. ox. regie hypochondriaca; Lendengegend. 
gindo, n. s. ox. {gmVo¥) a kind of drudge or a piece of wood with 

two holes to pat the legs of a delinqiieht in, to torture him 

by screwing; ein Stfick Holz, das so aosgeschnitten ist, dass 

die Beine eines Verbrechers hindorehgesteckt werden kdnnen, 

die dann fest znsammengeschraiibt werden. Die Form des 

Instroments gab wahrsehreinitcfr Veranlassuog znr Ableitnng von 

gint^iy Pflng. — 2. prison, imprisonment; GelKngniss, Gelhngen- 

scfaait. (Am.) 
goe. n. s. ox. a species of daguza (Doghn); cine Art veil IN»ghn. -— 

1I« a sort of 'Stable earth so called from its. resemblance to 
' tlittt sort of dagu%a respecting 4ts cokrar^ eine €2attaiig essbare 

Brde wegen ihrer' Aehnlichkeit mit deb ^kBffu%a - Kflrnern so 

goga. 1. px. to dry, dry op; trecknen,. (iatn} dllrf wesden. . 
gogoga. 1. ppx. In tens. id. ' • 

gogd. n. s« ox. dcUi, leather; Havt, bearbeiiete Kant, LeAen 
gogogtu, n, s. ox. lit. a dried man ; ein verlrocknet^-Mensch, 

i; e. cripple; Krttppel. — 2. adj^ dry, arid, dtiriw b^tla gog^g^ 

dry leaves; d^lrres Lanb. 
HL fsroj^nnv. 1. px. to df y, (trans.;) dSrren, trocknea. laiefns.,gQgog%a. 

1. px. id. ..}'., 

gogori. n. s. ox. tnrkey, ta^key-«Mck; Trathahn. . . 

goMid^. ih s. ex. piece, article; Vramm, Stdek^ (Am.) 
godcho. n. s. ox. Bot Mnsa sapientnm. 

goia. t. px. to exercise; Kriegsttbangea.yofneluneBy exeroiceBim milit 
' ' Mme. (Am.) 
gaia. Norn, gonii s« px; exeniises^ das BKarcitiam,> Kriyegcittbungea 

im Frieden. ^ordofl har^mU geMi. ; mmr ud^^minSy ,4m »: week's 

tim» exereiflM ac^ Axed to oomiiieifee) fill* htmie fiber 8 Vugm 

Bind Kriegvttbang^eii fMtgesetet (Am.) 
^oio. fi. s. ox (co^o f) vratoh-teot on the field ; HUtte, Zelt^ Waohhaus 

auf dem Felde. 
gotu. n. 8. ox. fall of water, cataract , a greater kind than findja; 

Waaserfidl, grosser ale das Bonst gebrttucbliche findja. (Am.) 
goda. nr. 0. px. the foot of a moantain ; der Fobs einee Bergee. 
godare, n, a. ox. Bot Cblladiam escnlentura. 
godana. 1. px. to travel ; reiaen, eine Reise maohen. — f . to depart, 

set o«t5 abreieen. — 8. to wave, said of water and corn-fields 

when moved by wind ; wogen vom Wasser and einem durch 

den Wind bewegten Getreidefeld. 
godiyo. n. s. ox. plor. godiyoni^ ox, gelded ox, steer, used for labouring 

in the field ; j;eschBittener Ochse, flir die Feldarbeit gebraucbt 
god^a, 1. px. to make, to do; machen, thanv — * ff. to procure, famish, 

earn; schaffen, anschaflfen, erwerben. — 9. 0. ace. to treat, use; 

mit einem verftthren. i%a aica aH feite gadli^ treat him as 

Ifaoo likest; verfkhre mit ihm wie da willst. 
There are many Onomatopoetica formed by, this verb. vis. 

qkf'ip^ay to fteten; fest machen, befestigen. — gamdai^^^af 

to break off; abbredien. — djnhgod^a^ to pierce*, dorehstechen, 

darchbohreiK — d^am^am^o^ay to smack (the lips> ; schma- 

tseaven SohwOiMn, oder vqn Mensehen beftm Essen, wenn 

einoB etwas i:«cht gat schmeckt. -^ dadadd^odfay to beat, 

knock; klopfen. — jl. to make a noise; poltern (voix roUenden 

Gegenslfoden. etc.) 
ga^a. n. a. ox^ something whiofi faa^ be^en, made, thing, particL 

utensUs, earthen; ware ; etwaa GemaditjCs, Saehe,. Ding, bes* 

Haosgerlithschaften, Geschirr, a. s. fl 
U. goia£a. i. px. io make somethbig &r ene!s self; i]&r. sioh 

machen. — %. tojvBqtiire, get, gain,, eam; erweiibea, verdienen. 

— 8. to procreate, generate ; zeagen^ ereeagen. — 4. to bring 

forth, to give birth to; geb&cen. / ' 

HI. gofsiza. %. ppx. to caase to be made; machen lassen. 

IV. gozifad'a. 1. ppx. id. Med. 

V. gossixixa. 9. px. to cause to happen ; getic^ehen lassen. 
go^a. a4j. px. brave, valorous, courageous; tapfer, ttiohtig. got^a ate 

Stamm anztinehmen schien wlit za gewagt 
gofkadta. 1. ppx. to spare, save; sparen, erKj^eki. 

— •* — 

ffl/lki. n. .8t om wtft^r^ Laid 4 B«rr^ OeUeter, itoMt.oriy s»ld of God; 
fast ansschliessliclL von GoU gooogt; plobt so: 
. .,gift%,n,, 8* px. fBipin. <tf isro^^O) mislcoos^ ^neen; Pemn, FilrstiB, 
Gebieterio, Kdnigin. see gena. — %. the test day -of the week; 
der erate Woohentag* 
go^iK f. or n9 ojl prpx-V necfc; Nadteik 
^otra. Ml* ox. didl, ^tll|»idf doauDi elnCUUg* 

gora. 1. px. to enter a hqiise for reiVeshflienty to vtoif; vpm Wege 

. . aMe.tfcen nqi piob wo^aiifM^altoA, eiiikeibiceii*. ofo fj^e Msr^ tfjfufo 

^orre, wheiii we toraed firom th^ road ; «ls wk «iif - dem Wege 

. .«iDk9hrtoii, w^irO^ anten aiif der 6<rapse,t wob#i 4io0O erhSht 

gedacht ist 
11^ garadf a. U pp;^ U. reelpr*. . 
gorm* C"a^) i* ^<> stul'} pontar^, to iUl^mwder; emtedieiii «rmordeD. 
(Aq. to QOt.the tbcort off; den. Hals al^sehnoiden). . Tjienee 

/ ji^rbftpa: 

. < gwadi, Cgofaii.) $k s. , os^ thorn, sting | Dorn, iStUBbol^ . . 
garando. n. s. ox..Aild>'peii; Pferebe^ BtaU ffir Scbafe^ SUeyfen nnd 

. anderes klieiaea Vleb im Freten* . 

Ififridiih i* a. px.^sore,'^ nicer) Gesebwilr.^ r— . i8..vnliins in 8i|p||nfationem 

«bsp€fiisnm ; eitemde Wnnde. — .9* .mMif)i).; 0itU -. 
gctroA 49. If* fiS.- raven ; Aabn, Wnbrs^, g:vr0 see gu^^, .: . 
ir^m^ n,.s, ox. • wall, pnrlifiao of a room? Wiwd^ ;4btheiinng In einem 
-{SiUniiieiv fthnlb^ ^nsoc^r. apnftisftiienv Waiid> y^r^i^Uiijg. — 9. 
:9teeiii^de^ of a roakl^lfeifi^WKmi'i -r ^* bUl). Wg«A, ^nhOhe. 

gorora. t. s. px. spittle; Speiehel. Aai9uin Ana gorifPifk» fmfiUi turi, 
- lit;; mtil I likve' i^^lt Oirt my spittle, widt) Ms leh meineta 8pei- 

cbel ani^g^iMSict'lMAe, wttf<e, K ev wait aUittler^ wiirte ein 

wenig. ' • •• 

tjlfmrkt: 1. ((p3L. to^foir, Vnllbw, hnm v>bninnnon^. bitiUen. --^\9t to be 
•'' ' ataTgrf } to fmmMnt 9dtnlg, nnwillig «ete.- 

gor(m%a.% s. px.' h h^itet oM enougli to breed; jntigeKoh in der 

Zeit, wo sie zum ersten M^le anfriimmf. ' - ' ' '' 

». • ' . • ' * 

gorba. t. s. px. a three years old ox or heifer, (see djibitifluij; Oiii jnnges 
Stack Vieh, etwas filter^ hia djthitshd, * ^ * * / 

gorbt.. n. B^. p:jL My-forl^. witli two t(e^.th^,H«flfiabel,JR|t zivei Zinken, 

aneh Warfiscl^i^l jeuiq l^firfeq^j^s ,(^qtrei^4^ wjie d^ba. 
gor%a. 1. px. to exl\9rt>.adWBWb,5.f«rin^ IJ^ t9.^aipi5 Uraraeo. 

— M — 

gor%a. I. s. fx. 8tftr««lroot; flirenMOhiioppen. (Perli»ps thene two 
words ought to be pltoed under cw'a; irlelleiehl gehdren belde 
W5rter m dem Sluiiiiie for«, eocb mdohte woU ^otsa i. und 
gardza^ Blits^ ein and das^ielbe iein.) 

9OI0. f. 8. px. every eoeleoed piece, room; Jeder geBohlostene Renm, Oe- 
maeh, Zimmer. -^ 9. boll, buak ; HOlfe von Getre&de nnd snderen 
Frttebten. — 8. ebell of en egg; Elschele. — 4. the skim on 
boiled mHk ; die Bavt, die sicfa euf der Mllob bildet etc. 
gogoia. i. s. px. Intens. id. 

poi09a. 9. px. to gMw, peel, niihask; aboagen, abacbftlen, ana- 

90/0. n. a. ox. 8lep-4)rother; Stiefbmder. 

goMe, n, a. ox. meadow, low-land; Niederong, Wieae, iVeier Oraaplatz. 

yoloza. 9. px. to gnaw, peel ; abnagen, abaohilen, see gola. 

goiffola. (-Httoa) 8. to drip, drop down, rtan over, flow over, of over- 
filled vessels; berabtropfeo, trdpfeln von GefKssen, die ttbervoll 
sind Oder anslaufen. — 9* to be left, abandoned; zorUckge- 
lassen, verlassen sein. 
goigoie%a, 9. px. to make drip, flow over etfe. ; ttberlaufen^ abtropfen 
machen. — 2. to leave, abandon; zoriickiassen, verlassen. 

gomana. t. s. px. Bot. Crambo maritima. H. P. 

ifOfli/!i. 1. px. to cover the head; den Kopf bedecken. 

gomfo. ft. s. ox. covering of the head usually made of f^, a cap; 
Kopfbedeckung, gewdhnlich — sobald eine andere aln bareza 
(vgl.) genommen wird — -von Pelz gemacht, Pelzkappe. 

II. gomfatta. 1. ppx. to cover the head ; slch den Kopf bedecken. 
Of the same root (see Gram. num. 64.) : 

III. gombiza. 3. ppx. to cover, deck ; decken. (Ag. to flght ; fechten, 
fechten, to shelter or guard one*s self with weapons ; sich m&t 
Waffen ^decken, pariren.) — gadi gombizuy to turn about; um- 
legen, verkehrt (auf das Oesicht bel Todten) legen, umkehren. 

gonogona. 1. (v ^ v 1) to braid, plait, twist; flechten, einen Zopf 
gonogona. n. s. ox. tail, cue, weft of hair; Zopf. 
^onsa. 1. px. to be deep; tief sein = qil^e. 

Songo. n. s. palate, 'throat ; Oaumeii, Kehle. gongon na gogoge^ lit. the 
throat has me dried up; die Kehle ist mir ausgetrocknet, i. e. 
I am thirsty; ich bin durstig. — gongo mute («iitife. pointed^ 
spitzig) larynx; Kehlkopf, Lnftrtthrenkopf. 


gondjL n: s. ox. stMner, «oliiader^ il1ter;WMlMf^ elttTopf zamDorch- 
setheii 4^8 -Brodteigesx odep des far»^ 
gon^i»a.,%. ppx. to atraio^: fitter; soihett, dBrohaelfaeo, 

gonda. n, s. ox. ant; Ameise 

gonMa. I a. px. hero^ champion, a man wh« ' hM the rig^t to anoiiK 
himtfeir from his deeds; Held^ tnpl^er Krieger oder J&ger, 
der sjlch diirch selae Beldenthaten das Recht erworben hat, 
aeiaea Kopf mit Batter xu salheo, dem gurgudu eatgegeo- 
gesetzt, vgl. 

gane. n. s. ox. hook; Haken, besond. ^er, womit die Pflagschaar ao 
das ginn befestigt ist. 
goniza. 8. ppx. to make a book, to^ enwk^ «or«e; einen Hiikeo 
machen, zam Haken krOtnmen, hULela. ho nrnmni cote ml 
cabattxu fedtey mogezani gonazaniti waU cadu. see eote. 

ganma. (-a/toa) 8. to walk bent, crippled^ verkrflppelt, kromm. gebeo. 

gofo. fnu s. px. appertaining to the .'same tribe ; Staromverwandter. 

go%a, (-aiiHi) 8. to be mutilated, mangled; krumm, an einem Gliede 

verstiimmelt sein. 

go%u, adj. ox. mangled, mutilated; verstumrndt, kriippelhaft. — 

goze^goze^ expressions used in begging for alms, lit. „I am 

crippled'^; Worte, die man beim Betteln sagt, wSrtl. icb ViQ 

kmmm, unglttcklich. 

. < •..».♦'.*.• 

gua, 1. px. to decay, dry up, to be dried,, used of sources and cows; 

versiechen, austrockneui von^Quellen und von Kuhen, die keioe 

Milch mehr geben. 
gua. n. s. ox. a calf at the age when it is stopped from sucking: 

ein jupges Sttick Vieh in dem Alter^ wo aufhSrt, an der 

Mutter zu saugen. 
in. guza. 2. px. to make decay; versiechen, vertrocknen macbeo 

Oder lassen. 

guga, 1. px. unused roqt of 

gugza, 1. px. to make run very quickly, to drive ;. schneU laufeo 

lassen, treiben. . . . t 

gugugza. 1. px. Intens* Id. — gugugza tola tp. |)gh)t .w^b b)uflt 

weapons, to joust, tilt^, nut stumjpfen Waff^n ki&iapfeo, turjaireo. 

gugumefct^a. 1. ppx. to pack.togetb^; zusammenpackeii. sfie ^^flui. 
gMdiif n. s^ ox* servient; Dienei, Knecbt (Aman asortof vulture; eiae 
Art Adler oder Geiery) * /. /, - >■ 

— t» — 

gudjumad'a. 1. ppx. tO'9Mth)fltt^ 09a•l^hoek6■^ BlchiffoaiipiiilenkAiieriw 

gi^muma^e tee, ^er msB' 2tMMam£fligpkaiii6i]i..Me.^uma.«\ . 
ffudxi. adj.. ox. meiis^ otoe,- OMupaet^ dieht. ' 2tti^MY fxmmxffuda. 
gud%i. n. 8. ox. density, closeness; IHelUlKit^ Vtfl]e» midan kuni 

guifzi caia^' the corn stdnda thick ^ das Getreiflfi :'^?bt dlcht, 

wOrtl. hnt Dichtheit. . , 

guda. 1. px. to be .tall; frpas seln. < — 9. to ]|>.9.i^U; voll seln. This 

verb is the root of all the following words: 
ffuda. a4J'»ox. fjCfeat, tall; gross. — 9. ,mupb>.niaQy; viel^ — as 

adv. very; sehr. — noma guda^ itgreat mf^n, ein grosser Mann. 
.9, a man of consegaence;. ^in ange«ehener Manu. 3. an old 

roan; eki alter Mann. 
gude. n. s. ox. meeting-place; Versammlungsplatz, particl. gude 

dubiy public meeting; Vplksversammlung. 
gudu. adj. ox. fkill; voll. 
gudeda. ni. s. px. thigh ; dan dicke Bein , Schenkel. (Am. lap ; 

Schoos wie amadi,') 
gudeldja. (-atra) 9. to become large, thick, fat; dick, gross, stark 

gudeldja. n, s. ox. beam, balk; Balken. ' ' ' 

III. gudiza. 9. px. to make great, large, 'to cause to grow great; 
gross mache'n, gross werden lassen. — 9. to educate^ bring 
op; ensl^hen. 

gudizu. n. s. ox. the second son, the second; der ntechgeborne 
SohDi der swettt. — t« tbe yasttgest eliild ', das Jttngste, letzte 
Kind. ««ii gvMzun d^<Uad^ey I waa the laat bDra; ioh warde 
als der jtkngste (nls der ^n erziehende) gieboren. 

gudidja. adj. px. very great; sehr. gross. — 9. a great bracelet, 
military decoration; ein grosser Armring als milit&rische Ans- 
xeichnahg getragen. ' ' 

IV. gudifcuta. 1. ppx. Med. to magnify, aggrandize ; vergrtfssem. 
— 9. to exaggerate ; Qbertreiben. gati gtidifaXa^ to exceed the 
price (of an article) ; den Preis einer Waare zu hoch stellen. 

gurgudo. adj. px. ^Alt.) noble, powerldll, idighty; angesQhen, vor* 

nehm, mftchtig. see gtirgudu. 
guduru. adj. ox. beantifolly curled; sohtln gelocMt, flroai guda 
and ira. (?) ..!...» 

gudeda. ni. s. px. lap; fiehooa. see gvkia. 

gudumfa. 1. ppx. to tie, fkurten^ bitadf anblnd^, Jmilpfen, verintlf flon. 


gvfmta. 1. ppx. to BtufflUe, trip; 0tolp«rii. UnNH 

gufu4 n. 8. ox. pliig, peg, trunk of a tree which remains in the 
ground; Pflock, 8toek, der von einem •hgenehlngenen BMime 
In dem Boden bleiht 

guba. adv. and postp. affix, px. above; oben. — f. postp. over, upon, 

on; iiber, anf. 
gube. n. s. ox. fontanel; Fontanelle am Kinderkopfe. 
gubo. n. s. ox. a great twisted basket, used as n measure; eia 

grosser geflochtener Kerb, als GemiisiSe fEir trockene grOssere 

Gegenst&nde gebrancht 
gaguba. n. s. ox. Intens. of the foregoing, a sort of high risen 

bread; eine Art dickes hochaufgegangenes Brod. 

II. gubad^a. 1. ppx. to sit down upon something (of birds); sich 
anf etwas setzen, (von Vtfgeln.) — S. to establish one's self; 
sich niederlassen , ans&ssig machen. ini dulbeza gubaa^e^ he 
established himself as his guest; er hat sich als sein Cast 
einqnartirt. — 3. to come up, reach the height; hinaufkommeO; 
die HOhe erreichen. ho ati tulu guba^te^ when thou comest 
up the hill; wenn du auf den Berg hinaufkpmmst. — adxtn 
guba kezay noon; hiec ist guba als Subst. betrachtet and be- 
deutet den Mittelpnnct des Himmels, Zenith. 

HI. gubiza. 9. ppx. to cause to be seated, established; sich setsen 
— sich ans&Bsig machen lassen* 

gubizu. n« s. ox. the childrc^n i»f slaves who have got their li- 
berty; die als firei betrachteten Kinder der Sdaven, (^garbih) 

IV. gubifa^a, 1. ppx. to adopt a child when one has a fiuniJj 
already; adoptiren, wenn schon Kinder vorhanden S|nd. 

gubziza. fni, s. px. subject, vassal, inhal^itant; Unterthan^ Vasall, 
/Sasse, sesshafte Leute, die ein Zorexa^ Fiirst, auf sei.nem Grand 
und Boden sich hat ansiedeln, anbauen lassen, (von einer V f. 

guba. 1. px. to burn; breanen^ Intr. — %• trans, to set on Are; an- 
guguba, 1. ppx* Intens. id. 
guba. adj. ox. hot; heiss. 

IL gvbijbia. 1. ppx. Med. the same as the root . 
gubatta. n. Si ox. glowing of fire; Glut 

— e» — 

^ifMifi n. (k ox. a sort of lltOe fly, the pricking of which atings; 
eine klelne Art von Fliego, deren Stlch „breiint'^ — t. Bot. 
UrticA pUollfera. 
III. gub^Usuh 9. ppac« to eliaao to he set en flre$ ensiindeii, ver* 
hreonett loMeo. 
gv^e. ft. 8« ox. a apeoles of gearbu^ harley ; Gente* 
ftfjfa. i. 9. px. splepdew; GlanK, Schimmer. •— %. day; Tag. 

HI. guifiza. 9. ppx. to make gltftea, gUttefi to smooth ^ polish; 

glinjBeod maehea, poliren, glKtCen. 
IV* guyifttd^a* 1. ppx. Id. Med. — S. to anoint one's self; slch 
^alhen. — 8. to adorn one's self; slch schmtteken, zleren. 
9nye, n. s. ox* (Am. Instead of algo) dwarf; Zwerg. 
fwrm. 1. px. to carry, to carry away; tragen, hes. forttragen, Irgend^ 
wohla hrlngen. 
II. guraia. 1. ppx. Med. to. carry away for one's self, to take 
fbr one's self, to take; ftlr slch forttragen, zu slch nehmen, 
nehmen • Thence' doohtlessly t 
guro. It. s. ox. (Ag. gwst) raven, from its thievish natore; Rabc, 
wegen seiner dleblschen Natar. Perhaps also the fbllowiag are 
related i 
gurmu. n. s. ox. shonlder; Schidter and . 

eagura^ basket; Morh, wtfrtl. Loch, Oeinaag, GefKss somTragea. 
guradjS. (--aira) 9. te be or become black; sohwars sein oder wer- 
den* i^fy^ guradfaey his eye became black ; seln Ange wurde 
scbwarz, 1. e. he became IreM ; er winrde zoralg. 
guradja. adj. ox. black; schwarz. 

gtirati. px. fern, of guradja. — 9. a piece qf clothtng of a blue- 
black colour for women; eln blanschwarzes Fraaenkleidungs- 
guro. n, s. ox. raven: Rabe. see gura. 

gvrgudu, n. s. ox. CAm.) a man who, has not yet executed an ex- 
ploit; ein Mann der noch koine Heldenthat ausgefOhrt, noch 
keinen Feind, Btilfel Oder filephanten erlegt hat. Gegensatz: 
gondalOy vgl. 
gurgura. 1. ppx. to sell, vend; verlcaufen. — ♦. to venture, hazard, 
risk; wagen~, auf^ 8pld setzen,' ih die Schanze schlagen. tnt 
iubuza naf gugurcj he risked his life for me; er hat sein Lebcn 
fttr mloh gewagt, wOrtk verkaufti 
gurgurathiiza. 9. pac to get sold f vericanfen lessen... 

— re — 

fMrC^imttm. to v. s« ox. mnskle, shell ;'Miischd, Concliilie. Doubtlessly 

SturtTunU. n. s. ox. llsh; Fisch. 

fftr6a* ft. 8. ox. boyv )«i; Knabe^ Bimebey etwa bis xa 18 Jabren. 

i^rra. t. s. px. ear; Ohr. — 9. fame, rumour, repatadoii, glfsry, praise: 
Ruf, Ruhm, Bertlhmtheit ani 0urra$sa ^agaej I bave beard of 
hui iTame; icb babe seiiien Rabm gebM, babe ihn liibmen 
bfiren. — 8. pewa; Nachilcbt. — Thence i gurra mail, (Am.) 
wagtail; Bachstelze, Ht. what BOW'S 9 welche Kwide? (_h 
4ieae VOgel: fttr prof^etisch gelten.) — earu^gwraj ear-lap: 
gurru. n. s. ox. handle, book; Henkel an GelSssen* ' 
gufYundo. n. s.' mt. eompoumi of gurra ami kunda (near bjr; oahe 
an) the hole behind the ear, die Vertiefung hinter dam Obre. 

jFtuwiti. n. s. ox. shotilder; Scbulter, see gura^ 

gurs^unedi. n. s. ox. (Am.) widow; Wittw«. After Akafed'es explica- 
tion a woman who is abai|,do|ied frdm her husband; eine von 
'i ihrem* Manne verlasseae .FraUy „£ttrohwittwe/^ 

gur€m. n* s. ox. utter, dog; Euter. . . 

gulana. adv. temp. px. afterwards, then; nachher, sp&ter. 

gulufa, 1. ppx. to run, haste*, scbnril laufen, eilen. 

ftcM^i f». s. ox. onion, probably g^rliNsk; Zwiebel, Knoblauch, AIUdid 
▼ivipantm* -^ 8. knee--eap, knee-pan ;i Kniescheibe. — gulubi 
■ worahezay the exoremeuts of tb^ hyaena; die Losniigy Excre- 
mente dercHyiuMi, album hyaeiMi«. 

guma. 1. px« to be round; rund sein. 
giima. adj. rotiiid; mnd. 

gunut. n. s. ox. biitn, globe, sphere f Kugel. — 9. corn, grain in 
the ear; Korn in der Aehre. 

gume. n. s. ox. armlet; Armband, bes. ein geiochtenes. — gunu 
foya, eye-ballj Augapfel. 

n. gumad'^. %. ppx*. to ^row xouDd;^ rund werden, sich, ruoden. 

— 2. to become accomplished; vollendet, .vQllst&ndig^werden. 

— 9. to t^eoome marriageable ;'.mannbar warden. — gvma^e 
idte^ he was .8eate4 pevp:ered ; or saas snsaq^pienf ekan^t, wort- 
Jich JTund. " . 

gudjvmefad^a. 1. ppx. the siune n»..gufm^m; ntbd weadeo etc. 
wie gumtn^Mf^ aher desaelbett Slaawe^'?., :. . / 

' 'I 

n — 

III pumezk. 9i ^i^. io\m$t» r^tmin In vaIhi^ aboundto^ xiiiMi 

inacben, jBasammen- auf einen Bttndel packen. 
gufumefttd^vu I; i»px. Meim^loftli IVl f. ta^.pack/logethflr, ta iwe* 
pare an^a self Ant a jaaraey; .Kiiaammaapaakefi^ aieh ralaefertig 
maohen* . i • v : . •.»(.. 

9iu»a. m'. a. v^x. catoaam; XMegeld fOr* einen Geiingenan. — t. aioney 
paid for a homioide^ BLutgaid fttr einen iEasoUagenen. 
^umadHm. ttf. ^. px. olfeiia/i: jof: wemen ; Olifafbeltd&ge 4ier Fr)|iien. 
6ew(^liiiiicli. nrtt .ftojiMi tMNiatrpkrl: gwnad^.ain&gai .... 

jTume. n. B. ox. see guma. \ 

guimjktfyn* h. on. (Am.) thorn $ Dcfrngsawicba, Oeva^^alig. 

gumdju. n. auex. pale, slak^, {^off^ Stocky Pflack, PD»hL 

gximfura, 1. ppx. probably a compound wUh ^tima (rdoad.; Rind) to 
be accomplished, complete f. gleipfigewA^f^Dji' vollstlindi|^ aus- 
gebildet sein. . . / 

gnmbi, n. s. ox. clay, potters-clay; Thon, ^Opferthon. — 9. a conser- 
vatory made of clay to proferv^e .gi^ain^ fin Behiiltoiss von Then, 
urn Getreide darin a.uf%abewahren. — 3. a, partition in the 
room; eine besondere Abtheilung )m Zimmer. 

gunguma. 1. ppx. nat. sound, to make a hoUour soqnd; ein dumpfes 
Ger&usch machen. — 8. to thunder; donnern (von fernen Ge- 
wittern). — 3. to talk lowly'; leise sprechen^ murmeln. — 4. 
to crow; kr&hen- (vem Hahn.) hnridagi ^npuma, 

gnndja. {^wa) 9. to be InTCing, longinj^' for, desfrdus, eager; begierig, 
sehnsdchtig, Ittstern seia. * 

gundo. n. s. ox. a great bifsket; gi^esseir Kdrb. "*^ 

gu.ndut^ ni. & pju virgjU^, .marriKeabl,^ maid9i|;.iJung|raaj erwach- 

senea, heirat.hjS(l|(hig0s MMoliep. 



. 1 • • » 


« J .» 

tehaka, it. «. to/.ii^iiMld;'(lbret^t^ ^tA^^ '6e)MMeAteiiifk^ tiVe^ hi. he 
sank inur ttie foresiy es'«ank iim > Whldb *iiiter> - 1.- •v M disap- 
pwM UieAla'9'er'versohwanA daribv'glttg'litiMii.' 

tekaeadr^ t* ppiL.>i* «n^db ir^thr.\hm whjki») .Miut><\der:PeitaQliA.I(iiallen. 
aat aopmi; -■ .t r. .. : i .' >i . ;>*. ,»-• n- << . 

tchatchth n. s. ox. owl, horo^ovsl^.aiMi AiTti glQaaiaec> JEfion^jSahuhu. 

_ ft o- 

tch/atchuie. n. s. (». goat's -^beard^ die beldea Zipfel am Barte der 

icked^m* t. px.nat aoiiiidy to slide^ slip; asagleiteii, ansglitschen. This i 

is probably a word only mutilated from mudjiUhad^a which see. 
tclmfaga. 1. ppx. to conglobe; zusammeobalien. 

tchafago. n. s. ox. dampling; znsammengebalite Speise von Oe- < 
treide Oder Kaffee, anser Klos, „Kiiddel.^^ 
ichife. n. s. ox. pond, bog, marsh; Wether, Sumpf, Merest 
tehada. 1. px. to crash, break in pieces; brechen sserbrechen, intr. 
tehatchaba, 1. ppx. Intens. id. 

tchaba, ni. s. px. and Intens. iehatekaba. nL piece, artielq^>8tiick, < 
Trumm. — 9. a piece of wood, beam, balk^ ein Stiick Holz, 

w Magm, Tehaba ati m»rle 

Naman bad^si'izm; — 
lAgi ati faite 
Naman bazixin. 

lit. The wood w'hich tbou didst hew 
Let nobody carry; — 
The loan which thou didst take 
Let nobody pay. 

Das Holz, das da geschl^en, 

Sei deiner Schultern Last, 
Und dein ists, abzutragen, 

Was da ^eborgt dir hast . 

III. tehabtea. 1. px. to break, crash, trans; breeheri, iserbrecheD. 
— 2. c. Dat. to break in; einbrechen. hatun nkmaU tchabze^ 
a thief has broken into the house. 

tchatchabza. 1. px. Intens. id. 

IV. tchabzad^a. 1. ppx. Med. to break fbr one's self; fUr sich 
brechen, z. B. Brod. 

. tchalehabmd^u. 1. ppix. IiiteB3. of tb# (ll»r0geiiig. / kirba^a tchor 
Muikz^fiky lit to br^ak the wii^erv i« .e. ^e? sup; das Abend- 
brod bjrecheii, erianert sebr ao/ das i^uiiitUehe Abevdmahl. 

IcAoM^ma or tehamnana* i* & psi pleob, a iHroken thing; etwi« 
Zerbrochenes, Stiick. — 9. half; H&lfte. — di ^ um$ie which 
see* Of tfie same root seems to be: • > / ^ 

~ »• — 

Ukabaea. L ppx. to lisp; nilt tier Zmge anstossM, sohlecbt, gebro<> 

chea sprechen, Mid 
tehaMa^ it. s. ox. m poatry^work like our pancdce ; eln Bookwork Hhn- 
lioh onaeren PAmnenkOfiheii. (Am. raflUty was daim Jedenfalls 
voD trafiy dem Bioft bub dem e« berektot kst, herkommt) 
tekabnatm. i. s. px. half; HMfte. see ichaba. 

Uhanma* 1. ppx. to cry, pArtcl. to rakse the ory of the bottle } rafeiiy 
oehrelen, bos. doo Kriegsgosebrol erbeben. duH teh^raney the 
soldiers misod the battlo-ory; dloKrieger erhobeo dasKompf- 
tchaku 1. px. to be greator, . a singular verb whloh eoatalns thiD com- 
parative degree; grosser sola. 
tehaia, n. s. ox. a sort of priests employed durifig the clrcuro- 
cisioo; elne Art Priester, die bei dor Beschneidong isu than 
III. tchaUza, 9, ppx. to make greater; grosser machM. 
V. tehaiziza. 9. ppx to get made greater; grosser machen lessen. 
YI« tehaizifa^a. 1. ppx. to get made greater for one's self; fOr 
sleh grosser machen lessen. 
teAols* ft. 8. ox. gndoy corn of an ear; Korn in der Aelnre (ein ein- 
iehate, ji. s. ox. glass*«peai4 ; Glasperle, allg. — There are several 
sorts of theoi : gtmguie (dankuie)^ hurdjukOy docay idya adurey 
robta etc. 
teluiia, tt. 0. ox. a sort of priests etc. see the verb tchaia. 
kk(Hma^0. 1. ppx« lo put in, to put < horses or cattle to-; aaspaaneni 

anschirren. (Am. eamma^Uk') 
tehama. n. s« ox. oroamenC, finery; fiohmock allg. I wrote it firstly 
djamo and thought it related to djamoy to to blind, but Aman 
fixed the other orthography. 
ichea. 1. px. to go through, to get through, to penetrate; hindorch- 
gehen, durohdringenj 
III. teheziza. %. ppx. to carry or. lead throngb e. g«.. through a 
' .>Aver; hindiirch ftUitetai, s. B. iiber Oder dureh eiaen Flues 
..1lri»geD4' .. ♦ . . 

kkBSso. n. 18. ^Qibi (Am.) 4aper« candle; Licht, Ikwzt .:^4b»iL 
Uklikkda.sU a*;.ppt. ttiiok-doagh,. paste; dicker ^Teig oum Backen. 
^c/lftdhMrib h 9i px pastitioo/ wall In an •apparlment^ YeraoUag, Ab- 
' f^theitaag in elnlbm Zkumer. 

— 74 --i- 

iekikh 1* px. to tMr, tear in pieces, Intr. to discever, to Uosev^ %er- 
reissen, sich zertheilen , auflOsen. hiafiuri Hi ekiie^ the breath 
lMt9 him torn; der Athem ist ihm xertisseB, h e. he dl^d; er 
ist ^eatorben, auph unser: derAtbem isf lbs aosgegangen. — 
t. he was overthcown, he U^st; er ist imterl^gen, fiat verloren. 
CO! en izati tchize , he has Jost the Wager, lit. the wager did 
break to him ; er hat die Wette rerlpreay wortl. die Wette ist 
ihm zerrissen, . (bezieht sieh 4iQf die Trennojig der bei der Wette 
eingehakelten Meioeo Finger -der Wc^leuden*:) 
III. tchiteza. 1. px. to tear; zerreisseo. — 2. to laeerale^: woand; 

verwundeo, zerfleischen. Thence prebftU^: ' ^ ^ 

tchita. n. s. ox. bast (the inaer bark of trees) ; Bafit.eiitoes Bau- 
. mes. (Ak. iAoilie BtunFlecbten von Dftehern^; Am« straw; Stroh 

tchiti. n, s. ox. (Am. tchidi) chaff; 8prea, die beim Wuffen dei 

Getraidea, abfoUeoden ttoisen* . ; / . • 

' Magm* ichHimfibidA ic^Uni y^aini f 

,1 bigai^ifibidi wali ha/gau^i . ^ .' / 

lit. chaff and fire shall not come neafieach ether;, water and 
' : fire may ap(iroch to j^ach other. \ We say:.,,doit':t pour, oil into 
the fire!^^ Sprea nnd Feuer sollen sich nicht zci( aahfe-kommen, 
Wasser iUAd Feiier solleo sich ; *»hep« )Eb ist dies unserCS^rich- 
wort:.„man soil nicbt Oel ins Feoer giesscn^i n 
tchito. n. s. ox. itch, scab; Kratze, scabies sicca, tchita^ kdga,\ 
tchifa^a, 1. ppx. to bite Off; abheissea, sttfckweise ^bbeiseeow 
./<;Arra;< 1. px« to draw oat, pall out,' parte]. wIneectalQroiii tki^ esttle; 
herausziehen (Ungeziefer vem Vieh)..^-^ 9« >to pkiek fipnits; 
abiiehmea, abpfliiokea. (FrUchte}* > — 8.:tOTOoteat, iiDfoot; aos- 
• ' - ^reoten. '- ' •^■■■^ ■ - ; , i. :. *. ,=: «. •. r. 

tehiradja. t. s. px. stones or gravel iip tketi bed el a rtvieitf J9teine im 
- i i Flussbette, Cl^rtflle^ ^ <; * u ,^ • . 

tchiri. n. s. ox. vnltare; Geier, wahrscbeiitlioh das iarfdi-yMO; the 

-'*'' root: is doubtlessly i^ciiiroQ vru:) o) ./,.. .v .a .i. •^ . J\ ... ' 

tehirfa. m. s. lioxr a long s^^ear^ elnc^ iaogiei LanM. Ackhrfai ioia^ to 

fight er combat with long spears; Kampf mit laii|^ Jianzen. 

Icy^/rri/hi^tf. 'Ir ppx. to-i spit - tUrqa^: rtthei^^l^atth , v^ii jsinipalar . enstom of 

r ihe^Gailas tpr >t)erfitoiiingief<iwU|?iio|hi(y!jieiiffiet tlie\>epeDiiig 

</ . bdtweeA the » tiro. iHppeff. ]BreUte0tl^9odiiEd| dt^ ai2ibne> leimeken, 

eine sonderbare Gewohnheit.ideciiCSillab/^^lii JigttiaK) lAv 3p^^ 

— w — 

iswbcfaen den olMneti SchaHtfelztlhDen , der, urn beMher doreh- 
spuelceii 211 k<)nnen aliens ansg^fellt wil^d.) 

tchimdi. n. s. ox. a pioogh drawn hy fonlr oxen; vier«piUipiger Pllog. 
I regarded tehama^a as the root of this word, but Aman i^ays 
tcMndi. (ginfi^') 

tekflati. n. s. ox. soot; Bvas, zanlLchst.der am Kochgesel^lrf sMi an- 
setssende. allg. gaga. 

tehim^a, n* s. ox/ the humour acoomolated on save. eyes in the mor* 
nlng; die bei gellnden Augeaflftssen des Morgans am den Li- 
dern uod Augeriwinkeln klebende fiohmeere.- i 

tehinadja. i» s. px. side, iank until to the loins; Seite bis zu den 
Lenden. (Am. rib; Rippe.) — tchinara gale, he went aside; 
er ging auf die Seite. — uf tchinaU, aduk from the. aide, bed- 
sides; von der Seite, ueben. Aus diesen beiden advetbialisch 
gebrauchten Zusamraensetzungen geht hervor, dass tchinadja 
eine Special-Form von einem Stamme tchina ist, denn tchinara 
besteht aus tchina und ira^ und uf \Hi das Reflexiv wiihrend 
die Endun^ die Postpos. -^H i'st. 

tchinina. 1. j^x. to bite ; b^i^ssen. . . , 

III. tchminziza. 2. px. to let bite; beissen lassen. ,. 

tchingo. n, s. ox. pitclKerj Krug. (Am.) Vielleicht das tchuko des 
Akafed'e. ' * ' ,. ' 

khoko, n. s. ox. a sort of spear, jagged on the sides ; eine Art Spiess 
mit ^ezfthnter Spitzei Ich hatte das Wort zu tshoko ^ereehnet, 
wenn Aman nlcht wldersprotheh MtteJ 

ichofoUa. f. 8. px. a pastry- work; ein Baekwerk, uns'er „dchmarren.^^ 

khOTQga, n, s. ox. puddle; slough; FfUtze von' stehengebliebenem 
• Wasser. (Am. tshoroca , country overflowed tvFth water ; fiber- 
' schwemmte ' Gegend.) 

tchuko. n, s. ox. a pitcher-like vessel for kee^liig grains in $ eln krug- 
aijtiges Q^fSIs sur Aipfbewahrniig'' von oGetteide^ giSsaer als 

• . hfUb(K ,. . • ^ « i :..»(-:•'. • 

ichuscata. 1* px. to b^ concealed, closed 9' jstoppttt;! Verateokt, ver- 
isehloiseii, verstopft sein^ *-- 9.\fig.' to. be* reserved ,'^<i)fe; ver- 
schlossen sein. — 3. trans, to stop, conceal^: vepstOpfAi) ver- 
I aehlifesfeil ••■ 'i'..':^ (j . ■; ?/.<.- lU ./ j .1-. ,:••• :\\ .:!•' 
11. t9hUeMd!ti. ii ttj^xuidrM dubina fckiiettlm^Aivf^$^\hfi is re- 
served .ia>: hit tv#f#»i; or 1st ill Mbven..]|V(9r4fp iVioi;^ktig, ist 
*^*r«rdoliioaaett.: ,-rl, I, ..1 •-., :•,..: ^ 1 L-. w .:) '.i! ..;; 

— n — 

ichueaiama, 1. ppx. passive, id. but •only in the tig. seme; nar 
in der iibertragenen Bedentang : verschlossenen Ctiarakters sein. 

tehufih 1. px. to' lock op, close; zasehllessen, sperren. 

tchufa. n. s. ox. door, gate; Thttre, Thor. tehufa (balbala) tchufi, 
shut the door; schliesse die Thtkre! 

tehurea. 1. px. to be unripe, immatiire, green; imreif, roh sein, von 
Frttchten. (Am. tchorca,) 

iehMm. ni. s. px. dregs, sediment which remains in the strainer; 
Bodensatz der beim Seihen des farzo oder anderer Fliissig- 
keiten im Seiher zurtlckbleibt — 8. also the filth in the guts 
of killed animals; der Koth in deo GedHrmen geschlaehteter 

iehungtnrza. 1. px. to scoiF, nip, satyrice; neeken, hOhnen, Stiehelreden 


tsJutbi. L s. ox. calf; Kalb, jnnges Rind in dem Alter, wo die Hdrner 

tshahnge. n. s. ox. (Am.) glance, lightning, flash of lightning ; Blitz, 

tshafih-, prefix, nat. sound, see under djecta. 

t9hama. 1. px. to cease, relax; aafh5ren, nachlassen. bokem tshame, 
the rain ceased;, der Regen hat naehgelassen, Ich stelite das 
Verb fruher unter djamoj blind sein, (beiBlinden hat dasSehen 
aqfgehOrt,) bis Aman diese Qrthographie geltend machte. 

Uhilalu. n. s. ox. snail, slog; Schnecke. (Amiia r clar^ed , water ; ge- 
kl&rtes Wasser.} 

ishiza. f • px. 1o lay one's self; sioh legfen. -^-^ f- to lie; licgen. — 
8. also for: to sleep; schlafen. garan tshizay to \My one^s self 
on one's belly 9 den Baooh leg^n. -^ irge isMzUy a 
place to lie do wh ; < Platz -jBOffl Liegen, L e^ Bights •^•lodghig; 
Nachtqoartier. - .i . : . - ..; , 

III. tshibza. 1. px. to make lie, to caose to Ue$ legeo lassen. 
ion fforora l9Mb»ej he eaosed the 'cattl^ to > lie -. down . on the 
hiH;' itr liess dasl^h aof dem'Htt^ dagern.' garuna tshibs^) 
lit. he caosed my heart to be laid down;r-er 'liat aeift Hens 

- . i 

^ ff ^ 

0loh legen Imseii, i. e. b« hm calmed me; er hat mioh be- 

tshoko, adj. and adv. px. perverse^ wrong; verkehrt, amgekehrt. nuUifM 

i$hoko gadi ttMfiep why didst thou lay thyself wrong; waram 

haal da dleh verkehrt gelegtf Ich babe fkrtiher tehoko bieher 

gerechnet wegen der abwilrts gestellten ZHbne. Ygh 
Uhogwfsa. i. tf< px. a sort of grass ; eine Gattung Oras. f 
tshoba. 1. px. to drip, drop,; tropfen, trOpfeln. — tshotahoba. 1* ppx. 

Intens. id. 
tshara. 1. px. to be week of mind; bltfdsinnig, einfUtig seln. 
tihama. 1. px. to be big, IHt; fttt, diok, feist sein. 

tshama, n. s. ox. thiokness, bigness, corpulency; Dicke, WoU- 

beleibtheit. godiyonkuni tshoma eaba, chls ox is Iht; dieses 

Sttiek Vieh ist fett, wdrtl. hat Dieke. 
III. i$hom%a: 1. px. to feed, fat, fetten; fett machen, mHsten. 
Uhucd. (-an) 1. to mingle, to mix t<^etter; untf^reinander schttttein, 

tshuguiissa. /hi. s. px. a black singing-bird; ein 6chwar2er8itlg?ogel, 

der in offfofa (vgl.) kommt. Y 
tihuba. 1. px. to dip into, to plunge, immerse; eintonken, etntaaehen. 

Hieher gehffren die folgenden: 
Uhuba^a. n. s. ox. cheese; K&se* 
tthtiba. n. s. ox. sin, guilt ; Slinde, Sohujd. t9hubtmkun^ WatayoH 

a«€fn^^, this ein (went) orired to the heaven; dlese Sflnde (ging) 

sehrie zu dem Himmel. 
tthubame^ passive of tshubay I am goilty^ ich bin schuldig, bin ein 

Sftnder. hintshubaminy do not sin^ sttndlge nichtl tshfuhun 

a%eniniy do not fell into sin; falle nicht in flchuld! namun 

t$hiMziniy seduce no one; verftthre Niemand! 
tihuiuie. ». s. ox. horsekite; Aasgeier. 
t9htmfiL 1. px. to press out, sqeese out; ausdrticken, auspressen, von 

niissigfceiten. •^ 9. to drive away, to expel; fertjagen, ver- 

trelben, ans der Gemeinde aosstoseen. 
tikmeo. adj. ox. (AmO atrong, intoxicating Cof drinks); stark, be- 

rausehend (von Getrftnken.) 

M — 

^ffifs'^ff' i- px,, to be €oiic9g«j0iy8, brgve^ stpat; muOiig^ tap^r sein. 
, . ,, Gfegeotheil luffrui. 

djagna. iidj. px. courageous etc. i 

djadjia. 1. ppx.. (Am.) to cat in pieceB, to carve,.. disaever; ij^«rt)ieUeD, 

.: . > z(&i%€beideii. ; i 

djara, n. s. ox. circnmcision , L e. the feast where the ; oh^rgical 
operation itself is performed, two years ;after the Gada; 
Beschneidung, BescbtieiduDg^rest , an welefaem die cbinirg. 
,, Opj^ratiop vorgenommen wird.. Uiemit biingt wahc^cheinlich 
, fdigendes W^i:t zusammen: > • 

djarzo. n. s. ox. a religions sect of tbe^ajlas, a si>b#iYlis|oa of the 
' Bormna ;t ^ine «len:JI?orai»nagegeiiiibfQrs|#|ie|ide£wejit<!treUgi5se 
.. ,; Secte der Oalla; sie essep fyn Ifoy^e^^itiP elic. isipd aber soast 
bei Opfern, bei der Beschneidung etc. alien iibrigen Cf remoniea 
V .^uDterworf^n. i . I ^ \ . 

djarafa. 1« ppx. to clear (a room) \ aosrHamein^ — 9^. tO: rob^.^plnnder, 

.pillow ;JBe«ite^ macbeA, rauben. ) 
djalaba, i. s. px. a certain part ofa tabac^Orpip^j upder jti^^ htad; der 

Hids an der Tabakspfeife (jr^q)* 
4fa/?/^. VI- s, ox. Botv^ AmacanthH^. ? . ,: > s^ . 

^i€ilki-\ liipx. to be or be^^m^iQhliqWt wr^fe) earvie4$) schie^ krnmm, 
verkruppelt sein oder werden. —; 9^ ito be pb£|ti|iatj»^ to refuse, 
r ) : deny; ib^rtnackig sein, sieh wetigern* This f^pse )ias partiQiilarly: 
U.,£y<i{flad;fl. 1. ppx. ilU ---T,idt^i^j^aUa«fiSyX\Ux\iU^,^ypi» wry; 
, , sein Auge ist sojiief, , jt. e. he squipt^ }p(^ ol^iqa^ly ; .^r sehielt. 
— ira djqUai^^y ixi ,^J^t^ i^iAe,^^ ,^^ 
ausweichen. , : i , , . 

t Hi. lO'q^isa. 9.' ppcL to curvoy erook^ .to bowj beud^ ftmite m«- 

i:chefl,.biegt».r-7- 9. iiie ^8ame:JR8 itheJL f. .particl» to tarn aside, 

avoid etc. ho Ion orma dtufant mUi hu d^liismniy ^h^n other 

-"^ . /; people's eat Qeic^^me then shall .ti^^y give .iray/ to. Ours f weBB 
fremdes Vieh kommt (auf dieia /We^ilna.eptgli»g<eKiko8imt), so 
soil es uns Platz machen, ausweichen. 

djawe^ n. s. ox. Lepicostus. 

djama. 1. px. to be blind; blind sein. 
djama. adj. ox. blind; blind. 

— 7« — 

U. 4jimnad^(t. i. ppx. thd 'same aa the re0t. -^ dubi ^^ama^ay 

chattering, lies; eltlts Genchwtttz, Lttgen. . 

W. 4l^atW€i. ±i px. to hlindf bllnil nacheo, Ueiklen. 

if/an^ffi. e. ox. (A«0 ring of Ivory worn bet^en the elbow and the 

wrl9t; Rini: von Blfenbelo, am Vorderarm getrageo. It is 

possible that Aman was wrong and that djano. ia the same as 

Ukdmoy as iehamo has probably its root in djama C^^amo) 

signliykig an omanent which bUnda, dasszles by its afUendour. 

djed^a. 1. px. to aay, tell; sagen, dieere.' —; nennen. — 

B. to tabe for, regard as; dafQr halten, ansehen als., na isum 

4rfia djeney we took them for foes ; wlf hielten sle lllr Feinde. 

Compounds and phrases: waf. dje^a^ lit. to tell each other; 
mit einander sagen, i.'O. to ngfee, accord, to determiiio, decree; 
Qbereinkommen , beschliessen, mitelQander verabreden. -^ oU 
djed^a^ to get vp, rise, 'mount ; sieh aulVichteo, anfstehen, hiii«* 
aoMolgen. --^ gadidjed^a^ to stoop, bow; sioh bdcken. -r- dgiai-^ 
djed'uy (low -tell) to speak low; l^ise «pre<;hen. 9. to be 
silent; scbweigen. d^aidjed^eti ademej he wf nt eilently away; 
■ er ging still weg. — daigaba dje^ttj to ranaway^ to iy; da^ 
von eilen^ entfiiehen. -r- naga^^iaga dje^a, lit. to say:, peace, 
peace! „Friede, Friedef^ sagen, i. e«4o greet; griisaep* 
dje^ama* 1« ppx. the passive of dje^a k also in ii^e. 

Aman uses the participle pret. djenan instead of hamanymany 
then ; hieraaf. 

There ia a great aujober of Onomatopoetloa formed with this 
verb, vi»^ . . 

ee^Ajeia^ (to say „yes^O to succeed ; Cjja" sagen) gdingen. — 
cacak'^ied^ay to crack; krachen.. — catD-dje^aj to jplap, give 
a report; knallen (von Gewehren). — djatn^dje^ay to smack 
the lips; schmalzen. — iill'djeday to soured, clink; klingen. — 
tirr" (trrf") djedfoy to shrill; schwirren. — ttAb^dJe^tty to 
clap; patschen (von Ohrfeigeh). — '- dolbotC" djed^jd y to plump^, 
said of heavy things hilling intb the water ; plumpen, Von dem 
Ton , den das Fallen eines schweren Gegenstandes ins Wasser 
hervorbringt, w&hrend dMgih^^ed^a den Laal naohtifantt, wenn 
das dnrch den Wnrf Oder Fall eines kleinen (QiegeHstandes, 
oiiifle fillelacAiena, z. B.^getrettotb'. Wasser^tiber der Stelle aobneU 
wieder znsammenscblttgt. — fU'-djed'ay to run away) davon 
laufen. — birr^ 0rrr*') dje^ay to be. frightoneA; eloh lUrch- 

— 80 — 

ten. '^ tDotib^ (wau^) djeifa, lit to say ^^^^^S jfO^iB^^ mg#n, 

i. e. to fiiU, go amUs; misslingen etc. etc. 
djia. ni. s. px. moon, partcL moon-light, moon-shine, opposite to bati; 

Mond, Mondsoheio, znm Gegeiisatz ron ^0ti. djini Mndyiru, 

there is no moon, the moon shines not; es ist nieht Mond- 

schein, der Mond scheint nicht. 
djigele. n. s. ox. elbow ; Ellbogen. — : 9. a measare , iiidf an ell 

(d'und'wma) ) ein Mass, 4* ^und'umay eine halbe fiUe. 
djifaru. f; s. px. a speckled shawl; ein bantes Tach, Kleidiingsstiick. 
djiba. 1. px. to hate, to be disunited ; hassen, nicht mOgen, uneinigsein, 

bes. mit teal vefbanden. nu wai djibinetiy ini nu ar0^ze, as 

we hated each other he conciliated ns; da wir ans hassten, 

(miteinander unekiig war^n) hat er una versdhiit. 
d^ibitcha, t. s. ppx. calf; junger Oclise. 
^ibdi. n. s* ox. plate, little trencher; Kinderteli^er von Holz. 
djirana. i. s. px. a certain water-plant; eine gewisse Wasserpflanze. 
t^irangi^ n. s. ox. cater^lar; Ranpe. 
djirma. i. B. px. pde, stake, club; Stange, PAifal^ PfUgel. 
djUa> 1. px. to be castious; Vorsichtig, aaf dor But s^n, sich in 
: Obaeht nehmen. — H. to avoid; vermeiden. , Akafed'e also: to 

spare; schonen. > Thence probably:. 
djiki* f. s. px. a sort of priest, ceojurer, magician $ Z^oberer, 
^ V Onaeksalber, der duroh Sympathie and andere Kanststiicke 

Krankheiten zn heilen und UnglUck abzawebren^ vorglbt 
djiiago. hdi. ox. slanting, slope ; sanftaiistelgend (von einem Btigel etc.) 

djima. 1. px. to be hard; hart sein, von Steinen and anderen festeo 
^ KOrpern. 

djiw^. adj. ox. hard; hart.' 
djimata. ni. s, px. the second day of the week; der zweite Wochen- 
tQg. see cadame. 

djimfu., n. s. ox. button, top; Knopf, zunSchst der am Schaft des 
Spiesses. — 9. shaft, jstock of a spear; der Schaft des 
Spiesses selbst. ^ . 

djoUe. n* 8« ox. lidiag-horse; Bei#ferd mot i^,. — 9. rann^r^ courser; 

djondja. X-'Owd) 9. to be overheated; erhitzt, edMNllirt aein* (Am. 
djandjo, n. s. ox* overheating; Erhitzung. . 

— » — 

Voeh aU Mantel umgesohlageii nnd bei ftlerlloliiia:CtoIegeD« 




M •,)*• • 

t , 

'.'•»'.*'■ .*.■ 



rfy. . 

i' ; \ 


. 1 

• ' 


• •! ^ . 

. ^ 

. » • 

• » 

dya. num. six; seelifir. 

ify^affiati^.'ppx.' nam.'fllxty^ sdfehzijf. '' ' « 

dfadani. n. s. ox. the act of building a house, buUding^j '^lausbau, 
Ban. dyadaninki^atam dyirdf Uow ddies thy' housre- building 
pi^oeedj wie geht es mlt 'deinein' H^iisbliuY • ^ 

ijiadya. •*— ?'(thiij Is one of the 'fsw Verbs' ^e ilexiott (# which had 
not b^efi ibuhd otit^ Aesto' ist^ines vdn den wehigf^ SMtirOhern, 
fiber deren Flexion ich nicht ins Reine kam; see Oram. ^uin. 161.) 
to wonder, to be amazed; sich wundern,' efstauiit s^nr^-^'ft. to 
praise; loben, preisen. — 3. to wfsli one Welf, ' sfi^re ; es gut 
mk einem meinen, schoncfti.^ 4!hen6fe a nx&kt 'is inades' 
<l|^(Mly<7.P i^t^airingl'i^liortung. ^yd^adyak6difana dfiftef nd^dad^te 
ihal^*^^ to "spare »m^ tfronliaisrt let me goT ^no^ ' thou liast feared 
mS iCexclaMatibo! df < a N^festl^r, ' wheti' htis Uppotii^ni ftas told 
MiflV'be did' not wliiA to Ktirt him) mi'ch ssii schotiefa h&ttest 
dk inidtt IcisgelassedV' Nif^ih, d^ haisf 1101011 gemtcfatk. '(Ring- 
tfyae^ynto: 1. 'i^.' t6' boa8!t; prkttUta.- isree )M Mlowli^g'; '" ' 

dyaba. ty^t.iH be st'^orfg, robqiJl. stoii^, vigorous^ stark, krMI^ sein. 
dijaicL^M^.'^-LiiTon^y stark. * ' \ | 
dyaba, n/'b. ox; strength, force; Kraft, Stkrke.' 

II. dyifhaaa. 1. px. tq become stroi^j stfirk w:erd,en- .-- •• to 
gi^w, up, ripen; ^rwacj^seo^^.ma^nbar we^den.., pni dyabananj 
when 1 was at full .growth;., a^ ich erw»Q)ispn,^j,w*'- ^" 
j^ara7i2a,£fya6i7<^d; his heart is strong; .selu- Herz juEjt stark, 
i. 0. he resists, oraves; er wi^ersetzt sich, trotzt. 

iX^dfjfobfif^, ^». ,p3^,,(o malffl strong; ptark iaache^,.-r- tV^ rfya- 
. .*^?fai MV, to,.i?jfa^e^^the.«ye.:strppgf .^as, AufW^ stark maohen, 
.. \ t9,; oppQse9,,inakp,|resi3jta9^p|^ Ifl^er^jrebeif, s^c)i. wider- 
setzen, Trotz bieten« n/. ,,iu .'.. » - •: 


— at — 

IV. dyabefa^a. 1. ppx. to make strong fbr OMd'd' selfy lo tlnhance, 
increase, e. g; ike price of an object; ilir «icli gross, stark 
machen, erhOhen, z. B. den Preis einer Waare. 
fon dyabOy lit. strong flesh; starkes, dickes Fleisch. occurs instead 

of hodja, calf (leg); Wade.. 
dyadyaba. 1. ppx. to boast, vkunt ; prahlen, dick than. — Formerly 
I placed also tshabi (dyabi) here which see. 
dyara* i. s. px. man, men; Mensch, Leute. dyarikuni^ these men; 
dieae Leatet , 

, dyarzif. t. s. px. Qld man^ alter MaAn, Greis. 

dyarti. n. s. px. femin. of the foregoing 9 old woman; alte Fran. 
^yardyara. -f.^ ppx. 4o be busy, active, to has^^; ^ilen, geschliftig seia 
, llh dya^cdyarmf i, ]^. to urge any impel, incite; trQib^n, zor 
. ,£Ue antreiben. 
fiyoftu n, S0 f7i..aee,dyqra., 
dyar»a, ». s. px..^ee dyarcu 

dyala, adv.^ and pofii|V, px. under, bf^lpw; unter. ^aka dyafp^^ under 

.the stone ;., unter 4em Steio^e. t~ 2. below, beneath; unten. — 

{ .3. ,agaiQ8t| entgegeo. . izar^ na dyala oq^iudidani ^ tjiey did 

I . Tiot answer to me; sie aotworteten mir iiicht»-^ 4. un^er, like 

in the phrase f under t|ie goyeriimeiitjf i^nter, wie da^ deutsche: 

un^ter def Be^ieruQg., jSg sa^, Aga:, ,nama JlPfrnff ^y^ torban 

lama bacy under this man I lived two weeks ;^ i^ifer;,; diesem 

Manne (di^/ses J^o^s. Aul^fipllt) leb»^^ Woc^en, -^ 

j5, by, about, with; bei. — p. out of, from;,, ^QSj^yoi. ym» 

im zababi kana dyala bae y M^hen he vras out (D^ .this danger; 

als er aus dieser Gefahr. war. — 7. after: nach. 

Compounds, la fa dyala. adv. at first; zuerst. — dyaldyali. 
adj: ox.' i^allow^ flat; selcht -^ vf dyala. Bdv. with one's self, 
in hiding; bi^i i^ich, im Rtt6kha]t, verborgen. — dyaluma. adj. 
and adv. ^px. quite low; ganz leise, ganz still. — dyal^abOj 
lit. \o sei^e beneath; unten anfassen, i. e. to begin; anfl^ngeo, 
beginh^ii. '— dyat-djec^a, to speak low;' leise sprechen. 2. to 
b^ silent; schweigc^/ i^tillsehi. — in/feb^^^ dyalA futfe, 

lit: hfe tdbit hi6 two^e^s beltJW; Wriiihm'selrie b^ldeh Fttsse 
lihten, i:^. ie istitfck hli^ two legs bfl*; er WcKllig^hin bcldc 
Fiisse ab, entzwei. 


(? -l' )(,!' 

.t: . 


:.\1 i^ 

CoimeeMI wVSta iboi Wtegtlkiig root ««eA4 t& b#: ''^' 
dyalalag(L 1. px. to precipitate, to clear off, settle (of Ailds'); aloh 
fletffen, nioderschlatev, lileh abidMreii (Vbn-Flttsisigkelteii). — 
4C iD.gHtfei', lirlgfrteD, 8fain«;>89hiiiimeni) giMazdik ' ^ 

d^fflMfafo. Mf &• px. Ue; See. AterM> ibelnte von deRi'zittern- 
ddn- Alaaze .dfr /Wellett/Onrfnn ^dus WMser votr Feme ge- 
seben wird. . « 

dytlittM. «4. «iL dMf, oleiiiif gekl&ct, Tdlnl, darcbsMitig. fgrsson 
Jnmi dt^OMd^Oy iUst beer Is devirdi^ses Bier ist klat) 

dffaiaH. n. 8. ox. beer suHlcieittly ftvment^d y klare», aasgegobre- 

dyiOad^s 1. pfou ))repeily Hie 11.^ t >ot a^root^wrb' dyaAii 1. px; wbich^ 
also once occurred: to love; lieben, besondetB. von der ge- 
acftle^btlkbuMl iLidbegdbrlntobt^ -^ % to likef please f be|keben, 

ni#JfeS; .:":(.'* 

dyaiaia. i. s. px. lover, swoetp*Jleart; dbry die Oettebte* 
dyaiaii or dyaiaiti. n. s. ox. also: 
dygMakt i^ a^.M. teve^.Llebe, aiiMlMikslt.. 
il/ai''$abaj to begin; anflingen. see dyaia, .m' < 

difclw(;W«^Mo)2be sUbnt;; Mfifjtw^kgen etc. see^irifiHls «r 4^^ 
dyaldeza* t. s. px. ape, monkey; Affe. 
dyando, n. s. ox. abower; Platzregen. 

dyekara* 1. ppx. (Am. yehara) to sing religions songs (only said of 
women); religiose GesHnge, bes. Tranerges&nge anstimmen 
Cnur von Franen.) '^ 

dyerbt n. s. ox. cotton; Baamwolle. — 9* thread; Faden da von ge- 

^jQpeMeii*- , \ • -1 ^ ••■?)/, ^.. \ ■ 

dyiya^t^VIM^if^StAX dourn; mit^ebfitascll Mien, .tmstilrEen.v^ % to 
. .affisg^ ivreUt; qoelleOtitkaffv^npradMB. f! m t 
lli» % dyMfsmii* ikI .tei ihrow dbws) overlbrotvf stttrsen, «b6tlbrzeii. 
tmnsi r— 9. t#.!eiil, I^U( amhiuen, fttlitai. •-^i 8. to spretd upon 
illiel g0oui^d;:ber«nter Jifigen, aiif dem Bodida ausbc^kten. — 4. 
. to make rwi, (only. »f liquids) to'^ap, broach, pierce; Anzapfen, 
:-^- bcft«v(tfqusUeft'<JttiifibQiiL.i:' . ^ ■ < • t : . .-r 

^yft'y^SO-tii^ Piav>lnMiia..'/ofl'4htt L.^. Id tamtHeltlon' intoxication^ 
< : itbnmdln^) MTtnkeH aus')BetnuiA:e«hett. •. no; r f/ « 
4jfM^«.nl«px.>, to'b* ^c become twet^mnhst^iil^ibliit, ntksf s«in> odbr wer- 
. .> deni'^-'iviv' ^to b^^lreih>; friaeh Setaii^ *4^)Bi) tb'b# ortide^ immature^ 
/ .-;gnBieii^rQli^.igcllii,:uiinc*ifvs«lihi'< i.-ni ^:V '.^li .- /- . » • 


— 8* — 

III. dyisia^\%] pi^oto nuAe^^if^Mftf! aidtelM^/ tessniMdleiiy ela- 

dyidu. n. s. ox. middley tmid^t; .4i# Mitte. >^v9. .isliiiA^ Insel, 

-r: . :dK»Iifind, Welches In def ^^Mittef^ Mrisolier beiden^ UAmii eines 

: Fitisses/ i9t. — r f oi tdj^ti^uy /the. flMetlirg -h plAce:>«l. i(ie < JBhrannar 

OaUa in flooi^!. see ya. i <• i ' < ^ 

. Syidu,: adr. ox« lieftirefai ; Mxwisoheh', vwtocbmjkkidiirdi. i%an 

dyiduddn bane ^ we \ hms^ gone fhroiigh biit^ean Uimn ; wir 

- . ^ Qind zwisohen; &hnen diff ohge^angen. ' ^ > > / e^ ^ ^ m 

dyira. 1. px. to be, to exist; sein, existiren. — 2. It is mUen used 

;: : . us, citpnla, e. g,i»i-^mumafi<\difh% iieiisnotatlioiM; iristniobt 

r. j^lftru. n. iiij QX;Mifle^ caistenDfe^iLebmi^ Daieln;-^ '2^ livelihood; 

Lebensanterhalt. am dyirun cabUj I have notiiilig ^to live 

upoDL; ich bab6^inichis:Ba Doben.//^ .')[./«] .^ .\ . 
dyilba. t. s. px. knee; Knie. :'*• " ''• \\ .v>\ .^ ^^ m 

dyilbefad^a. 1. pta^hvlkneely 14 fkU'^ alt erne's fl^elf kft zu 

Fiissen fSftUen. . > . >^ .; t'l'.ii ? .> 

dyobira. i. s.. \pp(s. ea|^ ^ Adlerw Bmoe /App. p.' * IBfr. ^(&; Pc «Bd Afflan : 

Vnltur falo.} .'; <- ' . . .; . <• . 

. \ k 



•'\) ■ r'.]\ ■'<••'': i r''i 

.r t ■ 


I I' .\:-\\^ 



I • I 

•♦ 1 ; i u .;.-.. -/; 

■ .;i -1 i: ; i cP'v iwi- ; 

-•i;:^ ;!'> / « 


'■' •/•.. ; l:::'ri^'l .S 

,■ » 

.M;.- •. ■';";:i : »•;.•:;•;:» ./ > .": . .\ 

(contr. from tayd) 3. to sit; sitzen. tai or a58t tot^ sit dofm^ setse 
-dHbvh, ]iittimiPli|teil4^ t. -nisd !»' anx; verVt tb'be>y seln^-S— d. to 
stay, dwell; sich jMifhaMeflf wohnenl -^i^ dU^to in^idakBy rest; 
bMben^ ilbPigvblejfbeiu > tve Ao^^ Ite^n.' be-ibeBteivtl» Ibng- time; 
i er blieb lange riSS^it r**^>i6i'-io Hi-e^; lebeal ^''tm^i^iitMe dute, 
.she liredi (still): som^ time , (thdn) si^e died^ hM^ lebte noch 
eln^ Zeit] labg^ 'd|iQnrstarb\«le.: 4-ic. lo beewne; {'Werden, ex- 
istere, fieri, ini aba burka tacy lit kwibeoianie iiaBteriif >a source, 
i ejflWi;becMlftiCioJl;.Vj9rtlJ)el)(w«nietiHeii)<piiier/Q^ d. i. 

er warde reich. — .7v ^>hMrei'>k&bH!biislneaayAtp{(ben]dle; Zeit 
rhaben, unbes^Mfligt,^^ mtiasig^ ireim ho aU iAs$e ytmako icoifih 
whpu ih9Vi.»ti3i f!»eJraniJkvAkkem :(>UtiVhbn>tKba 9itst):coine to 
me; wenn da Zeit hast (silBBMt)ikoiiim'SHi^^mJff^'i--> i^^ witli 

— i«6 — 

'ihe' p^stpi* -i^vi to^ ball\ to iMfntr^f^i^ )• ' Mig^n , vemnlfv^ortlleh 
-vein fliiU'^iil>>»l!^iM^-lie^n9ve8M M tbee^ trMlrgt Mr dich. 
II. tad^a. 1. px. tobe; irMn.*-^'t.'to'betoni^VHvi«rtldi»; moita^te? 

i^,wam ^>. ..wbnt.te t^«.W|i|i;(er>.wlU)iXkef lit vbat am If 
wie wlrd mir, wm wird aus mirt.* -•• '-.4} • : 

m. teziza. 9. ppx. to make sit, to^f\a^s,Q tp (isit^ tl|erf(iSo/p to pat, 
ptac^; sitzen m^cbeii. .setzen, ^afisteUen. — - %, to detain, hinder; 
ab||.aUen., diben jta te%ize^ a ..hinden^nce .detained , me; ein 
Bioderniss b^t mich ab^ehaltei^. -? 3. <p Vp.Grmj[t to stay or 

' rest, thence to ±arboar. receive; bleiben jassen, rnhen lassen, 
aaher beherber^en. me dulbeke^na te%iziy^ |)ray let m^ be thy 
gaest^ bitte^' nimoi mich als Hau3gen6ss^aja'uf«-^ #. to choose 
for baiU als. Bilrfi^en. stellen, eiusetzeu^ ;, ,. 

tezizd. h. s. oix. ambash; Hinterhalt. izah[icziza tezizanL they 
pnt an ambiish;' sie legten einen Hinterhalt^/insidias paraverant. 

' 'III .' .'. •! .i)i«') r ,1'. .I'l 

ffl^. w. »•; qi;. 4^ di;)^ p^a^pr/B, .e» g. ifw A'^ips.j W.g^vi»«^^ GemHsse 
fiir ti;oo)^i|e,/^b^ii, ...aoti^e. ji. Agl ; Ai»pa,do.e# not know 
this word and so I cannQt..answei;.for itf^ortbographjf* 1^ ^.^^.^ 

Mhft4 n.j.9^hW..iUM mof ifoM,, the: fl}xtb d9y<.)ff.fl)e.irefik;.derisfecb8te 
Wocbentag. ai .. u .,: ; . :• : " 1. . . ^.:o:)j''.t 

titba.t.px. t^ piayl spiele«. m^h ioie NtVa 4/t tJsMfa) id play 

♦•« LI 

with sticks; das St^okspiel spielen. — 9. to^'j^t; jolte; scher- 
zen, spassen. •"''•^>' -''* -''- ••• ••'•'' ^ 

' ttfftai fftr/'si bxi i^My^, STpiei -<^ )|. si)e^([ fokey^astime^ i^heirz, 

' 'i9i*teds,fKeitV^ttr«b.-'" -' ' f- "••''':.;>.■) 1 .iJi.r/i /•.... » 

^ap!/!".' fii.^oz/ » Me risiWg^grouddfy hihock';^^k1ein^^ AqbObe. 

Uxrgamfad^a. 1. ppx. (Am. targjfi^flfQ n9tr,,^^^p^^ t^.Tiae^^mpi^ step 

. hi9^/^r.qpnppaiii«j.i,rti\»er,ft(w«^p,^ftigeH, ^^£?r/)i| j^?pfli,fij5in.ffl>»flm^*i, 

MftiJ'/l^ep;OTWilthe..fW9Bf|arjr oi.tljjB^p^finfyil fjlfit;;Stfige ioh 

fiber die.P;:fHi7(Mq9..f^^d^A> ..1, •,-. ,■ • lo v-^'-i»- '-.^^ 
^ (rod) 1. px. to be ragged, tattered'^^lalrisMil, .jierMat m)sL 
(Ak. darzd y ^^wti^f^kf6^iiyfisdifiifit'iiA Ahit' finder o liorA^ wUdk 

III. iarzaza, 9. px. to tear, tatter, scratch; zerreisson^i li^fetzen, 

— m 

^mguinf^i^ ^ ox. {Amigmn9^y:}^tm^^ grRAt^r^fbW tehale ^ml^Mi see; 
: Steinj^erle, . groggier 9I8 tiikafe> rr % w omfti&eQt or ii^cklace of 
pearU^ ein. fliilasetoiicikjroa Peiiea. . ./ t • > 

t^6«e m'; 8. px. tbOD^y strap; Rienen von-Leder.^^ f ^ neaMriiig-cord, 
measuring-cbaiii; Messs<olMiiir, MeMkette. •-^ 8^ Aurord-belt; 
Kuppe], Sabelj^eh&ng.' ' ' < 

e<fi8f5$ei. verb niid sub»t. see f6. ^ ' ' - ^ ' 

-^1. posfp. aff. — 1. an affix indicating the dative case; Zeictien des 
Dafivs. e. g. ini ha^dzeti if/edT^/ he Wd his motfaef*; er sagte 
seiner Matter. — 2. 9,i\ to, oti; zti, nach, fiianati dtaqe^ he 
went home; er giiig nach Bause, — ^. 'oii, uponj'^auf (wo? 
nnd wohin?). lafati dyize^ he lay upon (onj the earth; er 
ling auf der Erde. middniafati hardchai^ lie scattered grain 
upon the earth:" er streute Getreide auf die firde. — 4. in, 
into; in (wo? und wohin?) mdnatij in the hbns'e, into the 
honse; im Hause, in das Baas. • — 5. antil, to; bis, bis an. 
mormazith fji^d^ m kezk H^ey she MI till to the tieck into the 

'' com; 191^ flel bis an deH Hals ins- Getrdhle tfiwefth 

tika. 1. pK, to be a shepherd; Birte sein. ^ *' ' ' ' *' 

UIa Ukza, 1* px. f tend , gaard , k«6p ^ to teii4, l«^t6h| hfiteo, 
weiden, beaafsichtigen, bewachen. i 1! /^ 

, 1^}6ze^:n, ^i, ^. iem. ti^zitm^ n. j.. o^,.sh€|ph^rdi, pliepMerdess; 
. ,,;i,, flirt, p^rjljiv,. .<- _ ^,._ •. 
tikzu. n. s. ox. idein. 

titiza. nom. fni s. px. gnat, midge; Miicke< ( A^aqu^ ; $ef5^»/M.) ., 

^fyi i^ px, it rain^'^a \\i^e,t W ^ misty, fifggjy 5 i^cftw^ph r^gnen, 

duftig, feacht, regnerisch sein. bok^ hifr^if^^ rPJ^^fi^ ^'^) 

it rains not, it is, only f^ggyx es regnet nicht, es daftet nor, 

1st nebelig. 

ftryhi. n. s. ok. drizzling; Staiibregen. ' ^ ' • 

fA-^. ndj: px. (perhaps a verbal r6ot) wild, iiakind, sullen; wild, nn- 

'■''■ freundlich, tackisch. -^ »: iibxioua, 'huftfal; sclifidllcli. It is 

the contrary otieaga; das Gegenthell Wn cofa. ^ 
llira» Ilk B. ox. liver; Leber.' I > ^ "i : i j .; j L r -) 
9ira^ n. s. ox. a younig eleplhaiit)^ J^I^phwrtenfeBUi. r 

^?7a« t. s« px. multitude, abundance, crowd (particl. of people) ^'HaufeDy 
.^'- \' '^Meilge^ ' •.-' ,...)' : .•:i.-;r :;] -/ ] .'n >•• -.■•\-. • ..^ 

^i/o. n« 8. ox. Bot a certain flower; ^e gewisse..BlaiBe|*i^ i : 

1 : : 

1. .1-; i 


_ ig _ 

lU. iiitU^Mi t. pi^. to ■oaj^tkoitoagfaltr, t0 volsten, prdperiy used 
of jTAln; dimtoliMtiiy dofpblriQlchM (vonA^en*) smi ^^torsM. 
Umbo. i»»^«»,03(. (Am* ^om^p) tob«eco^ Xtlwh, ^or& Mtoo(tooii>.nttilloa. — 
tipibo dogoztty lit, grated, or nibbed tabacco^ i.^e. apuf, wMofi 
is used amongst the Gallas \, Schnugftab^ djQfMii ffebraach bei 
den Galla ziemlich allgemein ist. 
toko itok% takay takl) px. num. one; elns. 

tokitcha. f. px. single, bnly; einzig, daslat. unions. 
togo» n. «• ox. Bot. Acbiranthus aspera. 

tortora.'±. ppx. to rot, putrefy, corrupt; vbrfauleti; bes. duToh Nftsse 
III. ror^ortMK i. px. to let ^ tfalce putrefy ^ vetft^leUy ieraMVeh 
lassei^ r-*. S, said ol rfUQi to soak mtkfilTi div^h uud dorcli 
«^Wj9icb«i9 (viHu ttegfiD gffiagt.) . . . > • 

torki. px. m4P3. #ey6ii', s(ebeiir 

torbml' Ipfv/ s. ox. a nuinber of seyen ^ ^Uie An^hl. vjni 'sleben. -^ 
9« ivMk; Wpcbe. ^r^M9 J^d^ifiy JDron week to wAek; von 
Wocjie WL Woche. 
torbatamlf^ num» px. seventy, siebenzig. .i » , 

tok 1. px. fo be good ; gut sein. —. 2. to be gracious, mercifa), clement, 
to favour; gn&dig, gUtig sein, begUhstigen. — d. to do good, 
to be wholesome; wohl bekommen, heilsamsein C^on Ar^neien.) 
Phr. fiati toll, be pi'opitioud' to me (in prayers); sei mir 
gn&dig. — zi ha tolui (sol. Wacayo% ox zif ha tolul may God 
be propitious to thee, God'bluss' y^!''( instead of our: iHhank 
yoftt); m%fgt dk llo( seiff, Gott seghe dich (ftir noser: 
ich danke dir.) — nti Waeayon iS6a ha toiu djena^ let us 
) tlUBk .€kii( libs9t iui»;GoM dankett* ' t. . \ 
eoAt. fis 8.V0X* g#od', goodness } das Gate, Gflta ^-^J^ fortune, 
Jooky bappifci4|is'$ Gltkikk. 

II. tolm^a* 1. ppx. the same as the root . ■ y 

III. toltcha. 1. px. I make good; gat macheu. — .9. to ]^ecoftlcile; 
vttra(ihBe«^ .tciiis. r«^ a. lo bakef^ibaoke^i — 4. to boH; kochen. 

IV. /o^SfWfl. ft; ppJL „i make good, propltioiis tofrafdsntyMlf'^; gut? 
.gBllfttg>gegeii jlieJi iiabhen^ fttr sioh gewlDnefl..-^ 9. -to bake, 
ffy^ holt, but; with the reoipfooal )Slgniication^...a« it is usual 
iu tk* IL l¥. VI. eto* r(M)|:«4f<wms4iiii(MskQD|. kAftbMi jlier mit 

./ I -»: 

— BB — 

. iden^ reeipffokcttiBiiiie^fttr aiok' IctdMnf^ (vriet dleBbcil der 11. 

IV. VI. etc. Worzelform ixnmer der Fall ist. 
yit Mtehi»jL. 9. fpsi ,^ mn kairing made good^ Iwked 4)t IkoUed^^; 

iNhtoUehifa^tu i*^{)k.rthe same, bat again with tb^ reciprocal sense. 
ionda. i. n. px. a . kirid' oif timbi-ella inide * flPoiri^ tirtiiiehes ; tteg^nschirm 

tuta. 1. px. to heap ap, amass (intr.); sich anhliafeo, ver^ehren. 

tuta, nu s. px. heap, hoard, great niimber, troop 5 Haofen, grosse 
A^2ah], Schaar, AuflauT yon Menschen. 
^111. tuteaui. A, p^. tp^l, . replenish , to iacreafie^ maltipl7, amass; 
fiillen, erf^il^ ve^mehren, anhkdfen. 

lupiiq. n. a, 03IL a Ji^tle cfcair, stcwil or brm*; l?tii|ilftfcen,v»liii^chen- 

ihur4^ i/^Xiittf stay, wait ^ expect^, Warten, erwarlenr-— ^ .H- to tarry, 
retard; zfigern, s&amen.-^^ 9. t6' come tio'laie^' «i<4i verspateu. 
tura is one of those verbs, th^ participle "Of ^Wftich is ased 
adverbially^ fbr example : mrf/?/? A>f ^r^^ ^uf%e?A\i whyV thoa- 
' 8toodest-'^cam«6t'l; wartim'^ to^'^g^rt^est*-^ kaiifist^^ i.- e. why 
didst then come so latef warum kamt^t'^dtt'iSoi!idi)^f'^^^' 

tula. 1. px. ^ pile up; auftehiciiten,'aufhRufeii,' for examplb:^ 

' " '' Wj/o tulej Xl^e ant has piled up the ^ouhd; die Ain^Ise hat 

' deb' fioden aufgeworfen. ' ' - ^ . 

.1 . i^l9'' ^;^ ^fiTf^^jSEP^o^Tff^^H^ JOorf,,propejrly^. number of 
, .^ dVeJlirigsVeigentl. ein Haufen./eipe .B^asse/von Wohnungen. 

\ ' i\ /Jill . . \ "\v x-j^'i-y f'j.\/, .77! T-') .r,v . .u ,.;■ - .:;.i;^^„ *=' 

> iV¥- ^- i ^- bfi^ JBepii iffli^uiM§w; , Berg- ,-r r ^^rfH^ii^^^f X^^e '•«<^ 
..^,,.^ :^9Untai|)). ,a Qestaiii mountain in fl^Wj, ^er roO^ei perg in 

tuma. 1. px. to thrust, to stcike/ beat^^ staasenf^^klopie^, MAgen. ^ 

i*. 'Sr^to-belabikir jsoidelhing. "by iiatPilUi^^ tkrosttng^ to forge; 

durch Stossen Oder Schlagen bearl>eit^n^ ^tialiQEl abhihieflen und 

jede iihnliche Arbeit.i ^H >.>■> 01. .^ ..u ./.i;^ .1 / ^ \ i\ .!i 

'< mU. tumad£a, ±.t^^AAetu^'An%n*'tumai^u.-^{ -t /^^ \^>\ .111 

: ;{ tumtu. ^.<8. !ox.-«ver^ Mnd^'Of crAftainan,.4N^ of 

,^86r^e^^iiia^on^»fes);n j^d)e:iApt ¥ob. Hiiqd^evkei^^ >%e¥«nders 

J8chmied,.ilSkshlo8a£^ ildier Mkch'iHbh«hna(a«her,:'E(^ — 

fern. toan^fte».n; flk: osMrfeulesHWomaii"; Plmiweiikeiteit— r C^2»/it/('/ 

I Jaiia'/tiiiiMtii^iwa/ aiuai^wwbr^ . bectoi^bMin AitiifteBil lii^iappears 

.' ' -. 

I r ^ 

— (80 — 

^ 9eilfliiten:'€MiaPftla sMs^advs LeUii^ iiUiviiiiDWtiitattft ver&eht- 
lieh ist .'■ "■* ■ ''« -i • • "' • 

<tifp. w. 8. OX. j-M a kind' or ants;. kleihe rothe Ameise. 

... ' V 


'»'!»:! ii- .1 .M 

><»./ »> . *, 

rafi^ 0^ ». i^9»i^,i^ klndioC gr^Q, Tel^ Dsvrlia Beda* Tbere are thra? 
.1 ' ^r .giaF spc»eki» ^<»f iFtifil tf€^ . odt^ wtOte Togf . i\afi gwradja^ black 

r^iiM?. i»i s. 0xi'i]id|ffliolea^' ' dj^j^^fety^; Bohr. i«^anM s;t Aa eii5u/ (an 
^hiipreoalloii> mnjp' lh«i d^otiteFy seits^th^f-die Bniir 4sioll dich 

treta. irowa) 8. to be^^afrald^^iifcht^kni, ^tsbbrockcfn Bohi. ^ ' 

F^tra. 1. px. Co wall, gi^oan^ sigh; winseln^ acbzen, seafzen. — ». 
' ^particdTar^y' useS for tbie' noise of tte respiration^ of a phthisical 
pe^soi^; besonders gebraiiclit Von dem Ger&useli 'des Athmens 
eines Lnngensiicbtigen, Viicheln. ^omiikq ^^Ta/ my Jungs rattle, 
I am consomtive^ ich habe die iSchwihdsirchf/ -^ 3. trop. to 
groan, grumble,^ growl; iii'arren, onwiHig, ungeduldik selh,'^ 
iTtt^a. n. s. ox. phtbisiis, con^sjimption ; J^cnwindsucbt . 

nfa. 1. px. to H.bli^^i^blau^^^e|pr., ,,._.^.^ .n.-M.^v :r'.!r.:o 

Vifo. n. s. ox. fire-brand; Feuerbrand, ein angebranntOifLJStil^ Holz, 

i^ilriu(<^^Ai«t$ir8i)^o lie "g)rQtaof«^Ls]kigfeajR)|igflftii (Am. graa)/«eiii.. ./^ 

rinaJiiif^kl^iti^^&^tktVef MMh'lftfhi^ •^'•jUotHQceiifio little fkMn wer- 
^ ^ : Nittii^ihla<l^4lha^ inflW)li*<^^ less, 

;[r ur(t^,(%fo«ld<^«^ heiil;p sUiii- yPtade 1 wollte^Mleht Ckftein Verden) 

'''ioii«%«iiJl>ft^:4/^ ^jto4iadtt>lMar tMe^^'MoMiMgiiMjiedlfi^e i8')ikteife used; 

— *0 — 

t^imyOj U$m%i^ t^inayo»'iy fttr dl«yiil«tbreibriiii:.y^ sehr 

kl(»Q. — . 9» MyerkialJy : Ik littte^ Mtie.Jti»;r i»l« .miig, ein 
Bisscheh, knrze Zeit. 

t^'ofo. n. s. ox. a drinking vessel of wh^te jieUip^^d hqxfi;.; ein Trink- 
gef&ss, Becher, von weicisem dnrch^ichtiffep Bora. 

foiaga. 1. px. to fade, flag, to dry up, to shrivel, become crampled; 
verwelken^ verdorren, vertrocknen, znsammenschnunpfen. 

t^ol^e»a. |. ppx. perhaps derived from dola QVola?) to be short; 
the signiflcatipn is the same as in tortorza and tiltileza which 
s^e. bokeni na Vol^e%e^ der Regen hat mich ganz durchweicht. 

Vuea. ±. px. (Am. ttica) te tooeh'^ iig. to bint; beHftreli, ^nHihrei)) 

fig. sitt veriiteb^B g«b«n, «in^n llUnk 'gebeii. *-^ 8. to touch 

disagreeably, to offend, vex; unangenehm beruhreir, beleidigen, 

* &rgerii. r-^«Mm0n^ riiij'/n^ 4oi(4iot pffend'^^ beleidige 

KieiiAod* T-r 3. to^isrosh.^ 901111^1 bniis«t$: fSt(MMle^, aerilriickeD, 

zerqaetschem — 4. J#f to^c<9itie!i»tiQii 4 JhtfigS ^ JD0et with, 
to^nd; ai|if etwas slossf^iifr.f^^f^losi^e^} fl^ffe^^ .; < 
^iuVa, 1. px. to suck with the mouth ; Ziehen, saii^en mjlt dem |^unde. 
— 2. to smoke tobacco ; rauchen, Tabak ^auchen, usually con- 
nected with gaya^ tobacco pipe, ati gaya tfuVu feata? willst 
thou moke? willst du rauchen 9 
tFuVut^a, 1. ppx. Intens. idem. , 
Vuvo. n. s. ox. hammer; Hammer. (Am. tuto.) , 
Vufa. 1. px. i(o spit^ spaw^, vomit; speien^ ausspiicken. 

II. t^ufad'a. 1. ppx. idem. -^2. fig. to des|iice, to slight, scorn, 
disdain; verachten, gering sbhftizen, d^i^puere. '^ ' 
t^ufo, n. 8. ox. Bot. a certilin planter einePliati^e, vidletiihtHelianthiui 
■ ^' ' ' biennis. • - ■^— ••--': , b:'.. . --^. ; ./'; .-• 

Vnwe. n. s. ox. pot; Topf. •— 2. pan; Pfftnne. 
V^url n. 6. Tox. The digoaicattda oi this. itoiid,; beio^ undiultedfty lan ab* 
stract one, could not be satisfactorily Isrestigated'^^it items to 
.signify either: pmii^hme&t, t^^tmfiim wr«Br^tOri;t innfx^tnc^ -^ 
i or periiaps objectively rgi»iw>/c4l»ll^ V^uri 

Woioay^ vga^a; -— irufi^AiWwt'^^^ all 

the quoted significations, • OW Bedetitviig ittefi^ Wi>tim konnte 
;-•; AMier.iHobtbMtiiftBit «i!fo«8eM 
. . es £ltnife odor Baefeei miiob > AdAte nbesr : eo tWjPder UnscMd oder 
objectiv Gnade zu bedeuten. Vttjti Waeay^ ^<Mf!a: k#]pii dem- 
nach entweder heissenrlierwid^t.dieJSttfirrif^^ 

— «1 ~ 

dlo «rsteiPinb. IViii. ftUi Auoh tec Bhin iw JhwerntkFS seln. 
Bm v«i^^Aiii»ii driiidtene.BeisiiteL.iek^liit n^hr iittt 41e iBcden^ 
' tamg.^Uaaahiild^^ bu apnieiteii: .r«iN94 Wad eargoy B«lne Un- 
nadmld.alelil.Oott Nurlit dabei atfltOMlfT, 4mm derAfc. Wael 
state. d0s JHom. IFaMii atoltl^^ wibrond «iif def andern Selte, 
wenn man die Bedeutang ^Gnaie^.^ atatoirt^"^ W4 1|bflrsot«te; 
Ml flade 41* i^M^f den.Lohti Clftttea, das afifix, -»« genirt. 
Zu bemerken 1st -naflh ^ daas baid« Pbmsdv ganx gsW^^hnl&cbe 
und hliaflg gebranchte Spcftehwfirter aUnU . ^ 

rtmi - nJM - <^i<7tt *- mi! a ibrmahil sf assMtoa <to DonfluB • promise; 
some halms ef a cerfiiln species of grasff are chewed and spit 
<mty whereby tiro mentlehed wordsr are pfoaeaiieed. Vwu is 
doubtlessly a^nattirAl sotiAd to imitate the noise sf spitSng; aki 
' (whMk si^e)' irtgnifles spittle, spawl, and trhe(U6r tiii is the 
nominattre of the aboire' Mentioned tila and th^ name of the 
ehvwed id«nl, I dota*t knew; — eigenthttmliche-Bethetterungs-* 
fortnel ssar BekrKftiguHg eines Versprechens, wobel ^ne be- 
sondere Art Gras gekant nnd dann nnter Aasspreohwig dieser 
Worte ausges^nckt wM. rum 1st Jedenfalls der das Aissp^iefeen 
naehiOhhende Natnrlaot^ ^^ aki^ Speiohel — ti^JI. vieUtMit der 
!(0lninativ. vroM tiia. (y^fiO 

'HI. , ' •! 

i I 


. I 

rffl. C-aya) 8. to ttlng Wrth, to give bii-ftr <o ; gel^ftren, herrorbringen. 
maV. dezef what iias she born; waf hat sie geboren? i»in 
deaierti, she Kas'dW^ered-; sie ist niedergekommcrn. Vhlsword 
is used as well'bf human beiilgs'as bf beasts. 

Mia. n. 8.* ojl a Veipsel to' sack grain: ein'G^fi&ss, nm Getreide ein- 
zaJF^sen. Aman said dtmla and oaljed it a great sack made 
from leather; nach Aman ein grosser '^lederner] Sack, „so gross, 
dass zo^ Vnigen desselben, Xf^nn er voll Getreide ist, zwei 
"^elntfthV •lid.'^ ' ' ••■.■■ 

<Mn(^ ,1. p|kx. to creep, on a]l fonjin; anf alien ,V|eren kriiechen. 
4aim(hi%, iv«a. a yery yqung obiJ|^}, Klijd in/40^;^ w 

noch nkdht Iwaiten iUinn. . ., 

^daM4i.- ni> B.^ ox ge^se K>f' k simlifty' kind M ir#immlD|^>bli9^€Niiis oder 

-- Bin %hilfic^e9 ScHwitamvogel^ pi'ObaUf ^deftV^dltomsit) 
^ioto. 1. px;- tb Win^ seMwiifam^. i^eoiil^Mial^tii4itAt«^ittt. ^Wy swim 
• wfaikit they stand f€il« s(^wltenc(B staheod, ^ the 

• water; «i6 tcftten Wasser. . Thisr'^ vlBrh &»iinrbli8h)>^ ^waccoaat 
'^ of the saine'«ottoiii4he</saiaeja8 ttie- IhHomiiig ¥^rh>: : . - 
^Xrei^ t. 'px. >t» ^rind; inahleii;^ ^ : wir-j. .» /» •. . 
' daki^ n. B. ox. meal^> Aibbl^ therelbrendomUloalgr the. cooifOsitioD: 
^^ ■dakt^dakiu^m meal griad; Mhhl iMtaloai n.i .i r.\ 
ddkondaku. mill-atone; Mablsteinv >?•: 'i: .; v •;: 
<Mrt«r7i«k 9»t< «.()pxs. grinder '(til^>*A^tb^9^. Sltpck^bn^ . 
daea^f0>* »• /s,; .ox» a. .4^roci^ed..-tr&)9k; "kim^ipgeim^acbaene^ Banm. — 
'i .X 2, : 8144 ^ J^ man whci( . ^qi^ , f^^koi ; . V!i^n ..{(j^ppeln g^raocht. 
; N . Vep))ap« this wsktd la tft:*,^ pfaoed uaA^r^^^r'^^ S<^*» 
dfifftuta:. i. fppx^ :t^ j^t, joke, jt^ be ^ptvdmt] w^ra^n^ fpaf^^B? Mntb- 
. )« fpllle 'treibea^ — 9* ti^ iOfs^^py n ppraooi,. jsa t|iat hj9 jlrecomes 
!: ifiattentive tp others ^ to-divfit ^tn^m, Jsevp^mA- sO'.l^pBQb^t^gen^ 
' d»sii. arvnoaiifiiieffkaaia/auC ^Wft9. And^X9S ifird^^. ifis^rstreaeo, 

(doffoiq^.irp^ (Ak. ^foeoftO. Miifled\r}<d^liTiror4'i9ti):; mo:'.' 

. '» idagah; ir. a, px. (Aid. ^Iwf/a which liUfOnMiiVPt'iiAfiplifllifi^iftymolo- 

gieal reasons, it is howewer p^ilMVpb A^ ntabia (3^1^ ^ ^^'^^ 
or cord, boand to the neck af a horse and to the right bind- 
foot to hinder its running away ; ein Band oder Strick, der anf 
der Weide vom Dais des ^ferdes an den rechten Hinterfoss 
geht, nm es am Davonlaafen zu hindern. 
. • *^<^fl^ ;?»• .^- ,9*- ?igh ^af^,,, sedge ,,j^Tefd^j ^ohes^^as, SphUf, 
./.^ Ap^^^^avon dajs ^bige .i^abvspheinli^ijhjjge^aQht Jfi|t. .^ 

a plaited hedg;e Ji.ein geflpchtener i^aftP.1,,. ,, ,,. ;, ,,„ „ 
III* dagaltcha 

iltcha, 1. ppx* to plait with staves or reeds ; flechten. mit 
( ^.^.s,^^! Oder Bohr, rr- 2. to encompass with a hedge: emeo 

Zaun macnen, einzaunen. , , . , 

•. , aaig[a/^i|r/f5S*. t. ,9. px. is used likei Aanaua:, Ij^t hedge-biter; far 

handud^.j iiwk&y gebranciit^ wortT. W^naf7^^^r.)2iaunb^}sser. 
daguza. n, s. ox. Bot. Doghn, Panisetnm typhoideuffl. mclk dagudja, 
dagma/tk^y: mhl'm^ii^ ^Amin WySi' 4^^45Ur^riffi»ik*tbf^\l!ii 
"' ""' ffer^e'^^^'i^ litWiHdiaticltl^^ 

dialectical. ' ' •>'''^'*' "^*'"' ' "'' ''" '*''^" 

dM^hd i^^:y iL^pki: td %e''llaMle, twofbM^ dopp^lt; ^efftdM iseio. — 

8. to go back, retr^Vb^l aWiiyis In' fhe^ ff^se] ^^oti fAe same 
.• X i v#|fy4cy sitiHteklrehreiii, h^iink^iireii,' al»fcr !imiiier4ir''iem Sitive, 

,,aiif demselben Wego, a«f 4etal ilkaii''kairi'C ^ 

,1 - . - 

II. datchadfa. 1. px. idein^ only wiA the reeii^rOCal notioto^, aa 

Ilf. datchaza. 9. px. to' donble, redouble: verdoppeln. ; — it, to 

fold ap, to .plait ; zweifach zasammen legen, falten. ini datcha^ 

%eii uffa^e y \\e \s doably clothed*, ^i }^^ doppelt angezogen, 

hat zwei Kleidor an, lit. twice doing he has dressed hloiself; 

, verdoppelnd hat er sich angekleidet. fttyo ira datchazani^ they 

'' cast the earth again thereon, Viz. which they had -\ing oat 
before Csaid of a gravej ; sie warfen die Erde wieder daraaf, 
nSmlich, die vorher belm Graben he'raiusgenommen war, (es 
Jst TOR einer Bestattnng ' die 6edei)' — 9. to bring back, to 
drive home (^cattle); zurttckbringen, zuriickfOhren. heimtreiben 
(Vieh.) .^ 

dadafad^a. 1. ppx. see (lo/^. ,.j ... _ 

dadesfa. n. s. px. a tree of odoriferoiMi wodd;':iiii^ Baoni^ mlt wohl- 
' ' rieo1i'0Bdeai< Bobse. .•i>;\.':n( . ti ,\.i;i .'-. 

dad^(ufa:'±.' ppx. td' vadtft; prtiWiA. Heb da. • '' ' '<' = 

dattdiel. f.' pp3t.''t6 j^e iir^Wry; ihttde Boln. 'see ddia: 

daai, n. s. on^. a.bevejrage made Arom /or^o (which see) and honey; 
ein Getrhnk ans farzo (vglO hnd Hpnig bereitet 

^ffi^ 'tr:f^xi \9 ¥!l^)fi^t{}l^^r^^^ 4ink^eilig, Heissig 

sein. — i. to m^)(p ^^^^h ,?Uen. ..7b^ aoriot is o^ed adver- 

:, S9nen..,hin4]i^rpa^, adYjBi^ialiscbL gehra^cht . tni dofe Mn^ufhe^ 

-riu.) iilttl'>*^^..ri hy.H'- W^ «9M «r.- eiJte^..kwn Rioht,.;i. e. he 

came not qaickly; er kan^^ jBicjJit sphnelli. 1f\\kTf,.i^an dafani 

.. aM^V^ M J^^^f^^^^^h |thj9y qamflniat^iQkly;, si^kfim^n nicht 

schnell. With respect to the placing of the negut^)^^ ^ee Gram* 

II. dafisufoj and espec the Intensive: 

^^ <\ 

• . i 

— «i — • 

dadafifidtai 1. ppxl to be exp^itioos, diligent^ ^aaHldvoBSi' >ill8tigrt 

. .^cqi^edy pu^%le4),6t]Ui^d, dlfG^qef:tp4| Mi^rA^giit bin und her 

^a/bot l.^pXf.,to S9et||, . boil ; . &ia4t»0) t^i^ep* r<^ Ji.;4o sweaiti /^witaen. 

dafca. n. s. or; sweaty Spbuir^isa*., .... , ,. . ,»•;,?. 
dafqln, s. ox^flfnj Fh^h. t-- A««n dafyk»; ... » 

dabakule. n. s. px. a kind of goard or melon; eioe l^tirbis^- artige 

Fracht wahrsch. .ein^ Meloaenart. 
dabala, 1. ppx. to add^ dazunehmen, hinzoffigeii) addere. 

dabalama. 1. px. the passive ot dabdia, , dab€tlqmani\ they were 

ta|ien in additioQ; sie wtirden hinzugenommen. 
II. dabalaeta. f, px.. ,,1 add to mj^self, I join to myself'; filr sich 
4azunehmen, sieh verbinderi. — 9. to compose, compound ; zn- 
sammennehmen. — 3. to adopt ;adoptiren. Thence prol^ably: 
oaldja. n. s. ox. adoptive son; an Eipdes iStatt angenpmmener Sohn. 
dabarre. used adverbially, see\^£}r6ai ' . , 

dapu%t. n.. s. ox, a species of ^epp^r. witn round corns;; eine Gattnng 

' Pfeifer mit runden Kdrnern. '\gi. barb'are Xkni m^dn^iVu. 
dawe. adj. ox. capricious; eigensinnig. Probably with another ortho- 
graphy appertaing to d^aba which '8^.) ' ' •'. > 
dara. 1. px. to be dirty, nasty ;^ ii^hihuA'J^'fielli; ^ f. tb Bil ^ p(K»r, 
'.r ti«edy; aim^ 1lurfli9^'«eiBL"'I-':-. :!f<j Ir. ■ r ;; ..'i .:-. s. 
dara. adj. px. dirty, nasty; schmutzig. — . ftjyo«rq:}iifiti*'«i>AmaD 
knows with approbation, of. |kU ^<|hi^c^ f|)g)p)flgf tif^ ^aoUfiSf dara 
signifying:, dressed; ^apgejijle^det^^^ji^s^all^ cpnpecte^ wit^.bd. 
dara bae. .he. went out dressed ; er ist angek]eidei ausgegangen. 
'dara, n. s. ox. ashes ; Asclie . prbtiablv related to the foregoing Verl^. 
darabe, (Am. instead bt 'dabarre) k€e darba.^ 
ddrdra. l: ()X. tb \A6fsttiy flowef^^ blbf^^omj' t)rthldn,' i^prbssBn;' Crelben< 
•*• darara. t. k px. teossom, bfooni^ftttilhe:'' '^' -^ ~^ "' " 
^ddreti^iuma: nl' jind ii.'s.'^W* pale^-'fetaikfel,* pife, ^i^acyiiili^Hi^lJii a 

' to put a crossbeam ' thereupon ; li^ftihf,' Pifeilei*, !)fes."%iii solcher, 
'* •' *ati dem bbennbch einie^ Giltjd ijfelAssetf fsty* ftar'-^elAAi Quer- 

darL'n.' B^ot.' boiifidari^-fetiiiie ,^ t\Diit,^1)0Uftdai:y; 6rifez6tdn,-'"»4MrkBtein, 

dargago. n. s. ox. collect, fem. youth, young man; jtiti^e'^iWaiinschaft, 


*'■'' ::•); ' . ; . •... o :.' .: .>. »„\.,'v 

o ^ 9ii — 

•'^ dm^d§S%(^'i4 ^)rir/%t^ec. ft* oif^ "ftmg mam', ein' Jttitliiig. ilor- 

• <j^iSWB?tf'ilMmieivl fef^, wtiaf i^'thy age? (Ut. how for 

i^9#Mires(^ !«lotf ?>*, jthyger Mensch^ (wte treft relchst dnf) 
wie ait bist dn? 
Arlki. 1. *(»«»> ^; 'M thh>^, Itety flln^T trefftn. -- ». to wiittaow; 
' woMii ^m'trefde, tiili « riAch deift Dre86hen' von^ der Sprea 

' f'dMa^bAi 4r pxi Mtem. 't6 ciffeir^ sjiread^ Cp^i'tlciilaily bread into a 
fleif^-bmit' Uiltfse'lo^cotii^^^afe tt); ausAtreuen^ besbnders ge-> 
■ - tiftmbU^ l^d' d^ ifeHgiMett mte der (^allii, kleine Brode (bUile) 
in ein neng^bautes Haus zu "vrerfi^n, nm es (iinzttwelhen* 
II. d^b^d'a. i. j^'i. tbe sHinfe^ an the root 
datia^ n; d. 69L wimidti^inj^^shovel^ scoop ; Waf fn^haaM. 
darba, 1. px. (dabarta with'-transplaced consonants, see 6him. nnm. 181.) 
' to piis^ 'byj pkss/'over; irorljei g^ben. efki ASrbe^ who passed 

* • b^i'Ver lit Vorflbcrgeganngeh? bokerii darbe y Xhe rvXn passed 

over 9 i. e. it has not rained; der Regen ist vortlbergezogen 
(ohne dass es reghete.) -^ 't\ to cetise,' leave off ^ end;' v^r- 
gehen, verfliessen, zn Ende' gehen. baM" darb^ j Wih^yew is 
conclttded; 'diis ^aht'' tsf vetflo^eri. ^ 8. to go a\vay^ to go 
, . \ o#9 ntoigiire way.'idrplaQejicweggehbn^' ahf die;4efte gehen, 
ausweichen. darbiy the same a* magadrU^ gtve V3^iiy.V E^l^ ^^^ 
' • den^fWege, ^vi^ichedi -tt- .irith y^waii^^i tei sepai«te ftm each 
other; sich trennen. toal bira darbani^ dieysepiiratei^; 'Sle gingen 

: , < aQ8ei|ifin4.f r<) nr , 4- itP cwne fiDneward^ite 'flpcQeedt'. protftn.; 

yorw&rts kommen, gelingen, .^ziim S^et.kpaweQi \aka ati 

qocftu bindarbUy as ihoo. actest, thou willst .not succeed: w)e 

du es ftuch treibst, niit^^t es nichts, i^uf. diese Weiae erreichst 

nichts. -^ 5.. to, change, to act altarmitely: ahwechseln. sich 

geffenseitig abl5sen. isutn gar^att darbaniti hodjaaUj they 

' '^^'^ t^oli^ldternatilyr'^i^ atibelteh' abweiiielnd;' if6^^^ by the 

" ' sigtkilicAtf bib^ „cease'^', ^^dne ibeasek, wheh the ' oif^er' hegins ; der 

'^' ' eltie hOrif'aiff' ifu arbelteii, w'enn der andci^e iintUnigt-) hu goft" 

aoft^iteftiri^A ^wie i^illevfe Uch* other: tvlr Wiseii fans' ab, nnter- 

^ '^^ si^ta»eii tlnsf'j^^^ 'hiyictim hbs afljtatamns. 

'^ '•' '^ diiiAi^.'-'tfii. tseit kbverbfallv', 'proj^ri. .the i; * pers. pltir. pret: 

1 :1 . Pii^^fiWe^ W?wt*?#^^- fR.«f A»^«i*«.^<ier«>, w^^ turn; 

an dich. ; ; i, j..-! ;(-> .,. ., 

chen laasen, versftamen. — 3. to drive aYAItt.t^'-A^MP Away, 
r. ;5ii ;<?x^/.f5 /vcrtr^ibeB, v|^i:j^i^n^,^i^r^.:rr:rr;;4l t^.pqU W.t9»lt away, 
- o ..a^W^^ » toijfciiti ;iiit(fe^G4i|..^^p^sf^p^;^tftib^^ einem 

IV. dabarfa^a. l..pjp;x. Jfjt, J.let fflireflR^ f^et|ilD£. to^ mrseff ; ich 
laase etwas fffm ^ einen^.^fA4c}i Ji/erpi^rs^ban) i. e. 

flflfe|jr(f. .!• .|)pi;, tpVBing, biji,t orfy^ ^aed^ of the(,fl99g,dufjiig.^l{e.i^ 

M . 1 ^fl««»;..(vw d«|i .^eiljera :f«/;iai^eM. finer ^^g^n reU- 

A*i«cA<*%(7flffpa),a.itp,,b^,7q)|ow; gelb;;fl^i». ,.j .,,j ,,.,:, .,,u\, 

^to»r.i;i<.^pii!itdhbe 0frhH'0i9e/Angir|r^:iireAil.vireii8niC9|t;>)b6£K^ sorni;, 
w:. ' ;i .-'jpns«;^i)igofltf|p .odiBr\.warden»M:- '-< • fiJ .'.v-i.\> .?.•;:! u"-. .• ^'.; 
II ,j:j dMi)n«ib»dk. 9^ px. tosmake •ttlffry,. ti>'):iprlMer;'>MW0V 'nnwillig 
ti-^:: •-■4 ofachfMi^.:'ilF|PQrn^ritel^eat;rt *• • ^ W.n- .:: •■':ij'.i !l?f.-. n-; . 

4PB^>«1. a. ox. the fthmp npofr tte'ii^ of ^e^lafiilfo^j-iibrfl^ anf 
>V.^ '•v-'demRficken'^d^^'fifiirels. - ^^' " -''"^- "'• '^''^- '''* "•''-''' •'''' 

^itii/jrd/ advJ 'i^x^ bbiique^^ on the sicle^' by/'beside; scbier, von ilerSeite, 

"'';■' keif^Utts.^- «; nW^ nebeb: ^i?heWe ^^^bbabj^/ ''^"'^ 

' "^ ^tf/i^if/'k' k^ 'ox. inai^ctiliiiy fit'^^nocreidomastoid^ns ; def 'KopThicker. 

i.h .\^rM9\1^^J¥:\^^^fl ^mH^ t*»<iy do.,flot,ki^ftyv,^ J19W to make 
; ^ der .Gi-Sber ^or Hy^f iiv;7T. *f v^<>W7»^ft ftPi l«fl^iM!fif 5 ^^''^ 

e|»e Wipnie entitMid, wo dte naekto Stem .^unh lie hmuD» 

atehenden Haare ,,eingezlaDt^^ 1st. 
da/ir^. n, B, ox. swallow ; Sohwalbo, gebOrt vielMoht anch nntor ^uUaf 

wagea dw Form das Nestes. 
ilaiM. II. 8. ox. a handsome -horsa with ablana; dn sobtfaaa mntUges 

Pferd m\t einar Blilaae. ForiMips d^amm. 

damaga. 1. ppx. (9 be awake; wach selit. — t. to awake, Intr.; er- 

in. damag%a, 1. ppx. to awake , trans.; anfweckeii. — f. to 

irritate; relzen, Incitare. 
iawbi. n, 8. ox. Bot.Y 
damfa, 1. to seeth, boll, to be veiy hot; sieden, sehr heiss sdin; (eln 

^Igenthttmlicher Anklang an das dentsche ,,Dampf^^) 

danabik 1. ppx. to make booty> ispoil; Beate machen, pltlndetn. Am 
danabatij cattle got as booty ; erbentetes Vieh. — wetu danaba^ 
songs, which are chanted on returning from chase or war; Lie- 
der, die auf der Heimkehr von der Jagd Oder vom Krieg ge« 
snngen warden, vgl. gerara^ das die gleiche Bedeutiing hat. 

daniza. n. s. ox. Bot. Spermanla aMcana. 

danu, n. s. ox. multitude, mass, number of men; Afenge, Masse, bes. 
von Menschen, aber auch von andern Dingen gesagt. — Aman 
used it adjectively: namni danumandkeza dyira; there are many 
people in the house; es siod viele Leute im Hause. — 1 was 
a long time of opinion that danu might be a 'compound firom 
iti and the verb ana: ^yitt anu^^ (see ana.) and the contradic- 
tion of Aman has not quite convinced nor satisfied me. 

dangara. ii. a. ox. ritil, bar , a jpieoe of wood tp close the door with ; 
Eiegel, ein Qtttek Hol% sum Ver/icbliessen der Thttre. 

dandh* {f^^) a. px. to ean, to be able; XVnoen, im Stai^de aein, always 
constracted with tfie person of the co«oerne4 verb ; immer ttberein- 
stimmend mit der Person des betreffendea V/9rbi..e. g. axU dandi$ 
MfuttifiMy ati' dtmdexe hin^ufiUy ini danda hind^ufuj teau izin 
dandeMi Mnd^mfta;. Flnfi .«i¥ dmdeiie l^indufne^ izin dandezani 
.hMfuftaniirfiM)y izan dww^ani htndMfani, etc. I cannot come, 
thou canst not come, he, she, we, . yoU| th^y cannot 4)ome, etc. ; 
ich kann nioht kommen, du^ eiciUt .lean -^ Icoinenot, eto.^ 
wOrtl. ich kaaa — ich kfuame nicht| da kannait — du Jkommat 
nidit, etc. 


dmM. fi. 8. osL wsf, footpath \ Weg^ VxamMig. — t. joarnejr; Reise, 

dtkvie. n. 8. o^. Bot? ^ 

<l^ca. C^egi.) n. s. pz. animal to be Immoialed, ▼ktim, especially that 
which is immolated at naptiAla; Opfer, Opfertliler, hes. das, 
welches bei einer Heohzeit geachlaehtet wird and dessen Fleisch 
sta esseo verboten ist This word is perhaps related to the 

dega, {decaf) 1. pas. to be poor, in distress; arm^ iinglticklich i^eio. 

dSgi 01 degifiZy used conjanctionally, although; obgleich, obschon. dngi 
tni hamadele izan adjeziniy althoagh he did wrong, don't kill 
him; obgleich er Unrecht hat, tOdto ihn nicht* 

degizo. n. s. ox. Bot eelosia trigyna. 

dMa. 1. ppx. to come back, to retalrn;. wiederkommeny zariickkehren. — 
S. the preterite cgnjagated throughont all persons with other 
verbs represents the adverbs: again and more; mit andern 
Verbis im Praeteritum durch alle Personen conjugirt vertritt es 
die Stelle der Adverbia : . wieder and mehr. e. g. ani debie fsi 
wadjm adamon d^acu, I will go no more a hunting with thee; 
ich gehe mit dir nicht mehr aaf die Jagd. The same cod- 
stmction is found with the imperative mood : debits dkana hinr 
go^itiy do not do it so again ; mache es nicht wieder so, debiie 
being the %t pers. sing* preter. 
gaddebia. 1. ppx. (compound of ;^a€f«and debid) to go down; her- 
untergehen. — 2* metaphorically: to condescend ; sich herab- 
lassen/ — 3. to debase one's self; sich erniedrigen, gemein 
til. debiza, S. ppx. to briujg back; zuriickgehen lessen; — 2. to 
return, (trans.) to send back; zurd6kschicken. 

dike. n. s. ox. dnng^hill, soil, dirt; Misthaufeo^Schmate,' probably froB 
dika which however I never fiHind; but the IIL f. of this 
supposed root is used: 
III. dtieziza. 9. px. to make dirty; sehmutzig machen. — t. to 
loathe, nauseate; eckeln, aneekeln, always coastr. with -It. 
hudjinkuni nati dikziza, this work does disgust me; diese 
Arbeit eckelt mich an. 

dica. 1. px. to extirpate, destiroy, extingnfash; vertilgen, zerstOfen. 

digHaml (cf/^l£;«i!) num. ppx. px. twenty; zwanzig. 

dida. adv. px. without, abroad; draussen. — 9. out, outwards; hinaoa. 

UdM. adr. ppx. Id. C^^nponnd of the fategiAim and the postp. -e^.) 
dido. 1. pK« neg»t. verb, to say 9,110^^^ y,neln^' Bageir^ negare, nicht 
wollen. Affixed to the Intnitive of the eonoeraed vorb it ex- 
pressea an Inteational aegation, the intention not to do ^ what 
the concerned verb aigniflea; an den Inflaitiv dea betreffeaden 
¥erbi gehftngt drilckt. iitf<lia eine abalohtlioheVerneinnng ana and 
ateht 80 den Verbia bad^m ond d^aboy in gewlaaer Bessiehnng 
a«oh ela gegeattber (rgl.). M oum^s&udide^ Jto gave no ana- 

. wwy in the aenae: he waa not willing to give an anawer; er 
antwortete nicht — weil er nicht woUte. — 8. aa a aeparate 
verb: to deny, retaae^ verweigeniy abschlagen. ata mni gara* 
koUn i%a kadadfeley ini indUUiy although 1 heartily begged him, 
he denied; obgleich idi ihn berallch bat, er aching e« mir ab. 
didHra, 1. px. to change, exchange^ vertanschen, nmtansehen, ver-i- 
wechseln. — 9. to relieve, in the military sense; ablOsen, im 
milit&rischen Sinne. qedon wai didirUy the sentries relieve each 
ether; die Sehlldwachen lOaen' einander ab« — 8. to oonfbnnd; 
verwlrren. dubinza didiramej lit. his words have been ehanged, 
I. e. he became confused; er- wurde verwirrt, kaa anaaer 

II. didirad'a. 1. ppx. id. 

didiba. 1. px. Intens. of diba which see. ' 

Hd^iba. 1. px. Intens. of tfiba which see. 

diba, 1. px. to anoint, oil, grease; salben, schmleren. 

II. diba^a. 1. ppx. to anoint one's self; sich salben. 

HI. dib%a. 1. to cause to be oiled; salben lessen. 

didiba. 1. px. Intens. the same as the I. f. 

dibara. 1* px. to predict, div&ne; welssagen. According to the ex- 
plication of A man itsigniftes only: to account, relate; erz&hlen. 
anaf dipariy account me ; ^rziihie mlr I 
dibarxa, i.n. px. made Arom a III. root-form which has not jtt 
occurred to me: account, relatipn; Erz&hlung. 

dibe. n. a. ox. kettle-drum, taaibpurine; ouaikalischea Instrument, 

Paukey TanAourin. 
d^a. i.px. tostirig, pierce; stedieti, durchstechen. -^^ ft* to sow; ntthen. 

— wakH diray to alAx, annex to. each other » f. e. pearls; an 

einander heften, anfltdcln, z. ii. Perlen. 
dira. (-aira) S. to stink; stinken. Akaf. said: dra whieh aee. 


~ d60 — 

dir«m^4 fU. and h s« px. morning L e» tfaeHiiM .kotiredn ganama %vA 
.ware^ frpm abont eight till len ^* clocks Aforgen, bes^ddr ZeiU 
' lybnchnitt awtichen ^imhim bud imrA: \>.-..' ^ 

dirm, n.* 0. ox. decsUirity; Abbang, syaoab nt fakrge widck nee.: 

dtrghn. px. a natiiral sound taken firom the water, when it meets 
after aome thing baa been - thrown Into It; Natnrlant, vom 
Wasaer hetgenommen , wenn es naeb einem Warf, der es 
getheilt hat, mit einem eigenthilmllchen.Ton wieder ssMMunmcn- 
aohl&gt. Uanidly eonnected with: ^tjeday (0 eliy; sagen. biz an 
dHrghH^'djeetej the water said ,jdirgim^^ after haying said 
yydoHfoJs^^ befbre, which exiiresses the tone of a heavy body faHing 
into the water;* das Wasser sagte dirgimy hachdem es zavor 
doibok gesagt hatte, d* !•' esischliig- fiber einem hlneingewor- 
geirorfenen Oegenstand wiedetr nasanunen. 1 — 9. it is also 
used of the night: lafti dirgtm^^edey. Ut the ewth siMid ^^dif' 
gim^'y !• ^ it beoame^ark^ darkness eovered the earth; e^ warde 
Naoht,. die Dnnkelheit scliliig ,fibor der firde. znsammea. — A 
passive verbis even formed from this soaod; dirgimamay e. g. 
miufsni^HwU dirgtman^ y ,tiii9> ,U^ shot. itself again;. der Baam 
schloss sich wieder (kommt in einem M&farchen vor.) see Gram. 
num. M4. — dtrgim god^ay lit. to make ^rgfmj; dirgim nmcheD, 
i. e. to fill (a glass) ; einschonjcen. — ^ . 9. to pour out ; aus- 

dnriba. 1. ppx. (Ak. diriba) to be twofold; doppelt, zweifach sein. — 
9. trans, to doable; verdoppeln. 

dikda. C^awa) 2. to be quite cold, numbed, stiff; ganz kalt, erstarrt 
sein von Kfilte. — 9. to cool one's selif; sich abkiihlen. 

dflbe, adj. ox. prudent, judicious; gescheidt, verst&ndfg.* — 9. witty; 

diibi. adj. ox. aibuftidant, coplotis, frequent; (iberflttssig, reich (an Oe- 
treide), hiiuflg, the contrary of d^abzu, see dfaba. 

dil^u, n, a.' ox. the white of an e^g; Eiweiss. ♦ ' 

dima. 1. px. to be' red'; roth sein. " ' 

dif^. a^j. ox. red^f roth, fern, dinilhi.' ' - 1 ./ 

II. dinuuTa. 1. ppx. to become red, redden-^' tDHi^ werMh, sich 
rtfthen. ho borun dhnad^te nati kd^u, whj»p.lhe east reddens, 
eemie to me; wenn der Bfergen sich rQfliet, .komm flu-mir. 

dtmamd. (-oira) 9. to grofT dhaky^ dim, 10. darfcettj.dnAkel werden, 
Naoht warden. « ■.'•,.•■ 

— Mi — 

dhnifmetuk ft. px. Idem. 
dimemeza. |it. mdj^ dktkj dnsky^ gloomy; iii«ter, daskol. *- gal" 
gaia dimemezay midnightf MUtefonphi 
dHt^idi. n. 8. ^x. m oertaiB bi|nd; eio Vogel. (f) 

iimWM. n. s. px. eoleiy, or a plBilt of similsr smell; Sollerie oder 
oine libiillcli rieohoode- Maneo, vielleleht Korlander. 

lifiia. i, s. px. foe, enemy; Felnd im mllttiirischen Sinne, hostls. 

dinitcha, t a. px. potatoe, or a similar vegetable duse in the same way, 
ealtivated by the Gallas ; Kartoifel oder ein iihnliches und ebenso 
gebrauchtesKnollengewlicfas, das aiigebaut wird. (Ami^n.) vlel- 
leicht Helianthus tuberosus. f 

dinea. 1.. px, to laugh maliqiously; Mmisch l&cheln. — 9. to insult, 
scoff) verhOhnen. i 

doa. 1. px. to look over, jpurv^y; Qherschanen , oaehseheit. — 9. 
to review ). to examine.) erforschea^ prVea. — 3. to count, 
number, jeckon } aiU^len, reehnen. 
II. daatta^ 1. ppx. id«n. ionke hitfdoa^my do. not count thy cattle 
(s^l. beoanse U is fataQ; »ii))le de^a VleJi niohtl (well dies 
Unglttck bringt.) 

doko. a4i. ox- dall,^ stupid, yluiip,' unhandy; daiqiPr Pl°>vp> ^tt''>>^l><^^' 
doca. ni. s. px a string of pearls around the limbo; ein ^erlen- oder 

KoraUeag^iag urn .dio.'LendeD« 
doga. (i^oca?) n^. s. px. an. animaL which Jiarea in the water; ein 

Wasserthier, vielleicht hjingt das vorige mit diesem ssiisammen. 
doeoza, 9. px« to bruise^ crash, giiod, craraMe; aerknlrsehen , eer- 

reiben, zerbr/ickeln. — timbo dago%m^ snutT; Schnupilaback. 
doteho. n. a. ox. a piitehctr-4ike vassti; elfr Kni|;<«artiges Geltai. 
d»ioi€ut,a,.1i. pitx.. Inteaa* of d^ola which see*. 
dohi. n, s. px. nettle, a certain species of prtioa wliieli is spun; Nessel, 

Brenaoftsel, die gespoonen and zu ^hntlren and Zeagpen ver»* 

arbeitet wird. 
dorraba. i. ppx. to be ftiU, to stmt, awell; voll, st^otsend.aain, (z. B. 

vom Enter einer Kuh.} — %, to sprout, shoot, germinate; 

Blotter bokosuMn,. eprasaen; treiben^keimem . 
dorziza. 9. ppx. see d^ora. 

dololo. n, s. ox. brook, rivulet; Bach, kleiner .Fluss. ... 
doibok. na^ .sonnd whieli imitates tha Doiseof a heavy bodyrfbUing 

into a fluid; usually with dje^a and opposite .tot irftiik^to which 

— lOi — 

see ; NatDrlant der den Ton eines hi otae Flttad^eit ftUenden 
Kdr^ers nachfthmt, ^ewObnlich mit djedla verbnnden; ¥gl« das 
entgegengesetzte dir^im djed'a* 

dama. 1. px« lo be blant, obtuse; stunpf sein (toii Wsfen niid Werk- 
z^ugen). mukni Watt caren damUj lit tbe edge of the spear 
of God is not Coan't be) blunted ; die Spltse der Laose Gottei 
wird. nicht stnmpf. Magm, 
II. domaia. 1. ppx. idem. 

doncoro. adj. ox. stapid, doll; stompfisinnlg, geistesschwach. 

dongale, n. s. ox. a quab; Qaappe, unausgebildeter Frosch. 

don^a. 1. px. to be avaricious^ geizig sein. pass, form: don/^oma to 
become avaricioas; geizig werden; — Amansaid: dogna^ pro- 
bably on account of the difficulty of pronouncing the ^. 

duo, 1. px. to die; sterben. — zagaienko dutCy {dudte from duda\) 
lit. my voice died, i. e. I am hoarse; icbTbin heiser. ^* due 
kuniy the def\iinct, deceased; der Verstorfoene, where the III. pers. 
of the preterite with the demonstrative pronoun supplies the 
participle, ani warra duetan d^aea^ I go to the house of mour- 
ning; ich gehe ins Trauerhaus. (the construction is lit m 
warra due^ti^ani d^aca,') 
JUL duzixa, %. ppx* to cause to die, to idll; sterben macben, nm- 
bringen, tfidten. 

duka. postp. px. behind, after; binter, nach. na dukm ademiy go behind 
me; geh hinter mir;, geh mir naeh, metaphor, imitate me; fblge 
mir nach. ^ 

dukana. {"owa) 9. to be or become daric, gloomy; llnster sein oder 
werden, Abend werden. 
dukana, n. s. ox. darlcness, dimness; Ilnstemiss, Dunkelheit 

duguga. 1. ppx. to stripp oif, pull off; abstreifen,' wegwischen, z. B- 
cine Blttthe, Sehanm. 

duta. 1. px. to bark; belLra, von Hunden. — « S. to quarrel, scold? 
ehide; zanken, keifen. 
UL dutzixa. %. ppx. to vex, firet; irgeni) zam Zom reizen, er- 

dudd. (-atra) 9. to. be stopped, obstructed; vemloplt sein. -«* ft. to be 
deaf; taub, unh5rig sein« 
duda. adj. ox. deal; taub. 

III. dud%a. ("owa.) 9. trans, te stop, obstruct; ventopfnt — t 
to deafen; betiiuben. 

— lot — 

V. dna%esuL S. IMC. Id. — 9. Co All np \ m- ftiuflUtoiL 
duduba^a. 1. px lDtM«. ef duMfa which see. 
dudubixa. Ibid. 

dud^tifa. t. ppz. lateni. ef dfti/b which see. 

iftffta. adv. and poitp. px. after, said of time and place ; aach, von Ort 
ond Zeit i$U na duba ademay he walks behind me; er geht 
hinter mir. aH na duba daladfte^ thou art born after me; da 
bist naoh mir gehoren. ani M duba dgira^ I am behind thee 
(respecting the age), 1 am younger than thou; ich bin Jttnger 
als da. 
duba. n. 8. ox. sabst. tail; fichwans. 

duba. n. 8. ox. is perhaps also to be placed here^ it signilies the 
gridiron er flre^plaee on whieh the Magmaia^re is made-; der 
Rest Oder Herd, aaf dem das Jtfa^XMila - Feaer gesehttrt wird. 
It is also used instead ef dururo which see; auch Ar durwro 
gebraacht, vgl. 
duba. 1. px. supposed root of 

II. dubad^a. 1. px. to talki to speak ; spveehen. 
dudubad^a. 1. px. Intens. to speak much,, to prattle, tattle, prate; 
viel aprechen, plaudern, schw&tzen. — 9. to calumniate; ver- 
plaudem, verschw&tzen , verl&umden. — 8. to insult, scorn; 
dubi. n. s. ox. word, speaeh; Wort, Rede. — 9. discourse, talk; 
Unterhaltung, Verbandlung. — 3. action, process; Rechtsstreit, 
Process, dubihis^anl oli kaay delay your transaction; verschiebt 
eueren Recfatshandel, lasst ihn ^ter entscheiden. har^a dubi 
fitrana^ let us adjust the process to-day; lasst uns beute den 
Bandel beilegen. dubin hindyirUy there is no talk of it; es ist 
keine Rede davon. 9. it makes no rumour or noise, it is of no 
consequence; es gibt kein Gerede, macht kein Auftehen. 
m. dubiza. 9. ppx. and the Intens. dudubiza. 9. ppx. to incite 
some one with words ; einem mit Worten zusetzen. — 9. to back- 
bite, calumniate, detract; verlftumden, verschw&tzen. 
dubaro. px. plur. of durbCy girl; M&dchen. see durba. 
dubi. n. s. ox. see duba. 

dubo. n. s. ox. tail ; Bchwanz, derived from duba whieh see. 
diMoa. adj. px. empty, void; leer, ini harka dmoa dPufcj he eomes 
with empty hands; er kommt mit leeren Hftnden, ohne Ver- 

— 104 — 

dura, ad v.. Mid piwtp* px. I^efore, foremost; Fome, vor, Tonms. — t. 
earlier; frtlher, €her. -^ 3. {Mft. compar. am %i dura dfHray 
I am before thee, I am elder than thou; ich bin (im Alter) vor 
dir, bin lilter als da. *-«• 4ni dura (lit. he before; der voroe) 
the irst, der erste. 

^ duri. (Am.. Surii) duraVt, duraii^ adv. px. ppx. during the child- 
hood, in former times; friiher, in der Jiigend, in der Kindheit 

dtare»f. adj. px. rich, reich. The root was net found* — It is also 
used substantively. 

duri. adj. px. dirty; schmutzig. — root? 

durura. 1. ppx. to drop, spring, well; herabtropfen, hervorqa^len. 
** IV. dururfad^a. I. ppx. to tap, broach; wOrtl. fiir sicb qnellen 
Oder flieasen lassen, anbohren, anzapfen (ein Fass.) — S. to 
draw or fetch water; allg, Wasser holen. 

dururo. n, s. ox. the same as meUkida which see. 

durba. r. s. px. girl, maid; M&dchen. — 9. daughter , Tocbter. plor. 

durbu n. s. ox. cousin; Gesohwisterkind, Vetter. 

duUi. 1. px. to make war; Krieg ffihren. — H. to contend, combat; 
k&mpfen, usually dnfan dufa or gadu dukty in der Nacht aaf 
Krieg oder Raub ausziehen. 
dakt. i. s. px. combattant; der Krieger. duti tcharane^ the com- 
battants raised the cry of battle; die Krieger erhoben das 
Kriegsgeschrei. duia dtaca^ to go into the battle ; in den Kampf 
geben. {dula is iised by Aga instead oT godanOy to journey; 
Aga gebranchte das Wort fdr godanoy reisen.) 

dulatcha. i. s. ppx. an ox or cow which has come to fall growth; ein 
vOUig ausgewachsenes Stiick Vieh, derived from: 

dtUoma. 1. px. to grow old; alt werden. Most likely these two words 
belong to an unused root duia; wahrscheinlich ge&oren dulatcha 
und duloma unter einen Stamm duia* 

duio n. s. ox. the fifth tribe of the Gallas respecting their rank to the 
circumcision; der fiinfte Stamm. der Oalla ia Hinsicbt fiuf die 
Rangordnung bei der Beschneidung. 

dulbe. n. s. ox. inmate, lodger; Bausgeoosse, Insaese. — 2* guest; 
. Gast. m4 duibeke na te%i»iy pray, let me be thy guest; lasa 
m],ch deinen Gast seio, behecbergemicli^ wdrtl. set»e micb sis 
deinen Hausgenossen. 

— i©» — 

duma, ft. s. ox. tape-worm; Bundwum. (^crhups appertaining to 
duma, tooease, vanlab, langalah; aufhOran^ verachwinden, ana- 
Kelireo. 9) 

dumeza. i. a. px. eiood;. WolkeJ — 9. darkaeaa^ Dunkalkett, Flnaternlaa. 

dmi%a. 1. px. to heFp; helfen, untersttltKen.^-*— 9. to defend bef6re 
the bar; vor Gericht vertheldift^n. Also this word coold, aa to 
ita algaillcatlon, be related to d'uma. 

dunumfad^a. 1. ppx. to shut the eyes, to connive; die Angen zudrtieken, 
' connivere. 

dra, Q-awa) 9. — ? 

-d'o. afflix. auxiliar verb, the copula of the adjective ; .^e Copula bel 
A4}ectivis, e. g. tni garid^a^ he la good ; er iat ^ut, Iny, also 
in the plur. i%an gggarid'af they are goo4$ aie alnd |gnt. vgl. 
Gram. num. 166. 

• ' • 

^d. (contr. firom iteUM^.t.. to beat, to strike; sehkgen.u-r- Mitver** 
acbledenen SubaCaativen verbmidett blldet dieses Verbam fol- 
gende Composita: kifa d'dy lit. to beat the earthy I. e» to fall 
down; fallen, umfaUett, wSrtL die Erde sichlagen... — di^bi 
d*dj lit. to beat the thread, L e. .to apia^ splDnan, w5rtL 
den Faden acMkgea* — wojfa dVy lit. ta beat elothes .1. e. to 
weave; w«bea^ wiirtl* Klelder aoblftg1»n», — fana fd\ lit to 
beat the footHsteps^ i# e. to.taveatig|itfi; 4er Sp«r aaohgehen, 
verfolgen — naohahmea., - w0rlh die Fttssatapfea aahlagen. 
hadziza fana iae^ lit. he heat dM foot^atop of hla work ; er 
achlttg die Spoi; selaer A^rbeit, 1. eu.bia went ta Ms. boalnesa ; 
er ging seinen Geschiiften nach. — eawe d'a^ Ut to beirt a gun, 
I, e. to sbe«»t; aehieasan, wtfrtl. daa- G#webr. achlagen. -- yaka 
iTo', to pnaish, ohastiae; beatrafan..-^-^- ^bu d^d^ to. give nuptial 
presents; Hochsseitgeschenhe geben.t-r^ imbIo ^d^ lit^ to beat 
the hand, i. e. to 4reaa, ourl) oriap; .ie^hten, Lock6a asaohen, 
ilrlaiteoy wihrtl. den Ko^ achlagen. Theiioe:, 

d*ae. fk s. ox. lock, cnrl^ I^ocken. ' • •- 

l\* 40d^a* 1. pOLlnto. ^adlzu^ tolmllate^ aachahmen^ vachaehli^ 
gen« — %• to condemn; verurtheilen. (V) 

•— 106 — 

id. (eontr. flrom iaa) 1. iinfoiipil root of 

iftiMfdk 1« px. to goftrdy protect, defend ODe*« self by another ob- 
ject; sich darch einen anderen Gegenstand schtitzen, deckea. — 
%, to keep or stand to one another, tp pretepd, to exense oae^s 
self with ; sich an etwas halten , etwas vorseMltzen , sich mit 
etwas ansreden, entschnldigen. ini obolezezatm iaiie^ lit he 
decked, covered himself with (by) his brother, i. e. he Itid 
, the charge upon his brother; er hielt.sich an seinen Broder, 
schob die Schald anf ihn, w5rtl. deckte, schtttzte sich mit sei- 
nem Brader. 

iai. n. s. ox. (made Arom the above quoted root) fence, rampart; 
Schntzwehr, Wand. — 9. assistance, support; Bilfe, Beistand, 
Stdtze. Wakayo d^aikotij God is my support; Gott ist meln 

iaie, n. s. ox. (made firom the IL root-form) poroupine ; Stachel- 

iaia^a. 1. ppx. listens, of the II. f to boast, brag, vaunt; prah- 
len, (mit etwas Anderem} gross thun'. 

iaiaU. adv. ppx. across, to the side; quer, nach der Seite. 
idka. n. s. ox. stone; Stein. — d^akindakUy millstone; Mfihl-Mahl- 
stein. — d^aka-gaya (or f^le)^ tabaoco-plpe-'bowl f Tabaks- 
iakara. n. id. ox. hatchet, ax; Beil, Haeke.. 
iftfJIrtf. fiw s. ox« breeohes made of leather; ledeme Hosen (viellelcht 

dfacu und dann mit ^am^ gehen, zusamnenb&ngend.) 
^aea* 1. px. to go walk; gehen. Imprec. e%a akanke dfaqe dPaqil go 
there, whither thy ftither has gone i. e. mayst thou die; gehe 
wohin deln Vater ging, d. h. da solist 8terben!^(eine sehr ge- 
w6hnliche Verwiinschung.) 

d^mcu. n. s. ox. medium, way, expedient, oportunity; Mittel, Weg, 

II. d^aeadPa. 1. px. to go against an objeet; a«f etwas M- los- 
gehen, — ^ thence: 9. to confide in, trust in; vertrauen. JunSaeaiin^ 
do not confide; vertraue nicht! 

HI. d^4xe%i%a. H. ppx. to cause to go, to make go, to send awayi 
gehen lassen Oder machen, auf die Beine brlngea, fortschicken. 
— 9. to nauseate; Eckel enregen. 
dago, (ray a) M. to hear; hdren. — t. to obey, follow; folgea, ge- 

— 10» — 

IV. 4a§efa^». 1. ppx. Ut^ to henr lor oiieNi 9%\t i. e. to b'earkeiiy 
lIstoD; fttr ilch btfron, dL 1. horohen. 

V. d^i»§ssiza. %. px« to ca«8e to hear, to lot hear; htfren lasoen. 

VI. ia9%if€utm. 1. ppx; to let hear for oneo self; sloh so GanBten 
etc bdren lafloeo. 

iagtUL i. 0. px. body, corpse; K^hrper. — t. ftgnre, form, shape; 
Gestalt, Form, Haltang. -* 8. h^art, 1. e. feeling, sense; das 
Innere, Gefftbl. aU^ o$9 idyakeiin argine ^agnaketin bekta^ though 
tboa hast not seen It, then knowvt it In thy heart ; obgleioh da 
es alcbt mit deinen Augeii g^seben bast, (so) welsst da es 
(doeb) In deinem Inneren. (aoo dem Gebete: Waeayo iaf' 
iana ete.) 

iatu. n. 0. oz. AkaM^e denoted by this word a man, who design-* 
edly oondacts the cattle towards the foe ; Verrither, einer der 
dem Feinde die Beerde rerrlith. Probably it is derived from cf iT. 

dWa. 1. px. to protect one's self, see dd. 

Saia. 1. px. to imitate, see da. 

dWo. fi. s. ox. batter; Batter. Idagm. d'ad^an ibidii hue Mndebiu^ 
batter fallen into the ire does not come back again ; Batter 
Ins Feaer gelbUen, kommt nioht wieder beraas. 

^(ufati. adv. px. across; qoer. see d^a. 

ia^e. fi. 8. ox. porcapine; 8tacbelsohwein. see d'd,' 

iaba* 1. px. to do not find, to miss ; nicbt linden, verfeblen. — 9. to 
have not^ or nothing; nicht, niohts baben. nu iadxu ^fabncy 
lit. we both have nothing; wir belde baben nichts. — 8. to know 
not; nicht wissen. — A. to want, need*; Mangel baben. wa 
Had'u d^abe^ he is in want of Ibod; er hat nichts ku essen. 
wan god'u itabani^ they did not know what to do, were irre- 
solute; sie wussten nicht, was sle thon sollten, waren un- 
schlttsslg, wtfrtl. etwas - zn than - wassten sie nicbt. faya 
^abey he finds not the heaHb, he is ill; er flndet die C^sund- 
heit nicht, er ist krank. irge dyizun d^abaniy they did not find 
a nights-lodging; sle (fianden) batten kein Nachtqaartier. irge 
d^aeu ttabcy he knows. not whither to go, be is at a loss; er 
weiss nicbt wo mas, let in Verlegenheit; wtfrtL Ort su gehen 
weiss er nicht 
iaba. n. s. ox. want, need. Mangel, dubino d^aban eabu^ words 
never fbil, i. e. to speak is- always possible; Worte gehen ja 
nie aos^ reden kann man immer; (Briefe von Akafed^e and Aga.) 

~ 10§ — 

In general It mnsi be remarked, that d'aba appertains te tlie ne- 
gative verbs, (see Gram. nam. 176. c;) Hesonders so bemerken 
iflt^ dasa ^mba za den negattven Verben gehtirt wie dida, batCa 
and ala und es drtlckt ala selehes uniher jene Negation ans, 
wo Mangel an physiseher oder geistiger Kraft Earn Grande 
liegt. cf. Gram, nom. 876. c. 

d4ufiada. 1. ppx. Intens. to be or become weary, tired; milde 
sein. Oder werden. — 9. to be unable; nicht fcOnnen, 
nicht im Stande sein. — d« not to .eome, to fait in duty; nicbt 
kommen, seiner Pflicht fehlen. — Phr. kad'zu dad^abcj he 
relaxed in his course; er liese im Laafe naoh, kannte nicht 
mehr lauren. — d^abad^zu dad^abe he could . stand no nore 
1. beeause he was Ul, weak etc. %. in the aense: to be bnsy, 
active; er kenate nicht stehen entweder aosMttdigkeit, Krank- 
heit etc. oder in dem ^^linne : gesohftftig, eifcig, emsig sein. 

dCabzu. adj. ox. (made from an aausedlll. f.) rare, scarce | selteo, 
rarus, oppos. to: dilbi^ frequent; h&ufig. 
<fa6a. 1. px. to set, put, (dace, put up; ateUen, aetaen, aufetellen. — 
9. to expose far sale;'feil bletea, i^asstellen. 

d'abo, n. s. ox. assistant, day.-labourer; Aui^rheJifer, Tagltfhner (einer 
der Kur Hilfe hingestellt ist.) 

^dbte. n. s. ox. a judicial expression, probably.:, term , where 
two persons must appear ; ein gerichtlioher Aucfdrqck^ wabr- 
scheinUch Termin, wo ^wei streitende ParteJien aich .yatellen^^ 
mttssen. namni d^abte> ioaiiii kufame^ the cited persons met; 
die 9Mm Termin Vorgeladeneu versammelten aich. . — ^abU 
kada^Ay to require a summons, einea. Termin verlangea. 

IL d^aba^ct, 1. ppx. intr. to stand; stehen.* 

ds/^abadiJk. 1. ppx. Intens. idem. 

lU. d'ab»a. 1. px. to make straight; gerade machen. 

IV. d'dbad'ziza. 2. )px. to caas^ to stand; steheq machen, stehen 

. Jassen. 

The verb iufaba. L ppx. to educate; erslehen,. ia probably, 
• in spite of its preix: <^-.:to be placed, here,, although it would 

. be. the. only example af Auoh a fi^Hx* BW.Mdluba. 
d'abad'a. 1. ppx. to stand; stehen. see dtuba. 
d^abo. n. tiw .e£» day-^labonrer ;-TH^Maer. aee d^^a.. 
dl'abie: n. s. ok. summons; Ttrntiin. aeeri^nte i .. . 
d^abinu. adj: o&.#ckifeffl, irare; 8eMen.<a«ie i^'Ote . . . «. 

/ofifliL t. ps. t« be irroBg, not true; IHlseh^ anwabi' seta. 
iarrd. (-^ t< px. lo wUb, daslM, to long ^^^^ »* thltig, partlculftrlr 
aild of pregnant woiftttii; wdttaoMfi) begehreo/ 0ellla«6 haben, 
bea. voo aebwangeren Frauen« 
ir«rlti». «. A ox. a IvatUigy hapkertng, lenging perpon ; matemer, 
begebrllcher Mbaaoh, jnaae. 6c MiIq. 
iaU. 1. pi« to bring fertb, giro birtb, bear a oklld; bervoibftogen, 
gebiren. — t. to be naeMy imitftily worth; ntlteUch, (hicbt- 
brlngend, etwaa irerth aein. — 8. to inherit , get bf inheri- 
tance; erben^. dnrob Erbacbaft erlangen* --^ 4. to win> gfdn; 
gewinnen. r-^ 6. .to enereaae, pay (anid of capitals); a|ch ver- 
inehreq, aa^aohaani. eiobftogen, vonCapitalien; -**- b^t in this sig- 
nification it faaiwmyp conatrocted with Ike poatp* -^f. 9sUi iaUs^ 
thou giiipeat; da gfwannaty (wtfrtl> dir wurda g^borep) 
^aia. and iaUk. n. a. ex.. the birth;. Gebart. -r %* nfhat is born, 
chil4; das Gebornei I^nd. dtoMfoH na toh CUi prayerflO> bless 
my children ; segno meine Kinder. — 8. the j^^ung 9( beasts ; 
das Junge bei Thieren* 
ifo/^fi. n. a. o]^ (aa to the form the l^m«' o( d'ula) tbe female} 4m 

Weibchea belTt^eren. 
d^oie. n. s. ox. laare ; Sl^te« — 9. naj* i^. riding-horse; Reitpferd. 
II. d'alad'a. 1. ppx. to be born; geboren werden. •^; arise, 

become; entstehen, werden. 
d^aiadCu. adj, px. born, particularly new-borf, young; giAoren, 
bes. neugeboren, Jung. A very common saying ia: ati oka 
mudfa har^a d'ahd'uti dubad'ta^ th^u speakest like a neif-born 
child; du redest irie ein Jdeines Kiad. 
IV. d^alad^z iza. 9. px. to cause to inherit : erben lasses , sum 
firben einsetzen. 
d'aie. fi. s. ox. mare; Stute, see /jfaia. 
daUu. n, s. qx. fbmale of beasts: daa Weibchen von Thleren, see 

d*(ana. t. s. px. liquor; iSaft. (Aga). I suppose It istl^e saihe as dapma 

which see. • • 
dama. 1. px. to be extinguished, eflhced; ausgeldscht seln, er- 
Itfschen, infr. ' • ' 

in. ittMXa. 1. px. to extinguish (tranis.) ; ausfOilchen. 
'. (-m<^* 9. to ran to and fire^ to be bhsy, actite (said of 
a ahepherd); bin und heirlaufen^ geschiftlg aeln, bes. von 

einem Hirten, der dioM zu th«n hat, am sefaie He«rde belMBHieii 
ea erhalten* -^ 2. to vex, inportmies pli^en, necfcea* 
li'ame^ ik s. ox. bmncb, twig; A»t, Zweig, see d'mKUy httniM and 
hardjvme. ^ 

.^mwd'a. 1. piix to be e61d^.cbU]y; kidt^ lirostig seis. €mi ffuda iar 
mod^eray I feel very cold ;. ich fi^ere sehr. 
damodza. L «« px. eold, coldnesa; Kiiite* ttixmodxi im e«^ 
lltt cold holds me, L e. I feel oold ; ich f)riere, wOrtl. die Elite 
hilt, ftwst mich. 

ffofliu. n. 8. ox. a species of bee which builds its hive in the earth; 
eine Art Bienen , die ihre St6eke in die Erde baaen. — afan 
a'xtmtl^j the operfing of such a hive; die Oeftitiiiji^ (wOrtl. Mand), 
die in einen solchen Ban ffihrt. Ich bin in Eweifel ob dieses 
Wort za dagma (Ag, iTama} Oder %ndama gehdrt; dieGrund- 
bedeirtattg von dama , emsig hifl und her lanfen , macht das 
LetKtere wahTscheinllch, obgleich aiich die andere Ableitoog 
VIeles fOr sich hat 

d'mnxa, 1. px. III. f. of d'ama which see. 

cfond. !• px. to strike, beat; schlagen« — f . to punish, castigate, 
correct^ strafen, usually connected with yaka (punishment; 
Strafe.) JVaeapo yaka »i ^anufdytta^ God will punish thee; 
^ott wird dich strafen. ^ 

d^ana. n. s. ox. scar, cicatrix; Narbe. (Am. godanHsa.) 
m. San%i%a. f . ppx. to have struck or punished; schlagen oder 
strafen lassen. 

ffancu. n. «. ox. an arm of a tree, branch (greater than i(jme)\ the 
first arm from the trunk upwards; Ast, die ersten starkenAeste 
vom Stamme aufwSrts, entgegengesetzt dem iame^ handa^ 
und hardjume. 

d'anga. n, s. ox. nourishment, food, liveUhood; allg, Nahrung, Speise, 
'Lebensunterhalt. d'anga kdn nu dyiranun har^a nu kennij 
give us our daily bread; gili uns heute unser,t&gliches firod. 

dangaga. {^-awa) 2. ppx. to be or become sour^ <msK> sauer seis oder 
d'angaga. or dangago. n. s. ox. vinegar ; Essig:« '^ S» a ilrait ui 
sour taste ; eine Frucht von saurem. Gescbmaok. ? (Am. Runex.) 

dangaidf (round 9* to drop, drip, tricVe; tcopfe^ aj^opfen. '- i. <* 
.flow over or. to fall out^ said of ovor^Uc d • vnsjfili or overripe 

— Ill — 

ooni; ttberiMM, flbeHlleMeii, MurAdlM (voii lllierlUlteD Oe- 

t$8B9nj and llkerreifbm GetreMe.) 
ianffolaXtt. i. f . px. Irlbntey rent; Trtfrat, SBknii. 
im^aieho. i. v. px. glMid, gl«nditla; Orllfle. 
im^o. (Am; and Ag. dwno) n. 8. oz. a dUieaaa, perhapa goat) eine 

Krankheity viellelcht Glcht^ Podagra. 

(TaM. 9. px. 0. dat to Jeat^ Joke; aeheraenv apaMOn. naUn iTiisM, 
do not Joke with me; apaaae nlcbt mH m&r. ^- fl. to vex, to 
play tricks ; necken, einem einen Streieh apielen. 

d'ecama. 1. ppx. to quarrel, altercate, 0cold; sanken, achelten, somlg 
Mer Jemand sein. o» dativ. hadiho naii dPeeamtej my mother 
scolded me; meine Matter schalt mich, 
m. d'eeamziza. ft, px. to make settle one angry; irgeilich, nornig 
machen (wtfrtl. maohen, dass einer aankt.) 

t^d'a. 1. px. to eat like an animal ; nressen vem Vieh. ion haman 

S^^ani^ the beasts are in want of food; das Vieh hat kein 

Fnttei!, wdrtl. f^isst niohts. 
if^ifi. n. s. ox. eatables ; Essbares. -- •. IniU, partieL fruits of 

trees; Frucht, bes. Baumfrucht, Obst. 
III. d'MsiiSia. 9. px. to fted, fbrage^ fllttern, firessen — weiden 


iifaSa, 1. ppx. to rise up, to wamble; aus dem Magen aaflitossen. 
cT^. ». s. OK. metos; das AufMossen. 

iibod^a. 1. ppx. to be thirsty; durstlf sola, made of an unused root 

^^boa or dfHa. Thence : 
Uku. n. s. ox. thirst; Durst, d^hu bazoj I quench my thirst; 

ich stnie meinenpurst. — t. I water, soak; ich wSssere (eine 

IIL dT^boza. t. ppx. to make thlra^f durstig maehea, Iterst er* 

^ira. a4J. px. Cor probably a verb allied to almost all other a^Jeo- 

tives) long, high, tall; lang, gross, hoeh. ^^ 9. long, of long 

durance ; lang (^oif der Zeit), Vdn langer Diauer. — d^atfamiti, 

adv. not long ago, lately; nicht lange, iror nicht langer Zeit, 

d^eza. 1. px. to make long, prolong; protract; verlingem * ver- 

mehrea. In prayers; Mu na d^ezij prolong myUAi^ ▼er«« 

littgeif e >mcln Leben. 

jt,^g{if04 C^mga^) adv. temp, ppx* Jtb^ .day befene - 9(eslerdi|r; vor- 

d^enza. 1. px. to flee, nm-ai^ay^ ii^en, daLVo^Alwkt^n^ nadyalari'^ensin, 
lit. do not flee from ioe; flt^be* iileht voa mil*, L e. graiit; ge» 
wiUife mekie Mttis, crhOre'inieh (in 6ebeteo.) 
dUa, {"owa) 9. nnnsed roof of 

II. 4^iad'a. 1. px* to approach;' nahen,. 0idb vSlieni. Mtp%ttH 
.f ii'm<f^&/the jfiif^/ifl^iO^iifigu} feaMiapproacblssi; daa JMa^SMila* 

(Frtihlings-) Feat^wrtitu ' . •>». 

o|V. d'iefad^4i. 1, >p:i^. tobcing n#iir;:|n d^ Nillie bripgeo; berdiuf^ 
. :. Iww^anatidi'iefad^UyjAx^W tbi& «e^t pear lo jnevrUcke diesea 

Stubl her zn mir. ; , 

.,<jpto. aiU«.p;9^.:0ear,.nj£hf aalie, . ., ^ 

cl'fca. 1. px. (Ak. iigii) -lo wasb; wascfc^a. 

|I. iica^^.]\^ ppx« to wpsb O9e'0. s^K^MSiiQh wa80beiiy bad^p. 

fl^«<*y.: «if. 8. px. ftiood'^ Blat. 

il'fca. 1. px. to bleed; bluten. -^'t;> mef^bor^ to pain, ake; leU 

thun, iM^merasem This- sense has- espec, the* foUofring : 
II. dtiead^a. 1, ppx. i :! . • . 

Pbr. ;tf^iknnii40iir'#tfa:, 4he blood (bleed$) tans; es fliessf Blat 

(diirch &assere Veranlassnng,) also: i^icm ya^ blood flows; 

. AMrfli^JUBty OA blatet. -^ dfipa cak0d^4»^ 1^4 to hold or tak« 

the blood (in religions ceremonies}^ ^ L i&. to .mark one's self 

, I wMh the blood of the victim; s&ch bei ^pfern mit dem Blote 

des Opferthieres bekrenzen. — r 2. tosacriflc&.ia.gepernJ; liber- 

^ liaupt, fUrs.opfem. ^ : . .. . . 

.. ,Ilf^ ^iczi^ 9^^ px. to^mikke bleed,, tQ woppd), Untien, machen- 

lassen, verwunden. 

liffc^Hir .t.: px» (Am tfW)(1ototad^!4stap;;lreleny<stos9en<-*^ t. te^erosh, 
tread under one's feet; zertreten, mit Fiissen tretm^ iBerstfiren. 

^ , Jl d^M'a^i^. , ,*•.. ppi^. ^pd .In^pns, ^iVT^jf^V . i^ ppx, to^.sprfirl, 

tremble, :kick; .ja^i^ppeloi mit. den Ff^sae^^iprnf^. --r^; ff» to be 

. . biwjr, actiy^, jjffs|d?oiip,. dili|5pitf 5 f^WSr gepch&Oig.spin. . ho 

What can I do with thee? wenn da nicht fleisslg bist, was 
„ ,,• soil Ich (daA«) iQit dir. machen, . .. , * 

d^ii^MWisa. i*^ pXi. to. nend away; fS^rtsehieken^ -r- 9. ^o Anire or cbase 
away ; fortjagen , forttreiben. ThO' root wUfdPmnplit to be 

— Jl 118 — 

dUdthM or itam tit not boeil ^Mmdi Mo IHTnrtfel dlosbr Form, 
die ^tUCima odor ^ima bolison wtfrdo, kom nloM vor. • 
iiba. 4« px. hopor*. to bo ooxhMo; It allwjin') 00 kttiiimori, tej^otlgt. 
• — H. it abofei; eo oehmorst/ -i- 8. It Ift on trnpodimont, obstacle; 
iM lot oin Ettndornlio. -^4. It Mki^ watrto, is doiMent; eo 
fobflt, naagdt. Mt/C ha dfibe9 wbat'.te 4hat to mof was goht 
eo mleh anf Thence probably t 
d*ib€u adv. nam. pz. hundred ; litaffdert,'OS II there wore a hinder- 
anco to cooot any fhrther; wio weno tier dao Wolterzilhlen 
Anstand, Hindornlss iknde. 
ifffte. ft. s; 0^. Impediment, obstacle, need, dlfflenlty, want, ad- 
versity, vexatioti ; HInderniss, Noth, iSchwIerigk^it, Mangel, 
Ungemach, BedrHngiiiss. 
did^iba. i. ppx. Intens. to press, afflict, ^ve paitf^ pinch ^ drOcken, 

weh thon« 
II. Sibada. 1. px. to be narrow, small ; eng^' sbhmal serin. 
d^ibo. adj^ ox. narrow, strait; ebg,' sehmaL. 
^iba. 0^^<>) *• to ^0 idle, lassy, to loiter; mdsaigv fA«l se4o. — 

V. not to will, to resist; nicht mbgen, sioh strttnfelen. 
iPiftf^iTa. 1. ppx. to bring a drink -oifloring; elii Trankopfer bringen. 
d'ibayu. n. s. px. drink -^^offering, madO of /brm»; Trankopfolr ans 
fat^ bestehend. 
iira. nom. plnr. px. the men; die Minner, allied to mtden: the 
women. This word is probably the root of - 
iirza, is. px. hnsband; Gemahl, Gatte, martins. 
(timbiba. 1. >px. to drop, drip; troyfl^li, trOpi^Dln. ^ il. to strain, filter; 
seihen, darchpressen. Thence: 
d^imbiza. '-^fnt (probaMj^ cohtraetisd from ^inMb%a) s. px. drop; 

Tropftn. * 

iim^u. n. Bl' px. Idem. 
^inea. i: s. px. (Ak, dtinhd) bedchamber; Schlafgemach. >-^ %, bed; 

19chlafs(fttte, Bett. 
difo, (difta etc. see Gram. nam. ISS.) 1. px. to spread, extend, e. g. 
a skin (_gogd) apon the earth; aasspannen, ausspreltRon, z. B. 
Oine Hant auf dem BodeO ssam Gerben. 
^ifa. n. B, ox. the nails or pegs to this operation; Nftgel zu 

diesein Behafe. 
L («5 pors. iff/la) ». px. to let, permit; lasseh, eriatibem — 9. to 
omit; tmterlasseol — d. to spare; verschonen. — 4. to exempt 


Urom;: iHisnolunftii, ' howm^^s^) bk9enssi:ha tFnfh An fUMTti 
gafor Macif^Miy , not lo.Bpe^fc of niea, .even baiuits jnay eat 
wben they obme to tho foMt of Maczakij wOrU, lisse d&e 
(nioihta BH flOi^ew ^on den} Menscben, («elbat) eln . wildes Thier 
wonn kommt, ooll ea easen am 3facjsaliHlleate» — gara^o ii%e, 
jUt.' I let my be«rt, L e. I did not SKy anything, I concealed my 
Ihoughta, my feelinga; i^h. aagte nichta, verborg meine 6e- 
danfceii (w^rti; ich lieaa mein Berz.) 
4oa. 1. px. to bofat asiuDdjBr; oufplatzen, zerplatzen. 
d'oka, 1. px. auppoaed root of 

d'okad'a, 1. ppx. to Goneeal one'a aelf ; sich rerbergen, verstecken. 
— 9. to be hidy .coooealed; verborgen aein, constr. with the 
poatp. dyala. iza dyala d^okadCey I hid mj^^elf before him; ich 
versteekte mieh vor ihm.^ 

d^oke. n. a. ox. opening, hole, lurking -hole; Oeifnnag, Loch, 

III. d'okza. 1. px. trapa* to conceal, hlde;>erbej:gen, yeratecken. 

d^gkxa. ny «. anavrering «abstaot|ye ia wanting; Mn entopre- 
chendea Haaptwort fehlt im Deutacheq, vgl. folg. Sprilehwort: 
yyibidif bi^mh hirmin cadu^ 
fkiiff §wi§ot\ d^okzan cabu.^' lit : 
Fire and water have no interdiction, to conceal one*a face and neck 
ia nowhere neceaaary; Feaer. and Waaaer aind nirgendtf ver- 
boten, Geaicht i|ud Hala darf man tiberall aehen laaaen ; wOrt- 
licher: f^eaer vnd Waaaer. hahen nicht Verbot, Geaicht and 
Bala (K^le) haben nicht (Grand, Verpflichtung fsam) Ver- 
4foea. Q'affiCL) 9. to be dirty,, slimy, muddy;, achmutzi^^achlam'mig sein. 
karan d^ocae^ the atreet ia dirty; der Weg iat achmutzig* 

dloqe, n. a. ox. alime, mad ; Schmatz, Sehlamm» 
il*<)^a, CAm..#*oi?a)vadj. and a. px. earFod like a horae*Q bacjcf gebog^n 
wie ein Pfei^deriicken — abw&rta gehend| geneigt Aa aobst 
low-^laoid, marshy country; ab^rftrta gebendea, tiefliegendea Land, 

. Niedening. 
dogwid. C-ocrd) 9. to he or become cleaving, clingy, clammy; klebri^; 
aulzig aein oder werden. Th^noe ; 

dCogonu. n, a. ox. mallow, a decoction of which mingled with another 
of tho dry flawera. ofi^^o (which aee) ia aaed aa medicioe 
agfanatthe tape-worm ^.JMalve, ein Decoct davov^. vermiacht mit 

4ett AbMA 4eft keiro ^ •!» 4w <wifitp»mAte MMl ge^eti den 

<ro^". i-^mpd) b^ Ugy ^t; dkk^ fettifetot «ela. -*>^ f. iti ooo- 

sequence of this qaality: to be Wm, inoftj In.Folge.d^ lUdu 

setaAi Ami - trteo seln. 
dofi?. Bd^ ox. big, £it} dtok, fM. - )!« In/^rjtr IHal) trftgp. 
i(^(Bd^0.. t. ppx. to purloin, pilfari steal $ MmU^b ^twendeiiy stehleo, 

einschieben. , . 
^owa. i. px. to keep off; repel, avert; ab^ehceo*. wegtreiben. xabadi 

nati dtowiy avert the danger firem^mp^ we^ide die Gefiahr von 

mir ah. — . 9, to hinder ^ hindern, ,(^haltQn. 
11. dowaifa. 1. ppx. to deny, reftise; verweigern, abschlagen. 
d'ora, i. px. to be disagreeable, unpleasant, to incommode; unangenehm, 

I&stig sein. mH-^unke na d'ora] thy look oifends me ; dein Bliok 

thut mir weh, ist mir liistig. — ^ 9. to enchant, bewitch; ver- 

zaubern, verhexen. 
dorzixa. i. ppx. probably' the V. f. of the foregoing verb, (Ak. says 

however tTarziza^ ' to be ready for attack ; einem drohend 

gegentlber stehen, schlagfertig, Ktim Angilff bereit seiri. 
d^orma. t. px. to lose one*s i^elf in someihinft, to be oeeupled with; 

in etwas vertieff, sehr mit etwiis beischfllli/ift iseia. 
dtoh, i. px.' (0 be short; kuvis sAn oder werden. . 

d^9S^: n. B. ox. sttibble; Stoppel. I placed' this word here although 

Aman said d'oA), and I think that 1 ami not' wrong. AkaH knows 

this word not, he has ffomU instead. 
d'ohi. adj. ox. short; knrz. 

11. d'oiad'a. 1. ppx. to be or beoame short r^urz sein od. werden. 

dod^okd^Oi 1. ppx. Intens. to 'e«t olT quite short; kurzabseinaelden. 

iolue. t^t&apeO n. s^ ox« an 'elepiianl which is come to its ftiU 

growth; eln alter, ansgewiMshsenec.Elephlint, dem tit»a ent- 

gegengesetzt. ^ 

^idsa. ni^ & px. knot In leeds; Khbten affi;Rohrgewl&chaeu. — 9. limb, 

nefflber; Gtied^ aach am mmuichftichen Kdrpeh 
^ukti, n. s. oxL (Am. >noni. <f ttJM which seems to prave that it is 

the same word aa the forfegting) flritfsew.; da9 .Mark in den 

d'ukuba. 1. ppx. iapers. H palas) athos^ es that weh^^tchmerzt. 
garmike m^itukuba y «y*(b)rt*y) heart . itches; dad Heiz (pr. 

der AaMi} thuft ^ir weh. 


— 148 — 

HL O'ukubssa. 1. mi& to lAse, tdKnM, tniii(i.| w4l» thwi, krikokeo, 

IV. d^ukubxad^a. 1. ppi. to be ill, weok; kfank, leideiid «elii. 

tfuffd. 1. px. to drink; trinken. 

d^tigati, n. s. ox. drink, beverage in general; allg. Getiiliik. — iftt- 

gatidafy fbr the sake of drinking ; des Trinkens wegenr - 
d*Uff%r%a^ 9. px* to cause to drink, to water, soak; trinken lassen, 

tr&nken. — 9. to entertain, treat; bewirtbeow 

d'ugd. O-oo) 1. to be tme; wahr sein. 

d'u'ga. n. s. ox. tmtb, verity; Wahrheit 

d^uga. adj. px. trtie, sHre, veracious , sincere; wabr, wahrhaftig^ 

iugo. fi. s. ox. a round ear - ring which is worn as a token of 
distinction for any heroical action either in war or at the 
chase; ein rander Ohrring, der als Ehrenzeichen flir eine 
Heldenthat im Kriege oder aof der. Jagd getra^gen wird. 

Sugda, t. ^. px. back, ridge; Bttcken* nu .d'ugda hodjana^ (lit we 
back work) we work alternately (see daharre\ one at the back 
of tlie other; wir arbeiten abwechselndi Einer nach. dem An- 
dern, .(w0rtl. im Etio)cen des Andern) ygl. dabarre. 

dCtuta. O'atra) 9. ( Akaf. iftt <2<0 to devo«r ; verscihlingevy verssoblncfcen) 
von tfoekenea and fliissigen Gegensliindett^ — 9. JLgtntton; 
mmnftsalg 8ei% ein VieUhusa, Scklemmer seinu/ 
iffi/b. 1. px. to come; kommen. 
dud^ufa, 1, ppx. Intens. idem. 
dlnfm. n. s. oxi crepiltaa vmitrift. ^ - 
d^WMu 1. px. to cease, leave oi^ e»d; auA^ea, ffiOrKede-gehen. bokeU 
dlmney the rain oeased,. passed over; derBegen hat nnfgebSrt 
dyM kuni d^ume^ thia month is over; dieaerBIOQat.iet yerflossen. 

— 9. to disappear; verschwinden, auslaafen (von Fllteslgkeiten.) 

— 9, to oonsiime one's self; sieh vereekrep. On* aooonnt of 
this signiflcatien I am inellned to consad^ the word dam^ 

• tape-worm {^uma?) as related here; .ihiMA^ (^uma9^ flaod- 
• wnrm, gehOrt wahrsdieinlich miter diesea Stamm. 
n. ^uma^a. 1. ppx. to faint away, to langaish (for iHOIger and 

Ibirst) ; (Ver Hunger, Durst- ete-O veiaeheiai^hteii. . 
IV. ^umfa^a, 1. ppx« to .go to. end.; sa Ende . gefaen* r- 9* ^^ 
Ml away, consnme away; absehren^amasehjrei^ intr* — 8. to 

— iir — 

fee itxmiei with water; gaiiii ttberfliitety bedeekt, ttbenohwemmt 
d'uiufwmL nk b. .ppz. ell, jferf) Clle. ' A half dfundfumm Ifl djigele 

lit. elbow; eine halbe Bile heleat djigeie^^w^iXL. Bllbegen. 
iunga. t. pa^ nnineil root of • 

^ungadfu. 1. |^. toklflS', kttaieq. ^0ni iiM d^fmg^tneH gtat gm\ 
foard^ Ussiflg each other oathe moathwe aeparatad} gegen- 
Miltig. mi8 dea Mitnd klUaend tieimteii wk .himi* 
dunga. it. a* ox« Uaa; Koaa. 

fakad'a. 1. px. to resemble^ to be like; HhnJIich aeia, gleichen* i%ain 
ivai fakqd^Uy they reaemblereach o^ther; ale aehea ,ei,|iander Hhii- 
licb, gleichen sieh* fakmPa 1b uaaally constracted with the 
Gompar. part, aha, like, as; dieaea Verb ;iat..gewOhnl. mit der 
Vergleichungspartikel aka und daraaffolgendeia "ti constmirt 
eu g« duman aka zimakiH fqkaia, the tape^worm resemblea a 
reed ; der ^aodwiurjzi gieicbt eiaem Rohre. p^hssilto ^ dkakoH 
fakaia^ my brother resemble^ to myself; mein proder ist mir 
fthnlich. — %. to appear,, to aeem; scheineo* — 8. to DBign, 
to play the hypocjrite ; heachelo^ simnlare. 

faqe. n. s. ox. comb; Kamm. 

faqi, ft. s. ox. jew; Jade. All my InformaDts called the Falaaha by 
i\kU name, a people which inhabits the north-eastern part of 
Abyssinia and ia known to be a judaical sect; die Galla be- 
aieichnen mit diesem Namen die im nordtfstL Theile von Abys- 
sinien wohnenden Falasha, welche Juden sein soUen and mit 
den Galla-St&mmen in Handelsyerbindang stehen. 

faga, 1. px. to Ibresay, prophesy, predict, divine; prophezelen, weis- 

faga. i. s. px. flate; FlOte. 

fag'afuftu. n. a. ox. (contr. firom faga ntii afiifix) flate -player; 
notenapieler, PUtteDbl&ser. 

Td^o ^^ d!iMf' 
Wag'^tfa/hiko . - .#< 

'ttmilbana vnmdl \ 

lit My pi|»e4 smoker, Pitt flie talMcro, 'AN way); My flate- 

player, Call the dancers! Mein Pfeifen-Raacher (wohl Pfeifen- 

Sclave),^ Stellitf iiiir. den .!labafe Ifer-^ Mehk Fl(t(eDbliaer/ Bofe 

..: .fliir-'die:?tftiiiserl. . ^ ., '. - ; 7? ' j 

fagam. t . s. px. backside, breech ; das G6BilM,> podeu -h- .jk the bjMk- 

. Side, bsttoni Saf ntaniiila) e« g. ol-^aips,. pots. etc.; derrvntere 

iljheil, !B{)dea'¥OB:0efiiaato«! 

/"^o. adj. ox. far, 'diBtflTnt, wldkf^ i^mot^^' wt^; ferti^ 'Ifi^eii entfernt I 
think the above quoted verb faga, to dii^ine, is* the root of this 
fageza. 1. px. to make wide, broad, to extend, divulge, propagate; 
weit, breit machen, ausbreiten, verbreiten. ani wareke fagezoj 
1 propagate thy glory; ich verktinde deinen Buhm. 

fatchiza. t. ppx. to fight, combat ; fechten, kSmpfen. 0er Stamm mdsste 
nach der Ahaiogie fittcha s^in, kam jedochiiicht vor. ' 
fatche. n. s. ox. fencing, fighting; tfas ti'echten. — 'It. combat, 
' bittie; Oefecht, Schlacht; -^ 3; quarrel, dispute; 8treit, Un- 

eitiigkeit. '. 

fatcho: h: n.^Gx. top t»f the^ tail of oxen of horses (tire btineh of 
h^ris with liliich these animali^ ^^^gbi^^ a^inst ^he "fiito) ; das 
*' ' "' Ende des^ Ochsen-' oder Pferdeschweif^s , oAt welchem diese 
' i'hiere gegen die Fliegen „fechten".* 

fadja. {"owa) to go asunder, to dissever; aiiseitiaiidergehen , ausein- 

• ' • » 

anderlaufen, rollen, sich zertheilen, von trocknep'rollenden Ge- 
geiistanden, z. B. Erbsen. ...... 

III. /^i^ja^a. 2. px. to scatter, disperse^ strew, stfread; niusstreoeD, 
zersireuep. --^'^. to sow; saen. ' 

Vti fadjafaXa! 1. ppx. id. Hied. ' ; 

fadyadya. 1. px. to faint aw^y, to languish for hunger !and thirst ; vor 
Hunger und Durst oder Hitzeverschmacbten. — 2. of grains: 
to be overripe; iiberreif sein lind deshalb ausfallen (yon Ge- 

fadafaSa. 1. ppx. (Am. fatfatadfa. l.ipx*)' to eiwib^.to/fttt QFilireak in 

little pieces; zerbr^lckeln ^ .i|i. )tl(&iiie Slftokn schneiden oder 

brechen. — 9. to crumble (jbrei^d) taite5 einbrocken. 

fadafado or fi^dfada, (Am. faifyiA^^yL s. ,ox. cram, break, piece; 

Stuck, Brocken. mS fa)dfiiMfe.$UhM€»My lit. pray give me thy 

— ita — 

•cam; MIto 0h nir dela Mlok» I e. .g)v# me ».onim of thine i 
fib mir ^0 Sitiek von deinem <.llro4^ Fioiaoh otc.> . 

fadu. n. 0. 01. euteame of one whose head ^egUie to heeome bald; 
einoFi i^m die^ Hear^ dtan wecden^ angehoAder KahUoopf. 

fitdfado, n. a. ox. see fadafad^a. 

fitfik 1. px. to he aeand, healthy, gesand aein. '^^ i. to heeqme healthy) 
gesQDd wevdes* ' 
/byo. a4{* ox. heaJihy, airdl; gMMd, -woiil. >. i ' 
fyjfa. n. a. ox. health, wholeaemeneaa; QeaundhOlt, kttirperllohea 
WeWseiii. ami^ fuya dlakm^ Ut.I And not health; ioh flnde 
nlQht GMnndfaeh, I.e. I am III, slek; iehhinkvaak. -r- fa^aketif 
er oH fajfMkHif .a very ntfaid fonnulli for greeting; aehr ge- 
wOhnliobe Begrttssongiiformelyillt. thy hfeallh (sol; ho«r is it?); 
dein WoU, dein. Eeiladen (sel. wie ist ea?) ; . ^ 
UL ^lytfaMi. 8. ppx. to make faeallhy, to hea^ enre; gesand ma- 
ohen, hellen, owrlren. 
fixrla. i. s» px. (Am. farda.') plnr. faratopi (respr. /br^MfonOhorae; Pferd. 

— fartgra tdy lit. farta ira t&y to- ait upen the horse; auf dem 
Pferde sltjoen, and farda yab^dtoj lit^ to mount «pon the horse; 
anOs Pferd steigen, I. e. to ride, to go qn horse-^back) reiten, 

— farda WaeqyOy lit. horse of ^od; Ro#a Gottes, I e*. lOcust; 
Hepsohr^cke. a r , . , 

for%a» 1» ^^, to pri^e^ commend^ glorify, to slag triomphal songs; 


loben, preisen, riihmen, Siegeslieder, Hymnen. singen.. 
far»fi. n. a. ex.. hyn^n, trlinqphal-^song; Lob-: ^ietgeslied. 

fixr%o. n. s. ox. a fermented beverage made of grains .espee. wheat, 

a sort of beer which is the customary bevef age .of. the Gallas; 

gegohrnes . Getrlink von Gpt^eide^ Ji^eav WaizeV;, ^Cjine Aiit Bier; 

sowohl als gewOhnliches Getrfioke als auch tt,h, Opfertrank go- 

braacht, ^anx &holich dem nga^lo der Tamale« ^^ 
fdkda, 1. ppx. to cleave, split, slit; spaUen, zerspalten^ zerkliiften. 
faiada. n. s. ox. log, piece, of wood, board, plank; Scheit, Spalten, 

Brett , ' 

f(iima. 1. fpx. aqd fti^m^ 1. px. to. altercate, dispute, contend, espec. 

to pleads to, b|?. i^nvflyed in /i^/lanjv-s^iit; straiten, . disputiren, be- 

sonder/i gericJ^tUch strisiten, Pjqz^sa fUhren< 
Ai/ama. n. s, ox. ^ui^rrel., diapfitq, lew-#uitji^trqit, StreiUgkeit, 

Be^tshandeV FfDa^ess,^. .,...,, ,, ... ,:,; ; .,, ... 

— !•• — 

fid^ana4 i. : pt. tfpooii, ladle; VSML — 9. an importnata, abtnuive 
fellow; zodringlieher Meoaeh, Schmarotzer, naeh dem fipniGh- 
worte: im aka fal^nuati efan nmna dyakt iaha/in^ he stands 
like' a spoen vinter the moaih ef men; ei^ atdrt wie €4ii LMel 
iinter dem Mnnde der Leute. 

falUL i, 8. pi. phint, sole; FBassohle* -r t. !t la used for fbpt itself; 
Fass* — 3. footstep, trace, vestige; Fosaatapfe, Spon fanad^u, 
lit. to beat the . trace; die Spar iscfalagea, L e. to-panme, per- 
seeote; der Spnrnaehgeheay vtirfi>lgeii. iniJiiudjiza fana bae, 
lit. he went ont upon the- tcaee of his^iv^ork; er ging hinaaa 
aiif die Spar seiner Arhmt, i.a. he began* to wdrlc; er giag 
seiner Arbeit naeh. *~^ 4. Am. atirmp; 8teigbligel, der bei 
V Akafed'e gatba heisst, vgL ^ 

faniza. 9. ppx. probaUy made of fiinay to hang up aomelhing in such 
a manner that it leans against the wall; etwasan^einenNagel 
so hftngen, dass es an der Wand ^^Fiisb fasst^% aaliegt, dem 
rarazay frei anfbiiiHl^en^ entgegengesejtat. 

fanqe. adj. ox. sincere, open-hearted, candid; nnfrichtig^v offen, treo- 
herzlg« -^ % witty, naif; heiter,. witzig, nalv# 

fando, fi. B. ox. syphilis. — 9. nlcns syphiliticum. Magm. ifU fando 
afaniti eaba^ he has the syphilis in the month (signifying a 
person of a very bad charaater); er hat die-lSyphllisim Mnnde, 
znr Bezeichttong einto^ beiteenden, gif^Ogeh, gi^fiihrlichen 
Charakters. . 

fea. 1. px. to order,' regulate^ dispose; ordnen) anordiden. -^ 9. to pack 
np; packen, . einpacken. 
IT. feaia. 1. ppx. idem. *^ 9. to saddle; satteUL 

feia. 1. px. to nice, to be willing; wollen, bdiebeu. ' 

ftUe. n, s. ox. a little portable M^ater-pijpe; eine kleine Wasserpfeife. 
hudjumo-feUe} — yaya-feUe; — dtaka^ftlte etc. see gaya, 

"fi* adv. affix, and; nnd. It Is usually affixed thus, that the vowel t 
is either .assimilated to that of the fbllowidg word, or it falls 
away without any consequence; es wird meist so angehiiogt, 
dass das t entweder mit eiaem fblgtoden Vochl versehmllzt, oder 
' g^nx weggeworfen wird wenn ein -Consonant fdlgt; in'diesem 
letzteren Falle schadet es jedoch keineswegs, wenn es ge- 
sprochen wkd. Derselbe Fall ist bei -/if. amf abakOj I and 
my father; ich nnd mein Yater. obeUnikenafi iamSh k e n ay our 

— til — 

iR^olhaer and ooosinsf unsere Brttderimd Vatttrn* vfl. Oradi. 
num. 966. 

/Uolfl. <• 8. px. a woman^B dress; eiu genriMcs FraQenfclell^. 

/fyo. 1« px. Uie SMM aril Jkt^ and - 0^^:40 oeaie farwafd,. to ^'Ith- 
drav; sioh von einein Platae oalfDrnefl) weHer Jcompoa. — 9. 
Co flf, to run away; ontflieliea, danw ellem 

flhdjed^aj a oat. sound t to go away, to fly; weggehen, entfllehen. 
see djed*a. 

ftfa. 1. px. to finish^ end, lennlnato, to amke ready; beendlgen^ftrtis 
nachen. --* 9. to aooomnodate , settle (a qaarrel), to decide; 
beilegen, entsehelden. Aur-^a 0Mi fU^ana^- let us settle the 
matter to*day; lasst nae heate die Saelie bellegeal -— 8. to 
dissohFe, explain (iin enigma)^ aaflHseD, eiratlien (eln Blithsel.) 
— 4. to destroy, vanqalsb, to min; avfreiben, za€h?unde rich- 
ten, aafliHanpt schlagen, besiegen.' 
fU^a. n. 8. ox. end, top, edge; finde, Ziel, Siprel, 8pit99e. ^^ /It^'afl 
bae^ he came to the end; er kan zam Slel. 9. he pashed it 
to the highest point, he brought it to the very eittremity; er 
hat es auf die Spitne, anfti AeuSBorste getrieben. 

fie'enza. i, s. px. (Ak. fidenxa.} dew; Thau, fldenf^i ifUMra tUe^ lit. 
the dew fell open him; derThauftel aufihn, i. e.' he travelled 
at night; er let Naehtsfereist. 

fida. 1. px. to bring, convey; bringen, herbeibringen, usually ofmieoteil 
with d^ufay to come; gewOhnl. mit d^nfhy- kommen coostruirt. 
ifU fide d^nfi^ he brought; er brachte,>lit. he brought «- oame f 
er brachte kam. 

pra. i. 8. px. relation, kinsman, kinswoman, belonging to the same 
tribe; Verwandte, mase. nnd fem. zu demselben Stamme ge- 
h($rig, doch allgemeiner als conw^ pateheiHidlamL-^ 8. used like 
our „friend^^ in addressing a persoo; fttr unser- ,^Freund^', 
„Liebef^^ in der Anrede. ya firako! my dear; meiii Liebert 
(Ag. ya ftnnakOy Wiis wohl nur eine Verunstaltang ist) Magm. 
iikanin namni gitTumiu-firay lit* by the teeth all people are 
related , i. e. you must not trust every smiling Hioe ; w0rtl. 
mit den '2&hnen sind alle MeosohenVerwaadt, d/i. man 4ktt 
nicht ]edem freundlichen ^G^sichte traueo. r\ > . .u . n 

firflrza. i. pxf! to sire w upon,'' e. g. splcJI^ upon a d)i^;' aufbtreuen, 
z. B. d^wivk auf eitie'^Speise. ^^^ 9. tso^catt^r into, strew irttb 
(e. gi straw 'In' a* stable) ; einstreneny Stroh-ln den 8taH. 

— iff — 

/ilff. i. |ix. to comli, dress the. hair ^.UnmeB, das- Hear da Ordnung 
II. fiiafffu 1. ppx* ideal. 

(Ua, n^.s. oau a piece ef sharpened iiera to. cmah wilii; einSttlck 
gespitates BocJcshora aatt KliiaaieD* 
fimncL 1. px. to sweat;- at^hwitzea. — . 9. to glister, glitter in eon- 
seqaence ef being in sweat; gUinaen (voa ^ohwetea), daaa aach 
allg. glfinzen. 
fimffa' O-oioay 9. .to orine,. pifss; bwr-Qfln, rWiniren. 

fitu^m. n.- SL ox. arin, piss; das Hacneny. Urin, Barn« -r- 9k fall of 

. irater^ cataract, cascade; Wa^erfisUL ^ /iiM(^ JMiy ascertain 

cascade in HatM asad fortha execetion of capital poaishmeDt^ 

ein . WasseffCali in flaai^!^ 4er jsar TodesstfaCe healltat wird, 

banana t aach deoit der aie .aueret doct editlea; 


findjo. n. s. ox. channel, gutter; Binae, worin.das i^o-WaMer 
in das ^'dlrugeleitet. wird. 

finno* (Ak. ftnnPo^) n. . s. ox« . cow - pex > vaoQinae ; . die Kuiipockeo. 
fiimo zi ha ergu! {^\. Wacayo)^ or /Srinw fsi ha ttalu! thoa 
Shalt get the pox (lit* Ojod sbaU i^end thee t)i€i>po;c, or: may 
thepo?: be born unto Ihee); du.soHst die Blattern bekommeo) 
. .(wdrtl. Gott soil dir dii^ JQlattern schiq^eii^ od^r dieBlfittern soUeo 
sich dir gebftren, siehe cfai^*) gew^bniiohe Verwftnschung* 

/iiia. ill' px. to spin;.spinnen* 

fbtit. fh 8, ox. femin...spis«itQr*, Spiiineria* , » < . 

foOf l^4)X» .to choose^. select; anssqcbeof aoswJMlleQ) ^aasiesen. 
\l. food! a. 1. ppx. idem, Med. 

/Siiip^a..sdj.' ppx. ngly, deformed; Mssliqht missgestalte^^ garstjg. 
fogifti^ n. a4j* femin. of the foregiun^^ id,, . . 

/huC n, «.. ox. 9k cectain bird ; eln gewisser. VogeL f ; .. 

fbtoqe* n..s. ox» (AjpO i g^deie^ coaseqapciUy -^ aaaoff. see amole, 

fmt4f(!k t. ^px. to 'whiistfld, pii^, espep. ^i^ed fof the. i^oise made by 
serpents; pfeUen odqr. ^ipjdepi F/eil^ff, .^^ispbep fthnliehes Ge- 
rtosdb .macben, bes*. yon 8chlaQgea^v.a|lch ?om 8tachelschwein 
gebxaopbt.. ..... . • • i.: m ', ., .. 

fate. ii».j9. .Px.,a.dri«l^9grli4NrP9 goUetj^^Triplthofi^.pe^her. 

foli. n. s. ox. smell, m^v^\t^itlT^ww7 ififl^^lhi .^W^W^P^^ ^^» 

.,' r ,:;t|ita flower Ji«m.B9 frajrancyjf, diesie.,Bl;^mf. l\ii^ ^f°?P Genich. 

fyi(fct^,t^^ pjo,^ to.maitei:, ^nppiMriiJe.y^tOj.ipflamf j(of )iroands; ; eitcrn, 
Hlf^l^ iint^4fldw.(iroftW>?R4S!»),;ifiWrti >i^oJie^"jJ9i:CoyP' ^^* 

Krnate ttberziehen^^ )i«U8t, woranf dM SiA^tanttv falnepdeateii 

foloqe. n. 0. ox. = zoioqey rind, bark, crust; RlndQ, Km^te. 
fotocfuu 1» pia. :? ffolacM. 1. ppx. •tOv^raUtb pff^ aerap^ off; 
abkratssea. ., . \ 

/bn. (/fanO 8« inv, ilesh; FiaUifih, — fan foeiil^/ roaat^mMit; 'B^nleif^ 
Cabratenea Fleiaqb. ^^ /b;» i^ado ^ (lijU . tMi;k ILesb ( diokess 
atarkM Flekpch) calf (laif); Wade, aonsjt A(»ff;a. /^Tkame ; . 
fona. i. B. px. stable, fold ; Stall, Viabstajil, Plj^rch., 
foneomof 1. i)p^. to tarn about, to Miva^i, to turn ov^r. iRrith t^e.ftKki 
. oU.der Qabot uwfeehrao, ^agCgalbelw^ n^ 9. to di^a^r off tl^ skin; 
die Hant absiebeo. — 84. tp exwioflv^PQ^'i^i C^nau ji^ntersa- 
cben. — 4. to maka aoi eaamipaUon oi, aearcb of tl^a l^onse 
CJiir^;.gfirlobtiieh« Haiisaaobau^g. vorn^lMoeni . ' ^ 

-Ai. adir.abbrev. */; out or, fbfsake^iraseik As. this verb is tf great 
impoxtanoe la tbe GaUa^laagoage pee Graip. aiun. ffS6., mafakadify 
imtakedify mahiffadif ^t^. A^r pake of my, tby, h^ bead »i^.y 
vegea mein^a^ d^lnaa, aaiaaa Kapf^9 .ate. i^a,, Ibr my, tby etc. 
own safea; npiMtr- AeiA^turpgao ^to. 
fugtun. a. 0%.. taba, blofir-pipe ) Bohr, Blwobr,, baa. ^um.^a^lasaa. 

fu^fi. fi, 8. ox. the female aexoal parts ; die wdbliahen Oeflobiechts- 
theile, vulva. 

* * 

Ma. 1. px. to take,^eize; nehmen. — t. to marry (said of men); 

^ beirafheii <vom 'Mana-^ ii^ith' tatfl alao of botb partlea; mit iaol. 

voli beid«n Tbeilett gesagt. isfan- vmi ftAdfuM. , Ihey married 

(each other.) '^ karka itml fiMftaniy lit^ they took each, iolhers* 

'' ttMid; ale nirtMneti ein^aderrdi^ fland,< i« e. tbey gr^e^d, saluted 
each other; sie grflssten sich gegenscfltlg^ -*^ maem fitd^ay lit. 
>tO'take!fhe aanie;"dto Nnflien mabmeai & a^ to apet^k atil of 
somebody, to dalamniala; :i^on elnemstbelraisiiy veittumden. 

fitdfd, n. sroi. bride!«'«gaDoai; tfrMitigam* * ^ 

II. fikt'octa.* 1. pK. I0 take for oae^aialeafv fHrateb.Kalimtti. 

.,V, fM^^4H •• pp^. 4o.; tak^,; nehmpi^j^afi^^fl. j - ^ 

fiifa. 1. fx, to iftuteii V4iiv*'kMt,'ip<<ti4»<ilnt» » ilmotvi^o :tt*),Und, to 

— m — 

det, kDiipft die Wdrte aiveinaiider, (fbr deiidfl»g • g«6d orator; 
' - ' istir Besseichimng .eine« gvten Bedners.) 
furi. n. 8. 01. discharge from the noae , snot ^ anirel ; RotB, 'Nasen-* 
SGhleim. • . ) 

fijuHfatta. 1. pfXi to blow one*s nase^ irich s^oentiseii. 
furgtige. n. s. ox. stick, staff, cudgel; Stock, Prttgel.. 
fUrda. ±. px. (fUrdaf) to be thic|^, t^t, lafge; diek, stark bOjo. 
fkrda, aidj. ox. thick, fast, large,'' diek, stark, wnftmgrelcli; 
IL finrdad^a. 1* px. the same as the Vf» ^^ f. to become thick, 
large etc;; diek werden. " 

furra. 1. px. to loosen, to unfie,- to free firom imprlBonment^ to deliver 
from feftets; locker diachiNi, losmaeheH) lOsen, 'beft«len. na 
fufYiy deliver me; befrele mibh! 
/Iirra. adjj px. free, fruttk; frei,* ledig. 

IL furrad^a. 1. ppx« the stfne as the I. f. Also the passive fbrms: 

furrame djira^ I am d^lvered; ich bia befreh, ani kkifkrtmine^ 

I am not delivered; ich bin ai^oht -beft^ei^ ' ave ln> use* 

fttrma. 1. px. to be satiated, satisHed with food and drii&f satt seiii, 

"geitiig haberr. {^is verb- is perhapr^ related to^ thtt foregoing.) 

furma. n. s. ox. the name of almoatb; MeMtttnaia^^ 

/tfla^. i. 8. ^x. Aicb, coanti^itaBee ; Gesicht, Aiigeatoht. ' fuiafnoMtk 
gadielfa^a^ to tarn the fiice homewards ; das -Gesloht h^mw&rts 
kehff^H, i. e, to. return; zurAckjkfthr^en. - ;. . ,,: .. ,^ 
/We. n. s. ox. view, prospect; Aassicht, like .iI(eI^., .'. .^ 
fiUo> fk s. ox. the head-band of the horse: Stii^nband des Pferdes. 

fiiUa^ (rawa)^^* te get through, to penetrate (of sbai^p ilnstrnfnents); 
darohdringeh X^on spitssigen nnd scbneidigen Saohen). intr. 
m. fuUafsa. t.px. to pieree, thrust through.;: durchstoissen. •— 
2^ te bring about, to effect, accomplish^ ausfiiluien, eo Wege, 
zu Slaude bringen. 
' :1V. fuUafa^cti t. ppx. to put in practice, ^to acooyiplish, to per- 
ibritt^ausfaiu^n^ ^ffiiilen, in£rf(Ulung.'gehen laMen^ Man (Jho) 
Wacayo djedCe im.infulkfa^ay whatrGod .Jhiaa. promisied that 
iiep^forms; was Oett versprocb^n Iwt, das erlQUt'ei^* . 

famfaia, 1. ppx. 'to smell, to snutf; tiecheb , 'tfansL sohmipperii; es 
•' verblilt sich) sti tifo audi rUfya w^-^Mgefa^a mi i<r«^ ' 

funand. i. px. to^^cJllec^', to pick iip,' to' g^flifet 

^ Itnfle^en, bbs. votl kl^den- SadUen, Spltlineh u. dgl.* ' 

— I / . 

~ If* — 

fumn, Iqv. 0. ox. mm ; Naseb /liadrn M teto, he tm^d up die nose 
(in taier to gi^e kirn a blol to tome or . not to opeak) ; er 
iHmplle die ^aae anf ikii, d. I. er winkte ihm zu komfflen oder 
Dichit sa •preckeiU' •*<- 0<f fimauy noetril; JMieiiloehv 
fWkiie &r funuhtde. ft. a. ox. raole^ Menlmirf. 

/bria. iL ■• <«• laee^ atrlng^, oord, line; Seil^ Strlck, Soknur; — t^a 
fim9, lit maeler of the strlag; Heir Toa der Sckaur, a magi- 
strate, Mkordlaated'ander the aim gandti or the director of a 
toiro or Tillage ; eiae gerichtUehe Peiaon j . die dem aba ganda 
Oder httniglichen Ortsvorsteher Hntesgeordnet let 

Amafe. A. 8. ox. see fknan. 

te. 8. Y (Aga) a ooasecrated tree ; eio dem Call«s. gieireihMr Baam 

In SIkii (AkafedV and Aman had* ao knowledge of it; In* Lihaa 

and GoBia vohekaaat) 

M. (eontr. fnvi baayi. to gooiity to go out ftom one plaee to another; 

hera^8gl»heny aasgehen) espee. gadi My lit to go oat down; 

hinab- heraasgehOB) i. e. to go ont, to ma|co a walk^ anser: 

ansgehen, ana dem Hause weggehan. — ^ 9* to go off, to 

lookenv fos'gohen, sich: abRtoen^ ahgehem > ^e^ati^;Jpu«i ira 

baudiday this skin will net go^ oiF; diese Haat will aicht los- 

' gekeov ttcb abUsen. -^ SL to rise (of stars); aiil)|^ebea (von 

. HfanalellBkdrpeni). batinoHa 6al^/tho mOon.rosa; dor Mend ist 

aid)gegangen. -^ Tiience: 4.^ to shine; seheiaen. • adun aka 

gariti bacy the sad bHgbtj; die .iBonao aeheint so 

schOn. -*^'A* to rkiie ftomtieiep^vomSohhifll anfttiiben. "^ 6; to 

go to a plaee; Meh irgend wohin begebef . . : In this aonse it 

to'/coMttmeted with the poatp^ *tfk .tuia Mee^ bmey.}k^ went 

> OB "the BMantaln Meefaj er ging aaf den .Berg.- Jiaepit — 7. to 

spendr or pass the tine; dio SSeit xnbriilgQa. mU gmna kana 

' Mt batafr doest tbon pass lU^ ; winter beref^bringat do diesen 

' Wintor Mdr saf -*- Theaee: to ttVe; leb^n* ani gonna kana 

' (fioM^am'^'hMy'l eaanpt' Uf'e this: winter ;.idi kana diesen 

Winter aicht lebea (ane Mangel, Kraiikbel(vetc)i i^bafrana na 

Wfdjin baiy pass Mis jrear with mo; briage tteaas Jahr mit 

• -o 

<Jmk'zii^ Me iiia^s'.Aibr bei mir. »-^ 9i^ wed of wfj^z tale 

.• aged^ ah «eift, In emeii gewissen Alter atehen** mni katra afur 

" i^teUm abahho ntirra^due'j when I waa IMr fepn >o]d my 

IktheF dke^\^A\si iefa vier Jiihre altwaiv atarb AeiB Vkter. — 9. 

to ferment; gtbren, aafgeiien (▼oD^OetriMceii', Teig eto.) — 

* - iO; to coiAe in as profit, to teirenua; einJcMMneo , redira ^ 

U. tp gain, wi'a; g^iriimefi,- inpers. Jbm .^^trrana .m/« bae 

hatii^ hatte^ wbat | gained this year thwvea Iwve atoien; was 

. ich Jn diesem Jahro gewannea babe^ iiabea IHelie .saatoblen. 

Phrases, binhm bd^te go to^ratfl, to be rained,. to be lost; 

yerloren gehen, zU Grunde gehen. . — eqrtfn bauy lit tbe top 

goes not oat; die Spitze, Schneide geht nicht heraus, i. e. it 

Qthe knife etc.) is not sharp ; es (Messer etc.) schneidet nicht, 

ifit stpmpf. — hudji%a fana bdy lit. he goes out (upon) the 

trace of his work; er gelH aaf die Spnr^ seiner Arbeit aos, 

i. e. he begins to work; er geht seiner Arbeit nach, er ar- 

. 1 .bieltaty iat iaiais&g. - • : . -. . • -, v 

: 'i.ibai.M a. ex. hiB..wfab . goes e before tber:liei!d ill Drdar toi protect 

it, herdsman; der vor der Her^e i hei)g0ht' maraie ^Hir. Feindeo 

' . r . Oder wildea Tiueren <« fiekiiteB€Dw;W:|{.^leader,".galde, geaeral, 

: mmiDaiider in.obief; Anfilhrer im Kciegfe. .-^ 8*. pahiQ^, chief; 

. i^aexnL t. a. px. idem. • '. 

^aU. 4t. s. oxi moon, mooitshiiie ;• Mond, Mondsohein^v ta^l verhiilt 
• . i^cb 9H1 4fid wl^bifiu ssa adu. . v 

i ' baivL n^ s. (o. "Cnd, utter rain,- entire nua^ inlablng stroke ; Ans- 
. /gang, Endd, OaraiiB, be^ in den Etdensarteni ba^ baa, to ^o 
to min^ to::be loat; en Onlnd« gek^, nnd 6«^ dtfiM^ to niin, 
. destroy; ^a ridhtea,'2eratfir^»^ ^ '. 
(•f t: ^«te/adj« ox; flat; iphiui f ' flaeb (ObeEftMia Wn JK^aM* Am.) 
1 > li. ifracf'a.: 1. px. ivftbx« to. go :out'fi>r! osea seIC; :fllr t^k^ ans- 
hinttdsgeben..-^;. 9. fd go^away^ depiiit^ fntgeiie*, s^vi^ggefaen, 
•) . » - -abrelii^ si^b reitfbrnen. ^ptMBMn'oy^ btaAaltfir bme^ jwben I left 
. \ ' ny-.caiintpy; alsii^b meiil Vateclandy vat^liesa.; -«*f^8i tf . be lost, 
li^ ioae oaeV siflf> disappear; siph vtorUeiM , v;erlo£aa gehen. 
han am ionft^ biUfmUdji^m^mal 4^^0f ifj(:sfiy fo'liim: ihy 
qafttie ia lost, wiwtvM^ill he say^t.. wepa^leb ste^'aia Jbm: deio 
Vieh ist v^orbli,. WhA wixd^ ec' sagaii?^ -r+'^^flw tbe postp. 
durm y^ add^d: Wfii^^ ^'^tn diura fHfitt^Mtf li(. wb^twoat away 

J •' 


MbM JD119 WHS Ist vor endi freg^ jrvsgegMiiftii I k'e. what 
have y«|i iMt^waa^hikt ibr verloren? . ■ 

kaba^a. 1. ppx.. IjK^flB* •f ^«d^a vitk Hie same fllgoMcatlons; 
.^a6iur<ih«t dleaelbe* Bedeatangea i^le die einfaobe.U. £ baiaj 
-^ then: to attaok*, nuf einen lofg^en. 

bdbdtfff ft. e, ox., (he board of the plough which forms the bed; 
das Brett am Pfluge, welches das Beet maohl. Vgl. daa Intens. 
der III. Form, wohin vlelleipht- bab^jte erst «ii stetlei^ seiQ 
JBflehte, obgleieh ee ^leioer Form aaoh hkehcr geh<lrt« , 

III. bQ%a. S. px* to make go out; hexmmr hiaauagefaeii machen. 
r^ t* Xq cha^e, i% drWe away; vertrelben^ verjagen. *— 8.' to 
let go, to pardon, forgive; frel »iisgcben. iasseii) verxeihen. — 
4. to draw or take of {% i:iiig).; i^ncthmen^ aba^ieben^^Coitio 
Kopfbedeckung, einen Ring). — 6. to pay; ba^aUen* -^. 0.-to 
help, to be*;' belfen, nUtzen. ^aim ^omA^ It 
helps, pays aothingi' ie of ao ceoseqaeiiee ; es hUft^- Qitet niohts, 
1st voo kelnem Belaiig. — data bmmt^ to tnia, destroy; zn 
Oraode ricUeii) vemlohtea, den Garans. machen* : 

baftu, n. s. <Mt. tem\n. — itetu b^ftu^ lit. a maiden which makes 
songs go out (scl. of ber mouth ^; ein MHdchen, das Oesftnge, 
Lieder (aus selnem Monde) herausgelien macht, i. e.^ehbir- 
leadet; VbrsiUigerin. ' <^ . c : 

baba%i»:'%. px. liitens: This word ecetirs in the fbRowhig little 

Coiqni eotarii yaa babazani: 
DjetVani djettdni gargar nu bazaniy 

lit. They ploughed, ploughed (and) iqade a trench; 
. They chajtte^re^^ chattered X^kui) sep^ra^ed ns. 

Sie gmben, jrmben.(iii»d).'i«M»hteB einen. Chmben; 

6ie schwiits»ten| sebwHtfiten (und) trennten^^nns* 
IV* bafindm^ 1. ipp^lit. to.ipake.go.oiit ftfa aite'M sell; e. ifr. meat 
ont of a dish ; fit aich hermngehen machen^ n* B« Speise ans 
eilber .Behflssel, sich heraosflisfleif) heransnehmen. -^-.f* to take 
«Pi te phidL) gather ;.abiiehnf en (FrMfate von einem Banme), 
abplMlckeir.. t— 8. to bring oat> to lead. out; beratslllhrett. — 
4. to up, to come to light, to make it's appenrance (but 
any. object is intill^ neceseary l^r< thlb signiteatlon) ;^ enipor^ aum 
V^rsehein kommen. yomu ifum Ma ^dhniun^ auMMrtl bafatHan 

^iafim -d^enftHie /lit when Ithey nMd^ ctme ap Aeir heiids over 
the red mGnntaiii) the infantry flew^ als lAe Ihre .Kdpfe fiber 
dcm rotheif Berime hertto^grehen naehten^ iloheii die Bossginger, 
I. -e* when they showed themselves upon flie monntain etc.; 
als sie sich anf dem-Berge. sseigften ^eto. — hafura bafaia^ 
iiti to moike gp oa|t the breath ; den Baveh henmsf ehen nacheD, 
i. e. to sigh; senf^en. 
V. ha%i%n, %4 p|ix. the cavsatlve ftirm of^^a, to make drive away; 
ventr'elben lassen, to nalte pay; beeahlen lassen eto. ill the above 
qiioted signitcatiens are to be mentioned here again ; \alle obigen 
Bedentangen wiederhelen sioh Met; niir t^n Cansativa. 
^IF. ba^faia, i. ppx. idem reflex. 
bae%€k f» s. pK. -chief; FUrst, eto, see bd* 
^ai. n. s. o>x. Id. see bd. ' 

ba/Ud^^n. 9. ox. a fttbulons beinif, half, nmn half animaly of female 
sex, a female ' oannibal-; «lfi IWbelfanftes Wesen, eespenst, halb 
. Meosoh halb Thler aher weibRchen 'GOBehleehts (ein Seiten- 
sttlek zn bulgu)y das als* M^isdhewnressertn- In vMen Mfthrehen 
.vprfcommt. Dn^ Wort hio^t vielieicht mi$ bu^ ^,^. h<taio Ange, 
.r\ .^er.Wse.Blick'^ zusamm^n*.. 
.£|«dMt|ra.3 1.; ppjs. to bur^On pieees, tctiy.ln^ pieoe^^ to be torn, to 
break; zerplatzen, zerspringen, zerreissen, .(ln(ir.). hesonders vod 
4^v ErdOsgebraacht; w<yi|n,8ie ^v^n der ^t nnanhltze zeispringt. 
— 2. to go asunder, to be divided; anseinander :gehen, sich 
theilen. gaktni bakahe^ lit. the stremn wenit asi^nder, L e. divided 
itself into two linos; der Strom theilte sich* 
bakaka. n. B. ox. lightning, flash of lightning;. Blitz, Blitzstrahl, 

bes. der ein^chlsgende. 
in. bdkakkdl IJ px. trans, 'to burst iiitd pieces,' to break, braise; 
zersprengon, zorschmettetn, zerschlageh. - - '•' ' ' 
bake. n. s. ox. meadow ;* Wiecfe, fireierffrasplatss. ' - 
6#00...1. f)s: to melt^ dissolve,'' ii;fiief^;<'aiiseiiitode^geW^ zergehen, 

■ z^rlllbssenj Muneh^en (van Vett »• 4^1.) \ ' > 

. 'i^ baeiL-n. s; ox. desertei', ftagitive, refligfee; Bjeilieilttttfei!^ MichtliDg. 
4 '"' 'b^ei acU««x-v single ^ i»impl#j ilhe, tthln^: th^ cfiptttryrof /t«rdii, 
.^? tbHAr; •<fin|!ioh, feiih. (von >flt00oii)y^ etas Oegefiihell yon fiirda 

IL d«i^4b>l. pl^io d&lpeiQBie^ ««8^lnanAdrianrei^ ideh^Bara 

\ uterlaiilM* >-»^ ft. to. inin.awsy, fl/f davon laafeii,;<fliehen. — 3. 

^ 1«§ — 

mr' i§:- to go 'orer to the'^nettij) mm Felode ILbergehen, 

III. dat%a,'li/px. to make go asander; Ruseiniiiidergoheii maoheti. 

— 9. to mel't oat; auslassofi (vott Fett), Bobmelaeo, trans. 
bae^, n. a. ox. lard, greaie, M; Bthmn\t^y anagelassene fititter. 
iHigih. n. a. ox. oomnion field -bean; 8atr1)ohne. 
boffan. adv. ox. intentionally, with dealgir; absiobtlioh. (Am.) — f 
baga. inteij. ox. in the sense: wHl, yon detferve no better; ea 

gesGhieht dir reeht ! — t 
bagalia. t. s. px. (Am. baeaUa,') a sort of cloak without slee'^B worn 

by men*, ein Kleidnngsstiick fUr MAnner, manteiartig, ohne 

Aermel, im Kriege nnd In der Volksversammlvng getragen 

(aber bJoss Tracht der Reioheren.) 
bate, adj. ox. flat; flach. se^ bd, 
bati. n, s. 0^. moon*, Mond. see bd. 
batiya. n. s. ox. a cloak to keep off rain, made of bast (the inner 

bark of trees}; Regenmantel, der oben in eine Kapuze ver- 

laafend den ganzen Mann deckt, Yon Bast geflochteti. 

batoti, n, s. ox. an old horse, unfit for service; ein altes abgetriebenes 
Pferd, Schindm&hre. — S. used as an abusive word; auch als 
Schimpfname gebraucht. 

baita, 1. px. to carry, bear; tragen. 

bad'u. n, s. ox. prop, support, basis, what is put under a thing 
for supporting it; Untersatas von Gef&ssen, wOrtl. das was trttgt, 
e. g. badfu gaya^ the lower part of the tabacco-pipe; der 
Pfeifenuntersatz. — 9. after the same manner of viewing: but- 
ter-milk; nach derselben Ansehauungsweise : Buttermilch, weil 
diese die Butter „trftgt/^ 
III. battiiza. 9. ppx. to make carry; tragen lassen. 

bada. n, s. ox. great forest; Forst, grosser Wald. — 9. a country 
which is cold and inhabitable on account of its great forests; 
eine wegen dichter Wftlder kalte und rauhe Gegehd. Der Ge- 
gensatz UVyamodji; b^ide WOher wurden iiTig fttr die Namen 
von Galla-Stiimmen Oder Bezirken genommen. vgl. gaimodji. 

bada. adv« px. for sake, out of; wegen. This word occurred oilly once 
in a sofig: bada djaMiih^ fittehen naU dlala^ lit o«t of thy 
love quatrrel arises to me; ami delner Liebe erwft^hst mir 
Streit, i. e. others are Jealous of me because I am In love 


— flSO — 

witii thee; aiidete sind wegea meioer Llebe %n dir eifereflch- 

tig auf mich. 
ba^a» n. s. ox. hearth; Herd, geMrt vielleicht anch zu batta, tragen, 

als der Platz, der die Kochgeschirre tr&gt and Unterlage des 

Feuers ist Wohio aber folgendes gehSrt, weiss ioh Dicht: 
baitaza — bad'ad'ay to be rich; reich aein. — ba^anikey thy fortune; 

dein ReichthUm, YermOgeo. 
badfi»a. t. a, px. a tree the wood of which is used as perfume; ein 

Baam, dessen Holz wohlriechend ist and zum R&acherD ver- 

wendet wird. 
AoiTu. n. 8. ox. prop; Uotersatz. see ba^a. 
binfa^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of bd whic)i see. 

babali, n. s. ox. Bot Corypha ambryioulifera or Borassos aethiopicasJ 
bara. 1. px. to learn; lernen. 

III. barziza. 8. px. to teach f ierneo lassen, lernen macbeD) 

barziza, fiu. s. px. teacher, master, instructor; Lehren 
barzifhi. n. s. ox. properly the femin. of the foregoing but used 

in the same sense as a mascul. ; der Form nach das Fern, vod 

barziza^ doch wird es auch fiir „Lehrer'^ gebraucht. 
barara. 1. px. to protect, guard; beschtttzen, beschirmen, vielleicht 

auch „segnen'^; es kam nur in Gebeten vor. Wctcayo na baror 

riy na barari goftakol 
barari. n. s. ox. cancer; Krebs. 

bare. h^]. ox. fem. baretu^ fair, beautifiil, handsome; schSn, bes. von 
weiblichcr SchSnheit, venustus. 

baiia. 1. ppx. a singular verb which expresses the beginning of ao 
action, e. g. iafti barienan godaniy lit when the earth awoke (?) 
he set off; als die Erde aufwachte(?J reiste er ab, L e. when 
it dawned; als der Tag anbrach. buie barienan^ when evening 
began, when it became evening; bei Beginn der Nacht. birran 
barie^ spring has begun; der Frtihling hat angefiingen. 

baroda. 1. px. to roar, bellow; brtUien (vom Vieh.) 

barodzu. n, s. ox. roaring, murmur, growl ; das Brtillen, Mnnneln, 

baru. and Intens. babaru. adj. ox. variegated, spotted » espee. of the 
skin of animals; baat, gelBeckt, besonders von gefleckten Tbier- 
h&aten gebraucht. 

— 1« — 

bard^ma.m. B. piL eluAty nt»o\y iBe»t$i StaUy B^lifc (Ag* .fnar^yuma. 
Am* hardyunuL) ^ , , 

6arilye. (bwdjef) adj. ox*. (Am.) round; ruod =; (^rtumi. ; 

^teda. 1* la. to seek, look for, to be ia soiicoh of; aachea, nach- 
sQoheDf inflolt barbadu and barbads&u. U is ro^tMrkaUe, that 
barbedik iaca^ burbadsiu d^aca and barbada dtaca Lsi aaid quite 
Bynonymoualy for; to go out In search off suchen gek^n. 
II. barbadada, 1. ppx. id. reflex. , 

barbare. n. a. ox.. Bot CapsiGum conlcum; Pfeffer. H. P. . 

barra, t. s. px. 'jrear; Jahr. ! 

Gompoands: baarram^ px. {barra and the prook afflx qncty this; 
dieser) used adverbially like the fbUowing compounds for: in 
this year; in dieaem * in dem lauHenden Jahre* — tarretin 
goto. ox. C barra and d^engata^ lit. before yesterday.; vor* 
gestern) last year; im verflossenen - Im vorigen Jahre. — 
barrakan. ox. {barra and kanay that; jener) two years 
ago; vor zwei Jahren. — barragere. ox. Qbarra .and hegere^ 
the. other; der andere, n&e]iste> next year; im niiobsten Jahre, 
tibers Jahr. — barratchanu. ox. Ibarra hnd atchiy there; dort, 
anu the verb ana^ to hang npon^ to be connected with some- 
thing; anh&ngen, verbunden seyn) in two years; in zwei Jah- 
ren. — barra-barratiy from year to year; von Jahr zu Jahr. — 
%in barra kad'iUy or xi barran had^in! a ourse: lit. the year 
may not run for thee, i. e. mayst thou die! w9rtl. das Jahr 
soil fiir dich nicht laufen, d. h. dn sollst sterben, mOgest du 
7Ak Grande gehen! oder: dir das Jahr hindurch mSge nicht 
laufen (scl. midanke oder danganke^ dein- Getreide, dein Vor- 
rath) d. I. m(lge6t du in Hnngersooth gerathen, deine Vorr&the 
sollen dir nicht ansreichen I Umgekehrt; ssi ha barra kad'u 
(sol. mkUmke) , may thy food be sufficient during this year; 
mtfge deine Nahrung dieses Jahr ausreichen. 

barssi. n: s. ox« straw; Stroh. 

bala. t. s. px* fern, leaf, leaves; filatt, Laab. bala gogogtu^ dry 
leaves; dttrres Lanb. 
balfaita. 1. ppx. xaT e^. used of the ceremooy which is per- 
formed in adopting a child, in whieh the relations go in so- 
lemn procession (waiiti ananWy hanging on eaoh other) to the 
house of the adopter, everybody carrying a twig of the sacred tree 
Mee^a stiU covered with leaves and in this naaner delivering up 


' • 1 

— iW — 

to him tke ohiM' wliieh is to bo »doptod;'iia« Wort Hit bewmdera 
von der Adoptions - Cereinonie gebraucht, wobei dor Adoptand 
von den Verwandten, deren Jeder einon noch belavbten S&weig 
des g^faoiiigten Bimines Me^^a tx^ki^ in FroGeosion solnein kttnf- 
> • tigon Vater ssugefiihrt ivird. Vielleioht dass ebon dieses 6e- 
braoches wogen baldjOy Adoptivsdbn^ eher nnter diesen Stamm 
als tinter dabala 'geh6rt ; ' denn dass ea eln eignea Verb sei, 
dagegen sprieht die Form. ' 

bale, n. 8. ox. featber; Feder. ^* bate idysy lit feather of the 
eye; Feder des Auges, i. e. eye-lash; Augenwimper. 

baiaga, 1. ppx. to shine, glitter, gleam; gUmeen, atrablen, sehimmem. 

baiaffi. n, s. ox« splendour, brightness; Glanz, Sehimmer. — 9. a 

large oval bracelet ; breiter ovaler Ring von Jedwedem Metall 

bala%e. n. a. ox. n gown with sleeves, resembling the bandabo but 
of inferior staff ; ein FranenkleidungsstOok, &hnliob dem handabo 
aber Voii geritigerer Qnalitfit. 

baie. n. s. ox. featber; Feder. see baia. 

baldja, 1. px. to adopt; adoptiren, an Kindesstatt annehmen. 

baldja n. s. ox. adoptive-son; Adoptivsohn. see dsUfMia and bala, 

baldji, n, s. ox. flint, quarts, agate; Feuerstein, Qnarz, hesonders als 
schneidendea Werkseng fUr Hols Oder Cttaa gebraveht 

balfbd^a, 1. ppx. see bakt.. ^ 

balbaia. t. s. px. door, gate; TfaHre, Tfaor. 

balzadt n. s. ox. Bot. ? 

bal^a. 1. px. and especially 

II. baXPad^a, 1. ppx. to be broad, extended, spreading, wide; breit, 
ansgedehht, weitreichend sein. 

bal^a, adj< px. broad, large, extended; breit, ansgedehnt, ver- 
breltet, bekannt. 

III. bai^eza. 1. ppx. to make broad, to extend, to spread; breit 
machen, ausbreiten, verbreiten. -^ 2. to disperse, scatter, dis- 
sipate; zerstreuen, auseinander streuen. *— 8. to expel, baDisb, 
drive away ; vertreiben, verjagen. -^ 6. to kntermpt , nater- 
brechen (in der Rede.} — 5. to rain, corropt, destroy; ver- 
derben, zerstOren. 

bana. 1. px. to open; Offnen. • ' 
bandja. n. s. ox. see toandja. 

banti. n. s. ox.' (Ak. bandi.) croirn ^f the head; iSotellel, vertex. — 
9. TOOf ; Daeh. 

— taa — 

baza. 9. pz. to p»7;.bedB«hlen etc. see M. . , 

bassiza* %• ppx. to expel \ vertreiben Qto< see M, 

ba^. (Am. de^o.) a^ s. ox. a purtloiiibir , kind of iood made of roasted 
barley;; atop a verb. Is ft^rmed ft<9m this word; b^fd, to make 
or preivare bafa; ein Ss^ea von gerffsteter fier^te ; dieses Bssen 
bereiten heJM: iafUy nun firagt es sicb^ ob daa Sabst. vom 
Verb Oder nmgekehrt das Verb vom SobsUntlv gemaoht ist?^ 

baha. n. :S, ex. Aroan instead of bd whieh. see. 

bede. n. s. ox. plate; Teller, Untersatjs anterl^^olllsflfeQ. 

bela. ("owa) 9. to be hungry; hnngrig sejn. 

b^ia, f. s. ox. hanger; Eang^er. — t., famine; Qungersnoth. — 
b^la baza J lit. to expel hunger.; deii Hanger yertrelben, i. e. 
to satiate, fill, satisfy ; (sftttigen. 

beka. 1. px. to know; wlssen. — ti. to l^e acquainted with the form 
and nature of things; keiinen. — 9« to understand, to ooaoeive, 
apprehend; verstehen, erkennen. ziC beka^ thou knowst It; 
du weisst es. 
U. beHai^a. 1. ppx, Id. 

III. beHm%a. 9. px. to n^ake kAOw;, to. teach, to make acquainted 
. with, to infbcm; wlssen laasen, mlt etwae bek^opt onachen, 

beta. n. s. ex. Aman instead of mangudo , Judge , the eldest of the 
tribe; Bichter, die Aeltesten, die in der Vereammlung den 
Vorsitz haben. 

bero. n. s. ox. (Am.) ih/^ kedge or f^poe on. the frontters against the 
invasiona of the neighbours. Probably bera wd bero are 
related, to eaeh other and both, derived from » ^erb bera „to 
protect, gjiard"; Sohatjshecke an der Uindesgrenze gegen die 
Elnf&lle der Nachbarn? yielleicht dass . bera und bero ver- 
wandt sind 4ind ein Verb : bifra „schUtze!^ , sohlrmen" m 
Grunde llegt* .i 

benateho. fu s. ox. ftonUed (of horses); metallner Kop&ohmuck der 


Pferde. (Am. wemi^Mk^k) 
benu. verb defect., px. (probably the corruptet 1. ;pers., plur, pros, of 
bdy let us go! lasst uns geheni) used as interj. yreilj come 

««. nom* bifh . »♦ ,P^ l^r «wntrx h . Und., yatp^Jf^^d. -r ».; people ; 

Volk. ..'.• ) I « p •» •". 

— 181 — 


Mgila. n. s. ox.f probably barm, yeast, for In one of Akaflide*^ dictatinf^fl 
occurs the following sentence: bigilan kuni ho dyiradz'u bate 
farzon kuni himbau, if this Mgila is not there, the beer will 
not ferment; wenn kein bigiia dabei ist, g&hrt das Bier nicht; 
darans scheint hervorzagehen, dass bigila Hefe bedeatet. 

bidjire. n. s. ox. Aman instead of gango^ male; Maulesel. 

bita. 1. px. to bay, to purchase; kaafen. 

II. bitaita. 1. ppx. to buy for one's self; fttr sich kamfen. 

biiila, 1. ppx. to make bread; Brod bereiten, backen. 
II. bitikuVa. 1. ppx. id. 

bitile. ft. s. ox. a particular kind of small loaves; eine bc^ondere 
Art kleiner Brtfdchen, Laibehen. 

biiima. 1. ppx. (bitimdt) to go asnnder, to separate from meetings; aus- 
einandergehen von Versammlangen. 
IT. biUmza. 1. px. to separate, disperse, dissipate; auseinander 
than, aaseinander treiben, zerstreuen. -— 9. to distarb: in Un- 
ordnang bringen. 

bidigira. t. s. px. rain-bow; Regenbogen. (Aman instead of bidn^ 

bidtru. n. s. ox. trough; Trog, aus dem das Vieh getrSnkt wird. — 
9. boat, wherry; Kahn^ auch • Schiff m5chte wohl damit ko 
tibersetzen sein. 

bidu. n. s. ox. rain-bow; Regenbogen. see bfdfgira and Zahadtk 

bid^a. (Am. Mta.) adj. ox. left; link, gara mirga gara btd'a^ to the 

right, to the left; rechter Hand, linker Hand. 

bidtatsha. t. s. px. a man who does all with the left bamd; eiser 

der'AIles mit der linken Hand thut. — 9. abusive word: a 

heavy, clumsy person; linkisch^, unbeholfener, plumper Menscb. 

bifa, ti. s. px. colour, hue; Farbe, Ffirbung. Thence: 

biftu. n. s. ox. sun, sun-shine, the enlightning and enlivening 
principle in opposition to the destroying one which Is expressed 
by adu; Sonne, Sonnenschein als das leuchtende, befhichtende 
und'Segen spendende Pfinzip im Oegensatse za adUy dem 
durch Hitze zerstOrenden. see adu under ada> — ^ miia biflttf 
lit. foot of the sun; Fuss der Sonne, i. e. evening-^ed^- Abend* 

biyo. (bio 9) n. s. ox. soil; Grand und Boden. — 9. sand; Sand, ga* 
bayankuni aka biyo dyirtiy lit. this inarket wias like sand; 
dieser Markt war wie Sanv^ i. o. very* frequented t sehr s«M- 
reich besucht • • - 

— 186 — 

Mra. adv. poatpoi. px. by, nemt^ beside, frith, itt oompany of; bei, 
neben. na Mra kd^ stay with me; bleibe bei mir, *^ S. firom; 
von-weg* fM bira ade$My he went away firom me, he abandoned 
me; er.ging von mir weg, verlie^s mieh. 

Mri. n. s. ox. (tlie Amhan BER or Aeth« BERIB, silver.. 9. Mlver- 
money. 8. m dollar) seemii to be aaed among tbe Oallas for 
money in general; scheint von denGalla allgpemein fttrMetall- 
geld gebraaclrt xn werden im Oegenaata en amoie nnd aeinen 
Theilen, dem Salzgeld. Das Wortist aus dem Amliarischen 
hertibergenommen. —{Meiesofailver^money vix. tfaeiAwtria^ 
Maria Theresa dollar, the vnlue of wbiob, if it be regular, 
i. e. if it has the points in the agcaflSa-. or shoulder^jpii^el a«>d 
in the coronet with the letters JB. F. below — amounts to S3 
amole (according to Aman M) and is worn by woman as an 
ornament en tbe Koreliciad } eine specielle. 8ilbermtinze y nMml. 
Maria Theresien thaler, def^ weM er: die efforderlicheil Eigen- 
schaften: die Puncte in der Scbulterspange uad im Diadem 
nebst den Namensbuchstaben des Graveurs S. F. hat, 93 amole 
(nach Aman 90) gilt und von den Frauen als Schmack an der 
Stirne getragen wird. 

bir^efoita, 1. ppx. to be anxious, timorous ; ftngstlich sein, sich fiirch- 
ten. — 9. to be frightened, to be struck with fear; erschrecken. 
Das Wort scheint ein Onomatop. zu sein und ist nach Akafed*e 
von dem Gerttusch hergenommen, das auftichwirrende Vtfgel 

hirbirza. t. s. ox. Bot. a certain tree.? 

6}rra. n. s. ox. spring; Frahfing, dessen Beginn nach Akafed*e vom 
Aufblilhen des helo (vgl.) datirt und durch das Macs&ala-^wi 
gefeiert wird. 

birmatfa. 1. ppx. to come to assistance, to succour; beispringen, %u 
Hilfe kommen. Perhaps related to bira^ 

bila, n. s. ox. top, point (of a needle, thorn etc.); Spitze| der oberste 
Theil einer Nadel, eines Dorns etc. — 9. prickles on the ears 
of corn; die Schnurrien oder^Baare an einer Aehre. — 3. a 
sabre, greater than zodala; Sftbel, grosser als xodmia. 

bikUBhm. i. s« px. butterfly; Sohmetterliag. 

bihU. ft. 8. ox. muscle (teshy part of an. animal); Moikel allg. 

bikk, n. s. ox. glass; Glas. — 9. a female t name; eia weiblicher 

— 186 — 

MHsha^a. 1« pau to lipen ; reifBn, reif werden. — 8. to become pre- 

pared, ready (said of meals); fertig, gar werden (von SpeiseD.) 
bUbila* f. s. px. nat sound: bell, clock; Glocke, Rolle, Iftrmender 

Schmuck der Pferde. 
bUbU'godfa^ lit to make ^^bUbif'; ^jbilbil^^ machen, i. e. to sound, 

to ring a bell; kliogen. *— 9. to glitter, beam, glisten; gliinzeD, 

Mnenzdu t. s. px. (Am. binessa.) animal, espee. wild beast; TUer, be- 

sonders wildes Thier. 
biz an. (ni) s. iov. ox. water; Wasaer. dizandaku, to swim; schwim- 

men. (Am. and Ag. bifon.) 
boa. 8. px. to weep; weinen. 

III. boziza. H. px. to make weep, to bring to tears; znm Weinen 

bringen, zu Thr&nen riihren. 
boo, n. s. ox. (if not 6otro and then i^»pertaining to bofoa) bed of a 

field; Beet durch den Fflng gemacht 

bokd. nom. boheni, s. ox. (also the full form bokaya is in use) rain; 
Regen. bokeni robay it rains; es regnet. 

boke. n. s. ox. gnat; Schnake oder ein anderes sehr kleines Insect 
bake boralen argine^ lit. we did not even see a gray gnat 
snake; wir haben nicht einmal eine graue Schnake gesehen 
(zum Ausdrucke der mdglichsten Verkleinerung.) 

bokoka. 1. ppx. to swell, to be filled with wind, to be blown up; 
geschwollen, aufgebl&ht sein. 
III. bokokza, 1. px. to make swell, to blow up, puff up; auf- 
schweilen machen, anfblasen, blahen. zidifni Ion bokokza^ 
clover swells the cattle; Klee blaht das Vieh. — Zu diesem 
Stamme scheinen die beiden folgcnden Worte za gehfiren, wo- 
bei jedoch angenommen werden milsste, dass das Verb in der 
Endung noch eine Intensivsylbe erhalten hKtte, was sonst nicbt 
gewOhnlich ist. 

bokoiu. adj. Qx. swollen, thick; geschwollen, dick^ anfgeblHht. 

boku. n. s. ox. a thick piece of wood, club; ein dickes Stiick Holz, 

boca. 1. px. to have a white mark updn the forehead (of. aaimals); 
eirfe 'Bll&sse, einen \velssen 8triob auf dbr SUroe baben (voa 
Thieren, bes. Pferden^) 
II. bocadfa. 1. ppx. idem. 

— 1« — 

tocff. II. 0. ox. awbUe maris, npctt tte Airthead ; BlMave. — S. • 

atrittg of variogniod pearU \ banto Perlaoschnor. 
boea. aiU. ox* variegated; buat, gttktckij acheckig. atd bo^ad^ta 
or boeadfa Callied to: dubihke adwta roo ada) thou tiast a boca-y 
da hast eine Bltoaa, L e. thou lUflt; du Ittgst. 
hoeolo, n. 8w ox. the stalk of. S^ VUAs^ food luuch liked $ dor Stengel 
von 2Aea Majbi) oln sehr beUebtea Nabrwigainlttely da«» .rob go- 
gesaen wlrd. — 9. the plaot Itaeif; die Rflaniie scilbat. 
bogotta. 1. ppx. to rest, repose; anaruhon* loh bom(>bte n^icb aawonst, 

ein Substantiv davon 95a flnden. 
bodja. 1. px. to conquer, take byforoe of arms; croiierD) mtt Wf^ffen- 
gewalt nebmen. 
Y. bodjeziza. 9. px. to get conquered; erobern laaaeq. • 

bodju n. 8. ox. a kind of eatable earth; ossbareBrde, aeo also han^jiro 
and goe. 

boda. adv. temp. px. after, behind; nach (von derZeit', used' to express 
the comparison of ndjecfives; 2ar Steigerung der fieiwOrter 
gebraucht. ini na boda dyira^ lit. he is behind myself (concer- 
ning age); er ist (im Altef) hinter mlr, 1. e. he Is younger 
than 1; er 1st jOnger als ich. 

bode. n. s. ox. a little spear; eine kleine Lanze, Klnderspielwerk. 

bofa, nom. boftu s. px. serpent; Schlange. There are several species 
of serpents which unluckily it was not possible to bring under 
a zoological classification ; es Hind mehrere Arten yon Schlangen 
angegeben worden, aber leider konnten »ie nicht bestimmt 
werden; die Galla-Namen derselben sind alle leicht auf Verba 
zurtickzuftihren. Hier nur einige als Beispiele: buti^ from buta^ 
to tear; reissen, zerreissen, vielleicht aber auch von bvda^ 
das bOse Auge, in wclchem Falle es dann budi geschrieben 
werden miisste. — dimap from dima. to be red; roth sein. — 
magarzay IVom marga^ to grow; wachsen (subst. marga. ox. 
grass; Gras, this serpent being probably green; wahrschein- 
lich eine griine Schlange.) — fijawcy properly a flash of light- 
ning; Blitz. — fnarada^ from nhara, to entwine; umwinden, 
umschlingen etc. etc. vgl. die betrelfenden Wdrter. 

boba. n* & oxt arm-pit; Achselhtfhle from ^oba. , . 

bobd. C^aa) i. to goopt, outwards; hintiusgi^^s^Mod^M na.vPit4jM^ bobaiy 
come and go out with me, take a walk with a^j l^op^ ft^ mlt mir 

~ iS8 — 

Bpazieren. — 2. to be idle, not busied; miissig sein, oicbtfixa 
than haben. — 8. to go to stool; seine Notbdurft verriebten. 
III. bobaza. 2. px. to drive oat (cattle) ; Mistreiben, bes. das Vieh. 
-^ Thence: 9. to pasture; weiden. 
bobd. C'^wa) 2. to be hot, warm ; heiss, warm sein. — ti. to barn; 
brcnnen. — 3. to be angry, irritated; ssornig, yoo Zom eot- 
brannt, entriistet sein. — 4. to be enamoared, amorous; von 
Liebe entbrannt, rerliebt sein. 
boba. ft. s. ox. arm-pit; AchselhGhle, weil man an dieaer Stelle 

leicht schwit/it. 
in. bobexa, 1. px. to set on fire; anxilnden. — 2. to irritate, 
make angry; erziirnen, zum Zorn reizen.. — 8. to make amo- 
roas; verliebt maohen. 
V. bobes»%a. 2. ppx. to have set on fire; anzUnden lassen etc 
bobaza. 2. px. see bobd. 
bobezuy b0be»i%a, see bobd. 
baye. n. s. ox. swine, hog; Schwein (wild and zahm. Das Fleiscb 

davon darf nicht gegessen word en bei den Galla, ist hirmi.} 
bowa, n. s. px. ditch, trench, pit; Graben, Loch. — 2. vally; Thai. 
bowcfaia. 1. ppx. to have head-ache; Kopfweh haben, made of the 
bowo. n. s. ox. head -ache; Kopfweh. bowon na nad'a^ lit. 
head-ache consumes me; Kopfweh verzehrt mich, i. e. I have 
a sad head-ache; ich Jeide sehr an KopfWeh. bowonko tchabe, 
lit. my head-ache is broken ; mein Kopfschmerz ist gebrocheo, 
L e. has left me; hat aufgehb'rt. In Beziehung auf die gram- 
matische Beziehung beider WOrter vgl. die Grammatik, num. 
96 und 97. 
bora, 1. px. to be gray; grau sein. — 2. not to be clear, to be troubled, 
dark (of fluidities) ; triib, unrein, schmutzig sein (von Fldssig- 
keiten.) — 8. to dawn; grauen (vom Tage), d^mmern. 
bora. adj. px. gray; grau. — 2. not clear, dirty; unklar, unreio, 

boru^ n. s. ox. morning; der~Morgen. borun dimad'e, it dawns; 
es taigt, dSmmert, lit. the gray becomes red; das Grau wird 
boru. adv. temp. px. to-morrow; morgen, eras; usually irith ^ 
nama: bon§ gamma j te^morrow nerning; morj^o Morgeas, 
morgen frfih. 

t /" 

— tat — 

bcrdza. I. px. to tmde in the water and.troaUe \i\ Im Wawer 
faeromirftteD unit es dMinrtsb trtibe maeken, lU. to make gray; 
grav nMchen. 

bord, (-«o) 1. to lean upon, to rest apon; aich aaf etwaa attltseo, 
IV. iwrafit^a. !• ppx. Idem. 
barati, n. s. ox. prop, 8U{>port of the head ; Btttijse^ Koplanterlage. 

bore* fL 9. oijf^ Aif^an instead of itudca gajfUy the bowl of a -pipe; 

boru. n. 8. ox. morning; Morgen. see bora. 

boru. adv. temp. px. to-morrow ; morgen ibid. 

boruka. 1. ppx. (o break, (intrO to go into pieces; zerbrechen/ (intr.) 
zerfallen, zerlech/.en (von hOlzernen GefMssen.) Am. boruka. 
borukza. 1. px. to knock into pieces/ to bruise, crash; zerschlagen, 
zerschmettern, zermalmen, zerstViren. — 9. to open by pecking 
(said of' birds), therefore to creep out of the egg; aufpicken 
(von VOgeIn), daher auskriechen. 

borffi. It. s. ox. eminence, hill; Anh5he, IlOge]. 

borpi. adj. ox. rising, eminent; erhaben, ansteigend. kffa bor^ 
gifOy upon the hill ; auf der AnhOhe. 

bordya. i. px. to dip in; eintunken. 9 

bola. i. 8. px. hole, cavity, pit; Grube, Loch. — 9. grave; Grab. 

bombi, n. 8.. ox. beetle; K&fer allg. 

bona. i. 8< ox. fiommer; Sommer. 

bo^oge, n. s.^ ox. Bot Ensete. see Bruce App, p. 36. 

bo%ona. t> 8. .ppx. wood, forest ; Wald, Gehfilz. — %. bushes, thicket ; 
Geatr&uch, Diekicht. kfti bozoni tuUluiZa^ the country is woody; 
^e Gegend ist waldig. Thence: 
b»%onu. n. s. ox. stag, hart; Uirsch. (Am. wild goat; Stieinbock. 
Agia: antelope; Gazelle*) 

bua, 1. .px*')tD mofve oneji, self downwards; sioh von .einem hOheren 
Staodpunct ai|s abwHrts bewegen. — 9. to come down ; herab- 
bi(iunterkQmmen. — 3. to fall down^ to fall; herunterfallen, 
fallen. — 4. to flill off, fall away; abfallen (von Friichten). — 
5. flg. to come in as proftt; abfallen, einkommen (von Geld). 

Phrases: kifa bucy lit. he fell on the earth; er fiel auf die 
tlrde, In the stose:'he became Mky was delivered; er wnrde 
fk'ei. — karazani buaniy lit. they fell into their ^oad; sie sind 
auf ihren Weg gefalleh', gokommeaf,' l/e. they wient away, 

— i«t — 

marched oif, departed ; ale sogen Ibre Strasse. — irgeko bue^ 
-lit he came down apon my place; er ist auf meinen Plata ge- 
kommen, i. e. he stepped into my place; er ist an meineStelle 
getreten. — kan natm gardkenati num bune (nu km bune)^ 
lit. what we ate did not full into our helly; wae wir assen 
flel nicht in unseren Bauch, i. e. did noC agree with us; bekam 
una oieht wohl, ^edieh una nicht 

dua. n. s. ox. that wich Mis off; Abfall. — f. fall; Fail. •— 3. 
gain, profit, produce, income; Ertrag, Gewinn. 

' II. biui(ta, 1. ppx. the same as the root 

III. bufsa. 9. px. to make go down, to overthrow, overtarn; her- 
untergehen machen, fallen machen, umwerfen. — 1^. to serve; 
vorlegen (Speise). — 3. to pour out; ausschiktten, irgendwohiD 
schiitten Oder werfen. — 4. to prepare, to get ready; zurecht 
machen, richten, zurichten. itile na buziy prepare me a bed; 
macho mir ein Bett zurecht £s ist auch hier die Grundbe- 
deutung im Auge behalten, weil das Bett auf den Boden „nie- 
dergelegt" wird. 

buza. n. s. ox. a disease, either fever or epilepsy; eine Krank- 
heit, entw. Fieber oder Epilepsie, belde „werfen^' den Afen- 
achen glelchsam um* — 2. bridge; Briloke. 

IV. bufatta. 1. ppx. besides the significations Quoted under III. 
also: to make one's self fall, i.e. to lie down, to encamp; sich 
Allien lassen, sich legem ; hier Ist die Form reinee Reflexivnin. 
galgala bufad^aniy on the evening they encamped; am Abend 
lagerten sie sich , schlugen sie ihr Lager, karara nu bafatte, 
lit he made us fall into (he way; er liess ans auf den Weg 
fallen, L e. lie led us tlie right way; er brachte una auf den 
rechten Weg. 2. fig. he gave us an opportunity; er hat ans 
Mittel und Weg gemacht, aaa der Verlegeoheit geholfen. 

bvka, (-flM?«) d. prob. to ferment, leaven (by an admixtlon of sour 
leaven^; gahren in Folge von Beimischnng Von Sanerteig oder 
Hefe CBrodteig, Bier). " 

. buko. n. s. ox. dough, leaven ; Teig. 

. Uh.bu1feza. Sv.px. ,,to prepi^rie. 4QQgb; den.Tekh eiq- oder an- 
. mapheii.;... ,,,.,, 
bMg^ n, p.,oj^.Bot,gfUTiy puiqukui; Kjirj^iaa. Cur^arUta allg. 

~ Ml — 

tu§i, (Hi«r«) t. M« .to lieflrm, ta beloM?, to iliake,' tottec .^f pluitf 
whieb rootid op); tocker 404nt ,w«oi(ehi, bes. 
von Pflansen, die leicht nua der.Brde (^«ogoi^ warden kODoen. 

III. bugisuk 9. p|i3L. to drMr -out,.;piiU i^JuAf bemiaalojtioi, hompa^ 

IV. bugfifatXa. 1. pia. idem. 5So4tdkk b¥jiifti4ff0y Jbe drew hUovord; 
er %og dafi Sohwert. 

b^iffuri. n* a. ox. (Ag.) a ayaolal aort of aaorUlelal l»evorage, pfO)»- 
pably the d^dnym of Akafed-e$ boaoadere Arii Ofiltortrank' In Slba, 
wahraQhoinllch daaablbe vio dibofuu 'AgaaagtOy oa aai beaaer 
and theurer ala farzo. 

budjafw. n. a. ox. a little dUli; klolne irdeoe JSchlUaol. 

buta. 1. px. to tear, to cut; reissOn. — ^ 2. to paas sapertdally over a 
thing so as merely to tonoh It; ttber etwaa htoatreiftin. *— 8. 
fig. to do a thing aoperfloialiy, negligently; i^tiraa oberfliolilMi 
treiben, leicht tiber etwaa hiiiweg gehon. -^8. to drag along; 
Ibrtschleppen , nach alch Ziehen. — ~ ftUUm iti bmte } lit. he 
nodded to him with the nose } or ' wlnkte ifam' mit dev 'Nase, 
1. e. he made him a eign; er galb ifamaln Seiehen. 

buta^a. (rawa) 9. to be torn, shabby; zerrissea, abg^niitzt, schilbig 
sein. — 9. to be tveai'y/ tired; mtide, eriuattet sein. 
butadfu, adj. ox. torn, shabby; zerrissen, zerlumpt. — 9. weary; 
mtide. — Instead of both these words in the same sense occurred 
bututa and butulw, trotz dem kOnnte der ^tamm doch das 
obige buta sein. 

buda. n. s. ox. a great drinking-horn; grosses Trinkgcfiiss aus Horn 
mit einehi Untersatz. 

buda* n, s. ox. the evil-eye; das bOse Auge, der b5se Blick. 
buda, a4j. ox. bewitched, enchanted; bezaubert^ verhext. 
budetHL t. s. ox. bread; Bred allg. ^ 

budngmu 1. px. (the III. f. fft.m i;iquj3ed (oot bud[UgjBi) ^ draw water, 
to draw; sehtfi^feji. bi^m n9 bud^fxi.^ draw water for me; 
acbOpfe mir Waaser. 
budu0za. n. s. ox. drinklng^vessel made of a gqurd^.Trlnkgefllss 
ana KftiMas. (Ai^. ((W^ugfe^i ... .\ 

bufy, nouK ^t^rand biufli CM^^O'«« !«• MJowa; Blasebalg, 
doubtlesa related . to . ^!Uito if opt lta.coot| .forthoro occura 
a verb biifai.tumtun b^a bufti, 4114 m^ the: other. i aide bubt»a. 

— 141 — 

< 'DKs'^Verb iiit ohne -ZwMfel mit btib^ yerwnmdi^ Mrtnn es nicht 
Hogw desseir Slamm tot und dumelb^ VerhUtniM stattfindet 
wie bei ifa^ ib%4iy iMda etc. 
^fitd'i. 1. pp%. to eDCAjOip ; sleh laf^erti. see btm^ 
bube. n. s. ox. wind; Wind. 

bubitea. 9. ppx. to blow^ to eool by blomng ; blasen^ duFch Blasen 
frtimna. i. s. px. strinn^ of pearls; Pertenschnor, an ornament faiinK 
roand the neck; Halsgehiin^e. It is possible tliat the name 
BorannahBa here its root; m<fgiich dassder ^niaeBarannaf einer 
von den auf Coltasverschiedcnheit g^egrfindelen Stamin-Unter- 
schieden der Galla, hier seine Wurzel hat. 
bupuhzm. 1. px. (Am.) see barukza, 
Jbururi. n. s. ox. globe, ball; Kagel. 

^urkuta. (runta) 9. to be weak, feeble; sohwaeh, elend, hinfSllig sein. 
III. burkuteza, 9. px. to weaken ; s^w&chen, ermUdeni abmatten. 

I think it to be the same as b^tuta. 
.burkutu. n. s. ox. a decrepit man; alter abgelebter Maim. 
burgtt' n. s. ox. source, spring, fountain; . Qoelle. ifSim aban burga 
taani} lit they became masters of a scarce, sie wardea Herren 
einer Uuelle, i. e. they became ]:ich.; sie warden relcb. Viel- 
leicht dass burga (burka) mit buruka^ bwruka „aufbrechen, 
hervor kommen'' zasammenh&ogt. 
burdjuko. n. s. ox. a certain sort of glass-pearls; besondere Art von 

bula. 1. px. to pass the night, the contrary of oto; die Nacht zn- 
bringen, libernachten , das Gegentheil von ola. — 2. to live; 
leben ikberhaapt. — afiir btUe^afhir bulaniy lit. he passed, they 
passed foar nights; or brachte, sie brachten viermal die Nacht 
zu, i. e. after four days; nach vier Tagen. 
bubuia. 1. px. Intens. idem. 
' bulti. n. s. ox. night as a measare of time : buHi ^W^ bultidja^ 
five, six nights; Nacht als Zeitmass: fQnf, sechs NUchte fQr 
anser: fiinf, sechs Tage. bulti z'an bubukH'y after five nighls 
(days); nach fiinf NUchten (Tffgen). ' 
bulto. n. s. ox. sleep, repose daiing the Alght r Sdblaf, Nachtnihe. 
' bultonke garid^uH iras thy repose gobdt war deiii Schlaf got? 
' hast do gat gesohlafen ? al0 Morgengmss gebt-aaeht. ^—9. life; 
Leben« -^ d« generally; circamsiaaoes; Lebensverhilltaisfie im 

- 149 — 

AWg. ifd hart builo eabOy be has his llrellhood; er hat selnen 
Lefoensanterhalt, w5rtl. Bftchen, VermOgen ssam Leben. — 
nagan {nagntnany nagaitf) buiij good night; goto Nacht! — * 
nagwnum buUe9 \\\. hast (hoa passed the night In yefMse^ hast 
da die Nacht in Frieden cogebracht? instead of: good morning; 
gaten MorgenI see o/a. 
III. buldsha^ 1. px. to make pass the night; die Naoht asqbringen 
lessen, wtthrend der Nacht beherbergen. Auch yon Aachen ge- 
braacht, z. B. r4fa kana manoH bult^haniy they kept the dead 
body daring the night in the house ; sie behielten den Leichnam 
tiber Nacht im Uause. 

buhUa, i. s. ox. dove; Taube. (Am. uguge. ox.) 

buluga. 1. ppx. to be tepid, lake-warm; lao, warm seia. 

III. bulugza. 1. ppx. to warm, make warm, to boil; erwiirmen, 
sled en trans. (Ag. bulufgadfa. 1. ppx.) 

hulgu. n. s. ox. man-eater, cannibal; Mensohenfressor, ein CJespenst, 
das in vielen Mihrohen der Oalla spackt 

bultsha. 1. px. to lodge; heherberge>n etc. see buia. 

huUo. 11. s. ox. life ; Leben etc ibid. 

baibula. 1. ppx. to mingle, mix, nat. soand; antereinander mischen, 

buna, t. s. px. Amh. BUNPS^ Arab* ^«^ coffee, coffee-tree ; Kaffee ond 

Kaffeebaum. When boiled: eaw^Of Amh. K^ANICA: 8^^*. 
buva. 9. px. III. f. of bua which see. 
huza. n. s. ox. f^ver; Fieber. — f. bridge; Brtlcfce. see bua. 
buz a. ("owa) 9. (Am. bufa.) to be nnsavoared, bitter, disagpreeable; 
-vnschmaokhaft, bitter, widerwi&rtig seld. *- f. to be cheap; 
wehlfeil sein, the contrary of nd^a wliich see. 
buzexa. 9. px. to exasperate, to make angry, to irritate; erbittern, 
anfbrlngen. — H. to make cheap; wohlfaU machen, den Preis 
herabsetzen, herunterdrttcken. 
bu^a. 1. px. and 

II. buadta. 1. ppx. to pick ap, gather; aofUaaben, sammeln. — 
9. to plack; abpflttcken. 

— 144 — 

ya, idteij.' pref. in addressing a person : oli ! o ! ya GaUan ! oh you 
GallftsI ibr'Galla! — yAobj abbreviated instead of ya obolezako! 
my brother; o mein Bruderl — yandaUOj instead of ya in- 
dailakOy o my maiden, my darling;' o mein MSdchen, meine 
Liebst^ ! 

yd. (contr. from yaa) 1. to totxie In great number, to press or tliroog 
oat; in Masse kommen, herausstrOmen, herbeistrdmen. — 2. to 
come near, to approach, advance; herkommen, anriicken. — 3. 
to stretch, to extend (intr.); sich dehnen aafschwellen. gur^un 
ydj tlie adder swells; das Enter dehnt sich (von Kiifaen, die 
aufgenommen haben). — 4. to ran away, to fly; fortgeheo 
entfliehen. ilalad'u oka 4ni hiyadCntiy take care that he not runs 
away; sieh dich vor, dass er nicht entfcommt. 
yao. n. s. px. ditch, trench; 6raben, Farche. yau baha%ay to 

make a farrow; elae Fai^he Kiehen: see bd. 
yai. n. s. ox. meeting-place; VersammloirgspIatK (wohin das Volk 
zusammenstrSmt.) — yai dyidu^ the name of tlie meeting-place 
in Bambl] Name des besonderen Versammlangsplatzes in Hambl 
Phraser: akamtman kara yana^ we make a ftnitless way; 
wirmai^ii den Weg mnsonat. — gcur^ §wa yaa^ lit. to stream 
in different directions; dahln . and dorthin aaseinanderstrSmeo, 
i«.e. to separate, t» part; 4iaseinaader gekea voa YersammloAgea, 
slofa tr^nnen^ ^erftreiiea^* 
Ui» ya%», II. pz. to .make pfMue o^ go ia crowds; in Masse her- 
aasgehen maoheii. — - 9» to leadoat^ todriyeoat; heravsfQhreo, 
lieraa6treU>«a. .^i k^dem^lw tok^ssaU yafie? hast thoa yester- 
day driven, opt. the cattle a grassing^ hast da gestem 4as Vieh 
auf die Weide getrieben 9 . . 
IV. yafad'a, 1. ppx. idem.. Med. 

yai. n. s« ox. .meeting^ Versaiiiiplaog. sae yd^ 

yaka. n. s. ox. punishment ; Strafe. — yaka dtdy lit to strike punish- 
ment; Strafe schlagen, i. e. to panish, correct; bestrafen, zftch- 
tigen. — yaka or yakka also occarred as verb: maiif tj^s 
harkan wal yakitu (yakkitu)^ why do you lay hands on each 
other, why do yea revenge yourselves? warom legt ihr Hand 
an einander, warom braucht ihrSelbsthilfe, warum rScht ihr each? 

! fa0¥dp. (Am* iMr|f¥fo«> fi. a. w..i9^*\%howrw, wh/9 gets nothing of the 
produoe of the ooU liu4 wiy Ihe •tipalated vewMtdB . for his 
servJioM) it U to he dtottngulshed firom qit'e. (see f^iro); Tsg- 
Idhoer, der nichts vom Brtrag der Brote sondern our den ens- 
gedungenen Lohn erh&lt, verschieden von qitTe^ vgl. anter ^(Ta. 

yada, 1. px. and yada. (-uti^a) 9. to think, mean; denken, meinen, 
glauben. — 9. to recollect; slch erlnnern. — 3. to long for; 
slch sehnen, 

yada. n. s. ox. and yado. n. ox. thought; Gedanke, — %. recol- 
lection; Erinnerung. — 3. longing^ violent ^ttgte^ Sehnsacht, 
Verlangen. — yado huza^ lit. to gather thoughts; Gedanken 
sammeln; i. e. to meditate, deliberate; sich hesionen, tiberlegen. 

II. yadaUhifsa. 9. px. to mi|ke or cause to think, te remiftd; den- 
ken maohen, erinnerui trans. 

l/aba. 1. px. and especially 

If. yabad^a. 1. ppx. to rise, mount; to ascend; stetgen, hinanf- 
sieigen, hinaufklettern. — fatta yabatfoy to go on horse-back; 

yabi. n. s. ox. riding ; das Reiten. — ati farta yaM bekta f knowsl 
thou to go on horse-backf kannst du reiten? 

III. yabziza. 9. px. to make or cause to mount; steigen lassen. 
yubu. adj, ox. close, dense, thick; dick, dicht. (Am. yapu.) 

ifora, 1. px. and < 

II. yarad*a. 1. ppx. to be disagreeable, to dislike; unangenehm, 
l&stig, ttberdrttsslg seln, nicht gefhllen. Aman said: „to grow 
old, become decrepit; alt, gebrechllch werden*', and quoted the 
subst. yartUy old woman ; alte Frau , but I think he confbunds 
the word with dyara^ dyarti which is the more probable as he 
says also yekara instead of dyekara - a circumstance which 
proves the great softness of the consonant dy. 

yarimo, n. s. ox. (Aman instead of zirna which is unknown to him) 
time; Zeit. yarimon bona kana darbe, summer time is over; 
die 8ommerszeit ist voriiber. 

ye^iro. n. s. ox. Bot.? 

and yomu. px. (Ag. abbr. yam and yo. Am. yenu, px. ooqj- temp, 
all theii fbrms being doubtless taken from the Arakio m^, 

10 ' 

~ IW — 

dfty; TVig) wMHy flt-wbit thn^; ^amiVsdii' wthAer 26itt ymiif 
' <l'i(f/lfa^irheii eome«t thouf wanH kommt diif ^^^ 9; oob}. when, 
as, «lDoe, after ^ al9, da 'frenn, naiShdem. cttm iodloat 
yom' kamif how oftea? wie oft? '* 

ira. iDdefin. prok something, anything; etwas. Intens. icatu (watf)* 

' diminutive form: wayo, wayo Tinozt tttchi hicncy we went a 

iitlle farther; wir gingeit von dort ein („klcibe8 Etwas'O wenig 

•' weiter. — toahkOy wanke^ wanza, toanzi etc. etc. Ace. wako^ 

wdkcy ioaza etc., mine, thine etc.; dais Meine, das Deine, das 

Seine etc* itankoti na 'buHshiy let me live on miite (fortone); 

lass mich von dem Meinigen ieben (aos einem Gebete). — 

Thence probably: 

.. mae. n, s. ,ox.^ate, destiny, lot;. /SlQlucksal, Loos: nu waekena 

^ dudniba^nti boney ifire talked of one destiny aod wept; wir 

sprachen von unserem Schicksal und weinten. (Biogr. von 

Akafei'eO , ^ , 

wai, n, s. ox^ Cporhaps also froQi wci,) aka waiti. as fast as pes- 

sible; wie etwas, i. e. so sehr, so stark als mOglich, zum Aus- 

druck des Ueberschw&nglichen. aka wditi robera , it rained as 

fast as possible; es regnete entsetzlich. This it th6 only word 

in which the language seems to have endeavoured to express 

the comparative pr siipexlative degree with .one word, in all 

other case^ the gradation being made^.by .postpositions; es ist 

dies das einzige Wort d^s mir v.orkam, worin das Streben der 

• JSprache sichtbarist, eine Steigerung uqniittelbar auszudriicken, 

, ^. w&hrend sie sonst immex durch Pos[tpositionen , gemacht ist, 

. wi^ ,z.JB« in der i^prtichwOrtlichen Frage: hodjadzu wayo fM 

tau irat? is it better to work or to be idle.? ist es besser zu 

, arbeiten oder mUssig zu gehen? 

wakaita. 1. px. to deny, verweigern, abschlagen. '(Am. to ask alms, 

to mendicate; betteln.) 

waea. (trac!.) nom. wacrdy s. px. heaven, sky ; Hiihmel, Firmament. — 

2. God; Gott; usually with the diminutive sylliible -ajfo? WacayOy 

H .lieber. Gottl — r d. .aa epodi or period of tin^; eia Zeitraam, 

Sficifabaehnitt. Probably ibe w^rd iMfCUj year^ which Aman 



— 14f •. — 


daaselbe Wart ; ftfirn* iseant «r aJicht . . r - 
waeara. i. px. to.m«ke vbaxp, iicjiiQ^ ia, sharpen; spUz^g .laaQheo^ 

sch&rfeii. Probably related tQ cota in spite of tbe prefix: wa^. 
waeara. i. s. px. mill-stone; Mublsteln. 
waeara. n..s. o^ (only dlstinguisb^U by tba accent) the stoae bjr 

which the mill-stone is sharpened or made rough $ der Schlirf- 

stein, womit der Mahlstein rauh gemacht wlrd) weqn er abge- 

nutzt ist. 
mcayo. inv. s. pz. God; Gott. see troca. 
tcalcha, i. px. to chirp, sing (of ^irds) ;' Kwltschern, singed (von V8- 

geln). — H. to be angry, to talk with anger; iirg«rilch, zornig 

sein, iro Zorn reden, schimpfen, toben. " 
watchila, 1. ppx. to be loquacious ; ' geschwHtxig sein. — 9. to b^ 

angry, irefUl, to scold, upbraid, chide; kelfen, zanken. 
watchidi. n. s. ox. a great dish^, Schtlssel. — i. scull; Hirnschale. 

(Am. wotcMdi.') 
wadjin. {wadjirU.') Am. wodjin. adv. pdstp. ox, with; mit — - walwadjin 

resp. woi wodjitty together; mkteinaiNleT, zusammen; wai reap. 

wol is often omitted. 
wadjo. (Am. watcho.) n. s. ox. (ho name ef a subdivision in the sect 

of the Boranno-GUUlas, (Amaa belongs to iQ-; ^ine Unterab- 

theilung in der Seete Aex Boranna- Galla, zu der auch Aman 

watadar^, t . a. px* aoMier; fioMat Amh. 
wateza, (Am. wotesm, wodffs^) fni^ s. ox* a tr^e which is sfiid to be 

worshiped by the Gallas, the Wanzey of Bruce, see Brace 

App. p. 64; der angeblich von den Galla als gOttlich verehrte, 

in der That aber nur zum Cultus benOtzte Baum Wanzey dea 

BrucOy vgl. App. p. 54. see also meei^a and maJirantso. — 9. a 

Galla -tribe in the neighbourhood of Batfibl; ein Bamb\ be- 

nachbarter Galla-Stamm, naoh dem Baome benannt 
trada. 1. px. to roast, toast, fry ; braten. — fon wadiy roaist^meat; ge- 

hrataaea Fleisoh, Braten. 
wadabaayi. n. s. px. (Am. u»da^a4fi.') the name of » mMtfa, probably 

the 3i; Name einas Monata, irahraeheinUoh des dcitten« 
wadaro* n. a. ox. rope, oofd; Striok, iSolL 
wadwada. 1. px. (Am. wativata.') to beg pardon, forgiveness; um Pardon, 

Verzeifafung bitten. — 9. to lament, deplore; klagezy beklagen. 


— 14S — 

W0jf0* n. B. ox. (An. tpoyo.) uDder-garment, shlr(; irnterUeid^ Hemd. 
— 9. clothes in general; allg. Kleidangy Anzog. 

wayo. interj. px. ah, oh, for expressing pain; ah, ach, wehe! Ansmf 

2am Ansdrnck des Schmerzes. 
wow. (ivau.) adv. interj. negat. no; nein. 
waraba. 1. px. (Am. tcoraba.') to fetch, to draw water; Wasserholen, 

II. ivarabad^a. 1. ppx. Idem. 

warabeza. t. s. ox. (Am. toarabeza.') hyena; Hy&ne. 

warana^ 1. px. (Am. worana.') to prick, sting, pierce; steehen, darch- 
warana. i. s. px. spear, lance; Spiess, Lanze. 

ware. n. s. ox. glory, fkme, rumour ; Ruhm, Ruf. — 9. esteem^ rever- 
ence, attention, regard; Gefiihl itir grosse Thaten, Achtung, 
wenigstens scheint diese subjective Bedeutung in dem Worte 
zu licgen nach dem Liede: 

Zila zhnakm yada^ 

ZimaU damen cabu^ — 
Zila gandaran gala 

Oanda^u waren eabu. 

lit. Invain 1 ^ei upon a reed 
A reed has no branches; 
Invain I return to town. 
The town has no feeling fbr great deeds. 

(Complaint of a returning warrior.) 

wOrtl. Umsonst steige ich am Bohr hinan, 
Das Bohr hat keinen Ast; — 
Umsonst kehre ich zur Stadt zurUck, 
Die Stadt hat kein Gefuhl fSXx Buhm. 

(Klage eines siegreich heimkebrenden Kriegers fiber seine 

w«re. fu s. ox. the name of a certain part of thej day between dirama 

* and oba *^ from about 9 till 10 o'clock; ein besonderer Zeit- 

abschnitt des Tages zwischen diroma and obUy etwa 9 — ^10 Uhr. 

ware horate^ still more accurately between ware and oba; nocli 

eine Zeitbestimmung vor oba. — 9. a male name; ein mfton- 

licher Name. 

warL n. b. ox. the «mm time in the night ; ileselhe Zeit bei 

mrega, 1. px. (Am. trotvi^.) to vow^ promise; geloben, rersffrechen. 
ware^a. ni. s. px. vow, promise; Oelttbde, Versprechen^. — ^ 9. the 
granting of a promise; GewKhning des Verspreehens. 

warera, 1. px. (Am. worera.) to shun, to be afraid of, to be or be- 
come shy; scheu, wild werden. 
III. ttarerza. 1. px. to make shy, to fHghten awrty, to terrify; 
aofischenchen, anDschrecken. — 2. to grieve, mortify; kriinken, 

wari, n. s. ox. see ware. 

warqe. n. s. ox. Amh. WORK, gold; Gold. 

warri. t*. s. ox. (Am. tvorra,') race, fhmily; 8tamm, Familie. --^ warra 
mogoy the extreme tribe, boundary-tribe ; der ilusserste Stamm, 
Grenz-Stamm, der znnftchst der feindlichen Grenze wohnende 

warra-lami. n, s. ox. lit. fhmily and relation; Familie und Ver- 
wandtschaft, 1. e. weapons ; Waifen. 
icarza. n. s. ox. sister-in-law; Schw^jSerin. 

xcah (wait) Am. wol (woli) recipr. pron. alternately, each other; ge- 
genseitig, einer den andern. wali lolatUy they fought together; 
sie focbten miteinander. 

wahka, n, s. ox. middle, miidst; MLittQ, wRhfsoheinlich eina Zu- 
sammensetzuof^ aus wali und der Vergleicihung/s - Part^cel dka^ 
wie, gleichwieji — waiaka^ walakapiy going on by degrees; in 
Abs&tzen fortlaufend, e. g. duman aka zimaiati^ wak(ka walakaH 
d'uka cabuj the tape- worm is like a reed, here and there it 
has limbs; der Bandwurm glejicht elnem Bohr, er hat fortlau*- 
Ijond, einmaL urns andere,. Giieder* , waiak^a fadjafad'a^ .to sew 
mixed fp^^^^y •di^ccheinander. sAen,,, v^rmiscli^tes Getreid.e siien. 
karra walaka gae^ lit. the half of the way was approached; die 
HUfte des Weges war genaht, i. e. in tlie. midst. ^ of the way 
or lounfey, balfrway; halbwega, mlUen.auf d^m. Wege. 

walansso. n. a. ox. a. compound of waU and tbes 1U« f. of m^iS^ 
be connected, to hang On; verbunden sein, iwWiogeB. -^ iUi* 
t msHh to ppakQ. hi^Dg .upqn^ htUigen trans.) «tniggUng, wraat-* 
Ufg-im»toh^i|U0gen^ Ringkampf, , 

VMike%a. 8#T. px. ainldsrt; nittMl, ewmp. with the postpos. Iceza^ 
in; in. 

waiawela. aod tru^MtMlM^. 1. ppx. to swam; wimmeln (von einem 

. -AmMsenbaafen uder weon vieieMf naelien dnrcheioaDder laiifen.) 
WQkmwie and u>a%Qiu>a%e are uaed adverbially. 

p^alawdjitu adv. ox. together ;..niijteiQapdejc, 

icalala. 1. px. (Am. wolalaJ) perhape a}so a compound of tra/f^ to 
^0 astray, to lose pne*s way) «ich verirren, den Weg ver- 
]ieren. — 8. to he puzzled, tq ]l>^ mtstakeo, deceived, irren, 
da9 Rechte verfehlen. — 3. to forget, to know no more; aus 
dem Gedlichtniss verlieren, nicht mehr kenneo. atcM iicne lafa 
waialey from there (lit, there we advanced) the country was 
unknown to me; von dqrt ap kannte ioh die Gcgend nicht roebr. 

iiQaiale, n. s. ox a great upper-rgarment, a cloak of yellow colour 
(so wide that one ,yleses ope's se^f^' in it); miioBUGbefi Ober- 
kleid, raantelartig, gleich dem bagalia aber gelb — ^ der Name 
wohl wegen der Weite: man kann sich darin „verirren.'^ 
toalu, n. 8. ox. a great shwal woirn by women over the h^ndabo and 
tied by a Mrma (scarf) round the waist by which a sinas is 
formed like that of the Roman toga in which they bear their 
children ; ein grosses Tuch, mit einer hirma (SchHrpe) um den 
liCib gebuifden, wodnrch ein dem rumischen fihnlicher Sinas 
gebildet wird, in welchem die Frauen ilire Kinder tragen. 
ira»ia. 1. px. to call ; mfen. 

II, fcdmadd, 1. ppx: to call fbr 6ne's self, 1. e. td call fbr assi- 
stance | far 'Oder ku sich rdfen, ssu Hilfe Tofen. 

'Vi\.^^iiim%t%a. H. px. to cause t<^ call; mfbn lassen, machen dass 
einer rnft. . t. . . 

' waml. h. is. ox. auxiliary-troops; Hilfstrnppeii. 
want n. s. ox. (Ag. and Ain.'wenh') a species of 'monkey thb' tail of 
which is worn on' the shield as a very valuable' orUament; 
eiue Menart, dereii Schwann als 2ierde dca Sbhildes gebrancht 

itfahdja. ti. s. ox. a drinking-Horn With ornanfentsand a ^rop;'Trink- 
g^^c^s von ssierlicher Arbeit bus' Horii mit einem 'tJnter^atz^. 

t^iM^fe^ n. s. ox* (Am. instead ot ffomba) ftikej'JoolL ' 

MkawazM. 1. ppx. see toaktwMa. >•..*.■ 

wtmau. i. B. px. {Am. foi>fa%ay a b\et upon which dead todies are 
carried to the grave; dieiBabre^/^ailf w^l^Mr* #er-TOdte 20 

Grabe KetrageD wlrd. (Aman : 9,lt is said of any thing, whloh 
is carried on the shouldersj^ von Allem gesagt, was auf der 
Sohnlter getragen wlrd^^, also ttberhaupt: Tragbahre.) 
wa»aw0»a.*l, v i v Ji^t to. flatter, «aress$i sohmelobeliii - ' 

itfWatoas'^j iw s. ozi' flatterer I eoaaeri Sdusileblter^ ftetaritser, 
waifiaglioher M^niidhi '> "•- «" -« > 

ttfc trc!l<M»i0;"|>|^;.(# Biiii|;isittgeiu''' ' " -•-'>• 

tre(tf. («M0J> m i. '0x«'80iigv^^nK» Lied.-' '^ *" : ^ >. ' 
loeso* n» s« ett. a. platted pittfheil with 'a <eover ) gefloohtener-Kriig mit eineni 

Deokiel v^rt^^o; -^ t. « meaeure^ als Mik»'^()1i»aii«ht, etwa 

.ubser'Mets^if;- ' •• • '.•;■■ v < •"•^- •' •• • •••••^ 

idr^foifa. fj l>pxii(A«i murigatfa.) td be in agohy*^ im tTodeskamt^ 

sein.u- 9. le^ 4ke restlensly agitatied diiringi lie night time; 

sich bei Nacht airvhig-hlnund iverirflrfba/ tn sCTnnriiii sein. 
10110. fi. 8. ezi.(Aal. iptifr*) gobMI lued in eaortfloee^'TrinkgeflM^ Be- 

Cher ans Kflrbiss j verisiert , bes.. bei ' OgtOin igebraiioht ; -gvm 
• ' ufHe Mmy^. ^ '. • * i i > -a 

u>^a, (4i»ea,y'n, B. ox. (Aiti4 Instead* of '^arra) yMr$ Jahr* I- think it 

is the smke. aSi Ufaca whkh see^ 
tcofana. <. s^oxA-a yoonig ox,- nowewhat eider lh«n gwbas- Junger 

Ochse etwas illle# i als j^or^a.- ^ > . . . .^ 

wwrabmo. U s* lau hyena;* Byline. (Ak* toariibesMi') ' 
¥>mrabQ.fh s; ox; (Afr^toorato}' not doubt thereot ef ttie Doitgoing: 

'tbittdoerolrvNaehoni* ' • '•! ;• ' ...<'!■' * »'• -(•>' 
troro. n. s. ox. roof; Daohj instead of' bafnHU 
fcongo; m. «*oexi ' wl14' cat; wUde 'Kalxe, 'TieileioM Lachsi 
wqmU^ i. a oak Ct4NHitf/a<) /ande, tithep's brothai^Onhel vonrvttterlicher 

Seite. (Am.) • »' ♦ •• ^ 

tro/ - wokmzo etc. see toah •• t :><.;... 

ttw/ens;!!^ n. si'>OKi'.B0t4 .l..>i -.:■'.. . . > < .\ .^'\ \ 

won M ^0 k ;it. flj io»4r. Be4;/< • - . .• . s 

umffi. oonj. t«mf . M(Ag» iaslead oC i>te or: Ao) whcp^^ sincokj; ytls^ da<vtNi 

der Zeit.) •-• •' •• -» .!.■ •• •.* 

• • • •» 

',1 ' . •) ' . \ . • . I i> ^ -i" '•♦ .- • ' , I ' . • .'\ .» \ . \ 

— 16t — 

• r. 

rako, adj. ox. Bfircow, fe(m»lly ineoovenieot; eng, schinal, oobeqoem. 
rtikad'a, 1. pi^x. to be narrow; eog seio. -^ 9. to be in dittcnlty, 

to be embarrassed, in need; in Xotb, Verleganheit setn^ 
rako. ft. s. ox. the cow which j» slaughtered at nnptiais; das St&ck 

Vieh, das bei der Feier einer Hochsitit gqschlaehtet wird. 
ragcL 1. px, to relate tales, tell . stories ; Mftbrchen ersUilen. 

raga. n. s. ox. (AAi. radji. n. ox..wbicli ae^) talQ, story, fable; 

Mabrehen, £r«sahlang. -*^ ra§o rag! md dieWorte der Kinder 

wamit sie zum Erz&hlen auffordern, analog dem Mpa hip! vgl. 
rula. O'^^^) ^' to be benumbed , toriud (by rain or cold);, erstarrt, 

unbehiiflich sein, bes. von Regon Oder Kfilte. — ft, to be idle, 

lazy, inactive; M|l, trige, nnthHtig.aein. 
III. rakfza. 9. px. to make torpid etCf anbebiliich faul^ etc macben. 
ratsha.. k b.- px. frog; Frosch. 

raUhe. n. s. ox. tha ftait of tabaguh (a sort of eocarbita) when 

grown Oblong, Gircamstance which increases Its valae; die 

Fmcht von tabaguley einer Kiirbiss*- oder Melonen^^Art, wenn 

aie oval geworden ist, wodnrch sio im Werthe steigt 
radjada* t. s. px. soar-dough, leaven; Saaerteig* 
radju n. s. ox. (acoordlng to. Asian derived .from* rafd} story-teller, 

fore-4eUery buffeon, cwi^iirerf Gftuklec, Wahrsager^ kars& einer 

von den vielen Arten von Betrygern, die'unter dem Scheine 

httherer Keiintniss das VciUc bethdren. 
radjitsha. i. S) px; abusive wxNtd; als Sddmtifwort'gehraacht 
rad'ai t. (Am. iradn. nomtj railt.) .&> px^.ii cow two yeats old; jinga 

zweijtthrige Kuh. 
rafa. 1. px. to sleep; schlafen. 

rafiti. n. s. ox. sleep, slumber; Schlaf, Bohitanuner. rafiU dagi 

damagcy he awoke from sleep ; er ist .vaofe SofaJafe au%ew«eht 
T^^xmxk^ 1. ppi;. (the paissive oMhe IVki t^Mray Hee rasw} .«o be al- 

larmed ; in Unruhe, Bestiirzung seln. 
tafu, n. s. ox. vegetables of any sort ; Gemttse allg. 
rawad^a. 1. ppx. to finbh, accomplish, to ciease; beendigen, aufhdren. 

— 2. to make ready, to prepare; vollenden, fertig macben. 

hudjinko rawamefa, my work is finished; meine Arbeit ist 


— IW — 

fwtd^ (-'Oa) i, to hang» to lie «atfpeiided ; hangen* — S* to be occapied 
wkb boslAOMf B^hs bOfloMftigt Min. 
IL rtirmta. 1» px. idem* *-* 9. to doobt^ to be embarrMie**) vwel- 

MDy In. V«rlegeAfcelt 4ielp* 
111. rarmza* t, pjL. to bimg up ^ to fttspetid a thing in sneb a 
maaaer tbat it doea not. toootk ^y thtog elae, see fimiita a«der 
Ama ; aafhftngen, aber firei ia die Luft, ao. daas der aui^eUingte 
Oegeiistand keine Wand ladiac aooat etwas berttbrt, veracbiadbn 
von fimUMy^ygL aftlan/iyfML ^-r.H. to embarraaa, to.brlfpn at a 
loas; In Vei|legent^e)it set^en, Z,weirel erregen. 

rare, n, s. ox. bog, fen^slonghj San^pf^ Morast. 

raro, n. s. ox. fell, hide, skin; Fell, Uaut. — raroree^^ goat-skin 3 Zie- 
genfell. -^ 8. xaz e^. saddle-clotb, i)eing c^monly made of a 
goat<-skin \ Satteldeoke, da diese gewOhnlich aus einem Ziegen- 
fell besteht. 

ramatehii n. s. ox. (Am. inatead of dara) ashes ; Asohe. 

rasio. II. a. ox. wonai; Warm. 

rmtda. i b. px. edge, border^ brink*, Ban.d (aiUK!aUender Glelchlaut). — 
t. balk, a ridge of land loft unplonghed and covered vUh grass; 
Rai;i swiaipben awei Feldern. — 3. hill; HtigeL — 4. slppe^ 
deolivit/; AKihang, Niederung» — randa is also used as an ad- 
jective or even as a verb: iafti Oodjam kuni randa^ tie 
coantry of Oodjam is hilly ^ mountainous; die Gegend von 
Oodjam ist berglg^ steil. 

fa%a. %. px. (properly the lit. if. of an unused root re^^ the signification 

Of which, if It occttts,'nfQSt b^i to be In' motion, restfess^ In 

tfnruhe, Bewegong s^iit) -^ to move to andArb, to shake; bin 

iind'her 1)eivegen, sdhClttblnr, scbatikeln, espec. 1^00 rkaay to 

shake the ch^n; das j^tferfass hitk and her sch'iviijgen, thence: 

to make bdtt^r ; Bolter berelten. < 

rafama. 1. ppx. the passive of ra%d\ to be allarmed,' retftl'ess; in 

trnruhe', Aiifgst, AnAregang^ sein. Agat gafahoUtssBi gMa Mfwtti 

na rafame^ lit. in my heart the wate? waa ia* gres^ nolion; la 

' 'tteiDOr Bmst war dai^ Wasser, in' grosaer Bewegiiag, 'I-: e. 1 

was in great anxiety, in great disitresa^ idh wAv la 4prosser 

' Angst 'bad •fSovg^, 'musste>irlielw«lnen.') . • . 

reUU. n. s. ox«'Bbt;f '-* '•' "• «• '• ■••' . 1 • . 

ree^. n;'S.ox. plnr. foOJfa orrdisiii^^ gtel) 0iegf. -r^.Umare^j young 
goat; Zickleitt. — Amaa said Instead' of ree^i reH, Which as 

— 161 — 

to the forita is the fenin. of teef^. kofma retiy b»-gbat; Ziegen- 

boek. — Instead of rconi or rooda tli<ere also occars flie abbrev. 

'^ form too; and as the ohums ure made of (^oat-leather, >no duabt 

ree-^ is the root of roOy chnrn; der'Urastand, dass die Geflisse, 

in denen dieGalla ihre Butter berelteir'ziegenledenie 8eh)i&ache 

isind, scheiDtKHbei^eiseii, dass ro^^ das Bnttelrfass, obiges ree^ 

■ Kom Stamme hat. ' • 

r4fihi. B. fix. adead'body; Letthnam. • '• 

iPI|lr* adj. px. Very ill; selir krank, toMtranic, halbtodt. 

riga, 1. px. to scratch j scf ape, mb, pick; kr^tasen, jticken'. see riri^a. 

rigidja, i, s. ox. bridge, narrow bridge; Biriicke, 8teg. see nofd. 

rtfa^a. 1. ppx. tg I'righten, to be afraid; er^chrecken^ sich fjirchteo, 
vi^Ileicht rerdorben aus bir^efadfa. ygh 

> . • ■ ( • 

rifemsa, i, s. px. hair; Haar, Kopfhaar. 

ribu. n. s. px,. alnefir, tendon, nerve, stringy band, ribbon (made of the 
gats of goats) ; Sehne, Saite (aas G^dirmeo), Band, Sebnor. 

rtri^a, 1.' ppx. to scrape, nib,'itch; i«iben, Jneken, trans, d^ugda m 
ririy toih my neck; kratze mir den Bidcken. 

rifma, t s. pxi a worm' which is found in dead bodfes 6t cheese, 
' mag'got; Wnritt an todten Karpem oderKftse^ Made. 

rimez(i. 2. ppx. to be big with yoang, to be pregnant (said only of ani- 
mals) ; tr^chtig sein (von Thieren.) 

roo. n, s. ox. churn: Butterfass etc. see ree^. 

m^q. Bt^^ Qx. oblique^ wry;.schief, espec. pf 4()^afp ^n^.^^o^fK^^ ^^^^ 

, maraSM ragq„€abA, the |)b)pgh-quui holds t(if^ ploQgh*sh»re ob- 

. UqueiX (ui order, to cnt into the earth) ; der PMger JMt die 

^Pf^Mfp^px si^hief, so, d^^s.dl^e Sch^eid^ .^K^e^^^ 

roga. n. s. ox. back of a (:oifo; ,.der. EUpken.;4es .Messf;rs Oder 

.: .. Aod^rer, W5hqeid(^i|d|?r Ijpstrui^ent^. , , ., i 

ro^«riiff.\i...i^..t« tsejnbli^fShakiO) sUvet$ audters, Kobeit.-r-. f. to be 
-1' -!*fimid-;isl£k fttiohtev... '.' 
^ *» n. rogomim. 1. p&: tst fcii^htea^. t« tenrify, jstrik^ with . terror; er- 

r ■■' : jsrclMreckeii, ilFarebt einijagen..: * « . ; ; i 

r&gom%a. i. px.? or ,n»; 0/^* a[ 4ki^8e;,o!pr#^ieUy iBtiUai of f^'^^^i 
eine Krankheit, wahrscheinlich eine Art Fieber,/ . . ,, 
' y. iN^gomsMa. %. .pi. to iMfcf IMghten^ M WWP tOwtefriCf ; ^' 

1' - 4few>hceekea-)M0i»il'elfi<;i.' .< «.,._ i,*./ ..\ 

— 155 — 

roba. 1. pxitoraln, Quanlly eompioiinded with wn^ayo, heaven or bokiih,^ 
rain; re|B:nen, ^ewtfhnl. verban«toi mkt waeaigo^ Himmel oder 
dokOy Regen. Wacayo [boktmi) roboy It rains; es regneC. 
III. fi^bvi%a. f. to cause to ralffi;regtien l««»en^ re^tn mlk^hen. 
Wcuiayo robzize mittnn nu meaye, Ood let k ralti and >tlie flrnlt 
dkd grre^; -Goet HeM ^t9gnen und -die PrttoUt I0I urtfl geWwAM^. 

robaie. m. vi'tir. tht 8f tribe of the OallM regpeotktgr i^^ cMim i6 
ch-cmnelfiioft ( der drltreStamm der^Galla blnsichaich derRang- 
ordnang M der Besehtieldung. 1 '• >• ''^" ' 

ro6f. n; b. ex. hlppopotamas ; Nllpfbrd, 'Flusspferd. * > " • ' > 

roftito. n. 8. ox. ornament for the arm, made of valuable peHt^ls^ ireib- 
Ilcfker AnttflohteQck 'voh wefthvellen'Perltn; . .» * 

roriza. %. ppx. to be foolish, silly, absurd; thOricht, albern, terrtlckt 
seln. Perhaps it Is corrupted from koriza or vioa .versa.* 

rukuta. 1. ppx. Inflii. rukittz'n^ to beat, dash, sttike, ^thrust, 'knock; 
schlagen, stossen, prtigeln. • • . / 

ntfftL' 1. px. to stir of poke the flre^ schttren, nac^hsehtfren (Feuer.) 
ruya. n. s. ox. a piece of wood to poke the Hre 'ivlth^^^lti Stfick 
Holz «um Nachsehtlren. ^ ■ 

rufa. i. 8. px. a garment"ii«rorn by women, striped bhia and red^ Prauen- 
kleid, eln grosses Tuch, Man vnd roth gestrelft-, xum-^SchtitK 
gegen die'Klllte. — 9. a female mtrnt} eln w#lblloher Name. 

rumidjm il. s. ox. Ornlth. Cypactns burbatus^ ' <• '" • • > >' 


, - • 'J * /.. * 


• * * 

kikd, (-atra) 9. to count, number; Mh\en, ionk^ hWdkatfiiy do not 
fiumbei' thy eattle; 'z»hle dein Vieh iiichtr — well dies Un- 
glQck brlngt nadh ^em Abfer^lauben 'def Galla. ' ' "' 

iakiza, 9. ppx. (the III. f.'of an unknown root) to leave ioffj to release; 
lois lassen, frel'lansen. — 9. to' relict; liegen lassen, zurtlck- 
. lassen. — 8. to omit^ neglect; nnterlassen, vernachlftssigen. — 
4. to spare'; verschoneo, pardonniren. 

hku, n. 8., ox. twiQ4 i .ZwllliQg* , 

lacfu 1. px. (Am.) to dtp j^ , to. grMfe;, f^MMviik/Bii, )iafftJr«ioli«n , be- 

%a. ni. 8. px. rlver^ Fla88i,/<|mfhat)8 fdse:: JvaUey'; VImL 

' # 

— 166 ~ 

1^^ n, s. OS. freDQlvm liognae; ZaBgenMndehen* — ft. nvvl^i Z&pf- 

ohen am weichen Gsoneo. 
laga. i. |k. and especially: 

II. ktgafu. 1. ppx. to diaacciutoiB, to wean^ abgeirdhiien. 
Iflf^. n. 8. oju disaccustom; Abgewfihniiag. 

UMmnUt mun. ox. two together, both; %u sweien, beide, Jiee lama, 
i4da. 1. px. to sprout^ germioate; sprossen, treihea (voo Gi^wi^hseo.) 
iaiu.n* s. ox. flower; Blame* C^^atiiadicted by Amaii who ooly 

admits of: shoot, sprout; SoUtoslittg, 8prti$tiU«g.> 
lod'a. 1. px. to give food tO) to eatertaiiiy nourish; speiseo^zn essea 


III. kid%i%a. 2. ppx. to cause to feed| speiseo lassea, fiittern 

lafa. a* s. px. earth; Erde.. — ji. field; Acker. — aba iafa^ lit. 
father, L e. proprietor of the field; Vater, Herr des Feides. 
lafo. n. s. ox. foot-man, infantry; Fassvolk, Infanterie. 

IPhr. la fa bue^ lit he fell on the earth; er fiel iiaf die Erde, 
i. e. he is liberated, ftee; er ist freL — lafa d^ae, lit. he beat 
the earth; er schlug die Erde, i. e. ha feU om his knees; er 
iel aufdieKniee, fiel zuFUssen alsBlttender. — ^k^akaetan- 
. kateti r kaeti - kaneti etc. lit. I, then, he, we etc. rising ftom 
, the earth.; ich, du, er, wir etc. von. der Erde aufstehend, in 
the sense: to no purpose, in vain; u^nsonat, ohne Gmnd. *- 
lafa dyalttp lit. under the earth; unter der Erde, i. e. at first; 
zuerst. see dyal^aba under caba. 
lafa. 1. px. to be soft, tender; weich sein. — S. to be good, easily 
affected, merciful, pitifdl; giHig, liebevoll, barmhersig, mild seio. 
. — 3. to be cheap; wohlfeil sein. 
. I lafa. adii-.px. soft, good, cheap; weich, giitig^ wohlfeil. $aU (a^ 
fkd'aj the price is low; der Preis ist niedrig. 

II. lafada. 1. px. the same as the root.^ , 

III. lafiza. 1. ppx. to soak, to stee|i, and in the trop. Mn&ti to 
soften ; einweichen, erweichen, auch im trop. Sinne : erweicben. 

lafa fa. 1. ppx. to calumniate^ to back-bite; verl&umden, verplaadera, 

lafaftu and lafaftudatu. n. s. ox. and px. lUMniniator,' back-Ut^^r 

tale-liearer; V^rlfioMdei', OliftobllUiel^. "> ' 
lafe.n. s. ox. bone; Bein, Knochen. — lafe arbay lit bond of kn eiephapt; 

Elephantealiein^ 1 e. ivory;- BlK»a|»eiik : t o 


— 15f — 

hfto, n. 8. ox. ft tree which Is coDeecmted to the weitohfp of the 
OallM, perhaps synonymous to wateza (Wsnzey, Bruce.); ein 
dem Cultos der GMn i^ewelhter Baum, vlellelcht dertelbe wie 
wate%a. vgl. 

Mi. ("OWa) 9. to become tired, weary, weak, to fliint away, matt, 
kraftlos werden, Anstrengnngen erliegen. — 9, to he in agony*, 
im Todeskampfe liegen. 
iaMw. 9. Intens. idem. 

kbe. n. 8« ox. stomach; Magen. iabenk0 na dTukubay I have pain in 
the stomach; ich habe Magensehmerzen. *' 

iabMa. 1. ppx. to speok in public, to deliver a speech; Offentlich 
eprechen, eine Rede halten vor der Volksversammlang, 

Mt»V ft. s. ox. messenger, ambassador, herald; Gesandler, Herold, 
Bote. -— 9. {Am.) command, order, law; Bel^hl, Ctosetz. 

hla. 1. px. and 

II. iaiad^a. 1. ppx. to burn, pinch; brennen, belssen in I\>lge vou 
BerOhrung litzender, stechender Gegenstftude, Breimesseln etc. 
iaiessa. n. s. ox. a species of nettle; eine Brennessel-Art, 
iahi^n. ox. a flnertistantlve made of this verb, the form of which 
as well as the foregoing seems to prove that the root must be 
iaid C^knca)) ein Substaativ, dessen Form ebenso wie jene 
von laleza darauf hirideutet, dass ihr gemeinschaftliches War- 
aselwort laid {iaiawa) sein mtisse. 

lama. num. px. two ; zwei. — 9. twice ; aweimal. There is alsa for- 
med a verb of this word: 
lamefad^a. 1. ppx. to double, ani ama kmefad^nfan adema^ I shall 
do it, see him, hear it again etc. in short, it expresses the re- 
petition of what the foregoing verb means; verdoppeln, wieder 
than, wieder sehen, wieder htfren, kurz es drilckt die Wieder- 
holung der in dem ihm vorangehenden Verbo angedeuteten 
Handlung etc. aus. Dieselbe Form flndet sich auch bei anderen 
Zahlen: zadafada^ zamfacTa etc see Gram. num. 915. 9. 
iatihanu* social number, ox. two together, both ; zu zweien, beide. 
Gram. num. W9. 

tami. 11. s. ox. relation, relative, kinsman; der Verwandte, bes. 8tamm- 
verwandte* ^ofta - ktmiy weapons; Waffen, lit. fismily and 
relation ; Falnilie and Vervrandtschaft. 

"le, adr. aMx: also, too; auch. itUle akanay he likewise; er desglei- 
ohen. — 9. with the conj. oto in attrmative sentences: al- 

— i6^ -^ 

t}Mugk\,okgle\^.,.0t0n am ^^OfF^i^ iafatk kau; altboagb I 
am thirsty. I rise not fron ibe grouod; obwahl iob darstig 
. bio.,.;5tobe icb (doeb) fiicbt yon d«r Erd^ anf, — t Vwy often 
-I0 hangs immediately on the conjunction ot^^ s.ehr oft bangt 
-4^. unnMtelbar an def Co^iunotiop olio, ololm gudan cabu duUon 
fkafi garid'^y although I have not a large fortojie, (lU.) life is 
(nevertheless) precious to me; ohgleich icb kein grosaes Ver* 
m($gen babe, ist das Leben (doch) acblln ftir niob^ (babe ich 
doob genqg zum Leben.) 

iedjiza. 9. ppx. (Iet8hi%af) tomiinsiy to teacb, to use, babiluate, to 
break. ia, to dress; gewOhneu, abricbten, zfilupen, zqceiten. 

leie. n, s* ^x« (Am. lak* n. ox.) dlrt^ soil, espec. that wbicb is found 
. in tai|iCco*-pipes; Sobmutji) Kotb, Uareinigkeit, hesonders jeoe, 
4ie sicb; bei langem Gebraucb in Tabakpfeifea ansetzt 

iemata. ni. s. ox. table made of fruits, for instance cones of 4r ; Tisch 
aoB FrUcbt^a gemacbti wie bei una aiis Tannenzapfeo« 

kmafHJU t. s. OM. Bot, ? 

ief^za. n. Sb ox. a sort of gcasa, (Gtosb elAiibe..a^eBnice App*); eine 
Art Grfis, das die Eigeiiscbaft besitzen sell, Kxih^ versiechen 
. ei| macb^n^ 

Wetuz Lemuth low gu%a 
- •" Bia fontati; 

iyen%a»'km bv$UM 

lit. Lenza causes cattle to dry up ' 

On tbe mountain; • ' . ' 

Flight exposes cattle 
To scream's of desperation. 

w5rtl. Lenza macbt das Vieb versiechen 
Auf den Bergen ; 
, Flucbt gibt das Vieb preis 

Dem 8chrei der Verzweiflung. 

Hgimza. 1. px. (III. f. of an unfound root Hgima) to gulp d^wn, to 
I swallow;, hinabscbljickep, y^rscbUageJV. 

figimzitu. n. s, ox. QAjxk. Ugimsui^ li.,ox.) Jbri^t; ScbliMid, Racheo. 

Hijfi. n, s. ox. loan; Darlelieji. -r 2»..tbe obUgatioii|^ qlaim wbicb arises 

i firom it; die aus einem Darleben ents^tehende VerbfAdlicbkel^ 

/Scbuldfordernng. .. 

— M» — 

Uqna* 't* px» to lend^ Mheii An VkikMm tehew 

HiTo, i. px. td iMc'iioder wtttwr^ to/go^to the Irattam; aatmMlnkeDy su 
Boden gehMi. -^^ f. to iset (of the 9mn)r, aiitergofaeir(Ton fJim- 
mel9k($rporn). "M^'d.' to dUappetr by going into a fbr«it or sof 
vorschwinden. duroh das Hineiogehen in etwas* teAaJM^ Itr^f, 
h» diarapiM^rod In the forest; or verichwand im WAde. ' 

Mi. n. 8. ox. iAm,Upi.') gleam, glaace, look; fiUck. — idya libi, 

lit. glance of the eye, moment, ik short timef w0rtl« Blick des 

Augea, gaax-miaer: Augenbllok, eine kurpse Zeflit* am Ubidamtk 

i%a argcy I saw him a moment; ich sah ihn elnen Angenblick. 

HMU* ox. used adferblally : a short time ; fcurdse Zeit, ein Bisschen. 

Ulmo, n. s. ox. needle; Nadel. 

lima. i. (n. 9) isi. ox. Cl«« ?) Bot;f ^ ^ 

Rndedo.' fh n. ox. (Ammi. ie'tTefo.) Bot f ^ 

A^s. 1. px. to creep, crairl ; kriechen, auf dem Boden ferieeHeir* 

111. lonut. f. px. to tfaake cr^ep, lo pot or pn^hamy thing in' ano- 
ther; krieohen lassen,' hhieinkrieohen Msen, hineinstecken, ei-* 
Mtt 'OegehBtahd In deii' andera hlnelusehleboa. 

hcaifd, 1. ppx. (Am. tocdd^uJ) to hesitate- in speaking, to slammer; 
mit der Zunge anstoss^n, tfndeutlioh spreoheii. 

loieha. (rawa) V. to !)e long and narrow at once; tanggestrockt aber 
dabei schmai ilfein, sohlAnk tind dQnn.' 
lotche. adj. ox. tall^ stohlaak: 
lotcho. n. s. ox. lizard; Eldechse. 

htL n. 8. ox. pendant, ear-ring, an ornament worn i#th0 eai^. con- 
sisting of several small Aains Vith kittle balls , madd of gold 
or silver, and won by ah exploit; einOhrgehlIng beotehend aps 
mehreren Kettchen mtt kleinen Ktigelehen, • nar von Oold <oisr 
Silber — Lohn and Aaszeichnilng fttr eiae Helfenlhat. Es 
kommt oft in Gebeten and Liedem vor. gurrakoH ioU faraxiy 
hang the hH In' toy ehr; httnge das toH in meinr Ohr% 

hla. 1. px. to flght, combat; streiten, ki&mpf^, Krieg fllhren (mit 
Mond and Hand.)'-^ 9i>ki' kuiay lit. to tot oiT tho oombatf dM 
Btreit absehneld^)* I; e.* to flnish the light, to make poaoe; doo 
Streit beottdi^en, Frifede maohen. 

iola^. n. s. ox. 'rlvoM; kleiner Floss > Bach. <^ 8& dit»h, trench Uke 
yoa; Graben, Forehe ;tfwitiolien' ewel Beeten, sodassdaarBegen- 
wasser ablaof<£n kann. 

Me. n. 8. ox. servant; ofScer; Bedienter, Diener, Knecht (Am.) 

— 1«0 — 

hUa. 1 px. to rn^rt bMkw«rd9 and foretrards, intr. to wave^ waver (of 

water and tre«0) ^ schwanken, itich hin and ber bewegea, vo« 

; gen (vom Wasser and Bftoiaen). — H. to rinsA Cfflasaea, linen 

eCaOv achwftnken, aoasebwanken. Perhaps ioia^ ia to be pla- 

. uied here. 

U. Mkma. ft. px. (Am. iottoza.) to move backwarda and fore- 
wards, trans, to canse to wave; hla and her sehaokeln, peit- 
flciien, in Vnmhe bringen. 
Icmw QmLy s. plur. tant mase. cattle; Vieh allg. vergl. die beaonderen 

maso. tgkflbi] 4i^biteha; wafium; godyio; korma; vlfin; 

Hpn. Uhabi; raia; gor(masa) »aa; duiateha. 
iuka. fi px. to bail, to give seenrity; Btirge aeio, bttrgen, Gewlhr, 
Sicherbeit lelsten. 
inka. id, s. px. bail, surety; Biirge. (Am* friend; Freand, Beistand.) 
kuka, n. s. ox. (Akaf. iuga.") Jeg, thigh; Schenkel, dickea Bein. 
iuca. {"OUHki ^- to strip off the hairs of « skin, to prepare raw bides 
er skios, to dress; die Haare voa der Haut abstreifen, gerbeo. 
— 9. to be forgetful, eonfose;. vergeasjich sein. ana yon dU' 
.. bad'z'u fe4'e huntwna kii^d , whenever I intend to speak, all 
to wiped away, i. e. QOthipg opme^ .into my mind; wenn ich 
aprechen will, ist mir Alios weggewisqht, flUlt mir nichts ein, 
bleibe ich stecken. 
IH. luqix^ 2. ppx. (if not oonfoonded. with bugi»a^. — Aman 
sInoBgly authorized it) to draic out, to poll oat; henasziehen, 
heroasreissen (z. B. Hea aas einem damit verstopften Loche.) 
§m€a. {"owa) . ik (or iukd. f) to go or walk softly , to creep , slink ; 

leiae- ^hen, schleichen. 
iu^. "a^ ox. oval, oblong; ]&ngUoh, oval, birnf9rmig. 
iucuma, 1. ppx. to eat with dosed mouth, to chew ; mit geschlosseDem 

Mnnde essen, kaoen. 
iNC^Mk {Ak^ lugna.) adj. px. timid, coward ; feigherzig, feig^ 
4M#ir. 1. px. to saok;.saogen -*- to be distingoished from hada wbich 
see; von hoda zo untQiac^eiden (vgl*)*- Aman erkl&rto./t/jra so: 
,,sijc;h an einer Kub oder SUege B/^lhat in ^ep Hand melken, 
^ae dass man die Zitfi^n ia den Mund brUigt*^^ 
iugama. t . s.' ppx. curb-bit of a bridle ; Stange ma Zapm. 
iugo. ft. s. ox. Polygonum jnlicifolinm. H. P« 

graio whloh ia bent by rain); iichlicht liegen^.ekNi wA andere 
g*U||^t:H€0att (vmti ttaitteii inmli lOied^giMoblqgwnein, |Belr44ftO 
iu§9ka^ a4j- '•x..i|iUloir.aot, cwidedyi4iiei<o<wtrMy.^f(m9^ a^Wii^f 
ungelockt (von Haaren.) 

iuba. Its. & px. . lite/ sttuMil jiarte .af /ne*i ida^nWiiHiUabe (We^t.penU. 

/U6II..IS.X.0K. Ule; Lebeo. «-^'A4»0pid^i£leete,]CI)Bm. .J^gm fti^^^Muti 
na kaaniy they pot the spear upon my breast; .sto'<«l«8ten mlr 
den Spless aaf dJbQ..ik«s(( das:lBei»bi lull^un tamm^ 4l^iWy men 
.(llMret4uit('qnoa;*matoi)lebtvniic ekHBaL a .:: .* >) .n . •;.. 

/usMrnVn* s..>M».. the iCMtb(>iv4ilih iSenMlsiolii-lbie t]Qiigl^,flliire ; die 
an der Pflagschar hllngeii Ueibende.fSnle^ <fiholie]ie.v m:«j 

••• ..'■••»- '. . ♦ •»! •' .: :. . . •. J" ! l.'.s'iK ./ » .>* .u .uV*>N'. i\t 

mdkara. 1. ppx. to be busied, occi]pie^y,.((it |>e.,%;ii|^n^a( bos^e^f |\ b^- 
schftftigt,e.^Py aesi;|)4^ftS;,(fQtb^p. . ,,.,..., .,„„ .j ,M,.yw 

»fiMteinJji Ik a. ox. Jbabiii^si^ empldyeiteit!^ . «atfato^.?odncefln> -mwhweiml^ 
^gmiugaerm^ 'mj Jtamineiaii' (afEpreachedOt (^aUaCiate/^ mflaifGeschlift 
r^M'igeakiht) oaft-mMi/ 'iPo)Mib)yiibQpniiieed.\{lpem\thy0 ul^mharie. 

fMkdriitti. fitilh. p%l''f^ tM0''<e(H]seiir«ie«'*ko)*phbllc-iiroir«MpVi*ein dem 

■'' -metttllcheii (Sio^te^AeirsV ge^eihteiriBiilink ' •> ' -i;). :,v 
•»w(?«*. l:tJ±''«rid'espefefeJjy • "■ -'* ■"='• :•'•;'•■ /•'•^ .j.^m'I.I 

H.'wiflCflif'fl. l.^ppi. to go Bsid^V (o gfo awaj^,' to* 0y& way or 
make place; kuf die Selte gehen, we^gebdrf,^ «it«' machen. 
'macad'ui kive\Wayt ttatz/'dai^ "' ' ' ;'' '''' ' *• 
ffMca. 1. px. to deceive ; betrflgen, hibtergehen. wahrscbeihlle^^ 

Wort wie (las vqrhergehende. . 
mcyi.,,!^ 8. ox, n,ame.; ..J^f^iu^..— .,.«^f((?ja,./t/^V;^. .lit; tp {ak;e tjie^name ; 

, „:deii Nam|99,»^Iptae|i^,i.,^,.ta.flfiS«V.fiy*f ?X.ff, Jffl'''?.'??. f? ^•*""*- 
, nUtfi .ttbel yop. Jpift^nd.^.^d9n^„ W^^'^'P^ftfl^ <.. . .; ,r. . t 
mocaviCAiDM do^^flO nu^^iWfi^iVl^tm^.Mt^^ tff^i^^P.^^ name, 
namesake; Namensbrader. a^ a»a<^ftol[<[^;.4q)biM VOiein 9f^i»^- 

• •'• '»lieBder« /: i '.i:* .4-: 'mmhi i- , 

•.-• .1 


' .»' Jifi'v/ ./<» .•' >v .ss\\ 

MitioftttfifK' n*) a^ o«i the'last-Uaf >biit:Dii0? of tlitf jro^in derivorletxte 
Wochentag. In Gooderoo and Lofe it is called tafiioil 


ffMfo. t. pXi to miigle, mix; misohen, reftnengen, gBwIihmh mlt wal: 

With maga. 
nufffadi. n:- a. ox. % sorry old hone; altes knBkesPferd, Schindmlhre. 
magaia. C'-mva) %. to be brown; brann sein. (Am. to be green; grfin 
\magaia, adj. brown; bramr, gelbbraoa, iiach Aman: prfln. 
miUfmaga, 1. px. to tell or niake prorerbs; 6priehw(kter erzfthlen oder 
iinagmagi$. ni. 9. px. proverb; fiiprlehwort 
magxala. t. s. px. (A|;. ma^fiktkk Am. mazcaia,') the apringi-feast; Frflh- 
liiigsfest, walNhsobeiBlicii das Fest des heil. Mtehael, das dnrch 
ganz Abyssinian gefeiert wird. 
matcha. Q-awa) H. to be inebriated, intoxicated; beranscht sein von 
matcM. n. s. ox. dmnkenness, inebriation; Trnnkenheit, Ransch. 
matcharakza. 1. px. to crash by treading on, to tread down; zertreteD, 

^tiiMtt: n. 8. ox. ' sickle ; SidieL 

matana. 1. ppx. componnd of mata iknd ana, see mata. 
*4lM«fA n; s« ox. head; Kopf, Hanpt. — > S. leader, guide, master f.Ober- 
' havpt, Anltthrer, Herr. — 3. beginning, eommenoement, origin. 
ini mata dubigtide, he lost fiie head, L e. the . beginning of 
• his speech; er hat. den KopC (Anfang) seiner. ReAei, denFaden, 
Zasammenhang verloren^ ist aas A^m Cop text gekommen. — 
4. limit, boundary; Grenze. mata tikay the boundary of the 
. ,, pasture ; Grenze der Weide. — matakodif (matakankodif and 
maidkankotidify.VMUakedify matazadif etc. lit. for the sake of 
my, thy, his etc. head; wegen meines^ deines, seines etc. 
Kopfes, i. e, for my own, for thy, for his sake; meinet-, del- 
net-, seinetwegen u. s. f. 
mhata djabOy a species of daguza; eine Gattung daguza. vgl. 
flfkitona. 1. ppt. (a compound of nmia and cinU) to be eonaeeted 
with, to hang upon; verlinnden sein, h&ngen. --^ II. 'to draw 
near to, to join to, to fit close; sich enge anschKesiien, ge- 
drSngt, in gesbhlossenen Reihen und Gliedern gehen. 
mdtafi. n. b. ox. thread; Zwirn. 

matfino. n. s. ox. white unleavened bread like the easter*«oake of (he 
Israelites V weisses unges&nertes. Brod wif) die OsterkB^hen der 
Jaden. •' • ',", .:»/.:.. 

I 4 



mat'o. n. a, ox. ohftf^iSpren ssi'JMti^:nnA.ichkU^ • • 

madti. i. .8. lub fesf,. nmalaier/ B«4lmeDt; :R68t^ ;U.eberWelli«el^ iXeiga 

vdii (etoem>'0«tfilDlcek -^.H.-drlp, irap; 9\ropren. 
mda. n. 0. ox.i8|i8l^ ^tiitnv 91eckeii«>^ft« mvmnA^ Wandew -^ 3. sear 
of a woand; NArbe*- v 

nuMi^iMi. t. pK. to WDaii4; verlnittdeii. .<: 
««Ail^il. ftdli* ox. foMgtt, oininf «,' espcc. aaldoT oAttte m4 goods: im- 
portM^ Itttrodaoed; flremdy bea» vonVibhriMMl'Wwtfeii: ologefdbrt. 

madL n. s. ox. cheek*) WaDfei • 1 

madL n. a ox. mnX^ fitpaet,.<dtQner<; Qestmefal.oderUlierb.. BessA. ma- 
diraU. MirUeoifMj do .not langli 4lttrl«g.dten6r^ leche :iiioht wtth- 
wnd 'dee Bosene.- Magm:' .' '* .. «. * -< .v . .. 

OMdo. fi* e. ox. (AjD.)' a buMvaton'Of tlie ao4]5i:tke•eaot',^ oe«ietryman; 

Beldarbelter, Birabry LaridflOMDn. • > 

nuido. fh e- px. .<Am. iaeteed of i^agt) cbeff.;.8pr^. . } , . . 
maf, adv. whyf wanimy see hmH^. . .)I' •. 

mora. !• px, fo torn^ tQ.moTe.lja ^.ckc^lp; drf1)()P»,,herafndfehen, Im 
Krel^e, be^regeo. fafUjfa ^f^x ^^^ ^^^ ei^rtl^.tarQs, round me; 
.die Erdp drebt /sich am in)cb heram, i* ^* I 9M puzzled, con- 
fased; ich biif l^etiiubt), verwlrrt, r-;. 9. Jo rpll mp, to ^rap up; 
wickeln, ein- aofwickeln. — 8. to plait, told] fi^ten. — 4. to 
surronnd, to encompass; urogeben^ nmKingeln, einschliessen ; but 
in tbis sehse it is always constructed with ira. Oodazinif 
OeHnfon Hjumbcra mafatUy Godazi and OetintTo encojnpassed 
Hambo; Goddzi und OelintTfi VLrnxXngtUtn Hambo. 
rnoMi. n. s. ox. hedge, fence, wall'; Umzaunung, HeclRe, Mauer. 

— 2. bridemah ; Brautrulhrer' bei toochz^lten. 
marta* n. sJ ox.^ox. chain; Kette'. ' - ' 

marto. n. s. ox. breeches, made of"a-^letfa Whidh Is WttuiM about 
th6 limbs ^BMiklbider von elnem Taeli g^maoht, das wn die 
'Leaden •gewick^W'wird. '"' ='" (M-t ;•..-. 

i9i«ritii. ' adj: o)C. erlsp, ieilAed, firi'/sKl^d *, krafis'voh Baaren, aber 

d«rdh KvhMf gekrituseie gegcritlber deiA tfifkmru md gidfidja. 
'li:matiu^ii:'±i pi. to turh on^'s sell>' i^ich henimdrehen. — 9 
fig. to bO'^efVertcfd'respectlng the liitelleetval -powers;' Im Gelste 
verkeHn dder Tl^rdMbt' i^M^, 1. ^.'td h6 mad, Mollsh; nHrrisch 
selh.^' ' ' • •• ■ • '•••'■" •'■''■'■ . .- : .; 

maraiu.' n^ *b. os« Ibsl^ -madmati; 'NMrr^ 4e^ Geisteskranke. -^ ^9. 
»MHshiiesa^^mrid«esB^ fbUy, Narrbeit, V^nrttekthelt des eeiates. 


— Mtt — 

maraiu. adj. ox^ fbolish;: mM^ ^torboli^ yerriekt 

^111. iiiars$d;«llr. ipx-'-tof'TQl] or wind «toiit^ to tie aboat; umbindeiiY 
umwickeln, nmfiriiideii. -^ 9.'4ntr. to^lga vaond, go aboDt, cir- 
culate'', 'Qrtte(i««^«B' lienimgefaeo, et^afl tnmkrtiaen. 
maraza. n, s. ox. plough -share; Pflogflchilr (on acooaot of its 

turning over the soil; 'mil siie ike Erde^omfceHrt.) 
IV. «kir/Wk :!•« ifpxi io wind vomd (said of plants); amselillngeo, 
. amwindenV(vHHi€chIlDgpA»njien)v -^ fL to .go'abotet toJook for 
a thing; heromgehen, um etwas %n- lAicbtin. - • 

nMniKim. 1. ppt^Ifatens. of the root,, to g9 fi-nqventljr to a peraon, 

to go toi see^ to'paj. »' vMtv-i^tt mi ^inem gohen, bnmchen. 
nuttmutrto. n. s. ox. a game with liAgs^ Blsgek^eL mammrto 
, e^tfli^iiit'tf'ytoc-iilayiat tbiis game^dan Riogela|ilel spi^en. 
maraqi, n. s. ox. broth, gravy, saaee^'FlelsciibriiAe,- Conaooim^ Snppe. 

tnaraga. 1. ppx. •(l^'^6i(iVer''0r cl^se b;^ '^laisterlng oter witli olay; mit 
Then verstreichen, verkleben.^ ' * V . : . • / 

inarari. 1. ppxV to' be' dear, belove'd, agireeafaliil {/teasing; liet, aoge- 

' ' ' 'nchm isein. Aon arii %i tnatar^Uy if I am agreeable tb thee, if thoa 

' ioVe^t ile; Vfehn' idh dit lieb'bin,' wertn du fnlcb liebSt. -- 1 

' * traris. (Ill prayers) to love; tieben. — 3l to praise; loben, prei- 

' sen, anbeten. " "' - • •" ^ . ' 

[' ^ marara, n. s. ox. Tove; Liebe. '^— 2. goodness, grace ;[ Giite, Gnade. 

III. marar%a, i. px. and especially 

IV. mararfaaa, 1. ppx. to make favourable, kind, friendly: gtto- 
stig, gewogen machen. sich durch Liebe verbinden. 

mararfama. 1.. ppi^. the .passive of mararza^ to be. beloved, to be 
cherished, agreeable; geli^bt, geschatzt^ geachtet aeio. 

.; . nmarm^%ifu^.^U:y^\Xi^-.V^f^ke^^^^^ the 

love, approbation and good will of .^^tlnejra; /^ifih beUebt machen^ 

,r. . die:l4e)»«yAn4or^r ep:weirbep -r. :Mi^h. i^rohl von 49r> G^a^ddechts- 

: lM>9.<gies|agt., obgleioh Iki^fjXx., ^j/ain^a ge|«fiiil^qliphe^ ist So 

roe . boiv:.Mpe.oi^ie gi^w ^^ch fttjier:^ l«v.f .Mi t^yoo^BtFy; «»»g« 
mii;^ rvv;ifl m dein<?mMLa^dp ^^.l^i99|fii9V^l|^ge/psf^4tig beliebt 
machen, d. i. wie es mit Liebessachen gehalten w)^ 

iliar<iy«eiii.i«iV!s«.ox«*sklji, veasdlf .fiohil^. Falwiiei^ (Ana.) * 
mor^llnafil' 0Ami/marT'^ff27uim) inr. b.^m\ Mttmlknibowiift^'Oellimie. 

».; :«i 

I •; 

mar90. I« .V9c« ,(p«9p«Dttngt.tli9vfl«iEMMi $i^ 9€pm* mm.^MiO i^ grow, 
nutrga.i. m ps^, gnmy 9fiafl4 -TT>>jlt,/gMdoa,:.iiHMidow; .Garten, 
IU.< magmr$uL A* yx* W caiue/ to, girairtj >4^/iq8kp ^wwif wachsen 

Mxffgtnm, n^ .fl«> oiu a Un4 of .•;Ber|HNit^fiMlll\ SftUang^am^ 
lY. Mi|7iirfli;to<i.> 9* ia« mai7fr9(l. .<\ .. s .: . 

mtrgadjtkK i*iW^) i»x. Ui^.rin^; or, ulinK.nrAiob* flMl(mft,(t||e pl<wKl- share; 
4er Eing,.oder.idie SohU«i|^,-wciMl(i 4iii:>Pfliig($ehar CNthillt. 

mari%. «dj. ox. ended f kreilii. seo! immu . .« ,,i ;.i .^ .: i 

mannara. 1« w^nto. AregiiMt^vlieMMb^*. ^ee^.^Mm* .■ w 

mar^attM, i, ppa(«..tOiro»ry 4o U^t| l«w,.h«|loNK^.ArttlleDv M^lceii. — 

S.t to iMW!^iiUauie4i Cvpn ^IMvi^.i). .*' "» ^/mmm. ,. .. 
Mato. .l..pX4,to,dec«LY«) de)ud«). dUappgio^ lit^ttgen, .^HficW, hlnter- 
gehen, cowstrtti^M wUb ihetpostp^rfir mi.i%anit%^malg^ he has 

disappointed them^ QrMbiit .aire h9trog;?!jp. ... / : 

maiato. n. s. ox. fraud, decqil;; fietrugi Tiliisobiingt ^^.9* theft; 

Diebstahl.? . ./ ^' :. .i ,, . , .» • -, ^ ...^ . • .; .. • 

mla, i. s. p:^.. dewlap w^l^ iWaiDWie de#.{ QpMen*. < 

mala. X px* t^e .gire advio^y to ;caiui9fil;'.elneQ .Itatb-, Weisung geben, 

.<ra|bpn» .ufiimekytlit be Jbas ooufmleii bjifpsejfi,. er hat aich selbst 

genUheni i^.-e^ be.aetedr iiidependei^tlx;MC)ribai'selb9tfiitiiodig, un- 

. .aVMngtg gebandeU^erJbit seU>stat&lidigt ?*rr li. # ifiedlta^, inase; 

naehdenken, tiberlegen. i . . ■ ,,i (....., .^ ... _ ,, > 
nkakLjL. s, . ox., advjce^ eouiuieL^ proRMfil)? WPpofdtB^n ;. i^tb , An- 

mal0^, n, e*; ox. watt^, piew 5 vWt^i Jiapclwi T-.»f j»ol;e,,^^cq^ ; ^f schwiir. 
maiaka$(h n.hfl.,.«ai- Anrih, a ,w»alqai„,iy4odr tast^:^ment; e^u,^ Blasin- 

• Ipato fbhifleik ,'\ .jj'.i- . '.n .w • . . •* i ',• 

matom. n^..:a..Dx. thr^^rC<v4f^Vli4eR,y^5^n«r., . ., , 

maid, ad^ ox^ This ,w:fiidi\fin8iiv;fwi ,e^wtly, (^f .JSitflish „bujt" in all 
Its «kta»ge»;jabBr; wi?iSQfidwi,.al«v/»¥ aiW^A!^ *»>» 

»«*i4t'#t»w/<P,i,Iwafii:«rt»«tp;\t^^^^ vas^fraid of 

' yon; Ich war darsn es dir isa'saifeii, aber lehUlFchtete mich 
vor dir. Betepiele^ wo tde hler dM mat&' gMti nn&evem „aber*^ 
entsprieht Bind iseiteii mid «ogmr zw^iMltaft; dosto hliaiger aber 
Analogien der Iblgenden ConstractioDent maU ^enare 'inigalla 


maief whateoiikl we do but go boaie; waa wolken wir (an- 
ders) than als heim gehen? — lafa kaeUtn bau, waft na 
"d'ike maiey I weep not. in vain bvt some^iag Aem me; ich 
weine nieht nmsonst — sondern eaMilt flilr etw«s^ mieh driickt 
etwaa^ — anf iOttman %iit ^^ne, ati aka nama tunaH dyirtan 
»f zee nwie^ lit. ' I — thus — thee not — tliongbt, -»- thou — 
like — a man — cultivated t^ art I — tbee ~ tbon^bt — bat; 
•ich — 80 — dioh niebt — daehte — du — wle • — etn Mann 

— rechtschaifener — Mat icb — dieb' — daehte aiber; der 

8inn dee so getheilten 8ateea bedarf wobl keiaev iiTeiteren Er- 
klfirung. — BuSfftm ion hiiku^u noma inaiey the iii/^ -(cannibal) 
eats no cattle but men; derJSfr^t^isstkeinVieb, sondern Mee- 
schen. — bok^i hirrolfu inUfa male^ it does not rain, it is 
only cloudy; es regnet nieht (sondern) es ist n«r nebelig, un- 
fi'eundlich. ^— namtd dandae himiehea nama daku beka nude, 
'- nobody can get across (the tivtty unless he knows how to 
swim ; Niemand kann hiniiber (fiber den ilnss) ),ala^ der, wel- 
cher zn schwimmea versteht ' 

mali. (abbr. mat) interrog. pron. px. what? was? 

maltu, px. Intens. used as a masculfne: who? werf- ' 

Compounds: '49UI/0, what then? was denn? was woh\^, mak 

djed^et what has he said? was hat er denn (doch, irohl) ge- 

' sagt? — 9. used also as an interjeetioa denoting admiration or 

aftray/ement; auch- als Inteijection zuin Ausdrnefe von Bewnn- 

derung undStaunen in Gebrauch. ^^ maHnw nkdan {eom^oJin^^ 

QtmaU and. imt) what I? ^ras ich? «ii«^i» %iH Mmaihef wbat 

should I tell thee? was sollte ich 4lf sagen? — vmrn (contr. 

' ' ' fironi maHn^ with -what, by vt^hat? WMiit? tbie affixed n (resp. 

nfj'beidg the postposition fflsttlng the > instiwmental case; das 

-' angeh&ngte n (resp. m) ist die denAbfat InstFomenrtk'bezeicb- 

nende Postposition. — malifi (abbr. malif} lil; fbi^ Wh^t9 wegen 

Oder fiir was? i. e. why? waruW^> — 'imitf/^Mt (cempv oTn^Ufi 

' ' ' knd txrti) for What I? fW'WB^iisM nUtgifmidegarey why should 

' It^ait for thee? war6m''i^ilte'lchf>Mrdleh'W«rfea/? ^ InstenA 

' "'-• ' of malifty ^nd^ arid mkHfdn ^evi^jire usfed- (analegleMy to mm) 

the contracted forms: mafiy maf^ mafan. 

» 1 » • . 

— t67. — 

malka. n. & oBi AMrd, idialloir plac^.bi a.ixlrer; Futt, ^fsiditfh SlttUf 
liiiWaMen -r-. 9i bed :0f » ;river; FlnflsHietto. imi/^iMi S^u^a^ 
tbe> iMd oltbA fiver is dialed «p;.4MFiiieebelt kait jiusgetrPQkAeU 

Mftik fi. e. oa. bfioelet, ^rinldt ; Andtead* a . 

M/<af.i|tt. lateu^ of mtii. whidi eee." 

maili'. n. b. ox. jaw-bone; Kinnbacke, Kinnlade. 

man. Oiaiuf) by. wJiatt womit? aeeimoli • 

oumA i. flw> OK. t>lur. ;aMiiMiC<^ henee^ xdveliiiigy iipme ^ Baas, Webmiiig) 
Heimath. — manaUf home; nach Haase. — . MMMM.^iiithoQt a 
aiga; of any ease; ohae Gaaiia^SBeioben) . a( boaiief isii JQaiiae. 
oA^pnlrcf mamkdyiraf ee hifidyinuj latl^Mlwr. at borne? no (lit. 
yes) be is irot^ isidein Vater EaillaiwieS iieio (w((rtL js) sr 

flum^. ». 8. ox. dnrelling; Wobnang. — % neat of birds;. Vogel- 
nest — 9. sJheath of a> sword ; Scbeide voo s^hneidenfleii ^lar 
stramenten, WaHfn, Messevnetc. , 

mangaya^n* s. ex. (Adk imrgagffy) jasyw.bone like tiifflft; Uuibaekett, 
IQonlade. > . .. 

mangudo. n. s. ox. Cpi'obably a eompomid of nanut and guda^ gteni eld 
men; grosse site MUnner)' court of aldermen^ seHater; Rath, 
Bathflversammlung/ In the eoUeethre sense used as feminine, e. 
g. mangudon d'uftiy the senate .meets ^ der Rath' versammelt 
sicb* — 9. maso. Judge; Bicbter. Speo. fifrmi^mangudU$f^. 4- 
8. px. idem. 

mandaru. n. s. ox. village, small town; Dori, kleine Stadt. (Am.) 
mandia. n. s. ox. thunder; Donner. * .. . i . . 

mane. n. s. ox. knuckle, ankle; Kndobely Knerren. . ^ ci » 

mazara. n. s. ox. residence of the king, royal palace; ktfnlgliches 
ficbloss, Besidene des KOmgs. . : /i... >.. .i - 

mazafki. 1. f»px. td be^ jealous; ellersttbbtig sein, 4iferm -^ 

ma%0nu. adj. oou iealeas; eifersttebtig. na4^ kumiimi SMSOfkir 
lAeBiRd', these women wene aot Jealous of eiicb(Othen;i.d&f(se Wei- 
ber^^aren iiiobt.eifsnitichtig.(attf einiandev)^ .. ^ /..i: 

Perbbps this is net the > true meSnkig of tfaje .ward^ Aman 

shrugged bis shouldeita when I exrplatned it in this way, very 

- likely it is a-low .enie; Aman war suit dieser Enklftcung nicht 

' gltna eiiiveiBtanden, ko«^nt;e. odor wolltst aber keine.andere ge- 

ben, wesbaib ich vermuthe, dass das Wort obsoOn ist it 

— «B8 — 

M^v^n^ <t: t». t» lie bamiD,"8terir (of laeii ^MmalS'snit ptftiili>; 

''*. fmehtbBr sein, von Meofichoii,'Thlt»reii ami GTewitehfieii*- 
nufiri.'n; $. ox. -teM, ouKhrated «M1; P«ld, bearbeiioteai Lmiid. 
«iia5Bti6a. ft. 8. ox. rosary; RoMttkrMiz fediii Betm, dctf, wahffSGheialtoli 
aus der mahamedanischeD'MaGlilwAiifaafli-gebori^' bfti df n OaUa 
auch vorkommt. • • 1 . • ' 

ma^. n. s. ox. a certain meadnre; 'Oln'gemaBestMaas. ? • 
f^«'^mlH^'n•^l^ px. espec. iiUKrWina ^^u^ci, a^baad of jiirotcbeaj Baad, 
' • ' BokemHtHnd. . - • ii .. . •.. 

1^^; litad. nMfkitiic a-wi^h'Of reqneiit, eritirely a»8irerin|;tiiB'£ng]ish: 
"pray^! Aaailiftiitgsyrort bet elnter BItte. m^hi%4m tm fiOiy pray 
^' : luring me aome • watery ick Wfte: bring mir^ Wassen 
mee^a. t. s. px. (Am.) a tree consecrated to wdTship^ cin deni Caltas 
■' -' gew^khter BaoDk .• . > . i . 

ViScd. px. trr<ens. m^ra^ti, a'sort of Intferrog. pronoim denoting: bow 
mach, how many; eine ATt'Hragehdes' Fiir1ifoff,-Wie vMy qoot! 
mita dinikQy - iitl how many my - eiienies^ ; .wleMe}^ meiiie Fieinde, 
i. e. how many enemies have I! wie viele Feiiido, bftke ich! 

mtnetif^ m 9* px« iiilveir;. Silber^.-r* 9* fru^t^f the palmn^rejD ;,Palmfracht 

(Am* «^^^t. fi., 0^ phoenix daptyUfera.)* 
mSrtJ adv^ipx; ^here tben^ wo dooh, wo denn,? U is . •< oem|ioaod of 
!"the iiiteij. m^, pray, i^nd. the^ aflked interj. •*r€f wiuch see. 

m^l^lrf^d;. ^.' s; px^; Ahih.'BflSlrKTt 'i^gn, mark, (token, si^el, note; 

Zeichen, LUrmzeichen (Feuer auf den Bergen«) m^H^lrtdla ttaba^ 

< . Mti to .pet, .erect a.aignaly. eia Ziojicliea aiufs(e]leii,,,aaf^teckeD, 

i.e. to call for assistance; omHlKe cufen) ^ie Nachbarn darcb 

ein Signal von i ,drobend6r Q/9fahr aotemchteo. (Akafe^'e ^^^ 

"fni. an affix interrog. particle, ■answel'ing the .latla. ,5«e^^: '^ni zin 

^'6fn€^flw? !didiJ':no(;.teil it .to^thee;. bab ;icb dir aicfit £esagt? 

tM/tf.'Hemiii. >inM. ». px> ail- dtensdrllr ^^belMiging toi-beluie-HhoAd; .Bans- 

-* ' ^ ' Ifetethe ond 'Allesv <ivh8 idft«« jgaMrt^i ^.r S^^ tciol,.*te9temeot of 

any handicraft^- W^tktwag.^ iHandw^rkidJ^eiig.t.'^nt* /B-Mornament, 

u->ti.f xlttirer, jie^wbls^.'Sohmockv liJnwieleau -Hh mUia /Sifildy /harness of 

< ' ^ < horses'; Pfefde|geadli|pry Bieffli6iizeag^iZIUifflBng..)*Ttr.'>fiida eotefsa, 

i.> •) . all: w'>hat beloi^gsi ta plonghuig; AUm, mAs.^um Pfliigeil gehdrt 

»: ^^nm or mis fj^Sy-a >o6rtakl pait jof the -body; .em Vheil des 

inenschliohiefi'KdrpenL ? • .''../..(:./'.. 

— «w — 

wdgink i. s: p|is. .Bit f-|i4r)i«psibMt (the iiHier .terk. oftnees); viel- 

lelefatBwst. *^ ji4eoislls.<iibop tmck e'ltia hcusondece Vfkmze. 
nUtcha. 1. px« to wash ; wnsohen (WlUiche). 

M^AcArrn. «;'s; ca. fiNDkb iMittlr^fl;^ .WIU^herlQi; gewOhallch steht 
nooh iMya diibe>. i .ii ,> • 

ken, RIegel. 
ffutoM^a^il. pxi ta turn^M^^aV <o tw^dillnjoii); bfrqi^drehen, windtiiy 
auswioden (Wtafslie)^!— 9»; ti»cii ,the>^hr0ftt| atranfto^dw 

II. mitehiradfa. 1. ppx. to bend, direct, menage*, Ji^Qk^ii^ leiten. 
•^-n 9- 4o •; drefMlr^n^. • *, -.....!• / j .j:. • ..v w. 

mr'IcAtf.: fi...8. pxi .Dciead; Fteqndt* . « ; > l. M 

midjana. u s. ppx. Amh.MIZAN; b«b»wif, .^Qll)po.i|pi4.;' WAg^')( 

mdjiran, Iqv. |9i. ox« the Inaer part, or marrpw ol gourdrlif^e Jl^^i(f 
with their kernels; das Innere, Mark von Gprken odei; IKUrbiss- 
artigen.GewliclisQn sammt den Samenk^irnern. 

midjiie. n. s. ox. the second tribje of the Gallas reHpectifi|C ! the order 
which is observed amonfi^st them at circumcision;' der zweite 
Stamm der Galla' hinslchtlich der Rangoi^dnung W der Be- 
schneidang. Whether this word has any relation to Miehaiikt^ 
liiicbae), Mitchel or pot, I will not decide. . / 

-mt^'. px. ^fifix negat. not; nicht, Usually ' afjQxed to nouns ^\in few 
cases also to verbal forms, see Gram. nbni. lib, I|n Allgemel- 
nen bloss bei Nomini'bus, doch zuweilen auch bei Verbis ge<- 
braocht; vgl. Gram. num. 175. 

mdaga. i. ppx. to be or Idbk wfenisliapcd, wbll-fed, cdrpulent; wobU 
gen&hrt; wohibeleibt seih, gdt aussehen. -^ »: to be pretty, 
handsome; schSn; sein. " " '^ * '^ ' " 

middga: fiii]. ppx." fern, midayeu, Kinds-oni^ , t<retty', fMr^^^chtfo, 
siattlich, gut aussehend.'" • ' ' ^ ' ' 

midfan, (miitanij in v. ox, grain, corn, generally:' ektftble'frtiit; Ge- 

trfeide. daVin'liberhanpti eAsbafe Wni6lrt,.d»i»'*Sttm«'ivoh BUmMM 

' tfUJ'-^'Ma .mlkt'an^y tthd iprf|)rlelat/ of *tkB>-corn vHerr,>JBlgMr 

thttroer des GetreideBiUi<«MiBt«iibxMa>«lsoMittiiabbreMlaitd form: 

mtil'M. Which. lfMiqi»\ iw. .IM»y;iiM*lt« .^^}n^ ft>!l««pdsp .^j^fi^ 
Fragen vorkommende abbrevirte Form mid'u sc)yj^(it.j ein Pro- 
vincialismus zn sein: mttu moH fa^h^Jta^J^^ .^^^\ 9f^ 9fi^ 

— i7f — 

dIdflC tboa sow? whs IRtr Qetrelde base do geeSt? — mUtmi 
> kuHi ntid'u maiif Mrfaait sort of oorn Is this? was ist dies fttr 

mifi. n. s. ox. a little insect, a species of ant$ kleine Ameise. — 

Proverb : b^k^ mOriien adjevu^ %i ttdjexa f tfae rain kills sot 

even a miriy will it kill thee? der Region tSdtet nlcht einmftl 

eioe Ameise, wird er diehnmhringen? * (Vorwnrf gegen einen 

sehr Empfindlichen.) 
mi^mitTa, t s. yx, Bot. pepper; Pf^if^r. Capsieiim annmim. H. P. 
niirigad^a. 1. ppx. to be in emotion ; in AiriVegnng seln etc. see 

unrigada^ (Am. wutigatfa) with which It seems to be con- 
" founded. 
mirga. adj. px. right; recht. harkw mirgoy the right band^ die rechte 

Hand. — gara mirgay gara bida^ on the right, on the left; 

reehler Hand, linker Hand. < 

Mrgo. n, sJ ox. declivity; Abbang: — %. hill; Hiigel, AtohShe, an- 

steigendes Terrain. 
mila. i. s. px. foot, leg; Fuss, Bein. — mila biftuy lit. foot of the 
san|; Fass der Sonne, i. e. evening-red; AbendrSthe. 
. miito. n. s. ox. ponductor, companion ; Begleiter, Gcfahrte. — 2. re- 
serve, ambush; Ruckbalt, Hlnterhalt. maltu beka aka ini milto 
uf dyala cabad^Uy who k^nows whether he has (not) an ambash 
behind him; wer weiss, ob er nicht etwas im Riickhalt hat 
milqi. n. s. ox. step; Schritt. Wacayo miiqike ha gadjefUy may 
God lead thy steps ; Gott m5ge deinen Schritt leiten (wdrtl. 
gerade sein lassen.) 
nM^f^a. 1. ppx. verb depominat to look at, to lopk about; anschanen, 
f^nblicken. maf uf dgala mil^ad'tay why lookest thou about thy- 
self, behind thyself; warnm schaust du dich um? 
... mil^u. n. .s. ox. look, glance; Blick. tml^unke na dora. thy look 
enchants me; dein Blick bezaubert mich Cim.gnten and schlim- 
N mon Siane.) 
mimm» l^.px;..pFobfa)ly oocrupteid Irom Idmmza: tp ne^gh; wiehen. 
iniittfj '*n. s. ox. la sort of'WoriBjfoapd.ln entralii; Eingeweldeinirm) 
'' 'wahrscheinlich Ascanklumbrlooides/ . 

W^. %. s. 6x.' dihrier; Mntaigessen. ^^ vnizi'm^dy td dine; asa Mitts; 
"'■• ■•' spdseta.- ••■'^'v. •■ ..I -..:;■• .. .......,■•/ 

kiifUfd. n: n. 'bx.^'pea; Erbse. "- *• ^* •' * • ■- - •'•• . 

— iti — 

mi9tr0dfui ox. an «i<4iim»tlo«i wMoll fii^lably meiiiia: luekt Oodsav*! 
or 80 ond which is answered by: %iradjui' Bin Avsruf, der 
wohricheinnch „«l(lck-!. BoUl Freude!'^ ledentet; die Aatwort 
des Angeredeten Ist: ziradju! > 

mis/ro. n. s. ox. a young woman; junge Fr&a. s^e 'mu^ufo. ^ 

m^nga. n. s. ox. a sort of corn, the Durra of the Arabs; eiqe Sorte 
Getreide, ,.das Darra der Araber. . There are many species of 
it: mizinga giiradja (black; schwarz), mzif^adima (red; roth), 
mizinga adi (white ; welps^ , — handjiro y — goe^ — dapo^ 
— fuce etc. 

lit ' I. ;. ' ' I ' , 

mi^a, Q-airq) Sr to. be awoftt'; sttfn ffe)*^,.-^ S. to ]l>e amla)»l0D sweet, 
agreeable; aag#D.eliii^ JUebci^sjartl^g 4eln- o atig^d^ ^i^ofta^ 
o then art (so) lovely; q du.bis^ so liet^I, ^-. 3. to taste well, 
lo savnof ; achmeokeii, eineq gpt^a iGefschmm^lc hahen^ ^dangan 
kufdfkatin m^au^ tbM foodlsiiat savqary ; diese j^peia^ sehmeckt 
(loir) nloht. — 4. to M 4^r9. to. cost miiQh; tbfoer aein. bar^' 
rmna rooni immi-Pofti^ Ut« goata thl4 yvar are sweet C^eked, 
of great valae).; la diesem ^ahre sii|d.'4ie' Ziogea thoiaer, ge- 
sacht, WiVrtU sttsa. aae fiu»i* 

tnimi^a. O^iMu) 9. Inteas. ideoi. : ' . 

III. fnt^eSMk 8. IMC. to make awjoet,. aouable, aavonry, dofiry ^^ 
angeaehiD, aobmackhaft atq* .iQach(9fi» 
fMa, 1. pxi to be the ilrst>, to be at.thehead, ,1o dlsdngalsh one's 
self; der firste seln, an .der fifiMsse stbhen, sich aaaeeiehDan, 
hervorthun. ^- 9. to be the Header, govafnor, king; AafUbraBi 
Regent, KOnlg seln. — 3. to vanqvteh, t»veroome,.eonqder; be- 
siegen, tiherwindan, die Obarhaad. bekammen. (Viell^ioht ist 
dies die Grundbedentung.} 

mo^'.n. 6. px. tiie irst^of aoblenuHcygoveroor^ king; 4er Brsle^ 
der an*' der i^pitae^'Stehende, An€ftbreri, ILegent, KMIg. — 9. 
obnqtieror; Sieger^ -^"ilma moU^ son: of a«man 4if liank, prince; 
^hn elaes VornehmoRi odor iPUmlOB, ffrinzs.' ;. 

me0i\- n.:s. im-feinln. ofmoli. . : • ^ 

mamoa. 1. ppx. Intens. of the root and having tb9 Mfm^ meaning. 
Thence: .--'W .ao .^ .•.. •• • 

tuomo^r. n^'B. ox;, pviaee^ bora, man of) .rank; Vornohmar, iddeUgqjr, 
FQrat, Hald. ~.t.' gitUto, ieaden; Wegw^h/e^WUht^*:, 
moo. ft. s. MX. chine, baok-bakiOf spine ;:Rtt«kgr(Kt^iKreaa< \ * u\ 

— iff — 

moeOk i. pi:* to mAke .or.pri9p»ri« i». porridge or pap; eloeii Brel, eine 

> 8iippe Jcocheou . 

.m^a. Mii 8. P&.. porridge I pap; Aippe^ Brei* mactf caf€al^ij thin 

porridge; diinne Sappe. 

moga. 1. px. to be on the outside 9 witboat, abroad; aussen sein. — 

2. to be the remotest, to be on the frontier, boundary; derEnU 
'' ' • * • ' ' '. • • , 

fernteste sein , an der Grenze 'sein Oder wohnen. — 3. to be 

in agony; in den letzten ZOgen liegen. — 4. to live in bostility, 

to hate; feindselig sein,' in Feihdschafl stehen, sich hassen (aas 

der Grundbedeutnng abgeleitet, da die an der Grenze Woh- 

nenden mit den Nachbarn immer in feindliche Bertihrong kom- 

• ' - f'" men.) '^ 5. to be bad, mean, btt^; b^^e-^' sehlecht tteia. - 

6. to %e tigly, dirty; Mi^eli, eritAielit, mlaagebildet aein. 

moffa. adj. ox. outer, exterior, last; der' ta^iserste, der letzte. — 

2. hostile, inimieat; reindlkb, feTindselig. — d^b«d, base, ugly; 

' scb^lechf^ nii^drig, hftssiieb. — ^ u>arra moga^ the tribe ^rbich in- 

^ - habits the l>oandary; der GrenzshAnm. ^ 

fi0ge. n. s. ox. little' finger^' dek* kleine ^Finger. — moge ao, 

grindet", Stockzahtt. (Amant dogV tooth; BandssuihiL) 
moga, adv. px. on the outside, without ; ansseii,' nebeii^ - 
moga ^ moga ^ adv. on both sides; auf beiden Beiten. 
ffto^r. (mogora.^ inv. s. fx, a great sait^coin iiritll the talue of two 
amole which see;.eia 8Cttck Steiflsalz, noch- einmal ao gross 
" ' ' •alB;.eia 4i»ie/e> als sMunze odfer Tauschmtlrtf 1 gebraiijiibt. : . 
m»''». ox; the^ hollow part behind the 'knee^'KaifJceble* 
moflk' i* px*'to^be ragged, tatterdd,' neaa, «h]d>by; ii!wrld»^) .^erfet/it, 
' 'lump^, armselig aeiB. . 
' mofa, ' ox. rag^ tatter 9 Litfmpea, aitea. Kleid». 
moye, n, s. ox. mortar; MSrser. . .1 

monuk t. 6.: ox; igrease, fat; .Fett. -^ mnra.wui eabad^ej.WU to keep or 
faiold-the greaiw together; das Ftitt ^dea.Opferthiera). miteinan- 
i der haben odet halten^ xavl a^. for: te asake peaoci^ to recon- 
cile; Friedeu •soHieseeii^ alch Venidhnidii^ «r^ m^a ihUtcha^ lit' 
grease - looker ; Fettbeschauer^ .i. < e.. - :foret- ta]ler ; . Wahrsager, 

ntoro. fi. s. ox. file; Feile. 

fitorkd. 4. 'i>XJ ::toi dispute,* aItaroale;«ti>eitny(V0tteifepiiv^-:' aapb Aka- 
fe*Va»Krk^niiig. so'stceUeni, Aumi^ iliimer £l«nr deip; Andem 
befehlea wolle^'W«A-'£r tbiiir sollav>-/i <i 

- iffc - 

rechten mlt einander. 

morJW. n. s. ox. dispute. qiMtM; Stu&lt, Weffluitin^f. * ^ > \/ a. 
mor^adja. i*''B. px. iibears, sotosarn ;' Seheere. '*^^ 

Moma i. 8. ox. neek; liAttf. iMirmatlf to thei iiocKy Ms Vkndetl Aittf» 
flionna. 1. px. to deny, disown; IKagnen, - ip* ./ . ^ 

MO/ii. adJ.:'ox. baM; bart; kabl, gWt«1|f. •' 

moAii n. 8. bx:'ba]d*.pat^; Kablkopf. '<' 
sMwio^. fi. 8. px. guide; Fiihrer etc's^'motf.' 

I I 

,» • ' I. H M' I 

sNiJra. noBi. mukni. a. px. plar. mtaketi^ tfoey Baom. -^j ft lareat, 
wooi; OehtfiR, Wald, Forat -^ muMa Aa^;^, aaoriialal fork; 
Opfergabel. - -> , 

muga, 1. px. to nod; nickeni ^'t.. to mllfil^*'asMrt^' bejaiiea, aageben, 
BBug^teben* r— 9.. to .be .al^eipy, fkoiy^yHscbWr^Cselay Im 
Seblafe nickea. .: .. ,• i 

nukukuia, ii a^ ox«. a.a^rt of ifoQd or,!iae^t; .e\iie j9p^i(9e. }. 

vmtMhth n. S..OX. teal^ ^ugj,fH^j nlpp|p; .i(ltxe, dfit Bnist 
o4ef,am.s;utec. ^.9. chllAM.lavgJt ,^;;f9okI?4» ^ new-born 
ioUId;.KiioA In.demvAltar, w« ea n^c^ g«^iHag(.i«¥ir4- -tt? f»ti/«/to 
^aMu^ neivr^bocn.QhilA; neugebQriiilf iKtod. rrr ^muA?A^/i^^ contr. 
fcgm. ffliu^sA^ jind, M4)<\let\ CoJi^^t . plor.t.cliil^ronr .I^M4pi'* 
flMiCff/if^Aad'a. . t. iX4 ypffh 4ffnQiplN»t«i (o .glide .p|it; ,a|i?gleiten, 

. ai|sg^itso)i4n«. ; •,»•.. m v ! . r... '- •.;: . , i-.. i .» 
mutshuk-'djedfa. lit. to say ,9l9^4f«^t|j[pf^;,^;^Uf^iMf^'f .^i^f^n, nat. 
spupd, .the 9afl\e as . the for^H^fii^ ; wip^mitphitahad^.^^ aus- 

gleiten. , , ., . ... .,„ ., ,.. » .. .,'. ,..,., .. 

mufa. 1^ px. aonsed root of 

II. mufaacL i. ppx. to lick off, lick away; weglecken, abiecken. 
— 9. to snatch away; entreissen. — 3'. tto'd/srirby^ a^eMDrdft. 
Wacayo h&Hk'e lUtr'IM isi kA'mtitnM'u^y tit. God- roi^r 4tok^ thy 
f^yrtttne Odf * of th^ faand;"€Mt4 nbll dir difltie HaHir iius der 
Hand lei^keYi ^(dioh tn Armiifh v^sinkcfh lasserf.) '* *" - 
mufa. 1. px.. toi'l^ore, dfUfl,' pierce; bbhrfth, Kteeh<in. '' •' 
' mt^a.^. A. ox* borer, piereef, aiigei*;'Bdhrer, *P(ViMieli** * 
toifi^e. 'k4J. ^t. pointed, acute; splt^ig. ^ ^M^o i^tir(^> larynx; 
• -K^hlkotif! "•:'•••.! ' - • . ' *!•• '- •. ' .' :i -.• ./ .'I .' 

murtreftf. 'n. 8. ox. 'Wick*, ^w^ley Stock, 'Migel. ' * 

mutrufifadta, 1. ppx. Verb denomimat. to throi^'irtth a- stick; mlt 
einem Stock* WerT^iJJ '• " 

- w - 

muda. 1. px. to grease^ t^V^^nt^ 8a)b«n. 

II. mtUatta. 1. ppx. to aDQUit poo's oolf; aieh solben. 
mu4amudu n. a. ox. glapdaU iogoioaUs; Le^tenilrilsc. 
mudi. n. s. ox. hip; Htifte. 

mudda. 1. px. to fasten, strengthen, fortify; Cast niaoben, befastigeo. 

III. muddixiza. 2. px. to cause to fasten, to make fortify; fest 
machen lassen, befestigen lassen. 

flitrrA 1. px. to cut, to earve ^ i^elyieideiiy abschneidea. *- H. to mow, 
enC grass; roftheii. — 8. to pUick, pick off; abpflfbckmi. — 4. 
(of birds and cattie) to eat off, to browse, to graze; (von V6- 
geln Oder Vieb} abflressen^* abweiden. 

• II. muradfa. i. px. Med. to cat or canre, morie, ptacfr etc. for 
one*s self; ffir sich abschneiden, m&heii, abpiltfeken etc. — 
%. fig. to evil dff all farther thoughts and meditations, to de- 
termine, decree ; aile weiteren Bedenklicbfceiten abschneideD, 
'' ' ' - ' sich entscheiden, beschlieteen. izan mtirad^aniy thej settled; 
sle besdilossen. Waeayo nuf^nura^ey lit €fod has determiDed 
fbr tos; Gott bat fSrani^ entsdhieden,'!. ^:^€ shall soon die; 
'urir mfissen bald sterben: ^ — 3. to bring some body in danger) 
elnem eine GrabC ghib^d, inOo'tVibt' bttng^n.— gadi gadamura^ 
to cut quite short; kurz und klein schneiden. t: t^ cross a 
river; tiber eln Plass seticen. 

murmura. 1. ppx. Intens. to cat into little pieces ; in kleine Stiicke 
schneiden. — %, to smoke (flesh) ; r&uchern (gesalzenes Fleisch.) 

mufmura. n. s. ox. flesh dried )n.the smoke; ger&uchertes Fleisch. 

mura^jfL 1. ppx^.see muva. 

mulad^u. A* ppx. to 8)io>r ope'^v^ell} to i^pjaar; siob aeben lassen^ sich 
. '. zeigep, Kiim ; Vorff clif^in ^nvnep. ^ 9,[iU;.pr come into the 

mind, ito re;p^i]ikb^;.^^ie4^|r. .eiBfUttep;,,.ins,G^diichtuu^ zorfick 

kommen, sich erionerOf This, /sense Iwa especiaUy • 

mumuiatd^itt. 1. pptxv Ipteos^ jQ(man am inafsi^era,^ygii^Mm^ mH 

. muuMiattera^ all I bad fprgotti^n enw» back in^ fpy. xniod; 

Alles, was ich vergessen hatte, ist mir wieder,eiogfif|illen. 

III. muliza. 2. ppx. to eapse to^.be.^^en, iil^o^, . to pohiisb; 

aehen J^sseo^ zeigetn^ veriiffentli^bciq. .. » 

f»tiit«. n. s. ox. a meal-pap; eine Speise, Br^y JHfiVkpH^ .> ., 

\, > t V 

— i96 — 

mmd. (rama) -fk (b* to ttwiied, ^omA^df^ eoafti9e \ , b«IMM) aasser 
Vmuwtg «din*«<-« 9. to' be tleei^^ AiU of 8lecqp;< ^hlallniii- 

flitfsiiro. ». 8. ox. CAm. mdmiriK) a yoong womMi rec^atty married; 
JuDgo Fraa in dea FlUterwoobeih 

'I WK 


..... . . • 

fi. This letter, being in. varioujs wny^ mred as an affix of noons and 
verbs, must be with (jb^ utrnpsl; caution, becanae other- 
wise mistakes would be Unavoidable. . In all ()ie following cases 
most be remarked,, that y^n'^ resp^ ,,f7t^^ (see ,be^ow) stands In 
. the place of y^ni^^ r«s|», ^>m»,^f the vowel pf which . is, nsnally 
omitted out of euphonjboal reasons. Auf den Buch^taben n, der 
in vielerlel Bedeotong als Afflxnm sowohl von Nomiilibas als 
von. Verbis vorkqmmt, ist .^ehl;, Acbt zu. g/^bpn, ,dfi c^ leicht isu 
Missvers||indalssen Aitfi^ts gebe^f kann ^^ in alleta den ^Igenden 
FiUlen ist .^pugf^p di^ . ^^ff , tf^. ^„|»^ ^ . 0|i^he . unti^p) nur im 
sehnellen Sprechen abgekttrzt fUr ,^nt^^ reap. ^^off^^^. nach der 
Bepba^ht^n^g^ dafftati;eTig gfimam^n, i^ l^alUi J|ein Wort mit 
einem Consoaaqtan soblieai^ i. , . ., . .. . 

i^ It marj(s, the a^^^^^^d, p^riip^^ IM^oifPH^ imty I, befbre 
Ijhe 1, perfpn A\pg^ of th^.^verl)^ MJa^ tb|f..cs«fe if ,is often 
repeatjed twice aad.'ey.en tlM^fhtinnefi*, #s (lezpiobnet das abge- 
kttnMe. persdal.. Pronom^ .1- 17e^«W ^i»i, .m^k HPc^M^or der 
t, Per<f».8ipg. .das yerbl imw>er. ^ask ^ein . t^ef oiR ,aA ,awei and 
dxei vorbiergphfM^^ W^^e^C^^iKt). Wftnp^ ^ucl^,«i»i se)bst dabei 
stat^t A^ispi^lie: /iAH,t^kn^, if I M^NO'Vf 9^ wfJop i9)i FI9^ wdsate^ 
f|lr Ao MM ^eke* wfi l^^affptm piu^l Dimalpne,. the rn hanging 
on If^aHoUu beiitf the i^repf at^4. fHii ^bipb,^.prece^ds; ich bio 
allein; das an kobakoUn hiingende -n ist das wtoder)ioK® ^^* 
ho^ (mi ssbi (tizu, mai twH fffmnitaf if tspfurethee, fvhat willst 
thoo give mtej?, wenn Ich dic^ yej^^/chpne,, was .^ibst.du mir — 
hare ike p^j^sopal pronoun ;«tfinds ,tbr^ .^imies^ ..l^ier ^teht ani 
dreimali, denudes. biingt an, Ap und jai 

$f It is t))e affl^Effd 4f^stppsil;tc^ -^' to .^ark .^he instromental 
case; es ^t€l)i^ftpte;;isticum des, Inatrume^talr-Casufi. harkan %i 
eabif, I/holdJM.h}^ th^ hfip4}, i^fi bi^t^, 4^9l| mit der Hand* 

— ««» — 

• i:!i:! ]!ltande,'lJ''ei h^ (listee'v '^^ wirkastet fktno 4m imd'-amu tchite, 
he tore the rope by whbch they had tied hiin^> ler aeitiss den 
' ' ' ' 'fitrl^k, mit 4em crie^bn gefomideir iMtteK Here ^efostpontion 
hangs on the verb; hiar fa&nft .^4iiSsfligar am: ITdrbi. 

d. It supplies the person, pron. III. pers. in the dative case; 
es ersetzt das persOnliche Fdrwort der dritten Person im Dativ. 
Wacayon ha toiu^ thanks b^ to God; Gott sei Dank! ini nan 
djedtcy he told me; er sagfe mir. im d^jeden^ he told him; er 

'" %kgtt ihm: i^ndjei^thun^ fhey l^d' tftbifr;- die M^t^n IbDen. 

• » * '^atfi djed^ifty go nni Ml hiin*, ^eli, sajge ihm! • - 

. ... , n . ^. j^^ ^^ Uffixfed postp. it ha))' aiiKi Hke' sense of; <rf, about 
Ovfer; vo'n, IKber, das fat. ^„di^^^ i^' hofi katMu di^tfdt'ani ktfti 
OukafiM'y Hrhilst thelf' spoke 6^et UAs-ttMiet iV gte^ dark; 
'idlhretad-si^' ftber dieseh OcfgeiMriaiitt tst^rabheri, braijh Aie ^^ach( 

•^^ '' ' '- 5. Iiil^tead 6r itadjirii vMftIf; 'n^it,^ n^b^, daflimt, 'dafir lat. cam. 
' ' - ^dmoW iorikenm goitdnhS / tv^a^ ' ixkVeUei ^th ' our catUe to 
•"' "•* "Gitdi^o; itrlr reislen *|it^un«ferett Vifeh-'dicTi'fi^iiift^ (auf den 

*^^ ' *• 6i A is -the iibbrevliit^d ifegativeT phrtible^fni, rtot*; -»- but to 
avoid mistakes I marked this ,^h^ 4irfa&r^vl6^<l^ Obdotted thns: 
••'• ' H/lh' rfder tO» shtt'f^ fHat*^t?h^ ai^pfratHrh' hisk tteefn ofeitted; fiir 
^^ "» 'dife h^^atl^e WttlkW AW, riiteht;''— i-ttih «Mls8yerAtai*ftiisse zu 
- "' * ' Verta^ittieii liabe teli dWs^ . AbWrfettftg Wbrkff 4ttlti li be- 
■^^^^ 'z^lcfcnelt, tr6dult5h 'tfais' weigeWlcftte-'^Ai^iigfedteatet -Wird. flfw 
i'tii • • 'rkoftgUdaik eab^^ I haV^i^^ large' f(frttffi<?;k*h1iabeieia grosses 
^' ^ ' 'V^rmC^ei*/'ttii»'rfafcda^ ff5tt>^'^^^ *^ I-^caA hot stay, then 
/,!>.. Y afftieii ^i^ mmaefi' belrijg' the^ aWfeV.- tiiti?^'^ ttfat '<A^ n^n the 
>M ;-' :i)b£ii(iver'bUi"l:a^n^eti Yilbfft bli^ib^h, ia ^i^em^^alK^ ist das 
'''^ '-" h ail iftitit^ai^' dl&s ilbbri^vl ti^iedeti^olle «rm' ^nd vidf^ lA^ektirzte 

)r!i.7/ . 'fteiii*i^k:"Blef<Jrfe ft atitf f tie n iis changed iiito m, '^: ^. j^nnofli 
" *^*ti, that t kiibi^* hot*f das we&s ich nicht Ml -A/in Ad'ti, he 

V n) » Vill tiot;"^r Wm^icht vtl. dife ftraihih. n«in.'iO tiifd 174. 

na. oblique ease of the person', "prohr drm^ ^dkttv^' ahd'^iicctii^ative: to 
' ^^ ifie, m-; mir, inich, but fok* tWeaciiti^. thfe "full ftrm ana i» 
'" *^^ '' ittore tt^fet, it least by Amaii ; m^ VbWe iPdfnf 'orii^ird fiftcr 
' ''^ '^ebraiicht'Ittr tieri Accusative weni|^ti^ds'v'oii lAina^. 

naUy to ffle) %n nlr. Dattrt 

fufy for may to my ailvantago, f&t my own sake; fllr mlch, mlr 
Bum Vortholl, meinotwegen. 

nd. (contr. Teom.nad) 1. te beafiraid, to apprehend, fear; sich flirchten, 
erschrocken seln. (Aman: to frighten; erischrecken , trans.) — 
f r to be graceful; to grant ; gnftdlg sein, erbtfren. 

III. naziza, 9. ppx. to frighten, terrier, to make shy; orschrecken 
(trans.), farchtsam, schen maehen. 

IV. nazifatta, 1. ppx. Idem. 

ntesu. ». a. dx. fear, fright $ Forcht. nazudan^ for fear; aas Faitbi 

nao, ft. 8. ox. groom, a servant who rides behind the king or prince 
and leads his farta lota or djole; Reitknecht, ein Bedlenter, der 
bel Expedltlonen hinter dem Ktfnlg oder zor^za (FUrsten) reitet 
nnd desseil farta iola (fichlachtross) Oder djole (Reltpf^nl) nach- 
fUhrt, wXhrend jener der Beqnemllchkeit wegen bis e.^ ntfthig 
1st, das Pferd zn bestelgen, auf einem gan^o (Manlesel) reitet. 

nakara, 1. ppx. to dispute, quarrel*, disputiren, hadern, streiten. 

naca, 1. px. to put a thing into another, to take in, to draw, to pour, 
to shed; einen Gegenstand in einen andeni hineinthun, schdpfen, 
eingiessen, einschfltten , aufschtttten (Getrelde), aufbewahren. 
ufiti nacay to take, pour, shed into one*s self; in sich selbst 
hineinthun, i. e. to eat and drink; essen und trinken. — 8. to 
fill (a pipe); flillen, stopfen (eino Pfeife). gaya na^naqiy fill 
ray pipe; stopfemir die PMfe. «^ 3. to put on$ anstecken, an- 
SBlehen (einen Ring.) — 4. to impregnate; befruchten, schwiin- 
gern, belegen. handangon qilenza ufUi nafeti ihnan goita^a9 
does the hen lay (eggs) impregnated by the air? wOrtl. die 
Henne (nom.) — die Luft (ai}o.) -^ in sich --^ hineinsteckend 
— Junge — bringt hcrvor, d. 1. legt die Henne ron der Luft 
befruchtet? als SprHchwort gebraucht flir: Aties hat seinen 
Gmnd, wo eine Wirkung 1st, muss eine Ursache ^ein u. dgl. — 
iinon nciedr, lit. to shed milk (scl. into the stalks); Milch (in 
den Stengel oder Halm) giessen, i. e. to sprout, t*hoot, germi- 
nate; sprossen, trelben. — farzo naea^ to prepare beef; Bier 
bereiten. — 6. to halloo, set on, incite ; hetzen. zare izati nacte^ 
she incited the dog against him ; sle hetste den Hund auf ihn. 
-^ 6. io put on (a hat); aufsetssen (eltie Mtttze.) -^ 7. to cast, 
throw, fling; werfen, schlendefn. d^ad^en goradiza iti naqe^ 


— 178 — 

the porcupine threw itfl stings ngrtnst hla; daa etachelschwein 

wnrty schoss seine Stachdn nneh ihm. 
naca. n. s. ox. a ring worn by old women on tlie feet; eineFusfi- 

spange von aiten Weibem getragen, nie von M&nnern, denen 

dieser Scbmnck verUcbtJich ist 
nacama. 1. ppx. undoubtedly the passive of naca used reflectively: 

to put one*s self into a thing; sich selbst in etwas hioeinthao, 

thence: to enter, slip into; hineingehen, hineinschlUpfen. tchakati 

fMcanUey she entered into the forest; sie ging in den Wald. 

fia^o. 1. px. to save, to bring in security; rotten, inStcherheit bringen. 
na nagi ya Wad^l save me o God! rette, beschHtze mich o 
naga. n, & ox. health, prosperity, liail, welfare; Heil, Gesundheit, 
Gllick, Wohl, Friede. — naga gafad'a^ lit to inquire after the 
welfare of another; sich nach dem Wohle eines Andern er- 
kundigen, i. e. to greet; grUssen. — naga naga djed'a, lit. to 
say „peace, peace'*; Friede! Heil! sagen, the same as the 
Arabic -^Cj^Xc p^. 

naga. adj. ox. well, happy, safe; wohl, unversehrt, glficklich. 
naguma dyabumaf used as a greeting- formula; Begriissungs- 

formel oder Frage: gesund, wohl? die Antwort ist: ee naga 


nagada. 1. ppx. Amh. NAGAD, to travel as a merchant to be a mer- 
chant, to traffic; als Kanfmann reiaen, Kaufinann sein, Handel 
nagade* n. s. ox. merchant; Kaufhiann. 
nagadit»ha. i. s. ox. spec. f. of nagade^ idem* 
nadja, «. s. px. crocodile; Krokodil. 
naf. see na. 

naf€u nom. nafni or nafti. s. px. extremity, despair, agony; htfchste 

Noth, Todesangst, Verzweiflung. nafii na cada, lit. despair holds 

. me; Verzweiflung hiilt mich, i. e. I am in despair; ich bin in 


noma. ni. s. px. man; Mann, Mensch, as a collective; people; als 

Collectiv-Begriff: Leute. 

namiUha. t. s. px. spec, form, a single man ; ein einzelner Msdd. 

— ya namanay addressing a person: man! Mensch 1 Mann I 
noma. n. s. px. nobody; Niemand. 

— ±99 — 

nam^a. 1. px. to go In, to go Into^ to enter ; elogehen, eindrlngen, 

plur. tant. 
nana. Q^awd) it. to go about , round a thing; Im Kreise am etwae 

heramgehen, umschliessen, umstlngeln, einsehllesaen, 
naxiza. %, px. and 

nazifaita. 1. ppx. to frighten; erschrecken. see fM. 
nazu. n. s. ox. fear; Purcht. Ihld. 

nendja. i. 8. px. lion; LVire. — f . a male name; mHnnlioher Name. 
niti, n. s. px. plur. nateni. abbre v. fMen^ wife^ coneort ; Fraa, ehellohe 

tiora. t. 8. px. a little bridge, wooden path; Steg, Brttekohen tlber 

einen Graben, kleiner ala rigidja. 
nu. (Aga tinu) plur. of ami we, to us; Plural von anii wir, una. 
fit/jrt. n. 8. ox. fiot. Rack, see Bruoe App. p. 4i. perhaps also: oil; 

vielleicht bedeutet das Wort auch: Oel. 
nufa. i. px. to be tedious, loathsome, disgusted with, to disgust; Ober- 

drUssig werden, aneckeln. — 9. to become tedious, disgusted 

with; tkberdriissig werden, zum Eckel werden. Waeaym nufini! 

become not disgusted with God; werde Gottea nicht UberdrHssig, 

i. e. cease not to pray to him; lass nicht naoh im Gebete. 
HI. nufziza. %. px. to make disgusted with, to cause disgust | 

fiberdriissig machen, zum Eckel machen, Eckel erregen. 


nad'a. 1. px. inf. nadtzUy to eat; essen. — 9. fig. to attack, assail, 
disturb, to vex; anfechten, quiilen (von Hunger, Durst Oder 
Schmers). bowon na fiad^ay head-ache hurts me; ich habe hef- 
tlges Kopfweh. — kara nad'a y lit. to eat the way; den Weg 
essen, i. e. to make the way in vain; den Weg umsonst machen. 

fiad^a. n.n. ox. food, meal, nourishment, dinner; Essen, Nahrung. ani 
nad^ako rawoifey 1 have finished my dinner; ich bin mit dem 
Essen fertig. 

lU. nadziza. jl. ppx. to make eat, to cause to eat, to feed; essen 
lassen, veranlassen zu essen, flittern. — 9. to give to devour; 
zum Fressen vorwerfen, e. g. %are mufziza, to give the dogs 
to eat; den Hunden zum Fressen vorwerf)9a. d^ica Mutzixoy 

— leo — 

lit to eause to eat Uood; Blat eueQ lasaeQ, i. e, to sbed blood; 
Blat vergiessen. — namafunnanad'uj man-eater, cannibal; Men- 

nara. t. s. px. espec tiara id^a^ eye-brow; Angenbraane. — netra 
hutOy lit. to tear or distort the eye-brows; die Aagenbraanen 
verziehen, i. e. to make a Am^o, to look mournfUly; ein Oesicht 
schneiden, ein bedenkliches, saares Gesicht maeheo. — 2. to be 
in incertainty, to be doubtful; in Zwoifel, in Ungewissheit sein. 
— d. to muse, meditate; aaehdenken, tiberlegen. 

nama, 1. px. to smell like human flesh (said of a man-eater); nach 
Menschenfletflch rieohen. 

^9M. afflx possessive pron. III. pers. mase. his; sein* dative: %atij zaf, 
aco. jso. fem. fsi which see. 

%i. (eotttr. from %awa) nom. zani. 8< cow; Kuh. Aga knows only 
the nncontraeted form ssawa and Akafed e used it as a masca]. 

zakayu. n, s. px. a ring worn on the foot over the ankle ; Fnssspange, 
ober dem Kn(k;hel getragen. 

zako. n. s. ox. a little tabacco-pipe ; kleine Tabakpfeife. 

zagada. 1. ppx. Amh. SAGAD, to sacrifice, to pray; opfem, beten. Es 
hat dieses Wort jedoch im Galla nichts 9sa than mit der semi- 
tischen Gmndbedeatang „sich bengen, sich anf den Boden wer- 
fen, nm seine Verehrung za beweisen^', denn diess kommt bei 
den Galla nicht vor. 

zagal (^zagafaS) num. ox. nine; neon. 

zagaltama, num. ppx. ninety; nennzig. 

zagale, n. s. ox. voice; Stlmme. — t. fame, mmour, glory; Buf, Ce- 
riicht. zagale gandara duduba^iiy the rumour goes about tbe 
town; es geht das Gerttcht in der Stadt. — zagaie ulfa^tif 
lit. to make the voice heavy ; die Stimme sehwer machen, i« e. 
to speak aloud; laut sprechcn. 

zadjeda. n. s. ox. concubiae, viz. girls whom tbe king takes wbeD 
and how he likes out of their families and keeps them as tnr' 
mai^Uy i. e. assistants of his first wilb; thoir c|iildren have 
no right to succession; Concubine , MiMohen^ die der K5nif 

— 181 — 

naoh Belieben aas den FflfdiUen nimmt nnd alt Mrmattu Oder 
Helferinnen seiner Fran enthellt ; die Kinder, die er mlt thoen 
erzevLgty nlnd nlcht saooesalonsfiililg. 
zadega. i. s. ox. a play with marks or ooimters Cmuka SMdega) ; ein 
Spiel mkt Marken, llbnlloh nnserem Damea-Splel und dem Tl- 
ftingha der Madagassen. vgl. Flaeoart, hist, de Madagascar, p. 108. 
Mdeta. num. ppx, elglit; aoht. 

zadettama. nam. ppx. eighty; aehtsslg* 
fuuH. nam. px. three; dreL 

sutfoufi* social number, ox. three together; la drelen, za Drltte. 
zadizuca. 1. px. to pat In, stick In; hlnelnsteoken, %. B. Zwelge, Moos 
in die ZwIschenrKume elner geflochtenen Wand, therefore: to 
stuff, fill; ausstopfen. 
fsafrto. n. s« ox. prop under the tabaoco-^ipe ; Unteraats unter der 

fufara, 1. ppx. to measure, to take a measure; messen, ein Mass 

zabain. ni. s. ppx. scarf, sash | Sehirpe, Lelbbltide. — zabata Waeayo, 
lit. the scarf of Heaven or God; Le&bblnde desHlmmels, Scbfirpe 
CN>ttes, 1. e» ra&n-bov; Regenbogen. 
»a%aba^a, 1. ppx. verb denomln., Intens. to gird one's self, to 
prepare one's self for a Journey; sich gttrten, rllsten, auf elne 
Belse vorbereiten. — f. to pack; packen, Busammenpaoken. — 
3. to arruige, to settle; elnrlohten, ordnen* 
zababa. 1. ptte. to be In danger, to risk; In Geflilir seln, GeMr laufen. 
zababama. 1. ppx. passive, id. 
IIL zababKa. 1. px. to bring into danger, to cause to risk; in 6e- 

fahr brlngen, elne Grube graben. 
zabahi. n. s. ox. danger, i^eril, haaard; Gefbbr. 
%ayu. fi. s. ox. sister-*in-]»fv; Sckwiigeiin, aber nur von der welbllchen 
Selte, E. B. melnei Frau nennt molne Sohwester %ayu und um- 
gekehrt; bel M&noern wtarza. 
)Safara. 1. ppx. to make or draw lines; Llnlen Ziehen, Strlohe machen. 
•-- •» to adorn; verzleren, duroh Strlohe Verzlemngen macben, 
z. B. auf irdenen Geschirren. 
zarara. ad)* pipx. speckled, spotted, variegated; bunt, gestreift, 
beseuders von don Sohattirungen des Gefledero von Vtfgeln odor 
der Thierpehse. 
zarariH. n. s. px. spidery spinner; Spimie. 

— 18* — 

zare» n. s. ox. fdar. zarwniy dog; Hirad. 

fsarendida. n. s. fix. (comp. of zare and dida^ abroad; Bund draus- 

860, wilder Hand} fox; Facha. (Aman: Ufonco,') 
zararitu n. s. px. spider; Splnne. see zarara, 
zarrtu n. a. ox. the thorn of a certain tree which is pot in the hair 

of a triamphaot hero, lest the butter which is placed upon his 

head by his friends and admirers might fall down; die Dornen 

eines gewissen Baumes, die sich ein gondola (Be\d^ oto ge^ 

raraf diba^Oy wenn er triumphirend heimzieht, ins Haar steckt, 

damit die Batter, die ihm von seinen Freanden nod Bewao- 

derem aafs Hanpt gelegt wird, nicht herabftillen kann. 
zarba. n. s. ox. calf (of the leg); Wade, anch fttr Bein and Foss 

zarma* 1. px. to be content, satisfied, comfortable; znfrieden, mhig 

sein. garanko zarmudidoy lit. my heart will not be tranqvillised ; 

mein Herx will nicht rahig werden, i. e. I am inconsolable; ich 

bin nntrOstlich. 
zala* n. s. ox. man^s yard; das mlinnliche Glied, penis. •— 9. top of 

a horn; Spitze eines Homes. 
zaifad^a. 1. ppx. verb denominat. to be ashamed; sich sch&men. 
zulgana. 1. ppx. to be proad, houghty, arrogant; stolz, hochmiithig, 

QbermOthig sein. 
zaigana. i. s. ppx. prince; Fttrst, Adeliger =r zoreza. 
zalba, 1. px. (Am. zaipa) to be light, not heavy; leicht sein (von 6e» 

wicht.) -r^ %. to be base, slight, of no valae; leicht, nicbts 

worth, gemein, verachtet sein. 
zalba. adj. ox. light; ^leicht. — 8. mean, base; gemein, geriog- 

fOgig, anntitz. 
n. zalbadfa. 1. ppx. the same as the root. 
Ilf . zalbiza. 8. ppx. to make light ; leioht maohen, erleichtern. — 

9. to contempt, scorn, slight; geringsch&tzen, verachteo. 
zama, 1. px. to pick ap, to gather; znsammenlesen, zasammenklaabeo, 

zmna. (-afra) 8. to rot, corrnpt (of eatables), to become mouldy, hotry; 

verderben (intr.), schimmelig, kahmig werden. 
zama. n. s. ox. bad, tarned milk; verdorbene, schlechte Miloh. 
zanuxreda. fit. s. px. wheat ; Weizen. (Aman: a species of om^ort which 

he takes for the general denomination ; eine ^pocies von cmbori 

welches bei ihm der allgemeine Name ist.) 

— iw — * 

zamedu. n. a. ox. a saace of milk, meal mid urfoftu (splcis); oino 
Brttbe warn Mlkb, Mehl a«d Oewlins bereitot. 

%amu. n. o. ox. bralM; Geblrn. (Aman: sonll, iind ho saya tbat braiaa 
is moaot by dCuka mata , lit marrour of the hoad f Aman be- 
haaptet %amu helsse nur Etirnsehiiidei, Oebirn aber dtuka matHf 
Hcbttdel-Mark, was wobl richtig sein mag.) 
%amaga, ni. a. ppx. great-gat ; Dlckdarm, ooIod. 

zambada* nom. %ambani. a. ppx. probably aabbath or the name of any 
festival day; wahraehelnlich Sabbath oder ein anderer Festtag. 
After Mr. Jomard it seema to be the name of a certain deity; 
after Aman zombada (Tina la the third and %ambada guda the 
fourth day of the week, the former denoting a half, the latter 
a whole festival; naoh Jomard soheint zanUutda dor Name einer 
Gkrttheit za aein, die angenifen wird ; bei Aman aber ist zambada 
Vina der dritte, zambada gudd der vierte Tag in dor Woche, 
der ertftere ein haiber, der zweite eIn ganeer atceng gehaltener 
Feiertag. Anch in Amhara aoU es ao aein. 

"Zana. nom. -jsirnl. px. demonatrative prononn to mark remote things, 
that, yon, yonder; Demonatrativ-Pronomen xur Bezeichnung der 
Feme ; Jener. »%anati^ *^anaf etc. aee Gram. tium. 8411. 

zanaga. n, a. ox. a broken amoid which is bonnd again in order to 
be still of use ; ein Kerbrochenes aber wieder gebundenes amole 
(Stttck Steinsalz als MUnze gebraucht), welches dadurch na- 
tttrlich an Werth verloren hat. 

zanafi. n. s. ox. Bot.f 

"Zani. possess, pron. III. pcrs. plur. px. their; Ihr. 

zani. fi,. s. ox. sperm, in.gener.. the propagating foevlty of all things; 
Same, aUgem. das fortpflanzende Element bei Friichten und le«- 
benden Weaem — %ani abazatif sperm of his father; Same 
von seiixem Vater, i. e. german son; leiblicher Sohn. Thence: 
zano. n. s. ox. adulterer; Ehebrecher, Hurer. — S. the name of 
the fifth day of the week. 

zanga. n. s. ox. cattle for fattening; Mastvieh, Mastocha* 

zazd. i^aa) 1. to be avaricioas, covetous^ geizig, achmntzig aela, 
nicht mit dem achlimmen Nebeabegrifi von nneraiittlicher Bab^ 
anebt, der in caee^a liegt; vielieicht ist' das Wort sogar falsch 
verstanden fUr zazaba^ womit dann bloss das Zusammenhalten 
und lingstliche Bewacheai dea Beaitzefi bezeicteet wlire. 

— 184 — 

%axaffa. 1. ppx. to got loooo, to scniteh oat, (pastry out of a dUh)^ 
loskratzen, aassohabon, (Backwerk a«s ekaer Sdiiissel.) 

Mossabad^a. 1. ppx. to iireparo otto'o self for a journey; einpacken etc. 
see zabad^a. 

%ea. 1. px. to mean, think, to Mieve ; denken , meinen , giaaben. — 
it. to consider, to take for; fllr etwas baltea, ansehen. — 3. to 
know, to be aoqaaiated with; kennen, bekannt sein. — 4. to 
remember; sich eriBnera* — ati duguma »ete^ thou art right; 
da hast Recht. 
II. »ead'a. 1. ppx. the same as »ea. 

»eqe, n. s. ox. a beam placed across the door, let down by night and 
palled ap by day against the ceiUag^ ein ober der Thtire be- 
festigter Balken, der bei Tage an die Deeke aa(]|^ezogen, bei 
Nacht herabgelassea dvrch daa vorgelegte dimgsara Ceiaen Qaer- 
balken, der mit dem senkrechten %eige ein Kreoz bildet) an die 
Thftre gedriickt wird nod diese so fest schliesst. 

%ereu 1. px. anased root of 

s^erad^a. 1. ppx. to punish, correct, chastize; strafen, ziichtigen, 

zera. n. s. ox, panishement, correction; Strafe, ZtichtigHng. — 
9. sabj. order, police; Ordnung, Polizei, Zucht. 

zeru. n. s. ox. testicle; Hode. 

zenti. n. s. ox. a great knife; grosses Messer. 

zezno. n. s. ox. But? 

%i. obliqae case of the person, pron. %t pers. to thee, thee; Casos ob- 
liqaas des pers. Fdrworts da: dir, dich. Intens. zUu^ ziCl. 

zikza. 1. px. to whistle; pfeifen. 

ziqi. n, s. ox. — ? — zigi dula^ to advance, to march on with an 
army; mit Heeresmacht vorschreiten, mit ganzerHfacht an- 
marschiren. Dieses Wort gehOrt wohl ohne ZwciiM zu dem 
fblgenden, wenn Aman*s Orthographie die richtige ist. 

zi^ia. 1. px. (the same as hiffo, Am. hica) to go fbreward, to advance ; 
weiter gehen, vorschreiten, vom Fleck kommen. — 1^. to train, 
trail, draw; sohleifen, schleppen, nach sioh Ziehen. 

zUUy s»'C. px. Intens. of ziy thou; da (mit fimpfaase.) 

zidiza. nom. zidifm, s. px. clover; Klee, Trifoliam. 

9^fa. 1. px. to do good, to prosper, agree with; wohl bekommen, ge- 
deihen, gut ansehlagen. ^-^ 9. It is used as a vow: %ifa! may 
It agree With yoa^ wohl bekomoi^Bl Prosit I 

~ Ida — 

IIL ssifftza. t. px. to oawie to do good, to bloM; godeiheB, wohl 
bekommen lassen. Waeaifo dan§a kana %i ha %ifessu! may 
God blesfi this food for thoof mttfe dlrGott dieae SpoUe oegiieiiy 
godelhon lassen. 

zibila. t. a. px. iron; Eiaen, gani xiMhy iron ^^oldron; eiaornor Oder 
ttberhaopt metallner Kesaeh 

iibo. a 8. ox. little moQataiiiy hillock, hillf kleiner Berg, HUgel. 

fsirba. 1. px, to danoe^ taosen. — 9. to tread apon a thing , to walk 
over aomething; aaf etwas herumgehen, beromtreten. — 9. o. 
dat to please, to Uke; gefallen. mittan kufU naU ztrba^ thia 
com (danooa before my looks) pleasea me; dieaea Getreide 
(tanst vor meinen Blicken) gefiUlt mlr. 
ssirba. n. a. ox. dance; Tanss. 

III. fttrtetsir. 9. px. (»irib%i»a'j respecting the form see GtaoiK 
nam. 88.) to cause to walk or to dance upon an object ; auf 
etwaa bernrogehen- herumtreten lassen, espec. of trampling on 
the corn, which is done by cattle instead of trashing; beson- 
dera vom Austreten dea Getreides gebrancht, was anstatt des 
Dresohens durch daa Vieh verrichtet wird. 

zirna, i. s. ox. time ; Zeit. zirni kena gau gaeruy our time approaches, 
in the sense: a danger is about ua; unsere Zeit naht, ist da^ 
In demSinne: ea droht unsGefahr. Aman does not know this 
word, he has yarimo instead. 

zih. wdv. px. in rain, tone purpose, uselessly; umaonst, ohneNatzen. 
(Aman: not long ago; vor nicht langer Zeit.) 

Siiigih 1. px. to be big with young (of animals); tr&obtlg aeiuX^on 
stUga. i. 8. px. a cow wbleh la big witb young $ trttohtigeKuh, 
— 91 aillk-oew; MUclrbuh. 

ft'Aiia. I. 0. px. (if not xHmi. n. «x.) tiek, an insect very troublesome 
to cattle; Zecke, ein Insect, von dem beaondera das Bindvieh 
geplagt iat. %iima tckuray to draw out the ticks; die 2tocken 

zima, 1. px. to go or come to meet ; entgegeng^hen, entgegonkommen 
(freuBdlieh und fsindlifih.) 

zimabi. t. a. pfx. reed; Eoluv Bambnarolir, Baabiiaa Facoglenala. H. P. 

ztmHrtu i, and fiVa, px. bird; VogeL — ^knblra ciitfti, wagtial; Bach- 
atelae. — «MiMra bora (gtey; grau) spacrow; Sperling. — 
zimbira buteza (6tito, to tear; reissen) a aart of vulture; eine 

— 186 — 

Geierart, Faloo melanopteros. — sfinMra haikani (haikani^ night; 

Nachf) bat, flitter-raoasje; Fledermaas. 
xindatar. (jsindatara.') \nv. px. Bot. Pisum. 
%oka. 1. px. (Ag.) to go clandestinely, surreptioasly*, heimlieh, ver- 

stohlen gehen. — 2. to fly, ran away; entfliehen, enClanfen. 
IL zokad'a. 1. ppx. (Am.) idem. 
zokokzcu 1. ppx. to stir, to move one*s self; sioh bewegen, sich rtthren. 

hinzokokziniy do not stir; riihre dich nicht, bleibe mhig! 
xoca. 1. px. to cleanse, clean, scoar (with sand or with a knife), to 

prepare, make ready ; r&umen, patzen, fegen, abreiben (mit Saud), 

abkratzen, abschaben — tiberh. an etwas heromarbeiten. 
zoctu, n. s. ox. an instroment for so doing; ein Werkaseag za 

diesen Handthiernngen. 
Siogita. 4. s. px. salt; Salz. — 9. money, coin; Geld, weil neben dem 

Tanschhandel Salz gangbare Mtinze iM. vgl. amole. 
ZOgaia, n. s. ox. upper-garment, cloak, against rain or cold; Oberrock, 

Mantel gegen Regen oder K&lte. 
zogoifadfa. 1. ppx. verb denomin. to take about the head, to en- 
wrap, wrap up one's self; fiber den Kopf nehmep, alch ein- 

%octu. n, s. ox. an instrument etc. see zaea. 
xetehoa. 1. ppx. {Am, 5&adjoa) to stir, to be agitated, affeeted; fiich be- 

wegen, rUhren, in Unruhe, . Angst sein. 

III. zotehoza, %, px. to move, agitate^ lo affect vbew^en, sehHttelD, 
in Unruhe versetzen. 

IV. zotchofa^a. 1. ppx. id. Med. 
zoda, n. s. ox. brother-in-law; 8ch wager. 

zodoma. num. ppx. (made flrom zadi^ three; drei) thirty; dreisaig. 
zoda^a. 1. px. to be anxious, afraid; iUigstUch sein, si^ llirchten. — 
t. to be ceremonious, scrupulous, particular; eigeu, eigeosinDig 
sein, sich geniren. 
IIL zodoitziZiL 9. px. to make afMd, anxious ; llngallich nacheD, 
%oba. 1. px. to lie; lligen. 

zozoba. 1. ppx. Intens. to appease some body (by IsTeoted coo- 

solatoiy arguments), to comfbrt, consolate, encourage; eiieD 

(durch erdichtete Trostgrtinde) zu beruhigea sncheu, beschwieb- 

tigeo, tr(lsten, Muth einspreehea. -^ 9. to flatter, oaress ; scbmei- 

: eheln, streiehelo. 

— 187 — 

%oboea. 1. ppx. (Am.) to be double; doppelt oder noch mehrftioh sein« 
zora, 1. |ix. and especially: 

U. zorad'a. 1. ppx. to be h\g, fkt, to feed one*B self^ sicb Gates 

than, slob m&steii, dick and fett seln. 
III. zorza. 1. px. to feed, fat, fatten, cram; inttsten, feist machen. 
%ologe. fi. 9. ox. a crast of bread; Rinde vom Brod. 

%oloc%a. 1. ppx. verb denomio. to scratch off; abkrat^en, los- 
kratRen, besoaders mit den Niigeln. 
%oloUa, n, B. Galnea-beo; Perlhabn. Nomlda Meleag^ls. 
%ma. fi. B. ox. (Am* zamayu. px.) shaft, stock of a spear; Scbaftdes 
Spie^ses. — :i. every other handle or helve; Jeder andere Stiel. 
wnba. t. s. px. longs; Lange. 

zombo, n. s. ox. a tree; ein Baam, wabrschelnlioh Wooginoos oder 
Brucea antidysenterica. 

zomboco. n. s. ox. silver armlets worn from the wrist to the elbow; 

silberne Armringe am Vorderame (von der IJandwarzel bis zam 

Ellbogen) getragen. 
zomna. 1. px. to fast; fasten, nttchtern bleiben. 

zukufna. 1. ppx. to rab , grate (e. g. grains out of an ear) ; reiben, 

(z. B. ROrner aus einer Aehre.) 
%uk%uga. 1. px. nat. sound, to trot (of horses) ; traben (von Pferden.) 
III. zukzuffziza. 9. px. to let trot, to cause to trot; traben lassen. 
%ttta. adj. and adv. px. slow; langsaro. zuta ademi^ walk slowly; geh 

zuba, 1. px. to join, untie with pieces (as in the making of wooden 

vessels); aas einzelnen Stttcken zusammenfOgen, wie es bel 

hOlzernen Gef&ssen, Fiisserh etc. der Fall ist. — 9. to botch, 

mend; flicken, ausbessern. 

zube. n. 8. ox. clay, potter's clay; Thon, Tilpferthon. 

zubo. n. s. px. a married man, husband; verheirathetef Mann, Gatte. 

»ura, i. s. ox. talent, abilities, intellect. Judgment; natfirliche Anlage, 
F&higkeit, Talent, Verstand, Urthcilskraft. ani Mn agixrre zuror- 
kotin beke, I have not seen it, I know it by my skill ; ioh habe 
es niclit gesehen, darch meinen Verstand habe ieh es heraos- 

%ure. n. s. ox. breeches; Beinkleider, Hosen. 

zule. n. s. ox. a little vessel, dish, pipkin; kleines GeflUis, Tasse, 

— 188 — 

zmMiha. n. s. ox. parse, bolter, mooey-bag; Beatel, Bffrse kleiner tls 
gaigalOy von der Haat von korobiza gemacht — Geld^art wie 
sie unsere Metzger and Viehhl&ndler habeo. 

%wnbura. n. s. ox. (also 5s'fi«i6tfra,) pea; Erbse, Pisom* ? 

'^zuni. px* the nomin. case of the demonstr. pron. '^zmiaj that; jener. 

zunco. n. s. ox. Bot. ? 

%ungurda. n. s. ox. Bot Allium Cepa. 

zununa. 1. px. to bleed, intr. especially out of the nose; blaten, bes. 
ohne iiassere Yeranlassung, wie beim Nasenbloten. (Aman: 
fkimtnay woraus hervonsagehen scfaeint, dass das Zeitwort eio 
Denominativ von/iinan ist.) 

zuntfura. 1. ppx. to shrink, wrinkle, to become wrinkled ; einschmmpfeD, 
flusammenscbrampfen, rmizelig werden. 
zuntura n. s. ox. wrinkle, rumple; Falte, BunzeL 

farmama. 1. px. to go or fall into pieces; in Triimmer gehen, zer- 

brechen intr. 
^armama. n. s. ox. a broken amole; ein zerbrochenes nicht mehr 

voUst&ndiges amole. (vgl.) Ich vermuthe dies ist das %anaga 

des Aman. 
^awbuta, n, s. ox. (buta^ to tear; zerreissen) glutton; Vielfrass. 
^oko. n. s. ox. chicken; junges Hnhn. KUchlein. 

zan, izani) num. five; fiint 

z'ananu. ox. social num* live together ; fUnf zusammen, 2u Fiinfte. 

z'ana/u, ox. ord. num. the fifth; der fiinfte^ 

ztmtqma, px. fifty; f&nfzig. 
--zu affix possess, pron. III. pers. sing, jfei9. (Ag. ze) her; ihr. Af- 
dji^lemiy {hidjoienze) her children^ ihre Kinder* 

— let — 


ha. (A(a and Am. hai) a particle which is put to the HI. persons of 
the Imperative mood and answers: may! shall! Partikel, die 
?*nt III. Pers« Sing, und Plur. des Imperativs gesetzt wird, nm 
nnser „soll^^ anszudrttcken. im nu ha Mmu, he shall tell us$ 
er soli nns sagen. izan boru ha d^ufani^ they shall come to- 
morrow; sie soUen morgen kommen. hai tau^ (Am. the nsnai 
answer to a commission) It shall be so; gat, so sei es, es ist 
dies die immer fertige Antwort aaf einen Auftrag. 

hd. s. a certain sort of clay which is said to be eaten by men and cattle; 
eine besondere Erd- oder Thonart, die von Thieren und sogar 


von Menschen gegessen werden soil. 
haga. 1. px. to brush, sweep, scour; kehren, putzen, scheuern. 

haganufi. (hagan ufi) chamber-maid; Stubenm&dchen, Hausmagd. 
Perhaps the word belongs to the following. 

haga. fit. s. px. deal, partition, appartment; Theil, Abtheilung. haga 
zadiH iza ktiU^ cut it into three parts; srhneide es in dret 
Tbeile. — 9. chamber, room, in opposition to gola and dir^a^ 
Wohnzimmer im Gegensatz zu goia and dinka. 

hagada* n. s. ox. (Am. agada) the stalk of Zea Mais^ der Stengel 
von Zea Mais, der sehr gerne roh gegessen wlrd. 

hagayo, inv. s. px. name of the second month ; der Name des zweiten 

hagoga. 1. ppx. (Am. hoca and hoca^a) to scratch, grate; kratzen, 

hadjabi. n. s. ox. (Am. tehabi related to tchaba, break ?) hail ; Hagel. 
hadjaraba. ni. (orn.f) s. px. (or ox.?) hay-fork, pitch-fork: Heugabel. 
hafa, {"awa) 9. to wipe off, to cleance; abwischen, putzen. 
hanfad^a. 1. ppx. nat. sound, to sneeze; niessen. 

hafizo, n. s. ox. sneeze, sternutation; das Niessen. 

hata. 1. px. to steal, rob; stehlen, entwenden. 

hatu. n. s. ox. thief; Dieb. As collect, fem; als Collectiv-Begriff 

hatitsha. i. s. px. spec, form, a low-word; Schimpfname. 
hate. adj. ox. (Am.) prudent, witty, skillfiil, crafty, cunning; ge- 

scheidt, klug, listig. 

hatawad^a. 1. ppx. to clnp, to strike with the flat hand in order to 
show that nothing has been left, espec. harka hatawad'a; pat- 
schen, klatschen, die H&nde znsammen schlagen zum Zeichen, 
dass niehts niehr vorhanden ist. (Am. dadfawadfa, 1. ppx. was 
mir richtiger zn sein scheint, da es wahrscheinlich das Intens. 
von d^a^ to strike; schlagen, in der aufgelOsten Form ist.) 

hada. 1. px. to cut off, to raze; abschnciden, abi^cheren, rasiren. 
hadu. It. 6. px. razor; Messer, Rasiermesser. 
hadu. n. s. ox. barber; Barbier. 

hadaia. 1. px. (probably the II. f. of hadfa') to prick or bum (for 
cold or when one's foot is asleep}; pitzeln, brennen (vor Kalte 
Oder wenn der Fuss eingeschlafen ist.) 

hadara. interj. ox. like m^i pray! wie m^: o ich bitte. Perhaps it is 
a verb, but I have never found it; vielleicht ist es auch Zeit- 
wort, es kam mir aber als soches nicht vor. 

hadare. n. s. ox. mountain, hill; HQgel, Berg, ani hadare kana dan-- 
dae olim bau, I cannot ascend this hill; Ich kann diesen M- 
gel nicht ersteigen. 

hadari. adj. ox. prudent, skillful, artful ; klug, gescheidt, listig. Magm, 
ini hadarid^a aka zarendida, he is as cunning as a fox; er 
ist listig wie ein Fuchs. 
hadari. n. s. ox. prudence, wit, sense, skill, wisdom; Klngheit, 
Weisheit, Kenntoiss, Geschickliehkelt. hadarinssa kaba ura, 
his wisdom peiietrates the wall; seine Weisheit dorchdriogt 
eine Wand. (MagmJ 
hadaroma. 1. px. verb denom. to become prudent, skillAil, wise; 
weise, klug, verst&ndig werden. Magm. namni ho bola Hfe 
hadarama^ when a man has fallen into the ditch he becomes 
wise; wenn der Mensch in die Grube gefallen ist, wird er 
klug (unser: durch Schaden wird man klug.) 

hadami. n. s. ox. (Am. adami) Bot. Colqual. Bruce App. p. 42. 

hadoleza. t. s. px. name of the flrst month ; Name des ersten Monats. 

hoita. t. s. px. mother; Mutter. 

had'o. n. s. ox. german brother, full brother; leiblicher Brader, 
usually: hatto gard tokotiy out of the same womb; aus Einem 
Schoosse. — ha^o occurs also as an abbreviation from haitakOj 
my mother! anstatt had^akOy meine Mutter! kommt h&uflg luuto 
In der Anrede vor; ebenso had^e anstatt hadake^ deine Matter 
(Ace. und Norn.) 

— 191 — 

hadta. C'-moa) 9. to be bltler, harah, Merb, eager; herb seln* — 9. 
to be unripe, green; roh sein. 
ha^eza. i. s. ox. Hot. ? 

kad'o/lii. ft. s. ox. gaily bile ; Galle, — 9. a species of goard ; 
elne besondere Species aus der Famille der Cuourbltaceen. 

hafa. 1. px. to rest, remain, to be resting, left; bielben, fkbrig-* on* 
erledlgt blelben, nnerfailt blelben. — 9. to fall, tarry; aasbleU 
ben, — 9. to break a promise; eln Versprechen nlcbt halteoy 
seln Wort breohen. maf hafte , why didst thou not keep thy 
word; warum hast du deln Wort gebrochen. — 4 trans, to 
leave, to relict; blekben lassen, (Ibrig lassen. «— 6. to neglect, 
to oversee, omit; llbersehen, nlcht berQckslchtlgen. nan hafin, 
do not neglect me; Ubersleb mioh niehtl 
hafa. fM. 8. px. heap, pile, tuft, bunch; Haufen, BUschel (von Dln^ 

gen, die Ubrig blelben, z. B. Spfthne.) 
hafa. n. s. ox. meadow In the forest; Waldwlese, fireler vom 
Waldo „(lbrig oder unbewachsen gelassener^^ Grasplatss, 

hafbrxa. 1. px. to make wind, to wag, fan, to sweep the dost away; 
Wind machen (durch Blasen oder dorch elnen Gegenstand), 
wedeln, C^en Staub oder die Sprea von der Tcnne) wegkeh- 
ren. — 9. to cool by blowing ; durch Wind (Blasen) abktihlen. 
Probably the word Is related to hafura. 
hafarza. n. s. ox. brush, whisk; Wedel, Kehrwlsch. 

hafura. i. f^. ox. breath; Athem, Hauch. — 9. sigh; Seufzer. hafiira 
bafad'a^ lit. to make the breath go out; den Hauch heraus- 
gehen machen, 1. e. to sigh; seufoen. — constructed with -<^, 
to breathe at, upon; anhauchen. — 8. steam, vapour of boi- 
ling fluidities; Dampf von kochenden Fltissigkeiten. — 4. itg. 
news , Intelligence ; Nachricht. hafxirake na ergi , send me 
(thy breath) thy news; schicke mir deinen Hauch, d. 1. gib 
mlr Nachricht von dir. 

habagi. n. s. ox. chaff; Spren, das was bei dem Dresehen oder Aus- 
treten des Getreides ausser dem Stroh flbrlg bleibt, die HOl- 
aen der Kdrner. (Am. matto.) 

habaH. n. s. ox. edge; Schnelde, Sch&rfe. 

habali. adj. ox. sharp, acute; scharf, schneldlg. — 9. quick; 
schnell, elilg. 

iMbe, fi. 8. ox. pitch ; Pech. 

habbi. adj. ox. CAm. hapi) thin, meager, lean ; mager, dttnn. 

— I9t — 

Kahugadfa. !• ppx. to take a iRovth fViU; ieii Mond voll nelmieii. 
habugi. n. s. ox. so mach as a man can take la his month; ein 

Mand voll. 
habtidu. n, s. ox. Aman instead of agudUy thamh, great iae ; Daamen, 

is^rosse Zehe. 
iui^ube. adj. ox. light, light-minded, ickle, vrindy; leichtsianig, flficb- 

tig, oherlKchllch , windig — hiingt wohl mit bube snsammen. 
habubi. n. s. ox. a great drinking -ressel made of a goard; grosses 

Trinkgefluss voa KQrhiss mit einem l>eqaemen Mondstflck. 
hawa, 1. px. to wish ; wttnsehen. — 9. to long fbr a thing; stch nach 

etvras sehnen. 
II. kawatfa. 1. ppx. idem. — 9. to make a sign, t(» wink, nod; ein 

Zeichen gehen, winken. cuban na hawa^ej he beckoned me 

with his finger; er hat mir mit dem Finger gewinkt. 
hawiH. n. s. ox. Bot. Solanom nigmm. 
hara, 1. px. to sconr, wipe, whisk, cleance ; kehren , putssen, anfr&ii- 

men, reinigen. 
hara. adj. ox. new, fresh; nen, f^isch. (Related to har^a^') 

haraU. n. s. ox. (Am. arati) cornice, shelf aronnd the room in order 
to pat utensils apon it; Gesims, Stellage rings an den W&ndeo 
des 2Simmers, am Sachen darauf zq stellen. 

haraba. n. s. ox. scissars; Scheere. Aman knows this word not and 
has in its place morgodja which induces me to believe that 
haraba is the ill understood garaba) wahrscheinlich ist haraba 
das missverstandene garaba^ (caraba) da Aman morgodja da- 
fiir hat. 

h^an^ama. n. s. ox. a thorn used for hedges and for protecting the 
graves against the hyenas; Dorngewftchs, zu Hecken und zam 
. Schutze der Griiber gegen HyHnen gebraucht. 

harira. f. s. px. seam, suture; Naht, Saum. — ?• chine, back -bone, 
spine; Ruckgrat (wegen dessen Aehnlichkeit mit einer Naht); 
gewdhnlich steht noch d^iigda, Rttcken dabei. 

harka, i. s. px. hand; Hand, harfcati^ into the hand; in die Hand. 
harkoiy out of the hand ; aos der Hand, karkixn^ with, by the 
liand; mit der Hand. 

Compounds: harka ga. c. dat. to hand, te deliver^ transmit; 
libergeben, ausliefern, tradere. — harha caba^ .to have aboot 
one^B self; urn sioh^ bei sich htribea. — harkama dyaiad^a, 

— iM — 


\\t lit lovw Ilia liaHd ; ar Rebt aelae Hand, I. e. k^ Mbes him ; 

er llebi Vbm, lit ilmi gewogM. -^ kai%a'wai fi^mHy they 

ttok e«ohr other^s hatid^ sle ttahni^ sleh gegfemeUlil hei der 

Hmdt 1. e* they reconelied themeelvee; ele vereOtaftten iileh. 
^^Mtf^a-'f. ppx. Tefh defiom. to draw, dreg along) siehea, schlep- 

ivea, 9H'Gewalt Ibrtsftlehen eder achletfen. 
harkifhi. n. a. ox. the ring whteh fhstens the yoke to the tblU; 

der Mng, welcher dae Joeh an die Delohsel festhftlt. 
Urtehd. (r^ta) 1. to fall oH; Ml down (lif fraila); ablhllen (bea. von 

S¥tiehten). -^ t. to ihll aannder, to disperse; anselnaoder fallen, 

etch seratreipen. 
II. herUihata. 1. ppx. td. ^ 9. trans, to tidre off, paH off, to 

Hft from*, herabn€hmen , abnehmen, pflttckeh, hemnterheben. 

/bfttifortf i^ahartohai^ey he lifted him ftt>m the horae*, er hob 

ihn voffl Pibrde. 
UL htttUhaskk % px. to fftrew, spread) soattOr; tavsstreiiei. 
harbu. n. a..ox^ tgif Feige. Bot Fle«s grevifblla^ H. P. 
hffTe. n. a, ox. plar* hafroniy aas; BseK 
toyofMuH*. ppx. to abort, hreathe, snuffy aohnattbeo. 
har^a. adv^ tem^. px. (Aga: iWuf'ay.donbtlosaon aeeotint of the dlfll- 

otflty of. praaoaaelng the -^j nnr wegen der SchMeilgfcelt der 

Anaaprai^ des Ajin) ti^ay; heute. - 

hat'^A, n. B. ox; this iky\ der heatlge Thg. — f. alaO'|,day^^ alone; 

anch „Tag^^ fOr sich. 
har^uma. adv.ppx. yet toi^day^ atUl to-day vsoglelch heate^ taMe 

karma, i. s. px. female breast, boiiom; irelblleho Bmst, Bi|soo#. 
haloffo* fk S..OX. (Am. alt7(^) firlead, aoqnalatance; Bis.nnd, B^riauinter. 

haiagm gmi ocoars very often exactly in the sense of oar: dear 

friend; hak^ga gari ist eioe sehrgewOhnUche Anrede^pina wie 

onser: gater Freand, meln Lleher; 
Aafoyo. Ik a*. o& precipice ; Abgmnd, hohea Vteit, . 
hahltu. 11. a. ox. (Aman instead qf aialtu) willow ; Weide, Solix. 
hMia, 1. px. to hew, strike ; haneny soblageo/ t" 9* to aggress, assail^ 

attack, charge; angreifbil, einhauen. 
hahnga. n. s. ox. whip, sconrge; Peitscbe. Von diesem Wort hat der 

FOrst in HambUy Bfntaiangay seinen Namen. 
hafkan. {halkanf) inv. s. ox: hight; yncht halkan eatpezay darkiAght; 

stoekllnstere Niftcht 


— tii — 

batntL %l¥. part. a«d omJ. px. -r- 1. c indicftt and vltbtat a yerb: 

.diuiiiiA wkilst; o^t dem liidi«at nod ohse ein Verb: w&lireDi 

. h0$ki.iiuua ^ifumay'4mAng all this; w&hreDd dessen AUem. — 

S. imUl; bi9, coiistr, with the mood -ft*, turi Haman 4mi ^%ifa&^ 

vr^M until I oome^ wacto bis loh kciiiiie, hama issan kana 

djettanitij until they aaid thia; bis sie dieses gesagt hatteiL 

Compounds: hamana. (hama aad iwM).px. until to tliis day, 
this moment.) bisber, bis auf diesen Tag, bis auf diesen Paoct 
ati hamana gexaf Ut« thou earnest until here; bis hieher M 
dn gekommen? L e. thoii growest so old? so alt biat du ge- 
worden? or: thou hast brought so fhr; bis .auf. diesen Pauct hast 
dn es kommen lessen f — . 9. better , rather; lieber^ eher. — 
ha/manumaiii adv. px. then; bieranf, aur Fortsetzung einer Bede. 
(Am« hamanom. Aga: ofurmmy afiumanmoy wohl eiiie Zusam- 
mensetzung mit ap.) 

hama. 1. px. to be bad, ill^ evil, guilty; Mis, schleeht, schuldig sein. 
hama. adj. ox. fem. Aomlv, .bad, evil; bttie, schleoht. . 
hama. n. s. oil sin, meanness; das B9se, fiflnde, Sdinld. 
hamtu. n. s. ox* Jntens. of the foregoing. an< wd hoMu ixartm 
arg9$j I find him not. guilty; leh finde'keine Schuld an ihm. 
.. U. hamad^ia. 1. ppx* to be bad, ill, wicked; schlecht, b^e seio. 
— 2. trans, to calumniiate; yeriSamden, einen ,^clilecht macben.^ 
hamad^M* n. ;§. ox. enemy, adversary ; Feind, Gegner, Ubler Nach- 
redner, Verl&umder. 
kmm^ai {hamadd) Aman instead of amadd which see. 

hama. 1. px. to ent, cut off; schneideli, abschneiden. — % to mow, 
out grass ; m&hen. 

hamtu. n..a, ox. knife; Messer. ^^^ 9. sickle, hook; SicheL — 
hamttUkam. n. s. px. aoomp. of hamtu and ilkan (tooth; Zahn), 
lit. a sickle with teeth, i. e. saw; wOrtl..eineSichel mit ZSh- 
nen, d. i. Sftge. — 9. a certain weapon; eine gewisseWaffe. 

II. hamana. 1. ppx. to cut, moW for one's self; fiir sieh schneiden, 
•aifthen. ^ 

hamagi. n\ e. ot; heap, pile; Hauflen. 

hamara. 1. ppx. to empty, void; leeren, heraosfhssen, ausleeren (voo 
trockenen Sacheo^ z. B. Getreide.') 

ban^U'^ n. s. ox. (Am. amqrti} ting ^ ringlet; Bing, bes. Fingerrlm* 
Ich glauW dieses Wort ist von aicrra, umschlingen, ufflgeben 

— »« — 

frtn wie Hi htihube and vMen anderen Wtfrtern. 
kmami. adv. ox. ho^ maeh, how doar? wie viel, wIe tbeuorf hamo' 

mUi bHe9 how.^oaf didst thoa buy; wie tlieaer'hMt da ge- 

kaivtt ? 
hmanuman. adv. om. tboa ; hieraaf/* Aee ha^pka, 
kma»o. n* a. ox. taw f»od made.ol «iii«<rv0ra; etne rantie Speise voa 

miSBinga CMaln) bereltet, iadem die KOrtoer nar trodcea ge- 

rOst^t werdeo. < 

kemumad^a. 1. ppx. to yawn; g^baeab nal. sound. 
hmkt. n. a. ox. siokle; SIcheh see haauL 
haUulkani. n. s. px. saw; Bfige ibid. 

^a. 1. px. to rest, femain; librig Ueiben. -^ f . to fall oir;''abMlBn« 
hamba. n. s. ox. remainder , rest, residue;' Ueberbleibsel, Rest. 

Wahrseheialleh der Steaim fllr den Landesa-Namen HamK* 
m. hamkiSM. ii'l>px. to leare v Hbrig lessen. -^ €. to rellot^ abandon ; 

KQrtickiMsen, yerlessen. Mpoh naA ihamMfke ani ama iamtfu'^ 

^vfkn ad€ma.'B^ Aima. 
IV. hiMMfiufa* 1. ppx.'t» keep, retalb, to appropriate; fttr siob 

behalten, sich sueignen, an sich Ziehen. 
hmfcoka."!. ppx.* to Aill^ want, to be deiolent; fehlen, maagehr, alebt 

znreichen^ wai htmkakey it Mlei, evarywhere; eafehlte an 

alien Edcen. 
^onm, n. s. ox. -Bot.? eine'arBaeilloh gd^uchte Piaaae. 
hngd. (roa) 1. to lighten ; wetterleuchtea <Ton •teaen •tfwittern.) 
^ongagu. n. s. ox. egg'*^ Bi* * 

^afa. fiU. and fU. s. ox. (?) tbe Urst, ftreniost,Iie at the bead, of 

high rank; der Erste, VoriBflgliehste, Fttrst, Adeliger. — 9. 

first-born, primigenial; erstgeboreni €legensatz: fudHsa. kmin 

hangafhi furngtrfniy the nearest relationa tbid best aequaintdd; 

immer die nMchsten Vetrwandten, je die besten* Bekannien. 
^ndjafa. ni. s. ppl. fbal; t^Uen, Fohlen. 

^ondjiro, n. is. px. white sort of mzinga; die weisse Art. von aMxtn^ro. 
— 9. Aman: a sort of eatable earth; eiirsbare .Ejrdart 

^on^^ju. n. 0. ox. sa^ce; BrUh^e, Satice. 

Aend;t^ nl. S4 px. spittle^ spawl ; • Sveichel 

kondls. <• s. ox. splinter, sptltet., ahlviar; Splitter (bea. von Holz, die 
UMD aleh bel Holisarbeitaa' in die Jlager atiobt) > 

18 • 

— t9« — 

bandagi. n« 0. ox., a dM reiembHng tbe Mtiya alpiiMtrtlB and cold, 
made of ^aiadu (9)$ ein dem batiya ahnttcbes KleUhsiagsstfiek 
Sam ScbQtx vor Reiteii nnd KKlte ; aach Akafed^e wird es aod 
ana BnmmwtUeumeng Verlertigt, wlihread jenes (das Mtya) eit 
Bastgeilecht ist Vgl. aach fopo. 

handadi. fi. s. ox. twig, ^rlg; 2Bw«i^, kleiaer Aat. 

handabo. n. a. ox. a female garment, a shirt with sleeves; FraaenUeU 
dnogsstieir, ehi Hemd mit Aermeln. 

handara. n. s. ox. top, end^ tip, extremity (of a eord etc.); SDdc^ 
Spitze, Zipfel einer Schttur oder dgK 

handarafd. ni. s. px. breast-hone, steroon^ Mmatbdn, steniiim* (Mm 
rib; Kppe.) 

handaneo. 'fi. s. ox. (Am. hindaeo.) fowl, hen; Beane. •*- karma Aoo* 
dofnoOj eoek ; Hahn. 

handode* n. a, ox. soap, made of a certein fhiil; Seife ans einer Frncbt 
bereitet. ^ f . the fimit itself; diese Frnoht selbst 

banduda. t. and m. a. ex*'(AnL kmUuta.) movme-j Mans. 

handude* (resp. hantuie.') n. s. ox. mnsoiilas biceps brachil 

batuftira. i. s. px. navel; Nabel.. — H. the hamp of the shield; der 

AuM. (rifum) 2.. tobabUe^ prattle; pkuDdem, sohwiitiEen. .— .>9. tobave 
a coBveniation mth soinebody ; slch mit Jemand anterhslten. 

haza%a» 2. ppx. to speak lowly, to lisp, whisper; leise sprecheD, lis* 
peln. Nahsrlaut, deoi wohl aiich das vorheifehende. eiafacbe 
Verb naehgebildet ist • 

ha^. n. s. ox.. sacrifice; Opfer. — ha^ gaSa, to slaof hter a victim, ts 
saeriflce; eIn OpfeeHiier $chliaehten, opfern, ein Opfer briogeO' 
— mt^a hofif sacfiioial iork; Opfergabel (aus Hola); a^^ ^^^ 
das Opfer verbrannt wird. 

Jwgere* adj» ox. (la conipoanda: gert^y the next, the other; der, die 
das nHohste, andere. barragere, next year, im n&chsten Jabre. 

heVo* n. s. ox. a tree. Bot. Biayera abthelfiinthica. Bruce called it ^ 
honour of Sir Joseph Banks „Bank6ia Abyssinica.^^ Amb- 
KOSSO. Isenberg, Amhar. Diction, pag. 141. „a beautifbl Abys- 
sinian ti'ee growing on the heights of Semen and Schoa: i 
yields that medicine which is more ifi use among the Abys- 
sinians than any other: it is the flower ef ai tre0 wtiob ba^ 
'an' anthelmintio virtue, and Is jdvety two miajttths takes by ^ 
most ever}" Abysslalan^ against the iMkUt the ^SX^v^^i 

— iW — 

Mmplttlnt of that peoplt. Vhe diseMe Itaelf whloh ki aUo 
odled KOfifiO, oaasitto in the taeaia or ttpo-worm, which is 
Mscomponiod by other spoeieo of worms, tnd^ if not evacuated 
every two moathoy oauaes aevious howel eonplainls/^ We An- 
Cabea Akafed'ea stinnaen mil diesem voUkommen tiborein ; da 
die 8ache so wichtig iat, ao milge aeiae (Sohildemng doa Ver- 
IMire»a hier ateheni ^Weaa eieea Menacbee (die Krankheit) 
hefTo beflUlt, so heisst aie Kiierst mink; der Meoaah wird um 
den Nabel dick, ea geht ihm im Baaoh hemm and kollert Will 
er aeinen Leib reinigen, ao kanlLer die Blttthe voa hefOy trocknet 
aie ia der Bonne and attfaat aie in einem Mtfraer. iat aie pul- 
verisirt and geaiebt, dann nimmt or dieRinde yoictd^ogonu (eine 
Malvenart} legt sie ins Wassor, . and wenn s&e weich and klebrig 
geworden ist, mlscht or sie mit dem hefo and trinkt es ntteh-* 
tern. Er darf nicht ins Freie gohen, aondem sitxt im l9ohatten 
and trinkt koin Wasser, hdchstens far%o. Wenn es ihm gat 
that, geht der Worm ab, der heisst d^uma, er isl lang^ seine 
Farhe wotaa, sein Ktfrper wie ein Bohr mit fortlaofenden 

A^da. 1. px. (Am. hedaa. 1. ppx.) to consider, cogitate^ weigh, examine; 
bedenken, erwKgen, tkberlegen. — t* io think, mean, believe; 
meinen, f^aaben. 

kerunui. 1. px. to marry (said only of women}; heirathen (n^ yon 
der Fran gesagt) 
herumti. fi. s. ox. bride ^ Braat. 

^cna. pau eooj. (Ag.) wben, since; wenny nachdem. 

^iala. 1. ppx. to grow old, to decays alt, achwaoh, hiafl(pig werdan. 
Dieses Wort hingt wohl troths dem i mit dem folgendan an- 

hieza. adj. px. fem. hietiy poor; arm. — 9. unhappflj^) miserable; nn- 
d^cklich, elend. 

Moma. 1. px. verb, denom. to become poor, nnhapi^; arm, on- 
gUicklich warden. 

^ka, 1. px. to looaen, nntie^ aaltfaen, losmaoheii; lesWndda. -*<• t. to 
deliver^ Uberate, nMke free \ flrat maeben^ befipaienj — Iswra ira 
hikay to ansaddle ; absatteln, w0rtl. den Satiel d»ven iivu) her- 
aaterthon, abUtoen. 

— 198 — 

hiea. 1. px. to gi^away^ to witkdraw ; treggeboD, sich von eincm 
Platz ebtferaen/ ** 9. to come forward, to sucoeed; vorwiirtB, 
wetter, Toin Flecke kommen, too der Hand gehee, ^eiingen. 
' III. hicza. 1. px. to drive away; fbrtachieben, fortbnDgeii, ver- 
treiben. — 9*. to bring forward, to cause to succeed; Torwarti 
bringeo, bebHflioh sein. 
V. McziSM. t. px.'tbe caneatWe of tbe foregobug; das Cnnsatiwa 
von hiexa. 

Mdjole. n, 8. ox. «hUd*, Kind bis zum 14ten. Jabre. As a collect 
nonti femin. but also used' in singular^ als Collectiv-BegrJ 
Feminin. aber anch im Sing, gebr&ucblicb. vgl. mutshoie, 

hidjibeuta. n. s. pi. extreme, rest, last, espec. of dance, tbe last dance; 

das Letzte, die Neige, bes. vom Tanze: „Kehraus^^ — Amao 

knows also a verb: 

hidjibadfa. 1. px. to trust in; Vertrauen, anvertrauen. am horiko 

Ziti Mdjibad^tty I commit my fortune to tbee; icb vertraue dir 

'meine Habe an. 

• . . • » ' ' * • ' 

mdi. n. s. ox. Bot. Solannm coagulans. 

hid'i. n. s. ox. lip; Lappe. 

hid a. 1. px. to bind, tie; binden. 

lUd'a, n. 8. ox. band, tie, string, ribbon ; Band, Binde. — 2. winder; 

WMe. Bot Convolvulus. — 3. root; Wurzel. 
hid'a. adj. px. related; verwandt. 
hid'a, f. s. px. kinsman, relation; Verwandter. 

II. hid*ad^a. 1. ppx. to bind one's self; sieb binden, sicb nmbin- 
den. — 8. to stretcb out onc'ii self; sicb debnen, ausstrecken. 

hi^a. nom. kin^. • s. px. bill ; HiigeL (Vifclleicht mlt dem vorigen vcr- 
'Wandt: die iVufzel, der Fnsg'deis Berges. ?) 

hifad^a. 1. ppx. to scold, to upbraid, reprove; scbelten, bart anlassen, 
Vorwttrfe loaebefi. 

hffkad^a. 1. ppx. (Am. hifad'a.') to come forward, to succeei; vor- 

wArts fcopunen, weiiter kommen. 
Mbo. n. s. ox. (Am. Atpo.) enigma, riddle; R&tbsel, Charade. Mho hib- 
. are ihewotds wbich are used in proposing an enigma; die 

vor demAafjgteben einwmtbselsaasgMproelieneDWorte, analog 

dem nr^rnjp/'^gL 
hira. 1. px. to deal, part, sbare; tbeiien, vertb^len, amtheilen. 

— IW — 

II. Mra^a. 1. ppx. idem. — t. to ^pproprkUe; 0loh Mthelleii, zu-p 

wrgimfu. n. ii.ox. nat^ sound, hlcknp, hieooagh; Sebluoken, Scklneh*- 

sen, Anfetossen ana demMag^en* hirffin^un na ca&aj Ht. hickop 

•eleee me; Sdhlackea MU Bleb, ieh habe den ScMocken. 
hirgimfatta, 1. ppx. verb denom. to hicknp, biccougb ; eehtaebzen, 

mctae edere, elagtilUia edere. . 

ma. n. s. ox*, of the same age; Altersgenosse, Kamevad^ aeqaalis. 

DavoQ wahrscbeinllcb : 
Mrio. n. 8*. OK. ditob,. trencb aboat the 6ero ugalnst ieroads of 

the neighbours ; .^Bobatzgrabeii urn das bero herum, zttm Scbutze 

gegeo feindllohe BinOiUe. ,& 

limba. n. s. ox. sleep, espeo. sound sleep*; Schlaf, bes. d^ erste tiefe 

iif^o. 1. px, (0 give presents, bestow upon ; schenken, jam Gescbenk 

geben. -^ 9. to give alms; Almosen geben^ 
kirbaki, n» s. ok. supper; Abendessen. hirbata ^nattoy to take the sup- 
per; zu Abend essen. 
iWnnik f . 6. px. (n. ex.?) scarf, band; Bchiirpey Bindei womit das. 

walu am den Leib befestigt wird. 
hirmadTa* 1. ppx. to share with ap other; sleh mit einem anilern in 

etwas tM^en. / 

hirmi. n. s. ox. focbiddance, probibitiqiii interdiction; Verb<^ . 

hirm* adj. ox. forbidden, interdicted; verboten^ anerlaulif (beson- 

ders von S|>eisenO 
hir^a. 1. px. and espeo. 

II. hir-^ad^a. 1. ppx. to be void, empty 9 evacuated; leer, hohl 

hir-^u. adj. ox. empty, void; leer, hohl. 
hir^u, n. s. ox. emptiness, void, want; Leere, UnvoUkommenheif, 

Mangel. ': 

hila. 1. px. to spare, save; schonen, beschtttzen. UnMUnift do not 

spare him; verschoneibmr nicht! 
hUe^a. i. s. ox. (Am.) bare; Hbse. 
hiiu. n. s. ps,^ a species of monkey which exists however probably 

only in tlibles, beeafuse it is said to eat' flesh; eine besondere 

Art Affe, der jedoch niir in PiKbeln %u existiren scheint, da er 

Fleiscb flpefesen soil. 
hima, i. px. to tell; sagen, dicere. 


II. himm^a. 1. ppx. idem. — 9. to aoco^e, inferm agidiist; ti 
Gericht (vor der VolksversammluQg) verklagen. 
kinmta. nu s^ ppx« ortliodox; der BechtgUiobiKe. The Gallas ci 
themselves kimata in distint^tion of the faqiy toadoy %i 
awaHni ete. ; die Gall* neanen sloh andera GlsabeDden gegen 

hin. (hint) adv. negat. not; it stands always befbre the verb towhi 
it belongs; if the preceding word ends with a vowel, It losi 
the A and the iy and the remaining n affixes itself to the fore^ 
going word. Before b and f this n is changed 'into m* li 
order to prevent mistakes I wrote it thus: n^ reap, m; — eio- 
fbche Negation „nicht'' bei Verbis; «a bemerken ist, dass es 
immer unmlttelbar vor dem Verbo steht, zn dem es geh6rt, nod 
wenn das verhergehende Wort mit einem Vocale sehiiesst, so 
Gontrahirt wird, dass sowohl die Aspiration als der Vocal toi 
hin verschwlndet und nnr das n ttbrig bleibt. Vor / nn^ ^ 
wrrd dieses n in m verwandelt Um Missverstllndnisse nri 
Verwecbselungen zn vermeiden, babe Ich das aaf diese Weise 
entstandene n resp. m so gesohrleben: n, m, Eatampl. am hin 
cabUy 1 have not; ich habe nicht. tnt Mdjolen eabUj he has 
no children; er hat kelne Kinder, kanam bekn, I don't kmi 
that; das weiss ich nicht Vor y and r bieiljl die Aspiration, 
anlk wenn das verhergehende Wort mit einem Vocal schJiesst 
an# das n wird assimilirt. aid hya/iuy I think not ; ich ^ftube 
nicht maf IdrraftUy why doest thou not sleep; wamm scbliiM 
da nicht. Vgl. Gram. nam. 174. 

hifwatehi' it. s. ox. bran, gradgeon ; Klelen. 

kinssilale. n. s. ox. fennel; Fenchel. 

hi^fo. ox. negat interj. instead of waw Qcau) no; nein. 

ho. conj. temp, and cans. CAg, and Am. yo which see) when, if; wano, 
wenn. — 9. whether; ob. ant Uala ha ini ttufuy I am csrioas 
(lit. I see) to know whether he will come; ich bin nengierig) 
(wOrtl. sehe; will sehen) ob er kommt -r- hoiu instead of ^ 
€miy when I, if I; weqii l^h, ob ich. — haaw^ and hoanati. 
adv. lit. when this (sd. when this time was ^r will be) ; wena 
diese QZifiii war oder wiederkommt)., L e. at that time, then; 
damals, dann, am diese Zeit bin'u hoana fU kira tiy to-morrow 
at this time 1 shall be with tbeej morgien am diese Zeit werde 


leh bel dir 8«hk — Aoiraft. otl adv. (n oovpoind of Ao and 

kana^ if that; wenn dan, wenD das tot,) if not; vena nieht, 

wo niekt. 
kQu! px. inteij. halloh! he! he da! holla 1 
Mfeo. fk a. ex* hook of iros as well at of wood; Hakeii) aowoU von 

EAsen ala von HoIib^ 
kokoia. i. piML to halt| limm hobUe^ hinkoii. 
hocu. n. a. ox. spittle, spawl or properly that which is vomited ; 8pei- 

ebal Oder eigentlich das, was einer bricht, das E^brocbene. 
hoqisM* 9. ppx. to vomit, pake$ sioh erbrechen. 
hocuban. QhoeubanfO inv. s. oou (Am.) thank, praise \ Preis on^ Dank. 

hoeuban «i ha gau, praise and glory be onto thee; dir sel 

Preis aad Dank (in Gebeten.) 
kogad'a. 1. ppxr to scratch; Jacken, krutzen, trans. (An. hoea. 1. px. 

lit hocad^a, 1. ppx.) 
kodjiu n* s. ox. shin, shin-bone; Schlenbein. 
kodjad^a* l.«ppx. to work, to labour; arbeiten. — 9. to work at, upon, 

to cultivate (a field) ; beaiteiten , bebaaen C^in Fold.) lliia* 

hodjafxu. Maffm, hodjad^zu toayo mo Urn toaiy what is better, to 

work or to be idle; ist's besser eu arbeiten eder miisslg va gehenf 
htUyi' n. s. ox. work, labour; Arbeit, Work. * 
hoda^ 1. px. to sack; saugen. 
Aoifo. 1. px* to sew; nfthen. — S. to plait; fleohten. 

hodtitu. n, 8. ox. tailor; Sohnelder. 
hodda. 1* px. and 

IL hoddmta. 1. ppx. to be in mourning, to mo«rn for one; trauem, 

in Trauer sein. : — 9. to celebrate the memory of a. deceased ; 

das Gedlichtniss, d. i. den Todeslag eines Verstorbenen feiern. 
hofa, n. s. ox* a long pointed' spear; ein fi^pl^^ init langer 8pitze. 

Ctohdrt wohl zt dem folgenden* 
hofa. t. 8. px. (Am. kobfa.^ stalk of Zea Mail when it has dione 

growing and is hard aad woodlike ; Maisstengal, wenn er aus- 

gewachsen, holsig und darum iiicht mebr essbar let. 
hofUcho. n. s. ox. a very tough and tenacious plant, used to tie with ; 

dtwas sum Binden, Baft oder sine besonders »lihe Pflanze. 
hofu, ? ox. used in concluding prayers as an interjection, like our 

,,Amen^^; pethaps its. meaning ias luck, happiaessi or a similar 

notion; ein Wort, das vieileicht Heil, Glttck, Segen oder einen 

iihnUchtBa-Begriir beiteichnet; es wird am ScUuss von Gebetea 

misjerea ,,Ameii^' gleieh gebraneht Hi«fllr sprecben aiicb 4e 

Iblgenden 9 Verba. 
hofoiza. 1. px. to protect, to lead in security; beselilrmeD, ^Itick- 

licb wohin kommen lassea. 
hofyal^%a. 1. px. to lead happily home ; glttcklieb, gesnnd heim- 

fQhren. Aman streitet gegen diese Orthofcraphie and verficht 

hofkaUehay aber er kami aaeh Uarecbt habea. 

hobaU. fk. s. ox. placenta; Nachgebart. 

hobafa^a. 1. ppx. verb denom. to deliver the placenta; nach- 
geb&ren, die Nacbgebnrt ablegen. — %. to reach the end, to 
suffer to the end, to endure; sein Ende errifchen, ansdnlden, 
ansharren, ansleiden. ini ttibeisa hobafa^e^ he has persevered 
till the end; er hat seine Noth, seine Leiden flberstandeo, 
(sowohl wenn Rettnng, als wenn der Tod elntrat.) 

hobira, adv. px. (probably a compoond of ho and bird) usually; in der 
Regel, gewdhnlich. 

Aqyti* coiqj. px. Cqiade doutless from ho) sinpe, whereas; da docb, da 
ja. — S. because ; well. It is always placed after the sentence 
governed by it; es wird immer nachgesetzt. malif dfufadidte 
am «in djed^e hoyUy why didst thou not come whereas I told 
it to thee ; warum hist dn nicbt gekommen, da. ich dir es doch 
geaagt babe. 

hora. 1. px. to increase, multiply, propagate, intr; sieh nehren, fort- 
pflanzen, vervielflUtigen. lonkena hora^ our cattle increases ; nn- 
tet VIeh melirt sich. 

hora. n. s. ox. miaeral-spring; Mineralquelle (so gaoannt wegen 
der heilenden uikl stirkenden Krafte.} 

hori. n. s. ox, property, fV)rtane; Eigenthum, Habe, Vermdgen. — 
hori bnlto or bvUtoday livdlhodd, fortune ; Lebensuntmrbalt, Ver- 
m9gen. tfU hori buttoda eaba, he has fortune, he is rich; er 
bait zn leben, ist reicb* horinko naf hora, my Ibrtnne Increases, 
roein^ermSgfen wfiehst, mehrl sich. — -.3. gener. thing, object; 

' allgemein Ding, Sache, ^egenstand. 

hori. adj. ex. tame, mild; aahm, im Gegmsatz wa Unenxa ond 

II. horad^. 1. ppx. to acgnlre; gain, earn^; sMi erwerben, ver- 
dienen, gewinnen. 

llh' hor%iza. f . ppx. to eause to preoinre; ^ich ansehalfen lassen. 

h^ta^a. nL b. ppz. the first tribe of the Gallee vespectlog their rank 

t» the tiironmcUlon; der erete Stamm der Gaila in Hinsicht auf 

ihre fiattgordnntig hei der Besehneidunf . 
hori. adj. ox. tame; zahm. see hora. 
horta. n. e. ox. graver, spade; Orabstiehel, Grabscheit. — ji. the har 

OB whieh the pleag-sbate is teteiied and by which ^e whole 

instrument is directed ; die 8taoge, die in der Pflugschaar steckt 

and womit der ganse Pflag regiert wird* 
hord^a. 1. pps. to follow ; aachfolgen, nachgehen. •-*- i« to obey ; ge* 

horchen, folgen, fo]gsam sein. 
hmrfa, 1. pz. to push, le sttng; stossen, steehen. — %. to fill C^^ pipe) ' 

stopisn, fttllen (eine Pfeife).. «-* 8. to charge (a gan); laden 

Cein Sohiessgewehr.) 
hrmata. m. b* poc. Ihe female genitals of animals (see /tida); der 

welbllclw Gesehlecktsthell von Thleren. (Vielleioht mil Aora 

verwandt ?) 
hokt, n. s. OQC. siieiep^ Schafl^ plan hoioni. 

iim^ff. (jUm^ole) n. s. ox» lit. young of a sheep ^ das Jttge des 

Schafes, lamb; Lamm. 
hoiktu i. s. pz. (Am. Aolea.^ diteh, hole, dungeon; Loch, Ver ticking, 

hotta^a. 1. ppz. wabble, waddle, tremble, didder; sittern^ sohlottern 

(von alten Leuten) harkiza inholkutay his hand trembles; seine 

Hand zittert. 
h(ma. negat. subst. and adv. ox. Intens. hmUu. (plur. tant.) nothing^ 

nichts. It always requires another negation; verlaiigt immer 

noch ehie andere Negation. hanUu azin dff^aniy there is nothing 

here; es ist nichts da. 
homadja. Q-awa) 9; to foam, ilroth; schftumvo. 

homadja. i. s. px. skum, skim, foam; Schaum. 
hvgada. 1. ppz. to become thin, Bieager; mager warden. 
hudji. n, s. ox. work; Arbeit, ne^hodjm^a. 
hudyumo. n. s. ox. tobacoo-pipe^tube ; PfetMirohr. 
hudela^a. 1. ppx. 0^^* Udeiad'a.') to^ place a thing or a person behind 

one's ^self; Jemand oder etwas hinter sich setKeti. — & to be 

tw^ on honre-'baGk ; zu Sfiweite auf dem Pferde sUasfiu. The 

vevb is derived from 
litidu. n. s. ex. baek>side; breech i der Hlntere, podex. — 9. back-side 

of any thing; EQckseite oder der hinlere Theil von Gegen- 

sUtaden. — 8. prop ; Untersats. — 4 bottom ; Boden voir G^ 
fltoscfn. ^-^ hudu eaba^ to overtkrow, to hold upside down; ver- 
kehrt halten (z. B. Oef&soe, so dass d«r Inhalt henuisiiiift Oder 
hMid^a. A. px. to throttle, strangle | drosseln, wtirgen, straan^ren. 
hud^^kna. 1. ppx. (the passire of kwta) to he choked, aniothered, 

avibcated; keine L«lt bekomnseo, eratieken. 
lUuto. adj. ox. obstraoted, coative; Yerstopft, 
Auba. m. 8. px. chlp^ splintf Splitter, Spahn. — 9. triflli^; etwasUo- 
hubadfa, 1. ppx. to investigate, examine, iminite, to spy, explore j 
erforschen, aoAaadsehallen. — Sl to attend to, to mind; ^enao 
aormerken, in Obacht nehmen. 
huho. n. «. ox. pitcher with handles ; Kmg mit Henkeln. 
hura. 1. px. to msh, mstle, roar, to make a noise; ranschen, braosen^ 
ein Ger&usch machen* 
' huru, n. s. ox. noise, bmHe, mstlinlf; Raosehen, Bransen, de- 
4insoh, GetOse. — 9. snore; Schnarchen. — 8. wind-pipe; Lafl- 
rOhre, trachea. 
ni. kur%a. 1. px. lAid huri%a. % ppx. to make a noise; ein 6e- 
rUnsch, Gt* t6se machen. — 9. to breathe, snaff; sobnaofen. — 
8. to snore; schnarchen. — 4. to haste; eilea. kurifsi Mth 
come quickly; komm schnell! 
hurt, n. s« ox. mist, Ibg; NebeL 
kurgwfa. 1. ppx. to poor out, to empty; analeeren, ansgiessea, aos- 

hurra, (^wa) t» to igr into pieees, to burst; bersten, serplataeo, in 
viele Stilcke zerspringen. 
hurra, n. s. ox. splintpr, piece, article; Stlick, Trumm, Spabo, 

III. hurreza. ±i px. to enudi, dash into pieces, to break into ski- 
vers ; zerschmettem, asersohlagen, zersfdittern. 
hur%a. 1. px. to snore; artalarohen. see hura. 
hukt: n. s. ex. a co^red passage , thoroughrfftre ; bedeckter Dnrcb- 
gang, itorweg. 
hukiffo. 1. ppx. verb denonu to go or creep through a thlrilf ^^^^^ 
it is nHsessary to stoop in order to avoid running vp ^^^ 
a wall or any other object; duroh etwas hiadnrehgebeii od^t 
fcrlechen, wo man sick bfieken iMfd vor dem Anstossen io ^^^^ 

— 9M — 

» nehmen iniM* — t. fig. to get off, to avoid difOcaltleB, danger 
etc. 5 dorchkommen, gltlekllch ana elner GeMr oder Verlegen- 
heit kommen. — 8. to be in safety, prosperity, welflire; Im 
Wohlstande, in behaglichem flaslj^z sein. 
m. kuhi^za. 1. ppx. and espeoial^: 

V. hui^tgziMa. S. px. 'to taase to creep through , to put through ; 
dnrolikrieGhen, dorohkommen lassen, dnrchstecken. — t. jig. to 
help somebody out of dlttcolties ; einem aus der Noth , Ver- 
lecenheit, Oefehr helfea. — 8. to braid, plait, interlace, ent* 
wine; iechten (2. B. mit Stroh, Bast, Haaren, wo immer ein 
Thell Bwisefaen den anderen „hindarchkriechen^^ muss.) 

Iwsio. ft. 6. ox. a certain bird; ein gewisser Vogel, so genannt iron 
dem Ton hum'^ den er ansstdsst. 

kmbL f». 8. ox. snoat ; RiisseL 

kmma. <• s. px. strength, Ibree; Kraft, Stttrke. 

huntuma. fU. ppx. and 

huniumiu. px. adj* very much, very many; sehr viel, sehr viele. 
•— 9. (instead of gitruma) all; Alio. — htmkmti»aniU y they 
all; sie alio. (Am.) 

kunda. poi9tp. px. on, at^hear, next; neben, an, bei, nahe beL 

gurtundo. it. s. ox. the depressure behind the ear; die Vertiefting 
hlnter dem Ohre. see gurra. 

hmd^ n. s. ox. stock, trunk; Stamm eines Baumes, truncns. 

hunde. adj. ox. fiiithftil, sure, true, devoted, attached; treu, sloher, 
ergeben. — 9. related, verwandt 

Am/ interj. as in English; Interjection wie im Deutschen. 

This consonant is only fbund in the middle and at the end of 
words , but begins none ; dieser Consonant beginnt nie ein 
Wort, sondern kommt nur tn der Mitte und am Bnde von Wtfr- 
tern vor, z. B. kar^Uy to-day; heute, ree^y goat; Ziege. 

Gedrookt bel Dr. Franz Wild. 


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JMlr N I C H 

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^ • 

t' r> • . 


The second part of the Dictionary of the Galla Language 
intended as a companion to the first part and the Grammar 
^Uch have been already laid before the public. The editor is 
eonscious how much it lacks of being a complete vocabulary of 
Ais language; yet he believes that it will be useful to the 
^dent and serve as an aid to further investigations. Some 
<liscrepancies of orthography between it and the Grammar have 
been detected in the course of publication though they have 
lieen avoided with as much care as possible. It will devolve 
upon later inquirers to rectify these errors as well as to furnish 
& standard of correct pronunciation. 

_ a — 

Admil, V. a. afienziza^ Si. ppx. HI. f. of a«eik», ta miter.. . 

Admonish, v. a. gorza, 1. px. 

Adopt, V. a. baldja. 1. px. — 9. dahala^a. 1. i^px. lit I»y«* 

self, I Join to myself. — d. gubifadfa. 1. ppx, ; the latter vizard 

is used to signify adoption when one has a family already..- .- 
Adopted son^.s. baldja. ,n, ox. . - j , 

Adoption, s. gada. n. o^. from gada^ to cede. There are twp ways 

oC adopting a child, 9ne. of whioh is called gada guda^ great 

or complete adoption, and the other gafia firu^, the iitt)e. or 

IpcorapJete one. ,. , 

Adorn, v. a. zarara,. t. ppx. lit. to draw Unes.. — to - one s self, guyi" 

fad^a. 1. ppx. from ^uya^^splendoar. . 
Adulterer, s. zario. n. ox. 
Advance, v. n.' yd C-«a) 1. —^ 2. ziga, 1. px.'CAm.) — to - wkh an 

army, zigi dula. 
Adversary, s. amadyadgu. n, ox. (Am: amadjadji. n.) — If. fktmad'ti, 

w. ox. • ' 
Adversity, s. d'ibe. n. "Ox. 

Advice, s. mdla n. ox. «^ to give -, tnaht. t. px« 
Affair, s. makari. n. ox. • ' 

Affect, V. a« zatcboza* 9. px. IIL t of zotchaa (Am. zadjoa')^ to be 

agitated^ affected. . 
Alttanca, v» n. hamarti kagad*a, ox. ppx« lit. to pot on a ring. 
Affirm, V. a. ee djed'a. 1. px. lit. to sny „yes". — 9. muga* I. px. 
Affix 9 to ^ach other, for ex. pef^Js, toaliUdira. 1. px. 
Afflict, V. a. did^iba. 1. ppx. Intens. of d'ibOy it alarms. — to be -ed, 

fadda. 1. px. 
Afjraid, to be -, nd ^"^^0 ^* — ^- rifad*a. 1. ppx. — 3. ragonuk 1. ppx. 

-*- 4.- t^afi C-fltPA}* il- — 6. warera. 1. px. (Am. toorera,') .— 

6. zodad^a. 1. px. — to make -, zodadtziza. 2. px. III. f. of 

the foregoing verb. 
After, pr. and adv. )6o£{a* px> . — ji. dufta. px. a(i mi dtifttf ^ala^ie^ 
. \ .Ihon wAst born after me, t— 8. duka. px. na <2tiAra adem^ go 
. behind me. — ^ 4. dyala^ px. — after to-morrow, iftani, px. froim 

tyti^ to be bright* 
After, conj. yoim and yomti. px. (Ag. abbr. yom and jyo; Am. yenui) 
Afterwards, adv. guiana. px. ,, 

Again, adv. is expressed by the preterit of the verb debia.t..yj^x, lit. 

to return ^(.eoMfigated through all its persona with pthe^ verbs 


— 4 — 

e. g. ani deHe 94 WBdJin adamad^^a^U^ I will not go agiio 

a hnnting with thee. > I . 

AgMni^t, adv.' dyaia. px. 
Agate, 8. baidji. n. ox» 
Age,. of the tmme -^ »• hiritt. n. ox. 

Aged, to be -, bd (-aa) 1. ani harra afar haetani abanko narra dve^ 

when I was foor years old my fbther died: 
Aggrandize, v. fk. gudifd^ta. 1. ppx. IV. f. of ffudd, to he tail; 
Aggress, v. a. halela. 1. px. 

Agitate, v. a. zotchoza. 1. px. III. f. of zotchoa. 1, ppx. (Am. zadjod)^ 

to be agitated; also zotchofa^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. ' •* 

Ago, not long -, adv. %ila. px. (Am.) ' 

^^gojijTy. s. ii<z/Jz. DpiD. nafnt 4>r nafti px. — to be in ,-, laba Q-^wa) 
2, and the Intens. lalaba. 2. — 9. moga. 1. px. — 3. toirigad'a. 
If ppx*. (Am. fourigad a). 

Agree, v. n. wat djedtik, 1. px. lit. to tell to eaeh other. — to - on, or 
upon, eaba toaliti cabad^a. px. ppx. lit. to take thcf word (ob- 
ligation) fromeadi other. — 'to - with, 9^i|«X.\px. ssifal used 
as a vow: may it prosper! 

Agreeable, to he -^,' gdrama. 1. px. froBl'i^aW^ good. — 1t^ nd^S (fonca) 

2. ati guda m-^ofta, O thoa art so agreeable. •*« 3. maraf* 

fama. 1. ppx. passive of iikatar^a^ the III. i. of marata^ to be 

"beloved. • 
Ah, interj. to express amazement or pain, ah\ — f. ufajfi. pgc ^^ 8. 

wayo, px. • 

Air, s. qiienza. t. px. (Am. giie'^zaJ) — in the open air, adu ke%a^ 

lit. in the son. 
Alarmed , to be ^ rafama. i. ppx. the passive of the ' IIL f. of rd^ 

razay to be in motion. 
All, adj. huntutna. ppx. and huntumtu. px. 
Almost, adv. is expressed by the verb got, see about, adv. 
Alms, to ask -, wakadfa, 1. px. (Am.} -^ to give - , birba. i. px 
Alone, adj. keba. ox, kobakOj kobake^ kobassa, kobazi^ kobakenoy k(h 

bakezaniy kobazani; I, thoo, he, she eto. alone, see C?ram. ii> 
' ■ 227. 5. ' • 
Aloud, adj. nlfa. px. lit. heavy, zagale uifeza^ to. raiae the voie^ 

speak aloud. 
Also, adv. hy adv. affix; imie akana^ ho Iike>irl9e ao. 

— 5 — 

Alieceate, v. n^'tteeama. Lw^jwltli the dative; ^-^ 9. fiilmM. i» 'Pltt. 
and fiama. 1., fx. (laWi^BttitO — d* morka. 1. px^ and mor^ 
kadlk 1. pt)xv 

Alternately, adv. Atarha^ sQe |»rt.|i -— 9. una iwaii) CAm, irf^^. loolt.) 
« r«Q|pc* .pron. u>0l gify kfHiJ4ma^ we work alternately. 

AUbongh, eoaj* dfSgi and d^fiz^ degi im hamadele is^ adjeziniy 
although he.did wr^ng, .dm't kUl him! (Ag. egi) tt 9. oto 
px. (Am. apd Ag. ti^u«). followed hy the adv. iej oto ini durif%a 
djfirule ini .%orez(uniti j^nlthough he is rich^ he is not a prioce. 

Always, adv. ama^ama or amama, px. 

Amass, y. a. tii(ez^> 1. px. III. f. .of tutay to increase. 

Amazed, to he -, dyadya, see wonder. 
Ambassador, s. labzi- n. ox. 

Aiobash, s. gadamzo. n. ox. — 9. kuta. n. ox. or kutan, inv. ox. iVom 
^ito^ to cat off. — 3. milto, n. ox. — 4. teziza. n. ox. f2;an 
teziza tezizaniy they laid ah ambush. 

Amiable, to he -, mi^a Qatod) 2. 

Amidst, adv. waikeza. px. see Gram. n. 940. 

Amorous, to he -, boha Q-awa) 9. — to make -, bebeza* 1. px. HI. f. 
of the foregoing. 

Amusement, s. taba n. ox. 

And, part, fly adv. affix. It is usually affixed, so that the vowel t is 
either assimilated with that of the following word, ot is 
dropped althogether; anifabankOy I and my father ; obolonikenafi 
iafninkenoy our brothers and oousins. 

Angel, s. guardian angel, ayana. i. px. ayaniko nan dyaiad'Uy my angel 
loves me not, i. e. 1 do not succeed .in my endeavours, I am 
in distress. — 9. ergo. n. ox. from ergOy to send. 

Anger, s. muffed, h. ox. -^ to tidk with -, tvatchay i. px. ' 

Angry, to he -, ara. 1. px. lit. to steam. — 9. dakma. 1. px. — 3. 
-jrorofla.'.l« ppx. — 4» komtuTa. 1. ppx. oonstr. with the tet. 
case*, nan komad^4n, do n0t soold me. — 5. idateha. 1. px. — 
6. watehila. ±. ppx. — to make -, bobeza. 1. px. 111. f. of 
bobS. -^ 9. buzeza. 9; ^x. III. f. of buzSy to he hitter. — 
3. tteetmsaiza. 9» px. IIL f. of d^eeama. -^ 4. deianziza. % px. 
III. f. af deiana. 

Animal, s. Mnenza, t. px. (Am. bine^'za.') 

Anldle, s. money n. ox. 

Annex, to - to each oth«r, e. g. pearls, waHa dira, ppaL px. 1. 

— « — 

Anpiat, v. », diba. 1. px. •-- !i« fliitcdki. 1, ygi.. '-r to - oaes self^ diM's. 

\v \ : 1. ppz. II. f. of ifida. — 9» madaia. 1. ppx. H. f. of muia. — 

8. guyifadfa. — to cause to be oiled, dib%a» 1, px. III. f. of (iite. 

'Answer^ v. n. caba. 1. pjt» with tke p«^tpos. dyaki*^ maf na dyt^ 
cdbudidtoy whf dost thoo not ntiswer me? — 9. 6ad^d, 1. ppx. 
ht. to say ^^o^^ to a call; likewise constr. with dyaia, — to - 
for, tA, (r*Va) 3. eonstr. with th^ postp. /I. 

Ant, s. gonda, n. ox. — an undetermined species of ant: mitri, pr. 

bokeni mitile'n adjezu zi adjeztif the rain kills not even % 

^^miU^'p will it kill thee? 
Antelope, s. kurube. n, ox. — 2. bozonu, n. ox. (Ag.) 

Anxious, to be -, bir-^efad^a. 1. ppx. lit. to say yybrr^^. — 2. zodad*a. 

1. px. — to make -, zodad'ziza. 9. px. III. f. of zodada. 
Anybody, pron. abalu. n. ox. 
Anything, pron. wai, see something. 
Anywhere else, adv. gara bira, px. px. 
Apartment, s. haga, ni, px. 
Ape„ s. dyaleza. u px. 

Ap'ertar^, s. (of vessels^ afan, (afctnt) inv. ox. lit. mouth. 
Appear, v. n. mulada. 1. ppx. 

Appearance, to make it's -, bafa^a. 1. ppx. see, come up. 
Appease, to - one by invented consolatory arguments, zozoba. 1. ppx. 

Intens. of zoba^ to lie. - — to be -d, obza. 1. px. 
Appetency, s. como n. ox. from comey breast. 

Apprehend, v. a. beka. 1. px. — 2. caba. 1. px. and II. f. cabaia. i- 
' / ppx. — 3. nd (^"od) 1. — to cause to -, cabziza, 9. px. 111. f- 

and cabzifad*a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of caba. ^ 

Approach, v. .q. dia^u. 1. px. I), f. of, tb|B unused. joot Mi* — 9. ^ 
o C-«a«) 3- — ^ yd drfi^y 1. . . 

A;|ipropriate^.v..a. hambifa^a. 1» ppx, <IV^ Uot h^mffih to .rest. — I 

, hirad^^ 1. ppx. II, f. ^t kiray to deiaL 
iArbitrat^, y. a, gadjara. 1. ppx. (jurO — - . 
Ari9^, v.^^ n. ialaia^ 1. ppx. II. f. .of ^ah^y. to bring forth. 
Aorm, upper part pf.ihe ->, ire^ n. ox. •«— . arm-full^ s. kazu, n. ox. 

derived from the III. f. of k&y to rise, lit as muoh as a vm 

can take up. 
Armlet, s. (of ivory) itbara. i. px. (Am. irbara. Amh. IRBORAi) 

yeofif by men aft^rtbey hm» ]b;pled .nn. .^my« tt i). jrutn^. ^ 

— f — 

ex. -**• 8.MM/A1. «iik tx. n*^ iA* KqnMsdu.nwdnL. of sliver and 
worn from the wrist to.tiie eHiow* v < . -^ 

Arm-pit, s. boba. n. ox. . , . , . 

Arofflatles,: s.itiiyo^ 9>» oA from tirpf^tosnielL ^ •. 

Arraiig>«^ v* a» za^haSa* 1. pipx. from.5?£i6ato^ seari^ sash. - 

Arfogant, ti> .-l^e— , U^ra. 1. filL H- S. Huti^ana. 1. fpx. 

ArtAil, aicU- hadari. ox. «^ to booome <^, Aa^aroma. 't\ ^px. 

Article,' 3. jMcAO'F. fi. ox**^-- %'hurra» n, ox. **-'3. tchaba. -mi. pt, 

Inftens. tchtttchab^ ni. ppr. trem tchabay to break in pieces. 
As, adv* alpct, constr. with 'the po^t^: M^^ti; iiif akn dyanutH adema, 

he goes like a bliftd man. ^ • < 
As, cfonj. oto. px. (Ag. and Am: atu. pxO '■^ 9. yomi and yomu, px. 

see when. 

iiscend, v. n. yaba, 1. px. and the II. f. yabac^a. 1. ppx. 

Ashamed, to be -, zalfad'a, 1. ppx. Arom zcUa^ a man's yard. 

Ashes, s. clara. n. ox. — 9. ramatchi. n. ox. (Am.) 

Ask, V. a. gafad'a. 1. ppx. — gafad'ziza* 2. px. III. f. to let ask. . 

Ass, s. harre. n, ox. plar. harroni. 

Assail, V. a. nad!a, 1. px. inf. iiad^zu. — 9. on'a. 1. ppx. 

Assert, v. a. ee dje^a. 1. px. lit. to say „yes^'. — 2. muga. 1. px. 

Assemble, v. n. cabama, 1. ppx. lit. the passive of caba, to have. — 

2. hufama. 1. ppx. the passive of huza^ to cause to assemble. 

Assiduous, to be -, ^itfa^a^ 1. ppx. and the Inteqs. didtictad'a. 1. 

ppx. hoati did^id^adtztulidtey maian zi god'aref if thou art not 

assidyons, what can, I do with,i\^ee* — 9. 4€f<ad'a and .the 

Intens. dadafad^a. 1. ppx. 
Assist, V. n. gctrgara. 1. px. 
Assistance, s. d^cd, n. ox. — 9. irko, n. ox. — to call for -, melikida 

iaba^ lit. to put, to erect a signal. — to come to -, bimuid'a. 

1. ppx. 
Assistant, s. itabo. n^ ox. 
Astray, to go -, v. n. gada. 1. px. lit. tp he lost,, to Ios(9 m((B solC 

— 9. walala. 1. px. (Am. wolaia^'} 

Asnnder,: to-fUl ^^ v« ir« bart^hd!^ (*iia) 1. — 9« babaka. 1. ppx; — 

3. biHma. 1^ pin. — 4^ fdd0 Q^awa) 9. 

At, pr. gara, pr. px. lit. part; instead of the personal pronotin it takes 

.> tbfaiposflessivv: gamdtOy garake^ garaza^ garaz-i eto^- nt me^ tbee^, 

ihm, her etc. *— 9. hunda. postp. ox. — 3.^11. post^. affix. — 

— B — j 

at'Oiico, adv. tV^atolui^ frcmiir^^, plaoe Mitoko, one. — lala | 

tokoHj from alra^ like mtd toko. 
Attached, adj. hunde, ox. | 

Attadc, V. a. haha^a. 1. ppx. Mens, of Amf a^ the II. f. of M, to go 

out. ^ %. halila. 1. px. — ^ kd (-oa) 1. coDStr. with the 

postp. aff. &'; im $uUi kae, lit. he rose H Q^gtAnaf) me, i. e. 

attacked me. *-*-i 4. iiad^u* ±i px. inf. naizu. — 5* orut. 1. ppz. 
Attabi, ¥• a. ga C~^a) 9. lit» to come near, eonstr. with ti* — 1 

caba, 1. px. and cabala, 1. ppx. H. f. — 4e eavae to -, m^ 

%i%a^ 8. px. and cabvfadCa^ 1. ppx. UL and IV. f. 
Attend, v. a. gegeza. 1* px. Intens. of yexo, UL f. of go,* — to - to, 

V. n. coba {r^nuxi). 8. ox, and the Intone. eocobS* -->- 9. hu" 

bad^a* 1. ppx. 
Attention^ s. uxxre. n. ox. 

Attentive, adj. cobe. ox. — to be ->| coba* C-awd) 9. 
Attire, s. ma, nom. mini. px. 
Autumn, s, arfaza. n. ox. 

Auxiliary-troops, s. toami n. ox. from toamay to call. 
Avaricious, to be *, caco^a. 1. ppx. Intens. of caba. — 9. don^a. 1. 

px. CAm. dogncL) passive f. don^oma^ to become -. — 3. %au 

(j-tui) 1. expressing sordid avarice and stinginess. 
Avert, V. a. dCowa. 1. px. %a%abi nati dPowiy avert from me the danger. 
Avoid, V. a. djila. 1. px. — 9. ira djaUa/ia. 1. ppx. II. f. and djalH%a, 

2. ppx. III. f. of djaliay to be wrong, curved. — 8. htUuga, i 

ppx. lit. to creep. 
Awake, v. n. damaga. 1. ppx. — to -, v. a. damag^a. 1. ppx. III. f- 
Axe, s. d^akara. n. ox. 


Babble, v. n. haxa (-mra) % 

Babbler, s. ka%aka%tu n. ox. 

Back, s. d'ugda, L px. - of a knife/ re^^m. i. ox. properly aaa^j. oblique- 

Backbite, v. a. dubi%a, S. ppx* and the Intena. dudubbM. 9. ppx* ^ 

9. iafafa* 1. ppx. 
Backbiter, s. kazakaztu. n. ox. *— S» Ais^j/fai. n. ox. and kfiifi^ 

datu* n. px. 

— • — 

Back'boDe, n. hatirm. u px« — 9. m$o. n. ox. 

Back-side, s. htidu. n. ox. -^ 2. fagarra. n« ox. 

Bad, adj. pMga. ox.. — 2. Aaano. ox, 7-- to be -, Aoflta. i. ps. and 

hamad^a, 1. p{)x. — 9. moga. 1. px. 
Bag (of leather), s. galgaio. n. (Am. galgald). — a - which is Ibrmed 

by taking a clotti about the shoulders and in which the woman 

carry their children, uka. nu px. 
Bail, B. luka. n. px. 
Bail, r. n. /uiira. 1. px. — 9. td (r^yci). 8.^ construed with the post- 

pos. /f ; ini %if tdy he answers for thee. 
Bake, •▼. a. toUeha, 1. px. lit. to make good III. f. of tokt^ to be good. 

— to - fbr bne^s self, tolfad^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. 

Bftlince, s. midjana. t. ppx. 

Bild, adj. molu. ox. 

Bald-head, s. fadu n. ox. of one whose head is Jtist beginning to 

become bald. 
Bald-pate, s. molu, n, ox. 
Balk, s. gud^ldja. n, ox. — 9. tchaba. m*. px. 
Balk , (ridge of land left unploughed and covered with grass) , s. 

randa. i. px. 

Ball, 8. gufna. n. ox. — 9. bururi. n. ox. see globe. 
Balsamine, s. (flower) kitchu. n, ox. lit tender. 

Band, s. hid'a. n. ox. — 9. hifma. t. px. — 8. Hbu. n. ox. made from 
the entrails of goats. 

Banish, v. a. bal^eza. 1. ppx. III. f. of bal^Oy to be broad. 
Banqueter, s. aibateza. i. px. from aibS. 
Bar, (a piece of wood to fasten the door), dangara* n. ox. 
Barb, s. areta. i, px. 
Barber, s. hadu. n. ox. 

Bare, adj. fnolu. ox. — to be -, euia. 1. px. (ctUSy) 
Bare, v. a. eundjiza. 9. ppx. from cundje. 

Bark (of a tree), s. evmdje. n. ox. • — 9. fohge. n. ox. — 8. iso- 
ioqe. M. oz» 

Bark, ▼• n. dvta. 1. px. 

Barley, a. garbu n. ox. -^ a particular species of It: gube* n. ox. 

Bann, s. Mgiia. n. ox. bigilan kuni dgirad*%u bate fanson kunilUmbaUj 

If this Ugiki U nol there, the beer will aot Mrment* 
Barren, to be -, numena. 1. px. 

— io — 

Barrow, Capon which ftoad bodies jure cMrried to the gravely s. w4 
zaza, t. px. QAmJ) 

Base, adj. moffa. ax. — %, zaJba. ox. — to be -, moga, 1. px. ^1 
mofa. 1. px. — 8. zaida, 1. px. (Am. zaipaj. 

Basket, s. ca gura, lit. hole or opeaing for carying. — 2. a great < 
gundo, n. ox. — 3. a large twisted - used as measure, ^u^ 
n. ox. 

.Bass, 8. Qnner ba^rk of trees}, tchita* n. ox. probably . from tchita^ to 

tear in pieces. 
Bat, s. ziwfbira, halkuni^ lit. night bird. 
Battle, 6. fatche, Ui ox. — to raise the battle-c^,. (cAariina. 1. pp 
Be, to -, dyira. 1. px. — 9. tatfa. 1. px. II. f. of td^ to sit — 

the copula of the adj. d'ay affix, tnt garid^Oy he is goodj i 

gagari^a^ they are good. 

Beak, s. (of a bird) iikan. in v. ox. lit. tooth. 

9eam, v. n. adad'a* 1. ppx. properly to be whiti^. 

Beam, s. {rtky^ cara. n. ox. lit. point, top^ — CbiaUQ nUtckitchiia, t. ia< 

— 9. t^haf^q* m^.px* and the Intense tckatchaba* m. ppx. se« 


Bean, s. (common fleld^bean} hagila. n. ox* . 

Bear, v. a. (viz. a child},. <2a (-^jfa} 3. mati dezef what has she bornef 

izindezertu she has borne. This word is used of -women tf 

well as of beasts. — 9. d'ala* 1. px. _ 

Beard, s. areta t*jpx« , > , - ^ . 

Beast, s. (wild - } binenza, t. px. (Ai^. bine''za). 

Beat, V. a.^ aboda. .1. px. (psp. with the S^i). fkom abode ^ fist — ^\ 
d^ana. 1. px. — 3. da (-atra} 2. — 4. dqdador^od^a* 1. ppt 
px. (nat. sound}. — to - up, oka (-aira} 2. — 2. ir^a. 1« px. 

Beautiful, adj. 6are. ox. feqi- baretu^ ^^ f^- u\ ~ / 

Because, conj. eda, (ed'a.') px. — .2Le!i^. fo^, (4fegif) Agi --^ 3* Aojrt(> 
px; it isalwt^'S placed- aftev tke .setttemce^ whioh it govemB. 
malif d!ufudidte ani zin djed^e hoyuy why diist thou not come 
whereas I told it to thee. — 4. kan. (liU al|^br. ^monstr. proo> 
kafko) (olifiy^M by. the ^^tQ^ .fi> .kanan am. dje^efiy, because 

Become, vMit d^^dtn. lippcBt^^^^ -2. 4A C'^aym) B. (eiiitere, ieri) vri 
the II. f. of it: taeta. 1. px. • ; « . .^ , 

~ 11 — 

Bed, », iiiie. n. .oa;. on.ibp -^ .f7rlefrr<i; to -, t>'4e KrcfiMi. -r- 9. 4ifa* ni. 
px. — a. d'inca. f. px. (Akat ^Vnlsa)^ — td iwkf • -, «/»• 
1. px. make me a -, afa na afu — to eaiMN) .to pr^^re * «i9 
a^iZd, S. ppx. HI. f. of afu. 

Bed, s. (of a field), boo. n. ox. — (of a river), malka. n. ox. 

Bedchamber, s. dHnka. t. px. (Ak. d'inka.') 

Bedstead, 8. fr)|7<? dyizu. ox. px. lit. place to sleep. 

Bee. s. kumiza. fni. px. — 8. a partic. spec. d*amu. n» ox. "vrbich builds 
its hive in the earth. — the opening of such a hive, afdn 
iamu (lit. mouth). 

Bee-hive, s. Jtotndo. n. ox. 

Beer, s. farxo. n. ox. a fermented beverage made from gratn, espMlally 
wheat, a sort of beer which is the customAry drink ef- th^ 
Oalla^; entirely resembling the n^asio of the Ykumaiei ^-^ '9. 
dyaiaii. n. ox. particular name for a farzo sufficiently fermented, 
from dyaiaiiy clear, clean. 

Beetle, s. (in general) bombu n. ox. 

Before, adv. dura, px. also a comparat. particle; ani zi dura dyiray 
I am before thee, I am older than thou; im dtaroj (tit he be- 
fore) the first. 

Before, conj. before that, oto. px. (Am. utu") followed by the negation; 
ato ini bozona hiilifini iza cabaniy before he reached the fbrest 
they caught him. 

Beg, V. a. had' ad' a, %. ppx» Inf*. had^ad^zu. ox. always ooustr. with 

the postpois. ni (n)« — . to -^ , v. n. abakad^a. 1. ppx. (Ak, to 

Beggar, s. kad*ad'u, n, ox. from ka^ad'a, to pray, beg. , 

Begin, v. a. eaba, 1. px. lit* tu seize; /espeo. dyul^atbay Mt, to.«el«« 
. iMpeath. — %. kd (-aa).!, oonstr. with tliepostp«.ei;' |fii Aor 
djad'zuU kacy lit. he jrose to tbe werk, !• e. he. began to work. 
Also the verb baria. iv,PP^* which expresses the beginning of 
any action; iafti barienan godaney lit. when the earth awoke (?) 
he set off, 1. e. when it dawned ; buie barienany when eveninjf 
began; birran barie, spring has begun. 

BeglMOiBg, 0. JMto.- fh ox. ini nuUa dnH ffode, .-Iia U^^. the (head) 

. ,, ^^ beginiiUig;.of hla.fpeeeh> . 

Beheid, v. », gorrdQ-aa^ 1. (Am.) ^ . . . 
B«UiH)» fi4v. (pita. px. «0e altoi:. , i . . 

— 1» — 

Behivd, prep. boda. px« — 9. dvka. px. postp. na dttka ademij go 

behind me, metaph* imitate me. 
Behold) ▼. a. iktia, 1. px. 

Belabour, to - something by striking or thrnsting, tuma. 1. px. ail 
tumad'a. 1. ppx. II. f. 

Believe, v. a. amana. 1. ppx. CArab.?} — 8. heda. 1. px. CAm. hM\ 

1. ppx.) — 3. %ea. 1. px. 
Bell, s. biibiia. t. px, nat. sound. 
Bellow, V. n. baroda. 1. px. — 9. gadoda, 1, px. — 3. garonouK. 

ppx. — 4. iyuza, 2. px* — 6. mar^ada. 1. ppx* 

Bellows, a pair of -, a. bufa^ nom* bufni and bufti. px* 

Belly, s. g€arcu n. ox. 

Beloved, to be -, marara* 1. ppx* and the passive of the IV. f. viarer- 

fama* 1. ppx. 
Below, adv. and prep, dyala. px. adv. and postp. 
Bench, a little -, s. tubilo. n. ox. 
Bend, v. a. djaliiza. 9. ppx. III. f. of djaUay to be curved. — %^ 

tchirad'a, 1. ppx. II. f. of mitchiray to tarn about, -r- to wilk 

bent, crippled, gomna (-atra) 8. 
Beneath, adv. dyala. px. 

Benumbed, to be -, rata (rowa') 9. — to make-, ratesio. 9. px. ni.f< 
Beside, pr. bira. px. postp. na bira taij stay with me ! — 9. dalga. px 
Besides, adv. uf tchinatu px. from tehinadjay side, flank. 
Bestow upon, v. a. hirba. i. px. — 2. Jcennay 1. pjc. 
Bet,^ s. cote. n. ox. from eotay which see in the I. part. 
Bet, V. a» cote wai cabad^Oy lit. to hold a bet together. 
Better, adv. hama. px. 

Betray, v. a. igaa. 1. ppx. and igafad'a. 1. ppx. IV. f. 
Between, adv. dgidu. ox. lit. subst. middle. i%an dgiduda bane^ ^^ 

have gone through between them. 

Beverage, s. (in general}, etugati, n ox. 

Bewitch, v. a. ^ora. 1. px. 

Bewitched, adj. btula, ox. 

Beyond, adv. cadamure. ox. (comp. of muta Vhich see.) 

Big, adj. (witli cliild) uifa. px. lit heavy. — % fiirda. ox. — to be -• 
ulfS (rc^oa) 2. and II. f. utfad^a. 1. px. *- S. defi (-mrtf) ^' 
— 8. fUrda. 1. px. (furdSf} — 4. Mtoma. 1. px* — 6. s^ 
ra/ia. 1. ppx. — to be - with young, (said of animato), rtM«^ 

— IS — 

t. zilga. 1. px. — to become -^ fkiriwta* 1^ px. IL- f. ef ftmtdih 

— to make -, v^lMi* %. ys., ' 
Bigness, ». tMhoma.'n. ox. 

Bile, 8. had'oftu. n. ox. 

Bill, s. (of birds) iikam Inv. ox. lit toolb. 

Bind, V. a. /tz/b. 1. px. tm £ltiM tf^alr^ /tr/ii , lit. be binds tbe Wt)rda 
togetber, (lo denote a good orator). — t. gudumfa. 1. ppx. — 
8. A^tf\i..>l. px. — to - one*i» self, hidad^et. 1. ppx. H. f. 

Bird, s. zimbira, i: and U. ppx. 

Birth, 8. ^aia. n. ox. and d^alo. n. ox. — to give - to, ^ata, 1. px. 

Birtb-day, s. ^ra/a d'aloda^ gafa d'alo. 

Bite, V. a. tohinina^ 1. px. IIL f. ^cAtntn^iM. 9. px. to let bite. — to 
bite off, tchiffadCc^ 1. ppx. 

Bilter, to be -, bus&S Q^awd) 9. < — 9. hada C^wa) 9. 

BJac&, Hdi* ffuradja, "pxk fern. guraH, — to be or beoome -, guradfa 
(rawa) 9. idyiza guradjaey bis eye became black, i. e. he be- 
came angry. 

Blaze, 8. araba ibida^ lit. tongue of the fire. 

Bleed, v. n. d'ica. 1. px. — t. ssumma. 1. px. 

Blemish, s. muda, n. ox. 

Bless, V. a. ^bi%a. 8. ppx. III. f. of ^ba. — 9. »ife»a, 9. px. lit to 

caase to bac good. Waeayo danga Itana fsi ha ssifezul may 

God bless this foot to thee. 

Blessing^ s. eba. n«.ex.: < 

Blind, adj. djama^ ox. — to be -, djama. 1. px. and djamaia^ 1. ppx« 

U. t 
Blind, ▼. a. djamxa. .1; px. HI. f. of djama. 
Blook, s.. fmUMtahiku ». px. 
Blood, s. d^ica. ni, px. d^icrU ind'ica, d'icrU ydy blood mna, Uood flows. 

— to shed -, d'ica nad%i»a. 9. ppx. lit« to cause to eat blood* 

Bloom, s. darara. i. px. 

Bloom, V. n. dararct. 1. px. 

Blossom^ s.- and v. ' n. see bloom. 

Blow, V. n. afijifa. 1. px. pass, afufama with the same active meaning. 
bfuben ini itfufimiiy the wind blo^sv — 9. bubiza. 9: ppx. — 
to - up, V. a. bokokisa, 1. px. IIL t of bokokay to be Mown 
up. — to «P a musical instniment, a/bfo* 1. px. — to - the 
nose, farifad^a. 1. ppx. from fiirij snivel, snot 

— 14 — 

Blunt, to be -, doma. 1. px. prov. mukni Want earen domUy lit tie 
edge of the spear of God is not (caaaot be} blvnted. — i 
domad^a. 1. ppx. II. t 

Blaster, v. n. dadada god^a, 1« px# nat sooad* 

B^r4, s. falada n, ox. 

Boast, v. n.,dadfai€L 1. ppx. Inteos. of tbe 11. f. of d,ay to beat — 
9. dyadyabM* 1- ppx. Intense of dyaba, to be stroofC* 

Boat, 8. hidiru. n, ox. 

BodjT, . a. d^agna. u px« — dead »^ rifa f . px. 

Bog, s. rare. n. ox. — 9. tchafe, n. ox. 

Boil, V. a. and n. afeia. 1. px. — f. dafca. 1. px. — 3. dcanfa. 1. 
px. — 4. hoka. 1. px. — 5. toUtha. 1. px. — to - for one's 
self, tolftt^a, 1. ppx. IV. f. of loln^ to be good. — tQ eaose 
to -, afeissiza. 9. ppx. III. f. and ajfeif&ifiuPa* 1. pinc. IV. 1 of 

Bold, adj. dyabe5m. px. from dyaba, strong. 
Bolter, s. ztUitsha. n. ox. . 

Bone, s. lafe. n. ox. — bac^-bone, iaoo« n. ox. 
Boop, s. C^ifcl) karole. n. ox. 
Booty, toimake -, danaba. 1. ppx. 

Vordei*^ s. care: n, ox. from, eara^ top, cedge. — 9. rondo, t. px. — 
- of a river, gama. n. ox. 

Bore, V. a. cota, 1. px. and the II. f. cotad^o. 1. ppx. * — 9. mufo. 1. px< 
Borer, s.>Mitra. n. ox^ ' ' ^ . 

Bom, to be -, ^alaia. 1. ppx. — new-bom, adj. Xalod^a* ox. 
Borrow, v. a. dabarfadCa. 1. ppx. Ut 1 let or make something go over 

to myself, IV. f. of darba^ to pass by« «^ 9. ergifad^a. 1. ppx« 

lit to cause to send anything for. one's self- 
Bosom, Sr (the female) harmo, t. px; 
Botch, V. a. zvba. 1. px. 
Both, adj. iatskanu. ox. 
Bottom, s. Cof vessels, utensils) f agora, u px.. — 9. hod/u. n. ox. — 

^ gp ti^. the -, iiruf. i. p?t; 
Boanee^ v. n. dadadorgod^a. i* px. i^ fi^nind^ lit, ia make jydodadaf^- 

Bomid, r« a. (in thie mortiir), .tfaf^afa*^ l.paD. 
Boiindary, «• cZorv. .ft. ox* -^ 9i- mafa. n^ ox. *^ to be or dwell on the -, 
moga. 1, px. - . \ ;•: .: ./ . j i : » 

— t« ^ 

Boandar^B-Btoiie^ s. a$rf* n. ex. 

Bovr, T* a. t^aUiza. 9;'ppx. Ill, fl of djaUa., to be .esrved. — v. n. 
gadi djed'a. 1. pz. — 9. n^mna. 1. ppx. opee. tO' -^ ^Mi the side. 

Boy, s. gurda. n ox, till the a^^e of cligbteeb ^€fars. ' 
Bracelet, s. there are many kinds of bracelefsr, viz/ ^V^a. n. px. a 
thin ^y worn on the apper-arm. — gtididja. ri. px. a great -, 
military decoration. — ilka. n. ox. - of ^6ry, fk'Om ilkan^ tooth. 
— fnaita. n. ox. etc. * 

Braid, v. a. hulugza, 1. ppx. and espec, hulugziza. S. px. HI. and 
V. f. of hulugoy to creep through a tliipg. — 9. gonogana. 1. 

Brain-pan • s. tvatchidi. n. ox, (Am. frofcAtdi.)^ 
Brains, s« %amu. n. ox. (Am. c^'tiA^a mato, lit* marrow of the head.} 
Bf8D, s. hincatchi, n. ox. , 

Branch, a. d'ame. n. oxi — ^ 2. d^ancu. n, pi;* jgrea^r than d'ame, (the 
first arm from t}ie trono upwards.) ; ., 

Brave, adj. djagna* px. — 2.'god*a* px. ^-r* to be •, ^agna* 1. px. 

Braving, adj. dgabeza. px. 

Bray, y. a« (in the mortar) caXTacatFa. 1. px. 

Bray, v. n. (of an ass) a%a. 1. ppx. r*— .9. alaktza. S. px« 

Bread, 8« in general, bttdena. i. ox. — a thf6k loaf, gaguba. n. ox. — 
white unleavened bread like the easti^r-cake of the Israelites, 
maiTino. n. ox.- ^*- a particular kind of small loaves, biUle. n. 
ox. — to make -,' bHilh. 1. pp:i^. Mid- Mtifad'a. 1. t>px. II. f. 

• * ' 1 * ' 

Breaks v« a. tchahza, 1. px. III. f., and tchabzad^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of tehaba. 

— 9. haJcakza. 1. px. III. f. of bakaka. — 3. hurreza. 1. px. III. f, 
of hurra. — to - open (of thieves), cota. 1. px. prop, to dig. 

'^ to - up, gnmdal^god'n, 1. px. nat.*'sound. * — to - a premiise, 

hafa, 1. px. — to - in little pleceii, fadafad'a. 1. ppx. (Am; 

fatfatad'a, 1. ppx.) •<— to - in^ Uhabka.' 1. px. c. dativ. hatim 

" manati tchabze^ a thief ^luu! brokfOo^nto the house, -r- to - in 

.(of hoxs^H)y g^djibs^. i. ppx. Ilf. tfit^^Sdjiba^ to be broken in. 

Break, v. n. tchaba. 1. px. — S. bakdkiii i;. f px. *-r- a» borul/cam 1. ppx. 

— to - in, pieces, tchaba. 1. .px., ,>.,,... 

Breast, s. (of human beings and beasts) come, m^oxi^ -r^ the female •»> 

Aarvna. i. px. — breast-bone, handeacafoi nL-ipu. 
Breath, s. hafura. t. px. 

•/ ' 

— . 10 — 

Breathe, v. n. hargana. 1. ppx. — 9. Aurso* 1* px. and Aurfesa. S. K 
-*- to *- at, hafisra fiafat^a. 1. {qpx. eonstr. with U. lit. to aafci 
go oat the breathr 

Breech, s. hudu. n. ox. — S. fagara. L px. ^ 

Breeches, s. zure n. ox* — -, made of leather, ^aku n. ox. — y^ 
majle of a cloth which is wound about the limhs, Wuiurto, n, 04 

Bride, s. herumU. n. ox. 

Bridegroom, s. fadCa. n. ox. 

Bride-man, s. mart, n. ox. 

Bridge, s. buza, n. ox. — S. rigidja. i, ox. — a little -, nora. i |ii 

Bright, to be -, r/b. 1. px. sind ifad'a. 1« ppx. II. f. — to make -^ 
ibza. 1. px. III. f. 

Brighten, v. n. dyalaiaga. 1. px. 

Brightness, s. balagi. n. ox. — H. i^i/j^a. i. px. 

Brim, a. care^ n. ox. from cixroy top, edge. — 9. randa. t. px. 

Bring, v. a. /Sifa. 1. px. nsaally connected with ijfufay to come, m/ 
/{dl^ i{'ti/>?, lit. he bronght came, i. e. he brought. — to - alKnt, 
fuUaxa. 9. px. 111. f. of fiMUa , to get through. — to - bacfci 
debi%a. %, ppx. III. f. of debia^ to return. — to - fbrtli, d'u^ 
1. px. and da (-agq) S. see to bear, -.-to - forwards, hic%a» 
1. px. III. f. of kicay to go away* — to - home, gaiUha. i 
px. III. f. of gala^ to go home. • — to - near, ge%a^ 1. px. 10. t 
of gdy to approach. — tp - out, bafadta, 1. px. IV. f. of ^ 
to go out — to -^ together, ky^za. 9. px. and hvfa^a^ 1. ppX' 
III. and IV. f. of a root Jsua. not in uae. kanan am garakotin 
hufad*e qiVuma %i hima^ liU what I in my heart gathered (i. e. 
thought), all tell I to thee. — to •- up, ad^aba. 1. ppx. probably 
from d^abay to put; and gudiza. 9. px. firom guda^ to be tall. 

Brink, s. care. n. ox. firom cara^ top, edge. — 9. randa. «. px. 

Broach, y* a. durutfa^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of durura, to well, spring. — 
9. dgigza. 1. px. III. f. of dyiga^ to we)L 

Broad, adj. bal^a. px. — to be -, bal-^a. 1. px. and espec. bal^aSa» 
1. ppx. II. f. — to m^ke -, bal^eza. 1. px. 111. f. and fagem^ 
. 1. pxv from fagOy flar, distant. 

Brood, v. a. ama^a. 1. ppx. (Am. hanuuta. 1. ppx.) 
Brook, a. ddhla. n^ oxv 
Broom, s. carogatida* n. ox. . . 
Broth, s. nuxraqi* n. s. ox. 

— 17 — 

iBitak&y laxy hr^tber i ^plut. ab^nt hn^ obokL :^ — gdrman -, 

Brow'n, a#j. magata* p&. — t6 be «;', »ltfjrtfl9''^-4NiMi> 9/^^^ arotra. 

Browse, v. a. (of birds and cattle), mura. 4* px. >' < > •- 
Braise, y. a; b^kakm. t, px. III. if. of bakakiiy 'to break. *^' jii b^^ 

ruk^a,' ±'. px. III. f. of barukoj to break; -^ 3. docossa. %i pj(.- 
' • — ^'4. rti^. t. px. (Am. ftKjei.) • r > 

Brush, s. hafdrza. «. ox. r' ' 

Brush, v.' a. Iwgtt. ±. px. * . ». \ ,» 

Buffalo, s. gafarza, i. px. — S. karma. «. px;: 

Buioon, s. raiO't. ^* ox. (Am.) ' '» ;" - 

Bi^, s. gegio. n. ox. ' • r ./ v ' 

Boild, V. a. idyat'a, 1. px« ancf idgardd'a* i. ppx. If. f. *^ to - together, 

wal caba. 
Boilding, s. idyari, n. ox. — the act of - a house, dyadani, n. ox. 

dyadaninke atami dyira? how does your house-building proceed? 
Boll, s. korma, f. px. korma bordedOy a bull with an erect hump, kortna 

gurra (ear), a bull with a hanging hump. — 9. ulfin, inv. ox. 
Bambailiff, s. caJbi, n, ox. from caboy to seize, etc. 
Banch, s. hafa. nt. px* ' .» . • 

Bundle, to make a -, gumessa. 9. px. lit. 'to makei round*, III.' f.of 

gumoy to be rotind. * - '' • . ' ' / . • - 

Bara, T'.'n. bobS ^aiffd) % ^-^ "f. jn^o.^1. px'.'aad gutadfd, *. ppx. 

II'; f. and gttgtiba. 1. p^x. Intens. of gubu.' —' 3. ou^^a. 1. px. 

-^ i:iald,±. px. tranjs.'ftiifd fo/a<f'a. 1. ppx. es^ec. of ortica 

and slnikilar things. 
Burst, V. n. hurra (-afro) 9. — 9. d'oa. 1. px. •^ 9: bdkdk&. ±, ppx. 

to ^ in pieces, trans. bakak%a. \. ft^'tih f. of bbkakai' ' 
Bury^ r,'i. atvaict: ^'. ^x. "(Am. btca/(&.) 

Bushefs, is. boi^bna. <. px. » '' . • « . -~ 

Business, s. n/iakari. n. 07t. — to* be a'mau Of -,' makara. 1. ppx. 
Bustle, s. Atirw.n. ox; i >> t ., >.. 

Busy, to be -, arifd^a. 1. ppx. lit to tun. — 9: ^am& C'^awq) 9. — 

3. d^iiadla and the Intens. di^idtaita. i. ppx -^ 4. dgitrdyara, 

1. ppx.* • ■ ' ' ■ . . • ' ./-i .. .■ 

But, 'adv. and conj. m^/^. ox. a word Which fu sll it^ changes entin»ly 
' answiers to the English „bat'^ tnoH jfonare inigaUa maie 9 


— 18 — 

> what iihoald we. hcigi» tat.^o.lioipet' fo/b kaeian bouj wtna 
x.u I tPite nuiieij I i^eeipiiiiot i* vain bnt Mmething paios .mt. -t 

eda. C^daJ.jpT, ^da^4arffa§0n kmd mm adjnu fedCeU vmA 
. dtnika^mi^ bot-U^e^e yiMiQg awn who wpqli} kill him eone«alc& 

themselves in the honse. 
Batcher, s. cuntriteha* i. f i. 

Bttlcher, v. a. cakh ±..9%. -^ IL £ eaia^a- i. ppx* to -for one's selT. 
Baxter, .«. ^atfia. n. o&. Prov. dl^oitan iMdU b^e^ hindef^y, bolter 

fUlen into the iAre does not come back again* *-r- . to make -, 

raza, %, px. properly to shake, to move to and fr9» 
Batter-milk, s. had^u. n. ox. lit. support, basis, sd. of the butter. 
Butterfly, s. biiatsha. f. p:f^« 
Batton, s. (on the spear} djimfu. n. ox. 

Boy, V. n. bita. 1. px. — to - for one's self, biiad^a. 1. ppx, U. t 
By, ff^' and adv, dt^a. ppstp. px. — 9k 4Sf<^' postp. px. 

v %. • * , . " '/ 

« ■ 

Cabinet, s* gararad'a. fit. px. 

dackle^iiF. .n» (of a b^n} ka/fisu;^ 9. ppx« 

Cajole, v. a. egaia, !• ppx. lit. to wag with the tail. 

Qair, % tyibileha. p*'Ox» . — , 9« 911a. «»• ox. : — a. Uhabi. n. ox. 

Qaaf, s. (of the leg) sxn-ba. n. o^ ^— , 9« fw djf^b»^ Ut. thjck flesh. 

(Pali,: ▼^ n. t£?aana. 1. px. II. f, tr^w^a- 1. ppx. < to ^xlbf one's sel( 
for assistance. — 8. djed^a, 1. px. -7- .^ n^Cii dcL ft* h^ '^ 

/«;, .'bwt the pame. , « . • 

Calamnifiti^ , v;^ n. dflid'^a^^ t. pxv II. t Jnteps. of a roat duba not 
in use; dubiza. 8. ppx. , and^the ;(nten8. dudubiza. 9,P9^^^'^ 
— «. hamad^a^ 1. ppx. II. f. of Aoma^ to be bad. — 3- ^^'* 
, f. px. ---< 4. fm^fk fudfa^. l»»px^ lit to take the name.. 

Calumniator, s. amadyadyu, n. ox. (Am. amad^(jLd,}u n^ ox.) — ^' 
* kaafMJ^u, n. 01^ — a.,fo/ii/h^ n, ox. fan^ kfufpudadfn^ n.px-' 

CMnel, s. gimaia. i. px. plur. gimalu. (Am. camaie. n. 03l]^,. | 
, ..; li^juft^u,.4ni,4^md!^^^M etc^ lit 1 i^n I c^m !^^^ ^^^^ 

— 19 — 

oaif8t'*tliDa oomesl ii^^' t. e. I'ca*fiot'^€om«,^efe. -^-^' I Mdstitrai^ 
daiaba. 1. px. Intena. of the Iff* f. of d^itbay to want - 

Cancor^' s. ^oronf. n* ow. . » .\' .» , i »...-.. • 

Candid, adj. fanqe, ox. 

Caoile, «. ^Mo or (7/;99. >fi, oxt *^ 9. tekezo* n, ox. -^84 tAis^. n. dx* 

CtLUCj. b:* diNjfaAf, li. ox. > 

Cannibal, s.^bulgu. n: ox. man-«a(ter, a/gho9t who'is ofteH mefitioned in 
the tales of the Oallas. — Bdtida, a temM oanntbal, h»lf man 
hairatiimai; the ^ord is perhaps related ta budtij' evil eye;* 

Capriok>«is/ »dj. tktwe, ox* ^ > 

Ctptare, v. a. caba. 1. px. and II. f. cabatf of: i^^ppx. -^ t<r caase to be ^^ 
edbvlvkt. %i px. Und eaA%ifii^a, 1. ppx. III. awd IV. f. iiteaboi 

Cararaifi, sj imdM$.'fi: px. ' 

Gire^ ta i^ko -^ ^MA<l^<f.'lv ppx. II. f. of ikJOf to «ee. — to have - 
:»^, e§a. ±: pi. lit.'^to ^Mnuft- 

CardM^i to he », €0^,{^a%be^y S.jox. and Inte«i9» eocoha. 

Caress^ v^.a^ gabarm. 'li ppx. 'atid Interns, papab^a. — '. '%i mmia. 1. 
. ppi^.^~*« ]k frus'atras'ii* 1* iv '^ 1; i) . — 4. %6%aba. W ppx« 

Carpet, «. 'lerfrtfrn.' ox.- •• • . ^ • • i ,,.,..-. /- 

Carry, r.' a. ^nc^a. 1. px. • — ^.gura. f- px. — ''to - away, ginra and 
gurad^ai 1. tupx. II. t< • with the middlo sen^e. — to - through, 
$che%i%a. 9. ppx^ IH* T. of'tckeay to penetrate. -^ to^ - too fhr, 
oto^iza, 9/ ppx. and Mo^ifi^ai 1* p|)x. III. and IV. f. of oiD^Oy 
to be hot. 

Carve, t. at eoAs^ li px. '— * t^ dja^ia, 1.' ppx. (Ami) — 0. *iito. 1. 
px^ kotatfa. 1. 'ppx.HL f« ^^ 4. mura. l*'px. — to - food, 
buza. 9. px. III. fl ' of 6uti,' to 'Come down. 

Carving-lnstmment, s. co/bni«iii. «x. ' ' 

Casc^deijf )8'jiiftndf/i. n- te* see, 'oalaraetb 

Cast; v. a. d. (contr. from ad) 1. ibida manakezA aCy ht cast fire in- 
:t9')-tie hduef. "^ iti. darbe. li C-*^} px* ^— *0. fia<ra. ti pXi 
iaien goradiza Hi naqcy the porcupine oast its stings ^ against 
Umi ^»^ to -^ ttwuy, ^atfo.'!. px; * ' • / 

CoaHgnte^ y.^9ki tfaM. 1. px« usually oontfeeted -with yaA^, pUnhihttent. 

Wacayo yaka zi d^anufdyiroy God will punish thee ^ III. f. 

d^atdzay to have castigated; — 9. attaba.±. pt)X.' probably fhyrn 

'»tf^a6iij'to fut. >-^ 8. veroi^a. f» pipx. -^ 4. ya^n <{a.. C'^^Mm) 

•> fjilit. 10 bettt'fiaQlshment. . t 1. 

Castle,> the* royal '^^^^''ikdkara^ n^ ox* . 

• .\ - •:. ".' 

— If — 

Castrnte^ T^-a-JraiZusa. i. |iii..thk not koUm has not bebn . diocovered. 

Casnar, s. Ormtho\.4wm^a^ I. piC . : <> .^ 

Cat, s. adalla. t. px. — 9. ature. n, ox. (Ajti« adure*') ' — wild -, 

wongo, n. ox. ./.. ; \ .: 

CaCarftoty-: «• flnd^ n^ .<kk.« Tft^ere is a oertate .eataraot AfBtBumff^. 4»wn 

which criminals are throwD, called findja LaHy Laii l)ekig the 

. iianf\ of .tii»e. dellaqnent. who wiu» .fijrst plunged into- it — )B« 

^-gotu. »i»«tQx* gneater thaa fi^f^ja, CAm.) 

Catdi, v: a« ca^u* 1». px» and JI. f.-t^bud^a* A. f^px.. ^r- tocfln^ to he 

caught, cabziza, 2. px. III. f. and cab%^faia. l.j^x« !<¥• f* 

Caterpillar, Si djirangQ. a(^.,]oii, \v . & ..^ 

C«tlie,!8. in gea^al^ ton (/om) .far., phir* tant. .BMiae. .The following 

are some of the peculiar expressions jto the different agos and 

' 'singularities of cattle: tshahi. n.\ ox.» caff. in the agewlien the 

horns hreak forth. — if;V6f7c^a../t..iOx« calf, ai littiie .oUer. — 

wofand^f.^r^ #iMl^. Ji^'OjK.pi ^edip^ni^i^elded oXf>.mmd tot 

\ t \« Mbouting. JkotinMM t« ^xwhiiffalo /which see* — uifin. ibt. ox 

r;.: hulL (?). r-T;«tf«^a- -W* Gtx. ^ijiittfcned' ox> — ■ ra4^a. f..px, a cow 
two years old. — goromza, i. ox. a heifer .old enough .to lireeif. 
• f. .'. -T^ »a^ (eonir. from skxtoa) Ji(An. jsani. cow is geoeral. — 
. < <. : . '..duIaUha. <> ppx» a oow oeme. to^ Alll growth, ^^^ 
Cimtions,- adj. cobe^ 0x«, from cefti^ .to attend: tOw 7- .to he -^ djila, 1. 
. ' o p«..>r-.>- ifa/iMpfl. 1- pp^/lL.r el tofo^.tOisee. 
Cavity, s. bola. t. px. .; u . : 

.Qe4«?^ .y.ili. darbaJ 1. pi^** Ct. pers« dakaria. se^ Qran.-Buai. 1310 ^ 
.. i .8. d'unkL l..px* — 3« ratraifii.(l./ppx*i — 4. viyAosMk 1. px. 

bokeni tshamey .d'umcy the rain ceased. - ' . .. . 
Cedar, & Bot. gadra. n. ox. QAm..4fudira,y\^ , .^ . . . - 

Cede, V. a. gada. 1. px. me mutfiha k^na im gadi^ tpray cede-C^nr: give) 
. ,1 . .thto .child, tq Ktfi,^ .,...;. 

CeflinK,..;s^ jre^n.any^ ,ox.ot,eUited either (0 M, le ila|r,>keefi; or to 

. '...As^^. pO^tp^'MI. 'i :. V •' ,^ '•. . * 

Celebrate, v. a. aganfad'a. 1. pyi^. IV«. f, .of ^a^tmoj to he hel|t. 
Ceivwp«i«p^«fcP.'-9 'j^MteirOb /t..ppx«. and the Intens, ^gabara. 

Cecen^tgiions, to he **,..i9a^<fa<- 1. pxi . . : . » . i ) • v > ^^ 
Certainly; adv. 0, 1 affix. n»*^ fiomari gone}, maf,nm^ dunta9 'we have 
certainly done nothing (no harm), Whyodostlhon penlsh us? 
Chaff, s. habagi. n, ox. (Am. mad'o. ik (ai.y-^.fi.iehiii. #>. JOK-CAn. tchidL) 

•' :J 

— tl — 

Ci»lr/y 9v bardj^uma. nf«<pK« (AJifr; tmrdyumtf. iHg.^hatdpvtna.') '*^* k 

Chamheify 's./A/7^. m; pk^vpt^oslte «ta.^ofo-i(N0m>(«iid;.«ffi|Jta (bed- 

•€h«mher>. 'm^ .>cUwAtar'*iiuiid^ kg^anufiv {hagan 'Up')>^ either 

' deiivied'Arom Ao^o:*!, /^r^-to'^bmsli^'fiweepy et fnm hdga par- 

' tUlonj' ctmmbeirk •'.'»( . .. •«»■ :, , •. ■? 

ChameleM^ . s» gafi4ira, n^'oxi Prdr. inl'^armaH difiuKa didir^ntay he 

blia(pgeB:lii9 t)olbur likeiia elumidleoD. ^ v, ... 
Champion, a roan whose exploits give him the right to anoiat ^himself, 

Change, v. a. didira. \. px. — .ln<ithe> sense^'toae^aUemataiy, darba, 
.' (1/ i(i9w <pQrs. dt^artay^wlth Iranisf posed ftaoaoaants , seie .€ltaim 
num. 1310 P^- ^^^'^ ff^^ ffo^ darbaniti hB4jctd'»^ thof work 
alternately; darba niems « .proparl}^: to oepsA, and die idfla •of 
.: ^^^haago^^ is loxpttcaiie Jb 'this .phfasecv. one- ceases* wibcri:. tbi 
dtherrhagiiis.- : • :, < -i . 
Charge, v. a. halela, 1. px. — to - a gun, horfd:^ 1^ px. 
Chase, b. adamo. n. ox. .-*n >« .^ ; . ^ 

Chase, v. a. adamza. 1. px. — tor-lawnTV' ^^^VKi>ft»p&.tlIi. A of diz, 
to go oat. — 9. aria, 1. ppx. — 3. ctoioraa. .i^ px. .ill; f.. iif 
darbayto pass* by.»^^/ 4i\ diid^immm ±i*ipja^'\h6 root 
. dtitma has-n^ been finind; * , j • " 

Chattering, s. dubi djamacta. djamad'a. L ppx. is^tiae II. t ,oP djama^ 

< '40"be iblind^i (/iubij .wbrd.) '^ ■ • 
Cheap, >hd>. fti/».pxi "^ to be-*, ^fl/fc. .1. px. — ,Nt;» &ii«'a* (•*atra) i. 
* (JimL fo«fS;)v-^ to -mate. «^ lnit^'«sa.<0. i»^ ill- f./ of'^Wi.** ^ 
Cheek, -0. snocfn !».' ox. : • >» t »; .. ; i ...\ > - 

Cheek-tooth, s. ao, n. ox. The ibar grindery lirhieh stand near the 
eye-4e0th'«re called: moqe ao, lit^ the extepior gvinders. > . > 
Cheer, v. a. gama^ziza. 9. px. III. f. of gama^ ay to>be glad; 
Cheese, s. iUtu. n.'. osi ttolsk itSy td i^welL i — 9: f«At^ai^*a.-n. ox. ft-on) 

tshubay to plunge. ■ • .. . m . 

CherlBlr, Vi a.' umaiftf. i. ppx. C^m* hamacf^^ < — 9. M^afrcra. 1« ppx. 
and Intens. gagabara. 1. ppx. — to be -ed, nuLrarfiama, 1. ppx. 
prop, the passive otmararzn^ III. f. of marardf to be. dear. ' 
CheWy y*iCL,'htcunuk l.*ppxv'.- ^ •> » • ; .^» .\ •^••n •• . , " 

Chicken, s. djudji. n. ;ox.. — > jl* (?^<>* n. «ql. . . « •> - i: ' -i 
Chide, V. n. dfUa. 1. ^.v ^^^9^ iMiM^iJii; i. ppn ' t^ ••' i . * 

Chief, s. bed. n. ox. from bdj to go out. 

Cbi)d,i 8. (in .Keiie^) tima. i; yac pl«r. ilman, — 8. iTtfto* fu ox. tnd 

dCalo, n. ox. from il'afo to give birth to 9 dC^lak4Ui na to/t, blees 
! my children I. (In. priyers..) *-^ 9^ muiMhoie. m ox. - Collect >- 

ne!iir**l)om ^, und •»«> long itris, sseiied, uttiteAA n* ox. •— - in« age before it* bei^uiB to.walic,' dLaima, n, oxl from iaima, 

to creep on ail foars. till the age of fouffteeo years, Ai- 

\djoiel,ni jQx. '^ — the youngest M in the famUy^ guditm. n. ox. 

am gudizun d'alad^Cy I w«h» the last borof from g9idi%a^>Si 
' I y ediUBate. . • . « '. -<. 

Childhood, daring the -, adv. ifurr. px. (Am. dM€U.^ duratty duraii. 

I ppx. from dura-j befsce, earliet. 
Chilly, to be «*,. dHanmdhCk 1. ppx« «;ii gudaiPamod^era, I feel very cold. 
Chrn, s. arekt^ t. px* 

Chine^ s. harira. u pxi -^ ISt'im^- n«^ ox. 
Ciirinb betweea. the: 'two '«p|i^r fore-«teelii irbich is Aled. larger in 

order to spit through (singular custom of the Gellas)^ karu. n. 

ox. (Am; UarPjju^ - ^ . ; •. . 

Chip, s. huba. ni. px. 

Chirpy t. a. (of bi^ds}. maUfha. 1. pxl . i 

Chisel, 8. jfiridi, H. ox. 
Choiffv-Ieader, s. bafttu ox; £em; u&uall}i with wetUytoetu Safiu, lit. s 

maiden who makes songs gol out (sck o4^ hecmoBih]), frooi 
. 'ybttzoy ib mbke; ge< qut; v -- 

Choke, v. a. uhamza, 1. px. III. f. oXukmna^ to, close. the 'month. — 

i^he ^^^fhUd^amcu 1. ppx* passive of Atfd'i^. to i strangle. 
Choose^ out,. VI a>cl9ca^. '(-4iti7|i} t. ox. .Istensj of coba, to be/eltenti<^e. 

— 2. foa. 1. px. and II. f. foad'a, 1. ppx. te^ * ibc.ojie*s self. 
Chop* off, V.iMr cm,\i.^ pxbi (Ajp \€^a\,y \ v > /. •. . . 

Churn, 8«.noo«, n. oxt ffom'; nsv-^y goat^v beoause oluinis .ere made of 

goat'jsf-leatliier. . o - ? :- , >. : .>. \. 

Cicfttrvee, s, >if^af9<i«.'^..<ox. (Am...5FOiiirn£8Mi. ./mf« px«) • . 
Circulate, v. n. mar%a. 1. px. from maray to tmrn^ ' < - ' - 
Gurcumcisio»^ s. djara. n^' oijl. properly ih^ Jbast wbere > the ^-gieiii 
'.^ .operation is. performed.- - > ' •.. ^. " ' • J.-: 

Circttmrspect,. adj* codoi bs. .Arotn- ceAo^. to be attentive* * n .<, 
Claim, s. eabdo. n. ox. from caba^ to seize^ hold, mi eaMO'tufra tfoU, 

he has a daim on me. — ^%i^ liqu n. xix. .• 
Clammy, to be or become <^ ifiD^Hote^ (vatMi). 9w i >. '. ,. / 

lightly. ."'i^r-.i i> -« .f K ■■; .' 

Clap, V. n. cab^djed'oy nat. sound, lit to say yyCab^* -^ H^ ^tuh^d^^a^ 

also a nat. sound. ■ » . - ' i ' 

Clasp, s. dagaie. m. ox. - i . • - ' : v 

Claiir, s. hote» ». ox. , -t .'\. * « ..• / . J 

Clay, s. ffuML $k 'ioU -*- it. sub0. n. oi. «^' a sort of -^^vrhioh is ss)d 

to be eaten by men and cattle, hd^ .. « ^ 

Clean, adj. dyakdi. ox. — 2. culcuiu. ox. (eueuNfy -^ t» bv^' ^ttiPal 

icuiaf} '''•:• A .• > 

Clean, v. a. culessa. 9. px. and eulefad^a. iv ppx. ilL ^and'IV.'ft> o^ 
'4ni/a9 »t©' be -elemii ''*^ •■$;*. «oi?#. If.i''p<.' wj / . . .,.>.;>• • . i 

Cleanse, v. a. hara. 1. px. — S. iUtiri^^(^^^miMi) % *^ik%oed> 1. px. 
Cleai;, i»dj, ^st^A^tc o^. icjun^tif^ — .; »' ,<toife'«V-<MR* /Jiraw^.JPfW 
^. dyfflafpi'a^ tl^is beer.ia cyi^V. rVHlp.h^ir,r»/V, i-lff^ W>d ,11^^ 
ifad'a. 1. ppx. — to make -, ib%€U 1. p](»..lU. (f. . * , 

Cle^f^ .Kiufl- £» roopi ^'flJ^flA 4..vPia;./-r- -to + UH^.^hr^ati tJiej.Yplw 
ct//a. (-aa}.4. ox.a^nd 4t^<i'«..4« ppxv i^yt. soiiiifl, Jit. ^o make 
,,aAp^^. — to - off (of fluids), intr. dyalalaaa. 1. px. 

Cleave, v. a. falada* 1. ppx. , , 

Cleaving, to be or become -, d'ogona. ("Oiva) 2. 

Clement, to be -, tola. 1. px. 

Clemency, s. (TurL n. ox. which see in the .1. part. 

Cling/, to be or become -, dogona. Crawaj 2. 

Clink, V. n. till^djed'a. 1. px. nat. sound, lit. to say ^^tilr. 

Cloak, s. bagalla. i. px. (Am. bacalid), — an other kind: batiya, n. s. 
dx. ' pWlted from bass. - ' ' ' ' • 

Clock, s. bilbila. t. px. nat. sound. ' ^ ' 

Clod^ "E.koditeha. i. px* Op^A^)>-deyivtMiil)ePhiipS''firorti h>«i, td 
plough. ^^ 9. Muifixgih Hi' ok. from tctkfagm^t^i oenglobe. 

Close, adj. caweza^ px. fem. caweH. ox. — 9. gud«$. ox. 'probably 
from ^ti^, to be full. — 3. yabu. ox. (Am: yttpu), ^>— ^ to be -^ , 
gaima. 1. -px^- •• '• ' '-* •' '■' - ■ \ - '" > 

Close, V. a. tchufa. ±{ px. * — 1i. especi to^ the mouthy f^mm^d, il 
px. and tiArtim/iiil*a. ' ""^ '^to ^ b/ ^aistertng - ovef with clay, 
mtu^gm L ppx. *^> to *be vmI,' Ktoprped,' iiJfifieMa. '«1. 'ppx: aind 
■l»/ltf»»liil\ 1. .px;> tvtfch/iifcie^MS' us<»d i fg. sense, to be 

close, reserved; ifU dtMza tehueakid^ay he is res^fved in his 
words. '» ■ 

-— «« — 

ClMeMds^ 8. ffudstii n. ox. nUtUm kjuni §md%i t&ta y this eom itnds 

thick, lit has closeness. 
Cloth, ». erbt. n. ox. 
Clothes, s. waya. n. ox. (Am. woya.') 
Cload, s. dumeza, t. px. 
Clover, s. ssidiza, nom. zidifm, px. 

QffJbyB, '4itrma. t. px. -r- 9. ^o/ot n. ox. — 3. ^iini. n. ox. 
Clutch, s. kote, n. ox. . . 

Co»g:olat«4 milk, tY/fu. n. 0!X. . 
Coal, s. ka%alcu t. px. 
Cofvxer, s^ VMi%4nDa%h$. il« ode 

Cock, s. korma. u px. prop^rlji, the male of aaimals; often handanco^ 
• hen, is added: korma , handanco. 

Cockered, to be -, gmkohia: 1. ppx. iimd ganaM, a eodtered child. 
Cofltoe, s. (the herrf aod the tree) buna. t. px. — when hoUed: ga^vt^ 

(ca^wd) n, ox. ' ' • * 

Comitate, v. n. AeAi. 1. px. (Am. hedaa. t. ppx.) — %. ffado kWL 
'9. px. III! f. of kua^ Ik. to ^ther thoughts. 

Coin, s. zoffita. i, px. prop, salt see money. 


Colander, s. gondju n. ox. 

Cold, s. dlamo^za. t. px. iamoX%% na eabay lit. cold holds me, i. t 

I feel cold. 
Cold, to he -, d^amoaa. 1. ppx.' am guda d'amod'eroy I feel very coll 

— 9. dilaia. (atbal 9. ' 
Coldness, s.d'«mod-«V <. px.' 

Colic, s. garanko waliti cabad^e^ 1 have a colip^ lijt. my helly holds 
itself together. 

Collac^^iicks, s., (for an ox to. draw the plough) gindyiriL n. ox. 

Collect^ y. a< /Wunta.^!. px» -^ .9.. kuza^-lt. p%, HI. f. of a .root Im 
, .' not in use. ./;' . /. ^ . 

Colour,, s. bifa* ^V px. i . 

Comb, s. faqe. n. ox. — 9. fiia. n. ox. made of hmrn.i . 

Comb, V. a. fila, 1. px. and, If. f* fUad^eu 1. .ppx; . 

Combat, s.^ /olo. n. q^x. — • 9^ fatche.,n..saL, 

Cooibat, ▼. n. dtiia. 1. px. usuiiUy, dtOfm dul^ or joift^ liute. — t. 
/o/^* 1. px. «T-^, d, fitfckksop, %m ppx. tho root faieha has not been 
found. . .^A> . ^ :{.♦•-'. . 

Combatant, s. dftfto. I. px. 

~ •» — 

Come, V. i^..d^ufy..i. ftn^md.tht Ihten^. .^uA^rfk. 1* px. -^ Impent 
flood) oone!. kottiu.rpji' f lar. Jpotf^a. . px. iMenm.rk6hod'a. ppx. 
— come on! denu. defective v^rb,'px» — ^.ie - htDcky dMar ±\ 

PPf^r rr- tO^>v4oiV)P ,;*t4a4 .1., gx. ta - fornracd^ /^ i> fun 

-T- 8« Ai^a. .^ ^Jt .H— . 3v .tfya*. l.\px^ C^on. figiiS) — > to - in, 
Cas profit) gd. (raya) 3. — «. bd. (roa) 1. — 4o»nki)a^eat 
mMs>. yd. (rm). I« --r Mt to -*^ (Ml in duty) dad'aba,^i. .ppob 
Ifulenf}. of ^a^ii; tomiaa etc. — ito - to a pl^ce, yk. (,^ya) 3. 
. —^tto - npv ^ -to Ugbit, bafiid'a. 1. ppx. iVw f«^tlf M, to go 
out. |fo»iti izan txd^ dinUun . makrzani hafuiam.iinfim, den%iie^ 
. lit^i wli^A they road/»' Qom^ «p their heads over tlie,7ri(|l.j«oantain, 
the infantry fled. — Ji. yubaia. 1. 'ppx* from y!lt^0j nl>^0ff^ M 
ati tulu gubcui'tey when thoa comest w^ the hiH* . . 

Cofflfbrt, t.'a. d6ii^*5$ki; t. i^pxi V. f. of a roet oda not in ttCfe.**^ tl 
^Srcy^^^br. 1. ppx. but' in th^ fiens^: i\> appease senkebc^f by in- 
vented consolatory armaments, Irom zo^Oy to lie. -^ tfif be -ed, 
obza. 1. px. ' " •• ' 

Comfortable, to be -^ zarma. 1. px. sed, satisfy. ' ' ' ' - ^ 
Commatad, s. /flftft^; ni ox. (Am.) * * ' , » 

Commander-in-chief, s. bai. n. ox. flrom bd. to go out. 
Commebce, v. h. cdhd. li pi. esp^c. dyal^eaba^ lit. to' seis^ beneath! 

-^ to -, V. n* ittf. C-flO)' 1. <;bnstr. with the postp.' ti. ifU 

iyuH ha&y lit. 'he rose io the ttyingy i.'e. he* be^aii to cry. 
Commencement, s. mata, n. ox« ini mata dubi gade^ lit. he' lost the 

head, i. e. the beginning, commencement of his speech. 
Commend, v. hJ farzd, 1. px. * » •. , . • 

Compact, adj. gudzi. oX. 'probably ttom^guday to be tall. —- to be -,' 

galma. 1. px. 
Companion, s. «ni7ft). n. ox. ' i-i ^-^ 

Compare, v. a. akeka. 1. px. nu vodtiti aUeknaj we cbmpAfe each 

other. — 9. qifeza and with toai, wai (jfifeza. H, px. III. f. oi 

qirSy to be level, horizontal, equal, etc. 

'. ■ ■ • 
Compassionate, adij. anl^a. .px. — to be -, ardya^ 1«^ ja. — to be- 
come -, ardyoma. 1. px. passive of the foregoing. ' ' 

■ I 

Complete,, ji4^r^er«. ox. ^^ tp hf^^rrv^^ffFiui-^^ % —Xgmifiirfi^ 
1. ppx. probably a compound wiltb gum^ J^ad* -r- ^^ ^^^ "f 
. fgitreza. M*i pjL^. ,^t qUra.,, . 
Complimenty y, a. gabara. 1. ppx. and Intena. gagab^ta. 1. ppx* 

Compose, v. ». dabakuFa. i. foc. II. lof ^bala, lo add, join, —lo- 
ft diflpuAe, dttdi gadgSifad'u. i. ppz. lit \o direct tbe words. 

Compoitnd, v. e. dakaiad^a. .1. px. 

Comi^eliend, v. a. ig. m^h. 1. px. aod II, fi- tttbttdfa, 1. ppx. — to 
canse to ~, c^bmhia. % px. III. t and eab^a^n* 1« ppx. IV. f. 
• of eato. 

CoiQcei^, V. a. dak%a. 1. px. III. f . ef a sappoaed root iTolra. — i. 

'^ toi^tK^ofo. i. px. and II. f. tehueaiad^a. 1. ppx. — » ^. gcrsti 

cabdita- 1. ppx* 111 to liokl with the heart — to be -ed, 

tckueala, 1. ps. — 2. d'ekod^a* 1. ppx. II. f. «f e root d'oiia 

set in nite. — 8. ukamfiiifa, i. ppx.- IV. f. of MirMM^ to shot up. 

Oenoetve^ v.>& beka, 1* px.' 

Concern, s. nu^ari. n. ex. 

jConcubine^ 19, ZadMda* n. ox. This name is jfiveo to thoif e girle whom 
, . . tiie king takes whQR and how h^^ lilces ojvt pf their Ihmilies 

,. . ' and keep^ them as , as/iia^ntf;. (/ft^il^V) Pf h^s first wife; tbeir 
children have no right to the succession. 

Condemn, v. a. d'ad'a, i. px. infin. dad^4&u. 

Condescend, v. n. gaddebia. 1. px. pompoan4ed^ of .gaifi^ down and 
debt a to return. .. v 

Conduct, v. a. geza 1. px. 111. f. of s^j to, ayproacb. Passive gefama- 
^ 1* ppx. ho Wacaya %i geza ingefamtay it God lead thee thoo 
art C^ell) lad^ — io t to. a |»]ace^ galtska. 1* px. III. f. of 
.^ ^. paiay to go home. 

Conductqr^ s* milfp. ,n, o^^.. 

Confide, v. n. dtacad^a, 1. ppx. hin^acaiin^ do nol; i^onfide. 

Confident, to be -, o62>a. 1. px* III' f. of a root not yet found, pro- 
bably oba. 


Confbund, v. a. didira. 1. px. dubinza didirfxme^ lit his words were 

.changed, i, e. he became confused. 
Confufi^d, to be -, mu»a, Croiwa) ,9, , 
Conglobe, v. a. tchafaga* 1. ppx. 
Congratulation, s. ^ba, n. ox. 

Conjurer, s. djild, t. px. see magician. — %. radju n. crix. CAfn.) 
Connected, to be - with, maiana. 1. ^p±. 
Conquer, v. a. moa. 1; px. --- iT." bodjn* 1, px. *-- to' hare -ed, bodfe* 

^i»a. t. 1«. V. f. ofWa/tt. '- 
Consanguineous, adj. dkaku. n. ox; <Bkio used te» a anbst) — %emo. 

n. ox. • • '"'^ '■•' ' •• i'. ' ''''^ • . ^- •■' ' • 

I, - _ 

no/a. to firo home. 


1 \ 

I I' 

Conservatory, s« (made of cjay to preaerve grain), ffumbi-.ty ox. 

Consider, v. a. ca6ad*a. i. ppx. II. f. of cabay. to sei;^,. hafy» ,fW Pit* 
bad'aniy they considered me as a thtof. .t- So. h»da, 1. pau (Am* 
AtfcfaEo. 1. ppxO ^ 8^yadth,kfm»i l.^iix. nt. to g^b^r ilKmcMii; 
— 4. Si?a. 1. pz. 

Considerable, -ttii]. ti//%. p^. lit: ftfeavy. — td* be -, tr//a (-a«ra) V. 

Console, ' V. a. see, comfort; • - . t 

Consort,^ a. wifflf. n, px. ' . ..r- . . / . 

Consume, v. a. galufada, 1. ppx. M)m gakty to go flom^.- -^ t^-- one*s 
self, d'tiMa. 1. px. ^ ^. 

Cottsamption, s. Tf^a. w. oi. ' 

Contempt, v. a. zalbiza. %. ppx. III. f. of xtaMiI, to be Mgirt, slight 

Contend, ^ v. tf. ^^fi/a. 1. ^, usoftlly* UtiAm ifli/a^ or gad^ ikikt, — 9t 
Oi^^'^snit) fiahma, 1. ppX;' and/A/iaa. 1. p^x. 

Content, to be -, zarma, 1. px. garanko smmmMday my taeftrt- is dis- 
contented. ' - • 

Continually, adv. ama^nmay or ionama. px. 

Convey, V. a.\fida, <• pi see, 'tiring. ' 

Cook, V. a. afeia. 1. px« — to - for one*s setf, 'afHada: i. ppx. II. f. 
-^ to be or to become -^ed, >ir/<^to9ia. 1. |(px. pass, of Hie II. f* 
— to cause to -, afehi%a, II: ppx. arid af^tfS^adttL t. ppx. III. 
• and IV. f. — ^ to -, intr: koku. 1. px. ' 

Cool, V. a. (by blowing) bubiza. 2. ppx. from buhey wind.' — 9. 
hafarzct. 1. px. probably related to hafurdj breath. -^--^ to - one's 
self, dilala. Q-awa) %. — tT tabanS. (-utra) ». ' ^ 

Cool, to be or become -, cabana* t^aica') ♦. . • • 4 . 

Copious, adj. rff/6iV ox. . . • « • 

Copulate, V. n:' (bf sexes) cota. 1. px. properly to bore, dig. 

Cord, s. tnaiatTL n. ox. — 9. wadaro. n, ox. — a cord, bound to the 
r and to the right hind, foot of tM horse , to prevent his 
rafinlng away: dagala, t. p^. (Am. takaiay Akaf. dacdla.) 

Cotsv ^s«. ki geaenl, jatVf'aii*' («M40^) ^f^^.A^^* -rr.^ia.^ho^nc, avflilM(^^ 

. gmm. ». ox. -^ f. /^Ai»^ %^ofl^ — la jS^rt pf ^j.tbe Dnrrha 

of the Arabians, mizinga. There are many specie^ «pf it: mi- 

• JKJn^^i^tifftiilPa 0>Ui«|f:}» «Mff«.4iPta(re4]|, fl^» .tfii^ (wbUe), ^MiB^. 

handjiro - ^o« - ila)90 « Ttipe etc. -7^ rta^t^d «-,. a very ^ ommon 

tbod, akaimi. n. ox. . . , A ,, . . ,, 

Cornice, s. (aronnd the room, on which vtensiln are kept} karmIL «.«s. 

(Am. araU,') 
Corpse^ fll d^agna. i. px. 
Corpalency,' s. tshfyma, n. ox. 
CorpaleDt, adj. cabaetu. ox. ftomeabify to have, take. -<— to ¥e -^ mt- 

daffa, 1. ppx. 
Corfecl, V. a. aiaba^ 1. ppx. probabl^r from iaha^ to pot. — % ima, 

1. px. nsaalJy with yaka^ pnnishment. Wac^yo yaka » io" 

nufdyira, God will panitih thee. — 8. gady^lza* 1. px. 111. t 

of gadyeiaj to be right — 4»« %erad^a- i. ppx^ 
Correction, k. furi. n. ox. — 9. zera, n, ox. 
Corrupt, V. a. bal^eza. 1. ppx. — v. n. tartora. 1. ppx. — 8. zama- 

(rowa), espec. of eataUea. 
Gost^ V. n. to - much , mi^a. (-oira) 9. lit. to be . swe^t. barroM 

room ifiinu^oftiy thia yeas goata are sweet, i. e. in demand, of 
, great value, dear. 
Costive, adj. hudCo. ox. 
Cotton, s. dyerhi, n. ox. 
Couch, 8. afa. ni. px. — to prepare a ->, afa afia* 1. ,p:i^ afa na afij 

pi;^ pare ;iie a bed. 
Cough, s., ufakh n. ox. or fsValo. n. ox. fram ut^tfkiy to.J^ap, Jamp. — 

H. espjec of phthisical persons, cake, n. ox. 
Cough, V. n. cti/Ii. C-<Mi) i- — to «-^ On Qrder tp spit out), ^a^a. 1. 

pa3X* nat. sound. 
Counsel, s, ano/a. ;i. ox. ., . 

Counsel, v. a. mala. 1. px. ufi mmiey lit. he has counselled lamself, 

1. e. he acted independently* . 
Count, v. a. doa. 1. px. and the II. f. doad'a. 1. ppx. ionke hindoadlin^ 

do not count thy cattle, Cs^^l. because it is an unlucky omen.) 

— 2. laka. (roiwa') S. 
Countenance, s. fiila. t. px. 
Country, s. bia. nom. btti. pxt — a - which is cold and uninhabitable 

on account of great forests, badd. n. ox. the opposite of gamodji. 
Coutttryman, s. cafi: n. ox. (AgiJ — 9. aboH. n. ok. 0peo. f. abaiiUha. 

I. which is also used asav abusive word. -^ 9v muido^ n. ox. 

•(Am.) • "' • -.-.,••. 

Courageous, ""adj.M^Mftf. px. -^ %i djagna. {«• -^ to be -, djagnO' t 

px; ^^ 9.' obssa. 1. px. ^ 
Course, s. iraii'u. n- ox. ./ ' , 

Coart of aldermen, s.. iMn^iHlo. n^ ox*, aolleot t^m*^mm§uiw d'uftiy 
tiie.mNincfl inee|B« 

Cover, s. cundje, n. ox. — 9. eadadfo, n. ox. » . ? 

GoFev, V. ». eoikutd. 1. ypx. — .9. adjfira^ 1« px» eapw to make a.reof 
. upon a houaew --** 3. gomhism' S^fifA* HI. f. otgomfia* -— :.4o - 

the bead, gomfa. 1. px. and II. f. gomfa^a. jL, iipx» ~- 9. 

oigad^"<i. f. ppx. — a.'Aa^^Mfn. la ppix. (Am.) ^ 
Covetous, to be-, 2a52;^. (-aa} 1. see avaricioos. 

Cow, 8. %a. (contr. from zawa; — A^a knows only this aneontracted 

fbrm) noffl, zani/Akhfed'e' used it as masc. — a -^ two yeArs 
' old, "radTa. i. px. (Anl. rada. tibm.'Yahi'y. ^i— 'the - which is 

slaughtered at nuptials, ra^o. ft. 'ox. big iHth calf, ziiga.i, 

pi. — milch-c*o\^, zilga.^ i. px. * ' • * ^ 
Cow-pox, s. '/Infuo. 'CAk. finn^o.^'n. ox. see, vacelircf/ 
Coward, adj. lucna* (Ak. lugna.') px. 
Crack, v. H? cacak-djid^ay lit. to snjr y^caeak^^y nat: sound. — 9; e«- 

cacza. 1. px. — 8. eaw-^iza. 9. ppx. from th^ nat. sound y,c0i0^'4 

— to - with the wiiip; cateMza. 9. ppx: y. denom. fh>m catMy 
whip. — 9. tchacad^a. 1. ppx. nat. sound. 

Crackle, v. n. (of fire) caw^iza, 9. ppx. ^om the nat. sound yyCaw*^. 
Craftsman, s. tumh$. n, ox. fem. tumtiti. n, ox. which is alsd used as 

an abusive word, because an artificers life appears effeminate 

to the warlike Galla. 
Crafty, adj. hate. ox. (Am.) 

Crape, to - off, v. a. foiocza. !• ppx. III. f. ot foloca^ to suppurate. 

— 9. zolocza. 1. ppx. V. demon, frpm zoioqey crust of bread. 

■ t « . I 

Grasb, Y. n. eab^'^d'a. 1. jiat. sound, lit. to aay „^ab.^^ 7- 9. tehaia* 
- 1. px.< — to -, V. a» docQZa. 9. px. — 9j'.AtaT^^. i. ppL III. f. 
of hurra, to burst. — d. tchabza.A, w^^flh f. of tfhafiaj and 
IV. f tchabzad^a, 1. ppx. in the recipr. .§^sf(. . , 

Crash, h\ indiditsha. i px. / ; * ^ . . . 

Crawly V. tb /oa. 1. px..-* to n)ak«^ r^.l^za^ 9r p^ llir C 

Create, iT^' a.. i#fii«i. 1. p^. Co^ly said of God}. ^— : c^e^t^d^ adj. unuL px. 

Creep, r. n. ha. 1» fix. --r to .^ on all foars, damA% i* px*. — to - 
out of the egg, barukza-A* n* III. J& .of. 6or^a, .^o hreak. -r- 
to - through a lh)n§p vfaeM It is neeeasaryto ;bow ia order, t^ 

avoid rannin^ a^inst a wall or any other objbct, htUnft. f. 

ppx. r. <d«iKWtt. iiroBi kulayikoTongh*-fue. 
Cripple, s. gogogtu. n. ox, from goga^ to dry vp% — te sake one a-, 

krokod^a. 1. ppx. IFacaj^o %i ha krokod*u^ may God make thee 

a cripple! 
dimpled, Adj. (^ovti. ox* e^ mutilated. — to walk lame, goS»iuL 9. px. 
Cri«py adj. (naturally) giOfidju. ft,' **^ %. gimira, ppx. — Qoi vi) 

- ffii^srfu. "ox. ' 
Crisp, V. a. mirto d&^ lit* ti best theheSAd. — to be -ed, gmnt, 

1. ppx. .... 

CrecodUe, a. n^djfu i. px. . ^ • 
Ccopk, y^ a. .iOW/ir^^..9..pp^. |II,.f. of ^V/Za^ to be curved. — II. 

goiiizap 2/ ppi^> v. .dei^aiy. iVom gon^y hool^. — to be aod to 

make -^d,. krpkotfa. 1. ppx. 
Cross, V. a. (h hill) edria. 1. ppx.. — .to 7 one's, self with blood (dnrlnf 

the sacrifice),, ^'ica.cfibad' a, ^\it, to tal^e the .blood (pt the victinj 

for one's self. , 

Grow^ v^ n.gungumiu 1. ppx- . Aaiu^ancto gungufmf the cock crows. 
Crowd, s. tita. i, px^ . . • : , " v . 

Crown, 8. (of the head) 6^nAi. «» ^(^. (Ak. ^^<^^) 
Crude, to be -, dyidCe^ %. px. . » .. 
Crumb, s. fadfa4o. n. ox. (Am. fatfato.") 
Cpipab, v, a, fadafad^a. 1. ppx. (Am. fatfataaa, 1. px.) 
Crumble, v. a. docoza. 2. px. -7- to - (bread) into, fadafad^a. i. ppx- 

— to -, V. n. gororia. 1. ppx. 
Crumpled, to become -, curifama. 1. ppx. the passive of curia^ a root 

not in use; gogan kuni curifameray this skin is shrivelled. — 

9. tok^a. 1. ppx. 
Crupper, s. udela. i, px. (Am. hudela,') 
Crui^, V. a. borukza* \, )^x. III. f. of baruka to break, -r^ f. fuca. 

1. -^x; (Am. ftitjw.) — ^'B. <2'id'a. i. px. (Am. c^tto.) — to - by 

treading en, mdiehtfrakza. 1.' px. 
Crust, s. faloqe. ^. Ox. *^ 9. zoioqe. n. ox. 
Cry, V. n. iya. 1. px. — 8. (firom pain) gadoda. i. px. — 8. tehatwuk 

1. pps!. this word' is ei^ee. used of the htMe^cryy duUtchmwie, 

the soldiers raised th^ -battle i-<5ry. --^ t0 ^ like a "hen wUcli 

has laid «n^gg,kMikd:'1i: iip%.tkat somA: 
Cudgel, n. fvrgvge. n, ox. -^ 2i caia. fK^oxj* 
Cue,' s. gdnogmoifi). ex. ftom gdkdgofiOy to plaiti .- ^ - 

lUvatOTi s. (•! ihe.JftoU), 9I44a* n^ ox* QAvu} 

DoiDf , adj. hate. ox. (AmO -^ 9« hadurk. ox, to< hadarad*a oka 

%arendida, he is as ounttloc M a fox. — to bocome *^ ^Aaito? 

roma. 1. px. 
p, 8. c«6«. n. ox« Arom cii^a, to hoM, oontalo. — S. cori n».ox. rr 

a. A^6ii. n. ox. • . . < 

ip, V. a. koba, 1. px< — evpplng-horoy kobtu n. ex., . r 

irb^bity 0, C^f a bridle) ^isgamu, !• ppxr 
ise, V. a. fayiza. 9. ppx. 

arioafly to bo -, iialad'a^ !• ppx. IL f. of Uala, to voa. 
All, a. il'acf. n. ox. . ^ 

)Qrl, V. a. mata ^a. 2. lit. to boat ttao. bead* . 
Cttlod, adj. (naturall/) ^jidja. px. — jfimira. ppx. — - by art, $Mart^, 

— beantiftilly -, gudwru, ox. ft>om jnk2a^ tall and ira^ apoiu (9JI 
}nr8e, v. a. abara, !• px. 

^ve, V. a. dJalUza. 9. ppx. .ete. aee, cnook. 
^rved, adj. (like the neck of tbe borse)^ d^oga. px* QAm^ d^oea.'y 
^t, V. a. tuta. 1. px. — 9. dyigza. 1. px. lU. f« of dyiga^ .to fUl 
dowtt. — 8. Aaai^ l.'px. ^— i.^jiifira. 1» px. — 6^ huta. 1» 
px. -«*T to -away, ciia. f. px. (Am. (cu^a.) — to -^graaa, muta, 
1. px. — to - into pleQoo, 4/^1^,1. ppx. -^ 9. mtinviiira^ 1. ppx. 
Intoas. of imura* r-- to - ofv Aoibv* 1. px. •— 9. Annia. 1. px» 

— 8. kuUL 1. px. and the II. f. kutaSa. 1. ppx4 r- 4. eoro. 
!• px. --^ to - of quite shoft, /oabubsw* i. px. III. f. of eabfit^ 
to be short. -*- 9. ewra. 1. px. — 8. dodlolaia^ 1. pp;^ Inteae. 
of the II. f. of d'ohy to be abort. ^ 



Dance, a« zirb^. n. ox. 

I^Mce, y. a. i&irda. 1. px. 

Danger, .a. »ababi. n. ox. — to l^e );) -,1 jsa6a6a. l*|>p;i(., |i)ii4, zabifbankif 

1. ppx. passive. — to bring somebody into *-, .oiUfeula. 1. ppx. 

.pfpperly: to cat ofL — 9» JS0^a6«<if. 1. px. III. t of za^aba, ^ 
Daring, adj. dyabeza. px. 

Dark, ai^. tmoeza: pac. fem. emi^H^ oil ^ — Id be or Jldcame -^ dmIumL 

(rawd) 2. — 2. §itljaii.' (^u>d) 9. — S. dimmmd. (rmDo^ 1 

•--to be -* (pt fMA9% bora. 1. px. 
Dttrkness, s. dumeza, i. px. — t. dulmiia. «i. ox. 
Dash) V. a. (in piese^) hurreza. !• px. see crash. 
Daughter, s. durba. t. px. plur. dubaro. — 9. Indaiia. t. px. 
DawD, V. D. bora. 1. px. — 2. ganama. C-awa) H. — 3. gtummfi^A 

1. ppx. V. denom. from ffonama^ morniDg. . 
Day, 8. gafa, ni. px. gafni zuni fit fa aymtutiy that day was a luAy- 

day. — 2. guya. i. px. properly splendour. -*- ftom day to diy, 

gafa gafttU. — to --day, hat^a. px.- (Ag. Jto^Ta.) — *- Compare 

in the I. part the following expressions (day times): gmuKm, 

diranuiy ware^ were koroHy oba^' oba lamuH etc.* 
Day-labourer, s. d'abo* n: ox. -— 2. yctgudo. (AmJ yaguUf), n. ox. 
I)ead, Orody), s: rSfa. i, px. 
Deaf, adj. duda. ox. — to be -, dtida. Q'-awd') 2. 
Deafen, v. a. dudza, (-oMr} 2. III. t. of dudS. 
Dealj s; para, «. px. — ^ !^. ito(7a. ni. px. 
Dehl, V. a. hira. 1. px. ' • 

I^ear, to be -, marara, 1. ppx.* — 2.4^-^^. (-au?*)'* — ^.aoydear! is 

an address, amadinkvl'tit my lap. -^ 1^. ga ftrdkf^! lit. my 

klnsMat^ — ^ how -?''/^ama«if. ox; . : • . ' 

Decay, r. n; jrua. 1. px. -^ 9. tUelaia.' 1. ppx. <— ^ to ttako^-^ gu%a.t 

px. Ill; f. of gua. 
Deceased, to celebrate the niomory of a -, hodda: 1. px;. and II. f. 

haddad'a. 1. ppx. 
Deceit, s. maiato. n. ox. 
Deceive, v. a. maca* 1. px. — 2. nuda* 1. px. constr. with the postp. 

ft; ini izaniH maiey he has deceived them. — to be -d, walak. 

1. px. (Am. wolala.') 
Decide, v. a. (a quarrel) fUTa. 1. px. — 2. gadjara. 1. ppx. 
Deck, V. a* cadad'a. 1. ppx. — 8. gombiza. 3. ppx. 
Declivity, s. dire. n. ox. — 9. randa. t. px. — 3. ndrgo. n. ox. 
Decree, v. a. murada. 1. px. see, determine. — 2. wait djed''a. 1. px. 

lit. to tell to each other, 
decrepit, to becbme ^^^ yara. 1. pi. and II. f. yarad'a, (Am.^ -^ a - 

man. kurkutu n. ox. * 

Deep, adj. gil^e. ox. -*- to be -, gon^a. 1. px. -^ places in a river, 

garba. t. px. 

— » — 

Defeeti. ft. tiitiil0» ^ ox. 

Defeftdy v* a. tukma. %. px. And cuiefiuta. 1. ppx. MI. Md IV. f. of 
cuia to be clean. — %, gargara. 1. px. InteiMik of m root g^ru 
BftI In mae. ^-r a^ pIMo. i. px. UL t of (Oa^ lit. to caaie to 
pass over. — to - ftefore tlie tribaftal, dwma. 1. px. -^ to - 
one*0 self by another object, dtaia. 1. px. < 

Deficient^ to be -, hankdka. 1. ppx. 
Defbrmed, adj. fogiza. ppx. f^m. fogtftu. px. ' 

Deliberate, r. n« yado kitzay lit. to gather thoughts. 
Delight, V. a. ganutd^ziza. S. px. III. f. of gamad'ay to be glad. • — thou 
delightest me, aii gara na gexa, lit. then approachest mj heart. 
Delineate, v. a.' eoia. 1. px 


Deliver, v. a. hika. 1. px. — 9. fitrra* 1. px. and II. f. furra^a. 1. 
ppx. na farri^ deliver me! 

Delude, v. a. mala. 1. px. constr. with U-i see,^ deceive. 

Demand, s. cabdo. n. ox. from cabay to seize, hold. 

Dense, adj. cawexa. px. fem. caweH, ox. — %. gudzu ox. — 3. ya^M. 

ox. (Am. yapu.') — to be -, gaima. 1. px. 
Density, . s. gudzi. n., ox. 
Deny, y. ^. flida, 1* px. oto am ^arakoUn iza katfatteley ini indida, 

altbongh I heartily begged him, he reAised. — ft. djaUa. 1. px. 
. and e^pec. II. t djaHad^a^ 1* ppx. properly to be wr^ng, wry. 

•— 3.. d^Oivad'a. 1. ppx. II. f. of d^owa^ to repel. — 4. wakatPa. 

1. px. 

Depart, v. n. bat^a. 1. px« i^nd Tateiis. babada. 1. ppx. — 2. g^dima. 

1. px. 
Deplore, v. a. umdwad^a* 1. px. (Am. noatmoaku) 
Deride, v. a. a§es9a. 1* px. (AK. akezaO 
Desert, v. n. bacadta. 1. ppx. II. f. of bacay to liquefy. 
Deserter, s< baea. n. ox. 
Design, with -, adv. bagan. ox. ? (Am.) 
De^ire^ s. yada and yadq^ n* ex. 
Desire, v. a. iarrd* {raa)X*. — S. kady^ia. 1. px. 
Desirous, to be< -^ guru{Jar (rawa') % 
Despair, s. iMr/a. ni. or U. px. 
Despbie^ v. a. ff:pfad'ii^^±k ppx^ prop* to^spawl, If. £ of. Tu/ii) to spit, 

spawl. I 

Destiny, s. wae. n. ox. 


Destroy, v. a. bal^eza. 1. ppz. III. f. of bal^ay to bo w4io, broad. — 
% \M€a. 1. pxn -^ 8. ffm. 1. pK. ~ 4. muiTa^a, t* ppx. lit 

. - '. l0» llclb off; 

Detain, v. a. olUha^ 1. pi. Hi to catase -to pasfl over, lil. ft of ols. — 
< 2. t$fsifsa^ 2. ppx. liL t of l6^ to ait. itUen na te»9ey a hiad- 

rance detained me. : 
Detennine, v. a. murad^a. 1. ppx. IIL f. of mura^ jto cot off. — 8. mnC 

djeeTa, 1. px. lit. to tell each otber. 
Detract, v. a. dubiza, 8. pp^ and Intens. dudubi%a, 9. ppx. III. tif 
, . dubfl. . , 

Qevoted^ adj. hunde* ox. . . 
Devour, v. a. (of dry tilings) d'udfa. (-atra) 8* Ak. d'udd. Q-^ui) 1. 

— 8. ligivi%a. 1. px, III. f* of, Hgtma. 
Dew-, s. fttenza. t. px. (Ak. fidenza) ) fidenzi tzar a bue^ lit. the dew 

fell upon him, i. e. he travelled at night. 
Dew-lap, s. ma'ia, u px. 
Diarrhoea, s. fane. n. ox. isee, dysentery. — to have -, iMa. Q~am\ 

It. lit. to be red-browD. 
Didder, v. n. holiad^a. 1. ppx. ^ 
Die, y. n. dua, 1. px. — to cause to -, duiniza. 8. ppx. III. f of 

dua. -^ to - suddenly (from apoplexy) coniama. 1. ppx. 
Difficulty, s. dHbe. n, ox. — to be in -, rdka^a^ 1. ppx. from fflJro, 

narrow, inconvenient. — to help somebody but of -ies, huia^%a, 

1. ppx.~ and espec. hultigztza. 8. ppx. hi. anct V. f. of hukiga, 

to creep, to avoid difficulties. 
Dig, r. 9u coforAm l.'ppx;-— ^. dcfftr. 1: px. 
Dilacerate, v. a. kukuta. 1. ppx. Intens. of kutay to cat. 
Diligent, to be -, dafd^-a: "i. pp^x^ and Intens. dadaf^n. 1. ppx. - 

8. d^id^ad^a. 1. ppx. aild Intena.' diktid^ad\i. 1. ppx%> 
Dim, to become -, dintamS* (j^au>a} 8. see, dafk. ■ 
Dimness, s. dukana. n. ox. .,« ' 

Dine, v. n. mzi nad^a^ lit. to eiit the iHHinnen 
Dinner, s. madi. n. ox. madirati hiHkolfkiiy dtaritig dinner do not 

laugh. — f.ifnAau n.'ox.' — 3. iidd\«.'W.' ox. ' 
Dip, V. a. to - in, into, bordya. i. px'. ^^ 81 tskuba.^±. px: 
Direct, to be -, gadyela, 1. px. • . *. 

Ditecf, T. a. mHckinad'al i: px. Il» ft c^mithhifay vto'tam about. — 

8. gadyelza. 1. px. and gadyelfa^a. 1. ppx. III. and IV. f. of 


r .» 

Dkrectiy, adv. amuma. px, — 8. st aUhi otzi atthiU*.^* ^ Ikt4ke4 
there, zi atehi nan^y Hire. rikaH dind'41rectlyi - ' " ^'^ ^ 

Dirt, 8. dike. n. ox. — f . udmk Inv. or.* >^ 4« Me. H, ox. C^^*' Ai^<0 
espec. that which is ftund in tobaec(Mpipe9. •' " * 

Dirty, aSj". rora. px. -^ji: iftir/. ox. — 'S.^flra. px. — tdbe-, dhra. 
1. px. — H. ^oca (-fliufl) **. — 3. mio^d. 1. px. — (o make -j 
dik%i%a, 9. px. III. f. of an UnfeaddToot dika. '" * 

Disaecnstom, v. a. lapa, 1. px. and espec. II. f. lagaaa, 1. ppx. 

DUagreeable, to be -, buza.X^^iwa) It. '-^ I. ^ora. 1. px. f^ii^unk^na 
d^ora^ thy look' is disagreeable to me. -^ 3. yara. 1. \)X. and 
H. f. yara^a. 1. ppx. ' " ^ 

Disappear, v. n. baa a. 1. px. and the Intens. babad^a. .1. ppx. II. t 

of ddy to go out. ^— 9. d'uma. 1. px. — 3. Ufa. 1. px. 

■ » ' ' 'J • . • 

Dl8api)oint, v. a. mala. 1. p^. constr. yith ii. s^e, dec^eive. ^ ..,,.• 
Disastrous, adj. hieza. px. fern. Af>^t; — to become -*, hiovux^ 1. px. 

— to be -, dSga. 1. px» C^^ca.) 
Discourse, 6. rfiiwi n.^ox. ' . ^ ' ' • 

Disdain, v. a. fufaia. 1. ppx. II. f. of fufa^ to spit.'-^ X' Zaibizd. 

«. ppxi m. t'ot'zalba^ to be lighf. ' ■../..:■ i 

Dlsgfast, T. ' a'. n«/Ji.^i.^ pi. — to be kr become -ed "with, Mfa.'Wa^ 

' cayoA'hufitd'y bbcdm6 not disgdsted with God, \. e. cease not 

to pray to him! 
Dish, 8. Ca great) tpotchidu n. ox. C^m.wdtchidi.y — (a little one) 

budjano, n. ox. — 9. cori. n.'dx. — 3. zuie. n. ox. * 

Dismember, v. a. kuktda. 1. ppx. Intens. of kutdy to cut. 
Disown. V. a. inorma. 1. px. 
Disperse, v. a. 6ai^eza,' ±. ppx. IH.'f. of bal^Oy to be extended. — 

9. ^ttt'msa. 1. px. III. f. of biUtnaj to separate. ^~ S. fadjaza. 

S. pk. 111. f. of fadja.'io Assever'. ^— to -.v. n. baeatfa. i. 

ppx. II. f. of bacoy to melt. — ft. hartchd. iriaj 1. 
Dispbse, r; a. /%»«. iv px. and 11*. t'fetutu. i.'ppx. > ' 

Dispute^ B. f^imna. fu m. •*-^ 9: fittehe. n, ox. ^-^'d.ioAi fu est. — 4. 

morku n. ox. •'- •«' "' J' 

Dispute, y. n. morka. 1. px« and II. f. aaoribMrai 1. t»p«; ^— '>9.' ikrlMro. 

1. ppx.' -^ ^.foimria. 't^ppk. abd /Mna.' t) px. (^law-Milt.> 
Dissever, v. a. djadjia. 1. ppx. CAm.) — 9. tchiia.A. yi. bee, loofteto. 
Dissipate, v. a. bal^eza. 1; ppx<>^eto. b^, i^^ne. ^ '( 

Dissoive, V. n. baea. ii pit; ■ *' 'v ^ - \ . . 



DistiDguish, to - one's flolf, ▼. n moo. 1. inc. 

DiBtrauior, s. ca6t. n.. o]c» from catoj to oeize. 

Distress, to be iq ^ d^ya» (li^toO ^« P<* 

Distribute, t. a. Mra, 1. px. usuallj with ffora^aray here sod there. 

Distrust, y. a. corcora. 1. ppz. C^m.) ? 

Disturb, v. a. bHim%a. 1. ps. III< f. of 61(10111, to separate. — 9. nti^^ 

1. px. inf. nadtzu. 

• • • 

Disunited, tp be -^ djiba. ,i. px. see, hate. 

DItcb,. s. fiotoa* n. ox. — 9. toia^, «. ox. — 8. yiMu n. ox. — tbc • 

around the bero (hedge) against inroads of the Deighboors, 

Amo. n. ox. 
Diverse, to be -, gar a gara dyira. izan gargqrt dyiru^ they are of 

diverse opinions* 

Divide, v. a. kuta, 1. px. and II. f. kutad^d. 1. ppx. — to be -^ 
bakaka. 1. ppx. 

Divine, v. a. dibara. 1. px« see, predict — %. faga. 1. px» 

Division, s. gara, t . px. 

Divulge, v. a. fageza. 1. px. IIL . jT. of fagcj to b<^ broad. 

Do, V. a. got^a. 1. px. and II. f. god'adfa. 1. ppx. *— to cause to k 

done, goziza. 9, ppx. and gozifoiia, %» ppx. III. and IV. t 

of god^a. , . 

Pog^ s« zare,, n. ox. plur. zaroni- 
Dollar, 8. biri* n. ox. see Part I. biri. 
Dominion, s. arada. n, ox* 
Door, 8. balbaia. t. px. — 9. tchufa. n. ox. tchufa tchufiy shut the 

door. — 3. kela. n. ox. espec. that which leads through the 

rampart against the foe. 

I ... 

Pouble, to be -, datchd. C*^} ^r ^^ ^* ^* dutchad'a. 1. px. — ^' 

zobocOf 1. ppx* 

• ■ > • « 

Double, V. a. dirriba* .1. ppx« (Air. diribaO — dutchaza. 9. px. III. f. 

of datchd, .to be double. < — , 9» iamefiuf0, 1. ppx. see GfUD. 

num. 916. 9. 
Deiibt, v. n* rauMkfai 1« px* . . : . > 
DouMftU^ (o be -^ imru b^Ua, 111. totdjitort the eye-brows. 
Dengh, .s« ^Ira. f». nx. .....»,.; 

Dove, s. ftti/tiln. i. ox. (Aai..4is^ti^(r.'^ .#x.)' .. 

Dower, s. gabafa, n. ox. from gabara, to chfrish, . 

— »r — 

Down, &fi^nwHf6$y kdv.'ffadi. px. properly ihe imperative teodd of the 
verW j^May to ealM»a#ayi 

^^f^g^ C^long) ir.'ft. d^ai't. ^px: -^ 2/<Aai4ptM. -f. ppx. y. deiiom. de- 
rived iVwn Aarlla^^ hatod. ' • 

Draw, V. a. hafkiM. t:' ppx. fiee drag.' -^ 9. noca. 1. px. — 3. bu" 
dttgza. 1. px. III. f. of a root huduga not yet Ibdnd.^ bt^aH na btU 
duff^y draw "vi^atiiF for mo. — ' 4. uoaraba. 1. px. (Am. woradiaS) 

— 5. ziga. 1. px. — to - near tO; matawt, ' 1. ppx. — ^to - oif, 
for ex. a ring, baza. 9. px. II. f. of bd^ to go oat. — t6 - oat, 
bugixa. 9. ppx. and bUgifa^a, 1. ppx.- III. and IV. f. of bitgSy 
to shake. — 9. /tt^'^a.- f. pipx.; HI i f.* of iMay to strip 6ffy ett: 

— 8. tcMra. 1. px. ..... - • . 

Uream, s. abdyu. n. ox. '. • • 

Dream, v. li. and a.abdyeX'a. 1. px. (Am:^ abdguadCa, 1. ppx.} ubdyu 

abdyod^Uy to dream' a* dream. 
Dregs, s. tchuma. nt. px. ' 

Dresa, v. a. C^aid of women^' o^ex^ci. 'l.*'px. firom oto. ^ 9. uieizci. 

9. ppx» confer; with the potstp; ti: ani zitinwhiay I drtos thee. 

— to - one's self, u/fi»d^€h *!/ ppx; •'bAth ' the^e verbs heem to 
be fi»rmttd Ardm the reflect pron. ufi (pfifof.') •»-- io '*- the ttair^ 
fUa, %. pxs abd il. t fiiad^ui. t: ppx« ^-- 9. mOa difl\f lit. to 
heat the head. — ; :ta h- raw hidea, luca^.Xr^^^^* *- ^' *' ' 

Dressed, adj. dara. ox. (Am.) dara |tae, hei weint out Ia dress. 

Drill; V. a. co(^. 1. px., — 9. muff a. J. ijx. 

Drink, s. (in general), d^ugati. n. oaf. , 

Drink, v. a. d^uga. 1. px. 

Drink-offering, s. dibayu. n. px. ^consisting of farzo,") — to bring a - X 

dibafad;a. 1. ppx. 
Drinking-horn, s. /ble. n. ox. — 9. (with ornaments and a/ prop! 

toandja. n. ox. 
Drip, V. n. ^angola. (-ati?a) 9. — '9. dUmbiba. 1. 'ppx. — B.' goigola. 

C'-awa) 9. — 4. nmma. (j-aiwa) 9. — 5. tshoba. 1. px. and 

Intens. tsholskob'a. 1'. ppx. — to make -, gofgoleza. 9. px. III. 

f. of golgola. 
Drive, v* a. gugza. 1. px. III. t of an unused root sf^gai — 9.' (cattle) 

ofa. ±. px. and ' II. t. ^faXa. 1. ppx. -^ to - away, ' ana. 1. 

ppx. — 9. bai^eza. 1. ppx. III. f. of bai^Oy to be brbiad, ex- 
'.tendvd. -^■8^M»if.'f: p^. III. t of My to ipo but. ^ 4. d^^ 

dtimsM. 1. px. UL t of an undiseoVdiied root -^ 5i Met^. 1. px. 



m. f. of hica^ to go »w9y« — isMmficu^ i. pt. — to - iMot 
(cattle) J datehaza. 2. px. III. f. of MUhd y to be twofold. - 
to *. off, ademxiza* jl« px. III. f. of lidema, to go. — to - wt 
(cattle), bobaza. 9. px. III. f. of 6oAi», to go out* — 9. jfa^o. 
2. px. 111» f. of ydy to oomo in groat nfmbors. 

Drizzling, s. tiftu^ n* ox. , 

Drop, B. d^imbiza. fni. px. probably coBt^i^tod h^m^ d^imJbibza. — t 
^im^u, n. ox- 

Drop, y. n. see, drip. 

Drove, 8. kartu u (?) px. (ox.f) 

Drowsy, to be -|.i9Mya. 1. px. properly, to nod. 

Drunkenness, s. matcM. n. ox. 

Dry, adj. gogtu, ox. and gogogtu. ox. 

Dry, dry op, t. n. goga. 1. px. — .9, gua. 1. px* — 3» toiaga* 1. pl^ 
— to - Dp, V. a. gogza. 1. px. III. U of goga. — %. guza. i 
px. HI. f. of gua, : , 

Dag, s. fnvtsha. ». ox. — %.,gut'^u^ n, ox. • 

Dull, adj. doko, ox. — .8« doncpro, ox. -r^ 8. gau>a» 0Xi» — to be -^ 
karris^' 8* ppx« (Am. korrizaO 

Dang, 8. kabodo. n. ox. (partiol; the -*of horned catde which when 
>. ^ry serves for fuel.) — 9. kozi. n. ox. «— 'dang-kill^ dike. n. ox. 

Dang, v. a. koziza. 9. ppx. ttdm'k^ziy dang* 

DangeoB, 8.«/MXpii; t. >px< (Am. hoktB.') ' • v 

Daring, conj. temp. oto. px. (Ag. and Am. ti^.) -^ il. A^MMt. px. ham 
iirana ffituma^ daring all this. 


• y - ■ • 

Dasky, to become -, dma$na. . (-atrfi) 9. 

Dast, 8. awara. i. px. (Am. owara,') 

Dasty, to be -, awara. ±., px. (An^* owqra*^ 

Datiful, adj. uma, px. 

Duty, s. caba. ni. px, ftom caba^^^o hold,, lit. that which holds, con- 

Dwarf, s, algo, n. ox. ' — 9. gandjara. i. px. (^of men^nd beasts.) — 

'3. guye. n. ox. (Am.) 
Dwell, V, n. ta. Q-aya) 3. 



Dwelling, s. g^e. n. ox. — 9. oiano. i. ox. plur. maneU. — 3. mane. 
. n. ox. . . . », 

jPype|tery^ «,. TflRW^.. «. o^. rofieiir^t ^ fV6.% miy(:the dj^ltfery seise 

f . • ' . . •• .- J » • 

• •» 


Each Qther^ reciitf. pTm^/iffni. (wnMO A^ ^ool (wolLy-waH Mtmij 
they fought together^' ^ 

Ea^er, to he -, guridjd* i^atpa) 8* — i. kad^&a. 1. px« (partid. said 
of heasts.) « ^ 

Ear, s. gurra t. px. — «ar-lap, caru^gurra. "* thedepressLDAhehind 

i\^i^ '^y^^gurrundo. n. ox. ^-^ ^ of vessek, eabud':^ m ox^ ftmn 

cabad'a^ II. f. of cabOj to hold. — « eaiuring, whieh is worn a^ 

a mark of distinction, ^ugo. n. ox. --^ %i Mi, n. ox. €Ottiii«(dfn^ 

> Qfi 9er«rai JHftle chiiin& * 

Burli^ «iiclv. temp, iltirir.. {«. . . 

ISarly, adv. temp, aborati. px. (prop, .the sabi>it aboroj early morning, 
with the pastp. ^0. It is usoally -cohnaoled with ganamab 
ganama aboroH^ very early in the iDomiag. 

Bam, .Vs a^ ,ilo4'4i.'l«px. tand.ll. f. goetaita.l±. ppiC'^- 8*' horad'a: 
1. ppx. II. f. oil ikfuruy iQ lact^aae. 

Earth, s. la fa. nom. iafth px. — a kind of t^tallo"^^ ho^u n. ox. ^^< 
8. bandjiro. n. ox. and 3. i;ro&. n. ox. see thiese^ woids in part la 

Earthen ware, s. godPa. n^^jUL. •, .- ) 

Eat, V* a. nadf,ak\X^.^^vA%it iimitmU,. — td cause' to «, noifZ'ivuL f.< 

ppi. UU t -^-^'to -, i.Cof animals) i4^a. 1, px. -^ to-- And< 

drink, naca. 1. px. properly, to '^take ani pour inle ose*s self. 

, .^^ to •*: oil^ (of birda and cattle) mwtc^ 1. px. • .. . i 

Eatables, s. dCed^i, n, ox. 

Edge, aS4 dira, n. ox. — tk fifu, n. 6x: -^ ft. \MM|L fi.>ox. ^-^ 4. 
randa. u px« . / • ■ ^ 

Educate^* V^ a. iad*ada. dU ppa. probably^ tmm,^^ba, to fat^ • pl*ce. — ts^ 
gudi%a..lL'^x.Wh\i. oi guda^ to be tall. . .'- i 

fiiFaced^ftQ'be>H-,f4r^fl9a«v.i- px-i ....'• 

Effect, V. a. fuiiaza. %. px. and fUihfiriToi i. ppa. III. aM IV. f.. ofi 
/Iij7a, to get through. 

Egg, s. hangagu, n. qk« — t thea white tf an ^^.dit^m; n. exi< -^ ^g-**^ 
'i, slieU^ jrofo;,' f..^x. s / -' •'• '■ -i 

Eight, %adeta. px. •' . ' - '^ / ' ! ' 

Eighty, suMi^rtofliii. ppR» v..: 

— 40 — 

Elephant, s. arba. i. px. — Aill grown -^ dtoliue. (j^olwe.') n. m.— 

a yoang one, Urzu, n. ox. 
Ell, s. d'urutuma. nL ppx. — balf an -, djigeie. n. ox. prop. ellMw. 
Emasculate, v. a. koUaza. 8. px. 
EmlNtfraas, v. a. raraza. 9* px. III. f. of raf^d^ to hang. ^ to be -ei, 

raradi'a. 1. ppx. II. f. — 8. rakaia. 1. ppx. 
Embrace, v. twwiai eabay lit. to hold each o^er. 
Embroider, v. a. coin, 1. px. 
Eminence^ a- borgi. n. ox. 

Emotion, to bo in *, mtrigndPai 1. ppx. — %, rafama. 1. ppx. 
Eoaploymont, s. moJiraf^*. n. ox. 
Emptiness, s. Atr-^ti^ n. ox. • 
Empty, adj. agdbu. ox. n/an agabudan Juufad^u^ praj with nn empty 

moHth. — 8. ilutra. px. — 3. -hir-^u. ox» **- to- be -, Atr^n.!. 

px. aad U. f. hir^ad'a. 1* ppx. — #• oikr. 1. px. 
Empty, Y. a. Mamara. 1. ppx* — IB. Auiyti/^. 1. ppx. 
Enamonred, to be -, * 6o6a. (-/Otra) 8. 
Eneamp, v; n bufiuta.'±. ppx. IV. f. of ^iia^ to 'coae down* ^oiSfrite 

bufad'am^ in the evening thoy encamped. ^ 
Enchant, v. a. d''ar4it. 1. px. 
Enchanted, adj- buda. ox. 
Encompass, v. a. mara. 1. px. see, surroaad. 
Encoamge, v. a. ssozaba. 1. ppx. Inteaa. of ZBbOy tO' lie. 
End, s. caba. »t. px. ffom caba^ to bold 9. baiu. ii» ctx. — 3. 

fi^ia. ». ox. — 4. handara* n. ox. 
End, V. n. darba. i. px. see, ceases **^ 8. ttuiMu f^ px. — ^ 8. fifa, 

1. px. 
Eaemy, a.,aimadgi»dgu. ». ox. (Am. amadjMju n. ex.} — t< kamai^ 

n. ox. — 3. On the military sense}, dina. u px. 
Enfeeble, v. a. koilaza* f^^ ppx. UL f. of an anbsed root Jsaiid^ 
Engagement, s. cabdo. n^ out* ttom caba, t& hold, soizo* 
Enhance, v. a. dyabefad'a, 1. ppx. IV. f. of dyaba^ to be atcoag. 
Enigma, a. :Mo. n. ox« (Am. A«^.) *. . , 
Enmity, to live in -, moga, 1. px. 
Enter, v. n*.afsena, 1. px. •*<— Ji. iMtMiiui** 1. ppob 
Entertain, v. a. (with food and drink), ^^ugziza. 9*^X4 UL t* ^ iuga^ 

to drink. — 9. ktd^a, 1. px. 
Entrails^ s. mar^iman. (Am. mar^umaa) inv. ob« : 
Entrance-place, (of a hoose), s. eabo^ n. ox. fiNm> oii6ay t^ feoep^ mIm. 

— 4i — 

EntwlRe, V. m*- huiuggh* i. ppx. ftdd Atilu^sui I. px* HI. aod V» f. 
of huhigmy lo. or^ep.'thfQagh a thiog. 

EDwrap, v« a. (one's self), zogoifadCa. 1 pp3C. verb denoih. from zogohy 
upper-gannent. *^' to^s heady oiguSa. 1. ppx. (Aau iki* 
gugad'a. 1. ppx.) 

Epilepsy, s. 6u2a« n. ox. (?) from 6ti^ to overthrow* 
Epoeh^ an «i- of time, s. tooea.- (toAc!)' b<^* trocnt. px» 
Eqaaly adjw fity. ex.. -~ to be «», ^^r^. (Untra) 9. — to make «, qifeza. 
1. px. UL f. of ^ToL -^ witb • atep9| irgatakay ox, comp. of 
«r^^ plaee aad tokOy oae.. . ^ 

Equipoise, s. midjana. t. ppsL 

Ere, adv. and conj. see, before. . » 

Erect, V. a. k^za, t. px* ill. f. of kd to riere^ and kafad^Of 1. ppx» 
IV. C r- to oai}«« to, be oreoted). Ap^s^w. 9. pp^ aad.lpa«^^w^<a 
. 1. pp^V. aad VI« t 

Establish, v. a. kaza^ etc. see, erect -^ to ^ onVs sel(^ guifatfm. 1. ppx. 
iftt dulbeza gubadCcy he ha/9 established himself as his giieat« 
— to causA to he «^tabli«h9d, Aro^fiM* ato. see, erect, *-r- %• 
§ubi96ap %. pipu fs9m,§ubay aboy:^ 

Esteem, s. ware* n. ox. 

Evacaated, adj. hir^u. ox. — to be -, Mr^^ 1« px, aqd eapec* II. f« 
hir^adfa. 1. ppx. 

Evening, s. galgaia. t. px. — to becointf -, gatgata. (-oira) t. — fl 

cahanS, (i-awa) 9. 
Evenlii|(-red, s. nula biftUy^M. fbot of the sun. 
Evil, adj. hama. ox. — to be -, hamd. i. px. and II. f. /WiflMUfa. 1. ppx. 
Evil-eye, s. buda. n. ox. 

Exactfoii, %4 ekbdo, n*- ex. freia eabOj tb sehie, take. 
Exaggerate, v. a. gudifddfdk 1. p|)x** IV...f«']r)f)^rtMia, to he* tall. — H*. 

aw^ifsa. 9. ppx. and aw^ifada. 1. ppx. III. and IV. f. of ow^Oy 

to be hot. ^ ; ; . 

Ksainln^, ▼• a<^ itoa. 1. ps» -^ 9^ hedg^, l«.px. (A^- Aeiiiwi. 1. ppx.> 
<r- a. fimcQt^* 1^ phx^ — 4< Aii^if'«. l. w^ ^^^^ denom. 
.{rc^m ^u^9 [|p)Mec..r- ft* eara* 1. .px. propierly, to cot off 
qoito short 

Examination, to •* of ;a.hMtl^:/bae9l4ip* i. ppv . 
Exasperate, v. a. bu%*e»a. t. px. III. f. of to«f« to b#^bii4^n . ! , 

— 4f — 

Bxoeed, v. tu aw^ifatta. 1» ppSL. IV. f. of oto^n, to be hot ^ to- 

((he price), gati gvdtfada* i. ppx» 1U« to mogaiiy. 
Exchange, y. o. ^fii^fra. 1. px. 

Sxcren^at, o. alftatf. n. ox. Arom oMa, to be red..broira« — 9. udon 
inv, ox. — to void the -s, udan haga* < — -t* of the hyena^ 
fllbam hyaenae, guiubi worabeza. 

Excuse, to - 0Be*s Jielf with, tdbaSa. 1. ppx. II. f. of ^r^^a, toiuidt 
seij^'; constr. with ^ or nt. teiMii eabad'eU iaqe^ pretei^ ^ 
this, or, exooBing himself with this, he went away* -^ t. i^^ , 
1. px. ini obolezazatin dCad'e^ lit. ho covered himself with bis 
brother, he laid the charge npon Uiii. 

Execrate, v. a. abara. 1. px. 

JBxecQ^oner, s. aba funo^ lit. father or master of the cord. 
Exempt firom, v. a. ^i%a. 9. px. noma ^izij binenzi ho iufe ha mh 
gafa Magzalatiy not to speak of the men, even beasts may eai 
. when they come to tlie feast qf Mags^ah' 
Exercise^ . v« .n4 Os}\itJ):.gota* t» px., 

Exercises, s« goto. iiom.jrOiil.-px. tarban har^aH gotaH mura^ioiini, 

in a week^s time the military exorcises are appointed to god- 

Exhort,- v., a. gorza^ l» px. ' 

Exist, V. n. dgira. 1. px. 

Sxpect, v. a. ega> 1. px. — 2, tura> i. px. , . 
Expedient, s. ca. (contr. from emod) nom. cofiu^ prop. hole. — ^« 

eofni. n, px. osed also av a se|»arate word. — ^ 3. d'acu. n. ex* 
, — .4. kara. n. ox. prpp. way. karan ftrguj I am embarraMed, 

lit. I seo no way or expedient. 

Expeditious, to be -^ dafiButa. i» ppx. aad Inteas. doAafstia^ 1. ppx* 
Bkpel, T. a« 'b§iPe%a, 1» ppx. /UL 1. of M^Uy to be broad. — ^ 
•. (ithtw^iti iL pi.. . . ; t \ - • •> 

Expose, V. a. (for sale}, ^aba. 1. px. 

Extend, v. a. /{r^^M.l. px. fro«i ^oV fhr, dlotait. -^^ 9i irifa« (iiVf^ 

e^O '1* P^ -^ -^.a^' ±^ px. oiSp6o.^i to . ^a^earpof* or a cloth 

- 'in order to make ^a bed. -^ to*-,' t. n. jftf. (contr. from ffoa) i* 

Extended, adj. bai^a. px^ — to be -, bai^a, 1. px. aiid H. f. bd^oi^ 

1. ppx.' <^ io iiioko*.L9'^eit^iMdk'l;'>ppx;<fII. f. *- 
Exterior, tidJ^flM^^'pai;" -'i .-.i .i ir ./-^ .V .« ' . 

— «l — 

Sztiagvi^h, v. ^ 4!ammh 1. px. III. £ of iF^ma* i. px. ta be extia- 

gpMi^d^,.' — .flL. dreou !• px. • .i 

Extirpate, v» a. ilton. 1. px. 
Extrtneoas, adj, ormM. px. 

Extreme, s. C^ap. of dances, the last daoce)^ ht^ibadCa. n. px. 
Extremity, a* handara. n. ox. — 9. Ag. nafa, Dom. nafni or nafU. px« 
Eye, 8. fdyo. <. pz. 

Eye-ball, a. eatu idya. -^ ft. gume idyHy Mm gttmay ball, globe. 
Eye-brow, s. nara. i. px, and eomponoded ^fth Idtfa: iiara idya. 
Eye^lash, 0. bate idya, lit. featfter of the eye« 

I •/ . 

Fable, b.' raga. h. ox* — to relate -s, raga. 1. px. 

Face, 8. fiiia. i. yx. 

Faddled, to be -, ganania. 1. ppx. 

Fade, v. n.^ t^olbga* 1^ 4ipx. .. • 

Fail, y. n. Aa/ii./.|. .^x.' **^ i9« kankaku. i. ppx* — 8* 9^^ adema. 1. 
px. Ikt^ te go do;virawarda« -r «4. tooto- (tiMn*i) ^diettiL 1. px. 
tit. to say. ,)n«^^ — : to •..In m^ daty^ M^ ^- P^ impers. 
nutu gafey we Adled, we are guilty. 

Faint C^w-ay), v. n. (from hunger and thirst) ^ummdik i» ppst. IL C 
of .<ui|pia^, te j|eiH!Ot. — ,*/» fa^ij^Ot^ l.px^ — 8. /a^o. (-oipa) 
•• and In tens. Id/ti^a. (-aioa) 8. 

Fair, a^. 6are..ox, fern, baretu. px^ — %. ggri. ox. fern. gariU. p3|. 
aka gariiiy 'as fkir as poi^sible, -- to become *, garoma- 1* px. 

FaithM, a4J. hunde. ox. 

Fall, 8. bua, n. ox. 

FalV *. n. 5iia'. 1. px-' — to-asunief, harUha. (,^^ i. — to -away, 
&iia. 1. px. — 9. inmfa^a. 1. ppx. iv. f. of ifuffui, to cease. 
i — . t^\ - v^i^Wn, ♦tlti.''i.- lAtl -^ f.^ dyK^^ -1: 1«*^ — ili ^*ii/b. 4. 
px. and II. >/ Htq^itfi; 1'. l|»pxf. • -^ ' 4v Ibfa' dV^ llt^Uoi .beat the 
earth. — to -in piecei^^ penmVMh *> Plt-rrr tPr,*^ .9n<»./cH 
dyiibefada, ▼. deaom. fromK<fll64<, .fewe^.TT" ^t? n .9«i. 0*^ ftpJ^ 
etc.) bua. 1. px. — t^ hamba. 1* px. *:> ,8. Aofr^c^^ (r<HO: h 
— to - out (of overripe oornj^ 4*MV^. OrtWd > t-m^o t; WW 

— 4i — 

aii3rbody, kd. (ooiitr. from iMra) 1. constr. with Ibe po8t|. A 
ini naH kae^ lit he rose against me, i. e« he fell upon me, 
attacked me. 

False, adj. adi. ox. prop, wbite. — to be -, adadfa^ 1. ppx. dvMu 

ddadPay thy word is white, i. e. is false, thoa liest. 
Falter, v. n. ginga. (-otra) 9. 
Fame, s, gurra^ u px. am gurrma ^aga»^ I have heard of his fuoe. 

, — 8i. ware, n. ox* — 3. zagafe*. ». ox. 
Family, s. warra, t. ox. (Aau UHurra,^ 
Famine, & bela. t. ox. 

Fan, v. n. hafarza. 1. px. probably related to hafiira, breath. 

Far, adj. fago. ox. 

Fast, y. n. zomna. 1. px. 

Fasten, v. a. gttdumfa. 1. ppx. — t. qiq^od'a. 1. px* nat. sound, ^' 
to make y^gig^^. -r- 3. mudda. 1. px. — to cause to -, mudi^ 
ziza. 2. px*. III. f. of mudda. 

Fat, s. baeza. n. ox. — 9. mora. t. ox. . 

Bat, adj. eabad'u, ox. flrom caba^ to seisse, Jceep. ' — > t* fiirda. ox. - 
to be -^, tf*o/Si. (touhO 9- *^* i^ firAomo.. t. px. — 8. a^oro. i 
px. and JL f. zorad^a, 1. ppx. -^ 4. f^da. 1; px; Cfiirdi.^ 
— tobecotue *, gad^a^ (•^^nrii) 9. — > %fur4«affa. i^ px. U* ^ 
of farda. 

Fato, s. iro^. fi. ox» 

Father, s. aftn. it. or. dimtn. fbnn: abwgo^ dear fhther, piar. aboda^ 
aboni. px. 

Fatten, r. a. tshbmza. 1. px. IIL f. of t^Aonio^ to be'iM. — 8. ^2^^* 

1. px. Ill', f. of zoray to be fat 
Fault, s. muda» n. ox. 

Favpur^ v. a. (pipi. 1. px. cpnatr. with U. fuUi toUy ,be propitiooB to 
me! 0« prayersJl 

FavtilMble, to makei. -^«p«rar«a. i.p](. aiid eapep. .moroitSiM*^ 1*PP>' 
ULiand IV.vf« of anorn, to be 4e«[| hekiret. : 

Fear, s. naza. n. oi^ ^or 1knr{ nazudm* . • - 

Feir, V.'n. fkl. C^ontr.- Ithm ^toer)'!. 

I^eather,' s. Aa/i?.'n.' ox. • •» 

t'clsJble, to be 1., dt»*ttC0. (*^M&d) J.^ :> : .>*. 

— 4* — 

F^Bed, y.^si hut a. .1. pK^ r^- f^ liadVtfM* t. ppx. ID. f. of lioira, to 
eat. — 8. o^aaw. 8. pz. III. f. of oba^ lit. to ^me tho dioDer 
to be taken. — 4. tshomxa. 1. px. 111. 1^ of ttAomay to be fa^ 
-^ & JBOTiM. 1. pL. IIL.f. of siora; te be fiit. — 6. ^odoaa. & 
px. lit. to 4rive put (cattle}^ III. t of 6oi^4^ to go out. •:— to r 
oiie> 9elf, jsoriM^a. dl. ppx. II. f. of ,«ora. 

Feel^ V. n. to - hot^ afSkma* i« ppx. passive of wf^kty to boiL — I 
feel ooidy'^cfom^^'t nmxabay lit ccdd holds me. > . ^ i 

Feeling, s. d^agna, t. px. see, heart.. 
Fell, V. a. dyigza. 1. px. III. f. of dyiga j to Ikll dowm ^ 
Female, s. (of animals) iTnllif. »« ox. -— Ihe - sexual parts^ fi^djt n* o& 
Fen, s. TJifre* ii. ox. 
Fence, s. d*ai. n. ox. — 9. mari. n. ox. . . ... 

Fencing, s. fatehe. n. ox. — t. ioia. n. ox. 

Fennel, s.' fiot. hinmiiale* n. ox. 

Ferment, v. n. W. (contV. flrom baa) i, — %t buka» Q'HSiod) 9. 

Fetch, V. a. (water) waraba. 1. px. (Am. ^oraba.') 

Fever, s. bu%a. n. ox. (f) — a kind of -,' Togaikza. i. px. 

Fickle, adj. habube, ox. prob. related to bvhdj Wltid. 

Flcus gxevifolia, Bot. harbu. n. ox. (H. P.) — 7 pjatyphylla, getinVo. 
. n.,Qx. ;7- - l^seudosycomon^iy^^tVifii^ n. ox., also the fruit of 
this tree. 

Field, s. la fa. tu px. a6a la/a, ftither, 1. e^ pi:opriel«r of tl^e •• — t. 
mazis fi* ox. 

Fifth, zanafii. ox. 

Fifty, zant0ma* pau . . .. 

Fight, s«. loia. ». ox. 

Fightf v» n. /b^cAtm^. 9.. ppx. HI. .f.. of an. uofouvd toot faiphfh — *• 
gtmi^suiM 3. ppXf. (Aga).I|I. ,f» ^t gimrfby \o covei: the head. — 
8. iola. 1. px. — 4. (with blunt weapomsQ, gugugza hla (gu^ 
gugza being the Inteps. of the II|[. f. of an unused root guga.")^ 

Fighting, s. fatehe. n. px. 

Figsuce^ s. d'agna. <. {»x. . « . . % i , . . 

File, 8. inoro. n. ox. — in one •-, wal fife^ lit equal to each other. 

Fill, V. a. etasM. 1. px. III. f.of mifi$iy <e b^iULv — 9. iuiez^it, 
px. — 8. zadizuea. 1. p&i -^^ to ^^ s; p^ei ntfOA..!* pL r^.<9ii 
horfa. 1. px* *— * ta - a glass, jiHr^m gotof lit to amb^ ^ydirgimf^* 

— 4M ^ 

Dftt. soiini/ -^ Id ^ ii|i, dMmesfU. 9. ps^ V. ft •f dmlor, to be 

VUter, «. gondfi. ik oM. • /. ' 

^ItMT, ▼. a. gondjiffa. ft ppx. t^ dlsnoiiL' -^ -IIL d^iuMba. !• ppx. 

Tind, V. a. arga. 1. px.' — t. Tuctt. 1. px. CAm. tueaS) — to - out, 
iyafad'a^ 1; ppx. lit. „k cHdse ' sobcfthing to be Indicated to 

^ me^^, II. f. of fpya^ to i^tray, Mioate. -^ vot to ^ iftt^o. Ipx. 

Fnie, adj. baqe.vs.. •**- 9^ yar>. ox» '^ as - as possifole, aka^fforitL — 
to become -, garoma. 1. pr« "^ 

Finery, s. tckamo. n. ox.' ^ * 

Finger, a. cuba. ni.'Hixv — - tfae littto -^ niUfM n* ox. / 

Finish, v. a. fitTa, 1. px. — 9. rawaJa. 1. ppx. hudfhiko rawameraj 


my work is finished. 

Fire, s. ibida. t. ppx. from ifa^ to be clear, bright. — to make a -, 
cancamad'ziza.. 9^ px. I|I. f. ^anccmaifa^ to warm one*s sell! 
2. ow^i%a^ , ^vPP* m*. ^« of atp^a^ to burn, — to set on-, 
bobeza. l..px. 111. f. of boba^ to be hot ^. 

Firebrand, s. fifo. n. ox. 

Firm, to be -, galma. 1. px. ^ 

li'irst, 8. and ordin. numb. Aan^a/a; /y and /f/. ppx. — d. tfii ifi/ra^ 
lit. te before. — d. «»6tf. n. px. *•=— to be the -^^'^moa. 1. px- 
— at -, adv. iafa dgakty lit under the earth. — '^ bom, hmnr 

^' -- gOfS: fiU Mi^ *fH. ^^. ^^ '■••■• 

Fist, 8. a6od^&. n. ox. — to strike with the -, aboda. i\ px. v. deflO0. 

Fit, v. a. matana* 1. ppx. 

Five, %an Qzam). together, soc. numb. SianM^ui 0jc. 

Fix, V. a. to- - the eyes upon an object, eabad'a^.'l'. ppxJ II. f. ot eaba^ 

*^ to ie'^p.' tkekMda'ltiS^^e ,1 h^ted' iBif on' agiltde, marked witi 

' my ey^.-^ -^ ib - W^day fbr jidltkA hifAll%, gadfnra. ±. ppx. 

Flag, V. n. tToiaga* 1. ppx. 

I^iiambeau, s. ibfiM il'px.' from //i;, to be bn 

Flame, s. ara6a ibida, lit tongue .of tho.flr^r. 

Flank, s. (weak side) gindi. n. ox. — as far-M Ihe ktins^ icMmijo. 

.»••: ) if«'.p;^4iiS0e^ t^dj^tl .-. "v '>•'•' ^-- '^ * -v - . . .^ . a - 

llia^viid kato/^.'nj ok.M]ftr«i. itf«Me^«]^eifcaa4|. > 
Kaah (/>f llghitni«g>y.'Sa Mipaleil. ^ir OK^ .1 .\xv^« i 

Fiat^r^adj..4jfUi^iV'<)Xi''*' - ••'■»■.. ."-i :/: p - «.i • .. i .1 

'* \ 

• »' 


— w — 

Platter, VJ'Uz iiiill> nV e^a^a. 1; ppx. t^rop; to ilin or wag witli. tile ^i 
-^^2: ^iat^ {. t>px. ' fll^d^ imcieiis. gagabartL I. lipt* -^ 8. <f»-^ 
%awa%a. 1. i; i v 1. — 3. zozoba. 1. ppx. Ilitens. of jso6ii^ 
to lie. -^ * \ ^ 

Flatterer, s. wazawaz'tu. n. ox. 

Flax (plant), s. ddibai^. ta.itbe ^eeda of it af e «aM by tbeOalias, 
while tiie' use bf ihb'stalk 'Is'iiiifcii^wii ta thetau 

Flea,* 8. dafyir n: o*. ' 

Flee, y. n. d'enza. l«'pl. 'fia 'djraAin Remain ^ do not - firom me/ (la 
prayers.) ^— . 9» bakadra,- ±i ppx.' — 3^ da^ah^^ djedfa. 1. pil 
(Onomat*) — 4. figa. 1. px. — 5. hiea. 1. "px. — %, g4 (^aa) 
1. -*- T, «fi^«. i, px.-— 8. z(^ka. 1. px. aofl II; f. of ssoka^a. 
1. ppx. '• •'. ^ i 

Flesh, s. /b». (font) iov. — - which is exposed for isale, euntri; n. 
ox. — - drietd in the smoke, murmura' h, ox.' -^ to smkHMiH^ 
human'i-,- said of ii"maij-eat^,'^^^lfiafiki.'f. pi. ^' i 

Fling, V. a. d. (contr. •f^owrto)^!. — *t; darbn^ 1. ps. Oilf p»w. rfar- 
dfto). — 3. naca. 1. px. s ........ : 

Flint, s. baidji. n. ox. ./...*. . . .• i 

FUtter^inouse, ^. 5stfin^di AtfiXrMlf^^lit. night-hit^. v \ 

Flooded, to be - with water, (Cumfad^a. 1. ppifr# I¥. f. of 4flima, to 
cease. . . n .».••-,.,' « 

Floor, s. (thrashing -) ogdi. n. oxi ''*»^ ' ' ' ■ * • ^ - ' ■ 
F^ow^iiVer, y:\k/d^igr^dtS) iyM^*)'^*^^ ^.giOgoii. Oiw^ t. «^ ttf 

make , golgoleza. 2. px.'III. f. 'i • » i ' . 

Flower, s. iatu. «. ox. . » ^ , . - 

Flower, v.n.' ddforof. l.'ipx. •-'' v \ • - 

Flnte, s. faga. -f. ^x} — 2^UhHei n. oi. - : * 

Fly, s. (sort of little - which stingi^]) gUbtu. n: ox. from gubay to bnrn. 
Fly, V. n. areda. 1. px. — f6"-irf ^e6es, dakukd. i. ppx. — • 9. iktirraJ 
(-ai£?a) 8. .. 1 ;...... . 

Foam, ■«. '^«»tf^tf.'^/px;^' "^ *•' -- *•!•■'» - • .»\ .•• •'•,.' :- •; • •♦ 
Foam, y. n. hamadfa, (j^awa) 9. • -. ! 

Fodder;' V-. il '«l^am 9.'fbL!'lit< lb eatiife Ihd dinned <to be talren^ trm 

^ ' ob&',' no'oni s^e,-^eA: ''*'' • ** ■ ••: '■'"^"' -"i' ' •' ' 

Foe, a.-'Cte thb *AllHai*y-fceii«(J),- <i«hfo.»*l:''t)x;''' "=^> -' i » •' ' ' 
Fog, s. huri. n. -6%. '*''''' ^^''^ ' '' '• ' -'' •"* "<'•' '"'' ' ■* - ' *'•» 
Foggy, it is -, tifa. i, px. bokeiU'^ilitbt^y^ Pn^fii-maifSy iv^4k^msi\wt 
ralii, -W is-'ohly-'^fog^yrf^" • 'i "' -' '^'J •«• •'•■ ^' •^' -v /../:;. ui 

— 4$ — 

BMy 0. ffma. I. px. — fk jjomtNlo. n. <«. — 3*. <iall|[i. n. ox* 
ViM,. y. a. mir0. 1. fs. — to .* «|^ dateluiza. 9. j^ UL f. of dote&a, 

to be twofold* 
FoUoYTy V. a. itaga. C-<ijfa) 8. — 9. hordofa. 1. ppx. 
FoUy, s. maratu, fi. ox. 

Foataoel, (Aaat.} a. ^tide. fi« ox< firom^^tfte^abore. 
Food, 8. nad'a, fL ox. — a partiqalar kinik of -, made of roasted 

barley, bafo. (Am. be^o.') n. ox. — to ffiv^ - to, iadCa. 1 px. 
Fool, 8» handjafisk ni. ppx. — S. fluiriiftf. n. ox. 
Fooliah, adj. maratu* ox. — to be -^ maraia* i* ppx. , 
Fooliahaessy a. maratu. n. ox. 

Foot, s. /ana. t. px. — 8. iftfo. i. px. — *. of a mouataia, goda- ni. pL 
Foot-men, foot-soldiery, s. iafo^ n. ox. 
Foot-path, a* dandi. n. ox. 
Foot-atop, s. fana. t. px. 
For, coJij. eda ied^aJ) fx. -r- pr^.- the sidcOy 6aito. px. -<— 8. n^ 

poatp« aflix, abbrev. f, see dr«n« aiw« S6ft« 
Forbiddaace, a. Atnnt. n. ox. i 

Forbidden, adj. Mrmi. ox. 
Force, s. dyaba. n. ox. — S. AfU^HHK *• px» ^ to take by - o^ 

arms, 6(Ml;a» 1« px. _ 

Ford, js. maika, n. ox. , 

Forehead, a. ada. t. px. (Ak. oifaO 
Foreign, adjk arm^. px. th^ oppo«lt0.,of jqofTo. -^ 9. madako* ox. esp. 

of imported cattle and goeda. 
Foreigner, a. orma. i. px. 

Foremost, the -, hangafa, fin. and /%• ppx. — r.9* l^tir^u px. adv. and poetp. 
Forest, s. bada, n. ox. — 9. j^o^ooo. f« px^ — 3. muka. ni. px. plm- 

muiiM^f. . — 4. tchaha.. n. ox. . 
Fore-te^, a. f/ilpan dur^^ lit. tootb^ before^ 
Foretell, v. a. faga. 1. px. 
Fore-teller, a. radju n. ox. (Am.) — %. mor^ UoHtei^, lit grease 

Forget, V. a. irafa^a. t^ ppx. pro^rly , to put away from oiie^s sell; 

scl. out of the memory. — %. tcaiaku 1. px« (Am. tpoMaJ) — 

8. Ola. 1. px. constr., yriik the V^ifht^Uf^ ^^ ^^ dgaiai (^j 

he ibrgeta me not, lit. be paasea not over i^j^e. 
Fttffgetfnl, to be r, k»c5* (-oumi) <...,;.. 
Forgive, v. a. baza. 9. px. lit. to let go,/I]I. f.^ Qf bd^to^gf^ oat. 


ForgiveneM, to be|f -, wadwada.' t. ^z; iAHL-m^nia.') ' ' ' * . 

Fork, s. (sacrificial -) mvka ha^. — to ibVett Ivitli the -, fohcoJ^a. 
'" f. ppx. "-»^ lia^-fbrk, lUtdjarabd. ni. (or n*V) px, (or ox.?) * 
Form, s. d^agna, i px. 

Form, rl'a.'tim«;. ^. px. only said of God. ' 
Fortify, v. a. mtidda:'iL, px. — to caeso to -, mtiddi^iza, t. px III. f. 
Fortune, s. arada. n. ox. — 2. hari. n. ox. --^ 8. toia. n. ox; 

Forward, to come -, hica^ 1. px. . — 9.. hifkaaa. 1. ppx. CAm. hifaad). 

/r- to bring -i. Atc^s^a. 1. px. 111. f. ot* hica* 
Fountain, s. burga. n. ox. 

Poor, afur. (afuri) ox. together, arfanu. ox. ' 

Fowl, 8. handanco, n. ox. CAm. hindaco.^ 

Fox, s. zarendida, t. px. lit. dpg^al^coad.. — , S, iroitcov n. ox! (Am.} 

fhtgrance, s. foii.n, ox. 

Fraad, s. malato. n. ox. 

Free, to set -, furra. 1. px. and II. f. fiirradta, 1. ppx. ^ — 9. At^a. 

i. px. — he is -, /a/a 6u6y lit. he fell on the earth. 
Frequent, adj. diidL ox. 

Fresh, adj. hara. ox. — 9. oiO'^a. 1. px. — to be -^ tahana, ir^ciwd) 

%; — %. dyi^a: ±: vx. '' ' ' 
Fret, v." ^.dutzita. t. ppx. 
Friend, s. <i%ii. i*. ox. (Ak: halaga.') ^-^ '^«. /!fto.<. px. — 3. iuha. ni, 

px. (Am.) >^ 4i Tttitehu.' n: ox. 

I • 

Friendly, to make -, mararza, %. p?i. and espec. mararfad'a. 1. ppx. 

III. and Iv. f. of marara^ to be dear. 
Fright, s. na%u, n. ox. 

' • • • « 

Frighten, v. a. na%i%a. 9. pp9(, III. f., of n^, to be afiraid. (Aman aseci 
this root also in the transitive sense.) *— 9. rogomza, 1. px. 
III. f. of rogoma, — 3. toarerza. 1. px. (Am, tporerza) esp, in 
the e«nae .€)£: tp .soare.* 

Frightened, to be -, bir^efadta. 1. ppx. — 9. WiT-'(ftfrr-> djed^a. 

t. pt» oat. i.'lit; to say „ftt>H^ t-:3. nd. (conts; Drom noa) i. 
FfiMled, ad), seo^eulrlsd.^ > 

Frog, Mi. riUsha. i. px. ' ^ 

Fro^ itarep. bita. ipx« po8tp« iMi hira ademey lie Ifrent away from me. — 

ti ^r«. pit^ -^ H. Mill — 4« tomm^ px. Or Ip«3l;ai ppx. -^ out r, 


Frontier, to be -ttt th^.-^rilliii^air i.,pXk . - *'. 

ypetb,.v. n.. h^puul^ (crmpik)% 

Fruity s^. Qd geii^nd) ora. n.,o;K, v-r >• lesp^i of tiroes, dCid!u 9. ox. 

Fruitful, to be -, ^ala. 1. px. 

Fry, v. a. aka, i^O'Wa) 9. -ttx 9. tP0Ufff* i« .px. -7- io - for ooe's self, 

t - Mfkd'a* 1. ppx. IV. f. pf ^o/(t»| to be. goqd. 

Fugitive, s. ^aoh w..<)X. ... 

Full^ adj. ^tulu. ox. — to be ^jguda, 1. px. — 2. cu/%{. 1. px. nd 
II. f. cu/v4*a.'l« ppx. — 3. dorrobd. 1. ppx. — an arm -,8, 
ka%u, n. ox. ^oin ka^ to rise. — a hand-, abode, n. ox. used 
as a measure. •" « - , 

Fume, s. ara. t. px. 

Fume, V. n. ara. 1. px. ^ 

Furnish, v. B/godt'a.' 1* px. and it,' f/ gSd*ad'a. 1. ppx.. 

r . •- 

./ 'If .• ^* • • • •.."x .1 .\' .. *'• ./ ; .1 



.y t< . V 

. » .» 

Gain, v. a. d^aki. 1. px. — 2. ^oil'iuf ^,. 1^ ppi^, ^|f. X. of ^d'a^ to 

make. — 3. hormta. 1. ppx. II. f. Di?. Aora;,, to.inorease. —4. 
u s'^^iM.t{r^myyi.iBf^a.vkan barrimti naiibf^.hf^fk hatte, thieves 

stole what I gained (can^ ijo^ to v^fi) tl^s yei^r., 
Gall, s. ha^oftu- n. ox. 

Gallop, V. n, kad'ziza. 2. ppx. ttl. f. ot kad'd^ to npiii. 
Game, s. a - with tings j mar amar to, n. ox. — a - with a stick, cube, 

n, ox. (Ag. koUe, Am. qSUe. n, ox.) 
6arAeti, s. fcaft).' n\ ox. ^9. wiarijro. i ox. •'» 

Garland, s. gini^a: n. o%l * ' ' * r. ; ' 

Garlic, 1^. '^ift/fti; wi'\)X.''J • ••-'^^'-v. .r. , ^y,.,. 
Garment, s. handabo; tcaya; waiu; fvalaii^) ^OgBlaeit. 'see these words 

'» ita— pttrt ? I*- ^ • '^' .'* ~ * ./■' ' .\ ^ ■ ■ "" \' • . - ■ . 
Aai^^ 1^. -^m^oto^ <•' pxi »^'*2. Arflrrifc J., p|b- *^ a«:rdkti|^« «»« ox. — ^' 

jlr^/a. n. ox. esp. that which leads thrdqghr the der9 Qv^iD^) 

Gather, v. a. bafad'a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of bdy to gf^.QQi ,--^;.8v ftu^fl. i 

*' ' px. and'H^jft'^w^atfa. 1. ppx.. r^ ^ fymwfa* f.^\px^ — 4^ jFiftW- 

w j{c . 2. yxdf^nAi.k^adRdi i.}W^ lU. 4Midi\W..* 4>f juip.. -rr- ft. affl^Wi 

1. px. — to - alms, abakad^a. 1. ppx. CAm.) 

— HI — 

Sfenerat^, v. a. god^a^a, 1. px. IL f. of god ay- io tnake. • ' 

SeniUlSy b. C^emale) fiidji. ^. ox.. — of ADimalaiy hormaUh n<». pi^« — ^ 
(male} zaki. n. ox. 

j^erminate, v. n. dorroha. i, ppx. — 9. lata, 1. px. — 8. anan naga. 
1. px. lit. to ' poar milk (scl. into tbo twigs and stalks.) 

Bet, y. a. god ad a. 1. px. II. f. of goda^ to makek — to - loose, gadi 
laki%a. — to - off, haAuga. 1« ppx. properly, to eratf, ««- to -•>> 
through, t(Che^, 1. p:^. — , 9. fuHa, (rai/Qa') %. eujf.^ot,H\k9Xi^ ill- 
fltmments. — to - up, kd. (-na) 1. — 9t oli djeda, 1. px. lit. 
to say „up". ' . , \' 

Ghost, *0.' ekerd. n. ox. — 9. adi. n. ox. a fabuloas being often men- 
tioned in fables, which has the faculty of changing itself into 
every form. 

6lrd, to ^ dne*s self, f^zabad^. 1. ppx. Arom kadata^ soarfl ** ' 

Girl, 8. indalia. i. px.. ^iiddMo,' con ftr. from ind&iiakdy my girl, my love. 
' — 2. dufba. U ^xi pKtr. dtAaro, 

Give, V. "a. kenmd, 1. pk. •*— to •- tip' to one, '^w^ci. '1. -px. — *<^ i4 - way, 
ma^ii. l.px. tMcad'pligijft wa^ go aal^el*. t .« 

fflad, to be -, ganmdd. 1« ppx^ .t 

Oladdeoy v. a« ganmd»i»a* i. px. III.- f. of j^oMmIW: i 

Gladneaa, a; gamad%u/n, ox* ..,>......>. 

Glanee, -s. (of the sun) eara^ n. ox* — ' 9. IM* n. ox;\ (Ank' l^t.) — 
(of the eye) mil^u. ^. ox. . < < . . 

Gland, glandule^ s. dtm^aicha* ^» px. . - > > 

Glare^.-Bv coril««K. ^* px. • 

Glass, a: A'/iJ^.- n. ox.-* looklag- glass, tr/Zalf. iofkiiQ n. ox. camp. 
fk«m ii/S; reflect. proaouD^ and iiahy to see. -^ glas^rpearls, see 
' " idpa adure^ tehaie, etc. ' 

Gleam, a* ^6^« «»• ox. (Am; Hpi^') — 9. ^lym it fOL. / > 

Gleam, v. m* baiaga. 1. fine. . r c 

Glide out) v. n« mitfsA<AiA«M^.'l. ppx; t. deiiom« ftom muMa:^ child. 

Glimpse, s. iee> gleam. - ' 

Gilstoa, y. n. kUbiH^du^ Ht. t4 itaake ^ybOM^'yitkmfHmXhe notion 
of Tinging a bell; see, toHngv — to anake -^^^guyim^ 9. ppx* 
hom guga^ apiendovt.' ' ''^ 

Ollstery ▼. n. /SiMfiAi^ 1. pxti ^ J ' < • .« ■, 

O^Utter, v.n. Mf/A^a. 1. p^x.. '-^^ 9. M»tl-j^a4'4»; <ei^ gli«t«yi. -^ 8. dyn- 
/a%a. 1. px. -^^J/Miki; 1. yx. ^^ (O'ttiake*-, guyiza. 9. 
ppXrDpom ^ya^ spleadoiir./ . * •» • 



Glittering, s. gu^ rf. px. 

Globe, s. bururi, n. ox. — 9. guma. n, ox. 

Gloomy, adj. caweza. px. fern. caweH. ox. — to be -, dukana. (r^md^ 
2. — to, become -, dukana. (-aira) 9. — 9. gaigala. (rowa) 1 
Glorify,, V. a. farza. 1. px. 
Gloiiy, 8. i^wr«. ii. ox. — %. zagale. n. to. 

GloWing, s. ((yf jire) gubad'a, n. ox. from ^tidtf, to barn* 
• «' . ■ • 

Glutton, 8* albateza. i. px. from alboy to be red-brown, to have i 

diarrhoea, —r 9. fambutft. n. ox. — to be a -, ixid^a. C-otra) 

«. (Ak. rfWa.) 

Gnat, 8. boke, n. ox. — 9. ^t^'^a. /ht. px. (Am. ti%i%a^ 

Gnaw, ¥. n.>.4;|ircfira« 1. ppx. — %, soloza. 9. px. v. denom. fircHii gok^ 
husk. _—r, to *., V. a. anifaia* 1. ppx. v, denom. flrom ant^ui, 
spongy part of bones. — %, corca. 1. px. and^.lntens. cocarcn 
, .1. ppx. *T7- 10. ktUad'a* 1. ppx. IL f. of IruAi, .ta tear, cut. 

Go, T. n. adema. 1. pix^ — 9« ilWa. 1. px. IIL t d'aesdza. 9. ppx. 
to cause to go. — to - about, nuirzik 1. pxv Mid marfoifa, 1 
ppx. 111. and IV. f. of ouzTtt, to turn. — 9. fiatta. (-11100) 1 
— to - against an object, d'acad^a. 1. i^x. — to - amiaa, 
I rwaw^ (ti?«u-) djeda. 1. px. litt. to say „iio^^ <*- to - aside, 
fnaca. 1. px. — to - astray, gmda.^t* px. *-^ to ^^ asander, fadfi, 
(awa) 9. — to * away, adenta. 1. px". < — 9. dairba. 1. px. S"? 
pers. dabarta. with transposed consonants^ see Gram. num. 131. 
darbif giv^ way, go, away! dakerza^ 1.. px. III. C U» let go 
swf^-. ^-^ 3. hica. 1. px. — 4. maca> 1. px. *--*- to - back, 
datchd. C-aa) i. but always in the sense: .on the same way 
on which ome came. -^ to - elandestiaefy, surceptioosly, %okA 
1. px. (Ag.) — to - down, gaddebia. 1. ppx. >coisp. of gadij 
down and deibia^ to return* .'^. 'to *• frequently to a person, to - 
to see, marmara. 1. ppx. — to - forward, sHga. 1. px. (Am*) 
. > . ^*- to - hflfflie, gaht. 1. px. And IL tigoMta*, 1. ppx.: — to - in, 
/ ' into, nam^a* i. ps.. — to - to pieeos, (larmmnfi. 1. px. — to - 
off, bd. (contr. flrom b€Ui) 1. gogan kfmi ira bmudiday this skis 
will not go off. — 9. darba. 1. px. — k to -^ on iiorse back, 
farta yabodta. 1. ppx. — to ^ out, M. (-imi)'1. -^ t, ^^. 
(-«a)>.l; both'ln the .acpiso of: fto^ tnke a walk.: — S. (in tbe 
morning) ganamfad^a. 1. ppx..lhroin g^namaj moning. — U^ " 

— M — 

ronnd, marza. 1. px. UL f. of fnam^ to tarn.-^ to'-'ronwi •» 
IliiBl^, nana, (-moit) S. -^ to - secretly, lightlx, gadiza. 9. ppi^. 
CAm« e«i^tm« S^ ppx*) III* f» of ^oila^ to go % robbing <or upon 
a 'wmrllke adventure at night. — to • to a plaoe, gala, 1( px*. 
and II. f. gaia^a, i« ppx, *^ 9. bd. O-oa) 1. constr. with H. 
iuiu Meefati bae^ he weif t upon the mountain Mee^a. >*-« / to -^ to 
.neeity (ekher In afirieaily or hostile intent) %ima, l*- px«**^ 
to - towfrda an objeot^ gadyila. 1. px. »-^ to - through, Ichea. 
1. *px. -**7 let ua -, benu. px. verb defect, probably the corrapt^ 
1. pere. plur. presi of bd^ to go tout 
Goaty m*' Tf^e^ y n* ox. plur. rooftt or ro^da^^ — }Boung -, -iimaree^x 

> — » he 1-, JiPDifMa rMeh^t -rt- wild ^^ dosofMi* m. «x. (Am.) 's 

beard, tchaiehvde. n, qx« . .. ^ '. 

foblet, s. «ad0. ft. ox. from edba^ to faoUL -^. 81 /b£p« o. 'Otx. — d. 

(used in sacriices) HfUe.^ ik ex. (Am. wutei') . i . .< 
God, a. ivaca, (wad') nom. iracni. px. naually. with the diminoiftva 

syllable ayo: Waeajfp!*&eK Bod I • 
Gold, s. warqe. n. ox. \ , * ^ / ^^ 

Good, 8. fol0. n. ox. .>.<..; 

Good, adj. gari* ox. Inl nad goHd^a, lit.* he is good to me, ^i.r'««:<h0 
levesme. dto j^an'fl^^ as good aii possiblai — 1o 4)e -,. «fvni> 
i. px. ••— It.'iafa, t* px. — a. fo^'l* px./-^* to beeome -, 
' geronuu i. px. firoia gari, **- to make -, ararza* i. px. 111. IL 
of arara. — toiteha, 1. pX/ ilL f. of A^/Io. •^. to make - for 
oae> self, ioifixd'a. i. ppx. IV» f. of Mo. — to do «^ s^ iv 
pM,.. fsifit! used as a praverblal wish: may it prosper! — g. ioia. 
1. px. ofefrt kuni naf Mudidaj this medecioe was not 'whole- 
some to me* 
Goodness, s. arara, L px. — g. wutrara* n. ox. — 8. ioUh\n^ ax. 
Goose,- s. d^dcie. n* ox. ' * 
I Gore, T. .a* d (eontr. Irati aa) 1. koromin mU ate^ buUs gore: 
Gourd, s^ btiqe:.n^ ox. --* thO^masMw of gourds orgoiinl«4ilE^ fl-uits, 

together with the kernels, mit^ran. inv. ox. 
Gout, s. ian^o* n. ox. (Am. aod.Agax danoj) ^ 
Governor, s. motij n. ox« -^ 8. (of a. town' or a villagf) abaganda, 
lit. father of the towUi • 

Grace, s. arara. i. px. -^ 9. marara, n, ox. -rr S.t^mt.'n» Qx^whAoh^ 
see In part first. ^. • ./ , .^ » 

GraceiU, to be -, nd. (contr. fjrom naa) 1. ./ , ' . •','■.. 

— M — 

fitmumaj^ -, Ma. 1. px» 

Gwn, 9, (in generAl) mttan. (miitanf) itxr. ox. — (la the ear) 
^tonn. n. ex» — a single -of -an. eBf^ tchaku tu ox. 

CraQ^-father, s. aHcdsegik. «i. px. 

Graod-finather, 8. «Ar«jf(K inv. px. (Am. aka(K px.} 

firant^ v. a. nd, (contr. ttom fuuf) t. - '. 

Gra3«9, s. manga, i. px. — higti -, ikUfnia. n. ox. — ^ a certadn sort of-) 
/e««<c n. ox. see part I. — ^ another one, Ukopor^ki. u px. 

fi^r^te, v« a. c^a. i» px. — hagogn. 1. ppx; ^^ 9. Aoca« 1. px. ud 
II. f. hocad'a. 1. ppx. (Am.) '^ 4* ^cUbiitTui. i. ppx. 

Grave, 0« 6ofo. t.' px. — 8* awala^ i. px. « -^ atvaUHg^fsa. i. px: a cer- 
tain atiimal which makes its den in the earth like a fox and i» 
a despoiler of graves like the hyena; lit. grave^spoiler, perhaps 
tiie MokeK i>f the Tunale. 

Gravel, s. (in the i bed of a river) tehiradja* t. px. 

Graveiv «• (instrdm.) horta. n. o^. 

Gray, adj. bora. px. — to be. •*, 6ora. 1. px. ^ 

Gray-headed, to be -, cora. 1. px. 

Graze, v. n. mura. 1. px. 

Gi1eaae,..8. bae%a. m ox* -^^ 2.' mora. L ex. 

Greatto, v. a. diba. 1* px.- — %. muda. 1. i^x. — to* ** one's afelf, di- 
ba^a-. 1. ppx. IL f. Of diba. — .%. mt^dad'n. II. f. of «iu<to. 

Grett^ ad|j. gudcLHiu — • very -, gudid^ pX; — to he -, guda* 1. px 
• «. f— to make -, gudiKa. 2* px. . ' 

Gfealer, to be ^, tcAaia. 1. px. a dingalhr verb which contains the 
, .comparative; degree. — r to make -*, tehaliztu 2. p^^x. UI. f. of 
ttchtda^ -^ M get made -<, ^^^l^/i^a. ¥. f« of tehaku 

Great-gat, (Intestinum rectum) s. garatsha. i. px. — (C^ot^y zamaga. 
-wt. ppx* . / 

Green, adj. filo. ox. — to be -, dyid'a. 1. px. -^ 2; ha^i. (youm) t« 

-"— ^ maigalS: >(^*atoa) 1^. (Am.) -^ 4. ichtara. 1. px. esp. in 

- tJie bense of : to be unripe. (AwkitcMrca.') -^ 5. TtlS. (j^wa)^' 

Greet, v. a. n^rt^a gafad'a. 1. ppx. lit. io ask alter one's peae>e» — 1 
naga^naga djed'a^ lit. to say: peace, peace! Several fcwms of 
greetipg^ see part L under o/tf^ ^ti/a^ /kya etc* 

Gridiron, s. codi. n. ox. — 2. <^6a. n. os. • ' > 

Qsa0ii a, ^oMo^a* fi.'px. :. . ^ • < , 

Grieve, v. a. warer%a. 1. px. III. f. of warera^ to'>he aD*sid, *^ to -, 
v. n. gadda, i.. px. J ; ■ .• ' .. ..-,.» ^. •.; i 

.'.| . »'« 


. -. ♦. 


•..A •: ^ .. .. 


t ^ 


\ .:,*. » . 

.1 \\ ,*•' . 

• » 4 

■ :\. ■ 


Grind, v. a. daka. 1. ppx. — t. doeoza. 9. pz. 

Grinder, s. Oooth) ao, n. ox. the four -s whicli stand near the eye- 
teeth are called tnoge ao, — r-9. dakuma. m. px. 

Groan, v. n. ada. 1. px. eapec. of woioen in iabour. — 9. tTiVa. 1. px. 

Groom, s. nao. n, ,^^^ a.^i^c^ant^.wjio, fjl4e^ )b]&hind4b^ (siqg and ^endf 
his farta iola (bfittle-steed), or ^W^vC^ding-dorse). 

Grony^ Y. .n, ,fr^fo4>.4.,l>Wv*I...f-M>' <^afo.,. to. give Wrth to. — ..% 
m^r^^. 4*. pi:., 7-. ^;.oi^ufie ,to -r* ^n^agar^i^ i^ pi^. UJ. f» of «wrya. 
— to ^ w, jimi^fh J^y^ppx, ifni,iljrt|^<M^^ wkqii I waf of fuU 
growth. ,, , ., > ,,....« 

Growl, V. n. kinriza^ t. ppx. , ,\ 

6rubbiDg«axe, s. cofara. n. ox. 
Cfmdgeon, s. hincatchu n. ox. 
fimmble, ▼. n. korriza. 8. ppx. / 

IIL f. of gamfa* to cover the head. — 1..4'. M^^o. 1. px^ Hi. f. 
. PA^Mmi^ .<P he a «lKiplM)rd. '^(tpi.w oi»e»Sj«e}f,^f0J9ii&tJS;arr^ H4 

6iiar#|9raflg»ik 4^ ajKOfl^^ -4 ppt. 't • • v /- ... . ^ . ./, ,.. . 

Guide, a. 6ai'. fi. ox. — 9. ma^ n. o;in/— t 8> fltonitidr «i« ea^ . 

6a|tti#« fH9ma.,m, w^ 9^14 («teo8..Aaii9t<i...f^ qx. one wahanUi* tearm, 

mrgUy hL I see no guilt in Ijim, Lflad him not. guilty. — 

, jt4 Ufi^iiifiiJh «i.:ox. ,8^ /iin* • 

GailtsTy^adj* hama^o^ -r^ to be -, gafa^ 1. px. impf^rs. nutu gafe, we 
',ar/p gpUt^f T 9r.A^i^. 1. px. .and li f. Jumud'a. 1. ppx. — 
8f:,(«{iu(i«ivi^ !• ^w* pasiiiiv^ of tnhuda, to plunge. ^i»£9Au6a»iiii^ 
do not sin,,.. . ,r. . . > . . r 

Guinea-hen, s. zoiolia. n. qsk* . v . . i 

Gulp down, V. a. ligimza. 1. px. HI. f. of an unfcnind* coot iigima. 

Gams, Si. «o« h,; >oi;f (^AwO » . . . . 

Gun^ I9..catfe.. M. oau fi^rmed donbtlesa from t)ie n|vt. sound y^ycaw^'y 
for caw-'dje^a signifies: to olap^ report, lit. to ufi^ fycau^^^. 

4 f •.• • ^- , » • 

.■! . 

« if • I 

A 1 

— M — 

» . ■ / * . 

• . - * , ft * 

BabitaHon, fl. (in general^ gimda. t. px# prop. Village. 

Habituate, v. a. tedjiza, 9. ppx. " 

Bait, s. ea8ad*o, n. ox. flrom cabae^iL 9k.'t df habay to hold, keep. — 

tJ Cesp. of ktaives and larget liistrattienttir) kbiba. n. 02. 
bail, Chali-stone) fi. hadjdbi4 n. ox. (Am. fr/MtV ft.' ox.) 
Hair, s. rifenza. t. px. 
Half, s. adj. and adv. tchabfuma* t. px« of fcAoflflfMiha. ^. px» firoB 

tchabay to break. .. • - . % : 

Halloo, interj. haul px. ...... 

Halt, V. tt. (limp) kokola. !• ppx. ..••>. 

Hammer, s. fufa. n. ox. (Am. ^uto.) 'i 1 ' » » .■ 

Band, s. harka. t. pxi into^ tl(e i-^y "hatkaH^ otit e^ the ^ hath€d. vftft) 

by. tho -, harkan. '•''- ' * » »•*.'.• 
Band-fall , «« ea6a; >n. 'Ol. - from' cabOy^- 'to* irHise:- -^ 9. kabaia. n. ol 

— 3. abode, n. ox. used as a measure, propi^ fii^. 

Handle, s* caba^o. n. ox. from the H. f: of ^ciM', tb hiMy s^bse. -- 
2. gurru. n. ox. —'3. j^^MMd. nt ok. ^^— ' 4. <[6f itnilFes- luid larger 
in^uitfent»> i^oldii/ n. cw; '* .. »5 -^ 

HaAdsOme, adj. bate. 09C»f fetti. ftoi^r^. ^-^' >9» inMagti. pipx. fMu wmdoff^ 

— to be -, niidagk. i. ppx* *. . » ' » -» 

Hang, V. n. r«ra. (rod) 1. — to- on, ftptfifaii'^il^et, ii«».^4/px. — 
9. maf^mif; 1. px. -!~ to - up, v. a. (in such- manner, that the 
object l^ans against thb wnli) fimizaJ 'it; ppx. oppoiiite to raraSia. 
2. px. to -^'ibpn thing so that it tioo^lMB^BOtlm ohjeci 
Hankering, a - person, d'artu. n, ox. masc. and fend* 
Happiness, s. naga, n. ox. — 2. tofo. n. ex*. * 
Happy, ad]. 9M^«^.'<nc. :.■....- 

Harbour, v. a. bud%a. 1. px. HI. f. of buiaj to fibuH^'the night — ^' 
^^^fi;a. 2i "ppx: lit. • tb cause to' sta^", 6t r^t, HI. f. of fa, to 

Hard, adj. djima. ox. — to be -, ^ima. 1. px. 

Hardened, to be -, ukamfa^a, 1. ppx. IV. t of %^ama to close the 

Hardy, adj. dydbeza. px. 
Hare, s. hile^za. t. ox. (Am.) 

~ w — 

Harneftfii «i' 0>f honifa), md4 fixrta. pz» 

Harsh, to be -, had^a* (rowa) ft. 

Bart,' 9* ifO^nUp n. ox./ . * 

Harvoflt, s^ijprAtt^a. tt.'«x« 

Haaten^ v. n^jar^da.±^ px*ltt."lo flf <af lilfdaO -^ S. ii0|fSi.>.i4 px. -^ 

8. dyardifara..iy fpji. ^^ 4» fiMufa. 1. ppx^ — &» iiffriiki. 1. 

px. «aA htasi%a. 8.^ ppa^ liL £ of Aura, toroah^ rQan AvuM 

kod^Uj come q^loUy i ' . 

Hatoh^x v» ab anki^a* .f . piOb 
Batchet, s. d'.olfaffyii ik ox. - 

Bate, V. a. (^iba. 1. px. — tn - ewdit elhar^ mo|^; 1* px« 
Baoghty^ .^to b» -i, ipoi^ 1. px. — %. jMlgana. 1. p^x^ ^ 
Baiutob^ a», .mtMii.' ». lax. . 
Have, V. a. coda. 1. px. and II. f. edbad^a. 1. ppx. — lo ^ a olalm on 

aoy per«on,Airi» a6«liira coda. «: 

fli^, a. olr«(. ».. oa* .. ' 
flay-fiirk ,. s. A0f(^ra(«m nl* (or fi.*) iixn Cor ox. ?) — ». CwUh two 

teeth) g&rbi. n. ox. 
Bazard, a. zabdbi, n. ox. .. , .j ..,< / 

Bazard, v. a. and n. jfurgura. 1. ppx. ini iubusM mf 9W9^*lf^9^ b9 

rlajc^d.his life for me* . , ' ^ . . :> 

Be, pron. tnt« px. Intens. i»atUy izaK. px. • 
Bead, s. mata. ti. ox. — - of the tobacco-pipe , d^aka gfoya (or f^^ 

4it.. ^ilwe ^of the plpo.. 
He^Hiche,.s. ibowo^ jn^ oi^ bowonna mSu* lit -^ -« - consuiBes me. 

- to have the - - ^ lunfiafad'a* 1. ppx. v. deoom. Drom binco. 
Bead-^haad, a. (of. ^^ bor««)> /<^* n. ox. 
Beal, lr. ii.i.<<'tiMi i* yix WKd^iTinoma. 1. px; made from the a4}« rtfia, 

little. — to -, V. a. fayiza. %. i^x. 111. f. 4if fuffay to he. sound. 

Bealth, a. faya. n. ok. ant fay an eabUy lit. I have ho healthy or oftf 
faya dfabay I find no health^ 1. e. I am sick. — H. na^. n.- ox.' 

flealthy,. adj. Aj^a. ox. — to be or become -, faya. 1. px. •— to 
make -^ fayiSM. 2. ppx.' III. f. of faya. 

fleap, a. A^^. nl. px. — 2. Aosio^'. n* ox, ^ — . 3. Iiito. nt., px. , 
Hefp ;iip, v.. a, tufti»g^ 1. px. Jll. f» of ^ufo^,. to increase tq a mass. 
Bear, v. a«X^f|ff:,jC-^a!| 3. ^^r- Jo^-,. or tolet -, df^ss^%a. 1. 

px. V. t. of i^'aya. — j^hoiL didat l^ar me 9 uU gara naf hirl^ 

lit. thoa sharest thy heart for me.^ 

II • > 


Hearken, v. n. dfagefad^a. 1. ppx.. lit. t6 \amt tor one's sell^ IV. i of 

d^agUy to hear. 
Heart, s. Qhs a part of the body) anne. n. ox.-^-- fig. d^ngnaA,^^ 

aU oto idyaketin argine d^ayndketin be^htaiy though thou hast 

nibt seen k (thou) kaowestit in thy hearts — 9. yara. n.a 
> > y'mrdkoUn asi kad'ad^a^ 1 beg thee heartily. 
Hearth, a. b(uf>a. m ox. -*- 9. j^esoie* m. ox« -^ 8. iltita* n. oitlie 

place on which the Mayzaia fire is mfcde. 
Heat, T. a. cancamad'ziza. 2. px. 111. f. of gn linoscd root <»iieaM. 

— %. ow-^iza. 2. ppx. III. t of otr'^41^ to bo hot 
Heaven, s. tMieoi (wadt) aonh fii^iMt.-pi, 
Heavy, adj. ii//b. ]px. -*^ to b» -, nZ/S. C*<if^) ^* >^i>^ ^I*^- ^^^'^^t* ^> 

ppx. — to make -, ulfeza. 9. px. UL'f. and iiifMt%im% 

'px.-»V. -f. * 

Hedge, s. mart, n. ox. — a plaited -^- dayaie* fu nx*- ^-^ the - on the 

frontier against the inroads of neighbours, bero. n. ox. — s* 
' mkde'laroaDd the grav^ to protect them against the hyeDS, 
. daiia. 91. ox. 
Heed, v. a. eya, 1. px. prop, to wait 
Heel^ s. Itome. mo*. .« ^ ^ . . . . 

Heifer, s. Cold enough to breed) yorom%a. I. px. — a*- three J6W 

old, yorba. i. px. / ' , ^ . . ' 

• I 

Betl, s. ekera, n. ox. •» 

Help, V. a. baza. 2. px. III. f. of bdy to gb butw wahk toa«, it belps 
nothing, is of no consequence. — W. dumxa. 1.-' px. perfc«[« 
related to e^umay to cease. — 3. yttryara. 1. px. On^fO ^^^^^ 
of an unused root yara, — to - somebody out of difiedH^ 
hulttyza. 1.. ppx. and espec. huluglKi&imi 9. ps. IIL and V. I ^ 
huUuyay to creep through. 

He]ive, s. see, handle.. 

HJen, is. handanco. n. ox. (Am. Mnd^uso.}, ^ » .. ' 

Hence ^ tkAv, aziyL px. 

Her, possess, pron. zi. aflix. (Am. ze.j hidjotenzij ber children. 

Herald, s. labzu n. ox. — ^ 9. er^ior. n. ox. from ^^ra, to send. 

Herd, a. kara. i. (T) px. (oxi?) . ' ' 

Here, adv; i«ife«7 px. — from -', «»fy<. (reiJp. Jhiiym) ^x: -^ till tlJ»^ 
tiM^,'ff9as;^. px: a coinpbhhd of 0"^^; place and^iil^ " 

ierlD, si yondakt. i. px. -^^<. inomoti. n. ox. ''• • " -^ 

Hiccough, s. hiryimfii. n. ox.' ' '* • ' ' ^ v' i- » .a i. .: .. 

-- «• — 

Hicocmgb, y. ii« JU'i^srrf7i/M*£N'''l»'pp3r^ ^. ^enom.'froni Mrg$mfii. - -^^ 
Hide, «. raro;' n; ox.* — ^ « tuiHiM Vi,^' *«/<»r n. t)x; or 'ilrirD^i. ji. i«K. 

d'okattey I hid rayMlf-belbre Mmi r«^ to -^ iv.U. d'KtApa^. 1* 
px. 111. f. of an Boaaed'^ro^^t d^a. . '^ . : t • 

High, Adjv« «'^Vi. i^«. v> '» V^'.- ' .' ..»'■^^<.M 

Hill, 8. borga. n, ox. — S. goro. n. ox. — •8.> iUaMM'6u>fi. OX. — 4. 
Afifa. nom. Ami. px. — 5. randa. •'. px. -*^. wiftyo* fi.'«^':>^ 
9'.'>o«fta. h. ok. «€oiitr. flmia* offy 'apwferds and^ b4y .to s» OQtL ftt4 
' 9'm ^Moi' n. 0%. ' '■'» *. • 

Hillock, s tapl'(tapi) t. px. etc. see, bill. • '• > \ 

Hilly, ad), y^fftftf. px. --^ l»^^toM-,/ifvMiiAii.* i. p^^^ ' ■!.•»:« 

Hilt, 8. i^o^ bttiidl^.* • •!'.;«..' .• .. •. v.. ..' ' . 

Him, pron. i%a, px. a00ii«;'Of Ifil, .';|i9b> l(lten&i' iMlii^* isdit^^px* — to 
•'him, iHi ^px.. » !■'..•'.*• .'» .\ . > - ...i - . 

Hinder, v. a. dfowa, 1. px. — 2. ^esta^. .8. 'ppx%v UL f. .ofi^<)!^ to 8it. 

Hint, v.^ il ITfi^fni 1. pKk\{Am« hic4) prop, to touoli« The CMllaa oflHUli 
Mnt'WitlyUk^ tfattmbi . : . .^ 

Hip, 8-. m«i^ NJ> ox. v- ' '.• • ' . r ' 

His, po^8e88.* pron. stf. aMx. Dative su^. px. or %afi^ AicCQB^.%a/ 

Hitlier and thither^ adv. "gtutana garhfai. px. . / 

Hive, 8. "(of bees) komdo. n. ox. - . ■ 

Hm! interj. hm! 

Hoattf^ 8. tUM. id. px. fmef faeap. > ' 

Hoaivftost, 8. oH. fil ox. -^ t. ^or<i. i* px. cari issafi bue^ the « >- fell 
a[k)n binf, i. e. be huThrf old. — there in a — , eortf. 1. px. 

Hobble, V. ti. hokola. 1* ppx. 

Hojp, -8. boye^ n. o»# • ' .'•••' 

Hold, V. a. caba. 1. pt; >attd If. t^aabad^a. 4; ppx. -^ 4o'>ca«ie to be 

held, eab%i%a. %.' px/ and eab%ifa!d^a, t, ppx. Ill* and IV. H df 

• cote -^ ti^ -^•togetheq, lit* and fig.- vmi oaktt^c^ <t-^ to«- one^s 

8elf on aomethinf^^ fl^^ mbt»^i$. 1. ppx« eonstr» with li- and ni. 

Hole, 8. 6o/a t. px. — 2. it'o^^. n. ox. f 8« Ao/ilp^. t. px< -7* a 43aii- 
tionsly coveMd ^ tof oatoh b«a8lS' in, gadmMo.. n. ox. ^ — 'ittii 
have a -, (of dresse8 ^r vei»8els) ed. (eontr.l^m eawayf^^ 
truwen kuni cd^.tYAs pot has a bde. . : ^ . - ., 

Hollow, to be -, 4&, (cofltr» from cmva^ 2. • • - * 

Holy, tfdjl ajfofHi. px«.<-^ to b0 -y^^aito; i, pKij^rni^ Irtini affmtdif 
this day waa a holy-«day;> . • . • . .. 

/ iji •< 

— «• — 

Home, 9. 0MMM* i, ox. — > *, adv. ^^9ii^ px. — 9. mumaU.fL'- 
. at -^ ^pMi. px^ ^— 9, mana. 4J^ abanke mana d^^S eefeuh 

d^iruj Is thy father at hove V no (Ut« F^cf) be to aot. — to p*^ 

gala,' 1., pz* and JI, f guMfB^ 1. ppx. 
Hon^y, 8. dogma, i. px. (Am* ilMnmaO 
Honour, v. a. utfe%a. 8. px. and ulfai%i%a. 9. pi^ UL and V. i^ l| 

mifay to b^> heavy. 

Hooi^ 8. i^Oto. J». ^Xr 

Hook| B. ggne, n. om — 9. gurru,, tw ex. — 8. hanUu, n. oi^-i 

hoko. n. ox. — to make a -9 gom%a. 9. ppx* v. denoo. fia 


Hope, 8. a6i{t. n. ox. a^d^^jikfn^ iM|^9 owhppea wepe no.t.aec(Hnplubed< 
Hope, v. n. abdad^a. 1. px. constr. with the po8lp» <!»• Aidio<^fc< 

abfiad^a^ I. hope, op telf upen .my ehildneBt 
Horn, 8. ^n/b. fi. ox. — a great drinking «, ^iiiia» «• dz« — the 

of a .«•, zakii n^-ox. 
I|onw^< b;. ^Biftto. f. px. (Am. fordo,') plor^ .fyarat$nL (reap, /nr^t^) 

— to go on - back, fartaffit td^ (farktiirm to^ toiaitapODthe-l, 
or fafda yabod'oy lit. to mount on the -% — a handaome - ^ 

'ft sJ^KTj *dam^ «ii iOX:.)~T* an .>old . wora^^ut horsey bota^ ^ ^^ 

— 9. magadi. n. ox...*?- riding «,> ^aUe...fh la* . 
Horse-trappings, s. eieian, inv. px. 

Horsekite, s. tshuluie, n. ox. ^ 

Hostile, adj. ox. moga. ox. — to be -^ live in enyiltyv moga» !• P^ 
Hot,"adj. i^fto.-^ /9« oiiM^ii. pXi^ — to be—, gub^ V px. pwp** 
;.* bmrv..-*- 9.;oil>^. 1. px. ~ a.«^6dl (ratoa) 9- r— 4. ^toJifr 
1. px. — to make -, ow^iza, 9. ppx. 10. f. of mo^a. 
House , «. ^^&. n. ox. — 9. mono. t. ox. plnr. mottfli'. px. an f^ 

t ' ' '.dotted •4., ona-'fi. or. ft^om OM^ to be^teio^. 
Honir, adtu. aiM». qx. lijakm^. otamUam aifimni. px*} - 

— many,>aMnf^. etc. — 9« liami px» . — 8*. an^M. px* I"^^'* 
m^aftf'-ppxx^-*^ I.P often, yoai< Aunnf'; pii* . ^ - r 

Hnvv^ever, adv, .ci^d^. (^a;) px. • • 
Hng, V. a iM/^oflte^ i* px. Ut^to:h«ld eadi othen; - 
Boll,. 8. eundje. n. ox, -^^ 9. gokkfi, px« . 
Ham, y. n. goraria, 1. ppi. •m* 9. AoniK^.^9« ppx» . 
Hump, s. (upon the neck of the balMo)' MIm« nL dx^ 
Btadnd, il'tAa.pW fraip itibOyiLMM impedlmeiil, m U tb«re ^^ 
a hinderance to counting any ftuctbev. .) i> 


— « — 

.1 J 

.. J 

iger, «• ^iia* i. |)x. *^ ^M^ lit to eapel tha'^*y^ L^e, to' sittvM 

fry, to hk S MRl; (-oirii) jH 

it, V. a. adamza. 1. px. III. f of M anmed co«t miiiiML ^i 

Iter, 8. adafnditeha. i. fx* 

iting, 8. ailaifio. n. ox. — to go ft »-, aifamo -d^a^a/^oxi ps. 

itsman, s. see, hootor* 

tfd), adj. ^^Ara. px. ../... 

iband, 8. d'ir%a^ i. pxi ^^ f . jttida n« dx. 

ik, 8, cundje, n. ox. — 9. ^o/a. <. px.. . 

eiia, 8. Witradezn. t, ox. (Am. worabesu;^.') 

mo, 8. far%a. n. ox. 

I •■' 


. • • •• 



/ •' • '. ».'! 

,r . . 

pron. ani. px. Intojipi* ofMi^ a»iaCN .. 

le, to be -, bobd. (roa) 1. — 9. d^iba. (-flfra),t.. -^ Zr,d!(^0. CtW^ 

9. prop, to be fat. — 4. raTa. (-aira) ». ,-7 . 5. ftf C-tiVW) •i 

prop, to 8it. . , . ..; 

I c«iij. eiuidi.t. otQ. px.. CAm^ and Aga: uhi) i^,.iiidio^ '— ^ 9» ^; omA 

also In the sense of whether, hony if 1, oomp^ Of.Ao.aiid;aiil, I. 

hokaUf copip. 9! ho ^nd iiPfiVMji^ that, lit. if ^ that., th.o 

seQse oU if not. — • 8., ak^. px.. If^acaj/eK beka akfn ini gah^ 

God, knews^ whether be cf mes back ogaio. 
1} Adj. Aoina. ox. •— very -, r^a. px. prop, dead body* — to be ->. 

d'ukubswfa. 1. ppx. IV. f. of dCukuhay it aches.' — t. hmm. 

1. px. and II. f. hamad'a. 1. ppxJ ' ^'' ' '<'* 

Ubred, adj. galamota. ox. — t. ^anam. ox* >^ to be ^-^ 

1. ppx. .':,,* 

laminate, v. a. ib%a. 1. px. m*.^ of tifa, to be brjy|r)|^^ ^ . 1 
OH[e, 8. the - of an. object formed by the san, gaditu, n. ox. (prop, 

the femin. of gadiza^ shiidow.} 
Dltate, v. a. iaia. 1. px. inf. d'a^zu,^ 

omature, to be -, dyiSa. 1. px. — 9. tchUrca. 1. pXi (Am. A^Aorlto.} 
^mediately, adv. %i atehi. or '«# afyMH. px. Ht^ Ifaee iiere. 
"uoerse, y. a. ^Au^ l..px.. -.,,.,., .:-.., . ? 

■Qpatleot, to be -, kamad^a. 1. ppx. (prop, to scold). — 1^ .^f^^* '• V^ 


■ > • • • . a 

• » * 

Impel, V. a. dyardyarsut. 1. px. III. A* ^tdyandym^y .to bitften 
Important, .a4i« ntf^pz, pfop^ hoayy. : 
Imported, adj. (cattle or goods) madako. ix^ . 
Importniue^ y^ »a* . if^awa, . ('^oir^ 4P. 
Imprecate, v. a. ab€ara. 1. px. I 

Impregnate, v. a. naea. 1. px. Aomlancofi ^'/^auMf t^;^ naqeUfkim^ 
goia^ai does the ben . l«|r. (^gpi) impn^gnaied by the lir? | 

Imprisonment, s. yindo* n. ox.' 

In, prep. tr^r^. ox. irye OondoTj in Gondar. — 9. Jir^^sa. px. postp. ai 
keza^ in the (snn^ open air. — 3. ti. postp.' affix, tnamtij \ 
the house. Oondaritiy in Gondar. 

Inactive, to be -, rata. Q*awa) 9. see, idle. 
Incense, s. an. i. px. — 2. uryoftu, n. ox. from urya^ to smell 
Incense, v* a» arza. 1. px. HI. f. of ara^ to steam. — 9. uia. 1 j» 
and II. f. uiad^a. 1. ppx. 

Incisor, s. t/Xran ifj^o/^. ox. px. lit. tootli^%enea^. 

trfclte, 'V. h. naca.±. px. ^ s 

Itic^We, ii. ^W.' w. ox. ' 

Incommode, v. a. ctora. 1« px. , 

JiH^Onsdl^ble , 'my hi^art is •*, jga^an^ smrmudMa^^ lit. Will Mt b| 

•' ' ' tiiki^tiilli^d. 1 . n , - 

Inconvehient, adj. raf^o.'ox. — td be ^'rdkad'a. 1. ppx. 
Increase, v. n. dyab^fixd^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of dyabiy^ to be strong. ^ 
8. d'ato. 1. px. — 8. hora. 1. px. — 4. fola. 1. px. 

Wigestton, s. wr^a. w. ox. (*) 
Inebriated, to be -, matchS. C-:^|ra) S« . 
lii fi nii atioiV' ^ mktehi. n. ox. ^ 
Inert, to be -, d^ofti. Q^awa') 8. lit. to be fbt 
Infantry, s. idfh n. ot: ii6m iafhy earthl • ' 
tftfofm, V, a. hehzikd. S. px^ Illi f. o^ 5eifca, to kjioyr. -^ to - against, 
Qur.} hnna^.a. 1. ppx. II. f of Aima, to tell. 

fngaiqtllrg)^^ ^, 0if£ifa«)t^tV n<^ .. > . 

Inhabitant, b^ ^baHna^ fni. px«'«fe^}. inject. -. . . . ii.( . . 

Inherit, v. a. <^ai^. 1» px. — to cause to' \\(iaiidf^\siUi. -9. px. V. f- 

•''•' -^ OfVa/&. ' •) -^ r ' ••'.• ■' .> - t>' " 



— «8 — 

IlnocAiit) ftdj. .vtUculu.'^ 0]^4 C<HicuA<?).' — to .be -*, otife^,4*^ inK«A 

Inquire, v. a. cora, 1. px. prep.' tb uiit off "^te short*' -^*%,ffitneoldja. 
1. ppx. — 8. hubada. 1. ppx. v. denoiA.' ffom Ati^tt^ 'fiplUvtbt^ 
trifling. — 4. gafad^a, *• p^i. ~ fo let^y^jfafbdf^Hsn. it.'ptl 
til. V. <>f ^/bd'a.^^'*'''. -"^ ti'« .' '» "' •■'• '-' ''' '^'^ ••'• ' '- * > 

InsigDiflcant, adj. cttcumi. ox. >' ' > • 

Insolent, to be -, kora, 1. px. 

Instantly, adv. ama. px. 

Instead of, adv. kara, ox. fdllowed by the postp. H, 

Instructor, s. barziza. fiu, px. Arom bara^ to learn* 

Instrument, s. all -s of agriculture, 99ita cotexfl. -— a certain musical -, 

malakata. n. ox. 

• \# 

Insult^ V. a* arabza. 1. px, frqm ora^a. tongue. — f. cltnca. 1- jpx. — 
' 31 duduiad^a. 1. ^x. tntens. 6lf dutatfa. to speak. , 

Intellect, s. 5P«/6t. n. ox. — 9. s^tira t . ox. 

' • 


Intelligence, s. hafura, i, ox. se^, news, j , . < - .-. 

InteoiiojiaUy,.,'^y^;6airfin. .Qx.f(Am.}? i 

Interdicted, adj. Mrmi. ox. 
Intw^olion^.,*,,^!^!,./!.. Ql^ 
Interiac©,;, V. ». ^ee^^ewtvia^. , , , . 
Intermittingly, adv» dabarre. px. see, alternately^ , . 
Interrupt, v. a. (one's discourse) bai^ezfl, 1. ppx., ij^f. f. of bai-^^i, to 
-be- extended. — 9. ^fa. 1.. px. and I(. t.kuta^a. 1. ppx. 

Into,* prepw. iMtOy px. - poatp. :*-*- 9. i% postp. affix. manaUy into the 
house. ./; r .''*,'•• i' - ■ ..'».: 

Intoxicated, to be -, gadandarA. 11 px. — 9. jnaft^A^r. (^mi^d)* 9. ' '^' 
Intoxicating, adj. (of drinks) tshunko. ox. . « . ., 

Investigate, v. a. hubad'a. 1. ppx. v. denom. flrom huba^ Splinter, 
trifling. ,, , . 

Ireful, to be -, ara. 1. px. prop, to steam. — 4|. bi^biin Q^awa) 9. -^.,9. 
daiana» 1. px. ' — 4. watchila. 1. px. -77* tp become. •«> Map^, 
1. px. — ;to..ju^.%;rv dftktmifisa. 1. ». Mh t.ef ^/awa,,^tg. 

see, angry. ., ^ ^ .» .;,.; ;,. ,,. . . - .. • -l 

Iron, s. xibila. i. px. 

' ' . • 

— w — 

Irritate, v. a. ansa. 1. px. III. t. of araj to aloaiB. — %. hu%e%a. % 
px. 111. f. of buziy to be bitter. — 8. dobeska §• px« III. f. •( 
baba/ to be ireAil. "^ 4. gidh%a. 1. pp£. ^- 6. damagifuut 
ppx«>'III. t ot daimQ§fly to b0 aw^e. 

Island,, s. i^'4tf. fk ox* > 

Itch, js.. c«Mt^l> fit ox. -r— %. icMto. jtk o|b 

Ivory, 8. lafe arba^ lit. booe of an elephant ---' % iOftm mba^ \iU 
tooth of an elephant. 

I ' . 


Jaw-Done, n. mangaga. n. ox* (^hm. ma gaga*') -7- t. f^l/t.* n. x)X. 

JealQQS, adj. mazanu. ox. — to be *, ma%ana. 1. ppx. 

Jejune, adj. agabu. ox. / . . . < 

Jest, s. co«a. n. ox- « — •. teSa. n. ox. ' * ' . '' 

Jest, V. n. coza. 1. px« — t. daginJfa.^. t^ps^. — 3. itteia. t. px. c. 

dat. #Mi^n cfasmt, do not-wlth me. — '4« iiiha. 1. px; and E f. 

txibad^a. 1. ppx. * ' ' 

Jew, 8. faqi. n. ox. by this name are called the l^atatAia, a people 

inhabiting the north-eastern part of Abyiisfnia nbd' known to 

profess Judaism. ' ;.,.,../. 

\. t' I ' I.,.' 

Jbwels, sJ miii, iiom. num. px. ' ' : .s ./ 

Join,' yt. ^. iulnfa. 1.' ppx. -^ '%: 5sWa. 1. px. — ^S. iStttiiUErr. i. ppi. 
.—. to "- to, tkatana. I.1 ppk. *^ to -«-,«ne*B.a4lfy ifMa/ai#a4 1. ps* 
III. f. of dabaia. — to - closely, fi^fa. 1. px* 
Joke, 8. cosiii. n. /9x« ~ 9. . to6a.< n^ ox^ . .. 

Jofce, V. n. see, jest. • • . \ 

Journey, s. dandi. n. ot. — - to prepare one^s self for a -, gugumefaaa* 
1. ppx. III. f. intens. of gwniaj to "be round. '-^' %.' zaxabaic^ 
. 1. ppx. v. denom. Intens. from su^atOy scarf, 
^ust, s. gafmmna. rk dx." "' ■ "• "' •<' • : -"i • ' • ^ * ^ • . ^ . » 
Jdy,' B. gama^f^u. til ox. •' : * ' • - *- .-*{.*.• 

Jddge^ 8. fMi0igude% n. 0|:^*— t. ftfef^tf. n< oxi'CAm'!) ~ < * 
Judge, V. a. 0«u^0 9odjara. 1. ppx. -^J 

Judgement, s. ^stirii. i. ox. .>{>./ 

— «5 — 

jraAriMi) «dj. 4ign^bt^ ox# prop. «o1ier, :-^ 9; eatatf. ps, from af§a^ tt) 
seize, comprehend. (Am. CAmno.) — ^« covf^. ox. (Am.) -^ i. 
Mbk ox. 

Jump, V. n. koka, 1. px. (Am.) — 2v ueala. 1. px. 


Koep, V. ft. caba. 1. px. and II. f. cabad'a. 1. ppx. — 9. hambifad'a. 

i. ppx. IV. f.' i^f hamhay to rest. -^ 8. Irrf. (contr;. flromlMijpa) 

8. and II. f. kaycutd. 1. ppx. Med. -^ 4. tikzd* 1. px. UI. f. 

of tik^y to be a shepherd. — 'to - ett^ d^owa. t* px. — 9. 

oltsha. 1. px. III. f. of oUty to pft«9 the di^y. < 

Kettle, 8. gahi. n. ox. 
Kettle-drum, s. dibe. n. ox. 

Kick, V. a. iHadcL 1. ppx. and luteins, didid^aia. 1. ppx. 
Kidney, »« eo/e:. fk ox. 
Kill, v. a. adji^za. f . px. prohahly the III. f. of aday to sigh. ^^ t. 

•duziza. 8. ppx. IM. f* of dua; to die. — 8. ^or^l. {-ao) 1. — to 

- one another, C^aid originajly of trees which throw each other 

> down) gaiafa^a. 1. ppx. ftom gakiy to go home. 
Exudy to he -*, arara. 1. px* ^- -to make -^ nuararza. i« px. and espec. 

mar^faia. 1. ppXt. III. and IV. f. of mcararay to he agreeable. 
Kindness, s. atara. n. ox. 
Kindred, s. akaku, n. ox. Collect. 
King, 8. moti. n. ox. — to be a -, tnoa. 1. px. 
Kinsman, s. akakii. n. ex. — 9. fira. t. px. — 8. hi^o: <• px. — 4. 

tonl. n. oxL 
Kiiisiroman, 3. akidm, n. ox. — 9. fiira. I. px. 
Kiss, s. d^ungo* n. ox.' ' 

Kiss, v. a. d'ungnd'a, 1. ppx. II. f. of an mniised root d'tmga^ 
Knee, s. dyitba^ t. px. ^^ the hollow part behind the -, mogole. n. 

ox: — be fM upon hts hb, loj/^t ilW, lit. he beat the earth. 
Knee-pan, s. guiubi, n. ox. 

Kneel, v. n. dgilbefad'4L 1, ppx. Vr denom. firom dffOb^y knee. 
Kiilb, s. hamtu: n. of. — ji. (a large one} ssenU. n. ox. — back df 

a -, roga, <. ox. 
Knit, V. a. culufa. 1. ppx. 


JLnoolt) w. n.' daiadth^o^a^ 1. pzv Mt iavpcl/ lit to Bate ^^teladi.^ 

JKnot, to iluitea with a -r, /v/b. 1» px. 

Know, V. a. 6e^Apa. 1. px. — 2. js^a. 1. pz. — not to •> ^Tiito* 1. pi. 

— to - no/moTBy toaUda.. 1. px^ (Am. wfhb*^ 
Knackle, s. mane n. ox. 

• is 

« -. 

IMMiF^ JB.: AMi^fj )n.;^ax«."' — 4o.%e'tiii; -^^ (a|. lri«ieti> ac2du .^. px. 

.Lattolir,/f. A hOBtfaeTM. 1. ppx, .. . ; ) • \ A .') .: ir 

.£aee, & /^.ok. am, «Uring. - •; i 'c ?' 

Lacerate, v. a. fcAt(^. 1* ppn* l)iI..ilMOf ^dkttey' toi^tea^* . 

Lad, s. Oo the age of 18 years) gurba^ n. ox. .>o i . v . 

Ladle, s. fal^ana. t. px. .% .o 

Lake, s. d^fqlftl( ^iL r— Sbpfbtmin. ami .\ . 

Lamb, s. ilmole, n. ox. (comp. of ilma^ child anijAtffo^ «lieef.) 

Xiaiaeot, Yi a« laDdta.iTdifitftftfa; 1. {IX.. (^^yifaaratoy 

LaDce, is; alfl|o..M.>u)X {_Am*\haMo\^ ^^-t'SL' aNjf»«ii'i..2('^f) P|k. (Am. 

'J.' •iAiBr/{«a.)::-^'& njoarmncui. px»; - -- .i - ■ - .< 

Land, s. 6ta. JMunJ Mi. (f x, v*t. iands jiif^ieh ai» li*^' and healthy 
I temr pi]ltlKatto»,<.i^ainoi{/jk'n4.>>ox.-oppfsile .tA,A«f^ »« ox. Jaadt 

- < .. ':whkh are oaiiihahUaJllle .On j««caaut of gctat. Areata. -<— low- 
land, golole. n. ox. / .^ .w . ^ .• 

Language, s. fl/lin. (afam) inv, ox.j , .. , ) ./- .\\ m\ 

Languish, v. n. (fron^ ^hnyigecaiid jQiinit>;ii'4ifln<i^a> >1. ppx. IL f. of 
^iiiima^'td. cease, — S.N/Ji({fn(i^ya. 1, ^x. ..\ ^ . 

Lap, s. anhad^i, n. ox. fVom amad'ay to hatch. — 9. gudMnK nt, px« (Am.) 

Large, adj. ^fl^«. px. — ^^.fyrdig, ox. tt Sk gfid^.oju tt- to he -, 

6fl/-^fl. 1. px. and IL f. ballad' a. — 2» fwdOA Xv fi» Cfiirdi*^) 

.■^ ♦to Wmwio .-, fijipdadf^tAi'. ppit, tH< /lindttf..: — - 2. |«- 

.<> ,'^Mldja (r*titlw>.2.' -r^ -to inaik«:t-,-|j[|cif»2;ii. Ji px«JIL>f. Qt^udHy 

tht .toliev.tall.'.-H S. bai^:e»u. A. .pyx*. 9I.i!fi> «f; 6a/^«, to be 

broad, etc. ... .i. . m*. ., > , i.. . 


Larynx, ^ gongo mil««. Ax. oxi Ht^vacs^ Utroaf..^ '\ v'. ^.\ .c 

♦ • 

La/^t^ adj. rmga. ox. .--? %.iliid^mm(uv^ — tOthe .tbovryiflio^. Lpy. 
Late, to come too -, tura. 1. px. ./,. .^ .\.\. n ,- . 

Lately, adv. d'erad'amiti, px. ^ ./.j.| ,\ .vC\>\ » .. • 

E«atb, 8. dagaie. n» ox. •• ■/. ". ': .^ \ « -'^ ».'•••♦ i 

l4A«|$h, ttJ k^^. 1. pi. ^onaftr. uritli 41. natin kalfin^ do BoMaDgll 

Liarw^ a. latel*«iM>oz. (Aai.> . .< >' > 

L«ay9 V. a. kd. Q-aya) 3. — to - one's self^ 'kafmta. ILf. of. Ac*. — %. 

i$lmm.Ji* px, — to - .wUb^..«M9ifiHlWi< I.' ppt. (Ain.> hanuuf(u) ' 

L«ead, v. a. gady^la. 1. px. and HI. f« pMi^san lu pxi Wmafamiikike 

gadyelu, may God lead 'thy M«|v». r-^ 9. fceso; i« paL liLr £' of 

gd, to approach, paaaiv^e: jie'/Saiki.'il. ppx. /m^ IFisteayo xt ^fiixay 

ingefamtay if God leads thee, thou art well led. ^*^ ^o.»* hapi^ji 

' ' hamof h^fgnldtza. 1. px. (Am. -hMfkaUcha^mwie of the hitafj* 

• koft^I bappinesal peaicel.— * to -> in aecarky, hafaizaj 1. px. 

. miacle tf fthe name word* ^-^ . to - out, bafa^a* 1. ppxi IV. f. 

y^'hdy ta ^» oal* -^ i. ya5sa. S. px. HI. IL A£ yd.^ to come In 

.fttgr^at mass; '-^ to »* thcough, e. g, * river, .£oA^2siJ9a.<8. ppx. 

in. 1» of /cAeia^ H pcneteatei. . - . / 

li«adeo, ' & 6d(». ni OK. — Iik\6ae2a« t. pa. •*<- 8. SNite n. ok. — 4. 

mamoti. n. ox. — to be a -^ iTioa. 1. px. 
Leal^rs. I6d/ai;t. px. 
I^enn*, ildjtf 'A«A*t. oft./CAmi hafii.y -^ t. ^f^A. ox. Inloifih eaeal^i, 

(Am. cacal^a.') — to be -, cal^a, 1. px. 
Lean, v. n. (npon) bord. (-*aa) 1. a»d IV. f. borafkd^a. ±» ppx. . . 
Leap^ V. n« utfula* 1. px.- ■ *^ • 

Leant, v. «. d«ra. 1. px« .. ,- i 

Leather, s. i^o^ra. n. ox. flrom gogOy to dry. - ' . 

Leave^ v.'ta. gada* ii pix. -r-^ H; golgoieBna* %» pxa HI. f ot goigoiu^ to 
drip. — 3. A«/a. 1.. pxi '•*- 4. Aamdfjsa. 8. ppx. Hi. f. of Jmmbay 
to rest. — to - off, darba. 1. px.« see, cease. •^^ H. i^'jonu; i.t 
px. — 3. lakiaut^ %. ppx. III. f. of an unfound root IdlMk -*-. 
>«to'b». lelt, golg^. (-4niw> 9; -» 8; Aa/kl. y%. . n 

Leatedy to-be «, (of trees} gakmm. i; px. ' 

Learviea) & talroj fi.'ox< -*- 8i radjada. 4* pk. ' 

Leaven, vi a. bukS: (-utrn) 8.' • 
Ledge, s. dagaie. n. ox. 

Left, adj. 6t^a. ox. (Am. Ma.)> -^ a left-^hiaBded many bi^ttitshtu i. px. 
Leg, s« luila*' m ok. (Ag» lM^)t *-r: 9i mfo d px. -^ 3. zavba.^ «.' 

ox. props.' cpUf •• - .j .1 . \*- • ; 

Lend, v. a. ligeza. S. px. firom Uqiy loan. -^ \ -' < •- 


Lest, GonJ. aka. px. Ibllowed by the negation. 

Let, V. m. d'iza. 8. px.-*^ td - in, a%en«i%a. t. ppx. lit to cmm 

to enter, IIL f. of axenay i6 enter. -^ to - loose, padi kkixa. 
Level, adj. ipfe. ox. — to be -, qifa. (ama) S. -^ ta make -^ qxCexa. 

%, px. IIL t of qifa* 
Lick, V. a. arofttf. 1. px^ fireit «ra6a^ toag«e. — to - away or oi( 

mufadCa. 1. ppx. Tf^tfc^o harike %i ka^nutTa^u! may GodJiok 

tby fortnne out of thy hani! 
Lid, s. cadad'oi n. on., from ta4ixd\ to cover. 
Lie, 0. du6i djanuuta,^ <lx. |^x. lit blind word. 
Lie, V. B. zobe. 1. px. • 
Lie, V. Hk t»ki»au 2. px. — to .- doum, hufk^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of bm^ 

to- come down.— to oanse to lie, tshibnsa. 1. px. III. f. of 

Ulimam gura na Uhibzey lit he eans^ heart to lie down 

i. e. he calmed me. w^ ta -. with, C^opuiation of sexes) tiro. 
. 1. px. prop, to plerGa. — ^ to - plainly, one upon the other (of 

hairF, or grain which is cast down by rain) iuichS. C-oira. I. 
Life, s. buHo, n, otx. *^ %, iubu. n. ox. iubtm iaman dyirtUy men live 

but once. 
Lift, V. a. (from) hartchad'a. 1. ppx. II. f. of hartcbiy to fall off. — 

to r- iip> kaata. 8. px. and kafaia. 1. ppou ill. and IV. f. of ira, 

to rise. 
Light, s. xb%a> t. px. from ifay to be clear. 
Light, adj. habube. ox. — 2. zalba. ox. minded, habube. ox. — 

— to be -, %alba. 1. px. (Am., zalpa.") -*- to make -, zaibm* 

8. ppx. HI. f. of zaiba. 
lAghty V. a. (to go before somebody with a tordi) ib»a. 1. px. mi 

ffadi na ibziziy pray light me down! 
Lighten, v.n. hangd. Croa) 1. .. 

Lightning, a. bakaka n. ox. '*— <2. 0ord%q. I; px. 
Like, adv. aka. px.. constr. with thti postp. U,. tm aka dtfamati ademOj 

he goes - a blind man. If coniltrned with pronouns, the pos^ 

sessive must be used and also in this case the postp. ii is often 

affixed: akako (akakott)^ like I; akuka (jakakeH), like (hou^ 

akaza {akazatt) like he, etc. 
Like, adj. qilFe, d*. — * to be ^-y' qifa. (^alDa) % 
like, v.^ a. dyalad^a\ 1. ppx.. IL f. of. dgfOa^ to love^ whioh see. — ^* 

fed'a. 1. px. — 8. zirba. 1. px. c. dat. see,, please. 
Limb, s. d^ukci. ni. px. - \ , ^ 

Imit^ s. €aba. ni. pK. from eabUy to Iwld. -^ •» 4afi n. ml. -^ 8L 
mala. n. ml . 

imp, T. II. hokokt. 1. ppx. 
ine, to dnw «-Sy saroMk 1. ppac 
ion, 8. am^a4iO' <• px« -^ 9. n^fcAa. d« px. 
lip, 8. hid^i. n. ox. 
liqoeiy, T. n« ftacA i* pz. 

aquor, 8* ttama. i. px. O^ga.} Perhaps Uio aame word as dagmOf 

iisp, v. n. hafMza^ 9. ppx. D8t. Bovnd. -^ 9. tchaktMM.,1, ppx.4»erhapi 
Arom tchabay to break. 

Listen, y. n. d^agefad*a. 1. ppx. IV. f. ot dToffdj to hear. 

i • " » ■ 

little, adj. fffio. ox. fem. Ttno. ox. diminutive forms: (Tinayo, Vinoziy 

finaj^oz'i. — a -, (^ome time) adv. rtna. ox. etc. turi Vinoniy 

wait a little. — to be or become -, VintL 1. px.. 

(Atc, v.. n. bd, C"^) 1- A'*^ ganna kana dandaen bauy I canaot - this 
winter. — 9. bukL i, px. prop, to pass the night. — \ 8. td. 
(contr. from taya) 3. finozi te»e dute^ she lived some timQ 
(then) she died. 

Livelihood y s. dyiru. n. ox. ani dyirun eabu, I have nothing to live 
upon. — 9. hori buHo. ox. ox. or kori buUoda. ox. px, hii 
hori buftoda cabay he has Chis) liveUhood. 

Uver, 8. Uru. n. ox. 
Lizard, s. lotcko, n. ox. 
Loaf, 8. Onread) gaffub». n. ox. 
Loaii^ 8. iiqi. n. ox. 

Loathe, v. p. dikxiskL 9. ppx. IB. t of a sapposed loot dikaf oonstr. 
with tf» — 9. nufa. 1. px. 

Lock, 8. d'ae. n* ox. 

Lock np, v. a. tehufa. 1. px. 

Locust, 8. karobixa. fM. px. — - 9. farda WaeoyOy Ut. horse of God; 

Lodge, V. a. butUho. .1. px. ill. f. of buhy to pass the night 

l4>dger, 8. d(Me. n. ox. 

^dgiagf a« (night's •) ^r5Fe dffi^Uy ox. px. lit. place to sleep. 

I^g) B.fghda* »• ox. 

Loiter, v. ji« iT^^a. (««n(iMO •• 

^nely, adJ. Ipodo. ox. 

bon^, .ji4j..(ofx.fli>aaB Md :tiMe)> iim. px. -^ ••^ ago, adv. €aii9t,^ 
irge cadatin d^ufe^ for a long time he did not oome. — not - 
ago, ieradlatmU. — to be - and slenderi iotcki, Q-h^wu) %, 

Long, V. n. C^r, after a thing) araSmm \j ppB# e* acens. M. f. ef ora, 
to steam. — %. 4)Ofnodj&^ (*«fnra> i. -n^, S. d^mrd* (-oa) 9. 
(espec. said of pregnant females.) — 4. hamia. 1. px. and If. /! 
hawoia. 1. ppx. — 5. kadySkL 1. pz.: -^ S^. ynila. 1. pi. 

Lodging; s. i^oi^o. n. ox. from' borriey f>reast. -^ 'H. f/ada. n. ox. or 

2(a<lo. n. ox. 
Lpnging,. a -. pefsoa^ iCoftu. ti. ox. maMr. a«d-fem. -^ 9..kady^»L 

n, ox. 
Look, s. mil^u. ru ox. ml^unke na i^orm^ thy iook enchants me. 
Look, V. a. (on, at, to) ilala. 1. px. — 2. ml^aia. 1. ppx. v. den. 

from ml^u. glance. — to - for, barbad^a. 1. px. and Intens. 

habarba^a, 1. px. see, seek. — 9. ilala. 1. pxi — to - out, 

arga, i. px. — 8. 'ilala. 1. px. — to - over, doa. 1. px. — 
'W J. 'mfoufVifnlly, nttt^fi fttrto, Ht. to distort the eye-brows. - 
• he -9 'Obliqii^,'' ^£Q(is«i ^Ma^a^ Rt.hiB' eye Is wry. 

iiOokiug'-glass, s. iiflaii. Xofiatt) n. ox. conip.' from ufiy one's self, and 

ilalUj to look. 
Lodse^ tfe b* -, iugti/ (ynwii) "^.^ • v . > ^ .- ,. 

Lobsenj v: a.-fitrra: 1. px. ahd 'If. f: fartaS^a: \\ ppx. — 1. Wen. i. 

px. — 3. tchka. •!. pi: i— t6 -, V. n. ;*tf. C-flfl3 t. — «'. ecAito. 

1. px. . '. ••'■ •• \ ■ 

Loquacious, to be -, watchila. 1. ppx. . • . ^ • \ - 

Lord, s. aba, n. ex. — 2. gofta. n. ox. iplinast* only said tif fiod. 
Lose, V. a. dabarza, 1. px. III. f. of darba^ to pass -byv ^^ ' %i gtda- 
' ^ '» 1. px^x^fiu'im^i^^tifM^^it^j he lost t%<e ftead of Ms speech, i. €• 
the thread of the story. — to ;- on€'^ self, bad^-B, i. px. and 
Intens. babad^a, 1. px. IL f. of bd^ to go w^v — to » oae's 
way, toalakt. 1. px. (Am. wolaia.^.,.- 

Ijn^^ A*'ijoae»m,:&CL.^ •»'' • '* " •'• •>- - •'••♦ •• - -- 
Louse, s^^^ful^erm.'Amy.^ fi\. >^ %j (ln-^lle«|otlies) 4'i^'«tftf£«IU./n. ax 
Love, s. dyaiaH.n. ox. (or dyalaltiy or dyalaMa. "n.- ox^} -^ -9. im* 
roro. 91.. >om;'}*-*f my '^t m^r^ divHiig!' fnffdlft).'pQL oontr^ firom inr 
dallakOy my girl! — to gain the - of othefi^ maran^iu. -S. px* 
and mararzifad'a. 1. ppx. V. ant 9Yv'><f.f of n/Uirmrai, to te 
agreeable. .-^" > '^'^ -i' '• 

— ff — 

iove^ V. a. dyaia. 1. px. and espeo. II. t-^^Mtds^ Ai ppit. -^ fi 
nharara. 1. ppx, <*''/• f •' •• » .^^^ '''.•• '-'^ 

Lover, s. dyaiala, i. px. .♦•* • ' '.'■•• '' ' ' 

Low, ad), edfiza. ppx. ••' ../..•:'« ,...\ .«. . > . 

Low«laii#^ s..^<f«i^. 114 px. (An. tfWa;) ' ' 

Low, ▼. n. ffororia. 1. ppx. — %. mar^adfa. i*' p^<. 
Lowly, adj. aod adv. ifynAiiiMi. >ppi[. ' ( ' ' '" 

Luck, 8. toia, n. ox. — miziradjuf ox. an exclamatloa wbloh has prdX 
bably the sense of „good laok!'^ the^ answer ef Ihe pstnnfa 
4dd#eiii«l'is: zirm^ul- «.'•.,. 

Lakewmna^ to be -^ buiUffa. i. ppa. — M flitire », tmhigss^ 1. ppx. 

III. f. 'i.. .■» . r ■ ,.. \ " -• . .' 

lark, V. n. ^^a. 1. px. prop, to wait. 

Lurkiog-hole. >«« ^4fk4^ a. eix» ' • ' 

Lynx, -0^ dtfia H fOk' i. px. ^ 

* « « *• 


' ; " r J)« ''iljy '* -'^ • '• "' ' "■ ■ "- •' ' 

Mad, adj. maraitu. ox. --^ to be ^ »tikara^iK 1* n^^^* -- . i t 
Madman, b. tnaratu* n. ox. . 1 . . 1 • . • v ' .- 

MadBe8%>9**i»al(tt^ •fiw'Ox.':» * '\ ' ' "^>''^ <''•'• 

Magnify, v. a. gudifadla. IV. f. of ^rtufa^ to be tall..: .« 
Maiden, s. durba, i. px. plur. dubaro. — 9. tni2albi..d. .px.Nti«f<itf^ 
I e(8itfriifrom«^ilAMBlpoy iiy -^^ligfr. darling'* -<-' a mafflagoabU «> 
: -t^runtfiita iii-ipx«> i^ * .i\ »u \\'" s- i" ••'«'..••..' • '' '" 
Make, v. a. god'a. 1. px. and II. f. gotta^a. l-ppttf -^ ta<oanse to ba 
• madefy g^zkua* t« ppx... and gttzifat^n. iu ppx^ ffi** and. V* t M 
> .yedTa. .<!..;*-•■ .-{ ^ w .\ '^ - /» . '••«• .V 
Male, s. (of animals) korma. i. px. 

Man, a, iiA»a..'nt» J]|..spea'l6ni, mmiMha, i. pa. -^r-^^Hi if^oTA i>pir. 
'>«^ia fflarrl|P|d.^,. iudo.,^;> ox. — lah did**--, dffarsM, tV px. — 
f . kamrfeza. t. px. — a - who has not y;at jiertemed^ an ex- 
ploit, gurgudm fUGX. (Am.) oppositete/^lMiiiin/li^'lierDi -r^ lnett( 
.lUBBt ttofi d'tVo* pXio .. ..\ '• • :«.'••« 'it, 1.", '.I' '.'•». *!,■.,.' 
Man-eater, s. 611/^ti. n. ox. which see in Part I. .* e .. .\ .v 

•- w — 

Manager, ^. oAaffii n. «x.? ,; i . 

Mane, s. gcalui. m. (n. f) ox. (px. ?) 

Mangled, adj. see, matilated. 

Manure, v. a. koziza. 9. ppx. Arom koziy dang. 

Many, adj. ffiuUt. ox. — a great -> hun^uma. ppx. ftli4 AufidHNlu. px. 
— how -? katni. px. .( 

Mieirch on, v. n. (with an army) xifidula^ ox^px. 

Mare, s. ifalp. ft., ox. 

Mark, s. melikida. t4.<px» 

Mark, v. a. akeka. 1. px. (Am.) ^ — to - otui^ self itkih ito blood of 
; the vietiin, d'icii eabadfa^ lit. to liidd the hlood fiM: one a self. 

Market, s. gabaa. n. ox. (or probably gabaya.') 

Marriageable, to become -, guma£(L. 1. ppx. IL t of gumay to be 

Marrow, a. d'uka. n. ox. (according to Am. nom. iTiiJM.): 

Marry, V. a. (of • the man) /i/^o. 1. px. (when coaatr. with tMtf^ together, 
it. is tiaid also of both sexes.) — 8. galtsha. 1. px. and gatfadPa. 1 
ppx. lit. to bring home. III. and IV. f. of gala^ to go home. — - 
(of the woman) heruma. 1^ px. — The time when a person 
marries is called yoffa. n. ox. gailanke gaef lit. will thy mar- 
riage-time come i. e. wilt thoa soon marry? 

Marsh, s. tchafe. n. ox. 

Marshy country, s. ^i»ga^ fi. /^. (Am. d^ocd.') 

Mass, s. danu. n. ox. see, multitude. 

Master, s. (teacher) barziza. fiu, px. — t./(loid) ^e/bn^n. ox* — 9. 
maia. fi. ox. i • ' • » . . . 

Maty A erbf. a. 4laL •> i - .. 

Ma;^' in «xdamations^ te;. m paitiele iv^hla^mrM'Wlth-tho ^ person 
of the imperative mood, ini nu ha Mmuj may he tell iis! 

Me, prMiwin,> aiMk px. lui. 

Meadow, s. armcL-n* ok. «^ %.. bake; n. 0x. ")^. 9.g9loie: «i* ox. •— 

4. kalo. n. ox. — 6. nutrga* i. px. — a - in the foivei!^ hafa, 

n. ox. • , . . 

Meager, adj» eai^u. ogk. and JMeaa. eooolR.' ox. (A^. eiie«l^4i.) — 1 

. Aa66i. ox. (Am. hapL^ — tobe^)-^ 'inil^a» ^"f!^* *-*-- to become -^ 

- ' ■ - hugadA- 1. ppx. 

Meal, s. (repast) tnadk ». ox. rr (• ilaliVb «. oa^ 
Heal, s. (edible part of com) daku. n. ox. ^^ to grind meal, daku 
dakeu 1. px. ' '« > a 

— 78 — 

JMean, s. (expedient) kara. n^ ox. prop. way. 

mean, adj. see, base. 

mean, v. n. heda. 1. px. — 9. yada. 1. px. — S».»ea. 1. px» 

meannesM, a. kama. n. ox. * * 

Measope^ a. see in the first part the expressions tae^ wezo^ mapi, 

buUif t^a etc. — to take a ••, zafara. 1. ppx. 
Measure, v. a. akeka, 1. px. — 2. xafara^ 1. ppx. 
Measnrinff-cord, s* if:ba. nl. px. 
Medicine, s. arera, t. px. 
Meditate^ v. n. mokt. 1. px. — nara butUy lit to distort the eye-brows. 

— 8. ydifo kU9My lit to gather thoughts. 
Mediwn, : a. : 1^ Won. fi. ox. 
Meet, v., a. and n. eaJbitma, 1. ppx. prop, tho passive of eaba^ to have. 

^ 8.. kufama. 1. ppx. passive of kusMt^ to gather. -^ to - with, 

^.uceky 1. px. (Am. tiwt.'} 
Meeting, B^gude dubi. n. n. ox. ox. — - place, ^tid^. o. ox. — 8. 

yai Ik ox.. 
Melancholy, to be or become ^^ galgalS. (rWffo) 8. lit to become 

Melon, s. (a sort of -) dabakufo, n. ox. 

Melt, v« n. baca. 1« px. — to -, v. a. baexa. %. px. III. C .of baeat. 
Member, s. d^uka. ni. px. 
Mepfice, V. t^qgad^a. X. ppx. 
Mend, v.. a. gady^tea* l^.px. III. f. of gady^y to be right — 8. 

'XUba. 1. px. 
Mendicant, s. kad^ad'u. n. ox. from kad^atfoj to beg. 
Mendicate, v. a. wakad'a. 1. px. (Am.) 
Merchant, s. imaUu. n. px. (Am.) — 8. nagade. it. ox. — to be a -^, 

. nagada. 1. ppx. Amh. 
Merciful, adj. ardya, px. — to be -, ardya, 1. px. and II. f. ardyatfa. 

1. ppx.. — . 8. iafa. i. px. — 3. toifl. 6. px. — to become -, 

ardya$na. 1. px. passive of ardya, 
M^4tont a* adtm guba kezay lit the son in the zepith. 
WoBBengWy s. erga. n. ox. — 8. iabxi. n. ox. 
Mew, v. n. mar^aia. 1. ppx. 
Middle^ s. dy^du. fk ox. — 8* tralato. n* ox. probably a qompoimd of 

voaUy together and aka^ how. 
Midge, a. <<<fM. M PXf (Am. tfstoa,) 
Midst, s. see, middle. 

— u — 

Migh^ s, arada. n. oi. ' ; 

Mighty, adj. gurguda, ox. (Ak.) 

Milch-e«w, 8. 9%a. ,-. p,. = ^ ; 

MUd, ««.' kofa. px. said of animal, aod of planfai CwIAoot <Iionis.) 

flWfc, 8. oetu. n. ox. ~ t. mam. ^ananf) Inr. on - eoagdatei -, 
»feft*. n. 01. — soar -, eamana. i. px. — bad, torned -, iom 
n. ox. ' 

Milk, V. a. elma. 1. px. and II. f. elemfMm. 1. ppx. 
MUk-pot, 8. okole n. ox 
MilUoUj Ituntuma. ppx, (|) , . 

MUl-stone 8. d«*a-4,*«. „. ox. .- « »«,«.«. <. px. - tbc «to.e 
with which the mill-stone is sharpened is «lso called m^, 
hut Witt *^«IPBteiii nomliiathre. ahd Mceat, it has n. aad is 
•oxyton. •.■•!■ ,, 

Mind, s. amala. i. px. - 9.g„a. n. «. - to ooear or eome 
the -s WttlBd'^t. 1. ppx. and eap. the Intens. latwiitora. i. ppi 
kanan ani tr of ad' era qitTuma nati mumutatTert, d I had for- 
gotten- cane- back into my mind. 

Mind, V. a. huAad^a. 1. ppx. flrom huba, splint, triHe. 

Mine, pron. adj. toanAro. qx. aofjiis. tmifto. • - 

Mingle, V. a. «„|6^. ,. p,^ _„ ^^ ^ ^^ _.^ totecrf. C-«i)l. 

Mirror, s. see, looking-glass. ' , . • . 

Misedocate, v. a. gananiza. 9. px. III. f. .f gifumitt, to 'be -ffl bred. 

Mu.eraMe,-ad/. M^ px. fern. «e«. ul ^ b*>o«e -, A«,»to. 1. px. 

MMs, V. a. d'aAo, i. px. _ ,. dabarxa. 1. px. ffli C oTdm-ba, to 
pass by. -i «. (,/«; i. p,. . ■ ■ , 

Mist, s. hurt. n. ox. - . . . 

MistKfcen, to be -, waim. 1. px. (Ami 'woUta.y 

Mistress, s. ^^/ii. „. ox. (fern, of gofta, ltfrd;> - f . V«w; I. ikx. plur. 
'V«»»<*. (Am.) , • . ... 

Ml*, V. «f. iMaia. Ij ppx. ^ t. mag«: 1. ^x. U to - togWher,' tthuel 
i-aa) 1. ■ • ■ ,., .,;_ 

Mock, V. n. agessa. 1. px; c. accuss. inaf ha agi^mdt -why dont fbm 
mock at me? " ' 

f' .. . , 

» '^. 

\ *'. It 

Moist, to be or become ^^.dyid^a. 1. px. i ' 

Moldt^eti, V. 'a; d^tedr. * ^. lli;^f. 6f tfyfe'a, M W^mblBt -^ r M/- 

fea?a. 2. px. UL f. of miia;'to becomfe'^«t •- 
Mole, 8. (Zool.) fiinule n. ox. ^t fkfiuiudej n^ k)x/hofnfiman 
Moment, s. idya Hbi, lit. glance of the eye. -" ' ' -' ♦ > . 

— M — 

M€Mfkepy^,9^t{ogtta, 4<)p]t. prof. bhH^ beeauef IfesideB the barter^ vofel^ 
salt pieces are used as coips; see, salt. — #- |aid for a bomicide, 

Money-bag, s. %ulitBha\ tt»>«K..i * 

Monkdy , s* di^dm^ L pix*. — . a species of - . the tall of whtoh Is 
worn on the shield' as a very vfilnable ornament, U^emU n. ox. 
■^ anolber- one ^ which probahly how:ever ovists only in fables, 
4ieciliise it is sdldto e«^t<fle6h,' hiiu. n. px. r 

MoiHfa,. & Hie^nameer tlve flmt -,' hadamk n^ ox; of ill* second, ha^ 

$raya. te?. pSi (Am.) 
Moon, 8. bati. n. ox. — 2. d^.'.m, px. . \ 

Moon^-shine, s. bati, n. ox..— ^ 9« d^pa^-m, px^i i . 

Mor«,.adi^«:ift ei^itoMied ^}^ ike verib debioiy to retirnf^erg. ant. iMfe 

%% wadjin adamon jtacu^ I will go no Jii^re a Itanting with thee. 

Morning, s. aboro. n, ox. — 2. ganama, n. ox. — S. boru. nl' o^. 

from bara^ to be gray. — early in the'-, aborott. px. or t/anawia 

aborotu — good -! naguman bulte^ lit. has^t tfaott t^ASsed the 
' nflght tn ^peace? • ' 
Morose, to be -, korriza. 9. ppx. prop, to erhore dnrrng sfeep. 
Mortar, s. rnoye. n. ox. •-' 
Mortify, V. tL. itaferza. f. px*. (Am. ivoferza.') III. f. of tdareray ti 

be shy. 
Morrow, to-morrow, adv. boru. px. — alter to-morrow, i/tanl. •t)X. 

from ifky ib be Ifright: ' . . • / 

Moss, s. (which adheres to trees) art muJca, lit. hoarfrost of a tree. 

Mother, s. had'o'* it V(ff^^ had'Oy abbreviated instead^of had^ako^ my 

, mptl^er^ ip ti^e^samfi M^ay haifp^ \n^ieh^ of ha^dke thy qiotb^ 

. J. (^Di;m. , aqd i^cpu^) — ^, . 2, flyo. inv. px. properly a, diminutive 

.'1, ^y,|lftbl.9 ;whic(^ ii^ lafQxed .to. poans in. order to ej^^pr^ss affection, 

as in WacayOy abayo, dear God, dear fath^jr. .^ .^ ^ .. , <r 

Mother-in-law, s.amfdi. »..w. -, , ^_ , , .. . , 

Mt),ugt, v..,^- 1^«*«- .1: p^s, ^nd, JI. J..ya/^^d'a. ^., Pfix..,— 5f- o/«, ^^W'o. 
1. px. lit. to say >f»p"« .~ .^t oHja^^na.^i.^yit, l/it^tp enter 
above. — to - ovpr soi^efhijQjf^ tqtrgamfa^a. 1. ppx. , (Am. 
targamftda.-) , * ^ . 

Mountain, s. tiU%i, n. ox. fern. — 9. hadare. n. ox. — 3. kobi" n. ox. 

(Am. and Ag.) — a little -, zibo. n, ox. 
Mountainous, adj. randa. px. 

— f « — 

Movni, V. n. gadda. 1. fSL — ta -, v. *• ^^odda. 1. pz. aad E. £ 

hoddad^a. 1. px. 
Mournfdily, to look -, mra buia^ lit to distort the eye-browsw 
Mouse, s. handuda. t. and itt. ox« CAm. taoluto.^ 
Monthy 8. n/ofk Cafani.^ inr. ox. — » - Ital, kabiu§L n. ox. — to take 

a - ful, Aoftti^'o. 1. ]»px» y. deBoni. 
Move, V. n. zotehaa. 1. ppx. — t. vsokok%a. 1. pix. IIL H of an u- 

Ibnnd root sokolro. — to -, v. a. genaukm i. ps.? — 9. %Qichna, 

1. px. IIL t of xotoAooL — to - in a ckdo, flMrfl. !• pz* — to 

- to aod flro, ra%a. 9. px. III. t of an nnnaed root rd. — to - 

one's self, downwards, 6ua. 1. px. 
Mow, V. a. hama. 1. px. — 9. mwrd. 1. px* 
Much, a4j. gf»da. ta. -^ very -, kmOuma. ppx. and tt m li i Bifct, px. — 

bow -f iMim^* px. — 8« hmmamL ox. 
Mnd, s. liiiaii. inv. ox- 
Muddy, to be -, ^Qca. (r0ipa') 8. 
Mule, 8. (fongo. n. ox. (Am. bidjire. n. ox.) 
Multiply, y. n. hara. 1. px. — 8. Into. 1. px. — to <^ y. a. iifte%a. 

1. px. III. f of luto. 
Multitude, 8. dofttf. n. ox. — 9. I^ln. <• px. 
Murder, y. a, adjema* 9. px. pro|M^ the III. £ of a^> to sigh. — 

9. gord. (roa) i. 
Murmur, s. barodzu. n. ox. 

Murmur, y. n. (Tita. 1. px. espec used in the senae qf: to be, uawilliDS* 
MusclO;^ s. (AnatO biiati. n, ox. — musculps biceps brachii, handvda. 

i. and nt. (Am. hantuta) prop, mouse. — muse, stemo-^leido- 

mastoideus, dalgi. n. ox. prob. from daigij beside. 
Muscle, B. (Zool.) gurtrvman. iny. ox. doubtless from gurtFuma. iisb. 
Muse, y. n. mcda: 1. px. — 9. nara buta. 1. px. lit to distort the 

eye^brows. — 8. yado Uuza, 9. px. lit to gather thoughts. 
Mushroom, s. ungudae. n. px. 
Mustaches, s. areta olanuy lit. beard hanging aboye. 
Mutilated, adj. goz'u. ox. — to be -, go%% imod) f . — ge%e^»^i 

expressions used in begging for alms. * 
My, poss. pron. ko. affix, a^ofiko, my fiUher. 

— 77 — 


faif , adj. fanqe. ox. 

t«.\l, B. Cof a flnger or toe) ^^tiM. i. pz. 

faked, to be ->, cii/0. 1. px. 

iame, b. ntcietf. n. ox. 

Hame, v. a. mata ia. (-atra) 9. Hi to liekt the name. 

Namely, adv. eda. (eSa) px. 

Namesake, a. laaco. n. ox. (Am. moeo.) 

Nirration, s* orftf. fi. ok« --^-'li. raga, h, ox. 

Narrow , adj. rako, ox. — • t. d^ibo. ox. — ^ to be '-^ rdkatfa. t. ppx. 

— H. iihaia, 1. ppx. 
Naity, adj. dam. pi^. ^ to be -, liora. 1. px. 
Nature, s. uma, n* ox. 9 — In the aeinse of quality, . Mfiafo. i. px. 
Naaseate, v. a. ^ac%i%a. f . ppx. III. f. of iaea^ to go. — 9. Ms%iwt^ 
%. px. oonstr. with tiie postp. U. hudjinkuni naU dikfrixa^ thia 
work disgusts me. 
Navel, 8. harufura. L px. 
!SeaT, adj. d^io. px. — to bring .», ^iefiid'a* 1. ppx. -^ H. ^JPM. 1. pit. 

III. f. of g&y to approach, come near. 
^ear, adv. bira. px. postp. — 9. hunda. ox. postp^ 
Nearly, adv. Is expressed by the verb gd. (r^gd} 8. lit to ap^oaab, 
come near. e. ^ ion kuni. d'iba toko gan^ there are nearijr 
one hundred head of cattle, lit. these cattle approach! to one 
Neat, to be -, ctifo. 1. px. (^cula.f) 
Neck, 8. gatedi. n. ox. (Am. gateti.') — 9. goba. i. (or n.f) ox. (or px*?3 

•w 3. morma. <. px. 
Need, s. d^aba, n. ox. — 9. dfibe. it. ox» -— to be in «-, rakat^* 1. ppx. 
Need, ^: a. ^obm. 1. px. see, want. 
Needle, s. iUmo. n. ok. 
Needy, dara. px. -*- to be *>, dara, i. px. 

Neglect, V. a. dabar%a. 1. px. III. f. of darb<$y to pasa by. — . 9. hafi^ 
1. px. — 3. lakiza. 9. ppx. IlL f. of an daused root idka. -^ 
i. Ola. 1. px. prop, to pass by; — in this senco oto.lf usually 
connected with cdba or eabdOy duty. 
Neigh, V. n. ndrnxa. 1. px. probably corrupted ftom Myi^afjl^. 

-- w — 

Neighbour, s. ola. n. ox- from ola^ to pass by. 

Nest, s. Cof birds) mane. n. ox. 

Net, s. ifte, n. ox. from ifa^ to be Qlear, bright. 

Nettle, s. (a species of Urtica which is spun) dobi. n. px. 

New, adj. hara. ox. — S. ow^a. px. prop. hot. -^ - bom, ^akttu. 

ox. a^' alea muUha kaf^a ttaloftuU dmbad^tOy tfadu sfieatest 

like a new-^born child. * 

News, s. i^rtirra. t. px. — 9. hafara, i. ox. hafitrake na er^, wad 

me thy aews, lit. Hhy. brealft. . 

Next, adj. hegere. ox. 

Next, adv. hunda. ox. postp. ' • • . •. - • 

Night, s. halkan. {halkanty inV. ox. «— a eertaAn.<pan <if ^e *-^ wori. 

. , n. ox. -^ to pass the^ -y buku 1. px. — >g0od wl nagam {par 

guman, nagaiW) buli^ lit. pass tkie night III peace! — to go 

upon a warlike adyeittafe «t •-, ^adu. i. ps. .-^^ ^'s lodglag, 
. irgedgizu, lit. plaoe to lie. 
Nine, futgai. (zagaia) ox, 
Nip, v. a, gtmiitL 1. px« >^ 2. Id^Mpima. :1« 'px. 
Nipple, s. mutaha. n. ox. . « .« - , 

No, adv. waw. (wau) — 2. hi-^io. ox. — .toisays -vo^ did€L 1. pi. 
.' . • see.tMs word, in the fir$t part) ^ad'C^m. nvQ. 176. ak 
Noble, adj. gurguda, ox. -r^ %* utfhf poc^'ptqp; heavy** 
Nobody, s. namu. n. px* >• '. '; .» / 

Jtif^j tr^.fi. tnuga, 4. px. -*- S./unracI'^ l« = p|ix: - 
Bfibise, s. Atirti. n. oXi • — to mifte a-^' lAurvk ti pK..aiiid)Ili« f. hurza. 

Noon, s. o6a. n. ox. — 9. odtin gubakeza, lit. sun in tlie seriith. 

Nose, s. /tiiifln. Inv. ox. -^ 

No^ifil) s. Ufa fiinan^'QeSy hok^') ' ^ . / • ' • ^ 

Not, adv. hin, QMni.') abbrev. «. (resp. w.) ■*-. .'i.»iiiiifiL affix, sec 

■ Grammar. -nauk 173 — ^17^ * » v - xi .w 
Nothing, s. and adv. homa. ox. Intewr/- A^amlu. this wMll> idways re- 
quires another negative, e. g. hamtu a%m d^rmdy there is - 
here. — for -, /a/b ipo^fah etxii^' see, ill '^aii>. 'i . \ . . 

N0tt1^is%, T. -Jli^ ftWl^a, 1. px.' ■" -^ •" ■ • ^ \..:"\.. «i ,r. 

NoarishtaeWj ' si» *ltf^a. >••. ox.*^ •'•• '•<• ^ ••• ■ -^- *•••> •'• ■ 
N'oi^'j'adt. ««i«/ *¥*♦"■"'' =• •'•'•"•» »" ■•"••! 
Nowhere, adv. irigu* ox. 
Noxious, adtj'. Ufa. {^x. 

^ > ■ 


.V'.'. . •• • » . '.\» \V<i'4 

-T- «» 

Numb, to be ^ OUali. C-^'MmO f^ i . 

Number, sl <• g;reiit -}. (uOi. M fr^. . 

Number, v. a. doa. 1. px. — Jl. /i^a, . C'^OimQ «.. 

Nuptial present, s. ^ba. n. ox. — to give nnptinl preseol^,.-^^ d^i* 

(rawd) 2. da means proper]/; to beat , 
Nurse, v. a. amad^a. 1. ppx. 

• ' ff ..( tr ' 


0, interj. ya prefix, ya Oallan! ye Oallas! yaoby instei^d of ya 

.'. oi^ii/ip^^JIro^ O .my- broljber^ 
Oatb, 0.,:tG|.^<ake ai| ^ knkafta» I. ppx. . ; 

Obdurate, to be -, ukamfad^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of ukama^ to sbut up. 
Obf^, .V* jB. ^Mgi^ {-OilKi} a. — . >. hordofa. 1. pp». 
OWect, J. /.Ott^ general) Ai^ri »..,0J*. 
Obligation, s. caba, nt. px. firom caAa^, to lioldj lit. that which con- 

...atraio/su -r* 9* ^do^ nK,,o%^ like^wis^ flrom ca6a. — the^- im^ 

. f osed by a loan,. /iV^'.^H. 0^ 
Oblique, adj. roga. ox. — to be 4|r. become -^ i^*a/7a;^l..px. — -, adv. 

daiya, px. i,< . > 

Oblong, adj. luqe. ox. , . . > / 

Obstacle, s. d't^e. n. ox. — it is an -, d^iba. 1. px. impeni. 
Obstimt^, »to, h^, -, f^'dlfti. 1. px, ,3ee, dei^y. 
Obstruct, V. a. dudza. (^-awa) ^. ,,,, 

Obstructed, adj. (in the bowels) hud^o. ox. — to be -^ 4udc{. 0*^x^0} 9, 
Obtnln, v. «. G06a> 1. px« and II., f. cabafa. 1. ppx. 
Obto^ej, t9 bi) ^ 4oma. i- px. and 11^ t doma^a^ 1. ppx. 
OcciiV)(B4,. tp be -, mftidCa,, 1, :ppx^ ~r 9. d^pnnq. 1. 1^. ~ ,?• ,9Mi^^a. 

Occupy, V. a..,(t(> .t a peraou fiO;thf^t be hecpmes Inattentive to others) 

.' ...jdayad'a, if .W»f . ■ ..^ . -. . v -. . . 

Of, prep. ira. px. postp. affix. — 2. gjOfa.. px^prep. ani yara j^rguru 
. .1. ... ♦^J*^ I #4 »^t thii* of bein^ sold. — ^, km. prejf. properljr 

the abbrev. demonstr. pron. kana. — ,4.^. (the iatio ,yde^O n* 

postp. aflix. . ,.. r ) 

— W — 

Otten&y V. a. d'ukubza. 1. ppx. III. f. of ^ukuba, it aohes. — I!. fuM. 

I. px. (Am. <tica.) ndman iT^giny 4» not - my p<irsoii! 
OfferlDjg, s. (of woman) gumaifa. ni. ps. 

Officer^ 9.lole. n. ox. 
Oh, interj. to express pain, ioayo. px* 
Oil, v. a. diba. 1. px. see, anoint 

Old, to be -, cora, 1. px. prop. „there is a hoar-Arost" — to groW", 
duhma. 1. px. — 8. hieiala. 1. ppx. — 3. yara. 1. px. tad 

II. f. yarad^a. 1. ppx. (Am.) — bow - art tboa, what is&y 
age? hamana gezoj lit. how far approachest thou (scl. ia m- 
pect of age.} — old age, galgaia. t. px. — an - man, kosMOr 
fe%a. t. px. 

Omit, y. a. iiza. 9. px. — 2. laki%a. S. ppx. III. £ of an anknovn 

On, prep, yuha, px. postp. affix. — jl. handa* px: postp. — 3. tro. 

px. poatp* affix. — 4. tu postp. afttx. lafM dy%%e^ tie laid apoi 

(on) the earth. 
Once, adv. gafa toko, px px. Qgaftiy space of time, tokO, one.} *^ At -> 

aiea tokoUy px. px. {aka^ as, like and tokOy one.) — 9. irgclUiU 

px. (^r|7^, place and toAro.) ' 
One, t0ko (toXr!, toAra, takt^ px. — oiie'i^ sdf, refl. pron. (himself 

herself, itself, themselves) tf/I. px. (Am. o/l of,") — &e - or 

the other, izin kan — izin km. 
Oneirocritic, s. ayanditcha. i. px. from ayanay holy. 
Onion, s. gulubi. n. ox. (probably garlick.) 
Only, adj. tokitc/ut. t. px. 
Open, v. a. bana. 1. px. — to - by pecking (siild of birds), borukxa, i 

px. III. f. of borukay to break. 
Open-hearted, adj. fanqe. ox. 
Opening, s. afan, (afant) inv. ox. prop, month; — 9. d^oke. n. ox. — 

the - between the two: upper fbre«-teeth w&ioh is filed larger 
' in 6rder fo dpit thrbiigh (a singnlaf custom of the Gadlas), hank 

n. ox. (Am. kqr^u.') — to' have an -, cfi. (-otoo) %, ^^ 

make an -; eota. 1. px. nnd tl. f. cota^a. ±. ppx.- 
Opportunity,^ s. kara. n. ox. prop. way. — %. ca, uom. cb/M. -^ 3. eof^' 

n. px. — 4. dfacu, n. ox. 
Oppose, to - ohe*s %€ify idyd dyah&zd. f. px. lit f)(» make ttte eye stroDj' 
Opulence, s. co'ada.n,' ox. 
Opulent, adj. cabe%a. px. fh>m eaba, to have, keep. ' 


— u- — 

Orange «. turungo. n. ox. 

Orofaardy 8, kalo. n. ox. 

Order^ s, /ititot. n. ox. (Am.) — 9. s^era, n. ox. — in - to, coqj« kon^ 
prop, the abbrov. demonstr. pron. hana. — S. oka. px. followed 
• by tbe poatp. ft'. 

Ordcnr, v. a. /i^. 1. px. and II. f. feaia. 1. ppx. 

Origin, s. mata. ». ox. 

Ornament, miq^ nom. mtn^. px. — 9* fcAomo. n. ox. 

• ■ ' ' ' 

Orthodox, n* himata. nt. ppx. The Gallas call thomj^elves f^nmtay in 
opposition to the faqiy wada^ zidama etc. w^ich, parst li 

Other, adj. (the -) hegere. ox. — %. ini kanm^ iit. be thia. -^ d: 
. onii^, i. px. lit* fltrange. 

Oor, pen. pron. kefuL px. affix. 

Oat, adv. dida. px. — oat of, prep, dydla. px. poiitp. — ■• %, fu. abbrev. 
f, afftx. see Gram. linm. 961. — 8. Jiresra. px. or k^fi^ai. ppx. 

Outside, on the -, adv. moga. px. — to be on the "^moga. 1. px. 

Oatward, hdv. dtda, px. 

Oval, adj. iuqe, ox. 

Over, prep, ^tifto. px. postp. — 9, n. poetp. alllflx. < . . 

Overoome^ v. a. and Ut inoa, 1. px. 

Overflowed, (ooantry - with water) s. tcharcth i ox. CAn.) 

Overheated, to be -, djondja. (-otra) 9. (Am. gondja.') 

Overheating, s. djondjo. n, ox. 

Oversee, v. a. hafa> 1. px. 

Overthraw, v. a. buza. 9. px. III. f. of hua, to come dow». — % 
. iPif^flEo. 1. px. III. f. of ktfoy to fall. — to cause to ^^ kyb%if^tu 
9. px. and kubzifadfa. 1. ppx. V. and VII. f. of kufa. 

Owl, 0. tchai^hu. n. ox. . . 

Ox, s. godgQ n. ox. aeO)* catttOir 

I. < > 


— m 

»'•--' > .•; . 


Pack, v. a. sutzabad^a. 1. ppx. verb denom. Ifiteils. ftom %M6at»y scarf. 

— H. gugumefa^0. ,i. ppx, IV. f, Jf^teois. .«! /gfUmn, . ta- b^ roirad. 

— to - up, fea. 1. px. and II. f. fead^a. ,!• PP^ 

Paddock, s. fate^. n. bx. 

. • • ♦ 

Pain, y. a. dfica. 1. px. prop, to Bleed. — 2. diitihd. 1. ppx. Intens. 
*' 'of d'tboy to be anxious. -^ it pains, d'ukuba. 1. ppx. Inipers. 
P^infyWrn. eoki:'!. px. * '' '* ' ' . 

Palate, B«'i70ii^o.-n. ax»' > ^ - --••.. :"'-•>.. 
Pale, 8. darerzuma. n. ox. — 9. gumd^ n. ox.'-^'B. intft^Mlf^'la. i. 

px. — 4. mutrutTe. n. ox. • :• 

Pa|in,- 8. Ohe (t^it of the •■- teee}. in^A*. n. pi;.,, . 
Palm, s. (inside of t^ h4|nd) habafa* w. qx. ...;. .t .j ,. ., 
Pan. 8. JFuwe, n. ox. . . ., 

Pap, 8. dkawi. n. ox. — ^ S. moca. itt. px. — to prepare a -^ ancM^i. 

1. px. 
Parallel, v. a. akeka. 1. px. -^'^ •' v ' 

Pardon, s. to t>eg •<-, wMiff^lkM, i^^pXr' i ' t •' * . 

Pardon, y. a. baza, 2. px. lit to l^t^ go^> HI*!. Qf 6a> tit gi^ out 
Part, 8. garor^i) jx, -. ^...;... .^ .> .... ., . ., ^ ., ,, .... , |,- 
Part, y. a. Atrp*. 1. px. ^77- ^. ^^r. V f ^ ^"^ ^,'* ^'.hutad"^ 1. ppx. 
Particular, to be -, %ddad*a. 1, px. 
Partition, s. A^rt^ra. nt. px. — (in a room) '^oro. w.*^ox. ' — 8. tchitr 

tchara. f . px. • : ■ X ^ :• • • 

<^asg,'v.'n'.7to'-'^by,;'rfii^^^^^ iVpx. (2'?'t)(^'rl'!i4i5arte^^ — 1 o/rf. 1. px. 
— to - the' day, dlcL f. px. ' — to - over (a thing) earia. 1. 
ppx. — to - the time^ bd> (contr. from dday ±. ati ffonnli kana 
a%i bataf dOst thou pass this irtttt^r hetW?^ - 

Passage, s. (a eovered -) huia. n. ox. 

Paste, s. tehikida. t. ppx. — to prepare or make -^ bukeza. 2. px 

Pastime, s. to6a. n. ox. 

Pastry, s. gaguba. n. ox. — another kind, tchabita. n. ox. (Am. trafiU* 

n, ox.) — 3. tehofoUa. i. px. — 4. ungodjL n. ox. 
Path, 6. (a wooden -) nora. t. px. 


» ■ 

^ ** ^- 

Pay, V. a. ha%a. «. px. III. f. of fta, to go oiil.*^--^^ tt'iiiiDrfb 'to' lie- 
paid, ha^%a. %. ppx. V. f. — to -, (saichdf biipital);tfa/^:^'l? 
px. constr. impersonally with <He pbstp; «.'' - ' o) j irln /I 

Pea,' s.'-flifa. n. ox. {adot) -^ !j. mizird, n. oxi' ^ — 5. zumbnrd.^ n. ox.* 
Peace, s. iki^a. n. ox. — to make -, mora ivai cadad'ay lit, to. hold 
the grease (of the victim) together. * 

— . \ .• .:. 1 .• . ..*../• "^ ,' - . ■ . , .r ,• A .-. ./ ■ ■• « 

Pearl, s^ there are ^ the follojnring ^o^t^^ taitgt{ie. n. o^. CA^r) — ^- 

ichale. n, ox. — d. burdjuko. n. ox. — 4. f rfyo^ qdu^e , lit. 

, cat's e^es, -r-. {^^ -4P<;a*. n« cp^ t- dvToWa- !»• ox^ etcu , t 

Poaai^ii.t,',. fi. .«da/^ j»4| oxu Getteet; alid a jqKcial .farm: abaUtcha. t. px. 
t^ Jitter la vs^4'aA/aa ahuaive word, t— H^cafU ^. ok. (Ag.) 
_. ^ ^ .-^-.iBf^in^fo. n,/.9x. v(AmrO- - i » 

Peel, V. a« -ctbMljfk'a^. 9.'''ppx. v. 'denom. fH)m cimif;>, hark^ cfust. — 
•:r .1 t/'^oloia;a. ». px." v; UeAom. from goiuy husk. 

Peg, 8. ^t//i/. n. ox. . ,,, , - 

Pelican, s. a^e, n. *ox. , . 

Pen, s;(to^' sheep and other cattle} gorando. n. ox. 

Penetrate, v. n. a%ena. 1. px. — %,JSAUii. ^^jto^jj^ (%*,V!^\^*/Jtche(h l<* 
Dx, — to -,;V, a. Cl^y knowl^ga) firo* 4. pJk O^ifWt ^.\pi!ffce,- . 


People, 8. bia. nom. biti. px. — 2. nao4a.lni«\pi. ' ':ir - c) .r .v .<:*i 
Pepper, a. mifmiiTa, t. px. — another' spsflesi 4iata5k<;''n.>H)xy - •' '^ 
Perceive, v. a. ura. 1. px. prop, to pierce..] * .\n*. ^ .•{ .v . -m.:: i 
Perch, V. a. gudjumad^a. 1. ppx. ' • *n ^^^^ - /i* I I 

Peijfett, .^^.'ViFr. ox; ^ to l>e -;* ^Ta/C-Joiite) t. -^ fo tnakV -,^ 
qit'eza, «. px. ••'.:•' ^'- • ■^ -^ -'^ "■■•-• 

Perforate, v. a. ura. 1. pi. 

Perform," v. 9^:fuuafa^al' iT ppx. IV, f. of fitUal t6 penetrate, hqn Xho) 
* ' "Wdcayo' djeae iniinfu^ what God hai3 prqnUsed he 

• ' performis.' ^ v 

Peril, s^ zapt^h n. of^ ;, ,„ ^-i ,,,).. • , ...n ". . • .• v^ s\\. 
Permit, v.* a. d^i>fli^ 2.,px, .^^ ,^ ,1, j.^ ;;/-.i ;*, ,.-o i.jj,| j^:..,-? 

Pfiffp}e^,,|o.M.rt.,,4«/p*'fli t; Jpjuf aa4 Jateiif. dtokiM^dX I4 ppji^ m 

f. of dafay to he hasty. .. > .u .M^,; .-^ .h /-rl 

Persecute, v. a. am. 1. ppx. •" ' ''^^ v '' - '* 

Perverse, adj. ferAo*o. px. - ' ' ^ ^^ ' ' ' '^ 


-rr W -. 

Pattys, adj.; ctieumt. ,q^, , . . . . t ^ 

Petulant, to be -, dacad^^i, ppx. , , . 

Phthisis, B. fitran. ox. 1 have the *, mmMJbp riTa, lit my Inogs 

Physician, s. oge%a. i. px. 
Pick, V. n. Tiga. 1. px. — to - up, bu^a. 1. px. and II. f. ftti^«rti. 

1; pp±. -^ t. jftmand. 1. px. •— i8. mura. 1. px. — 4. Sana. 

1. px. 

Piece, s. fadafado or fadfado. n. ox. CAm. fatfbio.J — t. gotcho^. n, 

. ox. -r- 8. Aifrra. fi. «x. •^-' 4. toAa^a. nl, pic -*- 5. U^habmm 

•r tchamnma. i. pa. — a - of w9oi, foAnfo. n. ox. — 1 

tehaba. ni. px. Inteos. tehatehadu. iii.'px.^-->to ffoto -8, 6o^ 

rtiJIra. !♦ ppx. — 2. bakaka^XiVV^. — 8^ tckabs. i. px. 

Pierce, v. a. ozena. 1. px. — $. dira. t. px, — 8. ^ai^od^a. 1. px. 
(OnomatO — 4. dgigza. 1. px. HI. f. of dgiga^ to fall down. 
— 5. fuUaza. %. px. III. f. of fuUa, to get through. — 6. 
mura. 1. px. — 7. ura. 1. px. — 8. warana. 1. px. fAm. 

Plercetj ^.' {\Mitnm,yinnTa. n. ox. i • 

Pile; i«. rftfferi^iitta. n; ox. — • t. Mfii. rk. px. — 8. Ikamagi. n. ox. 

Pile, V. a. (to - up) Aiffa. i. px. 

Pilfer, y/-^.sd^0ffnd'a, i^ jj^fSL^. 

Pillage, V. a. djarafa. 1. ppx. 

Pillar, s. utuba, n. ox. 

Pincli, V. f. dL^iia^ %. ppx, r- $^gk$ii^a. 1. p«, — 8. fai^ 1. la. 
and II. f. lalad'a. 1. ppx. 

Pinchers, s. cabdu. n. ox. from caba. to hold.. 

Pipe, s. (Mow -) fuga. n. ox. — tobacco -, gaya. «. ox. — tQbacco- 
/ pipes are of different sorts: feUe. n. ox. (^hu^fumo -felle; gaga - 
felle; daga^felle,') — S. %aHo, n. ox. — the pipe-bowl, daka 
gaga, lit. stone of the -. — tube of the -, hudjumo gaga] 
or hudjumo withcmt gaga. *^- mouth-piec^ of the' - , afan or 
afan gaga. — the support of the -, bado Qbadu') gaga. — a 
certain part on the bowl of the -, djaidba. t px. ' 

Pipe^ v« jL fbrudja. i. pi»eipiee; used af the neidemadie ty serpentd. 

Pipkin, s. %ule. n. ox. 

Piss, s. findja. n. ox. ., .i . . 

Piss, V. n. findja. (-oicd) t. 

t •»! 

— w — 

Pit, 8. bola. i. px. — %. bowa. n. ox. 

Wtcfc,' B,^ hgbe. n. ox. .'i . \ 

Pitcher, s. tehtngb. n. n. OAffl.) ^-^ a - witii handles^ Atn^. n. ox. — 
a plaited - witfi a^eover, w9%Oa n. ox. -—a - like vessel, 
doteko. n. ox. — 9. anotiier one for keeping grain, tchuko. it. ox. 

PitiM/adjv ard^» px. — tobd -, ardifu. i. px. and II. f. drdyad^a. 

1. ppx. — Ik. lafa. 1. px. — to llecome -, ardyoma. 1. px. ^ 
Place, 8. irye. n. ox. (Am. erge. Aga: ti^ii and ideO ~" every in^ 

closed -, goia. <. px. « 
Place, ¥v a« dl'ii^ i^ px. '-^%.' ka^ C^ntr. from haya)Z. -^ 3. te»i»a. 

2. ppx. III. f of ta, to^ sit. ' 

Plait, V. a. (:nrltb twlg8 or re^ds) dagaiteha. 9. ppx. III. f. of ah 
anased root'ilttiSrafei. -^ t. (to Mdop) datchaza. 8.' px; III. f. 
ef datehd^ to be double. •— 3. (a cae) gonogana. !• v ^ v i. 

— 4. Aoif'tf. 1. px.^ •-**• ft/mdra. 1. px. ' 

Plank, 8. faia/ia. ». ox. — tlie - or mould-board on tHe ploogji, gafd. 
n. o5t. . . : . * 

Plants 8.. /2mA. i :px^ 

Plate, 8. bide. n. ox. — 9. C^or children) djibdi. n» el. 

I4ay, 8. to6a. n. ox. — a - with marks or counters, zMega. t ox. 

Play, V. a. taba. 1. px. and II. f. tabadlki:^ 1. ppx. -^ to '- a trick, 

.£a%a. 2. px. c. dat. 
Plead, V. n. euleza. %. px. and eukfad^a. ii ^px. III. and IV. f. of 

eukiy to be clean. 
Please, v. a» gatama. i. px. c* tot. hofin kunimM garamay this thing 

ittetsas me. -^ t. gamadz'iza: 9^ px. III. f. olgamad^Oy to be glad. 

— 3. s^fr6a« 1. px. c. dat. prop, to dance, mid^an kUni noH zirba^ 
' ilhis corn (dances before my ey^) pleases me; -^ thou ^pleasest 

me, ati gara na gezoy lit. thou approachest to my heart *^ to -, 
V. n. dyalad^a, t.' pifsc '• = ^ - * 

Pleasant, adj. inimida. px4? • 

Pleasure, s. gatiutdzu. n. oil ' u . • - r'. 

Plenty, s. (of men) danu. w. oi^"' ^ - • -^ ' « jj ' » 

Plough^ av ^n^^."^ ik lox. (Am. gindoC)"^ — ' 9. a ^. drawii by four oxenr, 
tehimdi. n. ox. — ploiijph^shiire, ^iaar^a. n: ox: --^ the board 
of the - which forms the bed, bdbatei n.'t»i'. -^ the bai'' oA 
which the plough-share is fastened^*and by which' the w'hole 

'» ' '^'^^Ama^itAUKdlfimo^'lMia* n. ex. -^ tfife 'earth which r^maldit 
OD the plough-share, tumani^^H. ox.^.^''4 ' ' < >>( 

•— ■ ^o 

Plough, V. a. cota. 1. px. .> 

Pluck, V. a^ bafaita, 1. ppx. IV. f. of M, to fro.imt.. — H. bu^a. t 

jPlug) /S. i^mTuL n. ox. .-7- !l« ^rim^fu, n« «u :'. 
Plui(U),^.adj. flol?^. ox. ... . .. 

PJ«mp» vV. ,v. iiol6«4r-4;><f'fi. . 1/ px. .nat 'saand, lit to.^ajr .^^Wok^^. 
Plupder, y. a,, 4/ara/^. jt- ppx. t - / i ..' 

Pocket, s. galgcUo. n. ox. (Am. galgaia,') 

?Qi§t„si:ac/Jj?f4i. n, Cf.^}PPX<^ CApi.. Awjtoo.) —1 ft AtfTAfii ox. — i 

(of a needle, thorn, etc.) 61(0., n«i QX». > Ti • * 
ffpW, T. .P^: Cftt) i ag9r!9isa. $, .px- JIL . f. nf 094^ to: B9e* .. 
yoiftfiedy jidji nmt^^ ,i|3i^ r* =*<» ikP -t,^ cm-aifu^/L jppXr. 
ICoi^oa, j^.,ffqr^. n...l>3f.;-^ 9, ^Oftid/o. .1.: ox*' : J . 
Poitrel, s. (of horses) coi^, :n,> qx«.vOrrco»io.yi|^..DX4 ' 

IfQl^ S4 <{jfwr^jt„,pv.|. ... "., x,-'U •... - ..^ • - .A' -v .*.«' ■ 

Police, s. zero. n. ox. 

Polish, v. a. guyiza. 8. ppx. and gugifad^a. 1. ppx. fraqi ^uy^ ^plendoor. 

Polite, adj. vnw, »- . \ r . ., !i . ) « - /» • ' • 

Poivd| a. f^hafe^ r^^^T^ . •,< ! m .:: »; .-<•—./•■< 

]Rimiiitf4, jr.,4. ^r<ir^^(i-«»)..*% ,>...'.!.,. 

Poor, adj. hieza. px. feip. Af^d'. — 8. ilora^px, to. he ^'liara, i 

Porcupine, s. ddd'e, n. ox. .:•• ' -i . 

V^ftioo, §4 g^'^^.i, ppk.^ murage -^ifukbrna^, n*-fa*,ic(m §abfira, to 

Pot-ladle, s. muka ahawi. lit. wood to sljir. >witb, . 

Potatoe, s. (or a similar plant) dinitchd, t.v px^ (?) 

Potter's clay, s. gumbi. n. ox. — 2f zubjjf^ nv. <a^\ . » ^^ .- 

Pound, V. a. tTuca. 1. px. (Am. tuca^r, ,,. .. s • j t- . 

]fpm y* ,1k. ^^ifc^ i^.px...-^ to i^mif> fium^ : *>.jpxb, uiv t,» 0* ftwf» ^ 

. .^„j ,,fl^me d(i:iirnrt,-nr.*''.*#»W/S»f-lR'JMIIl#i - .v. ..v •....-.,) 

IROiW-ftfful^^ l|flj.;-iy^rjfj|kifl,>,px^ .1... ;^. «i vl::; '..-,: ;^:--../ .^:; i.' .* ! // 

unto thee! (in prayfypi 4*nAvu.>*A jt»w. .r.-.j :iioj.j uiIj . 


— 8f — 

*raise, v. a. farza. 1. px. .^^i9i 9»Mttra» l.ypK^ £lii.|ti»y4cii4) -^ dK 

d|yaclpa..r-rf see fibram. msbml 161. - > u , . :^ . 

'rattle, v. n. abakad*a. 1. ppz. — 9. duiftitotf^a. t* pikx*. latens. of 

dubadfa^ to a|Mak« .t«-- 9. Jktx^a. (-att'it).1l« \ . ' . > ,- .'■ 

^ay, V. n. kad^ad^a. 1. ppx. infln. kad^ad'zu, ox;* always ^natr^-widl 

the postp»'{fu'(n). t— t..M^a» 1? ppk./- .' 

Pray! iatprj*'*^*^*' M»^ ^Van. nafyH^ pmy iuring^me some. w«ter.^.?-r 0i 

AodEora.. ot. .Haqd in ih% Bame-wnym i .: . 
Prayer, s. ksid^a, n. ox. .i ^ . * . .S 

Precipice, s. ededa. ni. px. — 2. haiaya, n* w» .' ^ -^ 
Precdpilkit^y v^ ». (pf fluids) dyaiaktffo* 1/ pxji / ^ v ' .."»'; 

Predict, v. a. dibara. 1. px. CACCordin^ to the explicalioii) pf'-Aman it 

.•slgaiAes only recouttt, telat^O ^-^^ 2* fafa. t. pxr .. -., 

fregnant, adj. ulfa, px. piK)perly heavy.' -^ <o< he -, f/J/?. C'^^tra) 9. 

and II. f. ulfad'a. 1, ppx. — tomalte t, .«i//%»a» 9. px. lil.f. of 

1I//S. — to he -, (said only of animals) rim&sw. H; .pt. i 

Prepare, v« a. sdea. 1.. px. — 2. 6i6sa;..2. i)x.<itl« t of bna, to ogmii 

down. — to - a hed, afa. 1. px. — -.tok ooe^^s self, coAa« (-ati?a) 

9. and Intens. coeoba; also the III. f. ca»o6«ea is useA iii:th4 

same sense. — 'to - one*» self for a joilrney, pugumefad(a. Wit 

Intenn. of ^tuAa^ to he round, -«• ,2* '/sna^^afyad^a. Iv' pplk* v» denoau 

Intens. from zabatay scarf. — to he ^^d, coba. {^*>'aw(i^ % anH 

Intens. 'CO^da* '.,.'). v « -^ 

Present, s. (nuptial -) ^ba. n, ox. — to give^ nuptial i^resents, ^Ha 

Press, V. a..ti|^i{*ida. 1. ppx^-lntensJ of (fiba^* it achea -^.:t(> ^ ou^ 
(the fluids of/oh|acts eol^talnMg tfaemj) ihAiim/b/1. spx^ -*- to- ^ 
out, V. n. ya. Q^aa) 1. . •, > ...'*. ''^ /; •' 

Pretend, v. n. C4ibatf(i..d. ppx. oonatr. with; ftor n^y kmiancabtui^eH 
d^oqfiy t>rett»nding this he^vrent away. ***- ^ d^ad^M. 1. px. ^' 

Pretty,Aa4J»-6ar^..ex. Mn. ^aiv^.^w^ 2;* sliUoira. 'ppK. fern, mi^ifl^ftu^ •^ 
' • .i-'ita i»-.'»-|;ifitdff^;;t* .ppiB. .' 

Price, s. <7flfo*. n. ox. < »j ./•; .• /• t 

Prick, V. a. hadad^a. 1. px. prohahly the Iti 'f. >of. hMS^ to Ire bittdi. 

Ptiest^.«u^\there »re/6he>MJipii^ing kio4& 4>f |)ri6stsr i$yaMitcim. «. px. 

./parlic« Aaaiiteelitie) ftwm Ayanoy fak)ly;.-f-n^2. iks^at^. fi. ox. — 

li8» ea/ffi> 71/ fteL «ndv^a.4pee. ifcolni .£44Y{;; Npm Ibm/ cMW'H. 

ox. — 4. 4/ito« •• P^ — *• teh(Ua.'Ui ««• a. > ' '^ .j* ,j i . i 

» > . » . • J ' ' . / J 

V « 

Primegtnlal^.adj. Atfii^M^ fhi. and ftL ^p%. 

Prince, s. bai. n. ox. — %. Mttm «Mtf. ii. OS. lit iOB of tl|p Ung. -- 

Princess, s. gifti. n. ox. tern. Of jr€|/)a. (Am. ftfiM.]) 

Prison, 8.. ^ndfK fi^ ox. . 

Process, s. ifu^t. li. ox. ^Uir-^ii dubi fifanuy let ns conpooe Hie * to-day. 

Procure^ r. a. fod'a. L p& ani espeo- II. t* fodtkl^a. i. ppx. — to 

let -, goziza. 8. ppx.- and foesifada. Lppx. lU. and IV. t 
Profit, s. biia. n. ox. 
Prohibition, s. Atnnt. i^ ox. 
Prolong, V. a. dlSreza. I.- px«* /udu na ^€rezi^ pDolaag my life! (ib 

prayers.) ■ y '. • 
Promise, s. eabe, n> ox* firom eabay to Jboid. •^ 1. i^om^jpflk Ht. inc. (Am. 

worega,') — to lireak a ^ kafa* i* pa. 
Promise, ¥. a. warega: 1. px. (Am. woregaJ) 
Prop, s. hudu. it. ox. 
Propagate, ^¥. a. fagezcL 1. px. firom faga^ fur, distentt am taareJke 

fageza^ I *- tiiy gltfy. — 8. Aofki. 1. px. 
Property, a.. gSe^, n. ogi..-^ .f». /kort. n. ox* 
Prophesy, V.> a. dibara. 1. px. -r- S. fagoi. i« •px* . ^ 
Propit&oius^ to be «^ orara. i. px. orort y(^lato/\.he «-| my Lord! 
Proposal, a^ 4»<7/ki. n. Ox. 

Proprietor, s. aba. n. ox. plar. aboda and o^om. prop. ikthor« 
PJrospeotj Si /i^iia; ti. ox. ; . 

Prosper, v. n. darba. 1. px. see, succeed. — 8. si/Sx. 1* px. 
J^osperity, s. ii«p^aM n« 0x4^ — to bain^'-^.Ati/u^o. 1. ppx..:. 
Protect, y. a. baiXieeLs.'L (p%^.^r-,2^.hofbi»ai 1. pKi< -^ t0 - ooe's self 

with something, iadta, 1. px. 

Prond, to be •^ J(ora;i:l. p)B4 r^ .%. %algaii^.A. ppx« 

Proverb, fei. mrn^m^^ ni.. px« .--^. to.tell r% 0i^$«lia^ii> t* px. 
Provisioa, .«..(ftir. traiveliing> jrofo* n,'.ox« ^r-. toi prnpara -, gakaea. I 

px. and galafadCa. 1. ppx. III. and.lV» f. ada svpposad foot gsM' 
Provoke, v. a. yidir%a. 1. px. prop, to tickle. 
Pradene^, a. MMain:- n. ox^l . • ....'... 

Prudent, adj. cabna. px. (Aau^omna) fromoadto^toaelBe. — 8. cade. 
i , : ox. (Am,') -^ '9' diibe^ oxL.-rr. 4. ^ui&t; ox. ^^ A. hadarL 01 

-^ 6i.Aa^ie..!0x. (Ain[»). — 4o became .-, Jlwdgnamii. 1. px. 
Pabliali, v.^ c aBt^/isa. i.i ppx. lirojn mdifad^a^ ia idvoir one'a 
Paddle, s. tehoroga^.m ox. A ./.{ .. .^ , - . 

Pafl; V. a. Cto - ap) bokokxa. 1. pz. III. f. of bokokOy to awtU. 
Ml, v« a. (to - away) dabarza, 1. pz. III. f. of darbOy to paaa by* 
— to - off, duguga, 1. ppz. — 9. hartchadCu* 1. . pz. II. f. of 
harichdy to fall down. — to - oat, bugi%a. %. ppz. and bugi^ 
fadCa. 1. ppz. III. and IV. f. of bugiy to totter, shake. — t. 
iufixa. i. ppz. III. f. of iucif to prepare raw hides. — 8. tchira. 
±. px. 
Pumpkin, s. buge. n. oz. 

Poniah, v. a. d^ana. i, pz. omially connebted with yaka^ punishment. 

Waeayo yaka »i d'anufdyiroy God will - * thee. — f . y^a ia. 

(-at£7ii) t. lit. to beat pnnishment.' — 8. Sierad^a. 1. t)pi% ll. f. 

of an nnased root is^a. 

Panishment, s. yaArn. n. oz. — t. %era. n. oz. — 8. f,uri.^n. oz. 9 

see part I. 
Farohaitfe, v. a. bita. 1. pz. and bita^a. 1. ppz. II. f. 
Pure, adj. see, clean. 
Purloin, v. itoffiad^a. 1. ppz. 
Purpose, to no -, ad^. akantmanl. oz. lit. only so. — 9. lafakaetany 

etc. see part. I. iafa. — 8. %ila> pz. 
Purse, s. zulitsha. n. oz. 

Parsae, v. a. fana da. (rowa) 9. lit. to beat the traee. 
Pus, s. maia^. n. oz. 

Push, V. a. d. (oontr. firom aa) 1. — 8. korfa. 1. pz. 
Pat, V. a. kd. (rayd) 8. and II. f. kaya^a. 1. ppz. — t. te»iza. $. 
ppz. III. f. of tiiy to sit. — to - in, (horses) tchamatFa^ 1. pps. 
QAm* camma^a,y-^ fk..$i0dixuea. ,U pi^« — to - on, (a rinf 
or a hat) naea. 1. pz. — to - on one's cap, ofg^a, 1. ppz. 
(contr. flrom oHy down and gadfa.Y) 
Patrefy, v. n. tortif^ra^ 1. ppz. — ^ let ^ toricrza^ %» p^. tfl* f* 
Puzzled, to be -, dafaia. 1. ppz. and latent* dadtifaia. .!• ppz, -7 
-<•. A flmaJ. irmm') 9n — 8. u%(ilS((9* 1« p?(» CAiQ^ wohla.'} , 

: :'..{".'.'• .,,■"•. \ .-. . ■ ... I . A 

« I* ■ / « . > • I ' 

• ' ' • ''♦',''..'•• V .\ . • ' / • , . ' ; ' 

.'. •' >t. .' '». " I,' ■ li.' '-i 


« 4 


Qoab, s. dongale. ^. ox. 

Quack, V. D. (frogs) koka. 1. pz. 

Quality, s. amaia. t. px. 

Quairel, s. faiama, n,. ox. — 9.fatche,,iu ox, — 3., ioia. n. ox.- 
4. mtorki. n. ox. ,. 

Quarrel^ v. fi. iluto;. 1. ^x. • — 2. fylama. 1. ppx. and fakna* 1*. px- - 
3. morka. 1. px. and II. f. mork^ji. 1. jppx. — ^ 4- nakara, 

. . 1. ppx. • 

Quartz, s. haidju n, ox. 

Queen, s. ^t/h*. n. ox. fern, of gofta. — qena, t. px. qenodcu (Am.) 

Quick, adj. habali. ox. — to be -, dafa. 1. px. Tbe aorist is throogb- 
out ail the persons used adverbially; e. ^. tfii 4<i^ hind^ufne^ 
lit..he liasted cajne not, i. e. he eam^ nol.q^uickly; io tbe same 
manner: i%an dirfuni Mnd^ufdni^ they cafufi jaot. quickly. 


* • 


» i'- 

t> I ■■ 

Baoe, s« (of nien) vMrri. lox;(Am. wopra:')- •' ■ 

Bace, s. (eomtify) to mlike^a-, gatnkaria. 1. p^« and in. f.. gafnunnf^' 

Rag, s. 97io/!». n. ox. * • ' ' '• ■••■'• '• '^ » • 

Baggiid,' to bii ^-y mofhi 1. px. -^i. far^.^ (-toajl. ^ " v 
Bail,' Si (V i»ar Of ^w^od) tf<Kn^ara. ti. oa& . - v- v. 

Raib/ 8. ^H^/ Aoid.1 6^iir€^. <&x. ^so t&e fineo^traclM* Ifenr May^) 

is used. 
Rain, v. n. impers. roba. 1. px. usually Compounded with Waeajio^ 
God or bokdy rain. Waeayo Qbokem) roba^ it rains. — to cause 
to -, robzissa. 2. px. HI. f. of roba. Waeago robssize mii^ 
nu margcy God let it rain and the fimit grew. — it *s a little^ 
Ufa. 1. px* see, foggy. 
Rain-bow, s. bidu. n. ox. (Am. bidigifa. i. px.) — •. Xffbaia Waeano^ 
lit. scarf of God or heaven. 

— w — 

laiae^ wi -wL kana. 9. p%» nM4ti»fad^4k li ppx.^- III^ itnd IV. t ot'kd^ 
' to 0ise« •*-* to €8006' to be -d^ /.kasaiza, 8. ppz. ^a»d kazifad'a. 
1. ppx^ V. and VI. f. 

Rampart, >s. cfaL n, ox. ; > '< .) .»> > 

ftank, s.'^a.inaa 4>f •, mm^ yi^>oift. wild .ifiteni. xftomoi^* •*««- H. hanpafiii 

fni. or /h*. ppx. — in one -, waiqiV)e) iU. ei|iia&' to eath other. 
Ransom^ &»- ^tima. m. px«) '> <: ; ( / . 

Rapid, adj. see, quick. > >"..*' 

Rare, adj. itabzu, ox. •:, » . \.«\ : . ' * ' • • 

Rather, adv. hama. px. -<>..» i- .j ,; ,.r '.•: . v' ^ .-. ., .; 

Rattle, V. n. (in the throat) cvfd. Q-ad) 1. — 9. trUTa, ±,\ px. ,«MiA»lto 

tFiV.a^ iDy iiiafs .^, I am consumptive*' / >> / 

Raven, 0. guro, n. ox. (Ag. gord) frcfia ^tdy *tb <5arry aW-a^. — ■ a cer- 
tain species seems to be the arageza, i.'fx.*; t!i6 word obeurl^ 
especinlly in relations^ concerning sacrlflceli, where' the atageza 
ifi ttte place of God tODStimes the sacrifice. ^ . > 

Ray, B. cara. i. px. prop.' tdp,"* ed^e; • 

Razor, s. hadu, n.- ox. •,.,•.'. .. .- ,; r • 

Reach, v. a. caba, 1. px. and II. f. caha(f<L, 1. ppx. — %. gd. (contr. 

from gaga) 3. — to - the hight, gu6a£'a. 1. ppx.' fironl <$ri/6a. 

Read, v. a. gar ad. 1. ppx. 

Ready y to be -, coba, (-atra) 2. and esp. lotfiQif. CQ€.opa. C~^ii?a) 8. 
— to be - for attack, d^orziza. 9. ppx. prob. the y.f. i^i d'Qra^ 
to be disagreeable.. -77.. tp became -, (of m^als) MUshad'a.^ t, 
px. -7 to make -^ cqbeza. .8. |^x. i^n4, Int«j^s. aocpbeza^ 9. px, 
111. f of coba. — 2. ^fa. 1. px. — 3. rairfriTa.l. ppx; — 4. 
zoca. 1. px. .-;- jto nxakeone's kieli^-, .co^. (-atca) 9«. and Intens. 

» . ' 


Reckon, v. a. doa* 1. px. 

'• .«« ..•'",, .1 •;./,:. I ■ - ' 

Recollect, v. jf.^ j^^do. .Iv.p?.-,., , .;• .,.. .^ . . . .. , .. , ., ... . ,, 
Recollection, s. j^ada. w. ox. or yo^fo. n. ox. ,/.. .. .\ . •; . 1 •» 

Reconcile, v. ^rktftq/i0^,±v\Wi\l^»AMMIa,/.tphe,g9^ 

1. px. III. f. of araroy to be propotious. t7t< ta.-y .y*vP*.4ir^^^ii«» 
1. ppx. prop, passive of arara. — 9.jn|orii tiMi/, coftiK^liy^ Jit to 
hold the, iRpjiH^j CofutNovjptUO tefetker* ', \ ..4 w ,; ..;...• 

Bed, adj. diin». px. ftm. dinUu. kUu diminj the red mouitaiii te Bmkk 

•-r to be ^ dima. i. px. -^ to beceme «*, dimtkta* i. ppx. ILt 

of dinui. — red-browB, aibu. ox. ^— to be red-bcowa, albL 

(rtncd) 9. and II. f. Mad'a. 1. pz. 
Redden, ▼. n. dhmutu. 1. ppx. Ae korun dtwuuTie naU kadUy wbei 

tbe east -e, come to me. 
Bedonble, t. n. datehd. (roa) 1. and II* 1 dMshad^a^ t« pZi — ^ lo •> 

V. a. datchaza. 9. px. III. f. 
Re^d, s. dagala. n. ox. — zimala. i. ppx. 
JBleftect, y. n. yado kuzay lit to gather thonghta. 
Reliigee, a. ftoco. n. ox. 
Befoae, v. a. dida. .1. px. see^ deny. -^ t, ^aUa. i. px. — S. df&fDoda, 

U. f. of iTotro, to keep olt 
Regard, s. ware. n. ox. 
Regard, v. a. ti^iia. 1. px. — to •- as, eabaiia, 1. px. II. £ of eaH^ 

to hold. Aa^ na caba^ani^ they -ed me as a thief. -— %. djeia. 

1. px. ftti i%an dina djene^ we -ed them as foes. 
Rbgnlate, v. a. feci, 1. px. and II. f. fead^a. 1. ppx. 
Rejoice, v. n. gamad'a. 1. ppx. 
Relate, V. a. raga, 1. px. 
Related, adj. hunde, ox. 
Relation, s. diharza. t. px. — 9. /ira. t. px. — zrhii^a. L px. — i 

fomt. It. ox. — in the sense of account, odu. n. ox. — S. n^A 

n. ox. CAm. radjiJ) 
Relax, V. n. tshama- 1. px. 

Release, v. a. idki%a. 9. ppx. III. f. of an onfoand root. 
Relieve, v. a. (milit.) didifa. 1. px. qedon wdi didirU, the sentries - 

each other. 
Religions^ adj. agaM. px. *-^ to be -, ayuna. 1. px. 
Remain, v. n. hafa. 1. px. — 8. Aomfta. 1. px. — Z. td. C*-^^) ^* 
Remainder, s. carmi, n. ox. prop, stubble. — %. luamba. n. ox. -->'8: anodo.^. ox* 
Remember, v. a. mtUa^a. 1. ppx. and espec. thd Intens; iBMmiMCi' 

1. ppx. — %. %ea. 1. px. 
Remind, v. a. yadaltshixa. t. px. HI. f. of yndOj to think. 
Remote, adj. fago* ox. 

Rent^ 8% ^angdiafM. i* px< £n>nl dtimgaiSf to-drep, ilHp« 
Repas^ «. <«iMfirf»w n. ex. ' 

Repel, T. :•. d^ou>ai 1^ px. - < ■ 

Replenish, v. a. tiOeMi ti )^. Ili^ fiOf-tttAr^ t6 ailiias; 

— •» — 

Report, s. to give a -, eew^djedfiju 1. pz. lit. to My ^^mmc/'; tat'vovadi 

ftepose, n. ctM. ».'ox. ^ daring the ntght, i^ita. n. ox. hnOUnk^ 

gari^a^ was thy - good? 
Repose, y. n. bogotCa. 1. ppx. 
Reprove^ V. a. Mfbd^a. l* pp]^. 
Repntatioti, s. gurra. <• ps. 

Resemblance^ a« gaiitu. it. ox. prop, the fMUL ef gadkMy shadovr. 
Resemble, v. a. fakaia* 1. px« i%«n wal foMFu^ they « eaeb other. 

— %. gilfa. (rowa) 9. 
Reserve, s. mUto. n. OJL . 

Reserve , v. »» ki^, C^yd) S. and IL t k^gad^a. 1« pi». — . to« be -d, 

tehncala. 1. px. and IL f. tehmatad^a.. 1. ppx^ ini -^dubih^ tehu^ 

imiad^Oy he is -d In his words. 
Residence, s. (of the king) mazara. n. ox« 
Residae, s. eamU. n. ox. prop, stubble.— **9 9. hamdih n^ ex.. 
ResisI, v.n. d^iba. (rowaj 9. — 9. idga dgabextty Utrto makidi the 

. . eye» strtmg. . 
Respect, T. 9u uife%tt. 9. px. and uifad^%*kM. i. px. IH. and V. f. of 

¥lfa'y i» be heavy. . 
Rest, A, see, repese, and remainder. 
RcMMk^. V. n. bogod^4k ±p ppx. -^ to - npon, kiQtd* (rod) 1. and IV»> t 

bwafad^a. 1. ppx. 
ResUess, to be t^ rafama. i* ppx. passive .of ^mn^ lemeve to aad^M* 
Retain, v. a. hambifa^a. 1. ppx. IV. £ of hambaj to- rematal. 
Retard, v. n. titra. 1. px. 
Retarn, y.^* debia, i. p^x. -^ 9. datehd, (rod) i. andlL f. daicha^a* 

It px. but both in the sense, to •* im. the -sane way in which 
> one came. — to «• home, gaia^ 1. px..andJltf tg^tadt^a. 1. ppx. 

— 9. fula manaU .gadgdifad'a^ lit. te tiirtt' the ihtoe homeward. 
Revenge, s. ITuri^ n. ox. f aee part I. 

Revenge, to - one*s self, idga bafadfOylXt .to make the eye go out 
Revenae, s. bua* n. ox. 
Reverence, s. ware, n. ex.? see part I. tcare* 
Review, v. a. dpo; 1. px. and IL f. domfiu 1. ppx. .. 
Reward,, s; gad jama. ni. px. 

Rhinoceros, s. warabo. n. Ox. (Am. . iDeruft^) . ». .;. 

Rib, s. handarafa. fU. px. (Am.) — 9. iehina4fa. L px. <Am.):9 
Ribbon, Sk kiita. n. ox. from hi^a^ to hind; -^ '9; a - made of tim 
entrails of goi^ts, ribu. n. ox. ; . 

BM) «i..{BoO eube. n. ox. ieuwef} 

Blo]iy*«4j^ ca6«2;a*'px. -^ t. 4Ure%a. ps. — to be »», bmdCoasa or 6a- 

iadla. — ? . . - ' w • 

Riches, s. arada. n. ox. 

mddle, 8. gingiltcha. n. ox. — to sift hy ji -,' ginfiUeha. (j'-mvm) i 
Bide, V. D. fartara td, {farta ira ta') lit. to, sit ii|roii tlie horse; or 
. farda ytMd'a^ tm oNnnt'tlie Ironpe. *^ to* si^inat in foil sfeed^ 
/ gadi lakizai 9. pi»x. lit. to release! dcArii* 
Ridge, 8. d*ugda. t. px. 

Riding, s. yabi. n. ox. — riding-eqaipage, elekm. Inv* oa& ■ 
Bigbt, adj. mir90^ pk. -*^ to %e -, gadg^th. i. px. aiitl gmdyelfa^a, 1. 

: ; >ppx.HI. and IV* ft of gady^iia.' 
Rime, s. art. n. ox. — 9. cora^ii px. leof^ toaM' ^(ti^, lit. time feJl 

upon him, i. e. he isrvenyold* " 
Rind, s. fQioqei\ m. €fx. "or .'sseioqe*' n, dK. 
BJlig^.! ».i Aumtfrii.n. ox. CAqi.} — a - of Irerjn worn between the 

elbow and the wrist, djano. n. ox. — a - wolfn' b^ old women 
.1 Jbn Ihe ^et, ,naca. n. ox< .^ ttke «:.. wtiieh fiiMeM the yoke to 

the thill, harkiftu. n, ox. — the - whteh^fast^ns' the ploagb- 

share, margadja, t. px. — a ^uie'with >^s..f mtfntnuarto, ii« ox* 
Ring,.' ^i.m. (a bell.> 6fl^«Uf ^lifii, 4itJ to^ make ^^^i^W^^^ n«t. sooad. 
Rinse, v. a. loUa. 1. px. .'./.., 

Bt^efeii^cvufm/Mtoiaifi'a; i; px. ••^ 9. dy^bd^a. ±. pp^^r H/f* of i^f»60, 

to .be- strong. p c - '. >■> ?.'•«.•• .i • ; .i; ..- . 

Rise, V. n. kd (-oo) 1. — 2. oli djed'oy}r ,^p*<. ^*-. 8. (ftom 

t8leep}'^fi«' >(-^a) Ij -^ tb •- Tearty.iiii; tie •mofning, / gammas 

i: . « ^V>^'il. pps. -vi' demomi- fr(MB 'fatuAka\y'^ omrhitigi *^t to -, (of 

.stawJ.Ai^K.X'**^) '*• -*-rto.i4y <;swolli) o^i(-eKiu»>>Si -r*.^to-iip 

' I . ^froin'^tbt stnntttdi^ diefiid^a, i.^\pp%i i|at soaadw^ \ .' 

River, s. aba. (contr. from abawa} ioiq. ade/ht«'Ox^ (px:.^) -^<9* galaina. 

.r-') ']<w. po^-'i-tHlS; is|jfii.oht.i^x.-^ Ji »• ^ •./*. ."• - -•'-•'; ^ j' ^ 
Rivnlet, s. ifo/o/o. n. ox. — 9. A>lar-^. n. ox« 
Road, s. *ara. n. ox. .*^ "^ J j. -i v -< V ./». .». . • ^ 
Roar, V. n. (of wk\m%]f}^a^MmA.^iLj^^^'^^ 

9. px. prob. flrom iyay to cry. — i.^fion^oillW^ 1; ^px. / 
Roast, V. a. oka. (-atoa.X9.'> vv^f^.-softda*^. px. >'^^' > .'i .-^i 
Roast-n<ie«^>..-^n'^«?w#r*i''.v.. .V .k — (.'■"•/.) ./. ^ .^'^ . '\.."„' -v^'V .' 
Rib, v.'«ii» 4;«r^a:^l. ppxt>*^- (9. ^faix i;< pi. .^ to go >!ii sobhtaif ^ 

night, gada, 1. px. .to j\ .»'j.\ ,'^.'r .> .«i 'I.!i;nr« 


— «l — 

Itohiut, mU. dfaba. ox. — to be -, dyifba. 1» px* -r , tQ 1»eeome -, 

Boe,:B. .|pyrii^€i« «»^ ox. (?> 

Roll, v. n. konkokuPa. 1. px. — to -, v. a. konkoladfziZiu t^>^x. — 

to - about, tnarza. 1. px. Iff. f. of marff^ to turn. 
Roof, s..'^iiiift'. fi. ox. CAfii. bandu^ — 9. ivoro. fi. ox. i 

Room, s. haga. ni. px. prop, partition of the .house. -^ S..^o/j0., n 9014 

— 3. irge. n. ox. (Am. erge. Ag. tr^a* and id^O P^^^P; pbi^^ 

— a certain part of the -, gumbu n. ox. 
Root, 8. Atn^a. n. ox. 

Root, V. a. (to - out) tchira* !• px. 
Rope, s. wadarOm n. ox. 

Rosary, s. ma%uba. n. ox. it is probably borrowed from the Moham- 
medan neighbourhood. 
Rese^.^s. (or A similar thorny j^lant). cors.. fi. ox. . 
Rot, V. n. toriora. 1. ppx. — 9. (espec. of eatables) zami^ Cr'diwa') 9. 

— to -, V. a. tartorza. i. px.lll.:^.' of ^tQra, , > ..• . ., 
Round, adj. bardye, ox. (Am.) — 9. guma. ox,^. ^— to .be -> gunuk t*, 

.p^'*-^ i0 boDome -y gumad^a: U» f* ^ gima* -r-. to nuifce ^ 

- / ,: gwneza. 9* px* UI, f> ^ ^ 

Rub, V. a. riga, 1. px. — $. ririd^a. 1. ppx. d^ug4fl>^ ^ firUfij rub 

my neek. — .3. stiiiniiTMk 1*. pp^^. 
Ruin, s. batu. n. ox. k , 

Ruin, V. a..6a^««a. 1. pps. HI. f. of ^of^^f^.tobe broad» ej|c«,rT' S^ 

./if a.. 1> pi(. ' — to be -ed, >6aAii» W. (-aa). It . \ . . . 
Ruminate, v. a. alai^ gtira, lit.. I)0' bear 4bP (r^Mi.Cth^ qfid i»f nuainating 

animals.) — ::9...<ilaAi d"$^ |Jit..<o.ibeat tfi^)af(aa. —.8. a^Ofiii^ 

1. ppx. V. denom. . ^j . . . .' ;- 

Rumor, s. ^rra. t. px. — 9. ivarciK o^Ci :r- 9» ;^ogai^» n^ ox. • 1 
Rianj4a,i0.''.«ifn^ap li.-.<^x.'\ ,...• .,.«... ./..i 

Run, V. n. gulufa. 1. ppx» r-i S«,iipa<f^..i( px. oA^ jlrai^Wyl^ imshilst he 

ran. — to - after anybody in order tocai^b •Muos, aria, 1, ppx^ 
.v.. :*^. \to - ai^ayt . btkMd^fii,%* WX» M. f.: pf baea^, to melt. — fU, 
he, i ; ffMra^^ieii'4,t UU 4fl ai^i y^Mgabi^f^rj on^mat^op.: -^3. d'enza. 

tt^ «;.v*W»-» 4-OT- rr-'T-yo. (ofl#tr» Jfi^n)/ifa(0 li. ^ 9- «va. 1. 

iw .« IHUV^. 3*..*»*^.:l.px,,^g0 -^vtorbiftie^, and thither, dafatta. 
I ;n . )-oia«id.'0iqi^i4ataiMkiiAiiUS^^ <dL. ;P9^ li(. & <of. 4<4i^i> to. be quick. 

— •• — 

— 9. d^ama. (r^^^^^ t. — to - over, 90lg9& (rowa) 1 -^ 
to -y Cwitht koraes) gmrmama* 1* px. and £2I. £ garmamou.1 
px. — to caase to - very quickly, gug%a* 1. poL^ 111. 1 ofn 
nniued root guga* — to make - over^ g^igolexa. H. px. 111. f. 
* of g6^ola. 

Bniiner, s. djoUe. n* ox. 

RaoDing, s. (with horses} garmama* n. ox. — t. katPu* ». ex. 

itaitle, V. n* Aura. 1. px. 

Bnsttlng^ s, huru. n.. ox. 

' ■ s. 

Sabre, s. Mia. n. ox. — ^ t. (with a iifiiare Made) eormde^ n. ox. - 
- • 8. zodakk n ox. 

Sack, s. gaigalo% n. ox. (Am. galgalaJ) 

(S^erilloey n. ha^: n. ox. 

Sacrmce, v. n. li 1*011 c^haXa^ lit. to t%ke or hold tho blood (of ti^e 
victim.) — 9. Aa^' ^ofo^ lit. to slAnghter a vtctim. .^ a s»- 
gada^ 1. ppx. 

SacriAcer, s. (male and female) 00/ki. m. px. — 9. eaUiekm. i pz. f^' 
caliH. n. ox. 

6ad, to be or become' "j-gdigafS^ (rowd) 9. lit to be dark. 

Saddle, s. kora. n. ox* — saddle-cloth , raro Tee-^ j prop. goat-sUO) 
because It is nsnally made of liiat 'matoiial. 

Saddle, v. a. fea^nL 1. ppx. II. f. ot fiptt, to order. 

Safe, adj. naga. ox. 

Safety, to be in ^, hfdvga. i. ppx. 

Sake, for my, thy, his etc. sake, nmiakodifymaUMI^yiimimsfadif^ 
lit. fbr the sake of my, thy, hli head* • 

Salary, s. gadjitma: nii p%. 

Salt, s. zogita. t. px. -^ There'is »certalD ptede ^f rock^^ak, eaUed 0010^ 
which is nsed as coin$ ft is ttrd hands lotig, one hand 1)roid 
and two Bngei^ thick. <^lt Is divided as tfollows^: ^ amole: 
tchcbnana.'u px. firom MiabUy to'*break^ r^^ ^ tmioiet kurman^ 
n. px. •^ f amoie: gimazi.' n*' iJhL. *r~ ^^atMlei gedeiBi o* ^ 
(Ag. ^odnfe.' Am. /kfa^^i) ^Tiro dsioA^imilie a ws pi i i v ' (sio^tf) 

— •ft — 

• lev^'Oft. r^' a hMlkm anmh mhVA te V«Miiv. agate la arder to 

be fltilL of aby. abb,- sumtga. n. ox* {Ax^') Or farai^Mno: n. ox. 

ftom fonifMinuty to lUl into, pieces. . t ; . 

^«ime, adj. ^r^, 09. — to be ihe - as, ^Ta. ("-mra} 9. , 
^ADctifjr, v. a. a^anfa^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of ayftnay to be h9ly« , 
Smnd, B. 6tf{fO» 11. o;k. Qbiof and perhaps related to bia^ country.) 

gabayan hunt aha biyo dyirli^ this market was like -, i. e. 

very much frequented. 
Sashy 8. zabaia, ni. ppx. 
Satiate^ v. a. ctitao. 1. px. III. f. of eufa^ to be Ibll. — io cause to 

be' -d) euMzai 9. ppK. and 4mbs^il'ia 1. ppxv V. and VJ. t 

of <;t//^ *^^te be«-d, tufii. 1. px. and IL H di«AMi'ai l;ppx. — 

f • farma. 1. px. 

Satisfled, to be -, eti/fa. 1. px. and II. f. tufad^a. *^ t. fdrma^ 1. px. 
— 8. SMirnki. 1. px. yaranko zarmudiday my heart is not-) is 
inconsolable. ' *' 

Satisfy, V. a. cubzoy etc. see, satiate. ' 

Sauce, s. handju, n. ox. — t. ito. n. ox. from tto, to swell. — ' 3. 
maraqu n. ox. 

Save, V. a. yofkad^a. 1. ppx. — 9. Atto.. 1, px. — 8. naya^ 1. p^... 

Savour, v. n. mi^i. (flt^fl) 9. . ^ . ., ,. 

Saw, «^ Onfjtri^.) fi^ufkmt »y,o%f lit. sickle with teetl^. . 

Say, V. a. djedfa. 1. px. 

Scab, s. ichito. n. ox. — scbl^^f ?^9^ £cAt7o A<i^a.j 

Scar, s, if ana., n. ox. iAfi^^,.yQdani»a. i, px.), . ^ . ^ , . 

Scarce, adj. d^abzu. ox. , , .. 

Scarify, v. a. kQba.,iyf%. . ^,, . 

Scatter, v. a. bai^eza. 1. ppx. III. t of M^^^ to be<bt%id, large. — 
9. fkdfaza. 9. .|ix.i aad Au);a/bi('a«. Lppx. JUv ;and.IV. £ of 
^fadjay to'gb baandsr* ''— 8. <into) firfirza. ii..y!x..*- 4. Aor- 
iehaza. 9. px. III. f. of AnftoAil^ to. IbU dtwn; }.- 

Scent, -8/ '/bift' 'ti.' '6x1' .'.•• »..».',■ i. » .1. * « j** 

Sbebl^'V.'^ wrya* <-ta«a>9»:. 

Sdssbrs)' %:'harubiOu n; axt m- Ji «iofjHM|riihi i. px. ; , . 

Scoii; V. a. ayeza. 1. px. — 9. dinea. 1. px. — 8. tebnmyiwnM. 1. px. 

ficold, t. a. a^WKUk-%. ppa:.<e. tdat. AoiNiira n^r^: it^^MwCai). my mothei 
scolded me. — 9. A^AuTo. 1. ppx. — 8. k9mad^». U jppx. constr. 


>■ • «\ 

'.'wkh ^f^mlUn'k&inmfiny do iM •* se; -^ to ^ v. n. deeau, 
1^ PIOL ^^ 9. duUa. 1/ px. -^ a. watckHa.' 1< ppx. 

Scorn, V. a. dvdubad'a. i. px. Intens. of duba^a^ to speak. — 1 
Vufad'a: i. ppx.' If. f. of rii/5i, to spit. — S: %aibi%a. 8. ppx. 

Ill: f: of 55iite«, to be light; ' ' 

. . . ...... 

Seoar, v. n. culeza, 2. px. cuhfad'a. 1. ppx. III. and IV. f. of cuk, 
to be clean. — 2. haga. 1. px. — 3. hara. 1. px. — 4. (wiri 
sand or a knife), zoca, 1. px. 

Scrape.,^ y. a. r?^a*./t. px,. — r g. ririd^a. !• ppx. j 

Scratch, y, m ha^qgtL 1u \pp9i. (AmL Aoctf. 1. ,^px* and H. f« hoeada, 1. 

. jppK.>.V^^»jlk t^^Ai l..px. •^, /b/Mrfsik.l. ppiE.Drom foloqe^ 

crust. — 2. zolocza. 1. ppx. from zoloqe^ .crust of. ^read. — to 

«cream,,y,^n, iya ^. pj^* ._ . . ..^ ,. » 

Scrupulous, to be -, zodad'a. 1. px. , . , . 

Seam, s. harira. i. px. ^ . -,.... . \ -. 

^^at, s., bardyujna^ .nt. px. see, chair. 
Seat, v. a. gubiza, %. ppx. from guba, above. 
Secret, adj. cat'iza, ppx. — to go -ly, gadiza. 2. ppx. CAm. cafi%o.) 
Security/ i?."to*'glVe -, /tifca." 1. px. '* ^ ^ 

Sedge, s. dagala. n. ox. ./ : . » i . . ' 

Sediment, '^. Thadd. t. ok.' — '- i^&ic% f emalris In th\e tftfalner^ etAt/M^- 
ni. px. ./ , « . 

See, V. a. arga. l.'^'jjx^ :^''«\ {iatd'. 1.* pi."^ ' '^ "' '■ ' ' 

Seek, V. a. barbada. 1. plx:' Infi ftarftc^fti' arfii'ftiiriadiV- ^ to- oat, 

cora, 1. px. lit. to cut off quite short -^'^ - ' 
Seethe, v. a. afela* 1. px. — to -, w. «. danifkl±. ipa. -^ 9: i<f^' 

1. px. — to cause to -, af^lzizcu 2. pii vk^ttfiShifhd't. 1. PP^* 

'i'llI.^iw»d^*lVJ ft of Ay»i?n •{ .Ih . ,1 \ .fy, M.A ,. , . 

i^i&e,''t. ^ai'cakl. i;: px.> aod'ttv di«i^if«i' l^f pxl -r-rr '.>2\.fi/td]$, 1 P^' 
^ ^— to-^u^ 40 b<)* rdf, initotAto. 1^. f^.iaad €ia|jffii/a^a.:\l. PP^ 

III. and iry.'#^'0tf*a6ii.. ••'-■••'■'"*'' '»^ •• i ' •> J -V . w m 
Select, V. a. cocoba. {rowa) 9. Intens. of toba, tox^e.iatjiaif^y^. 
Self, pron. ufi, px. (Am. ofij of) used alA as a^vFedeotm jrooo^^ ^ 

„one's self, hiioH^ll^ lHNM|](^v,||BdM; 4henaeIiwsfV"nr^\wUMD^'^'^ 

9i^y'Hr.'iii g^t^ra> i; ppak'^ to igbt.aoldvi'FUlj^uraMilkai.iS.px* ^-^ 


fiiend, V. a. erga. 1. px. and II. f. ergad^a. 1. /iff%\ -^ .fo tAine to* •$ 

ergi»a.,2. ppx. 111. f. and H^gifyd'^i* di, pj^y IV. f. of er^iiei^ *-*^ 

to - away, ttai^zisift. 9^ pp^, JUL f/.of :4!ac4i, io ga — < 8. d'f^ 

d'imza. 1. ^. IIL f . o^ an vnfoiind i^oo^t ^'i^mih -^^ to, * femkf 

t :^^tj2^a..||« pjuk JII. f. of ^e^ui^ to^seamtiibaok, . ^ 

Sense, s< dagrut, f. px. 

Senj|e|esfl^..(o he. -> karrisuh 8« pp](. (Am, Jrom'tsaO 

Sentry, s. y^ifo. n. ox. . , ; -■ 

Separat^'i. Vyf a, ijpt^, 1. px. and II. tcmtoifa. 1» ppx. prop, te out -^ 

/ I ;9. ^^HiiTi^^Oi 1« px. III. £1 of i^Hima^ tOA^eparate (of me^tiaga.) 

— to - Arom each other, ■y..<D.)te^«£ darba (Stl? pera. ^daftiirto), 

1. px. ' . ,-\ •«.''. •* 

Separately, adj. gara gara. igarl gar*^ or contraqted: gargur* ox. 
S0renj»,.'«4l^ c«<(ct^. ox..(ewt^?(> from.c««4(^ te he ol«an. / . 
So^pcrnt^ ;.s. Mvfa. wm,' 6(^ii.\px.. Several speehea ,of -s'^ .see part I. 

Servant, s. gpdji. n. ox. _. . , . ^ ... _ 

Set^ V. a. d'a^a. 1. px*. — to - on ^re, guba. 1. px. and II. f. gttbad'a, 
1. ppx. — to ifet - on. fire, gub^iza. III. f. -r— to-, v. n. (saii 
of the sun), gadama. 1. ppx. prop, the passive of gada^ to throw 
awayf — 2. /iTo. 1. px. — to - oat (from), godena^ 1. px. 

Settle, v. a. %asuibad*a, 1. ppx. v. denpm. Inten|^. ^■'.om %qbataj i^carf. 
, .— ». (» (jnarrel) ^fa. 1. px;,/ i \ . 

Seven, tor6a. px. — a number or set of -, isahi^. iorban. inv. ox. 

Seventy, torbatam\ px. 

Sew, V. a. dira. 1. px. — 2. Aod'ai 1. px. 

Shabby,' 6 w^fld'w: o£ —"to be 4, iutadtal (tttiJa)**. ' * 

Shadow, 8. gQdiza, fni. px. .;»»*'• 

Shaft, s. (4f d^spdar) djfknfii* m ox. ^-^^ii^ aihmov / .-< ' 

Shak^ 'v«; n. dtvisni; (-iinoa) 9. — 2. r^govm^ l.^px. -^*.3. ^52^010^0; 1^ 
ppx. (Am. zadjoaJ) — to -o/v.b. msa. 2. pxL'llI.'f.afi nnnsed 
root ra. — 9. ^vleAiiemJ Si'px^ viLd.i»otehefad"a.%. 19X.III. an^d 
. ••..-,. lY..f. ii£ %9t^koa, • . .. ;» r: /•. • >»■;.• 

Shall,. "Xi n#ffeci)aj:t ii Afli.: . - ».> ,i . .• \ v[ 

ShalliW} i|dj.-,ittW*te«*V.^«^ n-n » -; plac^*v-e%.r*L.»w/*fl^ w. ox. 

Share, hira. i.,px. -^ (^,r irith, kirnwd"4K..,Uy^VJ^ ^i .. , . ,. , 

9haiiv.»^^'*^*^ ^^••~ <<^'«*^^ol^«riarf'<^^ 4-PW.i ^v\ i{ / J.. 
Sharpen, v. a. c^fj^d'q. 1. pp^— ,2. raj^^fiq^a^ ttttoipa^e (he.^4g«| 

go out — 3. wakarei. 1. p?^ .: / ' 1 < - .ui^ 


.,,•.* ■•»>. N I '.>'•" ■; I - • 'I-* 

— i6» — 

Share, t« m, hada, 1. px. 

Shawl, 8. djifnraj i^fua etc. see part I. 

She, pron. tVt, px. (Aga i%e. ex. Am. tft. px.) 

S&eatb, s^ (of a swerd) inane, n. ox. prop, dfeellinf. 

Sheep, 8. Ao/a. n.ox. pi. hol&ni, — a lamb, flmeie. QHma, 80ii)n. ol 

Shelf, 8. harati, n. ox. (Am. arati^') 

Shell, 8. (muscle) gurl^uman* inv. ox. probably flrom gurrumi^ Ush. 

Shell, y. a. cundjiza. 9. ppx. from eundje, hask. 

Sheller, y>. a. gombiza. 3. ppx. from gomfuy to ^o^er the head. 

Shepherd, 8. tik%u. n. ox. or tik%e. n. oil — to be a -^Mka. 1. px. 

Shepherdess, s. tikxitu. fi. ox. fem. of tikxe. 

Shield, 8. gadjana. t. px. (Am. gadjend). 

Shin, s. hddfa. n. ox. 

Shine, v. n. adad'a. 1. ppx. prop, to be n^hite. — f . bd: (cwatr. from 
baa) 1. prop, to go oot. iMftin aJirii gariU bae^ the san sldnes 
80 brighty. — 3. baiaga, 1. ppx. — 4. dyaMaga. 1. px. 

. Ship, 8. mardjeca. m. ox. (Am } Perhaps also bidiru, n. ox. wbicli 
properly means boat, might be used in this sense. 

Shirt, s. kamiza. fni. px. — 2. waya. n. ox. (Am. woyaJ) 

Shiver, s. kanda. ' t. ox. 

Shoe, s. kode. n. ox. 

Shoot, 8. (of plants} latu. n, ox. 

Shoot, v. n. dorroba. 1. ppx. : — %, anan naca, lit. to she'd milk (sci> 
into' the stalks}. 

Shore, s. (of a river} ededa. ni. px. — 9. gama. n. ox. 

- * • 

Short, adj. cababa. ox^ fem^ cababttu ox. -^ jK. d'o/u, ox. — to be -j 
cababa. 1. ppx. — 1^. d'ola. 1. px. 

Shorten, v. a. eababza* 1* pK. III. f. of ctf^o^a^ to be short 
Shoal4er, s.gurmu. ». ox>* prob. related <to guray to earry vwvjf*'^ 

shoulder-blade^ coraru. f. px« 
Shont, V. n, f|fa. 1. px. esp. to -^ the b«ttle«ory« 

Show, Y. n. ilaltshiza. 1. px. III. f. of ilaia^ to see. — ^ %. ajiaiii»%^ 
2. px. 111. f. of argay to see. -^ 3» muHza. t.ppxi III. '• <^ 
w oiifodnd Timt'-vvMi. •^ to ^ omeVself, maktd'a* 1. p(x. 
Shower, s. (of r^lnY' igdndo. fi. ox. -^ f. -cain^e, ft. oi. 
Shrill, V. n. tirr^ {Jrrr"') d^e^a. 1^ plkiliii somrd^ ftt to say „ft^^' 
Shrink, v. n. eurifama. i; ppx.* — 2; stmlvm. 1. ppx." 
Sbun, V* n. icarera, 1. px. (Am. v>olreAt,y ' * • * —.'..• 

— *w — 

9haly ▼• n. ukama. 1* px. — tq r-^ v* a. uk^mtm* i* px« III* t and 

ukfifnfyda. I. j>|». IV. fc, 
Shy, to be or become -, ioarerf;^. 1. .ps. CAia.,MH>reraJ) -^.to make -, 
warersM. i. p3(. iff. f. ; — fL mmsM. $. ppx* and mazifa^a* 
1. ppx. III. and IV. f. of ndy to be afraid. 
Sick, adj. I am -, ani faya dCaba^ Ut. 1 find not h«altb. 
Sickle, 8. hamhJk n. ox. — 9. matchi. n. ox. 

Side, e. gara* i* px. — Cof the body) teh^ntuU^ ^« P"^^ **" ^* ^iMlt. n. 
•r-* Cof a river) ^tmuk n. ox. •:*- on both aldea^ adv. nM^a-iito^a. 
ox. or gara^gara, ox. — on theoth^i or fpposUe aide, gama, 
ox. — on Ihia and on that -, gamana^amazik px. px. *— by 
the -, dalga, px. — firom the other -, ala./^^. 
Sieve, a. gingHtciia. ». ox. 
Sift, V. a. ffingittcha. C-^ira) 9. 
Sigh, tf. hafura. i, ox. 
Sigh, V. n. aiiK. 1. px. — 9. haflsra bafad^Oy lit. to make go out the 

breath. -^ 8. Tt^a. 1. px. 
SigD^ 8. meUkida, i. px. , — to make a,-, cuba. 1. px.. — 9. hmca^m* 
1. ppx. II. f. of Aatra, to ivUh, oilman ,na kawad^ey he beckoned 
me with the finger. 
Sign, V. a. akeka. 1. px. (Am.) — 9. zafara^ A» ppx. (AkafOf 
Signal, 8.' imiikida, 1. , px. 
Silent, to be ^^ dgoi^dje^a. 1. px« Oaomat Ut to any yydyal^^. dyai- 

^edme adem^y he. went silently away. 
Siliy, . to be -», IfAoruk 1. px. "^ 

Silver, b. ^t'H. n. ox. see this word in part I. 
Simple, adj. bage* ox* ^^ 
Sin, s. hama. n, ox. — ^ 9. tshubu. n. ox. tshubun kutd WaeayoH 

asen^y this - (went). cried to Seaven.. . > ^ 
Since;, eon j. eda^ (ed^a,') px. oonstr. with the iadipat mPQd and jfi 
— '9* AefifiL. px. (Ag.) — 8. ...A^fu.. p:i(.r it is alwaya placed 
after the sentence governed- by it.. — 4> ir^. ox. prop, 
sabsl. placAf -^ ft. oto, , px. .— ^ ho. «— . 7. ;trjMiy<. px, /(Ag. . *ttr 
stead of oto^^er Aa.) — S« ymi ^t,yoimf* jp^ (AgO abbrev. 
yom and ffo. (Am. yenu«- px.). : ' 

Sincere, adj. d^uga. px. — 9. fanqe. oxs ; 
Sinew, 8. ribu, n. ox. .. , >. .• 

Sing, V. n. weta, 1. px. (Am. wed^i) and HL t loaNao. 9^ ppx< — %. 
garara. 1. ppx. — 8. daiaga. 1. ppx. .on^y used of tli# song 4)f 

- IW — 

the women during tb# sncriiiclal ceremonies. — to - trhnnphal 

songs, farza. 1. px. — to - warlike songs/ gertara. 1. ppx. - 

to ^, said of Mrds, wateha. 1. px. 
Single^ ftdJ4 baqe. n. ex. -~ tlie -», s. tokiU^. i. px. 
8ip, V. a. una. 1. px. 

Sister, s. obolali, n;- px. A^m. of obole%a^ brother. 
Sister-in-law, s. zat^u. n. ox^ 
Sit, V. n. ^a. (contr. from tayd) b. — to cause to -^ to make -, tern. 

t. ppx. 111. f. of td, — to -« down upon sometbing (of birds) 

gubutjCa. 1. ppx. from gv^Oy above, upon. 
Six, dya. 

Sixty, dyatama. ppx. 
Skilful, adj. hadari. 6x. — 9. hate. ox. (Am.) > — to become -, hor 

daroma. 1. px. 
Skill, s. hadari. n. ox. 

Skim, s. homadja. t. px. *— (on boiled milk) yoia. t. px. 
Skim, V. n. (to pass lightly over a thing} buta. 1. px. 
Skin, s. raro. n. ox.^ — a tanned *-, kalo. n*'ox. or k^Ue. n. ox. -- 

to draw off the •^, /bneo/d/a. 1. ppx. 
Sky, s. waca. (jcacV) nom. tracni. px. 
Slanting, adj. djilaya. ox. 
Slaughter, v. a. cola. 1. px. — (for one's self) eakxd^a. t* ppx. II. f* 

— to - cattle in order to sell the flesh, etrnfi eala* 
Slave, s. garba. f. px. mase. andt^m. spec, form garbiicha. i. px., feiD> 

garbiH. px. — the children of -s which are regarded as free, 

gubizu. ffc ox. * . ■ ' 

Sleep, s. bulto. n. ox. — 3. hiriba. h. ox. esp. sound sleep. — d- 

rfl^ft*. w, ox. • 
Sleep, V. n. rafa. 1. px. -— 9. tifhiza. It. px. prop, to lie. 
Sleepy, to be -,' muga. 1. px. prop^. to nod. — %.'muvS. Q'igma} S- 
Slide, V. n. tchad^d. i. px. prob. the mntilated nuatshiUha^a. 
Slight, to be -, s^lba. 1. px. (Am. zaipa.') 
SHght^ V. a. oto. 1. px. piopi to pass by. — 8. fvfa^tu f . p^ — 3. 

zaUdza. % ppx. 111. f. of za^Oy to be UMise. 
Slime, s. aki. n. ox. — 2. ioqei #i* ox. 
Slimy, to be, d^Bka. (-atra) tv .... 

Slink, V. n. lum. (-atua) •. » . 

Slip, V. n. to - ihto, noj^Mia. 1. ppx. • ' 

Slit, V. a. /fltoiitf. 1. .ppx. : : • /J 


ftlopO) a^ djilago* ox. r— i. mntfAi [is* • . . .1 

Slouch, s. rar«. n. ox. — 9. tchoroga. i, ox* .- - 

Slowy ftdj.. 52Ptito. ]aL . ,'..(/ 

SlowJy, imIv.' stito, px. ' . »'. 

Slug, ek i^hiMu. it< ox* '. ^ 

Slumber, s. rmj^i. n. ds.. 

Smaok,: y«.in: (with the Mpik) >eatthi%a* M*w^i foot^caiohi , whLPt.'-*^ 
9. djam'djam-djed'a J or cf;am-(^aa»^^id^a^ battftsoaad, lit. to 
Bay or make ^ydjam-djam^^, /» .^ • ,»••: ■• ' ' 

Small, adj. cucUml ox. — »: ^i'^fto. ox. — 3. rdko. ox. '-^ to be" -; 

efidad^a. 1. ppx; -^ 9. rakacfa. 1. ppx. * . . .> / 
Smell, 8/ fbil n. ox. • , . . 

Smell, V. n. tiri/S. (*^d) t.^'^-^ tb -, v. «. fUnrfVd'a: 1. ppx.* 
Smoke, s. ara. i px. — to make -, ansa. III. f. otara, to steam. ' "• 

Smoke, v. n. ara. 1. px. — v. a. (a pipe) fura, 1. px. and Ihtensi 
(TuiTufa. 1. ppx. aii gaya fufu fmtd? wilt thou smoke? 

Smooth, V. a. guyissa. 9. ppx. ttai- guyifa^a^ .1, p|)x, v. denqpi. from 

^aya, splendour. /:,'...•,....,.. . . -. 

Smother, v. a. ukamza. 1. px. III. f. of ukamoy to fbnt sp^ -r* to be.*ed^ 

hud^ama. 1. px. IVom Atid'a^uto 3tnmgle. .:.;;, 
Sa^ a. UMMu. »v ox. . .. <, ...... 

Snap, V. a. and n. (of dogs) catchamza, 1. px. 

Snatcby v« a* and a. catebamM. t. px*.rr- to .^i* a^ira^ JM^ai'/Wa* •!« 

ppx*^ -*T- 9, mtUra4^.a0 i* ppx. .- > . . _: 
Sneeaei, 9. AarAi^a. n. Ofx., ••...) /•> \ 

Sneejce, y^ ik haCifad^a. i. n^ mat.. souqA. f i 
Snivel, 0. furi. n. ox. 

Snora, a^.Atirt*..!!.. ax«> . . . <r 

Snore, v. n. hurza. it.fa^,ot,ktirtzai.%pftuUL't*^^thttr0i Ukitmrivk 

— 9. korriza* 9. ppx. . (| • *..■•. .v .^ . 

Snort, V. n. (of horses) hargama.,i. pyx^ aat, soaiida .. .. ^ ^ ..•..'-. 
Snot, s. fUri% n, ox. a ; .♦ / v. • , ■.' so »fi «», .i..r, .rr. 

Snooty Sr-Aii9i|AI, ni-;OX«. .; :•<,•.... '., •, \ « .x* ■•.-»»■ • . .. j*,^. 

Snuff, s. ^im^ 4<^0^^v)M*'*0^<^> QrMjrnbbedi.tobapQiH. .. ^. 
Snuff, y. n. hargama. 1. vppx* ,tttt( Ik Af^fiT^^ i* fiiXi AS: AiMii>iu>.'.9r ppm 
III. f. of Aura, to rash. — v. a. /iMp/a^«..i^.pp9c.-'-7. (a candle^) 

^ IJ. ' ' 

— i#i — 

So, adv. akana. pz. (a comp. of aka and kana^ lit like this) or akmH 
(reap, akanaianl.^ Aman add Aga said iriras* — aa aodN, , 
akanonokana. I 

Soak, V. a. dfvg%i%a. 9. px. III. f. of dugoy to drink* — 9. karrfafe%A 
2. px. 111. f. of karrfafay to spatter. — 8. fo/Sau. S. ppx. IIL I 
of ^a^ to be soft. — 4. tUMeza. 9. px. III. t of Umiay to be 
soaked. — to - a meadow, ^ebu baza, ilt. to qaoacli the thlnt 

Soap., B. (made of a certain fruit} handode, n, ox. the fniit itaeUtt 
also eallad AiiniiQ^- 

Sober, adj. ugabu. ox. 

Soft, a^j. caViza, ppx. — 9. inimda. px*? ^ to be --^ lafa. 1. px. 

Soften, V. a. lafai 1. px. and II. f. lafa^a. 1. ppx. 

Soil, s. biyo. Qbio f) n. ox. — 9. dike, n. ox; — 3. ^oqe. fi. ox. - 
4. irosik n. ox. — ealtivated -^ 29UKSt..n. px*. 

Solace, s. irko, n. ox. prop, support.. 

Soldier, watadara. f. px. 

Sole, s. (of the foot) fana. t. px* 

Solemn, adj. ayana. px. — to be -, ayana. 1. px. gafni kuni ayatuUij 
this day is a holy-day. 

Solid, adj. agabu. ox. prop, empty, sober. — to be -^ galma, i. px. 

Solitary, adj. koba* ex. 

Somebody, indef. pron. dbahu n« ox. 

Something, indef. pron. wa. Intens. watu^ (tool!}; dimiDiitlvo lonii: 
.foayo, px. 

Son, s. fima, i, px. plar. ihnan, -r 4lie second <- Is called gudiizuy from 
^ito, tall. — german -, zaM abdzaiiy lit seeifl of his father. 

Song, s. wetu. n. ox. (Am. wedu.') — 9. (esp. Warlike •^3 gerara. i 
ppx. — to sing religloiis -^, *(9t womoii} dyekara: i. ppx. 

Soon, adv. ama. px. or umuma, px. 

Soot, s. caca. n. ox. — '^. (esp. that on kitchen atttlisils]r/^DAMili. n. ox 

Sootfa-sayer, s. mo)ra> iUitiUKay lit. greiise*lookeri 

Sorrow, s. gaddayi. n. px. (?) 

Seal, s. ayana. t. px. — 9i teto. n. ox« (?) 

Sound, to be or become -, faya. 1. px. ./ « 

Sound, V. n. UU-djed^a* t. px. nat sound lit to say ^^IM^^. — 9. M^ 
bii^goifa. 1. px. nat. soikndy llti' to jnake ,,M^MI^^ 

Scot, to be er' become ^ 4^Mngcgm (-oimO %.- '- 

Sonr-^dongh, s. riii(;«<li0. i. px.\ • '*' - ''• ' 

Source, s. bvrga. n. ox. — 9. dururo. n. ox. - ! 1 • ' • 

— 10* — 

4B«lr, ▼« M. fk^aauL fk pz* lib f. of' fadfjSy to^ ga asunder. 
Spticef M, iPffe..n. ex. <Ai|t. «r^r» Af • t4l« find ir^ro.) — (of lime) 
ffafa. fni, px. 

Spade, B. coto. n. ox. — 9* ^k>rto. n. ox. ' 

Spare, djiia. 1. px. — ). ti^iza. 2. px. — 3. dyadifa (?) see Gram, 
nnm: 161. — 4. gofkadfa. 1. ppx. — 6. Afto. 1. px. — 6. fo- 
Irtsa. 9. ppx. III. f. of ao unknown root. —^ 7. o/i kaay lit. to 


lift up. 

Sparing, s. dyadya (?) see, spare. 

Spark, s. eanqe. n. ox. 

Sparrow, s. %imbira bora, lit gray bird. 

Spatter, v. n. karrfafa, (r^iva) 9. it is said espec. of a heavy rain. . 


Spawl, 8. see, spittle. 

Speak, v. a. dubat^a- 1. ppx. — to * much, dudubad'a* l,,p|i^. iljl^teoa* 
— to - before a meeting, d^dubad*a, — 9. lablaba* 1. ppx. — 
to - iow, dlf^t^djed'a, lit. to say yydyal^^. — 2. Aasa^.ti.ppx- 
. nat. soui^4*.-— to liesitate in -ing, locmd'a, 1. ppx.? (Am.) 

Spear, s. see in. pari I. the following words: ofo/o; or flam; bode; ebo; 
hofa'^ tcMrfa; tchokOy etc* 

SpeeUed, adj. feafamu ppx. — t« boiru. ox^ and IvteDS. babaru. esp. 
said of tbe iHkin of animals. 

Speetre, s. ekera* n. ox. — %. adi. n. ox. li fltbulous being which 
has the faculty of Changing itself into every form it pleases, 
fh>m ada^ to be white. 

Speech, s. dubi. n. ox. — to deliver a ptiblic -j duduba^a. 1. ppx. 
In^ens. of dubadta^ to speak. 

Spen^, V. a. to - the day, oia. 1. px. 

Sperm, s. (in general the propagating faculty of all thi9e;fl) %om, n. 
ox. -— human -^ idem. 

Sphere, e. guma. n. ox. * 
Spice, s. urgoftu. n. ox. from urga^ to smell. . : . 
Spider, s. %arariti. ft. ox. 

Spin, ▼. av /^. 1. px. — AferU ^iy lit to Aeati.tte tihread. . 
Spine, 8. (Anat) harira. t. px. — 9. 0100. n. oXf. : . . 
Spinster, s. fotu. »• ox. fem. 

8}Biti^ .V, a. trufy, I* px. B^ II. t trufai^a. l.^ppv. — to - through 
tbe teeth, tchirrifa^a which a6# )n purl. I... 

— 166 — 

8pitUe, 8. oM. ift^ox« — 9. gorwra^ k px. haman am garorsko t'^ 
iuri, lit. mill I have b|^ out my aphUe wmit, i. e. wait a tilde. 

— 8. handjufa. ni. px. 
Splendour, s. baiagi. n. ox. — guya. i. px. 

Splint, 8. honda. i. ox. — %. huba. nt. px. — 3. hurra* n. ox. 

Split, V. a. falada, 1. ppx. 

Spoil, V. a. danaba. 1. ppx. 

Spoiled, adj. (child) gaiamota. ox. — %, ganani. ox. — to he -,9«- 
nania, i. ppx. 

Sponge, 8. oreto dyarza^ lit. beard of an old man. 

Spoon, 8. fai^ana. i, px« 

Sport, 8. coT^a. n. ox. — 2. to6a. n. ox. 

Sport, v. n. coskji. 1. px. 

Spot, 8. mada. n. ox. 

Sprawl, V. n. ^id'ad'a. (Am. ditad'a,') 1. ppx. and Intens. dtd^Mn- 
(didtita^d) 1. ppx. II. f. of drid^ay to tread. 

Spread; v. a. afa. 1. px. — %, dadarba. (t'to) 1. px. Itit^s. of ^r^f 
to throw. This word iB espec. used of the cetemony of sprea- 
ding out bread in a Bew^bliilt house, in ^rder to CRMisacnite it 

— 3. (ti^a. (^d'i^ta etc.) 1. px. — 4. dyig%a. 1. px. HI. f- of 
dyigay to Ml down. -^ 5. fbdja%a,'f^ px^HI; f. of fadji, ^ 
go asunder. — 6. hartehaza. 9. px. IlL f. of kmrtchdy te fall of 

^V^'^ftfi '^* hgndfuii, n.,,oi^ 

Springy 8. buxga. m. o^. *-^ 9* dumro, n. ox. 

Spring, 8. (season) birra. n. ox. its beginning is x^ckooed} aecordiif 

to Akafed'e, after the blooming of a certain flower, called M- 

Every year at this time is celebrated the magsufia-^ (spring-) fetft' 

(Am. maczaia,') i> px. 
Spring, Y. n. durura, 1. ppx. — 9. dyiga. 1. px. — 3. koka- !• P^ 

(Am.) — 4. ufala, 1. px. 
Sprout, 8. iota. n. ox. 
Sproat, V. n. darroba. 1. ppx. — 9. kUa, 1. px. — 3. anannaeai^^^ 

to poor milk (sd. into thfe stalks^ 
Squeeze, v. a. (out) tshumfa. 1. px. 

Squint, v. n. he sqints, ^yli2;a djaUadoy Itt hts ^yeis wry. 
Stab, V. a. gwrd. (-ad) 1. * 

Stable, 8. fona, t. px. ' i . . 

Stair, 8. furguge* n. ox.* — f. u^. n. ex. tOedhMtiy the redstKifi^'^ 

which the dead Ave m«a8iii>^ll. ^ 

— i«r — 

&ttgj Si boz&nui n. ox. ... 

Stain, s. mada. n. ox. — 9. muda, n. ox. - 
Stair, s.oiba. n. ox. contr. from o/f, upwards atid'M, to go Oat: 
Stake, s. darerzama, n. ox. -^ t. djirma^ i. px. * — '3* gumdju. n. of. 
Stammer, v. n. ioead'a, 1. ppx. (Am. iocod'a.') 
Stamp, T. w. (intfie ra«rtar) cafacara.'f. px. 

Stand, V. n.^d'aiad^tt. 1. ppx. and Intdns. dtutaboifa* 1. ppx. 11. f. (ff 
iTa^ff, to put, place. -^' to tiaase to stvndj d'dbad'^is&a. S; pX. 
Star, 8. vrdji. ri. ox. — star-^shoot, por%a; it px. 

Stay, V. n. ta, (contr. from taya) 3. — 2. ^wra. 1. px. tiira is one of 
the verbs tlie participle of which is used adverbially, f. e. malifl 
ait turte dtufte? why didst thou come so late? (lit. why -thou 
- stnyedst - camest?) 

Steal, v. a. hata. 1. px. — 2. d^offadCa, 1. ppx. 


Steam, s. kafura. t. px. 
Steam, v. n. ara, 1. px. 
Steep, v. a. lafiza, 2. pj^x. III. f. of lapa y to be soft. 


Step, s. milqu n. ox. Wacayo miiqike ha yadyelUy may God let^d thy 
stej^. —* with fiqual st^ps, iryatakUy comp. of irge^ place, an4 
toko. one. 

Step, V. n^ did'a. 1. px. (Am. dita.') — 2, edyada. 1. ppx. — to - 
over something, carta. 1. ppx. — 9. iargawfadfa. 1. ppx. (Am, 
targamfida'). — to - up, af^ena, 1. px. or with oH^ oH azena, 
lit. to enter above. 

Step-brother, s. golo, n, ox. . ^ , . 

Step-^oUier^ Si; gay^. n. ox. 

Stemon, s. kandartifa. m, px« 

Sternutation, s. hafizo. n. ox. 

Stiok^, B. fufgu^a. n. ox. — 8. muf'ure.^ n. wi. — 3. ule\ n^ ox. 

Stick, to - in, v. a. zadizttea. 1. px. 

Stif^ to be -^. HabSla. 1. px. — 9. (with cold) dilala. {r<'^^(^^ 9* 

Sting, _s., ^oradt. iigorat%)i n. .ox. -r- (of, a bee) ilke^ n. ox. l)rom fVton, 
tooth. — «, ilp^^f 11, o». _ / 

Stingy V. 4. 4ir^ 4. p3fc,.-T-. 2^ A^/», l.,px. r-r ». Kwrnv^. l..px.(^iii» 
. ; tn9raii«k). , 

gtink, V. n. <Mty5. (-«dii) 0. *-^ t.'tftti0^. O-^mmO t.'CAkafiod^-toid: dra.) 
Stir, V.' ft* aka. (-«0iixi> f . ' -*" «» -, v^ n. xotchoa, 1. pp4i« {Am. zadjoaJ) 
-^ %i sMokzei.' 1. pt/Mi»0Mira»i»<y do not stir! 

— »B — 

Stirrnpy 8. fana. i. pz. (Am.) ^ garba. n. ox. Quk iron ring tofnt 

the great toe in.) 
Sti(ch, y. a. coia. 1. px. 

Stock, 9. hunde, n. ox. — (of a spear) %Qma. n. ox- 
Stomach, 8. iabe, n. ox. 

Stone, 8. d^aka. n. ox. — stonea in the bed of a river^ tehiradja. i, p. 
Stool, to go to -, bobd* O^aa) 1. — 8. udan haga, 1. |ix« 
Stoop^ v. n. gadi djedta^ lit. to say „down^^ 
Stop, V. a. dtidzd. (rawd) ft. III. t of duda, to be stopped, -i 

tchucala, 1. px. which also is used in the sense of: to te 

Story, 8. ragcL, n. ox. — to relate stories, raga. 1. px. — story-teller, 

8. radji. n. ox. (Am.) 

Stoat, adj. djagna. px. — 8. dgaba. ox. -^ to be -, djctgna. 1. px* - 

9. dyaba. 1. px. 

Straight, to be -, gadyela. 1. px. — to make -, gadgelza, 1. px. ^ 
gadyelfad'a. 1. ppx.III. and IV. f. — 2. d^abza. 1. px. Ili'' 
of d'aba^ to pat, place. 

Strain, v. a. strainer, s. see, filter. 

Strange, adj. orma, px. — 9. C^spec. of cattle and goods) maddko. ox. 

Strangle, y. a. huda. 1. px. ^ 8. miUhira. 1. px. 

Strap, 8. t^ba. ni. px. 

Straw, s. barzi. n. ox. (Am. tchita. n: ox.) 

Stream, s. aba. (contr. from abawa") nom. abofni. (px.) ox. — ^* F 
lana. t..px. 

Street, s. Aram. n. ox. 

Strength, s. iiii^o. n. ox. — 9. dyaba. n. ox. — 3. Aiimfui. f. px* 

Strengthen, y. a. mudda. 1. px. — to caase to -, muddisaza. t P^ 
III. f. 

Stretch, y. n. yd. (contr. from yad) 1. — ^ '9. Md^d^a. 1. ppx. II. f'<>^ 
Atif*a, to bind. 

Strew, y. a. fadjaza. 9. px. III.' f of fadja^ to go l»aiider. -^ '* 
hartehazd. % px. III. f. of hartchdy to fall oflf. — to - W^ 
(spice apon a dish) or to > into, ptfirza: 1. px. 

Strike, V. 'a. adetfo. 1. px. (es^eo. with the fist) Uom dbode^^'" 
9. dfa. (rawd) 9. — 8» d^ana. 1. px. — 4. kaiHa. 1. P** ^ 
5. <ii«ia. t. px. and II. ttuw^a. 'l.,ppK--r- to - with the 
flat hand iip Order to. sh«iw^ that nothjkig has- been left, ¥^ 
u)ad^a.:t. WJi^ CAm« d^i§d'm?ad!^.^ — > to ^ agniii^t » 1^^^^ 

— 109 — 

other object wliidh is tbtfotm towards onto, flfferA C-««} !• -^ 
to •» wHh terror, rogomza. 1. px. III. f. Of rogoma, to tremble. 

String, a. funo. n. ox. > — 1^. Md^u. n. ox. — 8. rf6u. n. ox. 

Strip, td - or, y\ a. dv^guga. 1. ppx. — to - off the hair of a skin, 

Strong, adj. dyaba. ox. — 9. (of drinks) tshunko. ox. — to be -, 
dguba. 1. px. — to become -, dgaba^a. 1. ppx. II. f. — to 
make -, dgabeza. 9. px. If I. f. of dyaba. 

Stmck, to be - with fear, bir^efad^a. i, ppx. nat. soiind.- 

Struggling, s. walanzo, n.QX, 

Strut, V. n. dorroba. 1. ppx. 

Stubble, s. ^ormtf. n. oi. /dit mitfan earmiU d^S^ani, the cattle hare 
grazed the corn to the -. — % dfoto* n, ox. 

Stuff, V. K. %adimiea. 1. px.* 

Stumble, v. n. gvfaia, 1. ppx. v. denom. llrom gtifu. see Gram. num. 

96 and 97. 
Stunned, to be -, dafadfa. 1. ppx. and Intens. dadafa^a, 1. ppx. II. t 

of daftty to be hasty, quick. — 9. muzS: (^awa') 9. 

Stupid, adj. daraka, ox. — 9. dokq. ox. — 3. doncoro. ox. . — 4. gawa, 
ox. — to be -, karriza. 9. ppx. (Am. Isorriza,') 

Stutter, V. n. gingS. Q'-awa') 9. 

Stutterer, s. gingo. n. ox. 

Subject, s. gubziza. fni. px. landed men wliom a zorezay princ9| 
allowed to .etablish themi^elves upon his possessions, from gubixai^ 
to cause to etablish. 

Succeed, v. n. darba. 1. px. (9"' pers. dab^ft^') <ij;a aU gikCiu Mmiftrto, 
as thou actest, thou wilt not succesed..* — :. 9. een^^dCa* 1. px, 
lit. to .say ,tyes^S — . 6. Atco. 1. px. -^ 4. oh adema. .1. ]»• 
Ut^ to go upwards, ati fiUn admUM gadi ademta^ lit. thou goest 
not up but downwards, i. e. thou hast no sncoeaa. 

Succiyr, v. a...M?9i<Mrii..l. ppx. • ;,^ 

Suckle, V. a. hoda. 1. px. — 9. futTa. 1. px. -r* 8. v/ti^. 1« px. . 

Suddenly, adv. aka MoUy from akoy as, like and Mq^}^ oio. 

Suffocate, v. a. Mtmntd: 1. px; Al. f. of Manuiy to shut up. — 9. tUSd. 
1. px. hnd II: f. ukutd. 1. ppx. -^ to te ^d, huiaaia. 1. ppx. 
Sullen, adj. frra. px. • < ... • 

Summer, s. bona* i. ox. 
Summit, s. eara. n. ox. 

I « 

— 410 — 

SdiIj^b, a^i, n. i^. wbich is the MBtxoy'wg prim^iple whUat bifkn. 

ox, murk^ tho enlivaQing one. — soo-sbine, diflu, n. wl 
Sapper, s.^hirbata. n. ex. — to take the -^ hirbuUi naa'a. 
^Pppovt, 3. ba^u, n. ox, ~ 2. borati, n. dx. — 3. cofiii. n, px. - 

4. irAfo. n. ox. — 5. if hi. «. ox. If^acaj^e dfaikotij Cod is my 


g^ppHrate, v. n. folQctu i. ppx. . 

Sure, adj. (fuffa. ox. — 2. hund^. oai. .. . 

Surety, Itika. ni. ox, ? see part I, 

Surround, v. a. mara, 1. px. coDstr. with ira. 

Survey, v. a. doa. 1. px. 

^Q^Seqdy V. a. t> - a thiflg so that it 4oes net toucb another ohject, 
raraza. it. px. III. ti^f tardy to hang. — 9* to - a thing in 
such a manner that it leans against the wali, fanixa. 2. m " 

., to he.-ed, r«ra. (roa) t , ... 

Suture, s. harira. t. px. 

^wi^loyir^ s., COrnith.) ifa//^. «. ox^, . . 

SwnJIow, s. (throat), Hgimmu. n. ex.. i,Am. fi^imza. n. ex.) 

Swallow, V. a. ligimza. |. px. III. f. of an unfound root Hgima. 

Swa>m, V. n. walawata. i. ppx. — 2. waHMwaza. 1. ppx. 

Swear, v. n. kakad^a. 1. ppx. 

Sweat, s. dafca. n, ox. 

Sweat, V. n. dafea. 1. px. — 2.finina. 1. px. 

Sweep, V. a. AflijrA. I. px. * 

Sweet, adj. inimida. px. -^ to be -, mi^d. (-awa) 2. — to hecom -, 

SweeMi^aert, b. dyataia. Vpx. > . . 

SireMness, nrhofAdo. n.'ex. ' .«• • 

Sirell, V. n; b&Ht)kk. 1. piiJB. -^ 2. dorroda. 1. 1^ ^ 3. ^rJ. (-<w«) 
- ..; '2;'-*-^ 4. yd. (cdtatri f^oni ';^tf) l. ^ to itialte -i, bok0k%a. 1 

px. III. f. 'Of ^MeJtoJ ( -•-• '!.'-. v.. f/.>. .. r , .1 

Swim, V. n. daka. 1. px. or biz an daka. Cbtzan^ WMbr^y 
Swintf, js. '<fto|f«r; ^.viox.- •'"' t .. '^ . j /. •; .. 

Swollen, Bfijl:'b6fi0iu:'^ix.' ''• -^-'s ■"'*•»• •'»••'• .--.o .<:* 
.«H^or#, ^ s^fi, finftre^, — ^iwr*Tjl>e)t„li^6/i, i|. :^v.^«w. M^ong. 
.9)j»bHis,^,^,, //w>^o^ w. ppt. , prav. . wjrf, ^cyirfo ^m^H PRbi^ , Jit. he liw the - 

in the mouth, used to denote a person of i^ ye^ l^ad cbaa^tci* 

— lit* — 

I. ^ 

iblei s% ,§a4fi€» n. ox. — « % little - with oq^ fopt, gabatei, n. oz^ .-r 

a - nifidiB of fruits, kmata. ni m. , 
111, 8U dmdOn n^ Qx* — <• e'^r^. n. i>x» t m ^^& ntiiya qapOy lit. he has 
Uie. r- en us, i. e. he is close behind us, .-r- , the tip qf the - 
ieC*. ffxee otr horses, fafpho^ n. ox. from fatchissay to fight, because 
tliei^^ . aoimals .i,flght^' with this hunch ^f hair against the files* 
'ailor, B. .hod'itu. n. ox. f^Ojio hod'a^ *to sew* . 

!ike, y. ». Ga6<i. 1« px. i^id II. f^ c^bad'eu \. ppx. (HI. ^nd IV. (i 

cabmf^a. 8, pxv. find eabzifai'a. 1. ppXi to cause to be. taken). 

— 9. /tii^a. l...px». (Ijt. f, fu^a^a. 1. /ppx*. to,«- for one!s.Siell|; 

111^ f, /iii&tM, to. cause to, talqe).* — a^ gup'^d'a, ,%, ppi^ U. t 

of gurray to carry away. — to - for, cabafta-,,^^ PP^ A^^^ na 

. ^cAa^.m^h ^My took me for i^ A|e. — r %f djfd[ai^ i. px. |iu ii^am 

diiia .itfe'JW, we tool^ them for foes. — : 3. wa^ ♦• px« — to - 

off, baza. 8. pX;,ll^..f. of 4i^; tf) gf^.oj^U^-^ ,2^ h^rtclffi^a. 1. 

px. II. f. of hartchdy to fall off. — to - up, bafad(^ |. pps^ 

IV. f. of 6a; to go out. — 8. lQa%0. %. pi;. III. t and Uitfad'it^ 

. t, piOulV^'f. of ilri^9yto.|ise...CV. ^nd Vl.,,t ,lcazi^ 9« ppx* ao^ 

kaZMfada. !« ppx. .to ha¥Si tsfcoA «p.r) -r- to ^^ by force of. arm^ 

'bo^a. l,},px. -^ tP ^ abouli.\thj9 hei»4, ,s^stotfad![a. |. ^pju x» 

denom* firom zogolay upper-garment. — to, r .^*^r^9 fA>(a^^ 1* 

ppx. II. f. of f70^;ito..Bec..;:— ».to, ^ AO oath^Jpo^tfif A,,l. .ppx». .' 

Tale, B. raga. n. ox. — to relate -s, raga. 1. p^, , . „ ^ 

Taie-beariof, p. &^<i«(^, fu 03k<>r,<fl/i^M^ ^ , ,, , ,, 

Talent,. e..«in:a.'t..px. 1. . . .> ..■:•.- •.."/.' r 

Talk, s. dtiW. n. ox. ,. , .... r 

Talk, Vvva..vdMA«^«- t, ppx, \ i ?ii /.!.•. . : T 

Talker, si iiw»U*a«'^ o. ox,. .,,.. . ^,^ •.,, •.. » . . » 

Tall, adj. d^^ra, px. — 9. guda. ox. .trr< Sr. A)^At» o^ rr- .(ohef, guda. 

1. px. — 8. lotcha. (-atra) 2. '.*.».. , ' i - : j 

Tallow-candle, s. ^?po «iora or gibfi(ii{nm^' ,(filV^o..^. q;^. capd|e, ^1^^ 

<• ox. fat.) J., . /M| .,t...\', . ... .V ./.J .■>.. ......... .w .1 ,MfT 

faAhouriue, fl,.\4t»ff,MiMrWM . • u 'i » » r.; /.j.. .. ,., .. .j. .;'r 

Tame, adj. Aor«.,'«ii^l-^. «.,<;of»i»lapts. ^itbfliit./tllpnp an^ ^of, beasts) 

— li» — 

Tap) V. a. dururfad^a. 1. ppz. IV. f. of dwruray to drop. — %. dyigzg. 

1. px« HI. f. of dyigcy to well. | 

Tape-worm, a. duma. n. ox. see part I. het^o. 
Tarry, v. n. hafa. 1. px. — 9. ^tira. 1. px. see, sta-y. 
Taste, V. a. im-^a. (ratta) 9. -^ H. una. 1. px. — S. rmno. 1. px. 

(perhaps contracted from eabna and related to eahay to hold.) 

— 4. ^/idfa. 1. px. prop, to see. — 5. afanin eabaj lit to tih 
with the mouth. — to cavse to taste, afanin cab%i%a: %. px. tr 
eab%ifad^a. 1. ppx. — 9. ftnviza. f . ppx. III. f. of tffwi. 

Tattle, T. n. abakad*a. 1. px. (Am. ased it in the aense of: to gather 
alms.) — 8. dudubad^a, 1. ppx. Intens. of dubad^a^ to spetft. 

Teach, v. a, barzixa. i. px. IIL f- of barUy to learn. — H. 6«fetfS0. 
f . px. III. f. of beka, to know. — S. ledjiSM. S. ppx. 

Teacher, s. azgari, it. ox. — t. fttfTietSMi. /ht. px^ 

Tear, s. hnitnan. inr. ox. — to bring to -s, bnisuu H. ppx. III. f. of 
600, to weep. 

Tear, t. a. kuta. 1. t»z. ^nd II. f. kutadroi 1. px. — f. fttilck 1. px. 

— 8. tar%a%a. %. px. til. f. of torsd, to he ragged. — 4. 
tchita. 1. px. and lilt f: tchitiza, 1. ppx. 

Teat, i. mtitoi^. n. ox. 

Tedious, to he -, n^fa. 1. px. 

Tell, y. a. djed^u. 1. px. — f . /Uma. 1. px. and II; f. hMMdtoi 1. ppx. 

Ten, Atf^h. ox. (perhaps related to k^t^y to cot) 

Tend) v. a. tikza. 1. px. HI. f. ottikoy to he a shepherd. ^^ t. (nmve) 

amad^a. 1. ppx. 
Tender, adj. J^/fir^u.'ox. -^ io be "j kfa. 1. px. 
Tendon, s. ribu. n. ox* ' - 

Tepid, to be -, buHiga. 1. ppx. -^ to ttiako -», b^vgza, i. ppx. 
Term, s. ca6a. n. ox. Arom caba^ to hold. — 8. -(jar.) d'abie^ n. ex. 
Terminate, v. a. fit^a. 1. px. 
Terrify, v. a. naziza. 8. ppx. III. f. of ndy to' be afraid. -^ %* rogim%a, 

1. px. III. f. of rogamoy to trembkf. -^ 9. iMiRr«rMi 1. px. 01. 
. f. of ioarertiy to be afraid. / • 
Testicle, s. s^rti. n. ox. - ^ . «' . .^ . 

Tetth*, li. dnf. n. ox. prdp. hoarflrOftrt. . 
Thanks, s. gakita. ftt. px. — 8. Aocudoti. Inv. ox. 
Thank, v. n. ibiza. 9. ppx. III. f. of an nnuiB^d root dba* — % gMU 

bafdta. 1. ppx. lit tO' make go out the thaiifcs. > 
That, pron. %ana. px. affix, nom. %um. 

— iia — 

Thai, 06ni. ^ka. px. constr. with the mood'tir oka aH na duba adem" 

tuti %i ffod'a, I shall make that thou wnllc IMfchlnd me. — 9. 

kan. prop, the ahhrer. demonstr. ' proti. - iirdTia.' — 8. oto. px. 

(Am. and Ag. utis). ani fed^a oto nu atehi dyiranay T woalj 

(that) we were there. 
Thatcher^ s. adyertu» n, ox. from adyera, to i&ake a roof upon a house. 
Theft, s. malato, n. ox. 

Their, poas. pron. Wt pers. plar. zanii px: afSx. 
Theo, adv. temp.^^4;>n^. px. prop, the participle preter. of djed^a^ to 

say. (Am.) — 8. gafa zanay lit. at that time, on that day. — 

8. guiana. px. — 4. hamanvman, ^, (^Am, hamanani, px. Ag*. 

afuman or afitmanimo, ox.) — 5. Aoana. px. 'lit. when this. — » 

as interjection, koy affix. fSor ex. itaiikaf look then, pray. 
Thenee, nHv, atehiyi, px. • 

There, aldv. atehi. ox. — there and there, ffara''ffara o^ ytrrgar. 
Therefore, adv. kan^ (the abbreviated kana^ this) followed by the 

postp. fu» — 8. a compoand of kana and fii: kanafii, (kanafy 

kanafatiy kanumafy kanumafan) px. — 8. kanarati or kanumarati. 

px. (^kana - ira - tiJ) 
Thick, adj. bokolu. ox. — 2. cahad^u. ox. — 8. flirda. ox. — 4. yabu. 

ox. (Am. yapu,')' — to be-, fiirda. 1. px. (furdSI') — to be- 

come -, furdaia. 1. px. — 2. gudi^ldja. Q-awa) 9. — 8. ita 

C-awd) 9. " 

Thicket, s. bozona. t. px. 
Thickness, s.^ tchoma. n\ ox. godiyon kutu tshoma cabOy this ox is fat, 

lit. has thickness. 
Thief, s. hatit, n. ox. as a collective word fem. — spec. f. haUtsha, i. 

px. also used' as a low- word. 
Thigh, s. gudeda, ni/ px. * — 9. luka. n. ox. (Ale. luga.') 
Thin, adj. baqe. Ox; — 9. habbi. ox. (Am. hapi.y — 3. (of fluids) 

caeal^i. ox. (Am. cdc^t^a.') — ' to he -, (of fluids) cal^a. 1. 

px. — to become -, hngada. 1. ppx. 
Thine, pron. adj. wanke. px. see part I. tea. 
Thing, 8. (in general) hori. m ox. — 2. god'a. n. ox. particularly 

Think, v. n. eabad^a. 1. ppx. IF. f. of eabOy to take. — 2. heda. 1. 

px. (Am. hedaa, 1. ppx.) — 3. yada. 1. px. — 4. zea. 1. px. 
Thirst, s. d^^bu, n. ox. — ^ to 'qtrench the -, dC^bu bazdy lit. to make 

go out the thirst. 


— 114 — 

Thiratyy to be -^ HlMia. 1. ppx. — to make -> i4h9%a. S« ppK« m. f. 

Thirty, zodotna, fpx. 

This, demonstr, pron. koiUL px. aojon. kuni. px« 

Thithjer, adv. atehiU. px. 

Thong, 8. tSba. ni. px. 

Thorn, s. goradi, it. ox. er^rati. n. (perhaps from, ^ora, to stab.} — 

9. gumudu. n. ox. (Am.) 
ThoronghOare, s. Aulei. n. ox. 
Thou, pron. aft. px. Intena. zitu C^'C) constraed with the 3!f pers. if 

the verb; see: Gram. num. 919. 
Thought, ^.'yada. ft. ox. or yado. n. ox. 
Thousand, kuma. px. 
Thrashing-floor, s. <^ilt. it. ox. 

Thread, s. dyerbi, it. ox. — 9. maMTU ft. ox» — 3. aTtoTan'. n. oi. 
— fig. ini nmta dubi gadCj he lost the - (lit. head) of his 
Threaten, v. n. agaia. 1. ppx. 
Three, zadL px. — three together, zadaxm^, ox. . . 
Thrice, adv. gafa zadi. px. 

Thrive, .V. n. anait fMcoy lit. to ponr milk (scl. ipto the stalks.} 
Throat, s. gongo. n. ox. — %. Hgimzitu. it. ox. (Am. Hgimza. tk ox.) 

-r- to cut the throat, gorrd. (-aa) 1. 
Throng, v. n. to - out in a great mass, yd. (-oa) 1. 
Throttle, v. a. hu^a. 1. px. 

Throw, v. a. a. (contr. from aa) 1. — t. darba* 1. px. (V^ pers. 
darbita). — 3. naca, 1. px. — to - a^nray, gada. 1. px. (Am. 
gdta.') — to - down, kubza* 1. px. III. t of kvfa, to falL 
Thrust, V. a. a. (contr. from aa) 1. > — 9. tima. 1. px. and 0. f. 
tumad'a. l.^ppx. inf. twgmizu. — to <- ia, loza. %. px. lit. to 
make creep, III. f. of iooy to preep. — to - through, fiUlaza. 
8. px. III. f. of fiilta, to get throi^gh. 
Thumb, s. agudu. n. ox. (Am. habudu^) 
Thunder, s. indiditsha. t. px. — 8. mandia. it. ox. 
I^hunder, v. n. gunguma, 1. ppx. nat. soiiii4. 
Thus, adv. akana, etc. see, so. 
Thy, proD. ke. affix, abiankcy thy Mh^r. 

Tick,, s, (insect) zilnuh t. px. , 

Tickle, V. a. gidirza. 1. ppx. -r- 8. qiqirza. L.pj^ 
Tie, s. hidfa. it. ox. 

— 4<ft — 


rio, V. m. culufa. 1. ppx. — 9. fufa. 1. pjw — .8. gudumfa. 1. ppx. r-t 
4. hid^ik 1% yxv — Jo - «ImwI) poris^a 1. px,* III* t o/ »uira> 
to tarn. 

riger, 8. geranza, t. px« 

riU, adv, ^tV pofitp^ a£flx« see, until. 

rime, s. 5F<?/a. ni. px.ffafazana, at that time. — 9.,zirna. f . px. a;2r/it 
Ipena jFAU gaera, our time approacbea. Aipan does not know thin 
word, he has yarimo. n. ox. instead. — a short -, ^dv. lidiU^ 
px. from iibi, glance; also idya libiy lit. glance of the ey«. 

Timid, aclJ, Incna^ pX. .(Ak^ biynaO 

Tiiii4NrojD9, to b^ »^ btrf^tfsid'di. 1. ppx. 

Tired, to. be ^, butodi, (-af«a) 9. — 2. dad' aba. 1. ppx, Intens. of 
il'ada^ to miss. — 3. laba. (ratoa') S. aad Jntflna« lulaba. 

To, prep. yaraJ'^v^p. px., >rop» a eobst. „part^^: Inlitead of the personal 
pronoun^ yara takes alwayathe possessive; f. e. yardko^ yarake, 
yarazi eite.'to me, to thee, to her, ete. -^ %»irye. ox. lit. place. 
•— ^ 8» 1^. peatp. affix. — to-day, adv. har-^a. px. (Am. had^a,') 
— yet to*day, still to--day, haf^uma. ppx^ 

Toad, B. fatt'^. n. 4H. 

Toast, V. a. (bread, flesh etc.) aka^ (-atra) 9. «-* 9« Wada. l.> px. 

Tobacco, s. esp. Nicotiana rustica, timbo. n. ox. (Am. tambo.') — Umbo 
dogozdy lit. grated or nibbed -, i. e. snaff, which is" also used 
amongst the Gallas. 

Toe, s. Cuba. ni. px. — the. great -^ ayudu. n. ox. (Am. habudu.^ 

Together, adv. walwadjin. ox. (Am. wolwadjin,') 

Token, s. melikida. t. px. 

Tongfi,, H. cabdu.n. ox* from caba^ tp peize. 

Tongue, s. araba. ni. px. — the ligament of the -, laya. n. ox. — 

(language) afan. (jtfani") inv. ox, prop, moiith. 
Too, adv. see, likewise. 
Tool, s. ma. nom. mini, px. 
Tooth, s. ilkan. inv. ox. 
Top, s. arfiza. q, (i. ?) ppx. Q^m. harfiza.') — 2. cara. * n. ox. — .3, 

/ira. n. ox.. — 4. handara. n. ox. 

Torpid, to be -, rata. C^awa') 9. — to make -, rateza. 2. px. III. f. 

of ra^. . , 

TortQbe, ^s. nr«^ niV ps^ CAiQ* yn^'f^na* i. px. lit. shie](|.} 
To88^ v. <- about restless in bed, tviriyad^a. 1. ppx.XAni. wuriyad^a^y 


— 116 — 

Totter, V. n. hupS: (rowd) 9. 

ToQch, v. a. fuca. 1. px. (Am. tuetL) — to - diMgreeftbly, idem. 

Toarney, s. garmama. n. ox. 

Tourney, v. n. garmama. 1. px. and III. f. garmamza. 1. px. 

Town, 8. tulL n, ox. — a small -, ganda.i. px.-*9. mandara. n. oi. 

Trace, s. fana. t. px. 

Traffic, v. n. nagada. 1. ppx. 

Trail, V. a. %iga, 1. |ix. 

Traitor, s. d'alu. n. ox. 

Trample, t. n. C^pon a thing) catchdJ C-£i0.Jf 1. h&rd^u dngda na eaiehai^ 

come trample upon my neck ! It is a custom of theGallas, to trample 

upon the neck after dinner, in order to assist the digestion. 
Travel, v. n. godana, 1. px. 
Tread, v. n. d^id^a, 1. px. (Am* ^ita.') -^ %.. (upon, on} edgad^a, 1. 

ppx. constr. with ira^ ini ira edgad^e^ he trod upon it. — 3. 

catchd. (-««) 1. — 4. %ir6a. .1. px. — to-^dotwn, v, a. (aoder 

foot) d^idfa. 1. px. (Am. d'tto.) — 9. maMmraJc%a* .1* px. 
Treat, v. a. god^a. 1. px. prop, to make^ ixadka aU fed^U god^iy treat 

him as thou likest. t- 8. (entertain) itug»issa. 9. px. III. f. of 

d^vgUy to drink. 
Tree, s. muka. nom. mukni. px. plur. muketi. — a crooked -^ daeaga, 

n, ox. 
Tremble, v. n. d^id'ad^a, 1. ppx. and Intens. did*idfadfa. 1. ppx. IL f. 

of d^id^a, to tread. — 9. hollad'a, 1. ppx. harkiza inhoffadfa^ 

his hanil trembles. — 3. rogoma. 1. ppx. 
Trench, s. bowa. n. ox. — 2. lota^. n. ox. — 3. yff<t n. ox. 
Trencher, s. (for children) djibdu n. ox. 
Tribe, s. warra. i: ox. (Am. worra,^ — appertaining to the same -, 

como\ w. ox. — 2. gate he. n. ox. ^ — 3. ^Ofd. nom. goffd. px. 

— the - which inhabits the boundary, watra moga. 
Tribute, s. d'angalaza. i. px. 
Trickle, v. n. dangala. (rawa") 8. etc. see, drip'. 
Trifoly, s. zidiza, nom. zidifni, px. . / 

Trip, V. n. gufad^a. 1. ppx. v. denom. ttata: giifity trbntt. ' ^ 
Triumphal song, s. farza. ri. ox. — ^' to sing ttiurophat' songs, /Sirstt. 

Troops, s. auxiliary -, wami. n. ox. 

Trot, V. n. zugzuga. t. px. — t6 cause ti[>'-^ «ti^^%s^li^. -9. ■ px.' III.- f. 

Trouble, V. a. oria.* 1^ ^x. 


— 117 — 

TroQ^h, 8. bidiru. n. ox. 

True, adj. hunde. ox. — H. d^uga. px. — to be -, ^ugd, (-oa) 1. — 

not to be -, d^ara* 1. px. 
Trundle, v. n. konkokufa. 1. px. nat. b., II. f. of an unfound root kohkolSy 

or konkold. — to *, v. a. konkoktd^ziza. d. px. 
Trunk, s. hunde, n, ox. — 9. - of a tree, which remains in the groand; 

pufii» n. ox. 
Trust, ▼. II. (in) amana. 1. ppx. c« aco. f^Arab.) -^ 9. d^acad^a, 1. ppx. 

II. f. of d'iaca^ to go. — 8. obza, 1. px. 
Tmtb, B. itupa. n. ox. 
Tabe, s. /ii^a. n. ox. 

Tuft, 8. Cof rods etc.) hafa. ni. px. -t- (pf hair} eori?. n. ox. A*om 
car^^ top^ th)i9 eaf^« is worn by girls on the crown of the h^ad 
and ornamented ' with pearts, but ent off the day tbey are mar- 
ried; therefore, li^^^a care, a maiden.! 
Tumble, v. n. (from intoxication) dyidyiga: t. ppx. Intens. of. dyi^a, 

to ibil' down. — t. gadandMra. l.\ px/ 
Turkey, s. (bird) gogori, n. ox. 
\ Turn, V. a. gadfSla, 1* px. and espiee. lli« t gadyil%a. 1. px. ^— 9. 
nMTa. 1. px. la/tt na mara, the earth turns about me,' i. o. I 
b am puzzled. — to - one's self^ maradftu 1. ppx. II. f. ot 

mara. — to - about, gadi gombiza, — %. (with the fork) fon^ 
eoidja. 1. ppx. *-*- 8. mifeAira. 1; px. -^ to - aside, ira djaiiad'a: 
» 1. ppx. or djaUiza, 9. ppx. II. and. III. f. of djaUOy to be curved.' 

Twenty, digetam. Qdigetamt') ox. 

Twice, adr. g«fa tama. pjL' -^ to da a thing -y daUthd. (-on) 1. and 
II. f. daUhad^a, i« px. ' 
{ Twig, s. d^ame. n. ox. •— 9.- MiMAodf. n. ox» <-* a -< with leaves on 
e it, otmnpa. <. px. ^ < - 

Twin, s^ lalru. n. ox. 

Twirl, v» a. alMi. (-airia) 9. -^ 9. <rfti»* 1^ pxi 
Twist, V. a. gonogoha* 1« f;,i v i. — lo >• iombthing out of one*s 

hand, kad'zfad^a 1. ppx. (katsbfmtd,^') 
Two, Anna.' px. — two together, kUihanu, i»x. : / 
} TwofMd, to be «, datduL 0*^3 i/aitd II. t duiektUCm. 1. px. — 9. 
dirriba. 1. ppx. (Ak, difibaO ' '^ \'. < " 

'•^ ' ./j:-.; .t; !-'<'•; ./ ( - 

— 118 — 


Udder, s. gnr^u, n. ox. 

Ugly, aijj. fokiza, ppx. ttm* fogtfiu, px. — ► 9. mo^a. ox. — to be-^ 

moga. 1. px. 
Ulcer, 8. fforidja. i. ox. — %. tnai-^a. n. ox. 
Umbrella, 8. a kind of - made of branehes, iondfa. t. px. 
Unable, to be -, dad^aba>. 1. ppx. iftCeos. of ^abHj to miss. 
Uncle, 6. (falfoer's brothjec) wo%ila, t, ox, -^ (oiother^s brother) ezvma. 

fif. ppx. — 8. aba Vina^ lit. little father. 
Under, prep, dyaia, px. postp. It 19 #lso ofl^ed in pkrises UJke: under 

the government, etc. 
Under-garment, s. kamiza^ fi^i. px, — %. Ifuia, i, px< worn by men 

and women. 
I{nder8tand, v. a. ca^. 1. px. aad U. t ea^d^u. 1. ppx. — 9. 6^to 

1- px. . 

Understanding, s. galbi. n. ox. 
Unhandy, adj. doko, ox. — to be -, kabela* 1. px. 
UahoiBk, V. a. golo%gu 9. px. v^ denonu IhND ^oto^ haslG 
Unkind, adj. tira. px. 
Unlucky, to be -, dSga, (d^ca) I. px. 
Unman, v. a. koUaza. 9. px. 111. f. of an unfound root koUd. 
Unripe, to be -, had'a. (-att*a) 9. — 9. tohu9ca. 1. px. (Am. tchorca.) 
Unsaddle^ v. a. kora ira hikoy lit to loosen the saddle. 
Unsavoury, to be -, bu%a, (-utra) 9. 

Untie, V. a. fiirra. 1. px. and 11. f. farraia, 1. ppx.. — * 9* hHstu l.px. 
Until, prep, hatna^ px. followed, b^c the -posfp. (t. tuti hMMn ani ifti- 

futiy wnit untU.I cone. — 9. It', postp. aiilx. 
Unwilling, to be -, tTira* 1. .px. . . i 
Up, adv. o/f. px. prop, the imp^atlve moodof «Iki, to. go upwards. 

oHkiktUy eomt up. -^ ft^cara* ps...p^op. » sobst. -^ ap and 

down, oiif gadiy or gararaf gmfu dyakk • 
Upbraid, v. a. hifad^a. 1. ppx. — 9. watchUa, 1. ppx. 
Upon, prep, giiha, px. postp. affix. — 9. ira, px postp. affix, see part I. 

— 8. U. postp. aff. 

— 149 — 

Upi^ardfl, adv. oH. px. prop, the imperative irfood of the verb oh^ to 

go upwards. — 2. eara, px. prop, the' oomi eata. n. ox. top, 

used adverbialJy. 
Urge, V. a. dyardyarza. 1. px. III. f. of dyardyaray to hasten. — ft. 

(with words) dubiza. %, ppx. and Intetis. dtidubiza. 9. ppl!x. 

fjrom 4ubadfay to speak. 
Urine, s. fin^: n. ox. 

Urine, v. n. findja* (-aii?a) 9. ' * ^ 

Use, V. a. god^a. 1. px. c. aeo. see, treat. 
Ufsefbl, to be -, d^ala. i. px. 
Uselesslx, adv. zUa. px. 
Usually, adv. '^Mr». p*. • • ' 

Utensils, s. (in general) yod'a, n. ox. — (belongfing 4o the h6ushold), 

mia. nom. mini. px. ^. . . . . 

Uvdla, s.^ laya. ti. im: or tii^b^a ^'^ayo, lit' little tongue. ' 

' 1 1 

V. . . ' 

' < . ' , . « 

Vaccine, s. (disease) ftnno. n. ox. (Ak. finn^o.^ finno zi Im }grffu 

(s6. 'Wmi^ayo\ may God send* tbee the pox! - ' 

Vain, in vain, adv. akanuman. ox. lit. only so. -^ i. lafahmtan. see 

part I. lor/b. * • ' 

Valley, s. 6otca. n. ox. — 9. /aijra. n. ox. (?) •• •> 

ValoreiQs^ adj. fStf^tf. fiK. r •, . \ . ' . . / 

Valae, s. jro^'. n. ox. — to be of no -^ «^a. Iw |»x*« (Am^ «a/po.) 
Vanquish, v. a. fUFa. 1. px. — 9, mon. 1. px. • ^ 

Tapcwry >^ haftirdi 1 o:^. . ' • > ^ 
Variegated, .adJ..^oea..x>x.^'— '^ftv ^Vz^at^ra. 'ppx* -<^ 9/'6aru.. and Intens. 

babaru. ox. e«ip^ of^the- akih «fj aAinmls. 
Vassal) s. gubziza* fiU, px. see, subject. " ^ . \ .- 

Vaunt, V. n. dad'ad^a. 1. ppx. Intens. of daia^ to guard. 
Vegetables, s. (in general) ro/ii. n. ox. 
Vehement, to be or become -, daiana. 1. px. — to make -, dahnziza. 

1. px. III. f. 
Vehemently, adv. aha icaiiif lit. like any thing. 

- 1»0 — 

Vend, V, i^. gurgura. 1. ppx. 

Venom, «. afare. fK ox. 

Venture, v. a. and n. gurgura. 1. ppx. 

Veracioqsy adj. d'uga. px. 

Verity, a. d'uga. n. ox. 

Very, adv. guda. ox. — 2. oka wmHy lit like any thing. 

Vesael, s. see in part I. the words mardjeea; doiia; doieho^ budnfta; 

habubi; fofo. 
Vestige, s. fana. t. px. 
Vex, V. a. d'ama. C^wai) 2. — 9. d'aza, 9. fx. c. dat. — 3. dui%i%a, 

8. ppx. III. f. of dtitay to bark. — 4. muta. 1. px. inf. nadtu. 

prop, to eat. bowon na iiad'a, head-4M)he vexciB ae. — &. fuca. 

1, px. C«^m. tuc€u) 
Vexation, s. t^ibe. n. ox. 
Victim, s. esp, that wblph is alaoght^red at onptials, d^ca. or de^ 

n. ox. 
View, s. fule. n. ox. — 9. ilala. t. ox. 
Vigorous, adj. dyaba. ox. — to be -, dyaba. 1. px. 
Village, s. ganda, t. px. — 9. mandara* n. ox. —^ 8. tuU, n. ox. 
Vinegar, s. d'angaga, n. ox. 
Violence, s. ango. n. ox. 
Violently, adv. angodan. px. lit by f6rce. 
Virgin, s» gunduta, ni. px. 
Visit, to pay a -, nwrmara, t» ppx. -*? 9. gofa. 1« px. and II. f. go- 

rad^ih 1. itpx. 
Voice, s. zagale, n. ox* 
Void, s. hir^Un n. ox. 
Void, adj. duwa. px. — 9. hir^u. ox. — to be.**, Air-^a. 1. pz. and 

espec II. f. hir^adla. 1. ppx. 

Void, y. a. hamara. 1. ppx. 

Vomit, V. a. hogiza. 9. ppx. — 9. fufa, 1. px. And il. f* t'ufWa. i. 

ppx. — that which. is -ed, hocu* n. ok. ^-** 9. kobo^f^t* i. px. 
Vow, v. a. and n. waregot 1, px. CAm. warega.') . . 
Vulture, s. ^cAtri. n. ox. . . . .< 

• > 


» ...» / . .^ 

,. '*',-' I '"l >l! ,'*\'. 'vx .'..1 / *.» -'" 

— ISl 


Wabble, v. n. hoilad^a* 1. ppx. 

Wag, V. a. hafar»4U i. ps. probably ceJatod to hafvray breath. — Ob^ 

tail) eg^a, 1. ppxi from ege^ tail. 
Wager, b. cote. fL ox. from cUay to bore, becaiue when men- wiah to 
lay a wager, they hook the litMo fingera together t^y .„boring^' 
in each others* hands. 
Wagtail, 8. zimbira calu. C^imbira^ bird; eaiUy a sort of priest.) •— 
9* gurra tao/!, lit* what newa? because these birds are regarded 
aa prophetic. 
Wail, y« n. Hia. 1. px. 
Wait, V. a. ega, 1. px. 
Walk, y. D. adenuL 1. px. -i- %. d'aea. 1.. px. — to - over something, 

^zirba. 1* yx. — to - soXUy, /tijca. C-^ira) 8. 
Wall, s. ilra^a. n. ox. — 9. mari. n« ox. < — 8. tehitchara. i. px. — to 

OQDstriict a -, Apa6a. 1. px^ 
Wall, V. n. dyiga. 1. px. 

Wallow, v. D. konkoituta. 1. px. — to -, v. a. konkoM'ziza. i. p^ III. f. 
Wamble, v. n. iSfaia. 1. ppx. onomat., see Gram, nam, 69. 1. 
Want, s. f£aba* n. ox. Prov. duJbino d^abm eabUy words never fail, 
i. e. to speak is always possible. — %. iibe. n. ox. — 9* 
hir^u, n. ox. 
Want, y. n. d^aha. 1« px« — 9. iumkaki^. %. ppx. 
War, to make -, dtda, 1. px. 
Warm, to be -, boba. Cr^wa) 8. 

Warm, y. a. karkarza. 1. *'px. — to warm, y. . n. cancanuuta. 1« ppx. 
(Am. ca^camad'a.') —^iise to be -^ed, eaneamafziza. 9. 
px. III. f. 
Warn, y. a..^or^8a. 1. px. 

Warrior, s. dtila. t. px. — 9. gadu, n. ox. C^oifti.?} 
Wart, 8. kofmomu, n^ 03l . 

Wash, v. a. d^ica. 1. pi:. (Ak. d^iga.} . — 9* miUha^ 1, px. and mitehadfa. 

1 ppx. II. f. — to - one's self d*icwta. ,1. ppx*. II, f..of d^ica. 

Wa8)ier<f wppaan, s. mitcMu. n. ox* fe«i. or witli wana, (ciotli), mikt^u 

Wasp, 8. kaniza faqi. px. ox. lit. Jew-bee. • *f 

— 1« — 

Watch, 8. gedo. n. ox. 

Watch, V. a. Hksia. 1. px. IlL f. of tikuy to be a shepherd. — 9. e^a, 
1. px. also ased in the evil sense. 

Watch-cottage, s. cotama. ni. ppx. 

Watch-tent, s. goto. n. ox. (coto. ?) 

Water; s. MNm. (diVnitt) inv. ox. (An. aad Ag. ^MfinC) — ciariflad -, 
tsMlaiu, n. ox. (Am.} — standing -, gibe, n. ox. 

Water, y. a. eT^u baztty lit. to malre go out the thirst. — 9. d^ufsna. 
9. px. III. r. of ^uguy to drink. 

Wave, V. n. loUa. 1. px. — to cause to -•, loUa%a. 9; ppx. ID. 1 

Wax, s. gaga. n. ox. — wax-candle, gipo gaga. 

Way, s. d^acu. n. ox. — t. ifomli. n; ox. — 8. kara. n. ox. — flg. 
ca. nom. co/nt. — 9. co/nt. n. px. — 8. kara. n. ox. — to 
give -, darba, 1. px. darbi! give way! « — 9. tra djaiituta. 1 
ppx. and djaUiza. %. ppx. 11. and HI. f. of djallay to be oblique. 

We, pron. nti. (Ag. tinti} pfur. of a/ta, I. 

Weak, adj. kitchu. ox. — to be -, bnrkuta. (r^xwdf^l — 9. d^ukub- 
zad^a. 1. ppx. IV. f. of dhikuba^ it aches. ^^ to become -, 
fofta. (-flfra) 9. and Intens. lalabi. — to be - bf mind, tshora. 
1. px. 

Weaken, r. a. burkuteza. 9. i)X. III. f. of burkutSy t6 be weak. 

Wealthy, adj. cabeza. px. 

Wean, v. a. iaga. 1. px. and esp. II. t: lagdita: 1. p^x. 

Weapons, 8. tcorrd-iamiy lit.' family atfd relation/' 

Weary, to be -, buiad'a. (rawa') 9. — 8. dad^abtt, i: ppx. Intens. of 
d'aboy to miss. -^ to become ^, dad^aba* *^ 9. iaba. Q^awd) 1 
and Intens. ialaba. 

Weave, v. a. waya ia. {^awd) 9. lit. to beat doth. 

Weed, s. abadga. n. ox. perhaps only a single' species: Aman men- 
tioned: r«i/b, iindedOy ganteho^ etc. ' 

Weed, V. a. arama. 1. ppx. 

Weeding, s. arama. ni. ppt. aramake rotroif'le, bast thtm Unlsbed thy 
weeding? ' - 

Week, s. torban. in v. ox. from torbOy seven. tdtbdH'^torbtj^Mti y fk'om 
webk'towetek. "^-^ single d»yiso( the week are: gifH; djimata} 
zdnoy maczafoy etc ' ' 

Weep, v.^ n. boa.- Z.^x. -^^ -to 'make -, ftdsi^M. 9. ppx. in.''f. of baa. 

Weigh, V. a. (flg.) heda. 1. px. (Am. hedaa. 1. ppx.) 

Welfare, s. naga. n. ox. ' ^ ' ' 

— i«a — 

"Well, ftdj. tiaga^ ox. — 9. mdaga. ppx. fem. mdcuftu. — ^ to be ->, 

to be well-sbaped, midaga, 1. ppx. 
Wet, to be or become -, dyida, 1. px. —*' to make -, dyt%a^ 9. px« III. f. 
^Vet, V. a. dyiza. 8. px. — ;i. karrfafe%cL 8. px. III. f. of karrfafa^ 

to spaUer. 
"^Vhttt, interrog. pron. mo/t. (abbrev. mo/) px. Intons. «i«/^ti. px* (maUlJ) 

— what then? malo. px. ^- by what 9 m^Uy contr. from maUni, 

-^ for what? malifi, (abbrev. malifi^ 
^Vheat, s« ganiadt n, ox. (9) — 8. ombwri. . n. ox. (Am.) a species 

of ombori: %amareda. ni. px. 
Wheedle, ▼• n,> egad'a. 1. ppx. II. f. of ega^ to wait 
When, adv. ho, (Ag.aird Am. ye.) Aon^ wlieii I, eontr. from Aa and 

afUy I. — 9. hena. px. (Ag.) — 8. oto, px. (Am. and Aga ««u,) -r 

4. yomt and yomu. (Ag. abbrev. |yem and yo. Am. jf^fUfi.) px. 

j^omi d'uftay when comest thou? ->- 6. instead of ho and oto^ 

Aga said also trtij^t px. — 6. tr^<f. ox., prop, a subnt. „piaee.^^ 

-^ 7. ^d/b. px« pcop. a sabet. ,,epace of time'^ gafa ati d'uftuj 
.when. thou oomest 
Whence, f^om whence? adx. ezayu px. a comp. of exa^ where? 
Where, adv. e%a. px. — where then? m^re, px. 
Wherry, s^ bdditiL n; ox. 
Whether, adv. ahd. px. -^ ft. ho. (Am. and Ag. yo*') am tlaia ho ini 

d^ufuy I am curious whether he will come. 
Which, relat. pron. kan^ prop, the abbrev. demonatr. kana^ tbia« -^ 

interrog. pron. kami. pK. > 

Whilst, adv. hama. px. e. indie. 
Whip, s. catchi. n. ox. — 2. haianga* n. . ox. . 
Whisk, s. coroganda. n. ox. — S. hafarza. n. ex. . . i 

Whisk, V. a. hara. 1. px. . *. 

Whistle^ s. uAi/ef. is. ox.. 
Whistle, V. n. fbrudja. 1. px. (espec. used of the noise made by ser- 

pentii;) **- 8. atikxa. i\ px. 
Whiirper, v. n. and h. gungunuu i^ ppx. -^ 9. Aii«ait;a. 8. ppx^ 
White, adj. adi. ox. — to be -, adad'a. 1. ppx. 
Whither, interrog. adv. eza. px. -Memik efi;«lf. px« — 9. ^eiat) ir<^^; 

oj[. prep. '« subfl^. f,p}aee>^^ . > i. .• < .f 

Who, relat. prdn. ktm^ propir the aM^re^. liemoBttr. prenoon; fcatuiy this 

se^ 4Stem;' — intern pron; eim ovenuni. liltetis..«m^..px. — 

9. maiCy maltu. px. — 3. kami. px. x / v. .« . . ' ^ ... 

— IM — 

Wbolesome, to lie ->, tokk 1. px. ateri kutU naf toludidey this nedidie 

was not - to me. 
Wholesomeness, s. fa^a. n* ox. seCi kealth. 
Whoop, s. (bird) karole, n. ox. 
Why, adv. kan, prop, the abbrev. demonatr. pron. kanoy this, ktm aH 

akana poxifte »i^ beka^ why hast tboa dooe se, thoa knowesi, — 

8. maUfi. px. (abbrev. maiif.') 
Wide, adj. bai^a. px. — 2. fago. ox. — to be -, bai^a. 1. px.ttrf 

IL 1 bai^ad^a. 1. ppx. -^ to make -, fapeza. 1. px. 
Widow, s. gurzumedi. n. ox. (Am.) Aecording to Akafed'e's expiicadoi 

the word denotes a woman who is abondoned by her hnstend. 
Wife, s. niti. n. px. plv. naUniy abbrev. naUn. 
Wild, adj« tira. px. 

Willing, to be -, fe^a. 1. px. — tiot to be », ^ibi. (rmoa) 2. 
Willow, s. halaiiu, n. ox. (Am.) 
Win, V. a. bd. (-oa) 1. — 9. d^ala. 1. px. 
Wind, s. babe. n. ox. -^ - breaking out of OBe*s mouth, d^&fu, n. ol 

— the sound which is occasioned by wind in the bowels is 

called tTfifn. n. ox. 
Wind-pipe, s. hum, n. ox. 
Wind, V. a. mitchira. 1. px. — to - about, mar»(L 1. px. III. f. of 

ntaroy to move in a circle. — 8. marfatCa, 1. ppx. (esp. said of 

plants) IV. f. 
Windy, adj. habube. ox. 

Wink, V. n. cuba. 1. px. — 9. hawad'a. i. ppx. II. f. of hawoj to wisli. 
Winnow, v. a. (corn) darba. 1. (8"' pers; dafbikH) px. 
Winnowing-shovel, darba. n. ox. 
Winter, s. ganna. i, px. 

Wipe, V. a. hara. 1. px. — 9. (off) AoTa. (*-atra) 8. 
Wisdom, s. hadari. n. ox. hadarinfsa caba ura^ his - penetrates the 

Wise, adj. hadari. ox. — to become -, hadarama. 1. px. Prov. naam 

ho bola We hadaromay when a man.has. faUen into the ditch 

he becomes wise. 
Wish, s. como. n. ox* firosi camty hiseaat. 
Wish, V. a. iairrd. (roa") 1. — 8. hmpo. 1. px.. and II. f. hawatta. 

1. ppx. — 3. kadfSim. t. px* -*^ tq ^ one welly dym^^ see 

Oram. n. Idi^ --* to - vehenently^ emmdja. (romd) •• 
Wit^ B. hadari. n. ox. 

With, prep, bira, px. postp. na bira Udy stay - me* — 9. djfaia,^wL 
postp. — 3. the affixed postp. ni ^ ahbMv. n. afamn ea6a,«m. 
he takes with the mouth, i. q. he tastea. — 4. wadjin. (wadjinS) 
ox. postp. (Am. wodjinj) 

Withdraw, v. a* figa. 1. px. — 9. higa. 1. ps. — 8. ziga. 1. px. 

Within, adv. keza. px. 

Without, prep, oto, px. followed hy the nefation. (Am. and Ag. utu,^ 
oto ini homa hinadini oie, he passed the day - eating any thing. 

Without, adv. aia, px. — 8. mopa. px. — to he -, moga. 1. px. 

Witty, adj. dilbe. ox. — 9. fanqe. ox. — 8. hate, ox. (Am.} 

Woe, interj. ufayi. px. 

Woman, s. ntYt. n. ox. plur^ nateni, abhrev. naten. — a yoang - re- 
cently married, muzuro, n. ox. (Am. miziroj — a - abandoned 
by her husband, gurzumedi. n. ox. (Akaf. ; according to Aman : 
widow.) — old -, dyarti, n. ox. fem. of dyarzoy old man. 

Wonder, v. n. dyadya (?) see Gram. num. 161. 

Wood, s. eoran. inv. ox. — 9. muka. nom. muknu px. plor. mukeU. 
— the wood used in producing a fire by rubbing, idjima. nt. 
ppx.; idjima na buzi^ lay idjima under. — (forest) bozona. u 
ppx. — 9. tchaka, n, ox. tc/takati Hte^ he sank into the forest, 
i. e. he disappeared in the wood. 

Word, 8. dubi. n. ox. 

Worky 8. uma. n. ox. from uma^ to create, ufna Wacayoti kinkolfin/thon 
shalt not laugh at any of God's works. — 9. hudji. h. ox. 

Work, v. a. hodjad^a. 1. ppx. 

World, s. uma. n. ox. (?) 

Worm, s. ramo, n. ox. — a sort of - found in the entrails, perhaps 
Ascaris lumbricoides , mini, n. ox. — a kind of - which is 
fpund in dead bodies or cheese, rirma. i, px. — tape-worm, 
duma, n, ox. see part I. heVo, 

Worship, V. a. ulfeza. 2. px. and ulfad^ziza. 9. px. III. and. V. f. of 
ti//3, to be heavy. 

Worth, to be -, iala, 1. px. — 9. baza, %, px. III. f. of bd^ to go out. 

Wound, B. mada, n, ox. 

Wound, V. a. d*icziza. 9. px. of dicay to bleed. — ^ 9. madeza 9. px. 
from mada^ subst. wound. — 8. tchitiza, 1. ppx. III. f. of 
tfihilOj to tear. — 4. ura, 1. px. prop, to pierce. 

Wrap up, V. a. mara, 1. px. — to - - one's self, zogolfwfa. 1. ppx. 
V. denom. from zogolay upper-garment. 

— IW — 

I^restling, 9. waianzo. n. ox. 

Wrinkle, 8. %untura, n. ox. 

Wrinkle, v. n. zunlura. 1. ppx. — to become -d, idem. 

Wrong, adj. Mwko. ox. $mHf ati tshoko gadi Uhifiey why didst 

Jay thyself -? — to be -, ttara. i. px. 
Wry^ a^j. and adv. roga. ox. 


Yard , s. d'und'uma. ni. ppx. — a half d^vnttvma is : djigek. n. 01. 

prop, elbow. 
Yawn, V. n. hamumad^a. 1. ppx. nat. sound. ' 
Year, s. barra. i. px. the different compounds with barra see in parti 

— Aman said woga. (woca) n. ox. perhaps the same as im, 
heaven, God. 

Yelk, s. of a. n. ox. from ot^Oy to be yellow. 

Yellow, adj. dalatcha. px. — 2. of a. ox. — to be -, dalatcha, (-ap) 

2. — 2. orS, Q-awd) 2. — to make -, rfa/ateAta^fl. 9, px. lU- ^ 

of dalatcha. 
Yes, adv. e or ee. px. 
Yesterday, adv. haleza. px. — exactly -, kaiezuma. ppx. — the day 

before -, d'engata, (j^engad'a) ppx. 
Yoke, s. (for cattle) gambari, n. ox. 
Yon, yonder, pron. zona. px. nom. zunL px. 
You, pron. i%in. (izint) ox. Intens. izintu! px. — to you, ««<*»*'• P^ 
Young, adj. d'alad'u. ox. of beasts, d'ala. n. ox. and etalo.n.01 

— 2. ilma. t. px. fem. ilmo. n. ox. plur. ilman. ox. — »-"***' 
. dargago, n. ox. — 2. dargageza. i. px. -^ a - man lieftr^ 

twenty five years, qero. n. ox. 
Youth, 6. dargago, n. ox. ^ as a collect, fem. — 2. dargagessa, (• P^' 
see the foregoing word.